Naomi Campbell’s fearful body language on the stand. Was she telling the truth?

Based on what she now reported during her testimony at the Hague, it is clearly evident that Naomi Campbell was not telling the truth when she was interviewed by ABC reporters months earlier. During that time, she said that she never received a diamond. As she said this, she showed signals of deception by breaking eye contact and  looking down.

When she was probed further by the reporter and asked if she was brought diamonds, she turned her head and looked away and refused to answer.

Then in typical Naomi Campbell fashion, she abruptly got out of her seat and apparently kicked the ABC camera on her way out.

But when she appeared at the Hague and took the stand in the trial against Charles Taylor, did she continue to lie or was she telling the truth?  Below are some of her communication  and body language  signals when she was asked key questions about Charles Taylor and the diamonds.

Her hair was pulled up and back and she was dressed in a demure conservative  ivory colored sweater with matching blouse and skirt. What was interesting was that the jewelry she wore around her neck . It was an amulet  in the same of an eye,  which is worn in many countries by people to  defect the  evil eye or superstitiously prevent  any harm to come to that person.

In this photo Naomi is asked if Mr. Taylor had conversations with her specifically. As she says that she did not speak to him, she breaks eye contact and looks down. This behavior is often associated with a signal  deception.

She was then asked if anything happened after she went to her room. In this photo we can see that she is wide eyes which shows fear and  tightly pursing her lips together, indicating that she doesn’t want to tell everything happened.

You can see the muscle tension around her upper lip and chin which indicates that she desperately wants to keep quiet. Her wide eyed looked indicates that she appears to be afraid to speak.

She is then asked, Did you ever learn who these gifts were from. She says “No” and looks up and away, which indicates a signal of deception as to whether she may have indeed known who the gift of a diamond was from.

A shoulder shrug is one of the key “tells” when it comes to determining whether someone is telling the truth or not. In this case, Naomi is relaying a story where she said that Ms. Farrow or Ms. White said that the diamonds must have come from Charles Taylor. After she makes this statement,you can see a definite shoulder shrug as she also breaks eye contact and looks down and lowers her head. These are other signals often seen in deception as well.

When Naomi tells the court that she put the pouch she received on the table and didn’t look at it until the next morning, you can see some additional signals of deception as she lowers her head, looks away, shuts her eyes and purses her lips. This is clearly indicative of her not wanting to talk about what happened. With regard to her answer, to me she does not appear to be forthright.

It also doesn’t make sense to have people come to your door with a pouch and immediately place it on the table and not look at it, even if you were abruptly awakened. It seems that most people would be curious to know what someone gave them, especially after they made the effort of  suddenly awakening coming to the door,  and then taking something that they were handed.

They even asked her if she asked what she was given when these men came to her door. She said “No”. Once again you can see the fear in her face as she gives her answer.

Here she says  she just took it and said thank you but she shakes her head “No” as she relays this testimony. When someone’s body language is incongruous with what they say, this is a red flag in terms of whether or not they may be  telling the truth.

For many, it would be hard to believe that someone would come to your door and you would just take a package and not ask who it was from or what was in the package.

The judge then probed as to whether the men said why they were bringing her the pouch and she said “No”. But her body language “tells” spoke volumes as you can see here. She broke eye contact looked down and there appeared to be considerable tension in her face.

To me, it also makes no sense that people would come to your room to deliver something to you and not tell you who it is from or what was inside of the package you were given.

When a person cocks their head to the side, it is often an indication that they aren’t sure, or they are not telling the truth. In this case, Naomi said that “they were very small and dirty stones.” She also purses her lips to indicate that she doesn’t care to say more.

The head cock tell is very significant, especially when it comes to determining whether or not she was telling the truth about the diamonds she received.

There appears to be conflict between this statement and what Mia Farrow said  Naomi reported to her about having received  a big diamond. Could Naomi have been given little dirty diamonds and one big diamond, like the one she allegedly told Mia Farrow about? Was she minimizing the facts by stating that they were they  were  simply “dirty  little stones?”

Apparently, it was reported that when the charity records were verified, it seemed that Naomi Campbell did not donate the diamonds to Nelson Mandela’s charity  like she said she was planning to do. Allegedly it was discovered  that she made several checks in the amount of $50,000 to the charity and they had no record of receiving the diamonds from her.

Naomi may have also been cocking her head, which often  indicates that a person isn’t  sure of something to indicate that she isn’t sure that she wanted to say more.

There is no question that Naomi was in a precarious position. She attended a dinner for Nelson Mandela. She was no doubt exchanging pleasantries or briefly speaking with Charles Taylor at that dinner.  I do believe that there is truth in what she said about  putting her  attention on her  Nelson Mandela.

If she did indeed speak with Charles Taylor, most likely, she  was not aware of his politics or his nefarious dealings. A s  super model she may have been  invited to this charitable event to add her beauty and public stature to the ambiance. I seriously doubt they got into a heavy discussion about his political dealings and about how his diamonds were obtained or  what he was financing with those diamonds.

I have no doubt that Charles Taylor and every other man int he room was captivated by Naomi’s beauty and charm. Charles Taylor no doubt wanted to  score some points with Naomi.

So he had his associates deliver some diamonds to  her room. It makes common sense that those who delivered the diamonds would say who they were from or what they were. I can only assume that Naomi knew that these diamonds were a gift from Charles Taylor when she took the package, and thought nothing of it.  Perhaps she wanted to donate them to charity but didn’t get around to it.

Perhaps she told Mia Farrow  and Ms White that she got the diamonds as a gift  that evening in order to impress her. I doubt that Mia Farrow or Ms. White, Naomi’s agent would have told her who the diamond or diamonds were from. It seems  more reasonable that Naomi told them that she received a gift from Charles Taylor.

Then the whole thing blew up into a major event with Charles Taylor on trial at the Hague. This was no doubt intimidating for her as it would be for anyone.  There may have  possibly been been threats or warnings to her based on her telling Oprah during an interview that she feared for the safety of her family. There is one thing for certain. Naomi was frightened on the stand.


2 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell’s fearful body language on the stand. Was she telling the truth?

  1. Dr. Glass,

    This is off topic but I was hoping to get your opinion on something. Elias Abuelazam, the spree/serial killer was captured today.

    I was dumbfounded to see the police composite picture next to a picture of the real man. Why did the authorities deliberately incorrectly describe his appearance as Caucasian. This was done on several news channels as well as in the composite picture. I’m amazed that an Arab is now a Caucasian. In a picture of the real man he has a darker complexion and does appear Middle eastern. He does not look Caucasian. Why did the police hide his identity and true visual description?

    It turns out that Elias Abuelazam is a Palestinian Arab illegal alien who was here on an expired passport. How could he have entered the US on an expired passport?

    Police stopped Abuelazam, who was trying to board a flight to escape to Israel. Unfortunately, while Abuelazam’s name isn’t being publicized, that he is “from Israel” is.

    It’s funny: they hate Israel, but whenever Palestinians are in trouble, suddenly they are “from Israel.” He may have been born in Israel and even have an Israeli passport, but he and his ilk identify as and with Palestinians. The guy is NOT Israeli, contrary to MSNBC’s disgusting headline: Israeli held in investigation of serial stabbings in very large, bold print.

    How was he allowed through Customs to enter the US on this expired passport? Did he leave Israel on an Israeli flight? I find that difficult to believe. CNN reports that he was questioned by police last week in VA and last month in MI. Something about this whole thing just smells bad to me.

    We don’t have the guts to protect our borders or to do a damned thing to those who help keep it porous and indefensible.

    Why do we not do a damned thing about police who won’t correctly identify a Middle-Eastern Arab serial killer on the loose because, post-9/11, we must bow down to the Arab street at all cost. Wow, we’ve really regressed a long way when we endanger people’s lives to give a politically-correct, whitewashed description of a Palestinian serial killer.


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