Joran Van Der Sloot’s Psych Tests Reveal His Sociopathy, Violence, and Disdain for Women, As He Claims He Was Forced to Confess And Continues to Play “Victim”

First and foremost the results of Joran van der Sloot’s psychological tests have been made public. Some of the results reveal that he has a hair trigger temper, doesn’t value women, has many anti social behaviors, can only make superficial relationships, has no empathy and feelings towards others, and is narcissistic .

All of his behaviors scream that he is a Sociopath.


Now  Joran van der Sloot  claims he was tricked into confessing to Stephany Flores’ murder. He says  that  the Peruvian authorities told him that if he signed the papers they gave him, he would be transferred to the Netherlands.

If  what he is saying is true( and I doubt it), then the  Peruvians may have given lying Joran a taste of his own medicine.

All he has done over the past 5 years is lie about Natalie Holloway. If they did happen to tell him that he would be deported back to the Netherlands if he signed the confession that he made all by himself, then I say,  good for them.

In truth, I doubt they told him this for a number of reasons. First of all everything was captured on video and secondly they did not have the authority to extradite him to the Netherlands as Peru and the Netherlands do not have that type of an agreement.

Joran tells the Dutch newspaper   Da Telegraaf, “In my blind panic I signed everything, but never knew what was written on them.”

That is another ridiculous lie out of Joran’s mouth. Of course he knew what was written on them. We saw him taking his time during the confession and reading everything slowly and carefully  before he signed anything.  If he didn’t understand something in the confession, the Peruvians  also had someone from the Dutch embassy available to translate it for him


“I was tricked,” the paper quoted Van der  Sloot as saying of Flores’ killing. “I’ll explain later how it all happened.” Of course he will explain “later” because he needs time in his criminally sick mind to make up a plasuble sounding story.

When people tell you they will “ tell you later”, it usually means they  need the time to think about what lies they are going to make up.


Joran  may have toyed with Aruban authorities by  his giving and  and retracting admissions concerning his involvement in Holloway’s disappearance. But the Peruvians will not stand for it as we are witnessing.

Attorney Maximo Altez  who said van der Sloot’s statement in court will focus on how his rights were violated during the investigation. In my view, he  is barking up the wrong tree . Peruvian police have defended the interrogation and said van der Sloot’s confession was acquired legally.

And far as rights go, where were Stefany’s rights? Those rights- especially  her right to life- was clearly violated.


So for now, Joran has refused to speak to the judge about the case until it is determined if he confessed with his rights intact.

I believe what he said in his confession was accurate in terms of how he killed Stefany. I believe that her injuries via the  autopsy reports will no doubt validate everything  he said.

I do not believe  for a moment that Stefany used his computer  and looked at his email without permission as to the reason why he killed her.

Wouldn’t she need a password to get into his email account?  I   believe the killed her because  she refused to have sex with him. Otherwise why would she have been found with her jeans off?

I believe that Joran’s not speaking to the judge wil result in a harsher sentence for him. He needed to admit what he did and take responsibility for his actions.


We can see Joran’s classic  sociopathology  clearly at work  here as he makes himself out to be the poor victim  who was forced to sign the confession of  words which he manufactured which only  came out of his own  mouth.

The Peruvian authorities didn’t put those words in Joran’s mouth. Joran put them there himself.

Joran also wants you to feel sorry for him because he now has to live with rats that come out through his toilet hole at night.

So now there are small rats in his cell and a huge one- Joran. He should feel right at home with his new pets. But he lets this information out to Da Telegraaf newspaper in an attempt to get people to feel sorry for him in his substandard living conditions.


Anita van der Sloot  says her poor Joran was traumatized by the Natalie Holloway  ordeal and should have gotten psychiatric help but refused.“Joran is sick in his head, but he wanted no help,” his mother said.

This statement  shows how  Anita is an enabler.  Who cares whether Joran wanted that help or  not. She was the mother and needed to see to it that he got that help no matter whether Joran liked it or not. Joran was  16 or 17 at the time- an under age  boy. She refers to Joran as a  ’Sweet boy’ in the newspaper interview she did with Da Telgraaf. The operative word  here was “boy”.

Joran was  a boy and she was the adult when she needed to insist he go into therapy during the Natalie Holloway situation. She needed to have laid down some boundaries- such as “no gambling at the casinos until he had therapy.”

His father Paulus certainly  had enough pull on the island to call every casino in town and tell them to not let his son into them. He could have reinforced  the “no casino and gambling  until you get into therapy” boundary for Joran.

Then Anita  wants to evoke even more  pity on her poor Joran by starting that he blamed himself for his father’s unexpected death  earlier this year.”Two days Joran cried. He even hung over the coffin, sobbing.

“It’s my fault, Dad,” he said. “I have caused your heart attack.”

This behavior Joran exhibited at his father’s death  is yet another reason Anita should have insisted he get therapy to help him with his grieving. Technically, Joran didn’t cause his father’s heart attack. It was obviously caused by a malfunctioning heart. Maybe his father didn’t go to a doctor for regular checkups od maybe he had an undiagnosed heart disease.

That certainly wasn’t Joran’ fault even though the  added stress Joran caused in his father’s life may have added to stressing out his father’s heart.

As soon as Anita  noticed how severely Joran was grieving, that is when Anita needed to have put down an ultimatum to her son who immediately  moved in with her  after his father died. She needed to say “you can only move in with me if you go into therapy.”

His father was dead four months when Anita  says “But then one day he left, flying to Peru for a poker tournament” She says this in order to make herself look like a victim.”  His mother  had four months to make sure and insist he went into therapy and did not do so.

During those four months, Anita needed to bring a therapist to their home if Joran wouldn’t go. If he was having such strong guilt feelings, and was so deponent, she needed to do whatever she had to do an WOMAN UP and tke care of her son’s emotional health. I am sure if Joan’s leg was bleeding uncontrollably , she would  have taken  him for  immediate help. Likewise,  mental health was figuratively bleeding uncontrollably  and she needed to so the same thing and get him help asap.

Her final statement “If only he had listened to his mother. Then, this would have never happened,” is not only a statement which reflects her being a victim of her son’s not listening to her but said to invoke sympathy and at the same time give herself a pat on the back that she was a good mother. If  Joran’s mother  would have been more proactive and set boundaries that insisted he go into therapy and under psychiatric care, then all of this may never have happened.


After reviewing Joran’s psych report it is now even  more  understandable as to why Joran’s mother had such little control over him. The report says that Joran does not value the  female role and disrespects women.

It also stated that he gets violent when contradicted. So if his mother whom he disrespects did insist on his going in to therapy and he didn’t want to go and she persisted and argued with him about it, perhaps Anita would have ended up in the same position and Stefany Flores.Perhaps she knew better than to antagonize Joran.

That may be why she merely suggested that he go for therapy  and did not pursue it further She may have been very intimidated and afraid of what Joran would do to her. So she no doubt  kept a low profile around him.

The fact that Anita has not yet shown up in Peru speaks volumes. It says that she has clearly abandoned her son this time around. There is no doubt that Anita knows who her son is. She knows he is mentally sick as she said and knows about his temper and violence.

Now  it is clear that she wants no part of him . She has washed her hands of him and now  he is completely on his own as far as she is concerned . Daddy had died and is no longer there to help him. In Joran’s mother’s eyes , see also sees  Joran as dead and as she too is no longer there to help him   .



4 thoughts on “Joran Van Der Sloot’s Psych Tests Reveal His Sociopathy, Violence, and Disdain for Women, As He Claims He Was Forced to Confess And Continues to Play “Victim”

  1. Dr. Lillian, I’m pleased you’re acknowledging Joran’s parents being his enablers instead of having sympathy for his mother as in previous posts. This boy would not have turned out like this if his parents hadn’t enabled all of his bad behaviour and not reeled him in, on very strict terms, far more than cutting off his gambling and putting him in a psych ward. And regarding the psych ward, I’m not sure I believe her that he was to be admitted within days after he disappeared to Peru. To me it sounds as if she’s setting up his defense and also making it appear as if she was “trying” to do something with her bad son, because now the world is looking upon her and the demon she spawned, holding her partial responsible for not doing anything with him. If she is extricating herself from him, it’s because she doesn’t want the world to look at her in a bad way for supporting her son. Just a week ago she was saying her son is no murderer and staunchly defending him even after learning he battered poor Stephany so badly her eye was hanging on her cheek. He learned to be disrespectful of women watching the way his father treated his mother. You emulate what you see as a child. One prominent thing I remember in the Holloway case was Natalie’s mother going to the Van Der Sloot home with Greta Van Sustern and they refused to show any compassion to this grieving mother and instead sheltered their son. From that day, I knew his parents were indirectly the cause of his behaviour, instead of demanding their son take responsibility, they did everything in their power to protect him from being charged with a serious crime and covered it up. Mrs. Van Der Sloot is now seeing the public turn on her which is the only reason she is not going to Peru, because it would make her look bad. One thing about the ex-girlfriend in the interview on 20/20 struck me as she also never showed an ounce of compassion for his victims, but only at how her Joran had changed into a monster. All of these people who had surrounded him in his life make me sick because they’re all stupid enablers, forgiving of him and his actions. If they had stood up to him and made him take responsibility for everything he did, maybe he wouldn’t have turned out this way. It’s hard telling how many others he’s killed. I agree that Stephany was probably killed because she refused his sexual advances/rape. I do not believe his story he killed her because she invaded his privacy over an email. The rape offense would be much more serious. His story is another one of his hundreds of lies.


  2. I wonder if Anita feels a huge burden has been lifted from her shoulders? I can’t blame her for how Joran turned out, not with the father he had who could have taken this bull by the horn and done some tough love. Its as if he didn’t care what his wife was dealing with where Joran was concerned. She has only had 4 months to deal with Joran on her own but, perhaps, she was always on her own with him even when daddy was alive.

    I’m sure Anita is wanting the public to understand that she had tried to get him help. I think she was afraid of him herself.


  3. Hi Dr Glass, I love your blog, I read it all the time, I am a huge fan of yours 🙂

    I usually agree with you about everything, but in this case I am not sure. I think Joran is pretty messed up, but the behaviour mentioned in the report CNN has could be symptoms of something other than sociopathy. He could have ADD which causes impulsivity, maybe problems with addictive behaviour like gambling, drinking, drug taking, no respect for other peoples things, violent outbursts, chronic lying and being unable to admit a lie. I have ADD myself and know I have had issues with the above. If I wrote it all down maybe someone would call me a sociopath too, but I am not. Although, in saying that, I haven’t been found with 2 dead bodies and blood on my hands! While I think it is possible Joran might have lost the plot and killed Stephany, I don’t understand why everyone in the media is so convinced 100% that he killed Natalee.He was targeted by Beth Holloway as soon as she arrived on Aruba, and at the time, he was a 17yo kid-maybe his impulsivity made him lie as he was scared-there are reports that the Holloways and co intimidated everyone on the island as soon as they arrived.It seems that over the last 5 years, all the allegations Beth has made have somehow become facts.In fact she has lied about a lot of things, she said she has confessions from Joran that he raped her, which she has never provided, even though she goes on TV every other day calling Joran a rapist/murderer.All I am saying is-he could have killed Stephany, but if you are basing his sociopathy on what supposedly happened to Natalee, then read more about what happened in Aruba! The FBI was involved from day one and noone has been able to prove Joran did anything.I dont believe a 17yo could commit the perfect crime. If he is innocent, he is an idiot for going on tv and lying. But if he is impulsive and has executive functioning issues, maybe he thought ‘oh well, i didnt do it, i will go on tv and lie and make some money’ which makes him a bad person, but not necessarily a murderer.
    I just want to put out another theory, Joran might be guilty, but I am not sure yet. His body language in the interviews where he lies does indicate lying, but maybe he shows deception and disgust because he thinks he is smarter than the media because he might be innocent and they are dumb enough to pay to listen to him. Those COULD be his thoughts?
    Anyway I really love your work. If you remember John Holmes (the porn actor) was supposedly involved in a murder and was never charged.Its a really interesting story.I found a clip on youtube of him talking about it and using some techniques I learnt from you and Paul Ekman, I saw a microexpression on his face that still gives me nightmares. If you are interested, its worth seeing, I can email you the story, I know it isn’t current events.

    Best Regards
    Melanie R
    New Zealand


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