George Anthony Stops Depositing Money Into Casey’s Commissary Account. Angry About Sexual Molestation Accusations And Angrier About His Investigation By Defense. Are Lee and Cindy Next?


George can’t use the “I don’t have money” excuse as to why Casey may now go tamponless, cookieless, or shampooless. Apparently it has been documented that even though George hasn’t made a 785 dollar mortgage payment since April of 2009 and his home is in foreclosure, he has still managed to cough up hundreds of dollars on a regular basis to place into Casey’s commissary account.

But now all of that commissary money that should have been used for mortgage payments has come  to a complete stop. Why?  It is because George is no doubt furious at Casey and this is his way of punishing her and showing her how angry he is at her.

Just by this action alone, you can see where Casey learned about irresponsibility and not doing the right thing in terms of priorities and paying your bills. The more and more we learn about the Anthony’s and how they raised, or shall I say didn’t raise Casey, the more we see why she turned out the way she is. She had no boundaries and was completely enabled by both her parents.


I always wondered why George  seemed to kowtowed to Casey. You could hear it in his voice in  the jailhouse tapes where he spoke to her like he was speaking to her with kid gloves. I always wondered why she was able to run him like she did and speak to him so disrespectfully.

When he asked her questions about missing Caylee and the car, she even said to him to act like a father for the first time in his life and not like a cop.

Now that her allegations of sexual abuse have surfaced, if they are true, perhaps that explains why George  always seemed to walk on eggshells around her.

Did he do that in order to not upset her so that she would never  reveal the possible ugly family secret of sexual molestation if it was true? 

  Did George allow that disrespect and did he  bend over backwards in order  to assuage any guilt that he  perhaps  may have felt for the actions of which she allegedly accused him?

Did her comment act like a father” have a deeper meaning, now that we know of her accusations?


George cannot be too happy now that he knows now being investigated by the defense. They  no doubt want to explore Casey’s accusations about sexual abuse even further.  Perhaps they are tying to impeach George  over this allegations that he made against her. That may be why they want to make whatever he says about Casey not sound credible.

Perhaps they can now use  sex abuse as part of their defense to spare Casey the lethal needle. Perhaps they will say   that  since George allegedly  molested Casey and that Casey, in her disturbed mind,  killed Caylee to spare her daughter the  horrors of what  George might do to her as he had allegedly done to Casey in past. Perhaps she may even accuse George of having sexually molested Caylee as well . If she does that, his comment about  missing “the smell of Caylee’s sweat” may definitely come back to haunt him.

Perhaps they may even insinuate that George may have has something to so with Caylee’s death. Maybe they will say that he was the one who moved the body.

By the way remember when Cindy was shooting off her mouth and calling  Sargeant Allen on her own and left a message that   that Casey had help in moving he body.Was that someone George or was it Lee or was it Cindy? Will the defense try to say that it was one of those three who moved the body and obstructed justice?  

Will George be questioned as to why he and Cindy wanted an immunity deal early on? Will George be questioned about what River Cruz reported that George told her- that Caylee’s death was an accident gone bad?  Will they show that George knew Caylee was dead all along while he sent law enforcement and concerned citizens on a wild goose chase?

Maybe they will try to say that George was so mentally unstable, that he could have taken Caylee from Zanny the Nanny’s house  and sxcually molested and  killed Caylee himself. Maybe they will show that the duct tape was his and came from his home.  After all, they may tell jurors,  this is a man who tried to kill himself.

Maybe they will question him to death about why he personally never searched for little Caylee? Will they ask him if he already knew she was dead?

If all of this sounds far fetched, it’s not as far as the defense is concerned. Jose and Cheney will  do everything possible  to try and create reasonable doubt in order  to save Casey’s life.


If the defense is going to investigate George, then  why not do the same with Lee?  After all Casey accused Lee of sexually molesting her on two occasions.  She told it to  former fiance ,Jesse Grund who in turn shared it with law enforcement and she told it to her jailhouse pal.

 Was it Lee who Cindy was referring to, when she told Sergeant Allen on the taped message  that Casey had help in moving the body?

Is the reason that Lee has not shown up in court for Casey for all these years due to the fact  that he may possibly have something to hide?

And what was all the CMA  screaming passion about during Caylee’s memorial service? Who was  his CMA directed at? Surely the defense will grill him on that they delve deeper into his relationship with his sister.


If the defense is so intent on investigating George, then why not go after Cindy as well? Why not show how volatile her relationship was with her daughter?

 Perhaps they may say  that Casey killed Caylee because she was pushed to the wall emotionally by Cindy. After all,  they may  reveal that Casey was so scared of Cindy that she didn’t even tell her mother that she was pregnant until she was long into her pregnancy.

 They may go on to say that Casey was so afraid of Cindy’s wrath that she couldn’t share with her own mother that she dropped out of school, got fired from her job.

They may try to show that Cindy was the one who took control  of  Caylee as she was the first to hold Caylee. Perhaps they will say that  Cindy wouldn’t allow Casey to bond with the baby and that was why she didn’t have any maternal feelings towards Caylee Perhaps they may try to show  that Cindy  tried to create a wedge Casey and Caylee and tried to instill feelings of jealousy and worthlessness in Casey.

They may even try to show  how it was  Cindy who wouldn’t let Casey name her own baby and how Cindy  most likely came up with the name for the child herself   Caylee- a combination of Cindy’s two children Casey and Lee. Perhaps they will show how Cindy  saw Caylee as her third child and refused to acknowledge  her as   Casey’s child. After all they may say, Cindy clothed and fed her  and paid for her medical expenses, so she may have seen Caylee  her as her own baby, rather than Caylee’s baby.

 Maybe they will show how Cindy continued to torment Casey to  make her feel inadequate and how she may have  created  jealous a situation to make Casey jealous of the attention she was giving to  Caylee. Perhaps they will show that Cindy continually made Casey feel inadequate like a bad mother so Casey acted out her bad mother role and partied hearty.

Perhaps they will s try to show that Cindy may have actually encouraged Casey to be out of the house and away from Casey so that Cindy could act more freely and without disturbance  in her  self appointed role of Caylee’s mother.  Perhaps they will try to show that Cindy didn’t care  if Casey came home late or early in the morning or spent all night ou at someone else’s house.

Perhaps they grill Cindy about her  tumultuous  relationship with Casey . Maye they will try to  show that it was the last straw for Casey when Cindy threatened Casey’s  already low and damaged esteem by saying that she would throw Casey out and keep Caylee.

Perhaps the defense will say that it was Cindy’s actions that made Casey feel so threatened that she did away with Caylee to punish her mother without thinking of the consequences.

Perhaps they will say that Casey’s death was an accident but Casey feared Cindy’s wrath so much that she didn’t tell her for 31 days. They may also say that Casey was so petrified  of her mother that  she still wouldn’t come clean until her brother Lee tried to pry what happened to Caylee out of her.

Perhaps they will say how Casey was a victim of violence,  since it was documented that Cindy punched the bed and allegedly tried to choke Casey.  

In any event they will try to make Casey out to be the poor little helpless victim while Cindy looks like the bad mean horrible monster.

They may also bring up Cindy’s faux pas where she spoke of the woods to reporters when Caylee’s little body was yet to be found.

They may even accuse Cindy of helping to move Caylee’s  body. After all Cindy seemed so sure in her call to Sargeant Allen that someone helped Casey and she didn’t move the body alone.

They may even ask her why she attempted to throw innocent people like Amy Huizinga and Jesse Grund and others under the bus? Was it because she was feeling so guilty and wanted to wash her own hands of any guilt she felt?

And finally they will ask Cindy why she asked for immunity? Did she know something happened before it did? Will they try to create further reasonable doubt by saying that her changing her claim from smelling a dead body to Caylee still being alive even when bones were found as indication of something she knows or was hiding ? Will they continue to grill her about who moved the body?


I have no doubt that Jose Baez will do absolutely everything possible to spare Casey a very premature and uncomfortable death. He knows she will most likely be locked up for life and that is why he is trying to now focus on the next phase of the trial  so she doesn’t die by lethal injection.

 That is why he will most likely do everything to explain away Caylee’s death and why, George, Cindy or Lee  or all three pf them drove Casey  to do it.

Overly confident Cheney Mason will have to do something that no doubt galls him. He will have to eat the  words he initially spoke where he said  he would walk out of jail arm and arm with Casey as a free woman.

 No doubt that is what he  strongly believed  before he saw how dismal the case really was as sunk his teeth into it. No doubt after meeting Casey up close and personal he had a change of heart.  


For those of you who are concerned about Casey’s  not being able to buy goodies behind bars, because her family has cut off her commissary funds, don’t worry. Casey will be well taken care of by others.

There are a lot of men  out there who obviously agree with  George and Cindy’s  physical assessment pf their “beautiful” daughter. These are also men who feel the intense  need to help out  a damsel in distress.

Thus, as records have shown, they have deposited money in Casey’s commissary account so she will still be able to ingest flour tortillas, jalapeno nacho chips, hot peanuts, chocolate chip granola bars cheese crackers, cocoa butter cream cookies and other culinary delights that were listed on her commissary purchase report. Maybe that is why George, in one of his jailhouse letters to her warned her about her  getting fat  behind bars.

Based on her bleeding heart off balance male fans who say they want to date  and even marry her, Casey doesn’t appear to have to worry about going  tamponless,  shampooless or conditionerless.

 She will always look her best as she continues to groom herself both in and out of the courtroom. She will also never go penless or paperless so she can always write to  her suitors to ask then to put even more money into her account.


16 thoughts on “George Anthony Stops Depositing Money Into Casey’s Commissary Account. Angry About Sexual Molestation Accusations And Angrier About His Investigation By Defense. Are Lee and Cindy Next?

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass.

    I never thought George would be investigated. He was the one who kept going back to law enforcement with this terrible gut feeling on the smell of death from the pontiac. He had to excuse himself at one point to vomit. He testified at the Grand Jury hearing which basically got Inmate Anthony indicted for murder 1…if anyone, I thought Cindy. Seems there is a love/hate relationship between these two woman, contemptuous relationship. Seems they both compete with each other. It was Cindy who Inmate Anthony claimed was dominating her converstations when the parents would visit in jail. She at one point thought she would be allowed a “secret” meeting and picked George for he was the one she was most disconnected with.
    It’s my opinion once the public was told of this huge arguement on July 15, 2008, which Cindy adamantly claims did not occur, was the catalyst for Caylee’s demise. Cindy became so frustrated with Inmate Anthony, she at one point put her hands around Inamte Anthony’s throat. I’m thinking, this is why Caylee got the brunt of it. Whatever anger/rage Inmate Anthony felt for her mother, Cindy, Caylee was the pawn. She knew how much Cindy loved Caylee, provided everything for this baby, food, clothing, shelter, medical insurance, LOVE, Inmate Anthony needed to remove that happiness from her mother. Besides, as Lee stated Cindy stated many times, Caylee was a mistake, Caylee was Casey’s mistake but she was the best mistake Casey ever made! Seems verbal/mental/emotional abuse ran rampant in this household. Cindy seems to have a vicious tongue, she lashes out when Cindy can’t control a situation or person. I don’t blame Cindy for giving Casey an ultimatim. Straighten up and fly right or I take custody of Caylee…what Cindy could have done was get those custody papers first, then threaten. I remember at one point, Cindy tells the FBI, I know where Casey is and I dont’ care if she spends the rest of her life there (this was when she wasn’t bonded out yet), all I want is MY Caylee back! Well, Caylee came back but not how they wanted her. Inmate Anthony allowed Caylee to lay in the elements for over 6 months while she put everyone on a wild goose chase.
    At this point, I believe, they are trying to save their prisoner daugther from a sentence of death but are going about it all wrong, IMO..I feel they should have told the truth and nothing but the truth and demand that Inmate Anthony come clean, tell what happened to Caylee and beg for mercy/leniency when a guilty verdict is reached. Cindy may get her wish, for Inmate Anthony will certainly get a LWOP sentence. She should never be able to bear another child, ever in this life, again…as always, I only want justice for this precious child, Caylee Marie, now an angel in God’s Heaven…Rest Peacefully Caylee, justice is coming sweetie!

    Remember the stars the moon and the sky, sweetheart! When I look up to the Heavens, I remember, you are there…an Angel on every missing child’s shoulder…

    Justice for Caylee Marie


  2. I have said from early on in this case that, if Casey is the key that fits the lock to the answers, so, too, can George be forced into that lock to appear to provide the answers. He’s in a very bad spot and he obviously lied while he recreated, per Cindy’s prompting in my opinion, the last day he saw Caylee alive. When George “attempted suicide with warm beer,” he brought along a large photo of Casey but not one of Caylee per news reports at the time. A family who keeps secrets are subject to other peoples’ (including the defense, law enforcement and the prosecution) interpretation of those secrets regardless if it’s accurate or not. People lie for reasons known only to them but others insist upon assigning reasons and motivations to those lies. George would do very well to have another secret meeting. This time, not with a comforting woman for manipulation and cash, but with the police and FBI. It’s time for the truth to come out and, if it isn’t George who’s going to do it, then…go on down with the ship and good luck, George, because you’re chained to the anchor!
    If I were him, I’d be thinking my neck was a lot safer in the hands of the police right now rather than with Cindy and Mr. Conway by my side. George needs to talk with police and then get his own lawyer and quickly.


  3. Regardless of whether George abused her or not, it doesn’t excuse her from murdering her little girl. I’ve said all along that if there was something going on with Lee, I’d be willing to bet he didn’t have to force himself on her; that it was probably consentual. Who knows, given Casey’s history, she might even have been the aggressor.


  4. Even if this did happen, as far as the molestion,who would or could believe what Casey says…further more I think it is being used to make it look like poor Casey was so terribly abused and thats why she turned out that way!!!The only thing I can say is there is alot of abused and molested children out there but they dont kill there own children.And I don’t think George molested her either……i think the only thing George and Cindy were guilty of is loving her to much and giving in to her one to many times…Whats a shame is she didn’t love her family as much as they loved her..Even now with everything she has said about them all,they still lie and protect her.Maybe its time they though her under the bus!


  5. Thanks for a great article. The only way child molestation (George versus Casey) will stick in court if mental harm that was done to Casey can be proven in court. A bunch of hawgwash, in my opinion. OHHHHHHHHHH, so sad. I had to commit murder bec my dad did something inappropirate to me. BULLSHIT!!!


    1. With regard to Jose Baez, he and I have many friends in common on Facebook, many of whom are also media commentators and reporters who report about him in the media since he is a celebrity high profile attorney and public figure. Whether or not someone is my facebook friend, I will ALWAYS objectively report what I observe body language and communicaton wise.
      In fact if you go ahead and re-read this blog and others I have written, you will see that I have been very objective about Jose Baez with regard to my observations of his body language and the way in which he comes across publicly. This blog talks about his fidgiting in the courtroom and lip licking. Also FYI Jose Baez and I have only been facebook friends for only a few days.

      I must say that Jose Baez has a Herculean task ahead of him in defending Casey. Jose is not a veteran attorney but has apparently been an attorney for a few years when he was thrust into the limelight to defend someone who I believe is a lying sociopath who took her daughter to get back at a mother Cindy whom she hated. He has to defend someone who very well may have smothered her daughter and put her in the trunk of a car so that she could continue to party.

      I also believe that Jose Baez has done his best for Casey as someone who has to do the awful job of representing this deviant creature. I am sure this is not a job any attorney would welcome.

      Jose has been calm and well spoken and has comported himself very well in dealing with this case. Unlike his colleague Cheney Mason, who resorted to name calling of a reporter, Jose has appeared very professional with reporters, composed and collected.

      I thank you for your inquiry and I can assure you that I will continue to report on what I see objectively when it comes to everyone who is a public figure and in the media.


    1. What you say may very well be the case.But you have to admit that he is doing the best he can and he has consistently shown grace, calm, and control. In fact I would even go further and say that he was doing a great job under the circumstances of not having that much legal experience, not having the support her needs with a large legal team, dealing with the press and most of all having to represent a lying socially deviant person whom most people find deplorable. Even when he finds an impartial jury,my feeling is that Casey will not be likeable to a jury for a number of reasons. I imagine Jose is well aware of that as well and knows he has an uphill battle. He’s doing all he can to save her from the lethal needle which may or may nor work.


  6. Great post about Cindy. Everything you list makes sense and would explain a great many of her actions throughout this situation.


  7. I have always believed that all three members of this sicko family have lied and acted duplicitiously from almost the beginning. (you listed many of these in your fine post) I have always held out hope that criminal charges would one day be filed against them for directly lying to the police. I do believe that Casey deserves the needle. I have felt ambivalent about capital punishment many times in the past decade. This is one case where I have no ambivalence. That dearest baby girl had to have experienced fear and some suffering and her last minutes were horrific.


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