Marsha Petrie Sue’s Word for Word Copying Exposed in Lawsuit Involving Book with Same Title As Dr. Lillian Glass’ Original 1995 Best Seller- Toxic People

I often listen to my favorite radio show, National Public Radio’s (NPR) This American Life”, hosted by Ira Glass. This time, one of the show’s producer’s, Sarah Koenig, hosted the show about her brilliant 88 year old father Julian Koenig, a pioneer legend in the advertising industry.

The show was called  Think Small: Julian Koenig v. George Lois. ” You can click here is you want to listen to the entire show


But in a nutshell,  the show  was about  Julian Koenig being ripped off  by a colleague named George Lois, who took  credit for Julian’s creative ideas like the classic Volkswagen add “Think Small” and countless others.

George Lois even allegedly stole a personal experience that Julian Koenig had with Muhammed Ali, where Julian convinced the great boxer to pose as a pin cushion for a specific photo shoot. Apparently, George Lois wasn’t even present at the photo shoot, according to Julian Koenig.

As Julian Koening relayed these alleged egregious acts of George Lois I could hear the pain still present  in his voice for incidents which took place over  forty years ago.

Julian got some emotional relief by placing an ad in Adweek (which unfortunately he had to pay for) accusing George Lois of being “the greatest predator” of his work. The NPR radio show and podcast also helped him to gain back his dignity, which was made possible by the fact that his daughter Sarah Koening, is one of the show’s producers.



When I heard the emotional pain in 88 year old Julian’s voice, I was deeply touched to the bone. I  shared Julian’s pain as the same thing essentially happened to me.

The only difference is that Julian did not pursue legal channels as I am doing against a woman named Marsha Petrie Sue, a motivational speaker who did word for word copying of my work and called her book the same title as my book, TOXIC PEOPLE, which I wrote in 1995.

She had gone around the country giving lectures called Toxic People as well. I am now  suing her for copyright infringement for her word for word copying in my He Says She Says book which she placed in her version of Toxic People    in hopes that justice will be served.

I was so deeply moved by the NPR broadcast  that I wrote Julian Koenig’s NPR producer daughter the following letter that I wanted to share with you in this blog:


Dear Sarah

My name is Dr. Lillian Glass ( Yesterday I heard the fantastic interview you did on NPR about your brilliant 88 year old father Julien Koenig, a genius and pioneer  in the advertising world and how his partner George Lois tried to take credit for your father’s original work with regard to the creative advertising campaigns your father originated.

I think what you have done for your father in presenting this information publicly is the biggest gift you could have given to this great man. It should be very healing for him to know that the truth has now been exposed to the world.

I want both you and your father to know that your father’s story touched me very deeply on a very personal level.

After hearing the emotional pain in your father’s voice as he spoke of the despicable act of someone trying to take credit for his work and representing themselves as the creator of your father’s branding, I became even more motivated in my own fight for justice in a similar situation with an author who has taken word for word copying of one of my books and put that exact word for word copying in her version of a book,  which she also   called by the same name as my  book,  Toxic People.

Like your father, I have worked hard all of my life. In 1995 I wrote a book called Toxic People and gave lectures on the topic throughout the world. A few years ago a Marsha Petrie Sue not only wrote a book called Toxic People but she did word for word copying of my work and has put herself out there as the author of Toxic People, causing  what I believe is considerable confusion with my brand.  Needless to say, I am involved in a lawsuit against Marsha Petrie Sue for copyright infringement .

I have had my doubts about going forward, but I always return to the conclusion: how can I look myself in the mirror if I don’t at least get a court to say whether this is or is not actionable copying?

As I venture forth in my own pursuit of justice, it will be your father’s voice that will help propel me forward. I will never forget the pain I heard in his voice as he discussed the egregious acts of George Lois.

I will keep your voice in my mind as well as someone who exposed the injustice and copyright infringement .

People who take credit for other’s work and do word for word copying of their materials must be exposed for the frauds they are.

I am only sorry that your father did not pursue his grievance against Mr. Lois through the legal system in order to achieve justice and closure.

But the fact that you have exposed this case around the world should bring your father peace of mind as he has definitely achieved  justice in the court of public opinion.

Thank you again for your brilliant expose and God Bless your father.
Dr.  Lillian Glass


As I essentially stated in this letter to Sarah Koenig, how could I live with myself and not look myself in the mirror if I did not fight for myself and what I have worked for my entire life? What would that say about me as a human being and about my self worth and my self respect?

I cannot allow what  happened to Julian Koenig over the past 40 years to happen to me. I cannot allow the pain about the  injustice  to fester within me for years  without resolution. As Julian Koening made reference to his “intellectual predator,   I am seeking legal action against my own  “intellectual predatorMarsha Petrie Sue.

Let Julian Koenig’s plight be a lesson to us all. Let us not keep things in when we believe injustice has been done to us in any way. Instead, let us speak up and act immediately so it doesn’t have to fester inside of us for decades.


9 thoughts on “Marsha Petrie Sue’s Word for Word Copying Exposed in Lawsuit Involving Book with Same Title As Dr. Lillian Glass’ Original 1995 Best Seller- Toxic People

  1. Dear Lillian,

    It saddens me to see the kind of theft you wrote of. I am also a writer and know the perils of publishing and the hard work that goes into writing a book. It is tedious and difficult to get an audience with the industry. (Especially these days.) However, even Mario Puzo’s famous “Godfather” was rejected 125 times back in the 80’s.Many authors made money by writing books about writing books. 🙂 But honestly, getting published is a seriously difficult process and often a heartbreaking one.

    When someone says, “Oh, you should write a book” I laugh and say, Hmmm, they don’t know how hard that is. If it were as easy as simply writing the book, how nice that would be. Some books take years to complete. I’ve done editing and reediting for up to 12 hours at a sitting. Sleep deprivation, and being obsessed with one paragraph is not unusual.

    I am sensitive to the hurt you spoke of regarding the theft of your work, including the politics involved in lawsuits such as yours. Though I am aware that you are protected by copyright, there are vultures we call attorneys that can get a piece of your labors.

    I’m sorry this happened to you and hope you will get it resolved (I’m sure you will) and the only advice I can give you is to continue to use your media vehicle to get from point A to point B.

    Good luck and keep us posted on the story.
    Best Regards,


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your empathy as a fellow writer. To a writer , someone’s copying your work and claiming it as theirs is the same as someone going into your home and taking your belongings and claiming them as theirs.


  2. “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.”
    ~Anais Nin

    So true… and you do that well Lillian. Sometimes you knock me off my chair with your words. Stay strong, the truth wins. Always.


  3. Hello Dr. Glass.

    I am an author of poetry.
    I use to visit some online message forums on msn a long time ago.

    One was a debate forum. But I was sharing at one time about a poem I had written “Confession of a shy woman.” I was so excited because I won a golden cup for that poem. So wanted to do a little bragging RIGHT? I copied the poem for all to see.

    Well the owner of this forum was a professor at a college. He informed me the day before a girl in his class stood up to read “her” poem called “Confession of a shy woman.” IT WAS WORD FOR WORD.

    I was so embarrassed and was questioned to no end about my poem. The pains I had to go through to prove that poem was mine, when I wrote it and my copyright paperwork.

    After awhile it was finally cleared up. But what I did ask of him at that time. (because it was just how I felt) I asked him to confront her in private as to not embarrass her in her class.

    I pray you get the justice you deserve for the wonderful work you do. It’s sad that people try to take credit for others hard work.
    Wishing you all the best and keep a positive attitude. HUGS!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and my readers. This has been a very huge financial commitment as well as emotional commitment in sticking up for myself against Marsha Petrie Sue But for my own dignity as a human being I have to fight back and not allow anyone to do what MArsha Petrie Sue has done with her word for word copying .


  4. Good for you, Dr. Lillian! Actually, I would expect nothing less from you. Even though it is currently a huge time and financial burden, it is essential that you get justice through the courts. I really appreciate that you have shared this with your bloggers, so we can celebrate with you once this fraud is exposed and legally sanctioned. I enjoyed the podcast very much and see why you were so deeply touched. All the best to you 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing that as these people who word for word copy your work or who try and take ferom you what you have worked your whole life to achieve need to be exposed . That is why I have exposed Marsha Petrie Sue for what I consider to be an egregious act.


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