Stefany Flores’ Body Language Signals Towards Joran Van Der Sloot At Casino Indicate Discomfort Around Him As Unfortunately She Did Not Act On Her Instincts

This coming November I have a new book coming out from Adams Media called Toxic Men- 10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal from Men Who Make Your Life Miserable .  Joran Van der Sloot is definitely one of the Toxic Men I describe in my book under the category of Socio/ psychopath.

In the wake of the tragedy of what happened to Stefany Flores and Natalie  Holloway, I can’t stress enough for every person out there reading this blog to share what I am about to say with EVERYONE you know!

If your instincts tell you something is wrong with any person with whom you are interacting LEAVE IMMEDIATELY! Don’t worry about hurting their feelings or not being polite. Don’t care if they like you or not! Make some excuse. Leave and never look back.

Examining  the recent surveillance tapes of Stefany at the Casino with Joran, we can see how she wasn’t comfortable with Joran at all.


If we look at this photo where they shake hands what is revealing is her stiffness and tightness in her body language. There is not a  flowing movement. She is obviously feeling a distance towards him. Also there is a rigidity and a distance in the arm length in the handshake.

If she would have felt more comfortable she would have been physically closer to him and her elbow would have been bent. There would have been less distance between them.

The next thing that is revealing in this photo is that the hand at her side is cupped in a fist like position. This is a protective movement which indicates discomfort and an uneasiness around the person one is greeting. Stefany’s protective cupped fist indicates that she is  on guard.


The next thing that is telling is that when she sits down, she does not sit right  next to Joran. Instead, she sits a chair away from him. This further indicates that she is keeping her distance from him and feels an uneasiness around him.

But then  he immediately  motions for her to sit next to him. So to be polite, she obliges.


If you look at this photo you will see that Joran has invaded her space.  His shoulder and even  his head is in her personal space as he is clearly involved in what she is doing at the table.

Her hands and arms are close together an ther is still a fist like protective hand gesture. Her shoulder is even pulled away from Joran which also speaks loudly about her discomfort around him. She clearly does not like him invading her space and it shows body language wise.


I  believe that there was no attraction to  Joran on Stefany’s  part and that he may have borrowed some of her earnings to continue to play in the game.

He was so invasive and intimidating that she obliged . He got her to do a small  thing like moving over to sit near him.  She obliged .

So  he moved up the ante and asked  her to lend him  some money.

I have no doubt that he told her that he had the money back at the hotel and that he would reimburse her.

There was clearly no indication of any  romance or any  indication that she was going to his room for a sexual encounter. If that were the case, there would not have been such physical distance between the two when they were walking  together in the casino  or when they were walking out of the out casino as you see int he photo above.

There is way too much distance between the two when they are outside the casino for there to be any indication of a sexual or a  romantic encounter.


If you look at Stefany’s posture  when she shakes Joran’s hand you can see that she is standing erect. Her head is up and her shoulders are not rounded. At this point in time, she is no doubt feeling confident and in control of the situation. She even took charge and decided where she was going to sit- away from Joran.

Now look at Stefany as she is about to enter Joran;s room. Her head is bowed and her shoulders are rounded indicating clear discomfort and uneasiness as she looks down.

Her instincts are kicking in and telling her not to go into that room. That may also  be why her walk is tentative. It was also tentative when she was in the hotel lobby with him. Something inside of her was telling her not to go up to Joran’s room and her body language reflected her inner  feelings.


Since  Joran made sure that Stefany would be sitting  right next to him they , I wonder if he may have put something into her drink to make her more pliable to his suggestion of a.   lending him gambling money, b. driving him back to the hotel  under the guise of paying her back, and c.  giving her some excuse to  go up to his room to get the money  instead of having him bring the money down  to the lobby and doing their business transaction in front of the hotel staff in the lobby.

In reading the recent People Magazine article about Joran where people in his past were interviewed, they all remarked that he had a charm about him, especially with the women. This is very much  the case with socio- and psychopaths. They are the ultimate con men  and con women.

They  pride themselves on talking others into things and out of things as they are all about manipulation. They will lie and say anything to get the other person to do what they want them to do.In fact in the People Magazine article one of Joran’s early girlfriends said that she had to end their relationship because all he did was lie and manipulate.


Stefany Flores’ body language was screaming for her not to go, but unfortunately she went anyway.

She is not alone. Most of us don’t listen to our instincts and go with what we feel may be politically or socially correct.  Even though something inside of us may  warn us to get away from the person, most of us shrug it off and ignore it.

There is no doubt that Stefany’s stomach was telling her not to go. There were other physical signs that she ignored. Perhaps she attributed them to it being a late night, or having had a  few drinks, or to her excitement of winning.

The reason I mention her stomach is that when something does not feel right, we often get a signal in the pit of our stomach. It is our autonomic nervous system kicking in, telling us that something isn’t right and that there is danger ahead.

Stefany Flores did not die in vain. From her tragic demise, we have seen  how essential  it is to listen to outr instincts and  to trust our body language signals

Unfortunately  for Stefany it is too late. But it is NOT too  late for everyone else.Your body language can save your life! Listen to the signals it is giving you!


7 thoughts on “Stefany Flores’ Body Language Signals Towards Joran Van Der Sloot At Casino Indicate Discomfort Around Him As Unfortunately She Did Not Act On Her Instincts

  1. Your article shows brilliant insight. If all young people could learn this information, many lives would be saved.
    Thank you for all you do to educate us.


  2. Dr Glass, I thought that Joran got up first and walked to his right then came back and sat next to Stefany, when before he had gotten up is was in the third chair, returning to the second chair from the end..there is clearly no attraction on her part..IMO..he had to tell her hey I am Joran..”you know the one that everyone thinks killed Natalie Holloway” I doubt she knew him from adam..she would of been 14 when Natalie went missing..I don’t believe that she even knew he was what he must of said FAMOUS…that is why I do believe she very well could of looked the name up on his computer..I think you money idea is brillant..the pit bosses would know or remember if Joram needed cash..

    Also, I sent you IMO in a email about Joran older sister, she is also Lesbian, and I would say she is the male role.


  3. IMO..It was also a nevous tick with her to have pulled her hair up now and tied it in a knot in the back of her head..she felt more comfortable with her hair like that instead of down..which it was when she was at the the time she got to Joean’s room her hair had changed.


  4. Dr. Glass, I find it very interesting if Stefany was a lesbian, because Joran sister is clearly a lesbian…Not that matters..but as sick as he is..he could have deep hatred for his older sister..when found that Stefany was a lesbian, flipped out..I cannot see her having sex with him with a pad women wear tampons..especially 21 years would of been something most girls even fast girls would not do…she certainly would of excused herself if she was going to have sex and wrapped up her napkin and thrown it away..poor sweet girl..I hope he gets his in jail..let karma take its turn on Joran.

    Re-post from email sent…<3


  5. Thank you, Dr. Glass for this article. I called my 19 year old daughter to tell her about it. I was brought up to never hurt anyone’s feelings and always be polite. That got me into some very uncomfortable situations, so I didn’t want my daughter to be the same way. I have tried to teach her not to worry about other people’s feelings or opinions if they give her the creeps, and I hope it sticks but everyone could use a good reminder.


  6. Debi-
    As far as I can tell, Joren was the oldest of 3 boys, all of whom were at one time suspected in the death of Natalie. I can find no reference to a sister anywhere. Do you have a source or a name?

    Male role in a lesbian relationship? lol.. You must be kidding! No such thing!


  7. All the best on your book! I pray many women will by it and heed what you say. Gut instincts should never be ignored. I’ve had to learn this the hard way when I was in my early twenties having encountered such a sociopath. Women must not let their guard down when meeting up with a guy for the first time.


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