Mia Farrow’s Body Language and Voice Patterns Indicated She Appeared To Be Forthright In Her Key Testimony Concerning Naomi Campbell

There was no question that when Mia Farrow first arrived on the stand in the courtroom  at the Hauge, her tone was initially shaky  as it  was peppered with “ums”. There was even some lip licking to indicate that she was indeed nervous when initially questioned.

But  when asked key questions by the judges, her tone quickly switched to a much more confident one, complete with  a sonorous and  rich resonance. Her tone appeared to be  indicative of a person who had nothing to hide and who was being forthright.

Likewise, Mia’s body language showed  signals that indicated a  self assuredness and confidence when she was asked key questions. This,  along with her matching  body language, made it appear to me that she was very credible on the stand.

Perhaps the most powerful signal that someone is telling the truth is when their words match their body language, tone of voice, and speech content. When she told the judges  that Naomi Campbell said the diamond was sent by Charles Taylor, she not only had a strong and definite unwavering solid tone, but she immediately shook her head “yes” as confirmation that what she was saying was truthful.

She then relayed that Naomi said  the men had given her a huge diamond. Right after she said it, she  turned and looked directly at the judge who questioned her as if to punctuate what she was saying as being the truth and having noting to hide. When someone gives direct eye contact after a statement it is is often an indicator that someone is telling the truth.

Once again Mia makes direct eye contact with one of the judges and with an open faced expression, confirms what Naomi  also said about  Naomi wanting to give the diamond to Nelson Mandela’s charity.

To me, this photo  above speaks volumes in terms of whether I think Mia is  being  truthful. Notice that she is smiling as she reiterates how excited Naomi appeared at the breakfast table when telling about the everyone at the table about the diamond,  which Naomi said she secured the night before. In essence, Mia appears to be re-living the moment of Naomi’s excited state. That leads me to believe that she is telling the truth.

Now we see and angry and upset look with a great deal of tension in the jaw indicating anger after hearing Naomi;s testimony read by the judge where Naomi  accuses Mia of  being the one who said  that the diamonds must have come from Charles Taylor. She is also  looking directly at the judge as she loudly and confidently stated ” Absolutely Not! Naomi Campbell stated they came from Charles Taylor.”

To me, it looked and sounded like Mia Farrow was being truthful in terms of everything she relayed in the courtroom. www.drlillianglass.com


One thought on “Mia Farrow’s Body Language and Voice Patterns Indicated She Appeared To Be Forthright In Her Key Testimony Concerning Naomi Campbell

  1. Glad to see this post on Mia’s testimony. I only saw a small snnippit of it but in those few seconds, her testimony looked to be truthful. IMO, Naomi Campbell lied to the court. The problem with this system in the Hague is that it is not that perjury is allowed it’s just that there has never been an occurence of anyone being indicted for perjury or any other sanctions levied. Oh well.


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