Lindsay Lohan On the Road to Recovery By Keeping Toxic Father Michael Lohan Away


What about Lindsay’s telling  her Michael Lohan  that she doesn’t want to see him,  doesn’t he understand? Michael’s most recent desperate and sickening  PR move is to go to the women’s jail anyway, despite Lindsay’s wishes,  and try to see Lindsay anyway.

But, before she went into the facility, Lindsay has made it perfectly clear that she wants noting to do with this TOXIC MAN .  I strongly believe that his visit to her in jail  can cause her even more emotional damage than already exists.

Michael Lohan knows that Lindsay most likely will not  approve him as a visitor at the jail, so he says via  the press that he’ll reach out to the jail’s chaplain to help broker some kind of meeting.

HOW DARE HIM?  Let’s pray that the  chaplain refuses to meet with him as well.

Michael has done more damage to Lindsay and in my opinion she is in the state she is in, largely because of Michael’s Toxic behavior.

Normally, I believe in healing relationships and in getting people back together. I speak of this in my best-selling book TOXIC PEOPLE and in my new book which will be out in November called TOXIC MEN and can be pre- ordered by clicking here  

But as I say in ,TOXIC MEN  there are some relationships that are NOT able to be healed . There are some relationships that can never work no matter what. There are some relationships that re-stimulate such toxicity that no good can come of it.I belive the relationship between Lindsay and her father is clearly one of those relationships.

In those cases one must UNPLUG for good as Lindsay has done. I believe that only by Lindsay unplugging from her father and working out her issues concerning  him in her lengthy treatment, can she survive in the long run.


To me it is so clear what is going on here.  While part of the rehab process in using a 12 step approach is to make amends and to forgive those in your life, what Michael is doing is unforgivable in my view.

There are certain things you can never forgive no matter what . Michael is clearly  using Lindsay’s fame and notoriety for his own gain . That is unforgivable.

There was no reason to betray Lindsay and reveal tape recorded conversations  between the  two of them with the media. That is unforgivable.

There was no reason for him to show up in court when she wanted him away from her.He said it was under the guise of helping her but he is in essence doing it to bring attention to himself so that he can later  promote  his tv shows and media ventures. That is unforgivable.

There was no reason for him to show up all over the media after Lindsay went to jail, from Larry King live to radar online to TMZ ans shooting his mouth off about  Lindsay. He knows NOTHING about Lindsay. He is not in her inner circle and he is not close to her. All he has done is further alienate and  embarrass  her. That is unforgivable.


When Lindsay Lohan tweeted before she went to jail  that she wanted nothing to do with her father, I believe that  this was the first healthy sign for her. I hope and pray  that as she gets sober and straightens out her life and that  she gets a court order not only  forbidding Michael to come near her but forbidding him from  ever mentioning  her name.

After observing her father’s shenanigans over the years and now observing  the  latest accusation of violence  leveled against him by  his fiancé Kate Major, it is my view that Lindsay’s father may very well be the root of Lindsay’s problems.

 It seems to me that Lindsay has turned all of the  pain she harbors  towards her TOXIC father inward as a large part of her path towards self destruction. He  no doubt has caused her a lot of emotional damage and intense embarrassment. Her anger and rage are largely due to him.  


Everywhere that  Michael goes, trouble seems to follow this convicted felon who went to prison for beating up his ex wife Dina’s brother.

He says he is a born again Christian and has found God. But I think that based on what we have seen from his behavior over these past years, he may have lost God.

A person who has found God and lives a good Christian life, does not pull a Judas on them and tape record their personal  conversations like he did with Lindsay, Dina, his ex girlfriend and fiancé Erin, his ex boy friend Jon Gosselin,and now his ex fiancé Kate Major.

A man who has found God does not act so hateful and  tell someone they have a “fat ass” on national television like Michael Lohan did to one of the Housewives of  Atlanta.

 A man who has found God does not  allegedly kick his fiancé out of a chair or physically harm her to the point that he has to  have a restraining order or harassment document  filed against him.


I only have complete respect and admiration for Lisa Bloom who is a fellow media analyst. She is also a very qualified and respected attorney. She is Michael’s attorney. I ran into her in the makeup room at the Insider  at CBS a  few  weeks ago and asked her how she could represent this Toxic Man.

Lisa told me that was able to see the good in Michael and said he had a big heart. She told me how she first met him when they were both volunteering in a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.

 She also told me that he was misrepresented by the press so she said that as his representative one of  her responsibilities  was to  keep him away from speaking to the  press without her guidance,  so he won’t be left to his own devices and do himself damage.

Her efforts worked for a while as she was able to present Michael in a different light. In fact both Michael and Lisa went to court the day of Lindsay’s appearance, to give Judge Marsha Revel a letter a from Michael stating that Lindsay should be in rehab and not in jail. Lisa spoke to cameras while Michael kept still and it was effective. She even went on Larry King live with him to guide what he could and could not say.

 But obviously Michael is not listening to Lisa now.  He is disrespecting her orders to him which are to stay away from the media unless she is involved .  So now he is running off at the mouth and speaking on his own behalf sans Lisa. What he said on TMZ and Radaronline  these past few days has been unconscionable. He is back to his old Michael turn off ways. It is disrespectful to Lisa.


To me it is clear that Michael has not shown much  respect towards women. He certainly doesn’t respect Kate Major. Kicking her out of a chair or harassing her because she may or may not have an alcohol problem is disrespect. Since he too had alcohol issues at one point, he needed to show sympathy not disdain and alleged abusive behavior  towards Kate.  

Telling Atlanta Housewife on national television she has a fat ass is disrespect.

 Yelling at people is disrespect.

 Taping Dina the mother of his kids and trashing her in the press is disrespect.

Showing up at the jail when Lindsay wants no part of him is disrespect.

And now, not listening to  his attorney Lisa to stay away from the press  and no speak to them is disrespect towards her.  


 Michael  spoke to TMZ and Radaronline and even played an recorded audiotape of his conversation with Kate Majors. What he doesn’t realize is that this secret taping BS may work in NY but may not work in Los Angeles.

The fact that he may have taped the conversation with Kate Major while he was in Los Angeles without her permission may cause him some severe problems with the law. It can be a criminal act to do such a thing in California.  

The tapes may have  apparently   been taped in Los Angeles . The contents deal with his checking into a Los Angeles hotel where there was concern by Kate over another woman. Michael denied he was with another woman and said was simply a woman in the lobby next to him when he was checking in. If he did tape in in California this may open up a whole new legal can of worms for him.


Yesterday Michael still thought his engagement and subsequent wedding to Kate Major was still on, as he told this to TMZ. But today it is a different story. He has admitted that the wedding is off.

Just to show how vicious Michael is and threatening he is, he can be heard on TMZ threatening to expose Kate Major’s drinking and personal issues and threatening that there will be a lot  about her that will come out if she doesn’t back off.  No doubt, he is trying to intimidate her and  will be releasing her personal  information to the press. He already disparaged her about her relationship with Jon Gosselin.

What Michael doesn’t realize is that all the disparaging remarks he will make about Kate won’t matter as he attempts to put her in a bad light in order to make himself look good. We all know that any woman who was involved with Jon Gosselin and now him has some serious self worth issues. Instead, the public  may feel even more  pity towards her for having such a low opinion of herself for being with him.

Michael’s actions towards Kate Major made me sick. They were all to familiar with these similar tactics which he used towards his other ex girlfriend Erin and ex wife  Dina, the mother of his kids.

. No wonder Dina can’t stand  him  to the point that she too has a restraining order against him. Not that she is so innocent and is without her issues, but at least she is not a frightening and vicious as Michael has shown to be.

Lindsay even said in her tweet that Michael frightens her. Since she has seen him up close and personal she knows exactly what she is talking about better than anyone else.   


Michael needs to stop using Lindsay and her name forever. He needs to stop talking about her to make himself relevant.

 He appears to me  to be a hustler who is trying to sell a bogus TV show first about divorced dads and now about Tiger Wood’s mistresses Joslyn James and Rachel Uchitel. Rachel said she only met him once and has no intention of doing a show with him.

 Any show Michael will do, will never fly in my view. No one in their right mind would want to deal with this over aged Toxic Man who is a completely loose cannon with a violent temper, who has nothing of value to offer. He contributes NOTHING in my opinion except distress. He is irrelevant and the only claim to fame he has is that Lindsay Lohan is his daughter something to which he desperately tries to hang on to .   

If  Michael really loves his daughter,  than he needs to respect her and her wishes. She wishes him to stay away from her.  He must do  that to show he loves her, instead of inserting himself into her life when she cannot stand him.


If Michael did all of this damage to Lindsay, what in the world is he doing to his other kids Ali and Cody? He has no custody of them and allegedly hasn’t contributed a great deal financially or emotionally based on his antics.  

 How can these kids respect someone who has had so many verbally violent and public battles with so many women in his life? How can they respect what he is doing? The answer is that they cannot. In my view, his actions will have serious repercussions on them as they mature. Let’s only hope that these kids  don’t turn their hurt and pain towards their father inwards as their sister Lindsay has done.



5 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan On the Road to Recovery By Keeping Toxic Father Michael Lohan Away

  1. Yes, Lindsay’s father is toxic, but what about her mother?? She’s a parenting disaster as well! KInd of kicked Lindsay to the curb at the height of her problems, probably so doesnt affect Ali, who she is trying- in vain- to make a star. Dina’s total denial of Lindsay’s problems- as long as the gravy train kept running. I think she has drug issues too, and I am amazed you have not called her toxic! Lindsay would be better off cutting off both parents!! They are both wretched!


    1. Great COmment. You are so right about Dina. I was particularly focusing on Michael in this blog becuase he wants to go to the jail against her wishes. That will be damaging to Lindsay who is so fragile now. In addition he has been verbally disparaging and has alegedly been abusive to Kate Major, his former fiance. But you are correct in that Dina’s enabling behavior is very damaging and Toxic as well.
      As Lindsay get’s healthier, she will see both of her parent’s Toxicity. Hopefully as Lindsay becomes healthier and gets away from the drugs she will be more clear minded and perhaps be a catalyst to help her mother not enable her daughter and take care of any issues her mother may possibly have as well. But I doubt that her realtionship with Michael can ever be healed, especially at this point. Michael appears to have no boundaries in my view.


  2. Dr Glass, you are so right about her father and mother. Though, TOXIC, is not nearly a strong enough description of this snake of person, IMO. He played a recording of Lindsay crying and in obvious distress. The pain in that girl’s cries broke my heart. How could a so called father play this for everyone to hear? He records everything of anyone who is around him for later blackmail/embarrassement whatever. Now, he is putting down Kate Major for doing a number on Jon Gosselin!? Didn’t HE do the very same thing? Recorded Jon, even went to court to testify against him. He played a tape of Kate Major when she was supposedly drunk. I wish he would get into serious trouble for recording people without their consent. Yes, he very toxic, a snake, backstabbing Gawd, I don’t know what else to say about this idiot. I do feel sorry for Lindsay with these parents, it is really obvious why this child is having so many problems. I wish people wouldn’t be so hard on her.

    I wish this so called father would just disappear and we never hear from him again. You are right, Lindsay would be so much better off without them, especially Michael.

    I do have one complaint about your article. You said he
    is using Lindsay to “better his career”. What career? He is nothing, never has been anything and never will. (But I know what you meant) 🙂


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