Did Jon Gosselin Try to Gain Public Sentiment or Are the Children Really In Fear About Going Home To Kate?

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am not Jon bashing.  I am merely asking a question here. In the past we have seen these two go at it to make one another look bad. I was wondering of this was one of those times or if those kids are really suffering  at the hands of Kate. The tone of their crys were haunting. As someone who knows a lot about the human voice and sounds made from that voice, including crying,I can tell you for sure that those were not crys of hunger, or lack of sleep, or not getting what you want such as a a toy. They were crys of fear, terror,a nd angusih. 

Not that I am defending Kate by any means, I am just curious as to whether things are that bad or manipulate  to look that bad.

I recently received countless emails from my dear readers and fans asking me to analyze the body language of Jon Gosselin and the Gosselin kids when he drove them up to the gate of their home and they were sobbing. Many reported that they felt the video was heartbreaking and wanted me to analyze what I thought was really going on.

I have to admit that after initially watching the video, my heart went out when I heard terror in the  sound of the voices of the  sobbing children. It seemed that they could not stop sobbing. At first glance it looked like the kids were sobbing because they love their father so much and they didn’t want him to leave them after spending time with him. It appeared that they felt  terrorized  that they had to go back home to Kate. Maybe that is the case.


But  there may be another side to the situation as well.  On a closer inspection, it appeared to me that the whole video might possibly be contrived and manipulated by Jon in order to get some media attention and public sympathy and to make Kate look bad. Not that Kate hasn’t proven to look bad on her own.   The whole situation makes me want to ask a number of questions . Not that I am not accusing Jon of anything, I am just asking questions.

First of all how come there is only one paparazzi there? Usually there are lots of papps but that day there was only one. And how come the papp was asking such leading and spinful questions? And how come Jon spoke to the papp when he was instructed to never speak to them? It was my undertsanding that as part of Jon’s legal agreement with TLC he is to not say even one word to them. 

The papp loudly and openly asks Jon  if Kate will come out to meet him.  To me , it seems that the question was rehearsed. Jon immediately responds, as if on cue, that probably the nanny will be the one to come get them.  As I said, it is odd in that Jon has been instructed to not speak to the papps. But in this case, he speaks. It’s like this little movie scene was shot with the purpose of letting   the audience  know that Kate can”t even bothered to pick up her own kids and  that the nanny has to do it.

It is also very  odd that  does Jon not have the entry code to get through  the gate to drop his own  kids off  in front of  their own home. I am told that Jon has been banned from entering the gate of the home, but I would think that he would be given  the code in case of an emergency situation. If that is the case, I think it is very wrong. Those are his kids and he needs to have the code.If  Kate doesn’t want  Jon to bring his girlfriends or anyone else on the property then Kate needs to work that out with him. But to not give him the code is unconscionable. If that is the case and he does not have a code it is as though he is waiting therein the role of a   delivery person,insted of the  is the father.

When Jon reached out to touch the intercom and said “I can’t hear you.” It was said in a monotone devoid of inflection or concern. Granted he has always had a monotone,but most people who were tired and couldn’t get thorugh after a long day and upset kids, would should a little more inflection and upset in theor voice.  Who was on the other end of the intercom and why could Jon not hear them? Why didn’t he try and try again to contact them or to push specific buttons until he could finally hear them?  Was there really  anyone at the other end of the intercom at all? Did he pretend there was someone there?  Why did he give up so easily? Why didn’t he use his cell to call the house to tell whomever was there  to open the gate to get the kids into their home? I am just asking these questions, as another point fo view.

Then Jon gets out of the van and says “I love you too. hold on.”  He then goes over to the sliding door of the van  to get access to the  kids . As he enters the van and confronts the kids he says the words  “don’t panic,”

Why would he say “don’t panic” , That was an intersting choice of wors. As he said that I could  definately hear that the crys were crys of panic and terror. Were they really panic and in terror becuase they had to go home to Kate;s house> What is going on in there to cause them so much panic? Or the other side of the coin is , did Jon possibly say something to  them  which frightened them or caused them to panic ?  Did he say something to them scared and afraid?

Instead of closing the door behind him to console  several of the crying children,  he manages to leave the van door open so that papp can conveniently shoot  all the footage. The kids definatey sound terrorized.

Were the kids really crying  becuase they were so frightened to go home becuase they felt something bad would happen to them  or did  Jon  say  something to those kids to get them to cry like that?  Why are they all crying at once?  Why do they sound so scared?  

As a body language and communicaiton expert I have studied various crys and what they mean. That is why I am even writing this blog. That cry is not the whining cry of not wanting to do someting or the cry of being overtred and cranky. Those crys were crys of fear and terror. They were jarring, unlike other crys. The fact that the same type of  cry was amplified by all of those kids was very disturving.

Maybe one or two kids might cry at once, but the fact that ALL of them seemed to be sobbing in unison makes me wonder if he didn’t say something to ALL of them that indeed caused then to “panic.” or they were indeed panicked to be at Kate’s home. I don’t ever remember any of the  kids crying in unison like that on any of the previous Jon and Kate  shows.

Jon gets to the first row of kids and hugs one of them. Then more screaming and wailing little voices are heard as Jon goes to the next row of kids and attempts to comfort them as well. Then Jon goes  back to the first row of kids and comforts them. Why do these kids need all that comforting? . Six year olds can usually be comforted with reassuring words. It is difficult to comfort infants becuase they don;t have the words to tell you what is wrong. But had the words to express themselves, yet their  emotional distress  did not ease, even after they were allegedly comforted by Jon. That is diconcerting.

Even though there are still wails and screams, Jon steps out of the  van. Conveniently,  younger twin, Maddy shows up with outstretched arms with two little fists at the end . In essence she is requesting a hug from daddy. But her clenched fists show hidden  anger.  So does her lack of genuine  smiling. She is upset about something. Maybe she was upset that she didn’t get to spend indicudual time with Jon or maybe she was told to come out to greet the van  and maybe she didn;t want to do it. 

They hug in an awkward embrace as Mady then turns her head to the side as if to purposefully face a  camera man. She then walks into the van and Jon follows her in. Maybe he called her to help quell the sextuplets.

Suddenly, her  her twin sister Cara shows up and waits her turn to hug Jon.

She awkwardly waits outside the van until Jon comes out. At one point she reaches her arms out Jon as if to hug him, but his back is turned.  In the meantime, Jon  is still comforting the screaming kids with MAdy ont he van as well. It is not helping.

Then he closes the door and awkwardly  hugs Cara from the side , who like Mady turns her head towards the camera sans smile. It looked odd and  unnatural, as though she wasn’t that  happy to see Jon. It looked as they were hugging in a position to get a good camera angle. Jon spends several seconds hugging her. Was that done for the camer or was she summonded to the van to help him quiet the upset children?

Meanwhile, all the kids are still screaming  and Jon suddenly  goes from the  loving looking action of hugging  to severely yelling at the kids  as he  turns away from Cara and towards the van.

He loudly screams ‘ENOUGH! THAT’S ENOUGH! The kids still scream and sob as he helps Cara into the van.  He is obviously frustrated and had enough of their terrorized screams. My only question is why are they screaming?

They sob in terror as he shuts the door with all of the kids still in there.

He then walks away from the van with  six screaming kids and the twins  locked up inside of the van. His hands are in his pockets and he looks down as the papp  conveniently  says in a tone that makes him sound like a bad actor “The kids  seem really upset to leave you. I imagine you feel the same.” To me this may have possibly  sounded scripted. It sounded like it was a planned act to get the public to think that the kids were sobbing because they were leaving their “wonderful” dad and forced to go back to their “mean”  mother  that he was devasted  to leave them becuase they were going onto a house of terror. My only question again is are they really that terrorized or did Jon say something to them, even inadvertenly that created this panic int hem.   Jon then  gets into a male  friend’s car.

Did Jon do this in order to get the  public  to think  they didn’t want to go back to their mother’s home, but rather wanted to stay with him becuase life with Kate is unbearable?

While Jon has been and affectionate and loving parent on a consistent basis ,  did he cooperate with the papp to  to gain attention and to once again be in the press or is this a real problem for the children?  The only way we will ever know what really happened is the find out from the kids and until they are old enough to write a book about their experiences int he Gosselin household then we will never know for sure.



30 thoughts on “Did Jon Gosselin Try to Gain Public Sentiment or Are the Children Really In Fear About Going Home To Kate?

  1. The reason there is only one Pap is cause Kate finally planted a row of trees to obstruct the view and the paps have gone away, but INF still hangs around.

    Jon is not allowed to know the code to the gate cause Kate has barred him from the entire home.


  2. first, the road is not large enough for a large amt. of P people. There never was any large amount following Kate;p second on closer inspection the back of the van is near the white fence which is on the other side of the locked gate. John has almost always spoken in a monotone, that is his normal speech. There is lots more to comment on but my suggestion is to check out some of the web sites that have been following since the beginning.


  3. The nanny is in the car. Look at the video again. She comes walking down the drive way with the girls and gets in the drivers seat.


  4. Dr. Glass,

    Wow, it’s interesting how two people can see two different things. First, I did see the nanny walking down the driveway. I have dialup which is slow so as it paused to download more I clearly saw the nanny walking down the drive with the twins. I also saw the nanny climb into the driver’s seat.

    Second, after Jon’s attempt to use the intercom. I can very clearly see Jon roll up his window and start to dial with his cell phone. I do agree that he should have tried the intercom again, but he did call someone with his cell phone which caused the nanny and twins to come down the drive.

    The pausing of the frames due to my slow dialup allowed me to see more than might have been noticeable to someone viewing the entire video. At one point I could even clearly see the pap’s reflection on the shiny surface of the van.

    I’m not disagreeing that this was a setup and I have no way of knowing other things concerning this, such as whether or not Jon said something to the children to upset them, so for me to remark on that would be pure speculation on my part, but I feel that I have to address your questions regarding whether or not Jon left the children alone in the driveway with no driver or nanny there and also address the question “Why didn’t he use his cell to call the house to tell whomever was there to open the gate to get the kids into their home?”


  5. I really don’t think Jon manipulated anything.

    The McMansion is a house of horrors, and now Jon’s got evidence to use against Kate.


  6. Who cares if Jon purposely showed this to the media? I have no problems believing it’s accurate either way.

    Kate was a maniac on the show, so we can only guess that she’s AT LEAST that mean, harsh and spiteful behind closed doors. Now that Jon is banned from the house, the only other people there are probably nannies who won’t cross Kate because they are employed by her.

    I can’t wait till one of the kids writes a tell all book. It’s totally going to happen IMO


  7. I have read that there is one independent pap that Kate tips to follow her to Target, the spa, whereever she wants to be photographed, and that locals have said that when they pass the G-compound, that guy is the only one there generally.

    To me, Jon is frustrated because he can’t help the kids. They don’t want to leave him and go back to the nightmare orphanage run by the beast (Kate), but he can’t do anything about it.

    It is totally believable that he would not have the code to her gate. Kate is a vindictive, nasty woman, and why wouldn’t she change the code if she didn’t want Jon to have easy access at any time? She is also a control freak.

    Those kids probably were all crying at once, all devastated that they had to go back without daddy to protect them. Between these two lousy parents, Jon is surely the better, the more compassionate and loving one.


  8. Dr Glass most of these children have always cried and/or had a ‘meltdown’ when Jon left them. (See old episodes). Jon knows his kids, he knows they are subject to “panic”. We have seen them so many times even recently with their ‘meltdowns’. Yes, they ARE 6 and should be out of the “meltdown” or whatever you call it stage. But these children have NOT had ANY therapy to help them get through this nasty divorce yet they are put right back to work as soon as TLC could do it.

    Jon signed something new with TLC, he gets paid to basically shut up and let them film the kids. Reportedly 70K a year. He DOES speak to the news since the signing of the new deal. Not nearly as much as before, but he has on several occasions. You don’t seem up on all the ‘new’ happenings with the Gosselin train wreck. Perhaps that is why you are at a loss with the video.


  9. Wow! This is one time I completely disagree with you. Those kids NEVER smile around Kate. They NEVER look happy with her. Kate is never seen HUGGING or KISSING them like a good mother would do. If she does, its for the camera!
    The only time those kids can relax is when they are with their father. They are free to be kids. With Kate, its boot camp.
    In regards to this footage, those kids were not acting. The twins are stinkin depressed and they know darn well they are being abused and used.

    Sorry Lillian, I think you were way off on this one.


  10. Hey Lillian u r so far off base on this one, so must not have kids. The only time these kids can let their guards down and be themseleves is with Jon. They live in misery & fear of the wrath of Kate.


  11. Dr. Glass,

    Have you seen the numerous pictures of Collin hiding his face from the Pap that began in May and went on for a few months?Here is a link for a chronology of some of the pics.

    Small Town Gosselins – http://smalltowngosselins.squarespace.com/
    Excellent Blog by a local who is counselor


    http://www.realitytvkids.com/ -15 minutes Gosselin Style. The Blog Admin is an attorney and her posts are well written & factual.

    You have posted approximately a dozen times or maybe more in the last year on the Gosselins. Each one of your previous blog postings on this family have been pitch perfect and very insightful.

    I have to respectfully tell you that I think you are not accurate in your assessments in this post. I follow your blog at least weekly and read all of your posts. On a rare occasion I don’t agree with you, not that that means anything, one way or another. However, this is the very first time that I have ever believed that you have just got the whole wrong.


  12. Dr. Glass,

    July 6th was the 1st time there was photographic evidence that Kate has banned Jon from being on the property. A pap had reported that Kate was furious that Jon’s girlfriend was with him when he dropped the kids at Kate’s. The following is a post by the 15 Minutes Administrator that includes the very revealing pictures.

    “Last week a paparazzo reported that Jon’s new pick-up location for the children was at the end of the drive-way. Apparently Kate was angry at Jon, possibly for introducing his new girlfriend Ellen to the children, and as a result Kate forbade him from coming onto the property anymore. She brings the kids down the long driveway to the gate for him to pick them up there.

    We didn’t report this tidbit at first because we weren’t sure we could trust this rumor…..now we’re posting it. Now we have photographic evidence:
    Today, Kate fighting with Jon at the end of the driveway, reportedly over the van. Yet another hard-to-believe rumor pans out as true. We’re batting 1,000 here.

    I’ve advised many parents on complicated visitation schedules with the other parent. It can get messy when they’re not getting along. Often neutral pick-up and drop-off locations can help keep things cool. But an appropriate neutral location is usually a local restaurant, park, or school. The end of the drive-way sends a clear, unhealthy message to the children that Mommy hates Daddy so much she doesn’t even want him near her house. Move the location to someplace NEUTRAL if they can’t be adults about this.”

    Actually, IMO, one of the very valuable things about the 15 minutes blog is the near daily photographic chronology of the last 11 months. Even if you just flip through the last few months of the multitude of photos I’m sure you might see more of the actual 360 that these poor children are being subjected to.

    You began posting early last Sept. about Kate’s urgent need for therapy. Within weeks you were posting that the kids and parents must begin therapy immediately. You mentioned the dire need for therapy in several posts, which made a lot of sense. I for one am absolutely furious that these children have not had the therapy that even Kate herself has admitted in People Magazine and on TV that they very much needed. Last Feb. Kate repeated several times on TV & in print, that all of the kids were going to begin “home” therapy the following week. Kate LIED again. Instead of the much needed therapy, Kate began preparation for DWTS. This lie was not revealed until Jon’s attorney, Anthony List appeared on The Nancy Grace Show in early April. List stated that the children have never received any therapy!

    During the 1st episode, you can clearly hear Mady say, “I want to die”.

    The majority of us “haters” (as Kate’s fans call us) do not watch Kate plus 8. The 15 Minute Administrator posts very detailed recaps. This is a small part of it:

    “They arrive at an empty pavilion for their sad birthday party with the bodyguard and Kate’s new best friend. No Daddy, no friends, no family. Here comes Mady to tell it like it is. First of all, their birthday was a week ago, she exclaims. Right on! Then Mady points out that she and Cara only had one birthday celebration. Correct again.

    Jamie then tries to offer Mady water. Her tone is really sweet and helpful, which is a nice change from her own mother denying her water last time she was thirsty. Then Mady says tearfully…brace for this, this is really disturbing…. “I don’t want water because nobody cares about me, I want to die.”

    Wow, just wow. Why in the world would any parent in their right mind ever, ever allow a statement like that to be aired on T.V.? I am beyond shocked and appalled. I am outright disturbed. I don’t care if Mady was just being dramatic, this is not a healthy statement for any ten-year-old to make period, and should be addressed in therapy and not on T.V., end of story. It is so incredibly sad that Mady basically has to threaten suicide to get anyone to give her the attention she deserves.

    You’re right, Mady. Three birthday parties is bullshit. A birthday party staged just for the cameras a full week after the actual birthday that your mother even pulled you out of school for is even bigger bullshit. Fight on. So far, I have not seen Mady complain about one single thing that she wasn’t completely justified in making a stink about this entire trip. This girl does not screw around complaining that her lemonade ain’t cold enough, she is complaining about legit injustices here.”



  13. I agree that almost everything these parents do on camera is set up, but I really hope Jon did not say or do anything that would make the kids sob/panic like that. As a possible explanation for why all six (?) were crying so uncontrollably, the kids may have been missing Jon terribly. Kate had the kids in Alaska and LA for two weeks filming. That day, Jon took the kids to an arcade for a few hours after they returned to PA. Online reported suggest he did not have his usual weekend custody, just the day out. I could clearly hear on the video the kids crying about not wanting him to leave them.
    It is despicable that these children’s must endure being filmed by paps and by their parents’ employer day in and day out. Frankly, I no longer see a difference between set up show filming or set up candid pap filming. All around them, adults are making money hand over fist, while these kids are being used by all. I am not entertained.


  14. Come on! “Dr” Glass is a regular contributor on Nancy Grace. She probably called her good friend Nancy to get her take on it. She’s also an entertainment reporter. Of course she’s going to trash Jon.


  15. Hello,
    I noticed that you deleted my comments. Never mind. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Quite likely you’ll deleted this one as well.

    Just as long as you read them.


  16. WOW! I think this is a little of both. I do think Jon set up this scenario for the cameras. But I think he set it up to show everyone what happens when he drops off the kids.
    I don’t blame Hannah, Joel, Leah, Alexis, Aaden or Collin for crying to have to be dropped off with their mother. Comments were made that 6 is too old for that type of crying. But I remember crying that same way and being VERY panicked having to go visit my abusive father on weekends. I cried like that until I was sixteen and stopped going. I get teary just thinking about it. And it breaks my heart open that these kids now feel how I felt.
    I wish I could hug them and tell them that this feeling will not last forever and at 18 they never have to see their mother again. Because there is NO law stating that you have to see your parents after you turn 18. (Something someone at a courthouse told me and boy did that make me feel like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.)
    I agree that in 10 to 15 years there will be tell all books but unfortunately we already know what they will contain.


  17. Thank you Dr. Glass. I appreciate your insights. I also follow your column. That is why I asked you to take this one on. And, I really appreciate you doing it.

    This video was very disturbing to watch. I have never heard children cry like this. Ever. There is one pap that stays in their area and is camped out at the driveway waiting for Kate to go in or out and follow. That is why I do not think Jon set this up. I also don’t think Jon made them cry like this. I don’t think Jon could make even one of them cry like this, much less all 6. These children have not gotten therapy and they definitely need it. Kate needs to wake up and put her children’s needs ahead of her income.


  18. The pap could have followed that familiar van from town. Jon is not allowed on the property. Whatever you think of him, he is the loving parent of the two. The kids didn’t want him to leave and they didn’t want to go back to that hellish prison they’re living at. This was not staged. Plain and simple.

    I think you’ve around Ms Grace WAY too long.


  19. Don’t forget they had just returned from filming in Alaska with Sarah Palin and that didn’t go very well. For the 2 day trip Kate only stayed 2 hours or so, had a meltdown and refused to stay in a tent. They didn’t stay for 2 days. The food was not up to her classy standards. On coming home they stopped in LA. I think Kate was read the riot act with head of TLC’s Ellen. She was in LA at the same time Kate was there. They are not using any of the film for Kate plus 8 but only for Sarah’s new show. Soooooooooooo they are home with Kate who no doubt is very angry at being told what ever and could possibly taking it out on the kids. She does have a short fuse and not very nice in general. The kids had a wonderful time with loving Jon and don’t want to leave and go back to such an unstable mother. I wouldn’t want that. I just hope I live long enough to read Mady’s tell all book!


  20. If those cries are “cries of fear” as you say and as I also believe them to be, I pray someone will look into why the children are so fearful. I don’t care if the reason has to do with Kate, Jon or someone or something else, whatever – it is needs to change and fast. I can’t believe nothing is being done about this. There is proof on tape that something is wrong. The twins’ expressions remind me of someone attending a funeral. It’s as if they were all just given the news that a close family member had died. Is this film enough for authorities to investigate? If something happens to any of the children you can bet there will be a lot of people questioning why no one did anything to try to help/protect them.


  21. No, I don’t think Jon set this up–I’ve heard kids cry like this, my own –when I had to drop them off to the babysitter. I felt guilty because Grandma couldn’t watch them or because I had to go to work, only to find out in the end, the babysitter’s husband (could be mama Kate) was abusing them after all, things like licking up milk off the floor HIS KID SPLIT or unexplained bruises. The truth came out in the end. Kids do tell you, please listen.
    Jon is not like Kate where she gets the kids so neurotic such as the “P-People” fear or scared to get dirty, or make a mess. He might have picked up some of Kate’s narcissism “fleas” for awhile, but slowly he’s returning to normal. Let’s hope he moves past because the kids are going to be wilder then Jon ever was when they escape from Mommy’s clutches and “fleas”. (the behaviors jumping off of Kate)
    Shame on TLC for showing their might in keeping these kids filming to bring in their corporate millions, looking at you…Eileen O’Neill.


  22. Small correction: TLC didn’t “find them.”

    Jon & Kate sent out home movies to all the television stations. All the home movie footage of Kate while pregnant with the tups was part of their audition tapes.


  23. Whether or not Jon set this up (and I don’t for a second believe he did) is irrelevant. The point is, the kids sounded terror stricken to go home. What is making them so afraid? THAT is what needs to be addressed, not whether or not the pap rehearsed his line, or whether Jon did or didn’t pull out his cell phone. Geesh!


  24. I think it’s probably a little of both. I’m sure Jon tipped off the paparazzi and staged it to some degree like you suspect, but I’ve read other reports that seem to indicate Kate DOESN’T allow Jon up to the front door at all, etc. Those children really need an ally, though. Regardless of how the video was shot their pain seems raw and very real… Heartbreaking.


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