Shock and Wide Eyed Fear As a Non- Smirking Joran van der Sloot Enters the Reality of Prison Life in Peru

                                                    SHOCK OF REALITY  



 The shock of reality first  set in for Joran Van der Sloot  as soon as   he was dragged out of the police van wearing what looked like a  colorful chic scarf around his neck.     

 It was in actuality a Peruvian blanket that would serve as his only bedding for years to come  in his new prison home.     



In looking at the  photo of his mug shot  taken as he entered the prison grounds, the most striking thing is that Joran  is minus is his arrogant and infamous smirk that we have seen in photos of him  throughout the past five years.      

His mask- like expression shows that he is in a state of  shock  as  that he is now experiencing may seem very surreal to him.     

 In Joran’s sociopathic and narcicisstic  mind, there was no way he ever thought he would end up in this situation.  He most probably believed  that he could get away with this killing  as he got away with everything else in his past.     

Also telling were the  protruding bumps on Joran’s  forehead. While he has always had a prominent glabellar region above his eyebrows, making  his forehead stick out, now there is more protrusion. 

There  appear to be different sized projections emanating from his forehead , looking like  two large bumps.     

We have recently disovered  that these new bumps were the result of Joran hitting his head against the wall when he was in the jail cell when first captured. That is  why he was immediately put on a suicide watch.     


Below are some Joran’s  smirking moments where Joran thought he had everything under control and could get away with anything-even murder!     


In this mug shot of  Joran,   his smirk shows that he  knows  he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.  No doubt, he feels that  no one can touch him when it comes to Natalie Holloway’s death.     

After all, he knows his daddy is very well connected. He believes what daddy has told him that if there is no body there is no case.     

 Since he and his daddy no doubt had a hand in  disposing  Natalie’s  body in a place where it will never be found, he is not concerned that anything will ever happen to him. His facial expression reflects calmness and self confidence about the matter.     



In the photo above,  Joran is telling Patrick in an undercover video  sting that  “she ((Natalie Hollwoway) was not moving anymore. ”     

Note his  relaxed as well as sadistic facial expression as he says this. It seems as though  he is recalling in his mind the  ” exciting”  moment for him when  he may have possibly choked her to the point  she was no longer moving.     



Here we really see evidence of Joran’s  sadism.     

As he says ” she will never be found again” Joran  leaks out a huge smirk of satisfaction- complete with visible cheek creases.       

In this undercover photo he appears  very content with himself with the  that he got away with killing someone and that no one will ever find the body.     



In this photo of Joran with the Kalpoe brothers you can really see his arrogant anc cocky look with his head tilted,  reflecting in is mind  that he no doubt, believes  he is far smarter and superior to any other living being.     


In this surveillance photo as he gets his key from the front desk before killing Stefany  Flores,we see his sadistic smirk once again.     

If he was just being friendly and polite and smiling to the clerk to handed him his room key, we would see an eyebrow flash where his eyebrows would be raised in recognition.     

We would see more teeth  when he smiled. Instead, we see a sadistic smirk which indicates that he may have known what he was about to do with Stefany- rob her and kill her.     



Above, when Joran was  arrested in Peru, we even see  his relaxed and self confident facial expression, complete with  his cocked head to the side .     

 His cocked  head and facial expressiojn n  indicate that  he has no doubt in his mind t that he will get away with murder.       

At this point, he  feels confident that authorities will believe his concocted stories about an unidenfied armed robber accosting him and Stefany and  hiding out  in his hotel room, waiting to kill Stefany.     



 In various  photos of Joran , like the one above ,   it was  not  uncommon in his past  to see Joran  with various  people’s hands touching him and  grabbing him, and with their arms entwined  around him .     

For years, people seemed to have gravitated towards this manipulative sociopath,  like a magnet.     

 After all,  he had  many  superficial qualities that would seem to make someone like him seem  desirable to others  – a prominent wealthy  family, academic intelligence, athletic ability , no finaial worries, charm, and a strikingly good appearance,  combined with a gift of gab.     

I am almost certian that in his new Peruvian prison environment it will also be the case where people will not be able to keep their hands off  of  him.     

 In fact there may be so many  hands on him., inclusing the hands of  those who may often gang up on this six foot three “monster” and have their way with him sexually.     

Others may not be able to keep their hands off of him as they punch,  stab, slice, or dice  him for killing someone’s innocent daughter and robbing her.     



In this photo we see the genuine look of fear in Joran’s face as we see the whites of his eyes.      

He tightly purses his lips and opens his eyes wide, as he visually takes in all that is in front of him.His tightly closed lips indicate that he doesn;t want to take any more of this horrific scenery in, but he has no choice.     

His eyes  bugging out  of his head indicate that he  looks very much  afraid.  

There was also a slight lick of his lips, which often happens when the autonomic system takes over during fear, It dries  up the  membranes. Joran has licked his lips becuase no dount,  his  mucus membrances in his lips have  suddently become dry.     



As Joran is being escorted to his prison cell, he  suddently looks to the side to  get a glimpse of the landscape he has definately not seen while he was  sightseeing in Peru. 

 Once again,  he is taking it all in and processessing what is really happening to him. He looks very upset and disturbed as he has to face what is in front of him.  



Finally this photo shows that Joran is getting a major reality check. Gone are the smirks and smugness in his facial expression.      

He clearly sees the seriousness of what lies ahead of him. His furrowed brow and downturned lips show that he is clearly not a happy camper.      

As life in Castro Castro prison gets more and more difficult for him we can expect to never see a smirk or the smug arrogant  look on Joran’s face  ever again.      

But we clearly  may have seen that  that smirk and loog of arrogtance   if he would have been housed  in an Aruban priosn instead of a Peruvian one.     

He would have had every opportunity in that Aurban  prison to continue to con  and manipulte others. He would have been considered a big deal in that Aruban prison with every major advantage at finger tips .      

 After all, he would have  spoken the language, had  connections and money to  buy him protection and perks, had  regular visits from family members and friends and even girldfiends,  married so he could have conjugal vists if they were allowed,  been allowed to continue  with his education though correspondence courses, and most  all, he would have had  the possibility of  well connected lawyers trying to spring hm free at moment’s notice.     

But in Peru at Castro Castro, no one will visit him and he will not have a well connected attorney to help spring him.  

In fact his attorney in Peru just qui ton him.  He  also is at a disadvantage with the language so he can’t manipulate  his fellow prisoners as easily as he could have done in Aruba. 

 Now  in Peru, there are  no daddy with connections and no family money availabale for him. Apparenty, all the family money   was apparently  spent on lawyers in Aruba to defend Joran and his father Paulus when they were interrogated in jail over Natalie’s death.  That was a major reasonb why his Peruvian attoreny quit. He said int he press that there were  no funds to pay him for his services.      

There also  may no be money  buy him protection  in Castro Castro  prison and no money to buy him enough food becuase no one cares about him.      

He can’t buy the other prisoners food and perks in exchange for their protection becuase he has no money.   



His own mother Anita has yet  to come see her son in Peru. In fact, if she does come to see him as  is reported, she will only do so  with a Dutch TV crew in tow.  

 This is no doubt, to  raise money for Joran’s prison stay. But even if she ends up earning a few hundred thousand dollars,  it will not be  enough money to support Joran’s lengthy   prison stay.     

 Even if Anita puts the money in   special fund for Joran, we  can’  be sure that Joran will receive that money or have access to it.       

The fact that mamma van der Sloot didn’t show up right away to be with her son during this ordeal speaks volumes to me.      

During the Natalie Holloway days, Anita  defended Joran with the ferocity of  a lioness defending  a baby  cub. She stuck by him and proclaimed his innosence to anyone who would listen.      

 But this time around her silence is deafening.  In additon to  her not imnmediatey showing up,  it may tell us  says that  she  is finally washing her hands clean  of this sociopath whom she spawned.      

It may be possible that Anita  is now thinking of   Joran the same way she is now  forced to think about her husband Paulus as she grieves  another dead  family member.      




3 thoughts on “Shock and Wide Eyed Fear As a Non- Smirking Joran van der Sloot Enters the Reality of Prison Life in Peru

  1. I think Anita does not have the support of friends like she once had this time around. She is beside herself with grief and fear for her son. And, her whole life now is far different than when her husband had the pull in Aruba. No money now, also. How will she help her son? She has no means.

    Joran may not make it out alive at the prison. For protection, he has nothing but his body to give. Serves him right. Now may Beth Twitty get closure in knowing where Natalee is buried. I pray it is not the ocean or unretrievable. I hope the Aruban investigators will be granted an interrogation interview with Van Der Sloot and that they do it right in getting him to fess up.

    Thanks, Dr. Glass, for the articles and photos to show your assessment of JVDS.


  2. Dr Glass. I have been following your site, and find your analysis very astute! I can’t wait for your next article. I am so glad Joran has been caught and is in Peru vs. Aruba. It’s called Karma!


  3. It is the time for the Dutch people to understand the difference between:
    Cowardly killing the helpless American girl Natalee in Netherlands territories, by a bunch of Dutch criminals, and cowardly killing the helpless Peruvian girl Stephanie in Peru, by one of the Dutch criminals …


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