Casey Anthony’s Attorney Cheney Mason’s Verbally Abusive Childish Responses Calling Reporter Stupid! Will His Arrogance Alienate Casey’s Jurors ?

We first got a glimpse of Casey Anthony’s attorney,  Cheney Mason’s arrogance and overblown opinion of himself when he announced to the press that  he was” going to walk out of the courtroom with Casey arm and arm” with her being a free woman .

But now we have seen a full-blown picture of  Cheney Mason up close and personal . We have seen his  verbally abusive, arrogant and childish behavior, especially towards Orlando 9’s star reporter Kathy Belich.

Interviewed by a group of Orlando reporters, Cheney was first asked, “What do you expect here today?” His attempt to come across as humorous  fell flat,  as he sarcastically  replied “Lets see.  I expect it to rain and you get caught in it. “

He was then asked “Which experts are gonna be here today?”

As soon as he replied “ Besides myself?”it just conformed to me what I saw all along. The man appears to me to be completely ego driven and full of himself. He clearly sees himself as the top legal expert here.

Then Orlando 9’s Kathy Belich who is an excellent and thorough reporter asked him the  legitimate question, “Do you think Henry Lees problems  with  the Spector case is going to cause problems?

Instead of answering a simple “No” or “Not at all” He got very defensive. He rushed past the reporters as his whole physical demeanor changed. He was now wearing an angry scowl as opposed to his previous smug, arrogant smile.

As he rushed away he replied  what sound like “ Shhh” stopping himself short of continuing what he perhaps really wanted to say- “ Shit”.

He then said  in a sassy school boy defensive sounding tone “   No . I Think YOUR problems are causing problems.”

WHAT???? This school boy tone from an alleged seasoned criminal attorney?

Kathy couldn’t believe her ears either. S o she loudly asked “What was that now?” Cheney ignored her and entered the building.

Since  the comment was directly leveled against Kathy Belich, she promptly did what any good reporter would do and followed Cheney into  the building . She was the only reporter who followed him into the building and understandably so. She heard Cheney  make a hostile comment directed at her and she wanted to follow up.

As she stood in back of him she asked “ You don’t think it will cause trouble?” She realized Cheney was getting out his ID  and following the procedures of the Sherriff’s Department. So she stood quietly behind Cheney until he completed his business with the reception desk.

Then she spoke up and asked  “  Are you worried about that ? That the problems …”

Cheney then turned to her and replied in a childish cadence like something you would her on a grade school playground during recess, “  I worry about YOU-  that YOU’RE  always bothering me.”

Kathy rightfully asks in a calm and professional tone  “ Why do you worry about that ?”

Cheney replied with his back turned to Kathy in a defensive tone” You’re always bothering people.”

Kathy calmly replied “ I’m just doing my job.”

Then  like an immature child with his continued to be turned against Kathy he replied”  I don’t intend on answering  your question. They are always too STUPID!

As a professional Kathy continues to ask “  Do  you think that’s the reason the  judge insisted that the Sherrif’s department videotape your search of the evidence because of the  problems?”

Cheney’s knee jerk reaction was   “You have to ask the judge. Then he got angry and said”  No he did not! I’m sure of that….

Then Kathy continued with  “Why do you think he insisted …” to which Cheney immediately faced her put up his and  pointed his finger at her.In school boy tone  he said to her, “If you don’t leave me alone , I’m gonna have to tell your boss.” It reminded me of a child on a playground saying “ if you don’t stop it, I’m gonna tell my mommy.”

He then pointed his finger to show her how bad she was. He  told  her how her colleagues are outside and doing things like professionals.

Kathy doesn’t budge. Instead she replied,” My boss wants me to ask you these questions.”

Then, in keeping with  his immature childish tone and using the same verbiage one would hear on a grade school playground,  Cheney replied. YOUR BOSS IS STUPID TOO!

I couldn’t believe that  I was hearing this from an alleged seasoned criminal attorney.

When people are scared and loosing something , they often  get defensive. There is no doubt he must be feeling these things about Casey’s case. He must be scared and feeling that he will be losing  the case, especially now that he has sunken his teeth into the case.

He then turns his back to her and suddenly turns around to face her  as she says DO YOU SEE THE OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE ACTING LIKE JACKASSES OR JUST YOU?

Kathy calmly replies I’m just doing my job” to which Cheney points his hands and yells at her Don’t keep asking me the same STUPID questions.

Kathy is calm and  says  “I obviously  struck a nerve” to which Cheney regresses back into the grade school child mode and says  (with his back turned towards her)  “No you haven’t stuck a nerveYOU ARE A NERVE!”

Then the other reporters came into Sheriffs office and  Kathy spoke  up and asked a question, which he completely ignored.

So now we know that this high faloootin criminal attorney acts and sound much  like a grade school child when confronted and when he is feeling stressed.

There is no doubt that as things get heated  in Casey’s trial we may very well see Cheney’s grade school boy behavior and tone leak out in the courtroom. In this long and arduous trial, if he acts like this in front of jurors which I have no doubt he will, they will clearly not like him.

When jurors don’t like an attorney in the courtroom,  it can have a great  impact the outcome of the case as well. In my view that’s a good thing as far as Casey Anthony is concerned. If that is the case, it will just be one more step thing that leads towards justice being served for little innocent Caylee.


47 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Attorney Cheney Mason’s Verbally Abusive Childish Responses Calling Reporter Stupid! Will His Arrogance Alienate Casey’s Jurors ?

  1. Thank you so much for this write-up. It is so amazing how totally unprofessional he is. First of all why do he and biez insist on using the front door, I thought that there was another door that the lawyers were allowed to use when they need to enter a Federal or State building.


  2. Thank you, Dr. Glass…childish seems to be an understatement, IMO…

    Besides being unprofessional, he was rude, he was disrespectful and he truly should be ashamed of himself. Kathi Belich is a seasoned reporter who has followed this case from day 31…her knowledge is impeccable, her respect for the cause also, impeccable. I think Kathi Belich has more knowledge about this case than Cheny Mason does. He should have read all the discovery documents instead of trying to wing it…It’s my opinion, he should have retired..

    Then I think, who better to represent a reprehensible young woman who sits accused as the killer of her own child.

    Kathi Belich asked the question on everyone’s mind. Dr. Henry Lee no longer has an impeccable reputation with what he pulled with the Phil Spector trial, he is not to be trusted and I truly believe they may corrupt the evidence to sway it away from Prisoner Casey Anthony. I don’t trust this defense team but they seem to be the only one who would touch this case with a ten foot pole. Seems to me, they may have visions of corruption as the only way to walk out arm in arm with this prisoner…fat chance she will be found innocent or acquitted. There is too much stacked against her, even her parents contribute to the sabotoge. Is it truly subconscious or is it the plan???

    Justice for Caylee can’t get here soon enough. This child, this precious innocent child is the only victim in this pool of scammers, liars, deceitors, Caylee will get her justice when a guilty verdict is handed down by a jury of her own peers..I await that day…

    Justice for Caylee


  3. Masons unprofessional treatment of a reporter who was asking a pertinent question was a complete turn off for me. As I see it, the only one acting like a jackass was him. As Connie 1:46 stated, surely there is another entrance he could have gone in. But then he wouldn’t have the media attention the defense team seems to love so much. That is , if they ask all the right fluffy questions. You can’t have it both ways Mason. I have absolutely NO respect for him as an attorney

    What a sad way for an old man to end his career, looking like a complete fool.


  4. Just when I think Baez is the most arrogant and rude Attorney in this Case when he speaks to Reporters then there comes Chaney Mason! Wow that is all I can say, he is just ridiculous,
    no professional Manners whatsoever, who in the World does he think he is anyway?
    I believe his Days as a Defense Attorney are long past! He needs to stay in Retirement and stay away from any Court room, obviously he doesn’t have anymore what it takes he has proven that on several Occasions in the Anthony Case so far.
    The Trial hasn’t even begun!
    The Way I understand it, Mason came with an excellent Reputation as a Defense Attorney by other Attorney’s.
    If that is true it sure could fool me, I haven’t seen anything
    yet which supports that Opinion. I guess like I mentioned before Mr. Mason’s Glory Days are gone and over! JMO
    BTW I wonder does C. Mason still think the Anthony Case is fun for him? What a ridiculous Statement that was coming from him anyway! 🙄


  5. This defense team is unbelievable! From his first day on this case Cheney did not make a favorable impression. He has steadily gone downhill since then. I wasn’t crazy about Andrea Lyon either but at least she knew how to present herself. I think it’s criminal the amount of money being spent on this losing case.


  6. The nerve was struck when he was asked about Dr. Lee. He knows that having him on the team is not good. Even if Lee is completely truthful and professional his credibility is shot. It will be hard to find a juror who does not know about him. Ofcourse, he may not have liked Belich from the start, too.

    I don’t think jurors are going to care for Mason much and I thought that long before his schoolchild antics with Kathi Belich. Mason sure made a bigger deal out of her question than needed to be!

    Thanks, Dr. Glass!


  7. He is just obvious to the fact that he has NOTHING to defend this murderer with and it’s starting to eat him alive. He needed to slip into retirement and never look back.


  8. Dr. Glass, thanks you SO MUCH for this interpretation of one more ugly little man on Casey’s defense. I was just as shocked and appaulled as you, with his very immature behaviour. Do you think Judge Perry saw that on the news last night? I think with an ego the size of Cheney’s he will give us (and the good Judge Perry) a repulsive floorshow with regularity for the duration of the trial. You just can’t hide an ego as big as his.


  9. Maybe the other atty’s recommended him to Baez, and said he was an outstanding defense atty, because they didn’t want anything to do with the KC case, and knew he would be just as bad as Bozo, which is exactly what KC deserves.


  10. By Mason saying that Kathis questions was “stupid”, he is in effect calling ME stupid also, because that is one question that I am still waiting for an answer to. Stupidity is Mason saying on a national TV program that Casey will get life in prison, and then turning around and defending her saying she will be walking out of jail ,a free women, holding his arm. IMO stupidity and senility describe Mr Mason.


  11. I also think he may have the beginnings of senility, but don’t know how he acted before this case. Who started the rumor that he was such a good attorney?


    1. I agree. He does seem to have the beginnings of senility. He is also a complete arrogant, classless human. Heard tonight that he might be taking Casey Anthoney to live with him for awhile. Wonder how that will work for him? Two narcissistic peas in a pod.


  12. Me too, Kate. I guess we’re both stupid. LOL!!! I wouldn’t have guessed that another defense lawyer would repulse me more than Baez but I believe that this immature creep has done it.


  13. BRAVO Dr. Glass!!! I love this analysis. I couldn’t agree with you more on Mr. Mason’s behavior. I think part of his problem is also that he’s stuck his foot in his mouth in after hearing interviews and in court recently and he cannot stand the criticism. I also agree with Kate on his extremely marked change in his belief of Casey’s innocence. He was screaming before as a legal analyst that she should make a deal, as she was going to get life anyway. Amazing………


  14. I am certain Mason will not treat the jury as he has the media. Perhaps condescending or grandfatherly, but not hostile. Baez still heralds his smirk and ethnic qualifications.

    Mason has a big package to defend and empathy and sympathy will be his means. His main objective will be to chew up and then spit the evidence back out, and question the integrity of the State and LE in their gathering of it.


  15. I also believe that Cheney is suffering from senality. Remember the
    day in court when he kept going through legal books looking for a
    certain law and never did find it. Also I didn’t hear a mention of LKB
    being there to-day or yesterday.I wonder if she is going to walk.


    1. I don’t know if he is demented, in dementia, or just a mean old man. But, I definitely changed my mind out him. I did not like his demur before, but now I’ve lost all respect for him. Again, if he acts this way in public I would hate to see him in private. JMO and if anyone plans to sue me, I only have a half eaten pizza.


  16. Amen Lillian! Awesome example of how being involved with the Anthony family causes all their curses to come home to roost. Bravo Doc!!


  17. Well whadiyaknow! Mason is just shot his foot. Nothing new under the sun with this case. Someone is defending Caylee. There is a God.


  18. Well whaddiya know! Mason just shot his foot. Nothing new under the sun with this case. Someone is defending Caylee. There is a God.


  19. I think Atty Mason’s use of the word ‘stupid’ mimics Atty Baez’s use of it when dealing with reporters early on. His behavior was probably just a another ‘scripted’ sideshow to inflame bloggers to Ms. Belich’s defense just before the hearing. I agree though, I think a jury will have a much harder time getting onboard with Atty Mason.


  20. While viewing the video of cheney vs Kathi, my six yr old grandson was in a verbal argument with his two year old brother….Wow, for a moment there, I thought there were three children fighting in my living room! Unreal.


  21. WOW…If indeed Mr. Mason is showing signs of senility, couldn’t that be an out for casey (a reason to appeal) on the grounds that her death qualifying attorney was mentally unstable? YIKES>>> DON”T SPEAK OF IT AGAIN!!! lol


  22. ?not sure where this name came from but I’ll use it anyway.
    Just for the record.
    CM has lost it. His sensitivity is very near the surface, he may well over(re)act in a courtroom.
    Whatever happened to noncommittal answers like “no comment” or “I don’t think so.”?


  23. If this is the way he speaks to woment on public, I wonder if he is married. And what kind of woman would tolerate that demeaning comments.


  24. Sorry for the typos. I meant “women in public” and “that kind of demeaning comments”. I pity any woman who crossed his path. Do we know if he is married?


  25. Dr. Glass,
    Thank you for calling attention via your unique powers of observation harnessed by education to Casey Anthony’s defense team, which is composed of charlatans who think they are intelligent. Mainly, the defense team members are guilty of hubris, while simultaneously underestimating the public’s ability to see through their various ruses.
    The latest ruse has to do with attempting to
    have Cindy Anthony’s 911 calls kept out of evidence. Mainly, they proffer that Cindy Anthony is a lay person who can not conclude that “it smells like a dead body” inside the car. Is the defense forgetting that Cindy Anthony is NOT a lay person? She is a registered nurse, and as such, no doubt she has encountered a dead body before. Cindy Anthony is never unsure of anything–no milquetoast she–especially not during the 911 calls, when she was panicking about the whereabouts and status of her granddaughter. This angry, flaming woman, who comprises one half the folie a deux made up of her and her daughter, was expressing her true feelings, sensations and reactions. IMO, it is doubtful Judge Belvin Perry will grant the defense’s motion, which likely Jose Baez is anticipating, and which is just another item he will include in his aim to “lay down [grounds for] an appeal.”


  26. Thank you very much Dr. Lillian Glass!!!
    It seems Mr. Mason is used to have fits like a spoiled brat child:
    WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2010
    Casey Anthony vs. TES: Mark NeJame Strikes Back
    Mr. NeJame (lawyer for TES) filed a Motion and also stated that CM was rude with people at his office, so there you have it, he is just a loser.


  27. Kathy B. is rude. She is always sticking her mic up in people’s faces and asking the same question over and over. If it was me I would not answer any question she ask. Get lost.


  28. I personally know Cheney Mason and know he is a good attorney, come on now…if you have someone talking to the back of your head when you are obviouslyyyy done with the conversation…reporter or NOT then your gonna either be rude or tell them to back off, I think his comments were mild considering she was stalking him basically waiting for him to snap. He is one of the best atty’s in Orlando and NO I am not a personal friend and just defending his behaviour, I call a spade a spade, If you have a chance to see him in action then you’ll learn to appreciate his gift. Not with an annoying person that won’t let up.


    1. I saw him in action at the hearing on the 15th, and sorry, but can’t say that I appreciate his gift…quite frankly, I am having trouble seeing any gift that he has. He is an arrogant, rude, mumbling, good old boy, who can’t speak properly enough to be understood, who has not even read up on the case he is representing. Seems his excuse is always, “well, that happened before I was part of the defense.” Someone needs to tell him that he looks foolish when he has no idea what is going on in the courtroom around him.


  29. suz
    I don’t agree with his lawyering skills, at least now defending KC, he did a bad job yesterday at the hearing, just my lay person opinion… and by the way, all the jurors will be lay persons like me. CM also thinks he is funny and he is not!!! If CM were a good lawyer he would know how to be nice to Kathi.


  30. I have a few questions that I am hoping you can share your insight on..
    First, what do you think of Lee mouthing “I love you” to Casey? She accussed him of molesting her (this isnt the 1st time she has made these allegations) Why do you think him and this family continue to stand by casey? She killed their granddaughter,his niece and now she is accussing the 2 men in her life of sexual abuse and they still defend her… I cant wrap my brain around that.
    Also, Cindy made a comment (one she has made before as well) that Caylee is still alive..I took this to mean one of two things…1.) she meant spiritually or 2.) she is simply saying that in hopes of sympathy from jurors trying to make people believe that she just cant accept the fact her granddaughter is gone…A lot of people believe she is just looney and really believes Caylee is alive however that cant be the case because then whom did she cremate? What is your take on this..
    One more question if I may….When Cindy was on the stand and shed a few tears, theres no reaction from Casey, when the discussion about “rotting flesh coming from the trunk” was happening there again was no emotion from Casey yet when Lee mouthed “I love you” her water works began…Why is this? Is she really so cold, so detached so heartless that the sight of seeing your mother cry doesnt affect you? (If my mother wept, I would weep) If someone was speaking of my babys rotting flesh I would be hysterical! I just dont understand how a mother can not weep for their child. It truely baffles me.
    Thanks for your time…Look forward to your reply!


  31. I never thought I’d say this but Mason makes Baez look well, not so bad. I respect Bill Sheaffer, but he was so wrong saying Mason would raise the level of the defense’s repuation.

    He’s going to be the straw that brole the camel’s back in doing his client in. But that’s exactly what Casey deserves a bumbling eye rolling clown (Baez) & washed up old man, an obnoxious egomaniac who should have retired & quit while he was ahead.

    It was Mason’s ego that caused Judge Strickland to be removed. That backfired big time as well as his now documented rudeness to Kathi Belich who’s the only “real reporter” involved in the case with the balls to go after the A’s, defense, Milsteads, whoever & confront them with “real questions” not the pablum other media feed them.


  32.,i have the same question like celeste,
    why she dont cry,when everybody talk about remains,dead body,decomp smell in the trunk,but start crying when she see lee.
    and why baez are smirking in every hearing,i find a murder case,a cute little girl is dead, its nothing to smile about!
    thanks a lot!


  33. Perry Mason he is NOT!! I think he is senile. Remember, he was the only attorney that voiced his opinion about not wanting to work on the holiday, when the jury wanted to. I can’t remember if that was in the presence of the jury. I sure hope so. I think Baez does a better job, and I can’t stand him either. I guess I just don’t like anything associated with Casey Anthony, however, I do feel sooo sorry for her parents, and I hope they make lots of money after this is all said and done. They deserve something good in their life after their daughter has ruined them and taken that beautiful Caylee from them.


  34. As a reporter, I find Kathleen Belich’s reporting consistently unprofessional. I am surprised that an ABC affiliate would allow and promote tabloid behavior. She announced on air that an expert witness had committed “perjury” by reporting his “yes” to a question about his background –but Belich omitted the paragraph of statements the witness offered in qualifying and detailing his reason for answering in such a way (Dr. William Rodriquez, now with the department of defense but starting his career, more than 30 years ago, as a PhD student recruited by the famed Dr. William Bass to serve as senior author of the early research publications for the renowned “Body Farm.” Belich was far from an objective reporter when she failed simply to report Lee Anthony’s words on the stand but rather broadcast that they were “theater” and “fraud.” I am astonished she has not been legally pursued for defamation and libel. The worst is posted for posterity on YouTube, when she failed to report on the angry protesters in front of the Anthony home but instead joined them. Perhaps Cheney Mason’s inappropriate remarks simply reflected a very human exhaustion with this woman’s unprofessionalism.


  35. I believe George and Cindy have accepted that Casey murdered Caylee & are doing what they can to prevent premediation & the death penalty,I hope she gets life without parole.I also don’t believe George has anything whatsoever to do with Caylee’s murder.I think if George had the affair he told the woman it was an accident that snowballed out of control because he was there for the sex and didn’t want to go into all that info and details.I also believe when George wanted to kill himself was because he was informed that the defense was using the theory for her bizarre behavior was that George molested Casey.I know Casey cares about Casey.Casey cries when the jury can see it.I can’t wait until she meets her 1st Big Bertha in a real prison. Bernadette


  36. I believe George and Cindy have accepted that Casey murdered Caylee & are doing what they can to prevent premeditation & the death penalty,I hope she gets life without parole.I also don’t believe George has anything whatsoever to do with Caylee’s murder.I think if George had the affair he told the woman it was an accident that snowballed out of control because he was there for the sex and didn’t want to go into all that info and details.I also believe when George wanted to kill himself was because he was informed that the defense was using the theory for her bizarre behavior was that George molested Casey.I know Casey cares about Casey.Casey cries when the jury can see it.I can’t wait until she meets her 1st Big Bertha in a real prison. Bernadette


  37. Hey marble mouth mason, now you and your wife should really go into hiding. Now Caylee’s murder willnever be reconsiled,you let an evil woman go free. I think you took this case because noone would hire you because you are senile.


  38. It is a disgrace that these self rightous professionals think they are better than the average Joe. When it comes to your conduct in public I would have expected that from some of the protesters, but this man represents the law. No matter what you think of the outcome of the trial, this is not acceptable behavior from anyone in public much less a man who claims to be a professional. You can’t smile in court Jeff, I guess you should have expressed yourself when you got outside and just flipped him off. How anyone can think this is acceptable is beyond me, I don’t think Baez would have done that, and I would hope he would not condone Mr. Mason’s redneck, idiotic behavior. On second thought check out his daughters fb status after the verdict. Mr Baez, I would have expected more class than that from you and yours. See, you guys are no better than the rest of the world.


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