Rewarding ITLESS and Infamous Women- from Kate Gosselin, to Michaele Salahi, Rachel Uchitel, and Alexis Neiers, and Ashley Dupree -What Message Does It Give To Young Women?


As you well know from reading my blogs, I cannot stand spin or hype or manipulating the public. I don’t like it when the public is fed lies or when people are easily given a free ride when they don’t deserve it. In essence, I like the truth! Most of all I like it when people who work very hard for what they do are justly rewarded for their efforts.

Having worked with so many celebrities and extremely talented people over the years in helping them hone their communication and body language skills for so many film and television roles,  I definitely know who has IT and who doesn’t. I know how hard these people work at making themselves the best they can be. I have seen their considerable efforts and what it takes to make it first hand.

That is why it disturbs me greatly when I see people who have repeatedly been “abusive and entitled ” like Kate Gosselin, “White House gate crashing” Michaele Salahi, “jailed thief of the wealthy” Alexis Neiers, and “ don’t call me a whore or a hooker even though I have repeated sex with married men or I will sue you”, Rachel Uchitel taking up space and getting rewarded for their bad behaviors with television shows and tons of air time.


 In my view, these women have absolutely nothing to offer.  But television executives would disagree with me. To them, these women have a lot to offer- lots of eyeballs watching shows on which they appear . They don’t care if  they are hated by the public  or they  did or immoral or  illegal acts.

 As long as people are watching them on TV and ratings are high , they are thrilled. When ratings are high that means the networks  can charge a lot of money to advertisers to buy commercials. That translates into more money for the networks. That is called the bottom line.

So as long as the public watches people they love to hate, the longer they will stay in the public eye. It’s a sad commentary but unfortunately, it is true.


When networks see that they have a cash cow, like they did with Kate Gosselin, they will do anything and everything to make sure that they succeed no matter how ITLESS they are. They will re make their physical image andshow them off  on every major show like Dancing With the Stars so they will get more popular and so that even more people will watch them on their network.

That is exactly what they did with Kate Gosselin. It doesn’t matter if you or I believe that Kate has absolutely nothing to offer. It doesn’t matter whether  you or I think she has some relevant  issues in her psyche that causes her to be so  angry, arrogant, and self centered to name a few. She will continue to alienate people and she will continue to do it over the airwaves. She was even invited to do Sara Palin’s new show in order to boost the ratings.

Like it or not, this woman is here to stay with not one, but with  two television shows and a myriad of appearances and television specials. This former nurse  simply took fertililty pills and got pregnant with septuplets, six of whom survived in her womb.   Luckily a guardian angel- TLC  found her. They helped her out and gave her a show, so she could feed her family. We,  in turn got to watch cute babies develop. At first, people watched the show because of the cute kids. But then, even more people watched  the show  to see how awful Kate was and how terribly she abused  husband Jon.

Then the fiasco between them exploded into a full blown media He Say She Says war, which made even more people watch their show.  TLC was thrilled as people took sides and waited to see the “bad car accident”.

Then Jon pulled the plug, not allowing the kids on the air. He went even further to try and destroy TLC’s ,by trashing Kate so badly and causing so much havoc in the press with his multiple relationship scandals.

This pissed off TLC to no end and they were not going to allow him to  destroy their money making TV venture.  So they showed him a thing or two. They not only gave Kate her own show, but a second show to boot. In addition they slapped him with a lawsuit and silenced him.

They took this “itless” untalented, nasty, self absorbed woman- Kate Gosselin  and tried to make her into a sympathetic  victim by having her cry all over the airwaves.  (And please don’t waste your time calling me a Kate hater. Kate is not on my hate list. That list is reserved for people like Hitler and Stalin, terrorists, child molesters, and for those who do word for word copying of my work, among others I won’t bother to name ).

  I am simply reporting behaviors I have observed. If you can’t see it them as well, let me suggest you take off your blinders and open your eyes and watch a re-run of  her egregious behavior on DWTS when she  fights with her esteemed dance teacher).

TLC  gave her opportunity after opportunity and she of course took it. They were on full throttle and determined to make Kate not only a  household name, but a  house-gold  name earning scores of money for them .

They redid her image from the frumpy housewife to the glamourous beauty, had her co- host the View where millions would see her, appear on late night shows, and on TV specials where they even had her and had her cry on cue to make her appear more sympathetic.  But when they  put her on DWTS they really saw how powerful their brand was.

 Her fight with her teacher Tony Dovolani which showed her disrespect and arrogance and entitlement,  garnered the highest ratings.  People who loved her, watched  to see her succeed, while people who hated her watched to see her fail. When she was voted off the show, DWTS ratings plunged and TLC knew they hit the jackpot with Kate.

They even gave her another show and trotted her out there with more books so more people could connect to her. They threw her back on the View and Kimmel Live and everywhere else. TLC created this “itless”  who some consider to be a “monster,” out of spite  for Jon and they succeeded.

So like or not, love her or hate her, she is here to stay no matter how many latters you write or emails you send. The more people hate her the more they will watch her and the higher her ratings will be.

I only hope she remakes her insides as she did with her outsides for the sake of her kids. While both Kate and her “itlessness” bore me, my only concern is for her kids and how they will turn out. I clearly didn’t like it when I saw the videotape of the kids crying in terror when it came time to go back home to Kate after an outing with Jon. While we don’t know the exact reason the childen are terrified, if they are terrified  because of Kate’s behavior towards them, maybe TLC should use some of the money they earned because of  Kate’s infamy and spring for some therapy for both Kate and those kids. 


  To me Kate isn’t as disturbing as Michaele Salahi. I find this woman repulsive in every way.  I am even more repulsed that attorney Lisa Bloom for whom I once had a great deal of respect  has stooped so low as to represent this “itless creature. It was bad enough that Lisa represented one of the most TOXIC MEN Michael Lohan who tapes personal conversations with others and sells them to internet venues and who recenty sold a nude photo of his ex fiance sleeping  to one of the internet tabloid outlets. But now, she has gone further in collecting clients the public  loves to hate. I guess she is following in the footsteps of her mother Gloria Allred  who takes on the infamous like Rachel Uchitel and a myriad of  Tiger’s sex partners.

If Michaele had an invitation to the White  House  party,   like she said she did, why didn’t she show it to everyone?  On the Today Show she told how she couldn’t say anything at the hearing  because of Bravo. That may or may or may  not be the case. Did the Salahi’s have an invitation that Bravo gave to her? If so, why didn’t she just admit to that early on ? Or was she so entitled that she old Bravo that iot was no biggie- that she could always get into top of the line events with or without an invite.

Now she created a huge fiasco saying that Whoopi Goldberg hit her when the video clearly shows that Whoopi was  only trying to get her attention and merely re directing the topic of conversation. There is no question in my mind that  she knew Whoppi ment no malice. Why would Whoopi risk her reputation and position at the View to hit a guest? It made no sense other than Michaele and her  TOXIC husband Tareq trying to get more media time.

When her husband TOXIC Tareq got into the fray and upset Whoopi with accusations she hit his wife and started taking photos of her, I knew then and there what he was trying to do. He was trying to parlay this non incident  into more infamy for his TOXIC wife.

One thing is for sure, people who would never think of tuning into the DC Housewives, on Bravo will do so now. Because of this incident, Michaele will always  be assured her spot on the show as the villain. I am sure that Bravo is thrilled to no end that this fiasco occurred. Remember the bottom line is more eyeballs equal more revenue for the network.

So the this stylishly dressed , skeletal , very masculine voiced, opportunist who put national security in jeopardy by getting that close to the President of the United States without proper security clearance. is here to stay- at least on Bravo. I agree with Sheei Shephard ont he View that she should have been put in jail rather than on a televison show.


Then there is Rachel Uchitel. Attorney Lisa Bloom’s mother Gloria Allred was able to secure millions upon millions of dollars for Rachel. She also made it clear that no one could call Rachel a “hooker” or a “whore”, even though many look at her in those terms and will always look at her in those terms.

In fact she threatened the View and Joy Behar with a lawsuit if Joy didn’t apologize for the plays he made on Rachel’s last name , “Uchitel” by saying “You ka tell she’s a hooker.” Another comedian even got sued for calling her a “whore.” However, doesn’t seem too worried about the suit, Maybe he has information which can prove she is or  has been a whore.  If he does, then  you can then call her a “whore” without being sued.  To me a whore is someone who exploits others for money. I think getting an alleged  10 million dollars to  buy her silence and not speak publicly about Tiger Woods would fall into that category.

 So the message was sent  out not to defame her. But what Rachel doesn’t get is that she defamed herself by having sex with at least two married men of whom we know.

 Rachel  helped break up a marriage and she got rewarded for this not only with what is an alleged 10 million dollars, but with television time. Xtra gave her a TV gig as a reporter, even though she did an awful job in my view and was the ultimate in being ITLESS.

She  was unbearable to listen to with  her hyper-nasal monotone voice and even more unbearable to  watch with  her expressionless monotone face as she constantly brushed her hair back and pursed her over glossed overly inflated lips. Yet, she no doubt received a hefty compensation to do this even though there were so many more qualified,  beautiful, and talented young women who were  journalism graduates to boot, to do this job.

 Rachel is no doubt gearing up for an Image Rehab. That is why she agreed to appear on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  She has no doubt, realized that you can have ten million dollars but if people still  view her as a skank and a whore, homewrecker or a hooker, or a low life,  even if you can’t say it publicaly,it doesn’t matter.If people look at you like  alow life and have no respect for you and disdain for you, all the money in the world doesn’t matter as you are  vilified forever and considered a  joke.

So she went into Celebrity Rehab, and together with Dr Drew they came up with some type of addiction for her to use as an excuse for her egregious past behavior. Maybe it will be an addiction to  pills  or an addiction to her relationship with her father in  looking for that father image in married men , or maybe it will be due to an addiction to money and rich and famous men who take care of her financially. I guess we will have to watch the show to find out the big reveal of “ Rachel’s Addiction.”

Even if she is addicted to whatever, it is still no excuse for what she did. Lots of people are addicted to something and don’t act like she did.  People resent her even  more for her capitalizing on the tragedy and earning what is said to be ten million dollars in exchange for her silence towards Tiger Woods.

After watching her body language and how she comes across in interviews, she is not a likeable character and no coaching int he world can ever make her likeable.  There is something in her character that pops out on screen- the entitlement, arrogance, and hardness. When she spoke of being the Original” Mean Girl” in an Xtra interview she had with Mario Lopez, it  said all we needed to know about Rachel. There still appears to be a mean edge about her. It seems to be who she is based on all of the interviwes we have seen of her thus far.

Even if she and Tiger happen to reconnect and he marries her, as the tabloids have recently reported, she will always be looked at by the public with an evil eye. She will always be seen as the other woman and a homewrecker.

 The villain label fits her and I don’t believe she can ever shake it no matter what she does. I am sure that this label will be cemented forever, as we watch her clash with super model Janice Dickenson who will also appears on the  Celebrity Rehab show . No matter what you say about Janice, she has earned her stripes. She pioneered her field and worked really hard for everything she has in life. Unlike, Rachel, no one gave Janice a free financial ride.


What bothers me is the message that this is being giving to out young girls by rewarding egregious behavior. It’s not only Rachel Uchitel ( whom you can;t call a hooker or a whore or she will sue you) who got a lot of good things in life for doing bad things. It is other women who are prostitutes  for madams like Ashley Dupree, who got rewarded with air time and her own advice column in a New York newspaper.

Instead of giving such a gig to a qualified relationship expert, the message is that just by having sex with famous men, you too can get you rich and famous, especially of you get caught.

 The message is also that even if you burglarize things from the rich and famous like 18 year old Alexis Neires did, you can get rich and famous as well. If you happen to get caught, you can get even richer and more famous and even get your own TV show like Alexis did on the E! channel with her show “Pretty Wild TV!”. 


The whole thing absolutely repulses me. Someone needs to put their foot down and say” enough is enough “ when it comes to rewarding people for egregious behavior. While someone definitely needs to set these standards, perhaps  that “someone” is us.

Remember- eyeballs translate into money for the networks. The less eyeballs, the less money. So keep that in mind the next time you are curious about watching  Kate Gosselin, Rachel Uchitel, Michaele Salahi, or Alexis Neiers.


11 thoughts on “Rewarding ITLESS and Infamous Women- from Kate Gosselin, to Michaele Salahi, Rachel Uchitel, and Alexis Neiers, and Ashley Dupree -What Message Does It Give To Young Women?

  1. ITLESS MICHAELE SALAHI’s show did not do well in the ratings. If that were the only thing on TV, I would turn the TV off.
    You are absolutely correct that if the public would not watch these train wrecks, the shows would be removed from the networks.
    I am also irked that these people are considered celebrities. Infamous is the correct word! I like the way you used it!


  2. Dr. Glass,

    You are absolutely right. If we want things to change it is up to us. The networks depend on us as viewers to show them what we want to watch on TV. If certain shows get higher ratings that is telling those networks that the viewing public is watching and that is what we want to see. We speak loudest with our viewing choices. Giving attention to negative behavior is only going to strengthen it and bring us more of the same. The saying “Give the people what they want” is quite appropriate in this situation.


  3. The first time I saw Jon and Kate Plus Eight I thought I was watching some hidden camera footage on child abuse taking place in a furniture store. The mother had this sobbing toddler at her side begging to be helped, picked up, comforted, he repeating that his hiney hurt. The father said out loud “forget it buddy,she won’t help you”. And by the end of the show it was not a host telling us about the charges laid or action taken, it was these idiotic parents talking about how hard life was raising these kids. This is entertainment?
    I can see why people tune in though. Most are wanting to know when this mother is going to be taken to task for being so cruel to her children, and when the father is going to be held accountable for his passivity. As long as they keep tuning in, there will be no end to this misery for the kids.


  4. Dr Glass, I think the best thing we as a discusted public can do is no longer reply to the blogs about Kate or the Salahs. They all need to go away. I do think that the Gosselin kids face hell, when they are alone (even w/ nannies) with Kate. Have you ever seen a photo of Kate in a genuine hug with her children. She never gets down to their level to play or hug. She can’t even hold hands with them without jerking their arms above their heads. Everything with her is superficial. Those poor kids never look happy or relaxed in her presence. I bet these kids experience several bouts of tummy troubles from the angst that is present when they are with her. I think they are always living in fear of her next outburst of rage. The happiest day of their summer will be the first day of school. I wish Jon had the balls and the means to end their exploitation, but TLC has a good hold on him, if he wants any income. In this economy, without a degree, he’d be lucky to find a 40K job. Maybe that would be a good thing, then Kate would really see what it’s like to struggle without the big bucks. And what ever happyed to the dogs that were supposedly coming “home” this summer. She is just one lie after the other.


  5. Yes, Dr. Glass you are right. The train wreck factor. Although, in Kate Gosselins case, I think the viewing public is tired of waiting for the train wreck. Her last book only sold just over 10,000 copies and her Kate plus 8 show has been steadily declining in viewers. So, maybe, there is still hope she will go away. I suspect TLC will not use any of their money on therapy for Kate. They appear to like her being hated.

    I do worry about her children because they have not gotten therapy, yet and probably won’t. I also worry about their own issues with being the product of these 2 parents ( who are classified as a fame whore mother and a dead beat dad.)

    That Salahi woman should be in jail, IMO.

    Thanks for another great column.


  6. AMEN,DR.GLASS!! You sure got these females pegged correctly! I have never before felt so strongly about you getting a story as right as you got it this time!! Keep up the awesome work, you are teaching alot of young women with your columns!


  7. Dr. Glass,

    Do you have an e-mail address that I can ask you a question about the blog? It is a technical question. If not could you please contact me at mine? Thank you so much.


  8. Kate Gosselin is the worst out the bunch because she is selling her childrens’ childhoods for her own benefit.

    The “itless” others don’t have kids (that I know of) and they are the only ones in the spotlight.

    I find Kate to be the most despicable because everywhere she goes, she leaves a trail of destruction or hurt.

    Kate was not invited to the DWTS reunion that Tony (her old dancing partner) was holding at his home in NY.

    The Sarah Palin camping trip was destroyed because of Kate. Her kids could have had an amazing experience camping in Alaska. But no-Kate used her kids as a shield-and declared that they couldn’t sleep in such a filthy place. It’s more like Kate couldn’t sleep in such a filthy place.

    Then there are the various family relationships and her marriage that Kate has destroyed and sucked the life out of.

    Sure the others are opportunists and fame whores but they certainly aren’t as bad as Kate Gosselin.

    And what about that video of the kids screaming in fear because they have to go HOME.

    Move over Joan Crawford-there is a new mommy dearest in town and her name is Kate Gosselin.


  9. Well… Welcome to capitalism and welcome to the new society.
    Male marginalization and degradation sells. Low class women paraded as ‘leaders’ and intellectuals sells. Hyper materialism sells. Obsession with the material: ie, degrees, cars, $$$, titles and status Sells! Polarization of the sexes and ethnic groups sells. Criminals like Lohan and Hilton are above the law. Youcan buy your way out of jail if you have the right amount of money and you are the right gender and color. That is the new America, it won’t last long. This place is over. Rome will burn from the inside out. There are no more noble men or fathers. You killed them all, deliberately.


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