George Anthony’s Letters Discuss Casey’s Physical Appearance As George Tell’s Casey She’s Getting Fat And Begs to See Her


After going through parent’s George and Cindy Anthony’s letters to their daughter Casey as she sits in jail,  instead of being focused on whether their daughter will live in prison for the rest of her life or die by lethal injection, their consistent superficial  concern appeared  to be on  their daughter’s beauty. From these letters, it is apparent to me that they are indeed taken with daughter Casey’s looks looks, especially George. 




George is apparently interested how his daughter Casey’s body ooks, as he tells her below that  she has put on weight and warns her to be careful about not not getting fatter. He even offers up some exercise advice for her as you can see below.



From George’s letters you can see that he lets Casey know she is the Boss and in control . It appears to be a role which she has been in her whole life. It is quite sad and somewhat pathetic to see how George grovels, in hopes that Casey will allow her permission to see him- even if it is for a minute as you can see in an excerpt from George’s letter below.




Like  most sociopaths  with sadistic tendencies, Casey is probably enjoying seeing her father squirm, beg, and suffer emotionally as he is in the  2009 letter below. He pleads strongly for his daughter to see him. As you can see below,  he underlines the sentence begging Casey to let him see her. 

For assurance, he tries to appease her and flatter her by letter her know that she is the BOSS. I can only imagine that this statement made Casey’s day. 



Obviously neither  groveling  nor flattery  worked  in terms of George  getting Casey to agree to see him, so he attempts to try  the old poor me victim routine. He says he is forced to live what is left of his life- “empty”. In writing this, George is attempting to elicit a reaction of pity from Casey. But he has wasted his time because Casey, like most sociopaths,  has no empathy or feelings of compassion towards her father or anyone else.




In several of his letters George lets Casey know that he loves her “no matter what”. Obviously he is writing this statement  to her as yet another attempt to allow Casey to let him visit her. 

Can George really love Casey “no matter what”if she smothered his beloved grand daughter to death and left her in a trunk while she went out partying?  Can he really love her no matter what if he finds out that she tortured and murdered innocent Caylee?  

Can he really love her no matter what if she accused him of having sex with her if he never did such a thing?  

As you can see below George makes this no matter what statement in several of his letters 








Casey has obviously not relented and has not  allowed her father to see her in jail as he requested. Therefore,  he goes for a smaller request from Casey- a mere simple glance his way when she is in the court room. .  


These letters give us a glimpse of the dysfunctional relationship between father and daughter.  His concern over her weight and telling her to be careful she doesn’t gain more weight and for her to  exercise more speaks to his concern with her physical appearance, which he finds “beautiful.”.

The letters also show the complete disrespect and lack of regard Casey has towards her father. 

It shows how George will do anything from begging, to flattering, to using the victim poor me card to unconditional love  (no matter what ) in oder to  get Casey to allow him to see her.It speak to how desperate George is when it comes to Casey. 

It  also speaks to Casey’s stubbornness. But for themost [art, these letters speak to George’s obvious severe emotional pain.


28 thoughts on “George Anthony’s Letters Discuss Casey’s Physical Appearance As George Tell’s Casey She’s Getting Fat And Begs to See Her

  1. George has always creeped me out, the way he would refer to Casey as beautiful and gorgeous. YUCK. She is neither, nor has she ever been.

    The handwriting George has, is very feminine. If fact, he has similiar handwriting as Casey, except much neater.

    As usual, the letters are all about Casey, not one word about how much they miss Caylee, and are doing everything they can to find the real killer. Whatever happened to the kidnappers? The ones George was watching? This family is nothing but a bunch of liars. And they are all so creepy.


  2. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Thanks a lot for your professional analysis.
    I agree with LisaG about George’s approach to KC, it’s creepy!!! Also the Anthony’s have never gone on National TV to beg for “justice for beautiful Caylee”.
    Have you noticed Dr. Lillian that when Cindy refers to Caylee’s beauty she turns to KC and says Caylee’s got her mother’s good looks or something for that effect. Caylee is always the last to be mentioned by them… it shows their lack of real “unconditional love” for Caylee.
    Never understood why KC is the boss, for sure KC is and always be in control of her freak parents. All the Anthony’s care is about making money off of Caylee’s photos and videos. Sick, sick people.
    George is an excuse for a man, he is pitiful!!!
    C&G love the attention “no matter what”!!!!


  3. Dr Glass I also love to hear what your thoughts are on this dysfunctional family. George letters speaks from the heart especialy the one that asks WHY? George knows what kc did to Caylee and in my opinion in that perticular letter begs her for the answer. Sindy sending pictures of Caylee to KC is so deceptive, is sindy really sending those pic’s to help kc or are they sent to keep throwing it in kc’s face as a constant reminder of what her daughter did to that baby! ?


  4. Spot on FRG.

    Dr. Glass, I also would like to thank you for your blog and expert analysis.

    A little off topic, but Dr. Glass, I so enjoy your appearances on Chelsea Lately 🙂


  5. Dr. Glass,
    Thank you for your expertise and insight with these letters. I do wish, however, that you would double check your grammar, as it would be easier to read without all the errors.

    Thank you for making your expertise available to us.


    1. hmm, Dr. Glass’s expertise, or perfect grammar… if I can’t have both, I’ll choose her expertise, because it’s something I certainly don’t possess, and can really learn from.


  6. Dr. Glass, I was married to a man who was super-superficial too..and he would be the type who would point out the “few extra pounds” thing! It is almost comical, because men like George and my ex husband thing they are “God’s gift” in the looks department. They do NOT realize that time is catching up with them and that they have no right to continually “rate” women. One of George’s letters did say that he felt that he was aging fast. Quite a concession from someone who obviously fancies himself a “looker”. It is so interesting to me that both George and Casey rely so heavily on their looks while allowing Cindy (a troll of a woman!) to do the lion’s share of work (while they both play around with the escort business on the computer! Cindy is a drudge while the two of them tried to keep Cindy at work!) They are slightly above average looking (that is clear..that is why the media loves this case so much)–but even Cindy has had a taste of the spotlight and “enjoys” her weight loss and new face. (Sorry, Cindy you’re not a ten! no matter what you do with your new money). They are THE most superficial family I’ve ever seen. I bet for a pastime they all went to the malls to make fun of the shoppers.


  7. The constant “I love you, NO MATTER WHAT” speaks volumes to me. It tells me he knows she did it, and he wants her to know he is aware of this.


  8. I can’t believe Cindy hasn’t put a stop to the “hi Beautifuls”. This just shows what a liar Casey is about him sexually abusing her. If it were true…..and she told Cindy years ago about it, then he would never utter those two words to her.

    As for his looks…….I think he may have been a good looking man at one time, but his laziness and feminine traits are such a huge turn off, that it would be like being married to a woman and not a man. Cindy Anthony has to be embarrassed by him and his unfinished sentences and shrugging his shoulders like a school boy. She must like girly guys that she can control.


    1. maybe why she chose george.. some women won’t have a man they can’t control… you know it has to be a miserable existance.. maybe a family pattern


  9. Those letters were not written by a father. His message was that of a lover. Just a glance??? COME ON!
    I was raised by a brilliant and serious father. He was not demonstrative but I loved and respected him. If he ever wrote me such romantically laced letters, I’d throw up. That is not how father’s speak to their daughters.

    George Anthony knows “NO MATTER WHAT” very well.


  10. In one of the jailhouse videos George greets Casey with a “hello beautiful” and Cindy immediately snuggles up to him and puts her head on his shoulder. Competition between mother and daughter?? Very strange and creepy dynamic going on in this family. The letters are definitely creepy but I always thought that George being in the delivery room when Caylee was born and cutting the cord was very, very creepy. By the way, I love your analysis and look forward to reading your column.


  11. I think this is a perfect example of an extremely spoiled brat!
    Because of her parents endless indulgence, Casey is constantly in a tug of war with her environment, because she is living in a world that’s different from the real world.
    This has unfortunately landed her in the ” lions den”.
    Casey is just not aware of it!


  12. George told Casey in a early jail visit that she was the boss. Apparently, she always was.
    I agree with the other writers that his calling her beautiful or georgeous is creepy. She should have been taught that her actions were more important than her looks!


  13. Speaking of Lyon’s , Andrea Lyons just walked off the case today. She is the death penalty attorney who was asked to join the defense team because they needed an attorney who had experience with the death penalty cases. This is not good for the defense at all! This is also the 3rd lawyer who walked off the case. Andrea Lyons was their lynch pin.

    She left because of financial reasons. Hmmm, some advocate! That’s what I call devotion to a cause.. smirk!


  14. I did not know George was in the delivery room when Caylee was born and that he cut the umbilical cord…and Casey was O.K. with this? 😕


    1. Apparently Casey didn’t have a problem with George being in delivery room – she only had a problem with Cindy being the first one to hold the baby. I wish I could remember the web site where I read this info. I even saw a picture showing Cindy and George in the delivery room. If either of my daughters wanted their father to witness the birth of a grandchild I think he would have run away so fast he would still be running. George is creepy without a doubt and I sometimes feel he is worse than Cindy. With Cindy you know what you’re getting. George is sneaky and underhanded. I also think that raising a child like Casey burned them out.


    2. George cut the cord when Casey delivered Caylee??? That scenario commenced the very first action they took to claim Caylee as their own. That gives me a tad of sympathy for Casey. Was she a victim? Did they drive her insane? I ponder the question.

      Outside the box, it seems pausable that she wanted to take something away from them. A smart lawyer will start his opening statement with that scene.


  15. After his last letter, Casey should have responded with……BUT Dad…….you said NO MATTER WHAT. Did that not include me accusing you of sexually molesting me, or was that just referring to me murdering your Grandaughter?


  16. OMG!
    I commented about this today! lmao
    My take again before I read Dr. Glass’s take on it is…
    This to me was proof of George’s sexual obsession with Casey. His daughter is in jail for murder. The murder of his grandchild. Casey has not seen her family in a very long time. With everything that has gone on since the last time they saw her, plus only seeing her in court now briefly as she walks in and out. George’s biggest concern was her weight and lack of tanning! I said earlier that telling a woman she’s put on some weight isn’t normally good under normal circumstances! lol But we’re talking about a man writing his daughter!! And her weight and lack of tan bothered George so much he just had to tell her to try and get herself looking good again!? I’m sorry but that is just not normal fatherly conversation with a daughter on trial for murdering HER daughter! Telling her to ask the guards if she can het some sun!? Seems George is upset with Casey’s figure and tan not being the way HE like it. If it were just Casey making these accusations it may not be believable. But in my opinion, George’s actions and statements, along with his letters to her prove that it is true!

    Just my opinion


  17. Why Si George locking the barn door now? Has he not noticed the horse ran off?

    They are professing love for a daughter now, when they could have handled her problems with love, when they had the opportunity. I guess they couldn’t do that because they were the problem. (?) Their daughter’s mental illness isn’t a new thing. She was always sick and needed to be handled by professionals starting years ago…

    Lee may be the only sane product in that family and yet that is not entirely evident. I don’t suppose sane people giggle in court depositions, when the topic they are speaking of, is a dead child.


  18. I do think calling one’s daughter gorgeous or beautiful is a bit off, but may not mean anything sinister. Also, commenting on her weight (or lack of tanning) could just be his concern for her health. He probably knows the food is not great in prison and he also knows that everyone needs sunlight for health reasons.

    While it is clear that Casey has manipulated her father and has intimidated him, I don’t see any proof this means he molested her or had a sexual obsession with her.

    He also probably wanted to see her to get information – and who would not miss their daughter and be concerned if they were in prison and would not see you?


    1. IT funny to me how people hate this girl so much they refuse to use common sense. Sorry no offence, but his letter was very creepy. The fact that he talked to her about her weight and she is behind bars is unbelievable. It is like it was obssessed with her body in some way and wanted it to stay right for him, even when he calls himself papa Joe and begs her to let papa joe/dad come visit. Why two names? Was papa joe the one who snuck in her room at night? Casey is sick I agree with that but it is from her upbringing IMO. Also the prosecution theory that she premeditated killing her in march and that is why she researched chloroform is ridiculous. Who trys to kills someone with Chlorform, or they go to say she maybe just suffocated her with the duct tape by putting it over her mouth and noise. PLease, Caylee was almost three, she would have of course pulled that off the moment it was on, like a child that age does to a hat when it is put on them, and it is way less evasive then duct tape. COME ON. COMMON SENSE!


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