Cindy Anthony’s Signals of Deception In The Courtroom After Saying She Believed Caylee Is Still Alive

When Cindy Anthony took the stand and gave her testimony about the 911 call, she was articulate and  coherent. She presented  herself very well for the most part, until she lied that she still thinks Caylee is alive.


Cindy sounded very credible and  had it together until she discussed finding Casey’s pants in the car and  how she washed them because they smelled bad. That was too much information for the question asked.

When someone coughs up a little too much information it may very well be that they are feeling a bit guilty or uncomfortable concerning that information.

There is no doubt that Cindy, being the intelligent woman she appears to be, knows very well that she should not have washed Casey’s pants no matter how badly they smelled.

She needed to have placed them in a plastic bag and put them in a sealed container in the garage or some place where she would not smell the pants. She knows very well that it was wrong for her to  have washed them, especially after knowing that it smelled like a dead body in the car.

Perhaps she instinctively knew Casey was up to no good and had something to do with that smell.

That may be why she was so intent on washing away that  smell away as well as  washing away her guilt. There is no doubt that deep down Cindy feels guilty for  threatening to throw Casey out and keep Cayley. That precipitated this whole mess and she no doubt wished she had never said what she said to Casey or Caylee might still be alive .

You would think that Caylees backpack and toys ,which were in the heated car also smelled like the pants. So why didn’t she wash them as well? It was only Casey’s pants that she washed in her attempt to save and protect Casey. But what about protecting Caylee and her memory?


Unlike what we have seen regarding Casey’s fake non tears, Cindy cried real tears as she recalled the  events  and her frustration concerning Caylee’s disappearance.

 She broke down a bit when she told of how she overheard Casey tell her son Lee that she hadn’t seen Caylee in over 32 days and panicked how she panicked. As she relayed this story , it was a though she was re-living the experience. She lost her composure and wipes some real tears. And unlike Casey, she didn’t have to examine her Kleenex to make sure she cried tears. She also didn’t  stick her finger in her eyes or wipe away a tearless cheek as Casey repeatedly does.


Cindy was actually likeable and believable until the topics of what she said to the FBI  and when she said that it smelled like there was a dead body in the car.  It was then  the old Cindy came through- the Cindy we watched for years on television during her press junkets, outside of her home, and in depositions. 

Once again we saw the aggressive angry aggressive defensive belligerent Cindy who has the nerve to blame the FBI stating that the  FBI got the transcript of what she said all wrong . She complains how there were lots of errors and missing pieces. 

So it appeared that Cindy couldn’t keep up her calm, cool, and collected demeanor for long. In a short period of time she was back to her unlikable self.


Then Jose Baez tries to Spin it during cross examination after Cindy the unlikable emerged. He couches it by making a statement and telling her how she felt. He says “ You wanted them to know that the smell was different from a dead body.

Cindy is surprised to hear the words Jose has put into her mouth by telling her what she meant to say. That is why she shakes her head NO as she sheepishly says”I guess.”
 She knows that isn’t true. If it was she would have said “Exactly” or “That’s right” in a tone that showed conviction.

 Indicating she knows exactly what Jose is doing os ridiculous spin.

Then she realizes what  Baez is trying to do by putting those ridiculous words into her mouth.  It suddenly dawns on her that Jose is trying to spin it in an attempt  to  protect Casey.

So she adds additional unrequested information to  Baez’ nonsensical statement . Cindy adds a lie. Trying to direct Cindy’s answers to make them more favorable for Casey he makes another statement to Cindy instead of asking her a direct question.   Jose says “You told them this because you wanted them to keep searching for a live Caylee.”

Cindy clearly liked where this was going  as hooked on to the words “ live Casey.”  Jose senses tat she is getting where he is going and now asks her a question concerning his statement. He asks “Youre clear about that?”

Now here is where we see Cindy’s signals of deception. Of course she is “not clear about that.” Of course she knew after smelling the dead body smell  in the car, that the cops would not be searching for  a live Caylee but rather a dead Caylee.

Cindy immediately shakes her head NO as she replies”  absolutely”. Shaking your head in the negative when you are speaking in the affirmative is a sure fire signal that you’re not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing bur the truth. It may have been wishful thinking on Cindy’s part, But it was far from the truth. Deep down she knew what most likely happened.

 Remember what I said about people that add too much information that is unsolicited, I said they might be feeling guilt so they give too much information, They also give too much information to explain a lie away. 

The bones were discovered. The memorial service was held. The vigils were over. So there is no way that Cindy isn’t aware that Caylee is dead. But after she said  “absolutely” in response to Jose’s comment that she wanted police to search for a live Caylee, she adds unsolicited information.

 She adds “ I still think  Caylee is alive.” Immediately after she uttered those ridiculous words, she   shows  a signal of embarrassment as well as deception by  she pursing her lips. It as though she instinctively knew she should not have said what she did.

Then the rest of the signals of deception kick in. She shrugs her shoulders which is a definite signal of deception and cocks her head to the side indicting that she is not sure she should have gone that far and said  what she did in adding such a ridiculous comment to help create a reasonable doubt.


 Then she makes a very goofy looking facial expression which reflects how she goofed up by making that  that outrageous  statement . Her eyes pop open wide and she tightens her lower lip and her upper lip as if to seal her mouth shut/ The pressure is so tight that it looks like she is puffing out the area above her upper lip ( moustache area )  as the color of her skin above her upper lip has blanched.

She remained in that position for 10 seconds. She didn’t want to say anymore because she knows she did this for affect and as a way to say something to try and help out Casey.


For the most part Casey’s expression was lifeless when Cindy took the stand. There was no facial reaction to Cindy as she coldly looked through her mother. It was obvious that she wasn’t thrilled to see her mother full face looking straight in her direction after a two year absence.


Cindy’s presence on the stand clearly made Casey feel uncomfortable and nervous. As soon as her mother got on the stand there were numerous  hair grooming behaviors which took place in succession . Subconsciously she wanted to look nice for  mamma Cindy. After all Cindy has indicated in her jailhouse letters to Casey, how beautiful she looks. So Casey’s sudden repeated  grooming is her attempt to “look beautiful” for Cindy. 


Casey’s discomfort with seeing and hearing her mother on the stand is reflected by Casey’s  swallowing more often than usual. This means that her  throat is dry because her autonomic  nervous system is kicking in. She’s not manufacturing enough saliva  so that is why her mouth and throat feel dry. Hence, the excessive swallowing. Her gaze was not steady when her mother spoke as she didn’t look directly at her. Instead we observed  constant eye shifting .Finally we saw her take many deep breaths to oxygenate herself. This is further indication of her physical discomfort. We  clearly saw it when the when the topic of Tony’s apartment came up. 


For the most part there was no significant emotion reflected n Casey’s face. But right after Cindy made the Caylee is still alive” comment there was a sudden change in Casey’s facial expression.  It was softer and she had a slight smile as if to say “thanks for saying that and trying to create reasonable doubt so I can walk out of here, like my attorney Cheney Mason said I would.


I think that no matter how much coaching or witness preparation Cindy gets the real Cindy will eventually leak out to jurors. Based on this little preview, it appears that she just can’t help herself. She needs to just answer the questions and not editorialize. She needs to not volunteer additional information especially information like thinking Caylee is still alive. If she pulls that nonsense on a jury they will think she is a nutcase and react even more harshly towards Casey.


18 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony’s Signals of Deception In The Courtroom After Saying She Believed Caylee Is Still Alive

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass…spot on as ususal…

    I thought Cindy Anthony did well on the stand compared to the deposition with the Morgan attorney’s on the civil lawsuit. She truly behaved but didn’t tell it true, almost was very truthful, until I can’t remember, I don’t recall diatribe…She remembers all, that’s my belief…

    Her I dont’ remember, I can’t recall is very convenient as not to be the one who puts that nail in her own daughters coffin, that’s her only recourse to not tell mistruths/half truths or blatanly lie..but she can remember her conversations with the FBI and claims some portions of her words are missing…is she trying to alude to misconduct on their part??? That she remembers…I just wish someone in that family would be Caylee’s voice.
    How can she say, she still believe Caylee is alive when she had this elaborate invitation only memorial for Caylee, had Caylee cremated and the Anthony family had put her ashes in trinkets they wear on their person. They went and had tattoos done on their person in Caylee’s memory yet they dishonor her memory by not speaking out for this precious child who brought joy and sunhine back into their lives. Dr. G had a job to do and painstakingly had to idenify this little child found in a watery grave dumped like trash just 1/4 mile from the home she resided in.
    I also took note (also went back to read the transcript of AmyH) when she was asked if she spoke to Amy about the smell in the car, her response was, No, I dont’ believe I did, I respect Casey (yet in the transcript she went into great detail with Amy)…you can see Inmate Casey Anthony furiously writting down things to her attorney, underlining words with sheer anger (with her pursed lips), as her mother is testifying and not being truthful. She did the same when asked about finally finding Inmate Anthony at her boyfrieds apartment but did not step in (another mistruth also found in AmyH deposition) You can see the resentment on the prisoners face as her mother testifies, the hatred runs deep. There is huge discord there even as they have not seen each other in two years. I’ll bet Inmate Anthony remembers every vicious, evil word her mother spoke to her, especially on the day this all unfolded July 15, 2008…
    This family thinks they will walk out of the courtroom with Inmate Anthony. I believe they should condition themselves for the worst for I don’t believe she will be found innocent or acquitted. They should prepare a speech for when she is found guilty and beg for mercy/leniency and not invoke a sentence of death. To beg for their daughters life and allow her to live with her actions while doing LWOP…justice for Caylee is the golden ring. Caylee must receive justice and she will…

    Justice for Caylee


    1. I was waiting for this take on the body language at this hearing. Wonderful! I agree with all of it Dr Glass and got a good view of some parts I hadn’t considered. Thank you.

      Linda Rose I loved your post. Excellent!


    2. You and I both know how much more there is against Casey than you have even remotely said that would bury her even further. If there’s any chance of Casey being innocent then she needs to scream at the top of her lungs to the world the truth about the last moment she saw Caylee. Nothing would please me more than to see 1 shred of evidence that points in any direction away from her mother. And the saddest part is George knows this and has chosen against Caylee!!! Are you kidding me?


  2. Hello Dr. Glass,
    Thank you for analyzing this. I agree and had the same thoughts. I also thought for the first time in a year or so Cindy dressed more “Motherly” complete with sweater. Cindy started her own version of events not long into questioning. Like you said it’s then the Cindy we all have come to witness these past couple of years emerged. She even lied about being at Tony’s apartment. Leaving out of course that she did take a step or two inside to tell Tony she hopes he is rich because Casey will take him for all he’s got. Cindy also tried to play down the car ride arguing that we heard from Amu was very uncomfortable because of Cindy’s yelling at Casey. And Lee saying when they got home you could tell they were arguing as Casey got out saying “There’s no talking to you” or something to that affect. I don’t think Cindy is aware of what she will be put through during the trial questioning from the prosecution? I’m sure, because Cindy has now claimed to have had phone numbers and addresses for “Zanny”. The prosecution will no doubt ask her at trial why Cindy never attempted to call those numbers or go to the addresses that day even with Amy before getting Casey since finding Caylee was her only goal. Whatever Cindy says to dodge those lies about numbers and addresses during trial will ruin her credibility with a jury. Cindy isn’t at all a good liar. She thinks she is, but it’s my opinion anyone can tell when she is lying. This on top of her normal condescending attitude when she gets mad or is threatened in some way, Cindy is sure to do plenty of damage to Casey’s defense at trial in my opinion. Cindy can NOT just answer yes or no for very long. Cindy thinks she is clever and smarter than everyone else and can con which is where Casey gets it from. But it is painfully obvious when she does it, only she can’t see how obvious she is.
    Thank you, I can’t watch anyone interviewed anymore without looking for signs of deception! lmao Since I’ve started listening to you and reading your blog, I now watch for people shaking their heads which ever way disagreeing with whatever is being said. It’s funny, even watching a movie sometimes, I see an actor saying something as his or her character, and being so convincing in their roles. BUT their body language shows who they are. I can’t explain what I mean?! lmao Anyway, Thank you Lillian, it’s a real education reading your blog and I find myself now analyzing people more now than I ever normally would have before.

    Take care 🙂


    1. Great points, Rob~

      What you commented on about Cindy is the reason why I believe she is out for her own self image-not so much to “save” Casey except where her image is concerned. With Cindy, its about Cindy, not Casey, as her number one concern.


    2. The thing that bothers me about Cindy arriving at Tony’s apartment, is that she does go in to get Casey, but she never spends one second looking through the apartment for Caylee. She knows that Casey lies, so why didn’t Cindy search at Tony’s for Caylee, maybe in a closet, etc. Nope, no searching there…why?….my opinion is that Cindy already knew something about Caylee being missing. It just doesn’t make sense she wouldn’t look around at Tony’s for her.


      1. ” why didn’t Cindy search at Tony’s for Caylee, Nope, no searching there…why?….my opinion is that Cindy already knew something about Caylee being missing.”

        Very good point!!!!!! I hope the prosecutors are reading this blog! I’d love to hear her answer to that question.


  3. Thank you Dr. Glass. I was hoping you would write about your observations. I respectfully disagree that the part about Caylee being alive was the first time she lied in her testimony. She also lied about her conversations with Amy H, and the brief amount of time she spent at Tony’s apartment. There may be other lies, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to her entire testimony.

    She floored me when she said that Caylee is still alive. I guess I’m not suprised that she would say it, but I didn’t expect her to say it on the stand. As you’ve stated, she did actually look EMBARRASSED by her own statement. What gets to be (badly) is that statements like this continue to dishoner that beautiful child. She is using Caylee, again, as a tool to meet her own unjust needs. She needs to prove that Casey is innocent – and that her family is “perfect.”


  4. Thanks for giving your body language assessment of Cindy being cross-examined by Baez the second time. I thought he was leading and putting words in Cindy’s mouth, too. He was steering her to his defense of Casey. And Cindy’s body language was so obvious that she was lying and following his lead. To me, the biggest lie she agreed with was about the death smell-that Cindy wanted LE and the public to know that she knew that smell was not decomposition and to look for a live Caylee. Huh? That made no sense! If Caylee were alive why worry about some decomp smell? But, this goes back to after the bond hearing when Cindy told the press that she knows that smell because she’s a “nurse of decomposition”. 🙄


  5. thank you
    for sure cindy was lying on the stand!
    and i think cindy is an unfit mother too,she let casey all this years go away with stealing money,lying and did nothing to stop this!
    i believe the jury will find out,cindy cover up for casey!


  6. Everyone has been so surprised that Cindy has the CAPACITY to come across as a normal person, we’ve seen the histrionics for two years and now this–“normalcy”. I was surprised that she was so clear about things…like how she (Cindy) had asked Casey to bring back the car but Casey did not, so that is why Cindy considered it “stolen”. That interesting. Imagine the war between these two women and it is still raging on. It is classic love/hate. I had it with my Mother too. Thank God I never had a child. If I had, I might have neglected her, let her drown while unattended and wound up in a Florida jail blaming my Mother for the whole thing. Yeah. That could be me.


  7. If Cindy was going for being convincing she believes Caylee is still alive she blew it with her dumb facial expressions. Even she appears to think what she said sounded ridiculous. Casey always comes in the courtroom like she is entering a beauty contest all smiles, then she turns totally stone face/smirk when her family is in view especially Cindy. I can hardly wait to see the trial. You definitely pegged Cindy’s body language. Good job Dr. Glass.


  8. Are you planning on blogging about Lee’s testamony? What are your thoughts on why he is always laughing when he’s being interviewed? It’s something I have noticed every time I hear or read his statements and I find it very odd.


  9. I wondered about Lee’s nervous laugh, but I think that’s simply what it is, a nervous laugh. Turrets? Each one of those people are dealing with mental challenges. (In My opinion) I am not a professional, I’m nobody but something is wrong with blathering their lies and nonsense all over national television and International television. Casey Anthony is discusting. Her brother and parents are too. What was Caylee to them, just a trophy? She’s dead. There is no other suspect or motive. Are they getting it? They are bullshit defined.


  10. 1) Cindy looked, not softened, to me, but sort of like a guy dressed up like a woman. It’s incongruent, just as an aging woman I knew back in the 70s dressed in ‘hot pants’, platform shoes and a push up bra. It makes people feel uncomfortable because it’s all contrary to what we know.

    2) Cindy & George knew, from the instant they smelled the car that Caylee was dead. EVERTHING they did from there on out was addressing that. Including the so called ‘excited utterance’. Remember; that was all done AFTER they had done their best to do away with the evidence, smell and all.

    When they couldn’t, they had to account for it somehow. They used the gift Casey gave them: car being out of Casey’s control (after it was abandoned for that purpose). A frail chance to create doubt, by putting distance between Casey & The Smell. But they were winging it. Cindy (as much a true liar as Casey and as arrogant & disdainful of everyone else in the world, as her daughter) took the lead in continuing to lay down a false trail.

    3) does anyone still wonder at the unique protests in front of Cindy’s home? People had lots of opinions about the kind of people who would do that. The real strange thing is not the protesters but WHY the protesters. I defy anyone to find another case of a missing/endangered child where the public protested in front of the frantic family’s home. The real eye of the storm is Cindy. Even Casey and her horrific act of killing Caylee is a reaction to Cindy.

    Check out whole new way of analyzing and one that rings TRUE;


    1. It is true, that in my experience I’ve never read of or heard of protesters in front of a suspects home ranting and defending a murder victim. The media projected the entire saga as they repeatedly gave us Caylee’s smiles and songs night after night. This fact began the mob mentality that verbally and physically assaulted the Anthony’s at their home. The nation reacted (knee jerk) to the idea that a little girl’s own mother destroyed her, and more intensely to the idea that her parents were lying for that mother. I agree with your points and thank you for them.Yes Casey is a product and a reaction to Cindy. Absolutely!

      It saddens us all very deeply that the world has lost another rinnocent child.


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