Obama’s Body Language on The View Showed Humor, No Signals of Deception Saying He Never Heard of Snooki, And Anger When Questioned About Mel Gibson



Before President Obama went on the View there was a lot of controversy over whether or not he  should have appeared on the View. Hard core journalists said no way while White House advisors thought this was a great way of reaching women voters. 

As it turned out the hard core journalists were right. It was a very  bad idea.  The questions he was asked about Snooki did not put him in a good light . Besides making him look like he lied  (which he did not based on his body language analysis) it  may have uncovered another can of worms with regard to his speech making and teleprompter reading. The  President did not have to endure the discomfort level  which resulted in a  flash of anger after  he was inappropriately  asked about Mel Gibson.    


The inconsistency  of saying he never heard of Snooki when he mentioned Snooki’s name  in a White House Press Correspondents Dinner  three months earlier made him look like a liar. 

The Drudge Report  headline even read Obama lies about not knowing who Snooki is?   

No one likes a liar,especially in their President or world leader. It diminishes the public trust. 

to tell the world “I am not a crook” when that was exactly what he was.had the audacityLook at what happened to other President’s who lied. Richard Nixon was one of the most detested Presidents after he




President Clinton lost even more respect for looking directly into the television camera lens and lying that he did not have an affair with that woman- Ms. Lewinsky when in fact, he did. 

On the other hand, we all know what happened to our first President George Washington who said ”I cannot tell a lie.” His inspirational story of being honest and admitting he chopped down the cherry tree is a large part of our Americana. 

The moral of this story is that we love President who tell us the truth and don’t love those who lie. 



After careful analysis of Obama’s  body language, I do not believe that the President lied. 

Instead, he played along with the Q and A that Joy Behar was throwing at him. After she asked if  Snookie should run for mayor of Waisilla and Obama heard the audience roar of laughter, he realized that in order to be likeable and affable, it was a cue for  him to go along with the joke. He actually  didn’t even realize  what he was laughing at. He simply knew that the audience thought something as funny, so he went along with it as a way of showing his good nature. 

Body language wise, he  really got into it . He even went as   far as tossing his head back and giving  closed eyed  laugh. A closed eye laugh is significant as it not always a genuine laugh. 


Suddenly his facial expression changed from over the top open mouth laughter to a less  laughing mouth  as he leans over to Joy and even lens his shoulder into her and  says  “ I don’t know who Snooki is.” When some one leans into you they tend to be more serious and candid with you and are often telling you the truth, This is even more true if the shoulder is directed towards you as you see in the above photo.  

Obama’s comment  got an even bigger laugh as the audience construed that he was kidding. They probably expected him to add and “I’m just kidding.”   But he wasn’t kidding. His facial expression showed that he was a bit more serious. He really didn’t know who Snooki was based on his facial expression as well as the slight pitch break in his voice pattern. That showed that he was indeed telling the truth. 


When Obama gave his speech at the White House Press Correspondent’s dinner three month earlier in May 2010, he  didn’t know who Snooki was then either. 


Here you see the President looking down as he read from his notes   which  one of his speech writers obviously wrote for him. Without any facial animation, smiling, or vocalizations, which one would expect if they were in on the joke and really knew the characters about whom they were joking, Obama blandly reads   “The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and House minority leader John Boehner.’” 

You can hear a slight chuckle in his voice when he says  the name John Boehner, whom he obviously knows. But when  he read the names  Snooki, JWOWW and the Situation, he is expressionless and  chuckleless. 


When he heard the audience laugh, he merely picked up his head and looked at the audience blankly, without a smile which further indicated that he had no clue  about those who’s names he just read from his notes. If he knew who they were you would have seen a slight smile or even a big smile, depending on what he thought about the Jersey Shore characters. 

So when we heard him on the View with his pitched raised saying  “I have to admit I don’t know who Snooki is
with a less hearty smile as he leans in towards Joy with and his head slightly tilted, this is a body language tell of  uncertainly. Obama is really uncertain  about who or what Snooki is. He is telling the truth. 


So now that we know he wasn’t lying. But there is   another problem that has surfaced. The inconsistency made him look  bad in another way. 

For some, it made him look puppet-like who was just mouthing words others wrote for him while he casually reads those words off of a teleprompter. 

 If he has no clue about who  Snooki is and yet can make a  joke about her in a speech written by a nameless  speechwriter, several question may  arise for many.  The questions are “What  other things has Obama said  in his speeches about which he has no clue ? Does he really know everything he reads off the teleprompter or are they just empty words?  

When he gave the speech about the oil crisis which  many felt was too little too late,  he seemed to just be reading the words off of a screen. They seemed empty and emotionless. In fact he got a lot of flak for his lack of emotion and flat affect. 

 His reaction was inappropriate considering the crisis situation. Even his staunchest supporters like Spike Lee spoke up and encouraged him to “go off”  and show people that he was upset as they were about the situation. 

After the revelation that Obama may not know what is contained in all of his speeches, it may make a lot of people question rif he is simply reading words. That certainly is not confidence building . One wants their leader to really know what is going on in every Situation ( no pun intended) , especially if they are relaying information to their citizens. 

Whether it is about Snooki or the Sitiuation, the oil spill, Iran, or Afghanistan, we need to know that the President thoroughly knows every topic and every player whenever he speaks to the public. 


The  Snooki embarrassment which made him look bad wasn’t the only negative thing that  came from his horrible decision to have the President  appear on the View. 

His advisors needed to make sure what questions would be asked ahead of time. They need to let the  producers of the View now that there were certain questions which were off limits like asking him about Mel Gibson. 


I believe that it was completely inappropriate to ask a sitting President. President Obama thought that it was inappropriate as well , At first you could see his level of discomfort  with his lip licking and tongue biting. That meant he didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t his place  and he know it. 

But Joy pursued it so he felt stuck between a rock and a hard place and he was getting angry. He turned his head to th direction of Barbara Walters for help. But surprisingly she did not intercede. 


As soon as he realized that he ws on his own, a flash on anger appeared on his face and rightfully so. 

Immediately fun time  and trying to be agreeable, likeable and affable was over for him and he was mad that he was injected into this horrible fiasco concerning Mel.  The level of discomfort clearly continued in the tension exhibited throughout  the President’s  body language. 

I give Obama a lot of points for his quick minded thinking as he attempted to untangle himself from the uncomfortable experience. With a serious face, he said how he had not seen a lot of Mel Gibson movies lately. He tried  graciously to defuse the situation by going off topic on to a tangent  by bringing up Mel’s movies and then with a tinge of humor adding “Ask me about Afghanistan.” It  clearly showed  his skills in diplomacy. 


Besides showing how graciously the President took control to thwart an ungracious topic like Mel Gibson, the good news about the President’s appearance on the show was that he did look more relaxed and less robotic than we usually see him. 

He looked like the warm likeable guy everyone feel in love with before the election. He seemed easy going and very genuine. 

But he should have never been put into a situation where he was asked inappropriate and embarrassing questions that he had no business answering like the Mel Gibson issue. I am sure that if he ever does the View again or anything like it, all questions will be screened ahead of time. After all, as a politician, why voluntarily put yourself in a position to go on television if you don’t come away looking and sounding good and having more people respect  you than they did before? www.drlillianglass. com


6 thoughts on “Obama’s Body Language on The View Showed Humor, No Signals of Deception Saying He Never Heard of Snooki, And Anger When Questioned About Mel Gibson

  1. Your rundown is interesting. However, you must not know much about Obama and his interviews. Every single question that was asked was on a piece of paper and every single one of them was okayed by Obama people beforehand.

    Why didn’t your evaluation involve his answer to the Chelsea Clinton wedding invite question?

    And in the end – it was a sitting president yukking it up with a bunch of women on a daytime talk show to get his poll numbers up.


  2. It is obvious that you are not a fan of President Obama from the negative take on things that you write about him in this and past blogs.

    He is not the last president and he is not the next president. He is just his own person and doing things that he likes to do in his own way. He was relaxed and he enjoyed talking to these very bright, articulate ladies.


    1. Anna:
      It’s obvious that you completely misread my blog and have your own agenda going on. The blog was objective and at the same time, it just happened to be complimentary to Obama . While the press has accused him of being a liar with Snookigate, I said that in he was indeed telling the truth based on his body language. I indicated his tells showed he was not familiar with her. I also brought up his body language discomfort re Mel Gibson as he did not want to go there.

      This is NOT a political blog and I do NOT voice my political opinions on them. I am a body language expert and I report what I see and hear and observe.

      So please read what is written and don’t make assumptions about whether or not I am a fan of Obama. I so not have a political agenda when it comes to body language analyses.


  3. I did not see any political opinions in what you wrote, but do you really think that people do not pick up on how you feel about the people that you write about? That is not a negative or positive comment about you, just an observation. I think that we can get a good idea of what you think about the people that you right about.


    1. I write about what I observe. There are a lot of people whom I may like very much. However this does not influence me in terms of my observations. I report what I see and what I hear based on my experience in body language and communicaiton analysis.


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