Al Gore’s Accuser’s Voice Pattern, Sarcastic Tones, Inappropriate Editorial Commentary Showed Signals of Deception, Making It No Surprise Oregon Authorities Closed the Case

When I heard  that former Vice President was cleared  of all assault charges in the case against him by the massage therapist Molly Hagerty I was not at all surprised.

 I retrieved my notes  from the first listened to Ms. Haggerty’s delivery and voice pattern  where I thought her story was very questionable and strongly doubted that she was telling the truth .

After listening to the lengthy  bland monotone diatribe where she made editorial comments after certain statements I knew something was terribly wrong.  I was hearing way too much extraneous information and not enough emotion.

Based on key words she spoke and the tone in which she spoke them it was clear to me that she had a “chip on her shoulder mentality” right from the beginning. By that I mean that she was clearly  looking for a way to equalize a powerful indiviudual and beinghim down.


The sarcastic and  monotone in which she spoke her editorial comments was also disturbing to me. The tone of sarcasm was peppered throughout what she read  and it was evident in her spontaneous comments.

When someone exhibits sarcasm on such a consistent basis, it often indicates passive aggressiveness and a lot of masked anger.


She did not sound like someone who was truly victimized and traumatized . The bland monotone, where there should have been emotion  also disturbed me. If this was so traumatic why did she sound so objective? Even of it happened years ago,  why didn’t some of those words she read trigger some type of emotion in her ?


The fact that there were no tears, not a catch in her voice or a glitch in her tones as she described an alleged traumatic event in her life very much  concerned me. Even if it happened  years earlier, if it was that traumatic, she surely would have had to re-live some of that emotion as she read the document.

. Throughout the years in listening to countless clients re-live some of their most traumatic events in their lives, they usually show some type of emotional state in their tone, unless they are in complete denial.

The emotional state may surface openly in the form of audible tears or a vocal flash in the form of a tonal glitch or a pitch break where the vocal muscles would have tightened and the voice would have cracked even ever so slightly.

The vocal pitch could also go up as well due to the tightening and tension of the muscle. But this did NOT happen in Ms, Hagerty’s case.  


There was nothing revealed by Ms. Hagery that indicated veracity to me with the exception of perhaps a person who wanted both her 15minutes of fame and a hefty amount of money.

Before I  even listened to the tape this thought also crossed my mind when it was reported that the woman was trying to shop the story for  million dollars to media or take what she could get from the highest bidder.

What also turned me off  a bit was the fact that she didn’t come forth years earlier. Instead she only came forth when Gore was in a crises and weak mode- when he and wife Tipper were quitting their marriage after four decades.

But I eliminated those thoughts out of  my mind. I strongly do not believe in the  blaming the  victim  mentality, so  I objectively  set forth with an open mind and listened to the tapes.


As soon as I heard her mention Gores VIP status and how the hotel wanted her to keep the guests happy said with a tone of sarcasm, I got the tone of  whole story. The woman resented having to serve a VIP client whom she perceived as being better than her.

Then she gave way too much information about Gore asking to have his abductor muscles massaged. Most people don’t usually  ask for the specific muscle groups to be worked on before hand . If you have been traveling a lot and are tense and aching, you usually let the masseuse do their job. If they aren’t reaching certain hurt muscles, then you tell them what you would like for them to do while you are situated on the massage table.


When she went on to explain the abductor muscles and how it was known to cause an “involuntary” erection,  I knew it was complete BS because if that was the case and she felt that he was just concerned about her giving him a sexual massage, she would have known it right then and there and said she couldn’t do that or leave which she didn’t.

When she describes his moaning and groaning and request for abdominal massage, she  says shewas uncomfortable. If so, she could have left at that time as well. When she said she was SHOCKED, she needed to leave at that too,  but didn’t .

When she says that he got angry, because she didn’t massage him where he wanted to be massaged and that she was shocked, she could of left right then as wellm but didn’t.

She claims to be such a professional and yet she is not acting professional. If she wasn’t thrilled with his actions, she needed to pack up her things and leave durig the beginning of his massage, but she didn’t .


Then she said Gore demanded sexual FAVORS but then quickly changed it to BEHAVIORS. The immediate change is a signal of deception. There is a big difference from demanding a sexual favor to having a sexual behavior. If what she said was true and it made her feel so uncomfortable she could have left right then, but didn’t .

She says he got so freaked and then she got mad. Well a person who is mad speaks up or leaves. She did neither.  So what she is saying is clearly not true.


She says he got angry with her for not doing  what she wanted him to do. Strangely she  then asks him to SHOW HER. That is ridiculous.

When on her next breath she says in a softer tone .“That was nuts.”she clears her throat, demonstrating a  clear sign of deception. The only thing that is nuts in my view is her story.

When she describes how he pulled her hand hard towards his public crest region she could have left then but she didn’t. She says “It all happened so fast as you can imagine.” In making that editorial comment,  she is pleading with the listener to agree and aknowledge  her false statement.

The truth is no one can imagine anyone not leaving the scene if someone was doing what she said Gore did to her.


When  she then tells how she slowly pulled her hand away and tells him it was a counterproductive massage technique, that would never happen.

If what she said was true,  Gore would have been so frustrated and told her to leave because  he wanted a masseuse who would do what he wanted done . He would not have lay there silently listening  to her nonsense about massage techniques if he was intent  on what he wanted done.


When she editorializes and tells him she was speaking to him diplomatically and like she was dancing on the edge of a razor, it is a clear lie. If he was ANGRY as she said, and DRUNK as she said, he wouldn’t be quietly lying there and listening to his explanations in trying to calm him down.

She said he BELLOWED at her. If that was the case she could have left, but didn’t. She then goes on to explain how she never had a client yell at her except for one who was brain injured and drunk  five feet tall and would cry. That was just WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION. She was doing too much going of on a tangent  self explanation which is a clear indication someone is not telling the truth.


When she said he YELLED that he wasn’t asking her to do anything improper, she  made a point of saying in a hyper-articulated  pattern of speech ” no impropriety was inferred SIR.”  She repeated herself as she relayed this comment, which was also a signal of deception.

But more interesting was that she called him SIR said in a sarcastic tone. That along with the  earlier VIP comment and sarcastic tones indicate that she obviously had a problem with his fame.

In essence, the sarcastic tone reveals “ a who do you think you are, you are no better than me chip on her shoulder mentality.”

For the second time she explains how none of her hotel clients never yelled at her or acted out with her .As she said this you could hear the glottal fry in her tone as she dies off at the end of the statement. It was a creaking sound that indicated the voice muscles tightened, It is a clear signal of deception.

She said that it was “then and there”  she was in a “perfect storm” and was in a room with someone who was “Teflon coated.” That editorial comment about Gore’s persona being “Teflon coated” indicates her issue with those more powerful that herself. It indicates  that she had another agenda which was  to bring him down.

To confirm what I am saying she even mentions his celebrity status once again.


She then gives ridiculous far fetched excuses for why she felt to helpless and didn’t remove herself from the situation. 

She tells how she couldn’t yell and scream down the hallway or she would be accosted by his security detail.  This comment shows how obviously Gore’s status intimidated her . She didn’t have to run and scream she could have calmly left but she didn’t, She  used his security detail as the reason why she didn’t leave.

When she goes on to say she could have been tazered  or shot by them as an immediate response it clearly shows how  her mindset is working. Also she says that she thought she could be arrested for attempted soliciting or for attempted assault. This added information speaks volumes about what she was thinking and how she built up a non existent scenario in her mind.

She also says that of Gore complained about her to the hotel staff he could have done irreparable damage to her livelihood and to her personal reputation . This is clealy nothing more than a fantasy in her mind.

She then asks ” Does this make sense to yall? Once again she is asking for the reassurance that her lies are being believed.


Then she said he suddenly changed his tactics and pleaded for sexual release of his chakra. But she doesn’t go on to explain if  did so or not. That would have been the most significant part of the ordeal,  yet she leaves it out, This   further indicates she was lying.


For the third time she mentions who Gore something about Gore’s persona. She says  she “thought he was a great guy that cared about peoplebut “wanted to prevent any of his weirdness from happening.”

In this statement she is in essence saying that he may be a great guy but he is not  any better than her. In fact, she sees him as worse than her- as weird, while even seeing  herself as the more superior one.


When she uses the terms “Inescapable embrace” “with a come hither look”  and allegedly says” You’re being a sex crazed poodle.” It is clearly a lie or wishful thinking on her part. It sounds like words you would read in a romance novel.

If someone called you a sex crazed poodle you would laugh. It is funny. You wouldn’t continue with come hither looks.

When she said her resistance was making him giggle and pursue her more  strongly it shows her off base her perception. The laughter of Gore she allegedly describes would have been  for the poode comment, not for  her being resistant.

The reality of the situation is that there are so many young and beautiful women who would be more than happy to not resist Gore’s sexual advances. If he was all about satisfying his sexual release, like she said he was, why would he have to work at it so hard with an unattractive middle aged resistant woman?

Why couldn’t he have called the concierge where he was getting discrete VIP service and ask for a discrete  escort service? It is clear that the story she told  is an illusion in Ms. Hagerty’s mind.


When she repeats herself and says “This, This resistance was  a tactic I had to use, if I wanted to avoid being raped.” The repetition of the word this is an indication she was lying. Gore had no intention of raping her and she knew it.

When a person is being forceful as she described Gore as being, they are suddenly not going to be romantic and stick a chocolate in a glass and give you a sip . It is absurd.


Ms. Hagerty probably did give him a massage but nothing as she described went on. Seeing him without his clothes and lying down on a massage was an equalizer in her mind, But nevertheless,  she was no doubt intimidated by his  status.

 But now she figured out a way to elevate her own status so she wouldn’t feel so dwarfed by his status. She planned to bring him down and even showed the press a  plastic bag with a pair of black semen stained trousers that she allegedly kept for years.

Perhaps she felt that no one would do a DNA test on the semen and that just having pants in a bag would cause so much embarrassment that she would get a hefty financial settlement.  But  the lab test done on the semen  proved it wasn’t Gore’s semen.

And if it was his semen who is to say, she didn’t find it in a condom in the bathroom and smear it on her pants? I wouldn;t put anything past this woman who waited years to come forth.

So now Gore  finally  by the Oregon Authorities. But even so the egregious actions of Ms. Hagerty  has not only  caused him a lot of grief and embarrassment, it has caused Tipper and his children horrible anguish.

While he certainly has his global warming critics, it  made people lose even more  confidence in him as they wondered if he did indeed try to rape this woman. It has tarnished his name and all that he has worked for all his life.

I hope that Ms.Hagerty is prosecuted to the full extent of the law for her false accusations in trying to ruin this man and his family.


Obama’s Body Language on The View Showed Humor, No Signals of Deception Saying He Never Heard of Snooki, And Anger When Questioned About Mel Gibson



Before President Obama went on the View there was a lot of controversy over whether or not he  should have appeared on the View. Hard core journalists said no way while White House advisors thought this was a great way of reaching women voters. 

As it turned out the hard core journalists were right. It was a very  bad idea.  The questions he was asked about Snooki did not put him in a good light . Besides making him look like he lied  (which he did not based on his body language analysis) it  may have uncovered another can of worms with regard to his speech making and teleprompter reading. The  President did not have to endure the discomfort level  which resulted in a  flash of anger after  he was inappropriately  asked about Mel Gibson.    


The inconsistency  of saying he never heard of Snooki when he mentioned Snooki’s name  in a White House Press Correspondents Dinner  three months earlier made him look like a liar. 

The Drudge Report  headline even read Obama lies about not knowing who Snooki is?   

No one likes a liar,especially in their President or world leader. It diminishes the public trust. 

to tell the world “I am not a crook” when that was exactly what he was.had the audacityLook at what happened to other President’s who lied. Richard Nixon was one of the most detested Presidents after he




President Clinton lost even more respect for looking directly into the television camera lens and lying that he did not have an affair with that woman- Ms. Lewinsky when in fact, he did. 

On the other hand, we all know what happened to our first President George Washington who said ”I cannot tell a lie.” His inspirational story of being honest and admitting he chopped down the cherry tree is a large part of our Americana. 

The moral of this story is that we love President who tell us the truth and don’t love those who lie. 



After careful analysis of Obama’s  body language, I do not believe that the President lied. 

Instead, he played along with the Q and A that Joy Behar was throwing at him. After she asked if  Snookie should run for mayor of Waisilla and Obama heard the audience roar of laughter, he realized that in order to be likeable and affable, it was a cue for  him to go along with the joke. He actually  didn’t even realize  what he was laughing at. He simply knew that the audience thought something as funny, so he went along with it as a way of showing his good nature. 

Body language wise, he  really got into it . He even went as   far as tossing his head back and giving  closed eyed  laugh. A closed eye laugh is significant as it not always a genuine laugh. 


Suddenly his facial expression changed from over the top open mouth laughter to a less  laughing mouth  as he leans over to Joy and even lens his shoulder into her and  says  “ I don’t know who Snooki is.” When some one leans into you they tend to be more serious and candid with you and are often telling you the truth, This is even more true if the shoulder is directed towards you as you see in the above photo.  

Obama’s comment  got an even bigger laugh as the audience construed that he was kidding. They probably expected him to add and “I’m just kidding.”   But he wasn’t kidding. His facial expression showed that he was a bit more serious. He really didn’t know who Snooki was based on his facial expression as well as the slight pitch break in his voice pattern. That showed that he was indeed telling the truth. 


When Obama gave his speech at the White House Press Correspondent’s dinner three month earlier in May 2010, he  didn’t know who Snooki was then either. 


Here you see the President looking down as he read from his notes   which  one of his speech writers obviously wrote for him. Without any facial animation, smiling, or vocalizations, which one would expect if they were in on the joke and really knew the characters about whom they were joking, Obama blandly reads   “The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and House minority leader John Boehner.’” 

You can hear a slight chuckle in his voice when he says  the name John Boehner, whom he obviously knows. But when  he read the names  Snooki, JWOWW and the Situation, he is expressionless and  chuckleless. 


When he heard the audience laugh, he merely picked up his head and looked at the audience blankly, without a smile which further indicated that he had no clue  about those who’s names he just read from his notes. If he knew who they were you would have seen a slight smile or even a big smile, depending on what he thought about the Jersey Shore characters. 

So when we heard him on the View with his pitched raised saying  “I have to admit I don’t know who Snooki is
with a less hearty smile as he leans in towards Joy with and his head slightly tilted, this is a body language tell of  uncertainly. Obama is really uncertain  about who or what Snooki is. He is telling the truth. 


So now that we know he wasn’t lying. But there is   another problem that has surfaced. The inconsistency made him look  bad in another way. 

For some, it made him look puppet-like who was just mouthing words others wrote for him while he casually reads those words off of a teleprompter. 

 If he has no clue about who  Snooki is and yet can make a  joke about her in a speech written by a nameless  speechwriter, several question may  arise for many.  The questions are “What  other things has Obama said  in his speeches about which he has no clue ? Does he really know everything he reads off the teleprompter or are they just empty words?  

When he gave the speech about the oil crisis which  many felt was too little too late,  he seemed to just be reading the words off of a screen. They seemed empty and emotionless. In fact he got a lot of flak for his lack of emotion and flat affect. 

 His reaction was inappropriate considering the crisis situation. Even his staunchest supporters like Spike Lee spoke up and encouraged him to “go off”  and show people that he was upset as they were about the situation. 

After the revelation that Obama may not know what is contained in all of his speeches, it may make a lot of people question rif he is simply reading words. That certainly is not confidence building . One wants their leader to really know what is going on in every Situation ( no pun intended) , especially if they are relaying information to their citizens. 

Whether it is about Snooki or the Sitiuation, the oil spill, Iran, or Afghanistan, we need to know that the President thoroughly knows every topic and every player whenever he speaks to the public. 


The  Snooki embarrassment which made him look bad wasn’t the only negative thing that  came from his horrible decision to have the President  appear on the View. 

His advisors needed to make sure what questions would be asked ahead of time. They need to let the  producers of the View now that there were certain questions which were off limits like asking him about Mel Gibson. 


I believe that it was completely inappropriate to ask a sitting President. President Obama thought that it was inappropriate as well , At first you could see his level of discomfort  with his lip licking and tongue biting. That meant he didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t his place  and he know it. 

But Joy pursued it so he felt stuck between a rock and a hard place and he was getting angry. He turned his head to th direction of Barbara Walters for help. But surprisingly she did not intercede. 


As soon as he realized that he ws on his own, a flash on anger appeared on his face and rightfully so. 

Immediately fun time  and trying to be agreeable, likeable and affable was over for him and he was mad that he was injected into this horrible fiasco concerning Mel.  The level of discomfort clearly continued in the tension exhibited throughout  the President’s  body language. 

I give Obama a lot of points for his quick minded thinking as he attempted to untangle himself from the uncomfortable experience. With a serious face, he said how he had not seen a lot of Mel Gibson movies lately. He tried  graciously to defuse the situation by going off topic on to a tangent  by bringing up Mel’s movies and then with a tinge of humor adding “Ask me about Afghanistan.” It  clearly showed  his skills in diplomacy. 


Besides showing how graciously the President took control to thwart an ungracious topic like Mel Gibson, the good news about the President’s appearance on the show was that he did look more relaxed and less robotic than we usually see him. 

He looked like the warm likeable guy everyone feel in love with before the election. He seemed easy going and very genuine. 

But he should have never been put into a situation where he was asked inappropriate and embarrassing questions that he had no business answering like the Mel Gibson issue. I am sure that if he ever does the View again or anything like it, all questions will be screened ahead of time. After all, as a politician, why voluntarily put yourself in a position to go on television if you don’t come away looking and sounding good and having more people respect  you than they did before? www.drlillianglass. com



Each time I hear about the sickening  antics of  Lindsay Lohan’s Toxic Father, Michael Lohan, my heart goes out to poor Lindsay.  His latest antic of selling naked photos of his ex fiancé Kate Major while she was passed out  sleeping  to an online website shows how despicably TOXIC a human being Michael Lohan is in my view.

His even more recent shameless publicity seeking act of releasing a song to Lindsay because she refuses to have any contact with him is also repulsive in my view.


There is no doubt in my mind that Michael is the main reason that Lindsay is in the situation she is in.  She is absolutely doing the right thing in my view to cut off ALL communication with Michael Lohan for good.  

There are some things which are unforgivable. Riding on your daughter’s coat tails to improve your own lot in life and betraying your daughter  by revealing taped conversations of her in public  are just some of these unforgivable things.

This is why Lindsay needs to UNPLUG from Michael forever and never look back in order to live a healthy life.

While there are other options available to help and heal relationships between people,  as I say in my latest book TOXIC MEN, which will be out in November, there are times where a relationship can never heal, no matter what.

Michael Lohan’s relationship with Lindsay is one of those relationships. After seeing him up close and personal mouthing off under the guise of “helping” Lindsay get sober and even  showing up in court with a letter to the judge, it is clear to me  that  for Michael, it is about  Michael- not Lindsay

While it may look like he is a concerned father, in my view, this hostile, angry ,and TOXIC  man  is more concerned about himself and his own fame than about his daughters welfare. In my view it is all about him riding on Lindsay’s coat tails to establish his own fame. Without Lindsay Lohan no one would even care what Michael Lohan  did or said.


Michael’s recent  shameless antic was to release  what I think is a ridiculous and  lame song to Lindsay, which  he supposedly wrote during one of his jail stints a while back. In order to keep his name in the news he has released it now.  

The fact that he wrote it long ago and is releasing it now and his using the excuse that the song is how he can get through to Lindsay so that she will finally hear  him is disgusting.

He needs to get it through his head that Lindsay doesn’t want to hear from him and as she gets more sober she never will want to hear from hm.

After listening to the song on TMZ I wanted to throw up, especially after hearing lyrics like with lame lyrics “always daddy’s little girl”  

Michael clearly  needs to get it through his head that Lindsay is not daddy’s little girl. Instead, she is a    young woman who is in the state she is in because of daddy and the havoc he created in her young life.  

Hopefully when she gets sober after being released from jail at the Lynwood facility and release from her 90 day  stint in rehab, she will continue to see that  her “daddy”  has been and is a large part of her problem. With good therapy she will come to learn that she never should allow this TOXIC MAN back into her life to use her and to ride on her coattails .


Michael clearly has issues with women as we have seen him become quite vicious and vindictive. His on going He Say She Says battle with Dina where  released personal audio tapes of their conversations was egregious.

His ugly and  public fight with an ex fiancé Erin and now what he did with Kate Major is the ultimate in toxicity and speaks to how vindictive and dangerous a person Michael Lohan

Kate Major accused Michael of being physically violent with her, That would not be hard to believe considering his  hateful and harsh and hostile tones we have heard throughout the years.  

The courts of New York also believed that he was abusive as well and filed a second degree harassment charge against him.


So in retaliation, Toxic Michael Lohan released naked photos of his fiancé  as you can see in the above photo which was published on the website is of  Kate Major  completely passed out.

He no doubt pulled her top town while she was in a state of sleep as you can see from her body language.  He then   took very unflattering photos of not only  her breasts, but of her  vaginal area to no doubt use against her at a later date, which he obviously did.

That later date was after Kate accused him of domestic abuse. It was then that Michael saw fit to immediately retaliate against her by using these embarrassing  photo against her  and most probably receiving  a handsome  fee for doing this despicable act.


If Michael could do such an egregious thing  to someone he allegedly loved and  was going to marry, there is no telling what else Michael is capable of doing  to betray someone else he allegedly  “loved.” Michael has revealed his character as a Sneaky Backstabber  type of Toxic Man which I mention in my upcoming book Toxic Men –10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable  .

If Lindsay were to try and repair her relationship with her father, it would never work in the long run, in my estimation.  Eventually there would be a rift between the two or some type of altercation.  Lindsay would do something he may not like or vice versa.  

What is to say that Michael  would not  revert back to his known Toxic Pattern of behavior that he has always seemed to call upon- ” betrayal “?

He may even show his anger and hostility like he did on The Insider when Ney Ney one of the Atlanta Housewives said how he was riding on Lindsay’s coat tails.  Michael then  became verbally violent and attacked Ney Ney yelling and telling her on camera that she had a ” fat ass.”
What is to say that he wouldn’t  pull out a video or an audio of Lindsay revealing something she would not want the whole world to know.Anyone who could  reveal compromising  photos of  a person in a passed out state is capable of anything on my view.

Since Toxic  usually follow   patterns fo behavior, what is to say that Michael would not continue hos betrayal of  his own daughter Lindsay, He has done it before and chances are good that he might so it again.

 So my bottom is for  Lindsay is to always stay away from Michael for good, He has demonstrated time and time again that he  is a TOXIC MAN and cannot be trusted.

While the press appears to indulge  Michael  only because Lindsay is relevant in the news because of her  train wreck   behavior, as soon as Lindsay no longer becomes a train wreck Michael will be yesterday’s news. He will be irrelevant in my view.

 If Lindsay gets healthy and gets acknowledged and respected  for her talents for specific films,  Michael will not be relevant . On the other hand, if Linday remains in the state she is in or OD’s there is no doubt Michael Lohan will be all over the news reminding us on a daily basis that there are TOXIC MEN out there.

To pre- order Dr. Lillian Glass’  upcoming Toxic Men book on,  click here

Marsha Petrie Sue’s Word for Word Copying Exposed in Lawsuit Involving Book with Same Title As Dr. Lillian Glass’ Original 1995 Best Seller- Toxic People

I often listen to my favorite radio show, National Public Radio’s (NPR) This American Life”, hosted by Ira Glass. This time, one of the show’s producer’s, Sarah Koenig, hosted the show about her brilliant 88 year old father Julian Koenig, a pioneer legend in the advertising industry.

The show was called  Think Small: Julian Koenig v. George Lois. ” You can click here is you want to listen to the entire show


But in a nutshell,  the show  was about  Julian Koenig being ripped off  by a colleague named George Lois, who took  credit for Julian’s creative ideas like the classic Volkswagen add “Think Small” and countless others.

George Lois even allegedly stole a personal experience that Julian Koenig had with Muhammed Ali, where Julian convinced the great boxer to pose as a pin cushion for a specific photo shoot. Apparently, George Lois wasn’t even present at the photo shoot, according to Julian Koenig.

As Julian Koening relayed these alleged egregious acts of George Lois I could hear the pain still present  in his voice for incidents which took place over  forty years ago.

Julian got some emotional relief by placing an ad in Adweek (which unfortunately he had to pay for) accusing George Lois of being “the greatest predator” of his work. The NPR radio show and podcast also helped him to gain back his dignity, which was made possible by the fact that his daughter Sarah Koening, is one of the show’s producers.



When I heard the emotional pain in 88 year old Julian’s voice, I was deeply touched to the bone. I  shared Julian’s pain as the same thing essentially happened to me.

The only difference is that Julian did not pursue legal channels as I am doing against a woman named Marsha Petrie Sue, a motivational speaker who did word for word copying of my work and called her book the same title as my book, TOXIC PEOPLE, which I wrote in 1995.

She had gone around the country giving lectures called Toxic People as well. I am now  suing her for copyright infringement for her word for word copying in my He Says She Says book which she placed in her version of Toxic People    in hopes that justice will be served.

I was so deeply moved by the NPR broadcast  that I wrote Julian Koenig’s NPR producer daughter the following letter that I wanted to share with you in this blog:


Dear Sarah

My name is Dr. Lillian Glass ( Yesterday I heard the fantastic interview you did on NPR about your brilliant 88 year old father Julien Koenig, a genius and pioneer  in the advertising world and how his partner George Lois tried to take credit for your father’s original work with regard to the creative advertising campaigns your father originated.

I think what you have done for your father in presenting this information publicly is the biggest gift you could have given to this great man. It should be very healing for him to know that the truth has now been exposed to the world.

I want both you and your father to know that your father’s story touched me very deeply on a very personal level.

After hearing the emotional pain in your father’s voice as he spoke of the despicable act of someone trying to take credit for his work and representing themselves as the creator of your father’s branding, I became even more motivated in my own fight for justice in a similar situation with an author who has taken word for word copying of one of my books and put that exact word for word copying in her version of a book,  which she also   called by the same name as my  book,  Toxic People.

Like your father, I have worked hard all of my life. In 1995 I wrote a book called Toxic People and gave lectures on the topic throughout the world. A few years ago a Marsha Petrie Sue not only wrote a book called Toxic People but she did word for word copying of my work and has put herself out there as the author of Toxic People, causing  what I believe is considerable confusion with my brand.  Needless to say, I am involved in a lawsuit against Marsha Petrie Sue for copyright infringement .

I have had my doubts about going forward, but I always return to the conclusion: how can I look myself in the mirror if I don’t at least get a court to say whether this is or is not actionable copying?

As I venture forth in my own pursuit of justice, it will be your father’s voice that will help propel me forward. I will never forget the pain I heard in his voice as he discussed the egregious acts of George Lois.

I will keep your voice in my mind as well as someone who exposed the injustice and copyright infringement .

People who take credit for other’s work and do word for word copying of their materials must be exposed for the frauds they are.

I am only sorry that your father did not pursue his grievance against Mr. Lois through the legal system in order to achieve justice and closure.

But the fact that you have exposed this case around the world should bring your father peace of mind as he has definitely achieved  justice in the court of public opinion.

Thank you again for your brilliant expose and God Bless your father.
Dr.  Lillian Glass


As I essentially stated in this letter to Sarah Koenig, how could I live with myself and not look myself in the mirror if I did not fight for myself and what I have worked for my entire life? What would that say about me as a human being and about my self worth and my self respect?

I cannot allow what  happened to Julian Koenig over the past 40 years to happen to me. I cannot allow the pain about the  injustice  to fester within me for years  without resolution. As Julian Koening made reference to his “intellectual predator,   I am seeking legal action against my own  “intellectual predatorMarsha Petrie Sue.

Let Julian Koenig’s plight be a lesson to us all. Let us not keep things in when we believe injustice has been done to us in any way. Instead, let us speak up and act immediately so it doesn’t have to fester inside of us for decades.

George Anthony Stops Depositing Money Into Casey’s Commissary Account. Angry About Sexual Molestation Accusations And Angrier About His Investigation By Defense. Are Lee and Cindy Next?


George can’t use the “I don’t have money” excuse as to why Casey may now go tamponless, cookieless, or shampooless. Apparently it has been documented that even though George hasn’t made a 785 dollar mortgage payment since April of 2009 and his home is in foreclosure, he has still managed to cough up hundreds of dollars on a regular basis to place into Casey’s commissary account.

But now all of that commissary money that should have been used for mortgage payments has come  to a complete stop. Why?  It is because George is no doubt furious at Casey and this is his way of punishing her and showing her how angry he is at her.

Just by this action alone, you can see where Casey learned about irresponsibility and not doing the right thing in terms of priorities and paying your bills. The more and more we learn about the Anthony’s and how they raised, or shall I say didn’t raise Casey, the more we see why she turned out the way she is. She had no boundaries and was completely enabled by both her parents.


I always wondered why George  seemed to kowtowed to Casey. You could hear it in his voice in  the jailhouse tapes where he spoke to her like he was speaking to her with kid gloves. I always wondered why she was able to run him like she did and speak to him so disrespectfully.

When he asked her questions about missing Caylee and the car, she even said to him to act like a father for the first time in his life and not like a cop.

Now that her allegations of sexual abuse have surfaced, if they are true, perhaps that explains why George  always seemed to walk on eggshells around her.

Did he do that in order to not upset her so that she would never  reveal the possible ugly family secret of sexual molestation if it was true? 

  Did George allow that disrespect and did he  bend over backwards in order  to assuage any guilt that he  perhaps  may have felt for the actions of which she allegedly accused him?

Did her comment act like a father” have a deeper meaning, now that we know of her accusations?


George cannot be too happy now that he knows now being investigated by the defense. They  no doubt want to explore Casey’s accusations about sexual abuse even further.  Perhaps they are tying to impeach George  over this allegations that he made against her. That may be why they want to make whatever he says about Casey not sound credible.

Perhaps they can now use  sex abuse as part of their defense to spare Casey the lethal needle. Perhaps they will say   that  since George allegedly  molested Casey and that Casey, in her disturbed mind,  killed Caylee to spare her daughter the  horrors of what  George might do to her as he had allegedly done to Casey in past. Perhaps she may even accuse George of having sexually molested Caylee as well . If she does that, his comment about  missing “the smell of Caylee’s sweat” may definitely come back to haunt him.

Perhaps they may even insinuate that George may have has something to so with Caylee’s death. Maybe they will say that he was the one who moved the body.

By the way remember when Cindy was shooting off her mouth and calling  Sargeant Allen on her own and left a message that   that Casey had help in moving he body.Was that someone George or was it Lee or was it Cindy? Will the defense try to say that it was one of those three who moved the body and obstructed justice?  

Will George be questioned as to why he and Cindy wanted an immunity deal early on? Will George be questioned about what River Cruz reported that George told her- that Caylee’s death was an accident gone bad?  Will they show that George knew Caylee was dead all along while he sent law enforcement and concerned citizens on a wild goose chase?

Maybe they will try to say that George was so mentally unstable, that he could have taken Caylee from Zanny the Nanny’s house  and sxcually molested and  killed Caylee himself. Maybe they will show that the duct tape was his and came from his home.  After all, they may tell jurors,  this is a man who tried to kill himself.

Maybe they will question him to death about why he personally never searched for little Caylee? Will they ask him if he already knew she was dead?

If all of this sounds far fetched, it’s not as far as the defense is concerned. Jose and Cheney will  do everything possible  to try and create reasonable doubt in order  to save Casey’s life.


If the defense is going to investigate George, then  why not do the same with Lee?  After all Casey accused Lee of sexually molesting her on two occasions.  She told it to  former fiance ,Jesse Grund who in turn shared it with law enforcement and she told it to her jailhouse pal.

 Was it Lee who Cindy was referring to, when she told Sergeant Allen on the taped message  that Casey had help in moving the body?

Is the reason that Lee has not shown up in court for Casey for all these years due to the fact  that he may possibly have something to hide?

And what was all the CMA  screaming passion about during Caylee’s memorial service? Who was  his CMA directed at? Surely the defense will grill him on that they delve deeper into his relationship with his sister.


If the defense is so intent on investigating George, then why not go after Cindy as well? Why not show how volatile her relationship was with her daughter?

 Perhaps they may say  that Casey killed Caylee because she was pushed to the wall emotionally by Cindy. After all,  they may  reveal that Casey was so scared of Cindy that she didn’t even tell her mother that she was pregnant until she was long into her pregnancy.

 They may go on to say that Casey was so afraid of Cindy’s wrath that she couldn’t share with her own mother that she dropped out of school, got fired from her job.

They may try to show that Cindy was the one who took control  of  Caylee as she was the first to hold Caylee. Perhaps they will say that  Cindy wouldn’t allow Casey to bond with the baby and that was why she didn’t have any maternal feelings towards Caylee Perhaps they may try to show  that Cindy  tried to create a wedge Casey and Caylee and tried to instill feelings of jealousy and worthlessness in Casey.

They may even try to show  how it was  Cindy who wouldn’t let Casey name her own baby and how Cindy  most likely came up with the name for the child herself   Caylee- a combination of Cindy’s two children Casey and Lee. Perhaps they will show how Cindy  saw Caylee as her third child and refused to acknowledge  her as   Casey’s child. After all they may say, Cindy clothed and fed her  and paid for her medical expenses, so she may have seen Caylee  her as her own baby, rather than Caylee’s baby.

 Maybe they will show how Cindy continued to torment Casey to  make her feel inadequate and how she may have  created  jealous a situation to make Casey jealous of the attention she was giving to  Caylee. Perhaps they will show that Cindy continually made Casey feel inadequate like a bad mother so Casey acted out her bad mother role and partied hearty.

Perhaps they will s try to show that Cindy may have actually encouraged Casey to be out of the house and away from Casey so that Cindy could act more freely and without disturbance  in her  self appointed role of Caylee’s mother.  Perhaps they will try to show that Cindy didn’t care  if Casey came home late or early in the morning or spent all night ou at someone else’s house.

Perhaps they grill Cindy about her  tumultuous  relationship with Casey . Maye they will try to  show that it was the last straw for Casey when Cindy threatened Casey’s  already low and damaged esteem by saying that she would throw Casey out and keep Caylee.

Perhaps the defense will say that it was Cindy’s actions that made Casey feel so threatened that she did away with Caylee to punish her mother without thinking of the consequences.

Perhaps they will say that Casey’s death was an accident but Casey feared Cindy’s wrath so much that she didn’t tell her for 31 days. They may also say that Casey was so petrified  of her mother that  she still wouldn’t come clean until her brother Lee tried to pry what happened to Caylee out of her.

Perhaps they will say how Casey was a victim of violence,  since it was documented that Cindy punched the bed and allegedly tried to choke Casey.  

In any event they will try to make Casey out to be the poor little helpless victim while Cindy looks like the bad mean horrible monster.

They may also bring up Cindy’s faux pas where she spoke of the woods to reporters when Caylee’s little body was yet to be found.

They may even accuse Cindy of helping to move Caylee’s  body. After all Cindy seemed so sure in her call to Sargeant Allen that someone helped Casey and she didn’t move the body alone.

They may even ask her why she attempted to throw innocent people like Amy Huizinga and Jesse Grund and others under the bus? Was it because she was feeling so guilty and wanted to wash her own hands of any guilt she felt?

And finally they will ask Cindy why she asked for immunity? Did she know something happened before it did? Will they try to create further reasonable doubt by saying that her changing her claim from smelling a dead body to Caylee still being alive even when bones were found as indication of something she knows or was hiding ? Will they continue to grill her about who moved the body?


I have no doubt that Jose Baez will do absolutely everything possible to spare Casey a very premature and uncomfortable death. He knows she will most likely be locked up for life and that is why he is trying to now focus on the next phase of the trial  so she doesn’t die by lethal injection.

 That is why he will most likely do everything to explain away Caylee’s death and why, George, Cindy or Lee  or all three pf them drove Casey  to do it.

Overly confident Cheney Mason will have to do something that no doubt galls him. He will have to eat the  words he initially spoke where he said  he would walk out of jail arm and arm with Casey as a free woman.

 No doubt that is what he  strongly believed  before he saw how dismal the case really was as sunk his teeth into it. No doubt after meeting Casey up close and personal he had a change of heart.  


For those of you who are concerned about Casey’s  not being able to buy goodies behind bars, because her family has cut off her commissary funds, don’t worry. Casey will be well taken care of by others.

There are a lot of men  out there who obviously agree with  George and Cindy’s  physical assessment pf their “beautiful” daughter. These are also men who feel the intense  need to help out  a damsel in distress.

Thus, as records have shown, they have deposited money in Casey’s commissary account so she will still be able to ingest flour tortillas, jalapeno nacho chips, hot peanuts, chocolate chip granola bars cheese crackers, cocoa butter cream cookies and other culinary delights that were listed on her commissary purchase report. Maybe that is why George, in one of his jailhouse letters to her warned her about her  getting fat  behind bars.

Based on her bleeding heart off balance male fans who say they want to date  and even marry her, Casey doesn’t appear to have to worry about going  tamponless,  shampooless or conditionerless.

 She will always look her best as she continues to groom herself both in and out of the courtroom. She will also never go penless or paperless so she can always write to  her suitors to ask then to put even more money into her account.

Lindsay Lohan On the Road to Recovery By Keeping Toxic Father Michael Lohan Away


What about Lindsay’s telling  her Michael Lohan  that she doesn’t want to see him,  doesn’t he understand? Michael’s most recent desperate and sickening  PR move is to go to the women’s jail anyway, despite Lindsay’s wishes,  and try to see Lindsay anyway.

But, before she went into the facility, Lindsay has made it perfectly clear that she wants noting to do with this TOXIC MAN .  I strongly believe that his visit to her in jail  can cause her even more emotional damage than already exists.

Michael Lohan knows that Lindsay most likely will not  approve him as a visitor at the jail, so he says via  the press that he’ll reach out to the jail’s chaplain to help broker some kind of meeting.

HOW DARE HIM?  Let’s pray that the  chaplain refuses to meet with him as well.

Michael has done more damage to Lindsay and in my opinion she is in the state she is in, largely because of Michael’s Toxic behavior.

Normally, I believe in healing relationships and in getting people back together. I speak of this in my best-selling book TOXIC PEOPLE and in my new book which will be out in November called TOXIC MEN and can be pre- ordered by clicking here  

But as I say in ,TOXIC MEN  there are some relationships that are NOT able to be healed . There are some relationships that can never work no matter what. There are some relationships that re-stimulate such toxicity that no good can come of it.I belive the relationship between Lindsay and her father is clearly one of those relationships.

In those cases one must UNPLUG for good as Lindsay has done. I believe that only by Lindsay unplugging from her father and working out her issues concerning  him in her lengthy treatment, can she survive in the long run.


To me it is so clear what is going on here.  While part of the rehab process in using a 12 step approach is to make amends and to forgive those in your life, what Michael is doing is unforgivable in my view.

There are certain things you can never forgive no matter what . Michael is clearly  using Lindsay’s fame and notoriety for his own gain . That is unforgivable.

There was no reason to betray Lindsay and reveal tape recorded conversations  between the  two of them with the media. That is unforgivable.

There was no reason for him to show up in court when she wanted him away from her.He said it was under the guise of helping her but he is in essence doing it to bring attention to himself so that he can later  promote  his tv shows and media ventures. That is unforgivable.

There was no reason for him to show up all over the media after Lindsay went to jail, from Larry King live to radar online to TMZ ans shooting his mouth off about  Lindsay. He knows NOTHING about Lindsay. He is not in her inner circle and he is not close to her. All he has done is further alienate and  embarrass  her. That is unforgivable.


When Lindsay Lohan tweeted before she went to jail  that she wanted nothing to do with her father, I believe that  this was the first healthy sign for her. I hope and pray  that as she gets sober and straightens out her life and that  she gets a court order not only  forbidding Michael to come near her but forbidding him from  ever mentioning  her name.

After observing her father’s shenanigans over the years and now observing  the  latest accusation of violence  leveled against him by  his fiancé Kate Major, it is my view that Lindsay’s father may very well be the root of Lindsay’s problems.

 It seems to me that Lindsay has turned all of the  pain she harbors  towards her TOXIC father inward as a large part of her path towards self destruction. He  no doubt has caused her a lot of emotional damage and intense embarrassment. Her anger and rage are largely due to him.  


Everywhere that  Michael goes, trouble seems to follow this convicted felon who went to prison for beating up his ex wife Dina’s brother.

He says he is a born again Christian and has found God. But I think that based on what we have seen from his behavior over these past years, he may have lost God.

A person who has found God and lives a good Christian life, does not pull a Judas on them and tape record their personal  conversations like he did with Lindsay, Dina, his ex girlfriend and fiancé Erin, his ex boy friend Jon Gosselin,and now his ex fiancé Kate Major.

A man who has found God does not act so hateful and  tell someone they have a “fat ass” on national television like Michael Lohan did to one of the Housewives of  Atlanta.

 A man who has found God does not  allegedly kick his fiancé out of a chair or physically harm her to the point that he has to  have a restraining order or harassment document  filed against him.


I only have complete respect and admiration for Lisa Bloom who is a fellow media analyst. She is also a very qualified and respected attorney. She is Michael’s attorney. I ran into her in the makeup room at the Insider  at CBS a  few  weeks ago and asked her how she could represent this Toxic Man.

Lisa told me that was able to see the good in Michael and said he had a big heart. She told me how she first met him when they were both volunteering in a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.

 She also told me that he was misrepresented by the press so she said that as his representative one of  her responsibilities  was to  keep him away from speaking to the  press without her guidance,  so he won’t be left to his own devices and do himself damage.

Her efforts worked for a while as she was able to present Michael in a different light. In fact both Michael and Lisa went to court the day of Lindsay’s appearance, to give Judge Marsha Revel a letter a from Michael stating that Lindsay should be in rehab and not in jail. Lisa spoke to cameras while Michael kept still and it was effective. She even went on Larry King live with him to guide what he could and could not say.

 But obviously Michael is not listening to Lisa now.  He is disrespecting her orders to him which are to stay away from the media unless she is involved .  So now he is running off at the mouth and speaking on his own behalf sans Lisa. What he said on TMZ and Radaronline  these past few days has been unconscionable. He is back to his old Michael turn off ways. It is disrespectful to Lisa.


To me it is clear that Michael has not shown much  respect towards women. He certainly doesn’t respect Kate Major. Kicking her out of a chair or harassing her because she may or may not have an alcohol problem is disrespect. Since he too had alcohol issues at one point, he needed to show sympathy not disdain and alleged abusive behavior  towards Kate.  

Telling Atlanta Housewife on national television she has a fat ass is disrespect.

 Yelling at people is disrespect.

 Taping Dina the mother of his kids and trashing her in the press is disrespect.

Showing up at the jail when Lindsay wants no part of him is disrespect.

And now, not listening to  his attorney Lisa to stay away from the press  and no speak to them is disrespect towards her.  


 Michael  spoke to TMZ and Radaronline and even played an recorded audiotape of his conversation with Kate Majors. What he doesn’t realize is that this secret taping BS may work in NY but may not work in Los Angeles.

The fact that he may have taped the conversation with Kate Major while he was in Los Angeles without her permission may cause him some severe problems with the law. It can be a criminal act to do such a thing in California.  

The tapes may have  apparently   been taped in Los Angeles . The contents deal with his checking into a Los Angeles hotel where there was concern by Kate over another woman. Michael denied he was with another woman and said was simply a woman in the lobby next to him when he was checking in. If he did tape in in California this may open up a whole new legal can of worms for him.


Yesterday Michael still thought his engagement and subsequent wedding to Kate Major was still on, as he told this to TMZ. But today it is a different story. He has admitted that the wedding is off.

Just to show how vicious Michael is and threatening he is, he can be heard on TMZ threatening to expose Kate Major’s drinking and personal issues and threatening that there will be a lot  about her that will come out if she doesn’t back off.  No doubt, he is trying to intimidate her and  will be releasing her personal  information to the press. He already disparaged her about her relationship with Jon Gosselin.

What Michael doesn’t realize is that all the disparaging remarks he will make about Kate won’t matter as he attempts to put her in a bad light in order to make himself look good. We all know that any woman who was involved with Jon Gosselin and now him has some serious self worth issues. Instead, the public  may feel even more  pity towards her for having such a low opinion of herself for being with him.

Michael’s actions towards Kate Major made me sick. They were all to familiar with these similar tactics which he used towards his other ex girlfriend Erin and ex wife  Dina, the mother of his kids.

. No wonder Dina can’t stand  him  to the point that she too has a restraining order against him. Not that she is so innocent and is without her issues, but at least she is not a frightening and vicious as Michael has shown to be.

Lindsay even said in her tweet that Michael frightens her. Since she has seen him up close and personal she knows exactly what she is talking about better than anyone else.   


Michael needs to stop using Lindsay and her name forever. He needs to stop talking about her to make himself relevant.

 He appears to me  to be a hustler who is trying to sell a bogus TV show first about divorced dads and now about Tiger Wood’s mistresses Joslyn James and Rachel Uchitel. Rachel said she only met him once and has no intention of doing a show with him.

 Any show Michael will do, will never fly in my view. No one in their right mind would want to deal with this over aged Toxic Man who is a completely loose cannon with a violent temper, who has nothing of value to offer. He contributes NOTHING in my opinion except distress. He is irrelevant and the only claim to fame he has is that Lindsay Lohan is his daughter something to which he desperately tries to hang on to .   

If  Michael really loves his daughter,  than he needs to respect her and her wishes. She wishes him to stay away from her.  He must do  that to show he loves her, instead of inserting himself into her life when she cannot stand him.


If Michael did all of this damage to Lindsay, what in the world is he doing to his other kids Ali and Cody? He has no custody of them and allegedly hasn’t contributed a great deal financially or emotionally based on his antics.  

 How can these kids respect someone who has had so many verbally violent and public battles with so many women in his life? How can they respect what he is doing? The answer is that they cannot. In my view, his actions will have serious repercussions on them as they mature. Let’s only hope that these kids  don’t turn their hurt and pain towards their father inwards as their sister Lindsay has done.


Casey Anthony Did Not Cry in Court As Her As Her Tears Were Fake


Contrary to news reports which stated that Casey Anthony  cried in court, my intensive  body language observations were that Casey did NOT  cry in court . Sociopaths are incapable of real tears. Since Casey is a sociopath in my view, she did not cry any  real tears. News accounts said that Casey broke down as soon as her brother Lee took the stand. But that was not the case at all. Her facial expression  especially her mouth, did not indicate a person who was sad or grieving or crying.

As you can see in the photo above she is wiping a way a non tear. Her facial expressions consistently do not show the mouth and eye movement that is present when a person is truly crying.

But before  I discuss Casey’s reactions  when when her mother Cindy took the stand and her reactions when Lee took the stand, I want to discuss her courtroom demeanor in general


While Jose Baez has apparently done a good job in coaching her to stop the laughing and smiling, her smirks still manage to leak out as you can see in the photo below when she entered the courtroom .

Maybe she is smiling and smirking because she is so happy to get out of her jail cage where she has to remain 23 hours a day.

Maybe she is smiling and smirking because as a   self consumed  narcissist, she gets to have all eyes focusing on her and that makes her happy.

But in my view one of her major reasons for her genuine smile is that she  is  about to take her seat at the defendant’s and  gets to sit next to her crush and attorney Jose Baez.


There is no question in my mind,  now that her former death penalty attorney Andrea Lyon is no longer in the picture and  forcing her to wear those   unsexy ruffly clothing  she hated, Casey is now dressing with  Baez in mind.

Now there is a sexier look as she is now longer buttoned up. She is now showing a lot more flesh as she unbuttoned her blouse to show Jose that she still has it. She still has cleavage and still  wants him to know that she has sex appeal.

But at this point, Jose could care less . The only thing he is focusing on is keeping afloat and doing his best to adequately represent this aberrant creature.  He has no interest in her or her cleavage or her sex appeal.

The only interest he has is doing everything possible so she won’t get a lethal needle. For the most part he comes across collected and in control, but there are times where he  is overwhelmed and his nervous energy leaks out  in his body language.

We can often  see his finger tapping and pen tapping, and fidgeting. He moves around a lot physically.  But in  listening to the the testimony  Jose was  clearly  uncomfortable  body language wise. We  saw evidence of a dry mouth and snake like side to side   lip licking as seen below.

This  indicated that his mouth was dry and he was no doubt feeling  a bit unsettled  and uncomfortable.

But Jose is not the only one showing nervousness and discomfort as she listened to the 911 tape.Veteran attorney Cheney Mason was taken aback as well. He appeared to be very concerned , I have no doubt that he was wondering what in the world he was going to do in order to try and defend the sociopathic mess sitting next to him. He furrows his brow and covers his mouth, which indicates that he has no words to express  what he just heard on the tape.

He  he has no idea what to say or do as he is speechless. When a person places their hands or fingers  over their mouth,  it indicates that they are  speechless and don’t know what to say.

Note the contrast in Casey’ demeanor. She looks blank as if she was listening to a benign weather report .

As the proceeding progressed, Cheney Mason’s body language did not change much from his hand over his mouth position . But there was a time as you can see in the photo above that is finger landed in his mouth. This indicated that he was flabbergasted by what he heard. His even more furrowed brow shows extreme concern as to how in the world he was going to defend Casey.

His rounded shoulders showed submission and that he was humbled after listening to the 911 tape.  His body language was a far cry from the  cocky Cheney Mason with squared shoulders and an arrogance  when  he said that he and Casey  would walk out of the courtroom arm in arm with Casey a free woman. After hearing that 911 tape up close and personal,  I doubt Cheney feels the same way he did when he first began the case.


When Cindy  was on the stand Casey  could care less. There was no outward reaction whatsoever. However, there was a lot more hair grooming than usual as you can see below.

Casey repeated hair grooming in her mother’s presence clearly  reflected her insecurities about her physical appearance  . We know that Cindy has put a premium on Casey’s looks, telling her how beautiful she looks in her jailhouse letters to Casey. So Casey’s grooming is no doubt an automatic reaction towards making  sure she looks “beautiful”  in front of her mother  Cindy.


As soon as Lee hit the stand and obnoxiously and inappropriately mouthed the words “  I love you”  to his sister who twice accused him of sexually molesting her, Casey began to stick her finger in her eye in an attempt to draw liquid int the form of a tear.

Jose Baez put his arm around her as of to comfort her. In reality, it   was in my view  that he may have done it to encourage her  fake boo hooing in an attempt to make her look more human than the automaton emotionless freak of nature that she appears to be.

As you see int he photo above, Casey’s fingers are curved in a claw like fashion. The positioning of her fingers are not the position fingers should be in when a person is wiping away their tears. Instead, the fingers should be flat as the tears are wiped away.

In this photo above we clearly see Casey sticking her finger inside her eye in an attempt to cause irritation of the eye and cause the eye  to tear.

Casey not only uses her fingers, she uses her thumb as well. Here she is sticking her thumb into her eye in an attempt to cause irritation and redness as well as a tear.


Cheney Mason hands her a Kleenex. She then tries to fold the Kleenex. Note that she is focused on the Kleenex. There is no crying facial expression, which indicates that Casey must have trouble doing two things at the same time crying and folding a Kleenex.

She attempts to wipe a non tear. She misses and wipes the non tear off of the bridge of her nose. Once again, note the non crying facial expression.

Then she wipes the other non teary eye  with the Kleenex.

In summary,  first she wipes a non tear on one side and then wipes another non tear on the other side.  It’s all ridiculous as no one cries  and tears one eye at a time . When people genuinely cry, they cry with both eyes at the same time, not one eye at a time as Casey’s behavior reflects.

Then she looks at the non tear on her hankie.

Then she grooms her hair one side and then grooms the other side. When someone is that distraught, the last thing they are thinking about is how their hair looks.


Besides brother Lee Anthony’s inappropriate  mouthing  of “I love you” to his sister who twice  accused him of sexually molesting her, another sickening thing to witness was their shared smiles chuckles at the expense of Cheney Mason and his hearing aid issues.

When Lee didn’t focus on Cheney Mason’s question,  he attempted to make  a joke by saying that there was static  is his ears too. He proudly laughed at his own joke.

Sister Casey was also  enjoying the laugh as well,  as you can  see in the photo below.

Casey is clearly enjoying Lee’s attempt at a joke as she smiles, while at the same time tries not to show her repaired dental work. This speaks to her vanity and narcissism. She stifles her  laugh and smile only because she is self conscious of her dental condition. The fact that she is laughing at all is very disturbing to me .

There is absolutely NOTHING funny about the fact that she is in this courtroom. She always  needs to be reminded  that she is there for the fight of her  life.She always needs to be reminded that she is there because the state believes she murdered her innocent daughter.

She always needs to be reminded  that if she loses that fight and gets the lethal needle, it will not feel very pleasant.

Jose Baez needs to stop coddling her and give her a sober reality check concerning her courtroom behavior.

He needs to tell her that she will be scrutinized from every angle by the jurors and they will be taking everything she does very seriously. He needs to tell her that if she  wants a fair trial she needs to take everything that goes on in the courtroom very seriously  and wipe off any smirks or smiles for good.

And while he is at it, Jose  needs to tell her to stop the boo hooing it. It’s not working and  people see through it. It’s fake and odd looking. While at first glance she may look like she is crying , if a jury is stuck looking at her for weeks and notices her every move and every nuance of her behavior, they will pick up on how fake it is. It does not create pity for her. In fact is has the opposite effect. It makes her even more disliked and even hated.