Stefany Flores Body Language Indicates Reluctance to Go With Joran Van der Sloot. Was She and Natalie Killed For Refusing To Have Sex With Him?

Like I said yesterday when I was on Nancy Grace  show , when you look at the body language of Stephany Flores, Joran van der Sloot’s victim, there is something that is clearly off about her walk.

Her head is bowed down  and she does not seem steady on her feet as she follows him when they are both at the front desk of the hotel. There is also a  great deal of  distance between them as Stephany walks in back of Joran. Her gait was tentative and she seemed reluctant to be with him.

In fact, Stefany’s own father who would know his daughter’s walk better than anyone else in the world, remarked that this was not his daughters walk. This speaks volumes to me.


There was no romantic  attraction whatsoever as they walked into the hotel together and up to his room. This  makes me wonder if  perhaps Joran may he may have borrowed some money from her to gamble with at the casino and then told her that he left his  and  wallet money in his hotel room and would pay her back later. Perhaps she went back to the hotel with him to retrieve her money.

But deep down in the recesses of her mind, she knew something was clearly off. That is why her body language reflected hesitancy. Her  head was bowed down as though she was hiding or embarrassed to be going up to this man’s room. She was clearly feeling uncomfortable based on her gait and body posture.

When you look at the photo of them as he opens his door, Stephany’s head is severely bent down and her shoulders are very much rounded. It is a very submissive posture.

This means that her body is telling her that something is wrong. Something is upsetting her. Her head and shoulder roundess indicate that she is feeling insecure.

She needed to turn around  and leave immediately. But  unfortunately she ignored  her instincts and went with this monster to what I think was to most likely retrieve her money and leave.

Joran was not only walking slightly ahead of Stefany. He was walking three to four steps ahead of her . That means he was disrespecting her. That rude behavior could have added to Stefany’s  discomfort. Even if there was no romance and she as there to retrieve her money, she needed to show her some respect.

In addition, he didn’t  even hold the door open for her and  let her in the room as he walked in. This further indicated his  disrespect.

Stefany  must have sensed that there was something very off about Joran. Something bothered her enough for her to want to learn more about him. He said she looked at his computer  when he left the room to get coffee and bread for breakfast but I wonder if it wasn’t before that.


During his confession, as Joran tells, the story of what happened , he said that Stefany  looked at his laptop when he was out of the room  and discovered who he was. He saw that she had used his laptop and as he said in his confession said this  angered him so he killed her.

Since we know that we can’t believe anything Joran has said in the past, I wonder if that was true.

If it is true, did it happen when he may have been taking a shower and he was in the bathroom?  Did he come out of the bathroom and find her using his computer? Is that when he  killed her?

If she was still alive in the morning, why didn’t she join him to get the cup of coffee at the” mercado “across the way? Why was only one cup of coffee residue found in the room instead of two?


A significant  thing that was discovered in with regard to Stephany’s body is that she was having  her period. She was found wearing  red panties and a sanitary pad that was spotted with blood.  Did  Joran go off on her when may have refused to have sex with him because she was menstruating? That is  distinct possibility.

In his confession, he made it very  clear to say that they were about to have sex before he killed her.  But was it consensual  sex on her part?  It would be interesting to see when the  forensic evidence comes back  indicating whether i they did have sex and if she may have been raped by him.

There have also been reports in the media that Stefany was a lesbian. In fact news anchor  George Stephanopoulos of ABC News reported  this.  As he said “It’s clear she’s sort of stooped over and looking down,” “This may be a new experience for her to go to a hotel room with somebody she met just a few hours later. It also may play into her own issues with sexual identity problems. So there may have been some shame or discomfort involved,” he said.

If that is the case and she was a lesbian, that would be yet another reason why she would not want to have sex  with a man. Maybe her intention was only to go to his hotel room and get the money Joran  may have borrowed from her and then leave.

Maybe he asked her to stay and have a coke with him and she obliged in order to be polite.  After all,   an empty  bottle  of Coke light and another  bottle of Coke was found in the room as though two people were drinking two different drinks.

Maybe he told her he had to go to the bathroom and wanted to take  shower because in his mind, he may have had plans to have sex with her. Maybe that is when she allegedly  looked at his computer and discovered who he was and wanted to leave. Maybe he wouldn’t let her leave without having sex with her.

The fact that she was found with her pants off and her underpants on may have also been indication that she was sexually assaulted. Maybe Joran attacked her by throwing her on to  the bed.

Maybe he struggled take off her pants and she resisted and  fought back. Maybe that was why there were bruises on her knees and on the bottoms of her feet. Maybe she was kicking him in her attempts to fight back fr0m possibly being raped. Maybe that is what got him mad enough to fling her off the bed, sheet and all.


In his confession he didn’t say that he yanked her out of bed sheet and all, with such force that  she was found lying on the floor with the sheet under her.

He didn’t say that the mattresses were in disarray and the bed was a complete mess.

He didn’t say that there were bruises on the bottom of her feet and under he knees .

He didn’t say she may have kicked him to fight him off.

He didn’t say there were scratches on her neck  and chin and an open flesh wound on her finger.

He didn’t say that he threw his used worn shirt  that he wore the night before over her like she was a hamper.

Even though did say that he gave her a karate chop at the neck which broke it, he didn’t say he was sorry.

He didn’t say this because this sociopath is incapable of feelings of empathy, sorrow . His alleged tears were not tears of remorse, Instead ,they were tears of upset and frustration that he got caught.

This sick narcissist actually thought that he could get away killing her just like he allegedly did with Natalie.


We know that psychopaths and sociopaths often follow the same ritualistic patterns.

Did Natalie Holloway who was described by her friends and family members as sexually inexperienced and a virgin, not want to go all the way with Joran and have sex with him ?

In his upset did he give her a karate chop and break her neck and kill her the same way he killed Stefany, who may also have refused to have sex with him?

In his undercover admission, to a reporter, Joran  said that Natalie had a spasm and then fell to the ground and stopped breathing. Did Joran cause that to happen out of anger?

Back then he had  a helpful daddy to assist  him in figuring out what to do with Natalie’s  dead body.

But now he had no one to rely on, except his own dim wits. He figured that if he left her in the hotel room, by the time someone discovered her, he would be long gone and no one could find him.

He figured that they could never prove that  it was him who  killed Stefany.

But little did he know that  what he thought was a third class  hotel in a third world country had a first surveillance system.

That is why  he broke down when he saw that this time there was no way he could get away with murder.


4 thoughts on “Stefany Flores Body Language Indicates Reluctance to Go With Joran Van der Sloot. Was She and Natalie Killed For Refusing To Have Sex With Him?

  1. Dr. Glass, I would love to see your commentary on TV. Can you send your faithful readers announcements for your media appearances?


  2. I totally agree that this poor girl did not go back to his room for sex. If that was the case there would have been some physical contact, leaning towards each other, holding hands etc. indicating that they were “hot” for each other.

    Instead they are acting like they are total strangers, totally detached from each other. Had I seem the surveillance without having some background details I would have thought they were two people who happened to be somewhere at the same time and place but nothing else.

    Bet he wishes he had confessed to Natalie’s death and was spending the rest of his life in a jail in Aruba instead of the worst jail in Peru!


  3. Dr. Glass thank you for your analysis of Ms. Flores’ body language. It is very interesting to read an expert’s opinion.


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