Cindy Anthony’s Letters to Casey Reveal Her Focus on Casey’s “Beauty” Possible Manipulation and Passive Agressive “Mind Games”


Reading Cindy’s letters to her daughter  Casey were very disturbing . My first question was a. ) why is  she writing diatribes about how Caylee will be found and how there were sightings as recent as January 2010 when we all know the remains were already found?

b) Why is she so concerned about  her daughter’s looks- her “beauty” a theme also common to George who also seems  overly concerned with his daughter’s looks and  weight gain  when she may be facing a lethal injection c)  why is she sending Casey photos of  Caylee and writing how much Caylee loved her mommy. Was it done to passive aggressively keep reminding  Casey what she did to Caylee?

In George’s words  WHY?WHY? WHY is she doing this?


In my last blog concerning the Anthony’s I discussed George’s concern about Casey’s looks and weight.  Cindy apparently has the same concern with Casey’s looks  as you see above in a 2009 letter to Casey.  First she cuts Casey’s appearance  down by telling her “You look very tired.” Then in the next sentence she builds her up by telling her “You still look beautiful!” complete with exclamation mark for emphasis as she makes a point of Casey’s beauty.

Then she tells Casey how beautiful she looked when she was in Court in January 2010 as you can see above.

No wonder Casey is always seen grooming herself int he courtroom.  From the letters we can now see how much emphasis BOTH  George and Cindy paid to Casey’s appearance. In my view if  they would have put half that energy into paying attention to her  into her personality and correcting  her aberrant behaviors, they wouldn’t have t admire their daughter’s looks from afar in a courtroom where they mostly see the back of her head.




As of 2010, everyone knows it was little Caylee’s skull that was found with the duct tape over the mouth and nose area. They know that Casey’s remains were found. So, for Cindy to refer to Caylee sightings as late as January 2010, it seems to me that  possibly Cindy

is  a) so in denial because the truth is too difficult for her to bear,

b) so out of it on medication that her memory is affected

c) is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or

d)is writing these letters and reference to Caylee, as a form of manipulation in creating ” reasonable doubt”

I choose (d).Cindy is no dummy. Just as she knows all the videos will be seen,  she knows that all the letters  she writes to Casey will be seen and read/ Therefore , she knows that by writing about a Caylee  sighting,  if those letters become pieces of evidence they will be  used by the defense as a possible way to establish reasonable doubt.

Cindy is clearly being manipulative in my opinion and knows exactly what she is doing here. She even mentions  Zani’s half brother Hector as you see in her letter above, when she very well knows that there is no  Zani the nanny and definitely no Hector, which she wrote in parenthesis.


What is most telling about Cindy’s manipulation is how she began the sentence regarding the alleged Caylee sighting by writing”  the words“ I don’t want to upset  you.” To me it seems that is  EXACTLY what she wants to do with Casey- upset her.

She knows exactly what buttons to push with her sociopathic daughter. She knows exactly what will upset Casey.

No doubt, her interference,   trying to take control, getting involved in the case, and talking about Caylee sightings is no doubt  of those upsetting things.

I can also imagine how many times he bugs Jose Baez. In her letters she even says how overwhelmed her is. In writing that, she is no doubt trying to justify why he most likely ignores her and doesn’t respond to her. She even writes to Casey telling her to have the jail chaplain call her. I am sure that plea went unheeded as well.

The one thing that Casey is no doubt happy about is that she doesn’t have to deal with Cindy. She can shut her out by not allowing her to visit her in jail. From George’s letters we have seen that it is clearly Casey’s choice as to whom she allows or does not allow to see her in jail. George knows that it has to do with him personally as he begs for Casey to allow him to see her even for a minute.

But Cindy lives in the illusion that Casey is refusing to see her because the media would scrutinize their vista. As far as Casey is concerned, that is the furthest thing from the truth in my view. She simply does not want to see Cindy just like she has no interest in seeing George. After all Cindy is the one who put her in by  calling  the police on her . There is no doubt Casey blames Cindy for her predicament and wants nothing to do with her.

So Cindy can do all the begging and pleading to see Casey, but Casey will not budge. The only good thing about her being in jail in Casey’s mind  is that she doesn’t have to be around Cindy. She can’t even bring herself to look at Cindy as evidenced when she is in the courtroom and ignores her mother and father.


Why in the world is Cindy sending Casey so many photos of Caylee and various developmental stages in her babyhood? In my view it is  to serve as a  reminder to Casey of what she  did to Caylee.

The  photo  above of  Casey and Caylee   together was no doubt sent by Cindy to say. ” you killed a child who  looked like you.”  Cindy even emphasizes her point by  mentioning  in the letter  “I can’t get over how much Caylee resembled you.”

Cindy is not done with Casey yet. She attempts to make Casey feel guilty and remorseful for killing Caylee-( emotions which sociopathic Casey cannot and will not ever feel) by sending her an infant photo of Caylee with the following post it note attached to it that says “She was trying to tell us something even then. She loves her momma.”

To me this is a sickening display of passive aggressive manipulation in Cindy’s part.

The note is then signed “Caylee” in Cindy’s writing. If that isn’t a”head game” I don’t know what else is. Cindy is obviously saying” look what you did to this little baby who did nothing but innocently  love you .

What is written between those lines by Cindy speaks volumes.But Cindy doesn’t get it! Cindy doesn’t get that no matter how many photos or notes she sends Casey with regard to Caylee, Casey, doesn’t care! It means nothing to her. She doesn’t feel guilt or upset that she killed Casey. She feels relief that Casey is gone. The only upset she feels is a) when Cindy annoys her and b) that she got caught and is now in jail so she can’t party.Those are the extent of Casey Anthony’s feelings.


Cindy also tries to get to Casey by rubbing Mallory, Lee’s girlfriend in her face. No doubt this annoys Casey. After all Casey  was the star of the family whom everyone  doted on.

So now that Casey has to hear about Mallory I am sure that this is not music to narcissistic eyes, let alone ears.

Cindy goes on about how Mallory does this or that and how happy Lee is with Mallory and how Lee and Mallory are so cute  together. That is yet another reason Casey want’s nothing to do with Cindy.


The above statement from Cindy even supplying Casey with paper and and a self addressed  envelope shows how desperate she is to get Casey to write. There is no way Casey will do that, especially if Cindy wants her to do so. No matter how many blank sheets of paper or envelopes Cindy provides, Casey is not writing her.

Cindy knows this. So to save face so she won’t look like she is a groveling like we saw George do in his letters. she casually asks Casey to simply drop her a line even if it is to say Hi. She is even willing to settle for a “Hi” on a blank sheet of paper  hopefully sent in a self addressed envelope.


In her letters, Cindy consistently tells Casey to continue to  fight. In doing so is she telling Casey to continue to lie? It seems that way to me. What is she fighting for? What can Casey possibly say at this point? She lied about so much.

Then Cindy writes Casey about a dream that Casey was back home and how she prays Casey is “back home with us.”That is about all Cindy can do- dream and pray as the only home Casey will ever go to  is a small prison cell and perhaps  a coffin where she will be housed after she is executed for torturing and killing Casey.

Cindy also tells Casey “Don’t let them win.” In saying this is she emcouraging Casey to continue to lie about what really happened to Caylee? This isn’t a game where one wins or loses. This is serious reality to find out the truth so that justice can be served.


There is no doubt in my mind that Cindy must be feeling tremendous  guilt for the death of Caylee.

After all she was the one who told Casey that she was going to keep Caylee and throw Caylee out. Had she never said such a thing to Casey. perhaps Caylee might be alive today.

She tries to pass that guilt on to Casey by sending her pictures and making manipulative statements that will never affect Casey, who does not have any feelings of guilt.

Cindy’s attempts at manipulating Casey to get her to feel guilt are really Cindy’s deep rooted feelings of her own  guilt. I imagine she has guilt for  how  poorly she raised Casey, how she didn’t set boundaries, or use enough tough love and how she let Casey get away with way too much for way too long.

Deep down Cindy knows what is going on. But for now. she tries to remain the loyal and supportive  parent  to Casey out of her own guilt. There is no doubt that when this is all over, her recovery time and her freedom from her guilt  will be quick.


If Casey is sent away for life or dies by lethal injection, my thoughts are that  Cindy will quickly move on.  Why I say that has a lot to do with the handwriting in her letters to Casey.

The slant of the writing is consistently upwards, unlike George’s which is consistently slanting downwards. Generally, when handwriting is slanted upwards it usually means happiness and optimism as opposed to a downward pessimistic and depressed outlook.

Maybe subconsciously, Cindy is happy that Casey is where she belongs- in jail. Maybe deep down she is happy that Casey is being punished for what she did to her beloved Caylee.

Maybe Cindy  is happy that Casey is locked up and she doesn’t have to deal with her stealing money or her lies any more. After all it was Cindy who made sure that the police was called so they could lock Casey  up. Maybe Cindy is optimistic that once Casey is finally out of her life for good, she will be more optimistic about her own future.

Personally, I believe that  she will use  what happened with Casey and Caylee as a vehicle for her own purpose and her own future –  to make a lot of money . This will be in keeping of what she wrote to Casey, regarding” Cayleenot dying in vain

For starters,  Cindy  will most likely  write a book and get a huge advance.  In fact it has been said that she is writing a book now.  Perhaps George’s essay  that he read on Fox 35, ” Under the Microscope” may have been part of his book proposal that he too will write.

If Cindy’s book becomes a reality, no doubt she will make a lot of money from the serial rights, foreign rights,  speaking tours, and may even  get paid  top dollar for exclusive interviews from various media outlets.

Even though she is not a very likable, her infamy may translate into dollars and cents.  I hope not, but  look at what has happened to others  in the past who were unlikable!

Her infamous notoriety may allow her to  get a TV gig like Tiger Wood’s sex partner,  Rachel Uchitel has on Access Hollywood, or a column  in the NY Daily News like Elliott Spitzer’s  prostitute Andrea Dupree , a co-hosting gig on CNN  like Andrea Dupree’s “john,” former Governor  Elliott Spitzer,  or even her own TV show like Omarossa may have and Kate Gosselin is about to have.

All I can say is let’s  just hope any show in which Cindy Anthony is involved  wouldn’t be about parenting!  The whole notion uunfortunately it could very well become a reality.

One thing for sure is that you will never find me reading any book by George or Cindy Anthony or watching any show they may obtain in the future.


29 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony’s Letters to Casey Reveal Her Focus on Casey’s “Beauty” Possible Manipulation and Passive Agressive “Mind Games”

  1. yeah.. i’m glad you wrote about cindy’s letters too… too bad cindy and george weren’t paying attention to kc weight gains when she was pregnant and hiding it..


  2. Thanks. This was a very good read. I was curious about Cindy’s letters and found many good points here Dr. Glass. I had to agree with all of them. I saw the passive aggressive behavior and always thought Cindy was unconsciously trying to get rid of Casey. What amazes me the most is the fact that Casey is no less glad to be rid of Cindy. Hmmm. Yes, it’s a game, I agree.

    I noticed Cindy as well as George is blowing smoke with all those empty compliments and certainly see the picture much clearer with regards to Casey’s narcissism. It was said she would spend endless hours primping before the mirror. .. One day Cindy declared she was in front of the mirror for 8 hours.

    I wonder why she mentioned Caylee looking so much like her mother. She had previously pretended Caylee was hers. ??? Makes no sense. Casey has to be loving her pain, yes, I agree with that too.

    I expect to see what’s left of the Anthony’s, under the bus at trial.

    Sorry about the long winded post. This subject is more than a human interest story. It’s a horrible story.


  3. This obsession over Casey’s looks makes me think of the chicken or the egg riddle. Was Casey’s parents always obsessing over her looks as she was growing up which is why she is always primping herself or was Casey the one obsessing over her looks as she was growing up and mom and dad had to always reassure her she was beautiful? 😯

    How disheartening for Caylee to have a grandmother who will profit off her murder. Cindy is a drama queen and will love to tell others of all of her woes being the mother of a daughter “wrongly convicted” of murdering her granddaughter. Oooh…I hope she doesn’t think she will go around helping others to deal withtheir missing child…ugh.

    Thanks, Dr. Glass!


  4. Great article, Dr. Glass! What came to my mind was that Cindy Anthony kept insisting that KC write her something or anything if just a “hi” is because Cindy wanted these letters from KC as a bankable commodity to add to her book in order to make it more bankable. I also thought that the reason Cindy sent KC a picture of her and George on that infamous cruise they took a while back to indirectly throw it in KC’s face about the how they were enjoying the money and life while she is in jail. They both were all smiles in that picture and I bet it sent KC up the roof. lol These people are so sick and manipulative, it truly is no wonder KC didn’t fall far from the tree!



  5. This was great reading. Just need to examine your words before printing. We noticed that ‘Casey’ name was in alot of spaces where it should have actually been ‘Caylee’. Excellent article though. We will be so glad when slut-pup Casey gets her day in court, 100% DP is what she deserves. Get rid of the whole Scamthony bunch. They are all TRASH.



  6. So sad that so many people used this precious child her entire life. A weapon for both Cindy & Casey while alive, and a pot of gold for almost evreyone else in death.

    Cindy sees beauty in Casey. I see ugliness and evil. The same qualities that are so apparent in Cindy. Even the training to learn how to hold her viper tongue can’t turn Cindy into a lady, and Cindy will never turn Casey into a beauty.

    There will be a special place in hell for everyone who has used Caylee for profit. No matter how small the amount.


  7. I do like reading your blog, however, it would be 100x better if you would proof read and make corrections. All the errors take away from the content.


  8. Casey stopped being interested in visits from her parents the moment she realized they could not/would not be bailing her out, or helping her to get out in any way.

    She also has realized that they KNOW she did this. Even with their apparent ‘denial’…deep down they know, and she’s fully aware of this.

    At this point, she is continuing the punishment she began inflicting on them the minute she snuffed the life out of her daughter.

    Casey may not be capable of loving anyone…but she’s certainly capable of hatred.

    And she has hated her parents for a very, very long time. And always will.


  9. I think you are totally right about Cindy using the letters for reasonable doubt, she knows we will read them, but even in the letters the stupid idiot slips up. C’mon she knows that baby is dead, in one letter she writes she believes the baby is alive and in New York, then in the next letter she writes how much Caylee “RESEMBLED” you, resembled being past tense, she didn’t say look how much Caylee resembles you, which is the word you would use if you TRULY thought the baby was still alive. Give me a break!!!!


    1. I like the point about your comment on “Resembled” good point. She knew of the death of the child. There is so much hidden in these people. It will be interesting to finally find it all out, If we ever do….Susan


  10. Hi,
    As far as Casey not wanting to see George and Cindy. Which I believe Baez is a part of this decision. I truly believe it’s because Baez, with Casey’s consent, is going to claim years of abuse. Part of his defense act at trial will be him saying; “Here is a young woman on trial for her life. She needs everyone in her corner she can get. Yet Casey “By Her Choice” did not want even a 5 minute visit with either parent for over two years!” “What young woman wouldn’t want a visit from her parents while in jail and scared for her life?” “Only someone who has been abused by their parents would refuse a visit!”
    I believe Casey’s not granting a visit is part of Baez’s strategy for trial which Casey is obviously going along with. George now regrets agreeing with Baez, and I believe Baez lied to George and Cindy knowing all along what he was going to do. Whether the abuse is true or not. This is the road they will take. Just as Casey told Jesse, Tony, and wrote in her letter, I’m sure she told Baez as well that she was abused early on. Whether it’s true, or she says it for sympathy, doesn’t matter. What matters is whoever she tells this to, I think believes her including Baez. I also believe it, as it is no excuse for murder. Many abused women grow to be wonderful mothers and wives. But this will be argued in Casey’s case to gain sympathy to keep her from the death penalty. Just my opinion.

    Take care


  11. Hi again,
    As I read your take on Cindy, George, and the letters of manipulation and an intention to aggravate; I agree 100 percent. I don’t believe Cindy is in denial at all. I believe Cindy is pretty smart and is saying things she knows will be seen by everyone, more importantly the media.
    I think it’s sad that in today’s world, someone like Cindy, or anyone connected to this or any case similar can end up making loads of money from the tragedy of a dead child. It’s disgusting that people will watch someone like Cindy on some reality show, or in an interview where you know not a word of truth will be spoken! Like that woman who had all those kids, an idiot! And people watch a show or donate money or a house! It’s absurd! The media and television have become horrible. Here we have a dysfunctional family, who’s daughter murdered her child, and yet in the end, the mother of the murderer stands to do financially well because of this horrific murder. There is something really wrong with that! There is something really wrong with TV cameras in a court room as well. I enjoy watching like everyone else, but it is wrong. Lawyers doing TV interviews, jurors in some cases making money and getting their 15 minutes of fame depending on who the defendant is. It’s ridiculous! You know damn well some journalist will try to get an “Exclusive” with one or more of the jurors after this trial is over. It’s crazy! Or some idiot because of the internet these days, can get on TV, and talk about things he has no business or back round in all because he “writes” about a popular trial! It’s all very weird and wrong.
    I’m sorry for rambling on! lol
    Thank you for your analysis, I very much enjoy reading here.

    Take care 🙂


    1. You do realize that Dr. Glass also goes on T.V. to give her analysis of this case and writes about it, too? Gee, it is free speech to write about anything. There are many blogs where the owners write on high profile cases. You must lump them all together rather than decide only one blogger has no business writing on this case.


  12. The irony is rich that since no bloggers name was mentioned you go there.

    Reading comprehension. no where did godfather say “anyone” should not write about it, he/she said someone gets himself on TV to talk about things he has no background for. I think that was pretty clear, and ironically funny that you formed an opinion of who it might be.!


  13. I vow that I will never buy a book, magazine or newspaper article that is connected in any way to the Anthony’s or her defense team’s income. Easy vow to keep. I can’t bear to hear their voices anyway, and haven’t been able to for over a year. I know a lot of others feel the same way. I think we will be very selective about who we are willing to give our money to.

    I agree with you, Rob. It is ridiculous!

    Dr. Glass, I always appreciate your body language interpretations. I don’t believe Cindy is in denial either.


  14. “The above statement from Cindy even supplying Casey with paper and and a self addressed envelope shows how desperate she is to get Casey to write. There is no way Casey will do that, especially if Cindy wants her to do so. No matter how many blank sheets of paper or envelopes Cindy provides, Casey is not writing her.”
    (Dr. Lillian Glass)
    Yes, she IS desperate for Casey to write to her but it isn’t due to her love or concern, support or caring nature IMO. First of all, in her other letters she points to the authorities as being the reason that Casey “can’t” write to her or see her in visitation. Now, she is asking Casey to write…well, which is it, Cindy? Can Casey write to you or is it authorities who are prohibiting it? Obviously, to me, in her other letters, Cindy is trying to influence the public against the prosecution and LE for denying poor Casey contact with her own loving family. However, we now know that Cindy knows very well it is her own daughter refusing to write to her.
    And, if not for love, why would Cindy want Casey to write to her so badly? Well, Dr. Glass, you said it yourself at the end of your article…Cindy would simply LOVE to have a collection of letters to and from Casey to add to her book. Mother and daughter…”wacko-woman and her sociopathic spawn”…”the results of a life of privilege, entitlement and imagines self beauty without benefit of soul” and on and on. People might not like Cindy and many would boycott her book but a large percentage of people would buy that book simply to get more of a peek into what makes Cindy and Casey tick. Learning about those we hate so badly is big business and Cindy knows it. She’s already grooming herself for the future and Casey is no active part in that future once she has been convicted and that will suit Cindy just fine. Meanwhile, she’ll torture and push buttons and try to get some rise out of Casey all for her own motivations and profit.
    That “spiteful bi*ch” owes her a lot of money…and Cindy intends to get it all back and…of course…WIN…which, in this case, means GET EVEN for what Casey did to her. Cindy must WIN, at all costs. I agree, Cindy is over Casey and Cindy is over Caylee…it is all about Cindy and always has been IMO.
    (And, if no book…so what? Cindy will just sell the letters to the highest bidder.)
    I wonder if Casey knows that she and Caylee are just being fed into one end of a meat grinder which spits money out the other end for Cindy? That’s all Caylee has been for Cindy for a long time IMO…fodder for her benefit…and now that she knows Casey is gone (and the house is peacefully quiet)…she’s decided to use her for her own benefit, too. She is one of the worst excuses for a mother and grandmother I have ever had the displeasure to learn about IMO.
    George is no better IMO. He doesn’t protest, he doesn’t expose the fraud, he doesn’t say, “This is horrible! This is diabolical…my little grandchild was murdered by my own daughter…how can we profit from this in front of the God we say we love and obey? Is our love for money THAT ingrained and overwhelming that we can forsake our own little one’s life and death as so much garbage and still live with ourselves?”
    Answer: Yes, it is and yes we can.
    Seeing Cindy and George’s faces and hearing their voices is so distasteful to me at this point that I would not give them one penny towards any book of lies and trash they might write. I dislike Casey and I hate what she did (IMO) but, when I read Cindy’s letters to Casey, I am much the wiser as to what Casey had to deal with from “those who loved her,” since the time that she, too, was just a little girl.
    Everything said in this entire comment is just my opinion.


  15. Lillian:
    Would love it if Cindy’s handwriting could be analyzed by a forensic graphologist (if there is such an animal). They say we can’t hide our true selves…..


  16. Am I the only person who never thought Caylee looked like Casey? To me she was the spitting image of CINDY!

    Re Cindy’s statement on the Post-it about Caylee ‘trying to tell us something even then’……..what BS. You’re soooo right Cindy’s just ‘effing with Casey’s mind because she can, and because she always has. They always had a struggle for power and control, not just over Caylee. Caylee was a pawn who had to be eliminated to show Cindy who was the stronger of the two. All girls have control issues with their moms but they outgrow it. Most don’t become murderers to prove their dominance.
    I would imagine Cindy had a domineering mom as we seem to learn from what we observe don’t we. What’s your take on it Dr. Lillian?


  17. Very interesting article. I would suggest spell and grammar check before you post, please. I think Casey is getting some feeling out of Cindy’s letters or she would not be constantly whining to other inmates about her mother. It shows you that Cindy is cognitively aware that her daughter killed Caylee, or else she would not be playing with snide remarks or signing Caylee’s name on letters to Casey. Especially ones that include little Caylee sitting inside Casey’s car in her car seat. Cindy is enjoying playing mind games with Casey, as she sits on her porch looking at her beautiful flowers and drinking tea. Ahhh, the irony is rich.

    Mr. Mom


    1. I think that is probably very likely too that cindy would want more fillers for her book.. … jmo.. but i think cindy wants kc to write back to her too… so cindy can continue to control kc… if kc dosen’t talk to cindy … cindy has no control anymore.. and for whatever reason its a big issue with cindy.. i think thats another reason cindy tries to break every rule… she has to be in control. (that and she feels entitled). she seems pretty miserable to me..

      i bet living in that house was close to hell on earth… i agree kc maybe happier in jail..


  18. Sydney…you are so right, So many of the pictures I have seen of Caylee look exactly like Cindy! NOT CASEY~!
    I bet Cindy thought so too.

    I have also been creeped out by George’s calling Casey “Gorgeous” and “Beautiful”. It seems very out of place for a father to reference a daughter that way. Maybe it’s the way they grew up in their own household…I’ve never known any families like that.

    Thanks for the insights Dr Glass…I do enjoy reading them.


  19. My father, even as an old man would comment on my weight, telling me an outfit made me look thin or heavy. He’d tell me I looked pretty if I was wearing something he liked, he called me sweetheart too. He never molested me, to jump to the conclusion that George molested Casey based on similar remarks is reckless and dangerous. Now my father could be emotionally abusive at times but would that give me the right to kill my child or anybody else? We must not lose sight that prisons are full of people who had miserable childhoods as our the communities we live in. I concede that the family relationships seem off and that George seems more emotionally tied to Casey but in the in the end we are each responsible for our own actions and pointing fingers doesn’t bring that precious baby back.


  20. Dr. Glass, I really enjoy your analysis and respect your opinion on this case. However, I have noticed a few instances where you have used “Casey” in place of “Caylee” and vice versa. It can be confusing to the reader as to whom you are referring. Just a heads up to be a little more attentive in your editing to the names you use so as not to confuse your readers – thanks!


  21. Dr.Glass, As I continue to read your blog, I am having a hard time with all of the blame going on Cindy Anthony. I have grown children of my own and 7 grandchildren. I cannot imagine what state of mind I would be in if this would occur in my family. Yes, as parents we all have faults. We definitely did not get a parents manual to program us while raising our children. My heart goes out to the family. I do pray for justice for little “Caylee”. As I sat and watch Casey in court, she is just like they report “stoneface”, especially to her parents. God Be with them all.



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