Despite Cindy Anthony’s Image Makeover,Her Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And Denial In Refusing To Identify With Joran Van der Sloot’s Mother


Outer image makeovers to make someone more attractive and likeable only work if the person is attractive and likeable on the inside to begin with. That is clearly not the case with Cindy Antony, mother of  Casey Anthony. who is accused on murdering Cindy’s grand daughter Caylee.

As I have said repeatedly, the body does not lie. Neither does the voice or speech.

You can use all the bleach you want to lighten you hair, grow  it and style it into a more feminine less   severe looking hairdo, the real you will always leak out.

You can even follow a  coache’s advice and speak in slow and soft measured tones void of anger and upset, but the real you will always emerge.

Your real voice will always leak out and so will your lies in how you move. How you sound and what you say will always give away the lies you tell.


People are not stupid.For the most part they know if someone is telling them the truth or not.

I believe in her GMA  interview with Ashley Banfield,  Cindy was not being honest and forthright as there were so many signals of deception which leaked out when she spoke.

Her first signal of deception  was when Cindy gazed upwards  up after Ashley confronted her with You didn’t say that?”

Ashley’s question was in response to Cindy’s denial  about the  9ll tape. During the 911 tape, Cindy said that she found her daughter’s car  that was missing and  it smelled a dead body in the” damn car.

As Cindy gazes upwards as you can see in the above photo,  it is evident that she is trying to manufacture an answer that is most likely not true.

She said she lied to police when she  told them she smelled a dead body in the car in order to get police out quicker. As she said this, she not only looks up and not directly at Ashley,she shrugs her shoulder,

Her  looking  up. along with her  shoulder shrug, indicate  two huge  “tells” that show  deception.

George even knows she is lying as he looks at her with  a scrunched up facial expression showing disdain at her lie.

Suddenly, Cindy gazes looks down, also another tell of deception  and says “  there was never… I never thought that….

When people repeat words and speak in changed fragments, rest assured  they are usually lying.

Another major  tell  that indicates  she was most likely  not being truthful was that her voice pitch rose up higher  as she spoke those fragmented statements.


Cindy then looks straight at Ashley as she  says in a strong and full voice “ a liar doesn’t make you a murder.”

The operative word here is the word “you”. It make not make “you” at home who is  watching the show. a murderer.

But repeated lying may very well make anyone a sociopath and a sociopath has often been found to be a  murderer.

So in Casey’s  case,  using the associative property applied to Cindy’s  language,  lyingto police about her missing daughter’s whereabouts may very well make her a sociopath and also  murder.


When asked about Casey accusing George of molesting her, Cindy replied in measured  unemotional tones, “ I read the letters and they were hurtful.

As she says this she looks to George instead of maintaining  her direct eye contact with Ashley

As she looks at George. it may be that she may perhaps be giving him the message that what he allegedly did to Casey did indeed  hurt Cindy.

Then Cindy  is back to her old Cindy ways – in running George and speaking for him as she adds “ It was hurtful to George


Next, without one hint of emotion, as if on cue, George  nods and does his “golly gee shucks lip pursing, chin scrunching.  I want everyone to like me,
” facial expression.  And as if it was rehearsed a hundred times says “It  still is.”

Well if  Casey did manage to eek out the truth and let it be known what George did  her- sexually molest her. then   it is even more hurtful to Casey.

Maybe what is “hurtful” to George is that Casey may have  betrayed their family secrets and in doing so, let it out for the world to know.

Then Ashley asks if what Casey said hurt him. What George does next  is very telling body language wise.

First   he shakes his head no when he should be shaking it yes and says “ I’m still gonna be there for my daughter. “  He then closes his eyes as you see in  rhe photo above  and looks down, as if to shut Casey out.

His words say one thing but his body certainly belies him.

He says “I‘m still gonna be there for my daughter.” It is said in a soft  tone that dies off at the end.

He adds “That’s unconditional love. “ Now we see his most telling tell. He shrugs his shoulders as he says these words.

This clearly indicates that he is NOT  telling the truth here.  His shoulder shrug indicates that he is not only lying to us,  but lying to himself as well.


Here is a reality check George Anthony. When your own daughter accuses you of sexually molesting her and if  as you say, it  isn’t true, then maybe it is high time you put  some  conditions on what you call “ love.”

On the other hand, if it is true and you did sexually molest your daughter, then you need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If that is the case, it is no wonder your daughter is such a TOTAL  mess.


The only time anything Cindy said in the interview rang true was when she looked directly at Ashley and said how much  she misses Caylee. She said that Caylee was gone for as long as she had been alive.

You could heard the true heartfelt  emotion and grief in Cindy’s voice and see it in her face. She was clearly distraught and her emotions were genuine.


Then Ashley asks Cindy “ Are you prepared for the outcome?” Both Cindy and George look down without a hint of emotion.

To me it is apparent that they have no doubt prepared for the worst outcome but refuse to admit it.

That is when Cindy in a measured unemotional tone says that she  has
where Casey as home

I believe that deep down Cindy knows that the only time she will ever see her daughter come home again is in her dreams. I think that this may be Cindy’s way of coping with the brutal  truth.


Cindy  continued to be in denial when she told Ashley that she  identifies with Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalie Holloway, but NOT  with  Joran Van der Sloot’s mother.

I can certainly understand why she would identify with Beth  Twitty from the standpoint that they both lost daughters forever and will never see their daughters live out their lives ands share experiences together.

On the other Cindy tried desperately to draw a line with  the differences between Casey and Joran and between herself and Mrs. Van der Sloot. “

In fact she said to Ashley, “You know, there have been issues where she saw his angry side. I don’t know that of Casey. I don’t know Casey as being anybody that could hurt anybody.”

Cindy must have a very short memory. There certainly were instances where Casey went off on her mother and got very angry.

She just needs to go back and look att he jailhouse tapes. Casey is absolutely livid with Cindy. It looked as though Casey was so angry, that  if she could get through the glass partition, she may have smacked Cindy.

There has also been a reported history of violence between Cindy and Casey. In fact brother  Lee addressed it as did bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.

Casey’s anger was also directed towards her father on multiple occasions. She even told him to act like a father  for once and not a cop.

So it is clear that Cindy is in denial here. Looking in the mirror and seeing another mother who will soon face seeing her child on trial and knowing that her child may probably end up dead because of being killed in prison or dying in prison for some other reason, hits Cindy too close to the bone.

The similarities between Anita Can Der Sloot’s situation and Cindy Anthony’s situation is clearly evident.

Mainly, they have both been enablers and have let their children get away with too much for way too long.

Next. it must be excruciatingly painful  for Cindy to admit that like Anita, she too spawned a lying and  alleged murderous sociopath who destroyed her life.


16 thoughts on “Despite Cindy Anthony’s Image Makeover,Her Body Language Shows Signals of Deception And Denial In Refusing To Identify With Joran Van der Sloot’s Mother

  1. Thanks, Dr. G!
    I was hoping you would give it a rundown so I would not have to watch it. Something to share and maybe you can weigh in on this. it is obvious $indee has had some uhhh alterations as well as some pretty good coaching. I had long hair in high school, and grew it long again after the Army. I have 20+ years in the IS field, where it is OK to pretend to be an off-duty rock star. Now 46, I was at an amusement park and so many of the women my age were trying to dress like heir daughters. uggh. I then wondered if I was doing the same thing with the long hair. After much deliberation in me head, I ditched it, deciding to ‘look my age’. Open note to $indee: the most attractive 40+ women are those who are HAPPY with being 40+ and not trying to dress like their daughters. Whether it was/is G-d, fatherhood, or maturity, young woman are a turn off. Woman in me age group trying to be young women is an even bigger turn off. JMHO Thanks for letting me share.


  2. Cindy will be in denial even if Casey is found guilty and strapped to a gurney. She sees Casey’s faults (being a liar, murderer, ego centric bitch) as reflective of her own parenting skills (or lack thereof) so she’s never going to own up to it all. Her own ego won’t allow her to do that. The new hairdo looks like a bad wig. She’s not feminine and she shouldb’t try to be. I wouldn’t believe anything this pair says.


  3. I completely agree. Her narcissistic personality, and huge ego, will never allow her to do the right thing by Caylee. She has abandoned that sweet baby, and she knows it. That is where her true pain lies.


  4. Always spot on article I agree 100%. Cindy is in for the shock of her life if she truly believes Casey’s coming home.


  5. I believe she’s a liar in murder coverup mode, not in denial. But I believe everything else you got from the interview. I can’t have sympathy for Cindy, she’s too despicable o0f a subhuman. Imo all the Anthonys or some type of gentic malfuntion, hideous. Caylee was an angel sent to them & they destroyed her.


  6. Thank you for your thoughts, you’re so awesome! Why are they even on TV, and why are the interviewers tip toeing around them? Ashley saying in the beginning that G & C have hardly spoken about this since this all unraveled? Are you kidding me? They were on TV ALL the time. The fact they had protestors is all of their own making. My sympathy fell out the window as soon as I read all their lies; they even lie about stupid things. Cindy said in her FBI interview, that she played Bach and other beautiful music to her tummy when she was carrying her children & so did Casey>Cindy said the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. 1st of all how’d that happen when they didn’t even know she was pregnant till she was 7 months? It is true though about the apple and Cindy, Casey is a narcissist just like her Mama. Sorry these people are obscene & I truly hope they face charges for impeding the investigation, lying and destroying evidence.
    Casey will be convicted and Caylee will finally get justice, no thanks to her grandparents though. They’ve all but spat on her.


  7. I think if Cindy Anthony looked like a beauty queen (she doesn’t) people would STILL pick her apart because of her ugly heart. Her lies are so obvious it’s actually nauseating to hear her talk and look at her face.
    George is the biggest wimp I have ever seen. It’s no wonder he fell in love with a domineering woman who calls all the shots.


  8. All the makeovers in the world will not help, Cindy has a black heart, her viciousness will always shine on..IMO.

    I am appalled this family has not been a voice for Caylee Marie, the true victim. They will never make it as a crime victims advocate for they are not doing their best for Caylee. I would hate to be in their position but I can say, I would never turn my back on my deceased granddaughter, who was a victim of murder.
    Who had Caylee in their custody at the time of her alleged disappearance? Casey!
    Who led the world on a wild goose chase because she chose to remain silent? Casey!
    Cindy’s makeover is all superficial for her inner self will always remain the same. She is a vicious, vile person who begged the nation for coverage only to be called maggots, leeches and parasites. She when faced with adversity shows how Casey came to be. Cindy raised a narsistic child who has lost sight with reality, long ago. She should have given Inmate Casey Anthony mental health intervention long before this. Inmate Casey Anthony is a pathologicial liar who doesn’t know what the word “truth” means, seems Cindy has those same qualities. I do hope they wake up one day to see the damage Inmate Anthony caused her entire family. I wonder if Great grandfather Pleasa knows what became of his “sunshine”?
    I feel Cindy is trying her hardest to get Inmate Anthony off this death penalty conviction but what she doesn’t see is that she is damaging her own childs defense. Let her continue on with her lies for she too will share a cell with her daughter, Inmate Casey Marie Anthony!
    The 911 calls tell the true side of what Cindy felt and possibly knew. Those 911 calls are the true utterances of the fear she had when she found Inmate Anthony with no Caylee. That smell of death in the car Inmate Anthony drove was the decomposing body of precious Caylee, I wonder if they connected the dots yet? They knew it then, they know it now but will do anything they can to turn their excited utterances around. It won’t work!

    Justice for Caylee is imperative. Her death horrendous and heinous and it calls for justice..

    Justice for Caylee Marie, child of God…soaring high with the Angels…Caylee will get her justice…

    Justice for Caylee


  9. Thank you Dr. Lillian for your professional opinion, you are great!!!
    Have you read the letters George and Cindy wrote to KC? They were released today, and as usual C&G are really delusional people, they treat KC as a princess and as nothing has ever happened. This is so sick!!!!
    Here is a link to the article and the letters:
    Hundreds Of Letters Sent To Casey Released


  10. I a little torn on the subject of the Anthony’s, The reason why I am torn is I can think what I would do or how I would act if I was in their situation but I am not so I can only speculate but the thing about speculating is that it is not reality so with that being said I would think I would behave differently than they would.

    What I noticed in life that proud families would rather hide or cover up stuff that would make their family look bad. I think Cindy had this proud family and is having trouble accepting that her family is not the Brady Bunch.

    I think the next problem is that I do understand her hoping that this is all a mistake so she is hanging on to anything little bit of thread to show that her daughter is innocent but is greatly down playing anything that makes her daughter look guilty. She is basically in denial and the way you know that she is in denial is that anyone with any common sense would at least entertain the thought that Casey did this especially with the evidence that we know that is out there. I am not saying Cindy should believe she did but you would have to at least think to yourself that perhaps she might of did this and Cindy does not entertain that thought at all. Also when Cindy says she think Caylee alive I think this only proves that she is in denial about the whole thing.

    Now back to why I am torn is because not very many people lose a grandchild to violence, and not too many people have their daughter going to trial for murder and the Anthony’s have both of these rare thing happening to them at the same time. They lost their granchild to violence and their daughter is accused and is on trial for the murder so in retrospect regardless if you feel for the Anthony’s or not they are going through something that very few people in this world goes through. Not saying it does not happen but it is rare.

    Now does this give them a green light to behave the way the do? I do not think it gives them the green light but it kinda makes me understand their hope that this whole thing is some kind of misunderstanding and I think any parent who is going or will go through or went throught would want their kid accused of murder to be innocent especially if the victim is a family member.

    Last point to bring up is that the Anthony’s I do not believe are getting a lot of support from their outer family. Cindy brother according to the transcript I read believes Casey did this and so does Casey grandmother so I think outside of George, Cindy and Lee I think the rest of her family think she is guilty.

    Just for the record I am not villifying the Anthony’s, I think they need counseling, I think they should just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. If Casey is truly innocent then them telling the absolute truth will not playing any bearing one way on Casey guilt or innocents.

    Perhaps them telling the truth no matter how painful it might be will help them start the healing which I desperately think they need and they should also take comfort that they still do have another kid in Lee and that Lee one day might want his kid grandmother and grandfather their for his kid that he will probably have one day.


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