Andrea Lyon’s Body Language Indicated She May Not Have Believed Casey Anthony, So It Comes As No Surprise She Is No Longer on Casey’s Team. Are There More Reasons for Her Departure?


A while back I wrote a blog detailing Andrea Lyon’s body language and what it said about her relationship with her client Casey Anthony. In my view Andrea gave off many body language cues that may have indicated she may not have totally believed her client. In fact the following link takes you to the original blog I wrote on Andre Lyon.

Now there is word that she left Casey’s defense team. The reason she apparently gave was because of financial issues. While that may certainly be a possible factor in this economy, to me it doesn’t seem like it is the only reason she is leaving the team.


First of all,  didn’t she know about these financial issues when she s signed up to represent Casey in the first place? I cannot buy the financial  issue reason  for her leaving. The reason is because when this trial is over- even if Andrea loses the case, I have no doubt that some publisher out there would love to offer her a  mid to high six or even a  seven figure book deal to tell her side of the story. That certainly would pay for the time incurred for Casey’s legal expenses.

So I think there may be some other reasons working here and it is worth speculating in my view.


Perhaps Andrea left the team because of personality issues with other team members. Maybe she clashed with Cheney Mason’s overly confident, if not arrogant personality. After all, this is a man who reported that he would be walking Casey out of jail arm and arm.

Just the fact that Jose Baez made the following  comment to reporters makes me wonder if indeed these attorney’s were constantly at one another’s throats . He said  “You’re really not going to notice any difference in the way the team operates.”

Of course it will operate differently with one less highly competent and well experience attorney of the team.


When  Jose Baez offered up  to reporters the reason for her departure -the travel involved with this case and the time spent away from her center, it screamed to me that there was a lot more involved.

Andrea is not a naive attorney. She has handled hundreds of these types of cases over the years and she knows the drill. She has no doubt been away for long stretches of time during her past cases. So what is the difference now?  There is no doubt she knew that the case would require  travel and being away from her center for long period of time when she first signed on.


Perhaps Andrea  was  finally turned off  by Jose Baez’ lack of experience and knowledge. Perhaps she was tired of telling him what he needed to do and maybe even instructing him even though he was acting as lead attorney.


Perhaps she and Cindy clashed. In their letters to Casey while she sits in jail, both George and Cindy mentioned how much they liked Andrea Lyon.

But Cindy has been known to do a sharp turn on people. Remember the Grunds, Leonard Padilla, and Tim Miller from Equisearch. She starts out embracing people  and  then, based on what we have seen as a pattern so far, she seems to alienate so many of  them. Could this have happened with Cindy and Andrea?


Andrea Lyon stood up in court and said in front of the judge that people wished her dead for representing Casey.

Did she get some serious death threats that frightened her?  Is it possible  she said to herself, “This is simply not worth losing my life over.”

Besides the angry mob mentality and possible death threats, did all of the hateful internet posts, letters, and commentary finally get to her?

Did she think that all of that hate must reflect the general public’s  sentiment, so realistically  there would be no way that her client would be found not guilty.


Did Andrea see the writing on the wall when she saw how Judge Belvin Perry  was not about to give Casey any slack and grant any motions.

In fact the last time Andrea appeared in court, all four of her motions were denied. Did she see this as a signal of what lay ahead for her in the case?


Was Andrea Lyon’s ego the reason she left? Her reputation is so outstanding because apparently she never lost a death sentence case. Did she not want to take the chance of  Casey’s case being  her first humiliating  loss?

That may be a very real possibility.


Perhaps the reason why Andrea Lyon never lost as case was because  of her passionate work on those cases where she worked with clients in whom  she  believed in.

Perhaps after spending countless hours with Casey, nurturing her and listening to her, dressing her in what she deemed as proper courtroom attire, (matching operating room green tops)  and  coaching her,  Andrea  may have  finally realized that she was in the  presence of a  child killer.

If Casey did come clean with Andrea and told her truth about what happened with Cayleee and what she possibly did to the child, perhaps Andrea’s conscience got the best of her. Perhaps she had no choice but to leave.

On the other hand, if Casey continued to lie and stick to her fabrications, perhaps there was such a communication breakdown between them that Andrea had no choice but to leave.


Perhaps Andrea got sick of her 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps she was  no longer willing to deal with all the public scrutiny and all the attention.

The truth is who can blame her? When you put yourself out there or when you are thrown out there, the media  analyzes everything you do and say. Perhaps she had enough of it all. At least she could leave the spotlight, unlike her client Casey. She may have no longer wanted any of Casey’s TOXICITY associated with her.

I certainly can’t blame her. I am sure that she did not realize the intensity of the media in  this case when she began. While she may have known that the case was high profile, she no doubt had no clue as to how high profile it was and what that would mean in terms of her own privacy.


The fact that Andrea Lyon hasn’t verbally spoken out to  the press or has yet to release a formal statement as to  why she  is  really leaving Casey’s defense team remains a mystery. Maybe She left for ALL the  reasons I speculated above. It certainly makes  sense


19 thoughts on “Andrea Lyon’s Body Language Indicated She May Not Have Believed Casey Anthony, So It Comes As No Surprise She Is No Longer on Casey’s Team. Are There More Reasons for Her Departure?

  1. If it was due to Cindy and Andrea clashing I think Casey would be all the more determined to keep her on her team just to get at her mother.

    It could be clashes within the team. It could be AL was tired of Baez’ laziness more than his inexperience. Perhaps she was disgusted that Baez got all that money to defend Casey Anthony and saw little product for it.

    When AL represented the crook of an Illinois governor, George Ryan, she received alot of hateful comments for it through the media and community-she’s not surprised by that in this case. It comes with the territory when representing clients with the DP hanging over their heads. Their crimes are usually heinous and full of public outcries. But, this case has drawn some truly nutty people! And it’s world-wide attention is more fearful than what comes from local cases.

    Andrea isn’t too concerned with a client’s guilt as she is about the death penalty being given. Surely, Andrea did not think Casey deserved that penalty and that was one of the reasons why she came on board the defense team.

    As far as the publicity, she knew it was high profile before taking it. She wanted to get Florida to remove the death penalty before this case came along and this case would have helped her in that goal. As far as fear of losing a case with this one, she’s much too determined to let that fear get in her way. And one loss would not bother her unless she is egomaniacal about her record. I don’t sense that with her. It is a possibility though.

    So, I’m thinking there was conflict between the lawyers that caused this. The fiscal excuse doesn’t jive at all. Like you said, there are book deals that would have compensated her. And, no doubt, speaking engagements to be had for fellow defense lawyers and such.

    I guess I picked apart your article. It was a fascinating read, Dr. Glass! Thank you!


  2. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I commented earlier that it is my opinion, after all this time that Mrs. Lyon couldn’t look anyone in the face, and with a straight face say her client is innocent.
    Mrs. Lyon in my view has tried to coach Casey’s actions in court. Maybe she was also sick of Casey’s constant smiling, flirting with Baez, and always worried about how she looks. Casey sits in those hearing like a young woman without a care in the world. Constantly trying to poke her eye with a tissue to create a tear that never comes. Constantly rubbing her eyes that have no tears in them is not a good sign. Casey has no emotion. The only “Real” emotion we ever see, is when she’s looking at, and talking to Baez smiling!
    I believe Mrs. Lyon can’t bring herself to argue for a yound woman who she knows has brutally murdered her own 2 year old little girl. Casey has NEVER shown any sign of emotion for Caylee. Casey got mad once and asked Mr’s Lyon to “Make Them Stop”. But Casey was upset in my opinion because the prosecution forced Casey to think about what she had done. Not because she was having an emotional moment over Caylee’s death. Her ego over her winning streak may be a reason? But I believe she knows Casey is guilty of a horrible crime and can’t bring herself to argue for her. She might be willing to argue for Casey’s life if Casey would admit to the crime. But if Mrs. Lyon has to say she believes Casey is innocent, I think that is where Mrs. Lyon has a conflict.

    Just my opinion,
    Take care,
    And Thank you


  3. I don’t think Ms. Lyons gives a rat’s behind about the innocence of her client. It’s not stopped her in the past. All she cares about is her record, hawking her new book and making money. The money has run out. It’s no more complicated than that. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Or a wallet.


    1. might be the people who donate to the law part of the university or to the law clinic don’t want to fund for an accused child killer… lyons gave money to kc’s defense when kc had 200000 dollars .. that meant someone else who didn’t have money did without in all likely hood..jmo..


  4. I agree that Ms Lyon left because she know that she will not get Casey off.
    I notice now with Judge Perry, there isnt too much playing around (flirting) between Casey and Baez and Judge Pery making Baez look more like the Ass that he is. I cant wait until Judge Perry bursts Mason Cheney’s bubble as well. I am anticipating justice for Caylee.


  5. I agree with you marcie. Andrea Lyons is about Andrea Lyons. I also agree with those who know she isn’t about setting killers free, she’s about keeping them alive. We know Casey will never confess or plea, and that throws a wrench in AL’s engine. (She can’t work with that.) Her position would be useless if the defense team is trying for Casey’s innocence.

    I never thought A.L. was brilliant, from what I heard in the hearings. She sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher.


  6. Andrea Lyons has an ego the size of Manhattan. It’s all about her, her record. She sees the writing on the wall, she knows she’ll lose her first DP case, and it will be the most high profile of them all.

    So she abandons the sinking ship for ‘reasons beyond her control’…and sits back to wait for the dream team to lose their case….

    And THEN she’ll write her book.


  7. Dr. Lillian,
    Thank you very much for your analysis!!!
    People whom has read AL’s Motion To Withdraw are speculating AL is setting grounds for an appeal.
    I myself think AL wants to keep her records untarnished and also I agree with Dr. Lillian in her analysis she doesn’t believe in KC’s innocence. AL got the case as a pro bono so money is not an issue for her withdrawal, in my opinion.
    Motion To Withdraw As A Counsel


  8. ALyon should only be brought in when a guilty verdict is reached. Her job would be to get the jury to NOT recommend a DP sentence for Inmate Anthony. She was useless in arguing the DP is unconsitutional with that professer she brought in as a witness, which blindsided the prosecution but motion was denied, anyway.

    She could have been bumping heads with the others for each would have their own strategy for the defense. Remember, Inmate Anthony is at the helm. What she says, goes…IMO. Too many cooks spoil the broth…

    I also find it odd Baez cites financial reasons when she was on this case pro bono from the start. DePaul University law students procured $70,000 of which only $7,000 was used towards Inmate Anthony’s defense, so it truly can’t be about money, IMO…Baez got the bulk of the money for he has never said he was doing this case pro bono..he’s all about money so Inmate Anthony should also wise up to his game. He couldn’t care less about anything other than being paid for his services. He is not a friend but a professional doing his job…Inmate Anthony should understand this…

    I think she understands this is one case she may not win and wants out before her reputation is marred..I also wonder if Baez breaking the prison rules, bringing contraband in and out for this inmate, had something to do with her departure? She does have a reputation to uphold and can’t afford for it to be tarnished due to being associated with an attorney who has no problems breaking the rules of procedure. Baez commited a 3rd degree felony whether he wants to admit to it, will be another story! Either way, the only thing that matters is Caylee gets justice served…

    Justice for Caylee


  9. I love your blog so much. This is my first time commenting. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of body language to us readers. I was wondering if you have heard of the Kyron Horman case? The missing 7 year old boy who’s stepmom is being investigated as a possible suspect. I was wondering if you might be able to share your thoughts on the case. I can’t get this story out of my head since I am a mother to a young son. Just hoping you could shed some light in regards to what her body language is saying to you. Thanks again for all that you do.


  10. I think the reason she left is because of Casey herself. I think Casey just simply did not like her, Andrea Lyon, and I think Andrea eventually disliked Casey. There were a couple of instances when I observed Andrea Lyon looking carefully at Casey, ie., why didn’t she say anything to her parents, Andrea physically turned her towards her parents in court so as to force her to look at them and say hello. Also when Andrea simply sat there and looked at Casey, studying her, trying to figure her out. I think Casey just relates more to men and probably did not appreciate Andrea Lyon. Why would someone put themselves out there, and work for nothing, only to be treated as only Casey treats people. Of course Casey had Cindy teaching her how to treat others.


  11. Pure and simple – she left because it would ruin her record. She didn’t believe for one moment Casey was innocent and your previous blogs with her body language have clearly shown it.

    She knew they would lose so left before she would lose her rep. Just another “loser” on the CA team.


  12. I am of the opinion that Ms Lyon left because of the drain on the resources of the University and I would think that she was given a choice to either stay on staff at DePaul University or go into private practice. I think that could have been her “fiscal” choice.


  13. Good read! You’re all seeing the bottom line here. AL doesn’t give, she uses. Her claim to fame is not about defending the innocent. Her claim to fame is abolishing the death penalty. She was never right for this case. Lawyers all use each other.

    I’m wondering how this will work out for the defense. Aren’t they supposed to have a an experienced (in the death penalty phase) attorney on board? Now what?


  14. AL was willing to throw someone else under the bus to save a guilty KC from the DP. She cares about people as much as Cindy and Casey do. She’d rather see an innocent Kronk get the DP instead of her client. I don’t think that bodes well for her cause, so maybe someone finally pointed that out to her and she got the heck out of there. But it’s too late now and she will reap what she sowed. She will go down as the DP angel thazttried to DP an innocent man, then ran. Her rep stays intact obviously because she’ll quit a case before she loses it.


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