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Joran Van De Sloot’s Body Language and Serene Smile Show That Prison Life in Peru Isn’t That Bad As His Legal Process is Stalled Indefinitely Due To The “ No Translator Excuse”
August 30, 2010

While there is an uproar in Peru about jailers photographing suspected killer Joran van der Sloot, where he is seen posing with two other men held in Castro Casto prison, held in connection with high-profile killings, the world got to see a long awaited glimpse of Joran’s life behind bars.

Based on Joran’s body language, things don’t seem too bad for 22 year old Joran.  Joran’s facial expression speaks volumes. His dimpled  and serene  smile shows that things aren’t that bad for him in Castro Castro prison. In fact he looks rather happy.

His head is even casually cocked to the side as he most likely wonders what new and exciting adventure and experience is coming up next.

He doesn’t look skinny or haggard at all, but rather well fed. You can see  the outline of his body shape through his white  soiled and dingy buttoned down shirt.

He’s even changed up his look with a little chin beard and mustache which makes him looks less boyish.The dyed red coloring of his hair has now grown out as well.


He’s obviously found some like- minded new friends as he stands along side fellow inmates with whom he apparently has a lot in common-the killing of innocent women.

Hugo Trujillo Ospina, nicknamed “the Clown”  based on his dysmorphic appearance, and down turned eyes  is accused of being the hit man for hire in killing a wealthy Peruvian business woman Myryam Feffer, seen on the right. Ospina was allegedly hired by Feffer’s lesbian daughter who now  sits in a women’s prison in Peru along with her lover.

Castro Castro seems to have turned the Clown’s frown right side up. He is now beaming and smiling as she stands next to his tall prison mate and  card playing partner,   Joran.

In the photo we not only see him with a hearty smile, but he is  even happy enough to make  some gang signals consisting  of awkward  hand and finger gestures for the camera.

William Trickett Smith II  is  also in the photo. He is  accused of killing his Peruvian wife by dismembering her and stuffing her body in a suitcase that fishermen later found offshore.

Trickett is to the far left of the group photo. He’s obviously made a friend in Castro Castro as well. It is clearly the blurred out fellow standing next to him  who has his fingers splayed out on William’s upper back near his neck area, indicting friendship.

Perhaps it may even be a very close friendship.  Like Joran, William has also grown out the  hair on his head  and grown some sparse facial hair.

As far as the fellow in the blue tee shirt who is blurred out, I doubt that if he was a prisoner,  he was blurred out  to protect his privacy rights. He may very well be one of the officers who is up for disciplinary action.

He certainly had his tee shirt up high around his neck towards his chin in the photo. Maybe that was his way of instinctively covering up as he may have known that posing with these criminals was not a smart  thing to do. But he did it anyway.

I should also add that when these photos were released the names  of those in the photos were mismatched to their actual picture . So it was a bit confusing to initially  determine who was who until the photos were studied in greater detail.

Since these men appear to have so much in common,  there may be a camaraderie and  lot  to discuss. The fact that William Trickett Smith II speaks English  may also add to Joran’s comfort level.

After this embarrassing fiasco, Peruvian authorities now reported that Joran is the only one in the protective custody wing. There is little doubt that he is as isolated as we once thought he would be.

Perhaps he has been able to use his gambling money  or some of his savings to buy protection from the guards, visits from non threatening inmates, and even better quality food from the outside .


Joran’s body language n the photo also shows that he seems to be relaxed as though he doesn’t have a care in the world.

It is understandable as to why he may be feeling that way.  Apparently there us a new snafu and the legal process against him.  It has ground to a halt  because no official interpreter can be found. The Peruvian television  station showed a letter from the Peruvian association of translators and interpreters which said it has no one who can translate from Spanish into Dutch.

The Dutch embassy has also produced a letter  in which it says it has no official interpreter available. Even though  the  Dutch Embassy says it provides a list of lawyers and interpreters to a national abroad facing criminal charges, it  does not provide the interpreters themselves.

So Joran will not be tried and sentenced until an interpreter will be found which may be- NEVER !!!!!. This way Joran will be locked up but he will be safe as he remains in protective custody indefinitely or perhaps until his life ends.

I don’t see why they don’t get a translator  who can translate Spanish to English and then get someone who can translate English to Dutch.  But perhaps it is a ploy by the Dutch Embassy to further protect Joran,  just like they clearly did when he was in Aruba.

To me this screams of manipulation. Joran was obviously well versed enough in English to communicate with Natalie Holloway. He is fluent enough in English to do articulate  interviews with Greta van Sustern .

He was well versed enough  in Spanish to communicate with Stefany Flores. And he was well versed enough to get two taxi drivers to help him escape.

It seems that he may very well  be protected by the Dutch Embassy. They know  for certain that if their citizen goes to trial in Peru, he will most likely be sent to a worse prison and into the general population where he will be raped and  murdered  within a matter of  minutes.

So the best they can do for Joran and for the memory of his well connected father, Paulus Van der Sloot  is to keep him in a situation where he will  remain  in a “less worse “  prison and be safe from harm by remaining in  protective custody forever.


But no matter how hard Joran, his attorney, or the Dutch Embassy manipulates the situation, Joran may very well  succumb to his destined Karma. Maybe  he won’t receive justice as we know it, but he will receive Karmic justice.

Perhaps he won’t be killed by a fellow prisoner, but he may very well be killed by disease due to the unhealthy living conditions,poor sanitation, lack of nutrition, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Paris Hilton’s Body Language in Her Latest Mugshot Shows Smug Smile, Confident All Will Turn Out In Her Favor
August 29, 2010


Paris Hilton who was recently arrested for cocaine possession is no stranger to arrests and  mug shots. But unlike her previous mug shots, this time she did a  her ¾ model like turn to the camera, tilted her head and gave a slight Mon-Lisa like closed lipped smile.

The smile spoke volumes. It wasn’t an overly happy excited smile with raised cheekbones. Instead it was a knowing smile. It was a smile that indicated all will work out for her in her favor  and that she really didn’t have a care in the world. It said “ nothing will happen to me and I will get away with this just like I got away with my arrest this summer at the World Cup Match in South Africa in suspicion of marijuana.”   


 How couldn’t it world out well for her? After all there was more publicity to keep her relevant and on the front pages of the news. Paris’  facial expression indicated that she did not have a care in the world. It showed confidence the confidence of having a  a high priced powerful and connected attorney  who will very likely be able to get her off of this charge of cocaine possession  on some sort of  a technicality.

 Unlike the average Joe who is caught with cocaine, unfortunately Paris gets  to thumbs her nose up against the system and most likely  walk away.

  Apparently in Wynn security cameras filmed the Vegas police searching her handbag and putting her under arrest inside the security office of the Wynn Hotel in after arrested with her latest boyfriend Cy Waits after being pulled over by cops who smelled marijuana. 

 Instead of being arrested right away, Paris was taken into the Wynn’s security office where — as the Las Vegas Metro police put it — “it was discovered that Ms. Hilton had cocaine in her possession.”  Then was she arrested.

Paris lawyer Vegas attorney David Chesnoff believes her  arrest captured on tape, could help her tremendously as he will claim it was an illegal search, in part because she was taken away from the scene to this other location. Chesnoff will also be able to take apart every single thing that happened during the search and arrest because he’ll have the video to work off of. 

So now there is a side show instead of the real issue of Paris having illegal drugs on her. Paris’ repeatedly claimed while she was being detained that the purse wasn’t hers.  While the purse may not have been hers, was the cocaine hers? Perhaps a fingerprint analysis could determine that.    



Paris’ latest beau Cy Waits was also arrested , But he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol where he could get up to a year in county jail.

But Waits’ also has a high powered attorney. His attorney  said “”As the case proceeds, a lot of facts are going to come to light that will ultimately lead to exoneration.”

 Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that justice is served and the message is sent out loud and clear that those who use and are caught with illegal drugs of any kind will have to suffer the consequences no matter how much money or fame they have.  


 As you well know from reading my blogs I am disturbed by young women who are in the limelight like Paris who exhibit bad heavier and are subsequently rewarded  for their  bad behavior with millions of dollars, television shows etc. I do not like the  message this give to our young women.

Young people need to know loudly and clearly that no matter who a person is or how much money they have, if they do something wrong they will be held accountable. They need to know that they  can not  get away with things. They need to be fully aware of the fact that they will not receive rewards for bad  behavior or illegal actions.They need to know that Paris Hilton cannot be an exception to the rule. They need to see that she is treated as anyone else who breaks the law.


 After Paris  spent only half of her 45 day sentence in a Los Angeles jail three years ago, she appeared on Larry King Live when she was released. On the show,  she said her jail experience caused her to re-evaluate the role partying played in her life.

Perhaps she needs  yet another jail sentence to help her further re-evaluate her priorities. Let’s hope that our young people don’t continue to get the message that  all is not equal when doing the  wrong thing and that there there is a different set of rules for the rich and famous.

Tiger Wood’s Body Language Showed Extreme Sadness When Talking About Divorce From Elin As He Was Almost In Tears
August 26, 2010

 Unlike his previous initial press conference several months ago when his body language reflected that he was not very sincere in his apologies, Tiger Wood’s  recent press conference following now ex wife Elin’s post People Magazine interview, tells a completely different story.

It shows a very different Tiger- a sincere, upset, and extremely sad, reflective, and humbled Tiger.

Even though he tried to keep his emotions in check he was not successful at it. They  leaked out anyway via his body language. In the above photo as he says that he is going through a sad time you not only see the sadness leaking out of his face as he is about to cry, buy you feel his pain and anguish.


When Tiger  spoke he often looked down as it was often  hard for him to maintain eye contact.  This was especially true at the beginning when he spoke of Elin.

He appeared to be embarrassed and clearly shaken emotionally as he began to grasp the finality of the situation between he and Elin.


His eyes were puffy and there were uncharacteristic circles and bags under his eyes. It may be due to time he may have spent crying in his private moments.

No doubt, the lack of sleep during these trying emotional times may have  also contributed to these bags and darkened circles under his eyes.


  The most significant body language signal that tells us how a person really feels is reflected in their breathing patterns. 

 Tigers deep upper chest breathing and large exhalation bursts of air show that he was clearly upset. He was trying to gain control over his emotions though his numerous and obvious deep breaths but it wasn’t working.


When a person repeats words and phrases it often indicates they are uneasy about something. He was clearly uneasy as he spoke about Elin as he stammered ”  I wish I wish her the best in everything “ 

Right after he sai this he  took a deep breath to release the emotional tension he was harboring as he made this   emotional filled statement.

 He continued to stammmer and repeat words as he spoke of his sadness  and Elin, He repeated words and phrased , “You know it’s it’s a sad time in our lives. And you know were looking forward it out lives”


 The first time we actually saw Tigers eyes during his press conference was when he said “ As  far as practicing and my game is concerned that is secondary.” 

He looked up  as he spoke those words as he  was very sincere.Unfortunately it was too little too late as far as his now fractured family was concerned .  But it showed that this was the awakening of a different Tiger Woods.

It seemed as though he finally ” got it”  He  not only saw how his actions hurt his family , he felt it. He then spoke of ” trying to get our kids situated  in our new living conditions. ” As he spoke those words, he appeared to be forthright and serious as though he  meant every word in this statement. His kids and their welfare are clearly his  new priority.


Tiger has never been this fluent, fluid and open. It was actually quite refreshing to see a connected Tiger as he spoke of his   career. His tonal quality indicated that he  spoke from his heart

When Tiger said “ My decision in playing golf had nothing to do with  going our separate ways. ” he sounded believable. He then looked directly at the persona asking  the question, thereby reflecting  his sincerity as he  paused for a time to reflect on what he said.


When asked if it was a lost year,  Tiger said that he  didn’t look at it this way , he said that even though there were a lot of negatives it was actually a good thing because I leaned a lot about myself and how I could be come a better person .

He said something like that in his first mea culpa press conference, but  it did not ring true. At that time, it was awkward and contrived.But this time, he sounded very believable and sincere.


As Tiger said ” You dont go into a marriage thinking your going to get divorced” you can see him  shake his head no.  This indicates that his words were consistent with his thought.  


He was then asked” Do you have any regrets ? His reply was ” Certainly my actions lead us to this decision.”  For the first time Tiger  not only sounds believable, but his words and tone indicate that he  is actually taking FULL responsibility for his behavior.

 There is no rehearsed rhetoric or blame. Instead, he  fully owns it. It was actually humbling to see and hear .


He looked down as he looked very sad when he  reflected on his statement “ I made a lot of errors in my life and that is something I;m gonna have to live with.”  As he said this you could literally see that he was processing the full impact of these intense words.  The tone of his voice cracked a bit as this was  clearly a unique and emotional moment  for him.


Gone s the arrogant cocky self absorbed insincere Tiger. Instead, Tiger appeared genuine, hurt and extremely vulnerable.  He obviously  got what was important to him and no doubt he felt it for the first tome in his previously entitled life.

 It was a hard  lesson to learn and it cost him a lot, He paid the ultimate proce for his actions, the loss of  his beloved  family.  Maybe Tiger will be changed man from this.  Even with his recent losses, he’s already been the best golfer. But now his challenge is to be the best person he can be.

 He knows that he hurt and disappointed  a lot of people. Before his divorce was final these were merely empty words.  But  now, based on his body language and vocal tone, his words appeared  real and meaningful. .

Perhaps this is the start of our seeing a new an improved Tiger and the better person he strives to become.

If” Pretty Is As Pretty Does”, Rachel Uchitel’s Not So “ Pretty” As She Alledgedly Reaches Out to Tiger Woods While Ex Elin Shares Pain
August 25, 2010

The other day I did a segment for CBS this morning’s The Early Show  on a UK website that caters to ugly people. The whole concept  of  a website that catered to “ugly people really  bothered me.  My take on appearance is  that ”pretty is as  pretty does and ugly is as ugly does”

As someone who spent the early part of her career treating people with severe facial deformities I saw early on how beauty was in the eye of the beholder and how physical appearance alone was not what determined whether a person was beautiful or ugly.

There is a lot more involved. In the CBS piece  I did, I cited research that shows that the way a person speaks, their voice patterns, body language and actions are integral parts in how people perceive other’s attractiveness. 

To me, if  a person acts ugly, they are ugly. Based on that view, this would include Rachel Uchitel.I am not  just talking about her distorted and overinflated lips or deadpan mono face  expression or monotone voice. While those elements don’t  appear to me to add to her physical attractiveness, what  makes her  ugly to me is her actions.

 Rachel Uchitel is the woman who initially told the press that she didn’t have an affair with Tiger Woods only to later reveal that she did indeed have a full blown affair with him- an affair that helped destroy his marriage. Rachel Uchitel is the woman who had an affair with another married man, actor  David Borenanz. Rachel Uchitel is the woman who a fellow Celebrity Rehab contestant’s wife has accused of having an affair with her husband Jeremy London.

Rachel Uchitel is the one who was going to sue Joy Behar, ABC and the View if they didn’t apologize for calling her a hooker when Joy made a comedic play on her name ’You ka tell she’s a hooker’. Rachel Uchitel is the one who sued a comedian for calling her a whore.

Her attorney Gloria Allred sent out a clear message that even if  you think Rachel Uchitel  is a hooker or a whore because she had sexual liaisons with married men and traveled around the world to see them, you can’t publicly refer to her as these labels because if you do you will get sued.

 But neither  Gloria or Rachel  can sue you for giving your opinion about whether or not you think her behavior is labeled as ugly.  

The ink on Tiger Wood’s divorce papers wasn’t even dry when she allegedly made the following statement  to a “source” about Tiger and his divorce as reported by

“I feel horrible for him. He loved her. But he was in love with me. I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me,” Rachel told the source. “I’d give up everything to be with him again.”

 If  this statement is true and Tiger did taker her up on her offer, I can imagine  that even more of the fans that Tiger has left would exit.

Uchitel’s ugliness of repeatedly getting involved with married men and being their mistress is evident when we see how her actions devastated Tigers now ex wife Elin Nordegren.   

After reading wife Elin’s heartbreaking exclusive  interview in People Magazine and reading about the excruciating emotional  she pain she suffered by being blindsided by Tiger and his mistresses like Uchitel, it makes you see the effects of both Tiger’s  and  Rachel Uchitel’s ugliness .

Apparently several condo or coop boards in NYC see her ugliness as well as it has been reported that they allegedly denied her acceptance into their buildings.  

The bottom line is” pretty is a pretty does and ugly is as ugly does.” So no matter how many Resytlne fillers you get to pump up your lips, extensions, or products you use to pump up your hair. How much waxing or working out you do, it’s all for noting if your actions don’t measure up.

Dr. Lillian Glass Tells The Truth and Never Lies About What She Sees, Including Kate Gosselin and Bodyguard’s Body Language
August 22, 2010

Oftentimes different magazine, internet,  and television show venues  will ask me what I think about a particular celebrity or newsmaker’s relationship. They will often present me with a series of photos or videos and ask for my assessment.

 Most recently HollywoodLife. com  asked me to comment on the relationship between Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard Steve Neild. I gave them my honest assessment based on various tells which I observed. This is only my opinion and my view. I did not  personally hang out with  Kate or Steve or witness their alleged coziness firsthand.

Apparently there have been documented reports of  physical sightings where Kate and her body guard have become rather cozy with legs touching legs. In fact the esteemed Huffington Post reported it.

I stated in the blog that that Kate seemed to fancy her bodyguard based on her body language. Steve, on the other hand continued to show professional decorum as you can see in these photos below.

Apparently,  the Kate Gosselin lovers  and fans on their  “Kate Plus Eight Gosselin Family Fansite”   were all up in arms and got their panties in a bunch stating that I made up lies to  promote myself and to insult Kate. This is not true.

In the first place, I do not need Kate Gosselin to promote myself. I have being doing body language analysis well before there was a Kate Gosselin in the media. As far as insulting Kate is concerned, it was never my thought or intention to insult Kate. I was merely describing my personal body language observations.  

Here are some excerpts from the article:

 We told you earlier that Kate and longtime bodyguard Steve Neild got cozy while vacationing in Bald Head Island, N.C. during the week of Aug. 9. A shocking eyewitness report from The Huffington Post alleges that the duo were sitting side-by-side, legs touching, on the beach!

Photo #1: “Her head is cocked like she’s interest to know what Steve thinks. He is kind of in control here and she’s not used to that. Look at her toe, they are in sync step wise, and there’s one foot where her toe is facing him — she really likes him. Her shoulders are a little rounded and hunched over meaning she’s being a little subservient. The fact that his hands are in his pockets shows he’s hiding something like he’s hiding what’s going on between them.”


Photo #2: “Look at the way she’s looking at him. It’s like he’s her man servant and she can yell at him. Her foot is directly in the back of him and she’s looking at him like she’s trying to control him and tell him what to do. Kate’s legs are spread wide which means it’s very casual and very very comfortable with this guy … overly comfortable.”

Photo #3: “With her hand on the hip it’s kind of like an arrogant and defiant pose. Her shoulders are rounded again and she’s leaning into him. The distance between them is too close like he’s trying to keep it hidden and professional, but she’s giving it away. It appears in this photo that she likes him more than he likes her with the way he is facing.”

Photo #4: “Her face shows that she’s very happy around him. You never see Kate smile. She’s a step behind him and there’s not a lot of distance between them. They are also in sync again and that indicates she likes him. Again, he has a hand in his pocket which reveals he’s hiding something.

 It’s definitely possible they are having an affair. She’s very comfortable around him.”


Notice that I said  the word “possible”, I didn’t say they were  100 per cent  having an affair , I said “possible”.

Whether you love Kate or not you have to admit that anything is possible, especially when people spend as much time around one another as these two apparently do, with reported adjoining rooms in hotel stays.

 I am not saying they are or they are not having an affair as I am not in their room.  But I will say that they do look rather cozy in my view.’’


As a result of this article many Kate supporters, didn’t bother to read what I said exactly but instead,  blindly went off half cocked. They looked at a headline which I did not write and made many comments where they tried to minimize my background and education  in an attempt to dismiss what I had to say in order to make themselves feel better.

So I decided to address and clarify  their issues so there would be no misunderstandings.

Being an open person with nothing to hide, I will address the  concerns and comments from the Kate loving fans  so they can rest easy.

  1. What I do in body language analysis has nothing to do with  neurolinguistic  programming. Body language analysis is both and art in having experience in knowing how to read others and a science based on research concerning specific behaviors which indicate specific meaning.

2. Kate’s alleged “pigeon toedness” that a commenter suggested was not a factor in  describing her body language tells with Steve Neild

 3. As far  as any comments I made  regarding the  Gosselin kids are concerned, when Jon and Kate were going through their split up, I was a proponent of their speaking with a counselor to help them with the transition, especially since the divorce was so public, ugly and tense.

 Kate even publicly  stated how it was difficult for the kids and how the kids were acting out at the time. I believed and still believe that seeking the advice of a licensed professional that specializes in treating children who appear to be acting out or undergoing stress, can only help a child.

4. As for my background, I am more than happy to share it with you. I am not a medical doctor – an MD. I  do have a PhD in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Speech communication. I also have a strong background in the study of psychology although I am not a practicing or licensed psychologist. I have a post doctorate in Medical Genetics  from UCLA where I was the only PhD in an MD program where I closely examined structures and behaviors related to specific genetic disorders. My training in this field has been  instrumental in terms of my developing my body language reading skills.

I have spent close to three decades doing communication and body language analysis not only for my clients in my private practices, but for the Hollywood community for various films and television shows,  as well as using my skills in the law enforcement and legal communities. I have also written numerous books on the topic and lectured around the world.

 5. As  far as being a Kate Hater is concerned, I do not hate Kate as I have said repeatedly. In fact, I  respect that she has numerous mouths to feed and has found a way to earn a living in the media to support her children. I believe that she is indeed very lucky to have a guardian angel like TLC to support her and her family.

 6.And finally, I have  discovered is that there are lot of Kate fans or shall I say “fanatics” who cannot bear to hear anything they may perceive as negative when it may in fact not be negative at all. To them, I say, take off your blinders and look at what” is”, not at what is the fantasy you created there to be.

 If  Kate is having an affair with her bodyguard, that is her business. Maybe they spent so much time together and found they had a lot in common. Maybe they fell in love. Maybe he fell out of love with his wife. Maybe he has an open marriage, Only Steve and Kate know this for sure. Like everyone else, Kate certainly deserves love.  As I said anything is “possible.” While it is possible that they are an item, it is also “possible” that they are just very cozy close intimate friends. Only time will tell for

Dr. Lillian Glass First Reported Roger Clemens Signals of Deception In His Body Language On MSNBC
August 19, 2010

It comes as no surprise  to me that  Federal authorities have now  indicted baseball great Roger Clemens  on charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The lip licking, lip biting, forehead wrinkling  and shoulder shrugging, and fidgeting, eye blinking,  lip pursing, and scratching, word repetitions, vocal frys, and specific speech and voice  patterns  during key testimony were all  body language “tells” which indicated that he may not have  been telling the truth.

Click on the link below to see my initial analysis of Roger Clemens which appeared on msnbc,af97716fc8ac757303e9/Dr-Lillian-Glass-on-MSNBC.html

Clemens  was charged with three counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury in connection with his February 2008 testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. According to the United States Attorney’s office, Clemens faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, but under the current sentencing guidelines, a conviction would likely bring 15-21 months.

Brian McNamee who was Clemen’s former trainer testified as well and  completely contradicted Roger Clemens  regarding whether he had used the banned substances while he played baseball.

During the testimony it was clear to me that McNamee did not show signals of deception, He appeared forthright, direct, had excellent eye and face contact and did not show vocal or speech tells indicative of deception even though  Clemens claimed McNamee made up the allegations.

Federal authorities convinced McNamee to cooperate with them in 2008 in exchange for not charging him with steroid distribution.

The body language analysis of Roger Clemens clearly illustrates  and confirms how the body does not lie as the truth always leaks out.

Misty Croslin’s Body Language Says She’s Not Doing Well Behind Bars As The Shock of Reality Sets In
August 19, 2010

Misty Croslin recently made a shocking revelation. She told investigators her cousin Joe Overstreet put little Haleigh  in a black bag and left with  her. She said that she heard Haleigh Cummings screaming and  being attacked before she vanished, She also revealed that she was cowering beneath a blanket  with Haleigh’s baby brother.  If this is true then I believe she needs to get the harshest punishment for not relaying this information to authorities earlier.

As it is  now, Misty is not faring very well behind bars. At first she was terrified, crying, and whining all the time  that she wanted to get out. We witnessed her emotional outbursts  during her jailhouse tapes when she spoke at length  to her father and mother. Then we saw a  defensiveness  in  her jailhouse tapes where she blamed everyone for her being locked up including the officers who arrested her. Then there was belligerence where she old the media t o kiss her a**”

Now that she is off drugs and able to completely process the reality of her  situation, she has hardened.  Her eyes have a steely gaze to them. Her jaw is tight. She has a resigned swagger as she faced the judge and pleaded no contest. Her cocked head to the side indicates that she is not completely sure of  exactly what will happen to her. But she does know that the outcome of  whatever  does happen to her  as she stands in front of the judge won’t be a good one.

Gone is the slim pretty faced  long haired young  17 year old  whom we first met when Haleigh went missing.

Now  see a matronly overweight middle-aged looking woman with a hard cold stare and downturned lips. Even her hairstyle in a 1960’s flip is matronly. The physical transformation Misty has undergone is as shocking as her recent revelations about Haleigh.  Misty is unrecognisable from the Misty we  met two years ago.

Her obvious weight gain may be due to her getting off  drugs which may have previously kept her wirey and thin. Perhaps she has been given  medication  in jail which contributed to her weight gain. Perhaps the prison food, visits to the canteen,  lack of exercise. and   not moving around as much  has also made her chubby.

The stress of not being able to communicate honestly with anyone has also no doubt affected her. If what she recently  admitted to investigators is true, then this was a horrible burden for her to keep to herself. It no doubt must have haunted her and still does.

Then there is the stress of knowing that  not one, but both of her parents are now behind bars. Now there is no one to visit with her. There are no more long jail visits and conversations  with her papa or her mamma because they are in the same boat she is in.

Reality has set in that it will be a very long time before  she will be able to be with her family as she once knew it.

Finally, there is the stress of realizing that she is not going to get a light tap on the wrist. Instead,  she knows that she is going to spend the best years of her life behind bars.

 She won’t be able to come and go as she pleases. She won’t be running the show like she did with her parents and her friends.  She won’t be able to have a boyfriend or have  sex or even have kids.  She may have even realized that  by the time she does get out of prison she will be too old to start a family of her own.

 Misty’s recent revelations about what happened to Haleigh were obviously made public in the hope that she would get a lesser sentence. I hope that this is not the case. 

For all we know this may be another lie. Maybe she had something to do with Haleigh’s death. Maybe Ron himself had something to do with it.  Maybe she called on Cousin Joe and brother Tommy  to get rid of the body so she could make it look like a kidnapping.

I am still haunted by the 911 call. Something just doesn’t add up, especially with regards to Ron’s behavior.  To me, Misty’s behavior always revealed “tells”  that indicated she knew a lot more than she was saying.

If she did hurt Haleigh and kill her as Haleigh’s birth mother suspects, Misty should  never see the light of day.  On the other hand, if  what she is saying about cousin Joe is true , and  she didn’t  alert authorities until now, that is a good enough reason as far as I am concerned to never her see the light of day again.


Craigslist Killer Philip Markoff Finally Commits Suicide in Jail. Body Language Signals of Anti Social Behavior May Have Been Ignored By Ex Fiance Megan McCallister
August 16, 2010

It comes as no surprise to me that Craigslist Killer medical student Philip Markoff finally did himself in. According to reports he put  plastic bag over his head and smothered himself to death as well as cutting an artery so he would bleed to death.

When he was first arrested and put into custody, there were reports that he constantly picked at himself until he bled. In fact eyewitnesses stated that Markoff “started to pick at his ear” the day his Megan McAlister  fiance at time visited him in jail.

His self mutilating body language spoke volumes. But what about his body language signals when he was dating and engaged to Megan? did they speak volumes as well or did Megan ignore them?


Markoff’s  picking at himself until he bled  was a form of self mutilation. Because he was caught and  finally trapped , it was a body language tell that indicated that he was punishing himself  and displaying his  self  loathe for getting caught.

Markoff was so arrogant and thought he was so brilliant and clever at figuring  out his  brilliant plan to make an easy buck. He answered Craigslist ads placed by those engaged in offering sexual messages or services and robbed them. He was sure they wouldn’t protest or report him. After all, they were doing something illegal as well and didn’t want to get themselves in trouble by reporting illegal acts they were committing.

But when  they protested, he killed them like he did with 26 yer old Julissa Brisman. Police found lots of evidence-panties he collected from  his apartment from his victims along with  plastic handcuffs, and a hollowed out Grey’s Anatomy book containing a gun- his murder weapon.

So when he  was caught, he was bright enough to know that there was absolutely no way out. His self mutilation and self punishment reflects his  anger at himself for not being so brilliant and for getting caught.  This lead to his ultimate self punishment of killing himself.  Because he was devoid of emotion as most psychopaths are, his emotional distress was revealed in his body picking.

He knew what lay ahead of him. So he took the easy way out and saved the state time and money and did the job himself. So now there is one less Toxic Man among us.


One of the significant body language tells that can be observed with Markoff can be seen when he was in the courtroom. He showed absolutely no emotion. His face was stoic and he barely moved .

Emotionally, through his facial expressions and body language , he showed a lack of remorse and a lack of guilt. This is very indicative of those with antisocial personality disorders. There was also no question that he was in shock when first capture , much like another very tall, intelligent  and  handsome fellow who allegedly killed several young women- Joran van der Sloot.

What these two miscreants have in common is that they were so arrogant and full of themselves and thought so highly of their own intelligence that they never thought they would ever get caught. So when they did get caught they were in complete physical  shock. This dramatically showed in their body and facial language.


What was most chilling to discover was how security cameras showed Markoff  casually strolling to and from  the three different crime scenes as he used his Blackberry. He showed the same psychopathic casualness that Joran van der Sloot showed in his body language. when he calmly walked out of the hotel room carrying his bags, while he left a mutilated dead woman inside his hotel room.

It seems that their demeanor isn’t the only thing these two had in common.  They both robbed  killed women for money to help support their gambling debts and habits. They had no sympathy or remorse for their victims and were able to continue on in their lives  as though nothing happened.


There is no doubt that Markoff thought about killing himself the whole time he was incarcerated. But he chose to commit the act on  the date of  his would be first wedding anniversary. To me this is clear a shout out to Megan, a beautiful young  and intelligent woman, who also wanted to become a doctor herself, who  had no clue about him or the double life he was leading.

Perhaps his suicide on the date of their failed wedding was a sick and depraved message to   Megan  in order to  one last time create pain and emotional  havoc in someone’s life.

It was clear from her statements to the press and statements, through her attorney, which were  made  after Markoff was arrested,  Megan had no idea who her fiancé was or what he was doing in his spare time- robbing and killing. She wrote in her email to the press:

Unfortunately you were given wrong information as was the public. All I have to say to you is Philip is a beautiful person inside and out and could not hurt a fly! A police officer in Boston (or many) is trying to make big bucks by selling this false story to the TV stations. What else is new?? Philip is an intelligent man who is just trying to live his life so if you could leave us alone we would greatly appreciate it. We expect to marry in August and share a wonderful, mean‘I will stand by Philip as I know he is innocent.

And in a message to a reporter on a social networking site she said the following :
‘Philip is a beautiful man inside and out. ‘He is intelligent, loyal, and the best fiance a woman could ask for. He would not hurt a fly!’

But were her words true? Did she really believe her words? The answer is probably.  Perhaps  he only showed her his good side.  On the other hand, perhaps there were signals all along  but Megan may have been  too blinded by a  planning  a lavish wedding and a future with a bright doctor.  The question is were there signs early on that could have clued Megan in to the fact that her fiancé was living a double life?  The answer is YES!


As any forensic psychiatrist  will tell you, once you decide to burrow  deep beneath the surface you will discover that this aberrant  behavior did not happen over night. They were there when he was a child. The fact that he refused to make eye contact with his parents when they sat in the courtroom also seems to speak volumes. They no doubt knew early on that something was off with their son which they may have chosen to ignore.

Perhaps they felt that now that he was going to get married he would  finally straighten out. But they were wrong. When he told his parent to forget about him after they visited him in jail, it said it all.

There may have  also been symptoms of Philip Markoff’s  psychopathy that were evident that Megan McAllister also  ignored or refused to see.

One of the most telling things in psychopathic behavior is the emotional detachment. You can actually see it in their engagement photo. While he is smiling with Megan, she is the one lovingly nuzzling into him. He on the other hand  has a mask-like  smile and doesn’t embrace her arm. Instead he awkwardly positions the front of his hand against her elbow.  He doesn’t lean into her or embrace her. Granted  this is only one photo.

But when we examine another photo of the two of them in a more casual setting,  we see the same pattern. She is nuzzling  and leaning into him and he is so detached,  he even has one of his hands behind his back as though he has something to hide-  his secret  life. Again you do not see him embracing her or showing signals of affection towards her.

Megan may have rationalized that Philip  wasn’t the affectionate type or didn’t like public displays of affection. But when two people are about to marry, there should be a lot of  mutual displays of affection. But were there other signs?

1, Did he lack sensitivity?

2. Was he cunning and manipulative?

3.  Did he show a lack of remorse or guilt?

4, Did she catch him in lies?

5. Dis she think he was callous and lacked sympathy?

6.  Did she notice that he was full of himself all the time with a grandiose sense of self worth?

7, Dis she notice a glibness and a superficial charm?

8. Did he always seem to blame others and not accept responsibility for his  actions?

9. Did he seem to have a shallow ?

In retrospect, I have no doubt that Megan could answer YES to many or all of these questions.

These are the signs of someone who exhibits psychopathic or sociopathic behavior. In fact I discuss this is greater detail in my new book which will be coming out in November  2010 called TOXIC MEN- 10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal From men Who make Your Life Miserable which you may pre order by clicking here

If Megan chose to ignore these red flags, it is understandable. After  all, they met doing something that was selfless and good for the sake of others. They were both hospital volunteers when they were in college. So she saw Markoff  as a good person who does good for others. The fact that he was in medical school and intent on becoming a doctor confirmed to her that he was a good persona nd out to help others.

She thought he guy from a good family, seeing that  his father was a respected dentist.  As a doctor, they had wouldn’t have financial worries.  They were planning a big wedding and she was ready to start her life with him.

So after he was picked up on I 95 while they were in the car together, police  separated them  in two police cars where Philip was taken into custody and Megan was released. It is understandable why she vehemently proclaimed that there must have been some mistake.

But Megan’s story teaches us a great deal. We must be vigilant. We must look for these red flag signals and never ignore them or hope they go away or change. They cannot  change.

We cannot be blinded by what we want to see and not what is actually there or not there. Based on Markoff’s body language towards Megan in the above photos  what was not there was a lot of  open affection. That may have been indicative of his inability to have anything other than a detached emotional interaction with another person. It may have been the first red flag of  psychopathic behavior.

George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language and Facial Leaks on Today Show Reveal They May Believe Casey Killed Caylee But Cindy Still Spins Blame On Others
August 13, 2010

The above photo reveals  Cindy and George Anthony’s  body language and facial expressions  as  their immediate response to the question by NBC reporter Carey Sanders “Does that mean that you have considered the possibility that your daughter Casey killed Caylee? That Casey killed Caylee?”


Even though they talk the talk and try to defend  their daughter Case , body language wise  George and Cindy Anthony are not walking the walk . Both George and Cindy Anthony’s facial  expressions appeared to  leak out the truth  about how they  really feel  about Casey murdering Caylee when they were asked  blunt and to the core questions by NBC’s  Carey Sanders.

George’s resigned bowed head and Cindy’s shut eyes and pursed lips say that they most  likely may  know the truth deep down as to what Casey may have done to Caylee.

When George  stammers I don’t I don’t  want to believe that my daughter hurt her daughter and then  takes a big sigh and he looks as if he is about to cry as he looks in Cindy’s direction, to me it says it all. It says that he feels the pain as he knows very well what may have happened to Caylee.

But before George showed signals of  being genuine and knowing the truth, George showed signals of deception. He said   I want my daughter home . That would be would be great to have my daughter home. But  what is very  telling this in his statement, is he made this statement as if he was asking  a question with upward inflection at the end of the statement.

Facial language wise as you can see, his eyes are opened wide and eyebrows raised and his head is  cocked as though he was questioning his own statement.

George  knows very well Casey will never come home just like Caylee will never come home.When he says that it would be great to have his daughter home, he says it devoid of emotion and in a flat monotone. This is further evidence to me that he in no way thinks it would be  great to have his daughter home.

Even more telling is his signal of deception- the tell tale shoulder shrug. As he says That would be great to have my daughter home, you see George  immediately shrugs his shoulder. This  indicates the opposite of his statement that it would be great to have his daughter home. His body language is revealing his true feelings about Casey.  He clearly doesn’t want a daughter home who accused him of sexually molesting her.

Then, he  quickly  transitions to another thought which seems to be more realistic as he speaks the truth.  He  he bows his head down and in contrast to his previous statement  makes an emphatic statement  by saying in a rich tone ” “ But then again, we want to see this through”

George then lifts his head and in a confident tone says We’ve always wanted to find out what happened to Caylee, no matter where the road or the path takes us,”

George clearly knows what” path it will take us”. It will take us on the path of finding out that Casey may have very well murdered his beloved granddaughter which will take Casey on the path to life imprisonment or lethal injection.


To me, the above photo says it all. George contorts his mouth in an angry jaw projection while pursing his lips at the same time. This indicates that he is angry and can’t say anything else as he looks at Cindy with an angry furrowed brow as he knows what she is about to say is complete spin. He clearly does not believe what is about to come out of  Cindy’s mouth  and  his disdain has clearly leaked out in his in his facial expression.

When a person can’t give you direct eye contact, it shows that they have something to hide or they don;t believe what they are saying. Cindy looks down as she begins her spin to protect Casey.

I am  convinced  she is doing all of this spin  because of the immense guilt she must feel for her role in all of this. Remember it was Cindy who told Casey that she would throw her out keep Caylee.  That is no doubt what  must have sent sent Casey over the edge .  Cindy  no doubt knows that if she wouldn’t have been the catalyst for this,  Caylee might still be alive.

She  also no doubt, feels guilt over their awful relationship. When your own daughter is afraid to tell you she is pregnant and when she cannot tell you that her own daughter is missing or that something happened to her without your having to punch a pillow or choke her like Cindy allegedly did with Casey,then something is terribly wrong. Cindy clearly knows this and hence the spin.

So to assuage her guilt, she spins and spins and spins. Even though her words says one thing, her vocal tone, cadence,inflection or lack of it, and body language and facial expression say what she is really thinking.

She begins with “It’s a fine line here “because the prosecution is attacking Casey. They’re supposed to be doing justice for Caylee. That’s why I’m so emphatic that they need to look at every little thing.”

Her wide eyed wild look shows her desperation. It is her attempt to reach out and blame like she tried to do since the beginning in her attempts to throw innocent  people under the bus like  Amy Huizenga, Jesse Grund,  and a fictitious Zanaida Gonzalez .

Then Carey Sanders bluntly replies” They say every little thing points back to your daughter.”

Cindy was  not expecting that question  as her vocal muscles tighten up. She  doesn’t  know what to say to that. So she creaks out tones that are known as glottal frys where she is unable to speak with vocal fluidity. She also speak very slowly and very deliberately in an attempt to gather her thoughts as she spins.

Her body language and facial expression indicate that she is taken aback, She cannot make eye contact as she initially  pulls her head back and looks down. She continues to look down and mouth words and repeat herself as she spins her tale about there being no fibers or no hair. As she said the world “hair”  you really hear the glottal fry or creak in her voice.  When you hear that consistent glottal it is often an indication of deception where the person knows what they are saying is not the case at all.

Cindy sounds like a junior detective talking about hair fibers,  lack of evidence, DNA and fingerprints as she looks down as she mentions each of these words. She knows what the biggest evidence is- the duct tape but doesn’t mention that.

She speaks slowly and deliberately  as she is on unfamiliar territory and you can actually see her formulating her spin in her mind as it comes out of her mouth full of glottal frys. Perhaps Brad Conway  or someone else  coached her  on what to say in order to raise the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Casey.

But the real question is why is Cindy going on the air and pleading her case in the media?  Shouldn’t that be done in the courtroom?

Montana Fishburne’s Body Language Show’s She’s Enjoying Getting Back At Oscar Nominated Daddy Laurence Fishburne For Igoring Her
August 13, 2010

When you look at the above photo of  Lawrence Fishburne and his daughter Montana back at a Martin Luther King event  in  2006 when she was around 15, you can see that Lawrence is not paying much attention to his daughter. She doesn’t look that thrilled in this photo either,  as she looks down. There doesn’t appear to be that much of a connection between father and daughter.

Then on closer examination of the two at the same event, you can see how she appears to be looking at her father for some attention or some recognition or some acknowledgment.His shoulder is out  in front of her and she is in the background in her father’s shadows. If he took his daughter out to his event, you,would think he might smile a bit, look over  at his daughter, embrace her,  or show her off a bit as a proud father.

While no one knows for sure what the relationship was between father and daughter while Montana was  growing up,  perhaps these photos captured the essence of their relationship- distant.

If this type of  energy was captured in a photo four years ago, it makes you wonder how much attention Laurence paid  to his daughter in her early life.

If  he was  distant to her or ignored her, is that why she is now coming out as a porn star? Is it to get back at daddy and finally get his attention by publicly embarrassing him for all the  times he didn’t pay any attention to her?

After looking at her body language during her interview with E!’s Guiliana Ransik, it was clear that she was getting some enjoyment at rattling  the cage and finally getting her Oscar nominee and well respected actor father  to notice her.

Apparently, her father was said to be so rattled by his daughter’s porn debut, that it was reported that he unsuccessfully  attempted to but up all the videos of his daughter from the production company, Vivid Entertainment.

When Guiliana asks Montana is her father was upset with her, she lets out a lough laugh and a shows a huge genuine smile, complete with raised cheeks, squinted eyes and lots of teeth, She is clearly thrilled that she made such an impact on her father to the point that he got upset. The fact that he actually showed emotion towards her no doubt thrilled her.

You can then see a big smile on her face as she says that it is hard for any ” any dad to see his daughter like that.” He smile shows that she is no doubt pleased at this.


In this photo Montana relays that she has had communication with her father but not about her porn video. As you can see she back away and does a shoulder shrug.

This is often  indicative of someone who may not be telling all or telling the truth. She also raised her eyebrows and purses her lips at the same time which indicates that she doesn’t want to say more because most likely she knows what she said is not the case.

It is hard to believe that a father who tried to buy up all of his daughters porn videos would not have a few words with her about the subject. If they communicated, it would have most likely been before he knew about her upcoming porn  career. If they did communicate after he knew about the porn video, I am sure they did not just  discuss  the weather. Frankly, I imagine he was so upset with her that I  doubt they communicated at all.

Then the truth comes out as Montana admits that she and her father are not on speaking terms. You can see that she suddenly has a serious facial demeanor. She backs away and  also turns her shoulder away which may indicate her  upset  at the situation.

Then Montana gets more serious as she says that the reason he is upset about her actions is because it is his reputation and that they are linked together. As she says this you can she lens forward and  that her shoulders are rounded and her  head is bowed and she looks up as she speaks.

This is a signal indicating embarrassment. It is a kind of sheepishness as deep down she knows she has caused her father embarrassment. She in  turn, feels  a bit embarrassed  herself in that she created this embarrassment for him . She knows her power of being linked together as father and daughter and used it in an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

In an interview with TMZ, she said

I heard that he’s mad at me, but I haven’t spoken to him yet,”I feel pretty confident that I can work things out with him. I think he wants to support me in everything I do, and though he sees this now as a negative, I believe in time he will view it as a positive.” .

She can dream on. Laurence will never support her action  after she appeared in a hardcore pornographic video with the tagline “An A-List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut.” How could this man who has worked so hard hos entire live to develop such a stellar reputation in show business, ever see his daughter’s move as positive?


In my view based on Montana’s comments and actions indicate that she may be  self entitled and expect things to be handed to her. She said that she was  eager to break into Hollywood and become a star like dad, but doesn’t realize that to become a star like her dad takes a lot of work and a lot of paying her dues something she was not willing to do.

Perhaps she expected dad’s help to get into show business and he ignored her .  Perhaps he told her  to find another profession. Perhaps he told her that she needed to do the work and pay her dues like taking acting classes and  starting off in smaller roles and working her way up. Whatever the case, she decided to capitalize on his good name and go into show business anyway.

She took the fasted route towards fame and notoriety BY taking off her clothes. She saw others do is so she thought, “Why not?”


In fact she looked at  Kim Kardashian as  a role model in terms of how to make a name for herself. But what she didn’t  get is that Kim did not intentionally release a porn tape. It was allegedly leaked and she as a reluctant porn star, not a willing one like Montana. She naively says:

“I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape,”I’m hoping the same magic will work for me. I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started on it.”

This statement clearly shows how misguided  her thinking appears to be. The only reason Kim Kardashian made it is because of her dealings with Ryan Seacrest and having her own reality show with her sisters and her family. Unless Ryan Seacrest or anyone else offers her a reality show, then she is going nowhere. For many, it might be a curiosity at  first it to see Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter having X rated sex, but after that,  unless she has  unique and special talents and skills, she is just one of the many porn stars who will come and go.


Montana’s father isn’t the only man who’s attention Montana was trying to get.  Currently she is being investigated for allegedly roughing up her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend.

In fact she was was arrested in February and accused of breaking into the woman’s home. Forced her into the bathroom and repeatedly bet her. Even though she  pleaded not guilty to simple battery and false imprisonment,she  may be facing on additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing.

Apparently this is a very troubled young lady. We will never know  how she became so troubled. We will never know whether she felt neglected or unloved by her father while growing up or whether she was spoiled and over indulged. The bottom line is that she needs to get her father issues  sorted out if she wants live a healthy and productive life with self respect.


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