Casey Anthony’s Body Language Hair Grooming Ritual, Cindy’s Jolt of Reality, and George’s Passive Aggressive No Show in Court

Now that Casey Anthony’s hair is  very long and past her mid back, she appears to have a new  body language ritual.

First she  where she first grooms the left side and then stops for a few seconds.

Then she  grooms the right side. She did this ritual at least 20 times .

Now that there is a computer video monitor situated right in front of her, it is as though she has her own personal mirror to groom herself, which she did constantly.


That is not all she did. Casey also did her lip glossing motion where she  but not as often as we have see her do this in the past.This is where  Casey rubs her lips with her finger as though she is applying lip gloss.

These two behaviors hair rooming and lip glossing ,s are very significant in light of what we have learned about how important Casey’s looks are to her parents George and Cindy.

George has often referred to Casey by how he thinks she looks- “Beautiful!”  He even spend time in one letter telling her to be careful because she was gaining weight. He gave her hints about how to exercise so she won’t get fat.

Likewise her mother Cindy mentions  her appearance in several letters and tell her how beautiful she looks in court.

No doubt there must have been a huge emphasis on Casey’s appearance  and her  looking good while she was growing up. This may explain why she seems  so insecure about her looks that she has to constantly groom herself.

We saw her insecurity about her looks during the jailhouse tapes when George called her beautiful as well. At that time , Casey didn’t think she looked so beautiful  and began to make excuses which negated her father’s comment about  her looks.

Perhaps if both  George  and Cindy would have put more  focus on Casey’s developing her intellect, good morals, and proper values when she was growing up instead of focusing on her appearance  , she wouldn’t be in this predicament today.


There is no doubt in my mind that Jose Baez has been coaching his client as to how to behave in the courtroom. He has definitely instructed her to not laugh or smile. For the most part she sat still, expressionless and stoic.

What was clearly interesting was the look of ambivalence and disdain she quickly leaked out when Judge Belvin Perry entered the courtroom and Casey was forced to stand up.

Her facial expression says everything she no doubt feels about the Judge. When someone pulls their lip and cheek to the side it usually means they aren’t thrilled or happy to see the person. It signifies a negative reaction towards the person.  No doubt Casey is not too thrilled seeing  Judge Perry’s no nonsense approach towards her.

I imagine she now  regrets that she and Baez got rid of Judge Strickland. I’ll bet  wishes she was standing n front of him now instead of  No Nonsense Judge Perry.


On a Judge Perry note, I have observed that whenever he says something that is not particularly  pleasant  like stating that the state is seeing the ultimate sanction against Casey Anthony, the death sentence, describes his rules and what he expects, or he reprimands the defense or state, I notice that he does a little discomfort bounce where you see him fidget in his seat slightly bouncing  up and down in his chair up on the  bench.

While he never reveals his displeasure in his vocal tone and facial expression which always remain cool and collected, he certainly reveals it in his body language.


As soon as Judge Perry stated that the state is seeing the ultimate sanction against Casey, the death sentence, Casey sat there without emotion as though she was hearing someone speak about someone other than her. But the person do did get what the judge said and processed that information loudly and clearly was Casey;s mother Cindy.

That is when Cindy put one  hand over her nose and mouth and held on to her wrist. There is no doubt that this a a reality moment for her when she heard what her daughter was headed for. Obviously she knew this before, But to hear it again is till shocking.

While I usually  have very little sympathy for Cindy, unlike my dear friend Nancy Grace, who relates to Cindy as a mother, I have to admit that watching Cindy’s facial expression at that moment was a bit heart wrenching. There is no doubt that she contributed to Casey’s demise in my view, but just watching her soak in the realization that there was a good chance her daughter would die by lethal injection (words Judge Perry spoke) was sad to see.

Maybe that is why she is going around saying such absurd things like she called 911 and spoke of the smell of a dead body only to get the cops there quickly. Her talking about Caylee sightings well after the body of Caylee was discovered also speaks to Cindy trying to do her best to keep her daughter away from the lethal needle.


In my three decades of body language analysis I have NEVER seen anyone make the the  body language gesture  seen above. When Jose Baez was whining about Casey’s privacy being violated in terms of her videotaped  jailhouse visits  and the letters George and Cindy wrote being exposed, Cindy did something very odd and very disturbing She stretched out her arms in front of her and interlocked her fingers, Then she began to do a pulsating motion with  her interlocked fingers . It looked like she was doing a choking like behavior.

The bottom line was that the body tell was one indicating hostility if not violence. It no doubt said it all in terms of her subconscious feelings. Perhaps  subconsciously she feels like strangling those who have revealed the videos and the letters.  What was most disturbing is the length of time that she exhibited that behavioral gesture and the expression on her face- rage! You could even see the tension in her cheek muscles which is often associated with rage, anger, and hostility.


The more I observe of George’s behavior the more sickening It becomes to me .

With his no show he demonstrated how full of it he is when he wrote to case  to Casey “No Matter What”…umpeen times in various letters. In writing those words he clearly  wanted Casey yo know thathe loved her unconditionally “no matter what” she did. He was saying that she would stick by her thick or thin no matter what she did

But those were all empty words. His no show in court indicated that there was no such thing as unconditional love and” no matter what”  as far as Casey is concerned.

What Casey did actually mattered.  She accused both  him of sexually molesting her. She revealed this to a jailhouse friend in jailhouse letters.

Did George really  mean to write Casey  that he would love her no matter what UNLESS  she spilled the family secrets? Is that why he didn’t show up?  Is it because he was angry with Casey for doing so?

His no show is clearly passive aggressive behavior. If he is not guilt of doing what she said, why didn’t  he write in the last letter he sent to her that he was furious at what she did in lying about the molestation. Why didn’t he set the record strait?

If he didnt want to say anything so the defense could use it as an excuse for her not getting the death penalty, his no show is even worse.

It can possibly make some think that he had something to hide and that what Casey said was one of the few truths she told.

If George  didn’t molest his daughter, why not come clean and immediately admit it in a press conference or in an exclusive interview with Fox 35.He had no qualms about talking to Fox 35 in the past. In fact he read what was most likely part of his book proposal to them called   Under the Microscope- where he blamed everyone  else but Casey for his plight.

Why not speak up now and blame Casey for her false accusations if  he never touched her sexually? After all, she was obviously willing to throw him and Lee  under the bus.

If  he doesn’t put a stop to it now and openly say he didn’t molest her, many  people will assume that what Casey is saying is true.  By not speaking out immediately, it will be too little too late of indeed he ever denies it.

It is not a normal reaction for a person who did not molest someone. If you  were accused of something that horrific and you  didn’t to it, you  would scream from the highest mountains and to every media venue that would listen that this was a bold faced LIE!

George’s silence may be speaking volumes. Having said that, Casey still cannot be trusted when it comes to telling the truth.But if it is true, what is to prevent Casey from  filing criminal charges against George  and Lee for sexually molesting her when she was an under age girl.

Watching Casey and her dysfunctional family is like watching the worst possible soap opera. Every day there is some new high drama and repulsive revelations.


50 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language Hair Grooming Ritual, Cindy’s Jolt of Reality, and George’s Passive Aggressive No Show in Court

  1. Love the articles, you are spot on. very interesting.
    Why were there moniters in the court room and was that why Cindy was sitting so close to Casey?


  2. Thank you Dr Glass for this article. I have a few comments to make.

    1. I do not see Cindy as doing the choking motion. When I am waiting at doctor’s office, or in church, I usually clasp my hands together on top of my purse, and it looks, to me, that is what Cindy is doing.

    2. GA and CA have said so many times that KC does not lie, and that they believe everything she says, so how could he now say that she is lying about this. I’m sure CA would not allow GA to say that any way.

    3. Is there no statue of limitation on sexual abuse on an under age person?

    Looking forward to your answers.


    1. It was not just the clasping of the hands together. It was the outreach of the arms and the pulsation which was the choking like gesture which i the s very differnet from the gesture you say you make when you are at church. I agree with number 2 and with number 3 there is no statute of limitations on a crime like that in many states.


      1. Kind of like when she (according to Lee, I believe) was choking Casey in their huge fight… the day before Caylee vanished?

        Perhaps this is a typical reaction the woman has to uncontrollable anger. If she went around threatening, either through body language, words…or actually trying to do it…no wonder Casey has little love for her mother.


  3. “But those were all empty words. His no show in court indicated that there was no such thing as unconditional love and” no matter what“ as far as Casey is concerned.”

    That’s an excellent point, Dr. Glass.

    Thanks again for your analysis. I always like to read your opinions.


  4. I’m sorry, one more comment:

    4. I think GA is not attending court now, as they are afraid the media will get to him and ask questions about what KC said about him molesting her. You notice Lee is never seen in the media reports, he is acting like a normal person, working and going on with his life.


  5. Dr. Glass, do you think there’s any chance that George is willingly going along with the stories of sexual abuse hoping to add to the “shadow of doubt?” Not showing up in court, knowing how the media/public would spin that?


  6. Thanks for your analysis Dr. Glass. I’m thinking what another poster said about the problem Casey’s accusations are going to cause at trial. They have repeatedly said, Casey tells mistruths, as opposed to lies. Then toward the end of this ongoing case, Cindy admits she lies by saying, “a liar doesn’t make you a murderer.”

    So, someone is going to get torn apart in the witness box when they ask if Casey lies. Regarding the recent accusations against George, the answer will have to be, “yes” or he goes down.

    Anyway, why was he writing about his sad feelings about her being so tired? Did it occur to him that her behaviors have ripped the life they used to have to bits? Who cares if she’s tired…? I agree with you; his groveling to her has a passive aggressive base.

    I also feel sympathy for Cindy at times, but I also believe she was the first problem. She isn’t the best friend of TRUTH either. If she were, she would have gotten her daughter some mental help and not be concerned about public opinion. Look where it got her. Talk about *what you fear will appear?!* I can’t think of any worse shame and humiliation on a family!

    (My opinion)


  7. Dr. Glass, you’re last sentence is so right on. It is like watching a soap opera. While everything seems so slow going just as in a soap, Casey is aging rapidly, like in a soap where children can age 2-3 years within a year. Don’t watch a soap for a length of time and you can come back to it as if you haven’t missed a thing-just like this case.

    I would have liked to have seen a more aggressive George and Cindy where their son, Lee, was concerned. Then again, had they adamantly denied the allegations many would think they were lying. All of their previous antics has ruined their credibility on anything they say.

    Interesting analysis concerning Cindy’s “choking” hand movements. And the look of rage on her face is so evident. It’s as though she is feeling betrayed by the exposure of those letters.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July, Dr. Glass and Caylee’s friends!~


    1. Grooming is a part of body language, especially is there is grooming behavior as in Casey’s case. If you would like to read more about what I about grroming in relation to body language, feel free to get my book “I Know What You’re Thinking.”


  8. Andrea Lyon gone…Casey can let her hair down again. Maybe it was just one of the problems those 2 had with each other.
    Casey is obsessed with her own appearance as much as her parents are. Unfortunately for Caylee, she was much prettier than Casey and I believe that is one of the reasons why Caylee is now dead.
    I can’t feel sorry for Cindy. She has lied and obstructed to save Casey within days, if not hours, of that 911 call and she let Caylee lay in those woods night after night and I do believe she knew where she was. At the very least she knew she was murdered by her own daughter and created a sham and a charade for her own financial benefit. Never forget those she tried to point the finger at to save her own spawn. Feel sorry for her? Now that her little game is crashing down around her? Too bad. That’s what happens in the real world.
    George molested Casey every time he wrote her a letter or spoke to her in my opinion. He writes and speaks like a love sick lover instead of a father. He makes me sick.


    1. Forrest, I have to agree. I guess its my illusion about mothers that gets me feeling a glint of pity for Cindy. It’s hard to wrap my head around her behaviors (that you are very correct about) and the behaviors of her daughter. Neither one of them fit into the category of motherhood. As for George, I TOTALLY AGREE! He’s like a pimp not a father. It’s as if he wanted his arm candy to remain attractive. Casey has been their mascot and their badge.

      I also thank Dr. Glass for her insights.


    2. Caylee also very strongly resembled Cindy Anthony. A person Casey evidently could barely stand and tolerated only for the free ride she was getting via the child.

      My daughter is the spitting image of my ex-husband, a horrible man. It’s truly not an easy thing to do, to love unconditionally someone who looks identical to someone you strongly resent.

      But ‘normal’ people are able to make the separation.

      Unfortunately, Casey is not normal. I’m not saying she’d have loved Caylee if Caylee was the spitting image of her mother either. Because then, Casey would view a different kind of competition with her daughter.

      But Casey’s animosity with her mother, combined with seeing her mother’s face in Caylee, probably didn’t make it any harder to smother the life out of the child.

      I feel that in killing Caylee, she was killing her own mother.


    3. Unfortunately for Caylee, she was much prettier than Casey and I believe that is one of the reasons why Caylee is now dead.

      You don’t know how many times that very thought ran across my mind while trying to figure Casey out.

      Caylee was a real beauty inside & out where imo Casey was attractive if you didn’t know her but quite average without the make-up & slutty clothes.

      Caylee was such a pretty little cherub & the worst part is she reslembles Cindy more than Casey.

      Though Caylee’s beauty was sure to outshine them both. I think Casey was eaten up with jealousy because I think everyone who saw & got to know little Caylee loved her beauty & charm.

      I do wonder if she would have wound up like the other two women in the anthony household though, God forbif the thought but it was bound to happen.

      Casey’s childhood photos show an average looking little girl at best & Lee looks like Lurch.


      1. An observation from Casey’s last cout appearance above. I agree with someone else who said she’s aged, imo it’s quite noticable.

        She looks pale, face drawn at leasr 3 or 4 years older than when she went in jail 2 years ago. I think she looked terrible & that hair reminds me of the horror flick “The Ring” where that long haired female evil dead beast comes out the television set, lol it’s who Casey now looks like.

        The Anthony’s better to take a good, realisitic look at Casey because pretty is one thing she isn’t. She’s got that jailhouse palor complextion & when she sat down her bony elbows were jutted out & it looked freaky.

        I guess she lost the weight Daddy wanted her to but only looks unhealthy, pale & miserable. I don’t know if they fixed her tooth yet but something was wrong with her mouth & it looks like she’s all nose now with that hair in her face.


  9. Should have added, thank you for the very observant and interesting article, Dr. Glass. I always appreciate your insight.


  10. The Anthony family lawyer has commented on the allegations by saying,”The Anthony family denies that there was any improper sexual behavior in their family nor was there ever a time when Casey told them of sexually inappropriate conduct.”

    However, I agree, George is a “fair-weather” “unconditional love” parent–because he certainly has changed his tune. That whole family loves to engage is “punishments”.

    I wondered if you noticed how Casey walked into the courtroom, Dr. Glass. She walked like she was either a.) drugged b.) an old person c.) injured d.) afraid of falling again. It shocked me how bad she looked. I know in the beginning of these hearings apparently she was sometimes allowed to wear make up–this time she is wearing no makeup and she looks 40! Can you tell us what you make of the no make up situation?



  11. Hi Dr. Glass,
    When I look at the picture you posted of Casey as the Judge enters the court, it looks like a smirk to me. Almost looks to me as if Casey is actually thinking at that moment, this Judge is a joke.
    My guess is, Casey truly feels that a jury will look at her and see what she wants them to see. She believes in her mind the jury won’t pay attention to what’s being said. “They’ll simply view my beauty, my smile, and my charm, and they will never believe I could do the crime I’m charged with. I’ll be able to charm them into an innocent ruling.”
    I really believe Casey thinks by sticking to her story, and maybe even have Baez claim the abuse, that she will walk out free and clear.
    The look Casey has on her face when the Judge walks in, is exactly the same look she has on her face when she was first arrested and walking into the police station wearing that blue hooded shirt she bought with Amy’s money.
    I had mentioned the other day that when Judge Perry said what he did about the lethal injection, and the way he said it, I actually felt it. In that moment I had put myself in Casey’s chair and that was a very scary statement to hear.
    I don’t even know if “scary” is the proper word? Chilling maybe. And the Judge looked right at her as he said it. And yet she sat there emotionless!? It’s chilling to watch her lack of emotion. Baez also seems to prove his inexperience every time he speaks. Like I said, I would have fired him after his questioning of Detective Melich at the Bond Hearing. That was the most ridiculous questioning I’ve ever heard. I agree George not showing up speaks volumes. I also noticed Casey at the end of the hearing, Baez was talking to her before she walked out. When Casey turned to leave, she didn’t even glance towards Cindy’s direction. It seemed to be purposely avoided since she turned that way as she turned around to leave. Baez seems to emotionally involved with Casey in my opinion. For Baez to address a motion because of a day in court he missed in my opinion shows his lack of professionalism. It’s almost as if Baez wants to say, “Can I have a Do Over”! Casey they say will be able to claim incompetent lawyer for an appeal? But I wonder if having Mr. Mason on the team, an experienced lawyer, will squash that request? Sure is interesting.

    Take care, thanks for your post. I checked in off and on through out the day waiting for it! lol


  12. George being the dufus he is, is probably thinking that he is punishing Casey by not showing up in court. “I’ll teach you a lesson, I won’t sit there and support you”. George, Cindy and Casey have about as much intelligence as the three stooges.


  13. Casey’s inability to feel guilt or care what anyone thinks of her, including Judge Perry, is typical sociopath behavior. And it is said that a sociopath never admits guilt. Even Cindy knew she is a sociopath, and said so before Caylee died. I don’t expect Casey to plea. Her life is terminal because of that.

    So right about the intelligence of those 3 stooges. They’re too busy tending to their appearances. Tattoos, hairdo’s, cheap bras and junk jewelry doesn’t amount to class and or integrity. They have some big problems. They’d both be wiser to stay out of the courtroom. Ms Casey obviously doesn’t care to see them. They just don’t get that she isn’t a normal daughter, or love the camera, don’t know which.


  14. Hi Jo,
    I agree with you. I also believe, not that it’s new news, that Cindy and George are finished. I think it has become final even though they may be still living together. Cindy is quite obviously looking like she’s her own new person these days. Her apparent make over, her weight loss which is partly due to her self medicating pain pills. Which is my opinion based on personal experience.
    I don’t think Casey has written anyone in the family? They all have written to Casey asking, almost begging her to reply. Even Malory asked her to write Lee. Cindy I think sent her already stamped envelopes with blank paper? It’s my opinion that Cindy is moving on already with her life. And probably already making her plans for when this trial is over. I’m sure her new life doesn’t include George.
    As hard as I have been on this family with my personal opinions, I will say, I can’t blame Cindy. I think Cindy should have left George years ago. The abuse accusation aside, George hasn’t been much of a husband or father. He certainly hasn’t been a provider. They lost their first home because of his screwing up and keeping it a secret from his wife till the last second. They almost lost this home because of George losing all their savings and again keeping it a secret from his wife. He hasn’t held a job down in years. He has NO character or integrity and he’s a liar. His constant “Poor Me” act I’m sure isn’t anything new. I must say, even with my views of Cindy being what they are as a mother, I do believe she has tried. Cindy is the one who made the deal on her home and paid to keep it going. Cindy has tried to make a home for her family. There is a part of me that feels bad for Cindy. Her brother, mother, seem like good people. I believe Cindy made her biggest mistake because of foolish pride. And that was her not being able to admit she had picked a loser husband. When she began to cover for, and make excuses for George it was all down hill from there. It very sad how it all snowballed. The end result is a dead grandchild and a sociopath for a daughter who is now facing a death conviction. I think when it’s all over, Cindy will somehow try to regain control of her life without George. Like she should have done many years ago.

    Just my opinion.


  15. Hi,
    I’m not saying it’s ALL George’s fault! After re-reading my comment, it sounds as if I’m saying it’s all George’s fault. It isn’t. I’m just saying I believe Cindy should have left him many years ago. I don’t believe George has been anything other than a loser who seems to only care about how he looks. His perfect hair, and pressed shorts and t-shirts. Nice car which Cindy also pays for. George tries to portray this image of a hard working guy who’s simply had a short run of bad luck. That’s BS. But Cindy is in large part to blame as well. And of course so is Casey herself.

    Justice for Caylee


  16. “When someone pulls their lip and cheek to the side it usually means they aren’t thrilled or happy to see the person”

    I’m absolutely in agreement that Casey wasn’t happy to see Judge Perry, but I see her expression differently. I think she’s not yet used to the chipped tooth that she experienced a few weeks ago, and I see her as playing with that tooth with her tongue in order to get that expression.


    1. No, Casey’s expression is a an expression of ambivalence in this partcular instance. If she was rubbing her her tongue against with her tooth, you would see a very different facial expression with more oral protrusion and jaw excursion.


      1. I read that she (lucky girl!) got the tooth capped.

        When I chipped my front tooth, looking like Howdy Doody, the funds to repair it came out of my pocket.

        Maybe I should have trotted down to the courthouse and ‘fallen’, so the state would’ve paid for my new tooth.

        Funny how you see a lot of inmates with cosmetic dental issues that DON’T get fixed by the state.

        I’m peeved that they repaired it. It’s her fault she was in shackles in the first place. It’s her fault that she was going to court. Is it the habit of the state to provide cosmetic dentistry to inmates? Did they do this to arm themselves against the inevitable personal injury lawsuit that Baez will likely file against the state?


      2. I agree,
        I had a front tooth fixed years ago. It’s true it feels funny at first and it becomes a habit for a while to toy with it using your tongue. But you would notice the upper lip being pushed out by the tongue if she was toying with it. Actually I had a dentist sorta rebuild the broken tooth right in his office during a visit. It took a few minutes or so. You couldn’t tell the difference when he was done. It wasn’t a cap or anything, he just fixed it. Rare to find a good old dentist like we used to have. Now a days they wanna do all kinds of expensive x-rays and caps, all kind of things. I miss my old dentist. Pull it or fix it, 50 bucks! lol
        Today they want 300 bucks just for the first exam! Ridiculous. They aren’t dentists anymore either they’re all “Oral Surgens” now! lol

        Take care


      3. I’m curious about how the tooth repair looks, because Casey certainly did not reveal her teeth at all during the hearing..she usually does (because she thinks her huge toothy smile is a major asset). It is unusual to see her not flash her “trademark” big toothy smile at least once. It made me think that she is unhappy with the repair. If it was capped, that would be horrifying to Casey, because a cap next to natural teeth can often look bad. It is rare that it doesn’t look weird and opaque. It is a challenge to make it look perfectly natural. We all know how overly-conscious she is of her looks..the new tooth or repair to tooth may be a factor.


  17. Psycological abuse is ever present between the two woman…IMO, I see that Cindy has let her hair grow, just as Inmate Anthony. I can see these two woman are still in competition with each other…IMO, It’s Cindy’s ego and family image that will now allow her to admit Inmate Anthony’s responsibility in Caylee’s demise. In her coworker’s depo (she is actually Cindy’s supervisor) claims with Cindy it’s black or white…so that tells me there is no grey area where Cindy is concerned. So it’s either her daughter did this, or she had to have help. This is how Cindy spins things..

    Inmate Anthony can’t help but self groom. She knows she is on camera and being picked apart. I also see the “ruffles” that Inmate Anthony hates but was picked as her apparal for the emergency hearing..SO, Momma Anthony is still psychologically tormenting Inmate Anthony.

    George Anthony’s absence loudly states, he no longer supports the prisoner. She pushed him to his limit and finally sees the light. He better start standing up for the grandchild who gave him happiness and true unconditional love. He needs to be Caylee’s voice and do what’s right for Caylee..Caylee’s justice is all that matters..a life cut short so the prisoner can be free of parental incubrances. She could have given Caylee to the state if she didn’t trust her parents to raise Caylee. She didn’t have to take a life…I do believe Inmate Anthony’s actions will be Caylee’s justice in the end.

    I also believe, when Cindy made those motions with her hand, you describe as strangling someone, I see it as praying, praying real hard for she was the one who was going against the jailhouse rules and bringing contraband in the way of letters in and out without going through the proper channels. She should be embarrased for not following the law. Which is what this family does, they push the limits to see how much they can get away with. Entitlement????
    Prisoner has no privacy, bottom line and I wish Baez would stop pushing this issue. In the law, until found guilty, prisoner is innocent. That will soon change…IMO

    Justice For Caylee


  18. I agree completely with the you on the “no matter what” words in the letters that George wrote. Speaks volumes to me. All one would have to do is to add the words “you did” to the phrase. If you read his letters to her without knowing who wrote them, they sound like ones from a lover not a father (IMO).

    I agree with Lindas post. Cindys letters clearly state that Jose can’t read or give her letters to Casey ANYMORE. Thought all mail was supposed to be checked. The A’s all seem to think that our FL law does not apply to them.

    Cindy seems to forget that the same people she refers to as “no life bloggers’, “leeches” and “maggots’ are the are the ones that are now having to pay for her daughters defense. We are out working, paying our mortgages and surviving tragedies. Cindy is on disability. Unbelievable. If she can appear in court, fly to interviews, run her foundation, then she can work.

    As for body language and George, one has only to watch him on the LKL show when he was asked about the smell and the car. Even a lay person like me could see the blatant lies.


  19. Compliments to commenter sophie who points out the facial resemblance between Caylee and her Grandmother Cindy. It is a big issue, and I also agree that Casey likely hated Caylee because of that resemblance along with Cindy’s “devotion” to Caylee. The resentment between Casey and Cindy is colossal! I’ve never seen such hatred. Well, actually, I my own family. It’s hard to imagine myself killing anyone or anything..but one time I was so angry with my Cindy-like Mother I drove though a red light and had an accident. It was intentional and not intentional at the same time. I have often thought of that “accident” in relationship to how Casey killed Caylee. She hated Cindy and took it out on Caylee and later, I imagine shrugging to herself, she thought something like, I didn’t mean to let Caylee drown (or whatever) therefore, I’m no murderer. Like everything else Casey has done, she passively aggressively got what she wanted..(to be away from both Caylee and Cindy). Casey allows circumstances to wash over her …like water continually running over a rock. The rock just stays there getting harder and harder. If she had any wherewithall at all she would have had the gumption to leave the family..but she is too dependent and needed help (that she sought with the myriad of boyfriends). I often feel sorry for her, and I know I am only among a handful of people who do. I’m aware, if I hadn’t had a Cindy-esque Mother I would be firmly in the burn-Casey-at-the-stake camp too.


  20. My question about George’s non-appearance – hasn’t he left the home before for a somewhat significant amount of time? It seems he really doesn’t know if he belongs or not. He made apologies to kc for not being there for her before. I think he’s always been on the outside looking in- in his very own home, in his very own family. He’s had to play-act for two years at being the concerned loving father. He’s on hiatus till the fall season starts up maybe.


  21. Thank you Dr. Glass. I truly enjoy all of your articles. The grooming drives me crazy! Espcially the hand rubbing, which makes me feel she is trying to rub away what she has done to Caylee.

    I do not have any sympathy for George nor Cindy. The way they behaved during Mr. Morgan’s depositions, all defiant, rude, and very argumentive, is exactly how they should of behaved towards Casey during the few jailhouse visits. None of this hi beautiful, hello gorgeous, settle down sweetheart. They should of been on the attack towards Casey, demanding she answer what happened to Caylee. Anytime they tried to ask Casey anything about Caylee, she had a temper tandrum.

    I am not an expert, but I feel George did not molest her. I guess I feel this way, because Casey is such a liar. They all lie. The apple did not all from the tree. Dr. Glass, you made an excellent point, when you said George and Cindy should of focused on Casey’s intellect, instead of her looks. I think they were not able to do this, because what do they know about intellect. It’s all about appearances for all of them.

    Casey’s behavior in court, when Judge Strickland was there, was as if she was at a party. All giggles, smiling, being silly, and totally disgusting. I feel Jose Baez had her so brainwashed, into thinking, once this pesky trial is over, she would be found not guilty, released and never have to look back. Who knows what he has been telling her all along. She tries now to be all serious, but it’s not fooling anyone. Her comtempt towards Judge Perry is very obvious. Jose Baez and her probably feel what a mistake they made, asking for Judge Strickland to step down. You’d think by now, they would realize, be careful what you wish for.

    One more thing, in all those letters George and Cindy have written to Casey, they never mention how sad and heartbroken they are, that Caylee is gone. The only joy in their life, Caylee does not seem to matter at all. The photo’s of them leaving court in the past, all smiles and hand holding always made me wonder, do they even realize they just left court, and not some nice dinner?

    With them, it’s as if, concerning Caylee, out of sight, out of mind.


  22. I agree with *Bees.

    I think it’s all a “plan” for Casey to use Georges abuse for sympathy. It is obvious thus far with these people that they will do ANYTHING for princess Casey, even if it means public humiliation and embarrassment. I also think they communicate through Baez’s laptop that he’s allowed to take in the jail when he visits her.


  23. Celeste~~ Your Comment 3:57 PM made me think.
    You spoke from the Heart.
    I didn’t have a Cindy like Mom like You mentioned in Your Case.
    I did however have a Dad which reminded me somewhat of George. Don’t get me wrong he was a fine Man and definitely honest and hard working, rest his Soul.
    My Dad often gave me Compliments and told me I was pretty and when I would gain a little Weight after seeing him for a while he would tell me it looked good on me but I don’t need to gain any more.:)
    Both my Mom and Dad always seemed to care about how I looked and it seemed to them to be important that according to them I was pretty. I never thought too much about it but I guess it did affect me somewhat in Life, I can’t be pretty for ever and I feel there is so much more to me than just Looks.
    To this Day I still think I always have to look good, I guess it has been instilled in me since I can remember. Anyway I can see somewhat why Casey is constantly trying to primp herself.
    I can’t say I believe or I don’t believe the sexual Abuse Casey is accusing her Dad and Brother of. Is it possible sure! All I want to say just because George saying all these Things in his Letters to Casey doesn’t convince me he sexually abused her.
    Basically what I like to mention, a lot of People have Problems and Issues at home but as an Adult You can’t blame everything on Your Parents. We have our own Choices to make in Life. Myself I raised two Sons and have 2 Grand Sons and I am doing my Best to teach them right from wrong. My Parents passed away but I do love them
    and did finally realize they weren’t perfect but I haven’t been perfect either. All we can do in Life is do our Best and treat People especially Family the Way we like to be treated.
    Sorry, too long of a Comment 😳


  24. Dr. Lillian Glass, I just want to mention, it is very much appreciated that You take time out of Your busy Schedule
    and write a Post here. The Information You share with us
    is very interesting and I always look forward to Your Analysis in this Case.


  25. Perhaps if both George and Cindy would have put more focus on Casey’s developing her intellect, good morals, and proper values when she was growing up instead of focusing on her appearance , she wouldn’t be in this predicament today.

    Understatment of the year, Dr. Glass..seems to me this family is one that is “keep up with the Joneses”, all materialistic.. The worst that happened was the amount of money they made from Caylee’s “library” of videos/photos that were sold err, ummm licensing fees given to the prisoner.

    You’re so right. For a registered nurse and former homicide detective, you’d think this family would make sure their daughter took advantage of the education system. Teach morals and values, call her on the lies she’s uttered. Seems the prisoner lives in a fantasy world, nothing realistic going on in that head! Instead, they turned a blind eye and deaf ear to all the wrong she’s done! What I’d like to know is WHEN did Inmate Anthony’s behavior start to change, what age?? Was it at 15, 16.??? How can a nurse not know her daughter is pregnant? How did the prisoner manage to keep it a secret for 7 months??? That to me is so disturbing. Don’t you know what’s going on with your child? Up until a doctor informed Cindy that Casey was indeed pregnant, 7 months along, what would have happened if Casey was able to give birth with no one knowing??? Was this predestined???

    I just pray whatever jurors are chosen to sit on this criminal case, they use and open mind, take note of the evidence, the lies, the deceit and do what’s right for Caylee. It will not be just one piece of evidence but the totality of it all…there are no coincidences when it comes to evil deeds…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  26. There is no Excuse whatsoever for what has been done to Caylee by the Hands of her own Mother.
    Yes I do believe Casey is the one responsible for Caylee’s Murder whether it was an Accident, which I don’t believe, or a vicious Murder.
    Lot’s of People grow up in a dysfunctional Family that doesn’t mean it gives You the Right to kill an innocent Child!
    Casey had varies Options if she couldn’t get along with her Parents but I guess that would have meant she needed to get out and get a real Job like every one else and get a Place of her own and take care of her Daughter. I guess that was all too much work and Responsibility for her so she chose to stay home and let Cindy take care of everything even though Casey resented the Fact that her Mother kept on reminding her of her Responsibilities to Caylee.
    I do blame Cindy for not letting Casey give the Baby up for Adoption when she wanted too, obviously Casey knew she
    didn’t want the Responsibility of raising a Child! Did she ever consider Birth Control while she was sexually active, I wonder!
    Also I believe Casey could have made her own Decision and give the Baby up for Adoption at the same time Cindy I am sure was very persuasive and controlling in making the Decision for Casey.
    Anyway You look at it the Evidence the State has against Casey will show she is the one and only one who is responsible for Caylee’s Murder and the Jury will come back with a fair Verdict after examining All the Evidence and Justice for Caylee will be served, at least I would hope it will!


  27. Yes I also saw the unusual hand movement with Cindy… I couldnt figure out what she was doing.. I had mentioned it on another discussion board but no one else seemed to notice it…. She was definately moving her hands in a repetive movement exactly as you describe Dr. Glass.. I am so glad you did an article on this…


  28. Dr. Lillian, Please do a body language reading Kyron Horman’s stepmonster during her press conference with Kyron’s mother last week. I’m no expert but she looked very awkward.
    I enjoy your insights very much.


  29. I find it hard to believe Casey for obvious reasons-she does not know how to tell the tryth. As for George, I don’t believe he did anythig sexually to Casey but I do believe that there may have been physical violence. George does have a temper and I find it har to believe he could have restrained himself when he found out about Casey’s stealing. Things were pretty strained when Casey was on bail according to Padilla and Tim Miller. Sometimes I question what Padilla says but a lot of what he says has turned out to e true. As for Tim Miller he has no reason to lie.
    I understan Georges letter to Casey to mean that against his better judgemnt , he has supported Casey and now Casey tells yet another lie one that could rip the family apart. For What? I say for mitigating circumstances.


  30. I think your readings are right on, Dr. Lillian.
    Casey is so totally disconnected from all that is going on in that courtroom that I think it just shows she’s a true sociopath. If she’s found guilty and gets the death penalty, I’m willing to bet hysterics will begin then since it will be about her and she won’t be able to disconnect from it.

    I alternate between feeling sorry for Cindy in that she lost her beloved grandchild, but totally frustrated by her on account of her actions since that time. I hope if her deposition on the 911 call is videotaped that you’ll be able to do a reading of her body language during that session. I remember the Zenaida testimony when she chewed gum and looked all around the room when she was responding and didn’t seem to look at the attorney doing the questioning at all. That spoke volumes in my untrained opinion!
    I think she’s now reaping the consequences of the way she raised Casey and evidently let her get away with anything and now she’s got to face up to the fact that her (Cindy’s) parenting skills left a lot to be desired.


  31. I still don’t buy the molestation views, any other person, yes but Casey, no. I really think George would hold press conference about it but Cindy is stopping him because this sexual abuse angle might garner more public sympthony and try to make Casey appear to be a victim. Casey only notes the sexual abuse from George as possible dream and even when she used this lie in the past with Jesse, Mr. Grund noted that he felt it was a lie and was her way of gathering sympathy to get Jesse to buy her a house so she can escape the drama between her parents.
    I think the true abuse was more emotionally orchestrated by her mother and her disdain for her brother and father for not protecting
    her from it. I do agree with your views on her nervous grooming habits. Quite annoying! But Ido feel George is innocent of these charges and now has come to face the facts about his sociopathic daughter. He must keep his mouth shut because Cindy knows though these lies are not true, they may garner sympthony to keep her off deathrow. I think Cindy will emotionally abuse Casey through her letters for the rest of her life and will attempt to haunt Casey with images of Caylee. This provides Cindy with her favorite power of all, control. Whether it makes any emotional affect on Casey makes no difference to her, she will keep doing it for taking Caylee away from Cindy. I think calling her beautiful is both George and Cindy’s way of sugaring Casey up and I feel the ultimate jab to Casey from her of her parents that does make waves to her personal ego, is attacking her appearance, the one thing Casey does pride. I do agree to above poster that Caylee was far more beautiful and angelic than Casey and Casey was deeply disturbed by this fact to the point of extreme jealousy. Casey control over Caylee as her possession was the only chess move she could make to piss over and hurt the real control queen, Cindy.
    1st year Phd student in behavioral Pyschology at Texas Am


  32. Hi,
    I’m not making excuses for Casey, believe me. But I will say, “The dream angle” is another reason I believe it. That is also something that mirrors someone I know and how they were able to function in life. I’m not sure how to explain it? But a person can block out certain horrific events or memories where they don’t even seem real. It’s some kind of defense mechanism we’re all born with. This woman I know did eventually seek proper counseling as an older adult. But was able to function fine through life as a good mother and wife etc.. She was able to stuff these images deep enough to deal with them her own way. Which was by not facing it. But some of the more disturbing realities she wasn’t sure whether or not they were dreams or memories? Just always has unclear brief images from her past that she wasn’t sure were real or not. Anyway, the “Dream angle” is a very common sorta self defense, or subconscious action among abuse women. I would imagine most abused people, men or women can probably relate to this? Anyway, the “Dream” thing caught my eye also, and was one of the main things that made me lean towards her being truthful about this accusation.

    Take care 🙂


  33. I think it’s sad that a woman who was an obvious addict and alcoholic who basically knocked out her kid so she could go out and party is sitting in a jail house for over 2 years waiting for trial. Sad. I guess she waived her rights to a speedy trial, ey?


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