George Anthony Continues to Play Martyr In His Letter to Casey But Remains “Mum” on Whether He Sexually Molested Her


 George’ Anthony’s letter written to Casey two months ago, after  Casey confided  to   fellow inmate  Robin Adams that her father and brother  Lee sexually molested her,   communicates a great deal about George and his relationship with his daughter. 


In his jailhouse visit early on,  we  heard George refer to Casey as “Gorgeous”  which I have always found inappropriate. But in this letter of two months ago , her refers to her by her full  name  “Casey Marie” indicating that he is less than pleased with her .  I cannot recall that he has ever  publicly called her by her entire name.  Using her entire name indicates that he is clearly angry with her, for perhaps revealing their family secret. 

He starts the letter with “Where do I begin?” This statement  indicates that he is at a loss for  words and does not know how to approach Casey with what he is about to tell her. His tentative approach  also reflects how he continues to walk on eggshells around Casey as he has for years. 

Instead of getting right to it and writing something like “Casey, how dare you lie about your brother and I sexually molesting you !”, he gives a meek and  hesitant initial statement. George’s timid behavior continues with his uses of the next word “Well” instead of jumping right into what he really wants to say. 

In leaving out the word “I” and just writing “met with Jose and Cheney Mason”, he doesn’t want to attribute what he is about to write to himself  because it is understandably embarrassing and shameful for him. So  subconsciously, he  eliminates himself by eliminating “I” at the beginning of the sentence . 


He then says that he met with “Jose and Cheny Mason on Wednesday, March 24th . ” By giving the exact date, he is being more formal and putting a  distance between himself and Casey. In essence he is documenting  exact the date as one that is memorable. He also mentions the date twice in his letter. 

Perhaps this date may turn out to be very memorable for him if indeed it was the date that Casey  betrayed family confidences. Remember how George always talked about family loyalty and how Lee and Casey spoke about keeping their secrets during the jailhouse tapes?  If this is the case, it  is no wonder as to  why George is so upset. 




George doesn’t respect attorney Jose Baez as much as he does Cheney Mason as he refers to him as “Jose” while he refers to “Cheny Mason” by his entire  first and last name.  This indicates that he has more respect for him. He does this twice as he says “Jose” in “Chaney’s” office delivered me heartbreaking news & ask me 2 heartbreaking questions?  

I should also add that if you look at George’s handwriting  in his letter in the photo above , you will see that it slants downward. When this occurs it usually means that the person is depressed and upset. 


George’s use of the word “heartbreak” twice seemed like an odd choice of a word to use. Does it imply that his heart was broken about her revelation that Lee and George molested her?  Using words like “upsetting” “devastating” “disgusting”  or “shocking” news make more sense in this case. Likewise “shocking,” unbelievable” surprising” “outrageous”  “unconscionable”  questions would make make sense than using the term  heartbreaking questions.  

In my view one is  heartbroken when they feel betrayed. One is shocked and surprised and flabbergasted if someone made an accusation about then that they heard for the first time and it was not true.  



 Then  George  passively aggressively admonishes Casey by saying “You know what 2 questions he asked and I said mum…..” 

George’s response is hugely telling. He doesn’t tell her what the heartbreaking news is in his letetr, but we can imagine  that the two possible  questions were “Did brother Lee and or George sexually molest Casey, like she said they did  in her jailhouse letters. 


It is confusing as to whether George meant to say that he was numb and left off the final b  offf , “num” or he meant to say mum. 

The fact that George wrote he  was “mum”  or num is no doubt because  he was between a rock and a hard place. Even if he was numb, he was mum. 

If he answered  “yes”, then he could go to jail for sexually molesting his underage daughter at the time. If he answered  “yes” the defense (Jose Baez and Cheney Mason) could use that information as an argument and excuse  as to why “poor” Casey may have allegedly murdered her daughter. 

If he says “no” then the defense can’t  use it as an excuse and it validates Casey’s sociopathic personality as a liar- that she would lie about her own father and brother sexually molesting her. 

So, he remained “mum.” This  word was underlined for emphasis which indicates that he most likely plans to remain mum on the subject if he is indeed referring to Casey’s accusing him and Lee of  sexual molestation. 

But I can assure you that during his deposition and during cross examination by the State, there is no way he will be able to continue to remain “mum” on these particular accusations  which Casey made. 

10 WHYS????????? 



Then  he continues in his passive aggressive way,  to admonish Casey as  he asks a series of questions where he repeats the word “why” twice for emphasis  and to no doubt elicit a reaction of guilt in Casey. 

He does this  as he asks her why she would bring down every member of her family. There are 8 “whys” and two additional ones throughout his letter. 

The only problem is that sociopaths have no feelings of guilt. So his efforts are wasted on asking her  why? Casey, like all sociopaths have no idea why they do what they do. They are impulsive and never consider the implications of their actions. 


George is understandably  upset and embarrassed that Casey accused him and Lee of  sexually molesting her. That is why  he possibly can’t even bring himself to write those words. 

Instead he writes: 

Why, Why also destroy Lee…
Why, Why also destroy Mom…

Why, Why also destroy me, your family…

Why, Why also destroy Caylee Marie…

If he  and Lee didn’t molest Casey, why wasn’t he more direct? Most people would  have adamantly  and angrily defended themselves and have  written something “ How dare you accuse your brother and father of molesting you when you know that never happened!” They  would have been more direct and not sidestep the issue as George has  apparently done in this letter if indeed he is indeed referring to her accusations. 

If this is the case, then in  using all those WHY’S  George  really saying, “WHY did you spill the beans and tell all the family secrets?”  The fact that he did not angrily defend himself and deny what Casey accused him and Lee of doing to her  leads to a lot of questions about whether Casey is finally telling the truth about something. 

After all she spilled the beans in a jailhouse letter to her then girlfriend Robin Adams. I doubt she knew that this information would be made public. In my view, she is not that bright to plan this. It just happened.  If Robin would not have revealed those letters or destroyed them, no one would know about these allegations which Casey made against Lee and George. 

I have no doubt that after Casey read  all those “why’s” , she may have derived some sadistic pleasure in knowing that her actions upset  not only George  and Lee, but also her mother, Cindy, her nemesis. 

It is interesting that George  adds Caylee Marie into the mix as he knows quite well that Casey Marie most likely has already destroyed Caylee Marie


We have all seen George act out the martyr in his exclusive Fox 35 interview months back.  He’s still at acting the martyr in this letter as he also tries to guilt trip Casey by writing: 

“After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued
to have you, My Daughter, Why???

Continually coming to court, continually

wanting to see you, Why???


What he’s essentially telling her is that he has sacrificed so much for her by showing up in the courtroom for her.  He mentions the word  “continually” twice for emphasis to let her know that he never let up and was loyal in coming to court because he wanted to see her. 

With his two question marks following the  “why” he is essentially asking her  “why” he even bothered to do that if she  that if she was going to “out” him and make accusations not only about him but Lee as well. 

It can also mean “ Casey why would you not be loyal to me when I have been loyal to you and showed up in court for you continually?” 


Just as there is confusion whne George wote num or mum, there is also confusion as to whehter wrote have  or loveWhen George writes “continued to have you, My Daughter,” If he meant to say have, I  found that to be a rather strange choice of words.” Is  he leaking out some information that he continued to have his daughter sexually?  If he used the word love, it may or may not mean the same thing,  Exactly what is George saying here? 


Again, George tries to passive aggressively admonish Casey by asking “Why” and adding three question marks next to it for emphasis ???. 

Little does George know that his doing this, no doubt thrills Casey. If she heard George speak those words it would be  music to her ears. But since she is reading it, the words are music to her eyes. It demonstrates that she got to George. Sociopaths love it when they get an emotional  rise out someone. It mskes them smile. 


Remember in the jailhouse tapes when Casey was smiling sadistically and laughing at Cindy when Cindy was crying and she remarked to her father about Cindy, “What is this one crying about?” 

Did George continually show up in court out of his own guilt? Was George’s suicide attempt due to the overwhelming guilt he may have felt  about what Casey allegedly said he did to her? 

As we lean more and more from the letters, we can see that  the pieces  of the puzzle are coming together and giving us a clearer picture of this horribly and sadly dysfunctional family. 



51 thoughts on “George Anthony Continues to Play Martyr In His Letter to Casey But Remains “Mum” on Whether He Sexually Molested Her

  1. Hi, Dr. Glass, in that one part that says “have you as my daughter” I’m almost certain it says “love” not “have”. I did think it looked like an H, too until I compared the first letter to the word “Lee” higher up in the letter. Boy if these guys did molest her and Cindy knew, that would explain why they’ve done so much sucking up to her.


  2. On the part where the you said heartbreaking is not the word that would be used in such a case, I’d have to disagree. When it’s a parent and all of this is going on and they’ve tried to be supportive of her and then she says something like this…that would be heartbreaking for a parent. Actually, anytime a daughter would accuse a dad (who is innocent) of such a thing…would be heartbreaking. Just sayin…


      1. Casey had plenty of outrage when accused; so she was innocent?

        Some people feel hurt, some people feel anger and some people fake both – there is no way of knowing how someone is going to react in any given situation.

        George’s body language and letter indicate he did not molest his daughter nor did he have anything to do with murder.


    1. I don’t think George denied anything in that letter. He didn’t say how could you say that. He said why. In other words how could you tell. You can’t tell some one that knows the truth its not the truth. He can tell any one else that , but he could not deny it to Casey. And if I am reading it right he never does.


  3. Dr. Glass, I sincerely thank you for this article. I come from a family where there was incest (I was not a victim, it was my Mother). I RECOGNIZE the Anthony family dynamics. The ramifications of incest are vast and indescribable. I have waffled about which one of the males in the Anthony household engaged in incest with Casey–but perhaps you are correct, that it might be both of them. Generally, a victim of incest either becomes a prude of sorts (and hates anyone touching them–that was my Mother) OR the pendulum swings the other way and they become ridiculously promiscuous (ala Casey Marie). If one were to give George the benefit of the doubt one might consider that all of this started with Lee–but then Casey put the moves on George. Could definitely have happened just that way. Most posters in the forums thing Casey is lying about incest. I don’t. I believe that it is the ONLY thing that she has been truthful about. She is way out there..and so was my Mother. The guilt and shame associated with incest is beyond what most people can ever consider. Dr. Glass, you were brave to write all this–I want to tell George ….tell the truth, so everyone (including you) can heal from this. You owe the truth it to all involved.


  4. Dr. Glass:

    If Casey was molested by her father and/or her brother, maybe one of them is Caylee Marie’s father?


  5. I believe George said “I am num” not “I said mum”

    and he continued to ‘love’ her not ‘have’ her.


    I think that makes a big difference in how the statement is viewed.


  6. dr glass,
    i love to read your blog. i think its very possible that kc was molested by george it would explain alot of her anger toward her parents. have you read cindy’s letters to kc? If so, do you think that cindy is also passive aggressive with kc and does some crazy making with her?


      1. I have to respectfully disagree. In reading the letters, George proves to be a less-than-perfect speller. I, too, see it as NUM…but, missing the B, which is silent and a poor speller may miss that.


      2. Dr. Glass, you transcribed a part of George’s letter as, “You know what 2 questions he asked and I said mum…..” The letter actually said very clearly, “You know what 2 questions he asked and I am num…..” (That’s typical George spelling.) I think you need to look again (and have your eyes checked) since it is very plain to see. Your transcription does not even make sense when you consider the context of the sentence.


  7. Casey is a liar, she tells stories and spins tails! Everyone wants a reason on why she could have done this and the only answer that can substationate such a horrible crime is incest by her brother and father. I’m sorry but like her other millions of lies, this is just another to turn the deck and provides perfect out for her and the media is falling for it. Casey will use and abuse anyone to manipulate her own masterplan! Her only concern is for herself and touring the country in am RV. George could not say she was lying because as much as it hurts him to be accused of this, he knows that this lie will be the compelling reason to keep her of death row.


    1. While we all know tat sociopaths do lie frequently, it is important to keep in mind that there are times where they also tell the truth. Casey may or may not be telling the truth about George and Lee. Earlier, she also told her ex boyfriend Jesse Grund and his family that her brother Lee molested her.


  8. Dr. Glass….

    You misquoted George Anthony’s sentiments entirely in your blog…

    You state : “Then George passively aggressively admonishes Casey by saying “You know what 2 questions he asked and I said mum…..”

    In reality the George Anthony quote reads as follows:
    ” You know what 2 questions he asked, and I am num .”

    George Anthony clearly wrote the word “num” with an “N” ( of course it is spelled incorrectly and should have been spelled “numb”)…

    I have attached a copy of the George Anthony letter your refer to which you misquoted and misinterpreted…. (George Anthony letter)



    1. Violette—

      You are absolutely right. Very sloppy analysis by Lillian Glass. It is clear that is an “n.” The “m” is very different.

      The “l” in “love” is like the “L” in Lee, and the “o” in the word “love” is exactly the way George makes the letter “o,” but not at all like his letter “a.” Therefore, “num” and “love.” All one had to do was look at the letter and letters in it, and not run off into rampant and silly specualtion.


  9. if casey was molested by her dad or brother and if she intentionally killed caylee maybe she was trying to shield caylee from what she went through. i know its not a great excuse but it could explain some things..i always thought caylee accidentally drowned in the pool and casey panicked and covered it up to make it look like a kidnapp. because cindy wouldve never let her live it down that she wasnt paying attention to a mom of two and i cant imagine anyone harming a child. ..but just maybe casey if she did this intentionally did it in a weird sick way to protect caylee. maybe caylee was being molested too.


  10. We’ve learned from George’s and Cindy’s letters that Casey is the one who is refusing to see them. So I doubt she could care less that George has been loyal in coming to court and wanting to see her. He still obviously doesn’t understand what is wrong with his own “dear daughter.”
    It is a very strange letter to write in view of the accusations and leaves a person wondering what went on in that house that ended up having things go so terribly wrong.
    Cindy uses a lot of passive aggressiveness towards Casey as well…missing her and loving her while she tells all about the cruise, the good foods enjoyed, the success of Mallory and Lee in their own little house, Mallory going to college and both have good jobs…along with sending photos of Caylee all the time and news of Cindy’s having Caylee’s stuffed Teddy (the object of the possessive grabbing match between Casey and Cindy) to sleep with for comfort. So, I guess Cindy wins! Yay, Cindy! You won!


  11. Dr.Glass thank you for your knowledge you share with us.I am not sure if this thought others share.When George reportedly had an affair all these letters and other things if carefully investigated maybe this is Cindys work.I looked at a picture of the lieing Ants were snickering holding hands after one of her court dates.After the affair we discovered.I know when lied to over and over i look for underneith motives.Maybe sympthony for all.thanks


  12. I believe it’s supposed to say “numB”….the “b” is silent and he may have been in shock/in a hurry while writing this… Numb would fit in with the context of the rest of the letter. If he were going to be “mum” about it, why write at all?


    1. i agree. There is no way it says mum. You can clearly see the “n” in num. If you take clear look at the way he writes M and N, huge difference. Also, his writting is not slanted downwords. If you use ruler as guide on his sentances, you will see they are actually slanted upwords.


      1. Thanks for these 2 posts…I completely agree and was getting bothered that people didn’t see this correctly and were making assumptions based on the misspelling…especially seeing how this blog is always full of typos..NOT that I agree on anything that George and Cindy are doing or have done BUT I’m glad someone else pointed this mistake out.


      2. I do agree with NUM versus MUM. I read through all the letters and George is not the best speller. It would be common for a poor speller to leave off a silent letter – “b” in this case.


  13. Hi Lillian,
    My first thought when I read his “Why” letter was, that is NOT a normal reaction for a man who has been accused of sexual abuse or abuse of any kind! I would be asking why she would be accusing me of such a horrible thing!?
    In my opinion, because this has come up before from Casey. I think this is the claim Casey is actually telling the truth about. I believe Casey went to her mother about it. Cindy denied it, didn’t believe Casey, and this is where Casey’s hatred for Cindy began. Casey felt and still feels betrayed by Cindy. This was partly the motive behind Caylee’s murder. Caylee received the love and attention from Cindy that Casey craved and wanted, and felt she never got. George’s letter in my opinion, between the lines,
    says; “Why, why tell on me!?” “Why why ruin my life after I supported you?!” George is guilty of sexual abuse in my opinion. A good example is George’s reaction to Jesse Grund being in Casey’s room with Caylee. George’s reaction to that innocent scene is that of a jealous man, not the reaction of a rational father. When I first heard him tell that story, both his and Cindy’s version struck me as being very odd. George was too upset over that and Cindy’s reaction to George’s reaction, was her again sweeping what is obvious under the rug again. I wish I could better explain what I mean. Sadly Casey being a pathological liar and a sociopath in my opinion, will cause noone to believe her. But I believe this was her one true claim. It doesn’t excuse a murder, but it does help explain some of her motives. I also believe Casey’s defense will claim years of abuse by George, and betrayal of trust by Cindy in Casey’s time of need. George and his “Poor Me” act have made me sick since this all started. If anyone notices, there wsn’t very many times where George by himself was alone with Caylee in the house. It was almost always Cindy, and if George was giving her breakfast or watching her, someone else was home. George’s actions and statements about and to Casey and Caylee are not normal. Begging Casey to see her so he can hug her, or even during the jail visit him saying, “I wanna hug you and hold you” is NOT normal.

    Just my opinion.

    Now I’m going to go read Dr. Glass’ take on this whole thing. I’m curious to see if I’m on the same page? lol

    Take care 🙂


  14. Wow,
    I see by Dr. Glass’ analyzing of George’s letter and actions my instincts are validated. It funny that the jail visit was also brought up. That sticks out in my mind also. George calling her “Gorgeous” all the time made me cringe the way he says it. This is the family secret they didn’t want anyone to know. Especially since in my opinion, it was never addressed within the home let alone airing it to the world.
    I wonder if this could have been why attempted suicide? The worry of his actions becoming known by all? At that time it was obvious that everything this family did was being analyzed and released to the public. It never made sense to me why he would wanna kill himself, since he was claiming and believing at that time Caylee was still alive and coming home? I wonder if his suicide attempt (act) was because he knew Caylee was dead, or was it because of this “Secret” he was afraid he’d have to answer to? I say suicide (act) because he called everyone that night. It was another sympathy attempt in my opinion. If someone really wants to kill them self, they kill them self. They leave a note, or not, and do it. They don’t call people first and then drink giving those people time to locate them! That was another “Poor Me” act in my opinion. Anyway, thank you Dr. Glass for your blog. Some of the things you point out are very interesting. And I agree with you.

    Thank you, Take care 🙂


    1. Rob, Caylee’s body had already been found when GA “attempted” suicide. CA had asked him to pick our the jewelry for Caylee’s memorial service and he went off the deep end. When I first read that, I thought they were actually going to try to put jewelry on Caylee’s bones, but found out later it was jewelry for the family members to wear, with some of Caylee’s ashes in them.

      He did not believe at that time that Caylee was coming home.


  15. Really? I thought it was before the discovery? Hmm, now I’m all confused! lol There is just too much stuff to remember off the top of my head anymore! lol Oh well I stand corrected! Oh maybe I’m confusing the time because of the George cheating on Cindy story? That’s right! Maybe it was the pressure of knowing what really happened on top of the lies and obstruction. Hmm, I still say that attempt was an act for sympathy. George’s reaction to Casey’s accusations are not normal either. Oh well, thanks for getting me straight on that. Sometimes I confuse the tme line on all these events and stories. lol It really is an absurd case with a lot of ridiculous statements and claims. As long as the prosecution keeps their eye on the ball.
    This isn’t about Casey, Cindy, or George/ It’s about justice for Caylee. I pray she gets it. It’s quite amazing how much we as the public are able to view and analyze as far as evidence, tapes, documents etc.. etc.. As interesting as some of it is, it just feels wrong somehow?

    Take care 🙂


  16. In the discovery documents, they have tested Lee and George’s paternity…they do not match!

    I too thought George should have been more direct with Inmate Anthony when he writes and asks WHY??? I believe, as always, Inmate Anthony rules the roost, they all walk on eggshells around her, even the letters prove they are psycologically intimidated by their lying daughter. They know the truth but must sugar coat things in order to get to the truth, which, IMO, makes no sense. Who in this family does???
    Lee’s been silent for a long while now, which to me shows he isn’t loyal to his sister anymore. It shows he can’t possibly believe everything his sister tells him…Even as we get insight into this most dysfunctional family, it’s all about image. Their image of their daughter is quite a contrast from each other. Cindy wears those rose colored glasses, while George rejects using his homicide detective skills cause Cindy won’t let him…two woman in conflict for the lead roles.
    I don’t believe George or Lee would have molested Inmate Anthony…but anything is possible. I also wonder if this is part of the mitigation process when she is found guilty.
    The parents do not want to loose Inmate Anthony, although, it seems to me, they lost her a long time ago.
    Caylee is not the focus of their plan. Their plan is to paint this picture of a perfect family who’s lying daughter doesn’t equal a murderer. I beg them to become Caylee’s voice.
    Maybe this is the rude awakening George needed to finally do what’s right for Caylee, not Inmate Anthony. I do hope this enlightenment will allow George to finally take the lead in finding justice for Caylee…
    Gorgeous, beautiful may be a thing of the past. The dynamics are bizarre as are the people who resided on Hopespring drive…Cindy confided more in her coworkers than she did the police. This is a convoluted family with passive agressive participants..they continue to placate Inmate Anthony…
    I also want Jose Baez to be stripped of his license to practice law. Cindy admits to Jose Baez taking contraband in and out of the prison walls, all in the form of letters, what else has he done???…he should be ashamed of himself for breaking the rules. Hoping, after this trial is over, Baez will face some bar complaints and this time will be founded. It is a 3rd degree felony…
    Why do people put their own freedom in jeopardy for this little insignficant alleged child murderer, a nobody, a nothing…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


    1. I REALLY hope you are not Joyce Story—that delusional woman who blindly supports the Anthonys and has royally embarrassed herself with the release of her ridiculous support & love letters to her favorite inmate Casey. In any case—I hope you didn’t write the above comment as some sort of “mitigating factor” for Casey to murder her own defenseless daughter. There is ZERO excuse for what Casey did—–and I am confident that she will receive a guilty verdict and probably LWOP.


  17. I think Casey was lying about the molestation. I think this because evidence shows that she lies about anything and everything whether she has a reason or not. It makes no difference whether it would be kept a secret when she told the fellow inmate, she probably was still lying. I don’t see Casey as someone who would lose sleep over spilling the family secret. I think if she had that kind of ammunition against George and Lee, she would have used it long ago to benefit herself in some way. She would have been blackmailing daddy dearest for money or something.


  18. I don’t understand…it’s a fact that Casey lies…so why when she says abuse do so many people believe her. I’m not saying she wasn’t abused. I just don’t understand why that’s the one time she would be telling the truth. Even if you state that sometimes sociopath’s do tell the truth – WHY? is that what you believe to be true. I know she told Jesse that but could it had been for attention? She could have told Tony that so she could stay at his house full time. I mean it was always ALL about her.


  19. Whether George and Lee sexually molested Casey, is not a DEFENSE for murdering Caylee. What will they say, that she murdered Caylee, to spare her the same abuse??

    NO, it won’t cut it. Normal and coherent people will think, well then why didn’t Casey actually just take Caylee and move out? Yes, we know she did not have a job, but she could of gone to social services, who would of helped her get into a woman’s shelter, until she could get on her feet. They would have provided her with the opportunity to receive her GED, helped her find a job, help her with money to subsidize rent, food stamps, and whatever else she needed. She did not MURDER Caylee to spare her sexual abuse, she SLAUGHTERED her, because she hated Cindy, way more then she loved Caylee, if she ever actually loved Caylee.

    So this nonsense Casey killed Caylee, because she herself had been sexually abused is not nor is it ever an excuse to kill anyone, especially a helpless baby. Why not just then kill George and Lee, and save Caylee??

    Casey makes me sick, and it’s all about her, and it’s always been about Casey. Casey is a liar. She does not know what how to tell the truth, the real truth, and not the nonsense she makes up. I don’t know if George and Lee molested her, because she is such a liar, and has done nothing but lie this whole time. The only truthful thing she has ever said, was when she admitted to LE, that yes, she lied about everything, like her job. Yes, the truth is, Casey is a liar, and in this case, this liar is a murderer.


  20. It just makes me laugh when so many people state “categorically” that “Inmate Anthony was not abused! She is lying!” –Oh really? Were you there? Her behavior fits expert criteria (after effects) for INCEST. Many “trial watchers” simply love to hate her and can not fathom that she has been a victim. OF COURSE she shouldn’t have killed Caylee..but there are reasons that she doesn’t recognize the truth from fiction. She didn’t just start out her life lying –what are the reasons? Open your eyes–the reasons are likely the darkest most shameful secret of all.

    Common Symptoms in Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse:

    Physical Presentations (ie: convulsion)
    Chronic pains
    Psychologic and Behavioral Presentations
    Depression and anxiety
    Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms
    Dissociative states
    Suicide attempts
    Lying, stealing, truancy, running away
    Poor contraceptive practices
    Compulsive sexual behaviors
    Sexual dysfunction
    Somatizing disorders
    Eating disorders
    Poor adherence to medical recommendations
    Intolerance of or constant search for intimacy


  21. I agree LisaG…even if (big IF) Inmate Anthony was molested it wouldn’t absolve her from the charges she sits accused of, IMO…think Susan Smith!

    This would be a reason for mitigation, not innocence, IMO..just like Susan Smith didn’t get death for the murder of her precious children but instead LWOP…which would do fine for Inmate Anthony so she can have her “BELLA VIDA IN LA CASA GRANDE”! She needs to spend the rest of her life in prison if and when she is found guilty of Caylee’s death. She can then spend the rest of her life “dreaming and thinking” about precious Caylee. There was no need to rid herself of parental incumbrances this way, she could have just given custody to the state if she didn’t trust her parents would do what’s best for Caylee. The brunt of his is Inmate Anthony’s hatred for her mother was more than her love for Caylee, IMO…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee!


  22. I have to disagree with the notion that George uses her full name “Casey Marie” to convey anger. George addresses Casey by her full name in the majority of his letters, which are mostly positive and cheerful.


    1. You are correct. When I initially analyzed George’s last letter he wrote to her, the other letters were not yet released publicly. So in retrospect, looking at the previous letters which are now available, what you say is accuate.


  23. I, too, thought the words “Hi Gorgeous” were highly inappropriate. This is something you say to your wife or your girlfriend. But I think George Anthony is guilty of bad decisions, one of them having never punished Casey, and two, always having believed Casey’s lies.


  24. I am becoming more convinced each day that the abuse happened. I am now wondering if either the baby witnessed some behavior between George and Casey, and they were afraid she would tell Cindy. Or even to my horror, the child may have been a victim of the abuse. In this case, I do not think that Cindy knew of any abuse. I cannot imagine that she would have stood for it. It follows then, that George and Casey had to get rid of Caylee.


  25. I think your crazy to think Casey Anthony isn’t smart enough to be intentionally orchestrating when she wrote letters to the inmate about supposed sexual abuse inflicted on her by her father and brother. She absolutely wrote that knowing it would go public. She knew everything she would say or do at that point would go public because that’s exactly what was happening. As well, have you seen all the lies she has told? She is convincing and cunning. She led police through Universal Studios pretending she was employed there and only stopped when she could take it no further. She has been “smart” enough to make up all sorts of stories to “explain” where Caylee was when she knew Caylee was dead. It would take a blind man to not see that she is incredibly smart and capable of just about anything.


  26. Amen JM! She knew those letters would get out, as well as she knew the phone conversations and jail house video were going to go public. She stated that she knew they were when Lee first visited her. She lies and plays EVERYONE in her family like a fiddle. I don’t think George bends to her commands because she holds ‘something’ over him. I think that if he or anyone else don’t do what she wants there is hell to pay, whether it be threatening to tell lies to someone of authority or throw a tantrum or hold Dear Caylee away from them. Casey had one thing that her parents desperately did not want to part with and that was poor Caylee. Casey used Caylee in every way she could against her parents. Caylee was her ‘meal ticket’ until she realized she wanted something else in life that while having Caylee she couldn’t go get/do/obtain, she would be damned if she handed Caylee over to her parents because that would make them better than Casey.

    Which brings me to this analysis of this letter.. George, Cindy, Lee and even friends walk on eggshells around Casey and I think that’s exactly what he was doing when he didn’t blow up in that letter. They still don’t have any answers as far as what REALLY happened to Caylee and to get any slight idea they need to maintain some time of open line to Casey, so they will play nice to an extent to get what ever answers they can get


  27. Casey has a high school education. Too bad she couldn’t bully her way in the work world to get herself a position that her big ego thinks she is. LOL She held nothing more than a photo taking position at Universal Studios. She was looking for a man—any man- –to be her next meal ticket. Unfortunately Tony Lazarro wouldnt’ allow little kids at his apartment. SO Casey got rid of her toddler by putting her in the trunk of the car. (I think that’s where Caylee died) I cannot believe that Cindy and George were so blinded to Casey running the entire household. I find it hard to believe George worked for the sheriff’s office. He has little discernment of what goes on even under his own roof. To me, Casey was spoiled rotten and ran the entire household without discipline or any consequences for her actions. I hope she gets the death penalty or at least life without parole. If she gets convicted of involuntary manslaughter I understand it will be a minimum of 30 years. Maybe the State of Florida will try her for forgery, check fraud, credit card theft etc . to add to her sentence. Maybe she’ll get what she deserves at the hands of her fellow inmates. I can only hope so. The State of Florida should sue any future earnings (from books/movie deals) to reimburse for this entire wild goose chase and snipe hunt she has had everybody on for 3 years.


  28. Dear Dr. Glass,
    I am a huge fan of yours. I have taken extensive handwriting analysis classes, and have studied it in depth for nearly 25 years. I am fascinated by how much is revealed in handwriting. I would like to offer some things I noticed. I would also request if possible, that you post George’s entire suicide note that was shown as evidence in court today, June 30th. I have looked for it on-line this afternoon and have not been able to locate a photocopy of it, as of yet.
    In tidbits of the suicide note that I was able to see on CNN televsion this afternoon, I noticed some red flags on that note.
    His personal pronoun “I”, is classic for a man who has serious infantile issues going back to early childhood. This particular style he writes is one of a man who wishes to “remain in the womb”, so to speak. He does not want to grow up. His handwriting is unusual in that the vast majority of men have very poor handwriting for the greater part. George has handwriting that could easily be attributed to a woman’s style of handwriting. George’s handwriting also is quite cramped. This reveals someone whose head swims with too many thoughts. He also has a great need to control which is revealed in his handwriting.
    In the ending of his words, George is conflicted with a back and forth desire to be close to people. He wants connection and then again in other specific “y” letter endings he wants nothing to do with emotional connections. He wants to escape from anything. Some of his “y”‘s are that of someone who wants emotional connection and then some of his words that end with the letter “y” depict someone who wants nothing to do with anyone. He also exhibits “y’s in the body of some words that depict extreme anger, and someone who has what is known as the “felons” claw. Not a good trait, which is often associated with criminals.
    He also has “y”s that reach up into the middle zone with a direct assent to them. This is someone who craves attention. He wants to be front and center and the bell of the ball, as it were.
    The middle zone of his writing is somewhat inflated. This is someone who is continually worried about how he looks, will people like him, will they aprove of him. Think of the assending “y” ending of the “y” that reaches for the sky, like a child raising it’s hand in class saying, me,me, me…. look at me!

    George also lies which is evidenced in his letter “o”s in the suicide note. He has a problem with telling the truth. Only in a brief shot of the last page of the 5 page suicide note do I see evidence of someone who is depressed. The other pages of the note show someone who is not depressed, and does NOT value Cindy, which is clearly evidenced in several places in the note. He also is false about love, which is evidenced in the note.
    I would love to able to see the entire note. I could not capture it on tv, and my tv is not HDTV, so the clarity is not as good. If you would be good enough to publish the entire photo of the 5 pages of his suicide note I could delve into it deeper.

    As a side note, I believe George did indeed violate Casey, and I highly suspect he also violated Caylee. He did have the affair. He may have had something directly to do with Caylees death. Just a gut feeling that I have. I think ( and this is out there I will admit given the lack of evidence shown), that George may have been violating Caylee. Caylee threatened to tell her mother. George panicked, and murdered his granddaughter. He made it look like she drowned in the pool, and then presented Casey with Caylees body. Granted we know that Casey is a bonafied malignant narcissist. However, I think she and her father know the truth, and I believe George’s guilt is what made him break down on the stand, and made him contemplate suicide.

    George is a bonafied narcissist, and narcissists are extremely talented at taking center stage whilst convincing a person they have the other’s best interests at heart. Not true. Narcissists value another only to the extent that it benefits the narcissist. When through with someone, they simply remove them from their life.
    I think most of George’s tears are for George. People are not interpreting it correctly. George is for George. George is about image of being good, not actually being good. I am convinced he was very abusive to Casey as a child.

    When I watched George on the stand today and yesterday, it came to me clearly that it was like watching the well-publicized family of the “DR. PHIL” show, known as the “Dr. Phil Family” that aired for weeks. Alexandra, the daughter in the family drama exhibited EXACTLY the same body language traits when grilled over and over by Dr. Phil, that George did reveal in kind, over and over on the witness stand. It was like watching “Alexandra”, verbatum.

    Again, Thank you Dr. Glass. I look forward to your analysis on the shows.
    – Shannon


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