Joran Van der Sloot’s Body Language- Moist Eyes Do Not Remorse or Sadness But Stunned Look Shows How He Did Not Expect To Get Caught

Any moist eyes you see on Potential serial killer, Joran Van de Sloot, (and I use the term potential serial killer because the definition of a serial killer is having three or more killings under their belt and in Joran’s case there are only two of which we know)  are not tears of remorse or sadness .

Instead, they are tears  which reveal his body’s adrenalin rush  in both the shock and excitement over the new situation where he is the focus of being captured for killing a young Peruvian woman, Stephanie Flores .

In fact that is why it has been reported that Joan looked stunned. He is no doubt in complete shock that he was caught. His narcissism would never allow him to imagine what the consequences would be if this happened to him.

The tears are due to his autonomic nervous system essentially taking over and expelling tears in his system. The reason I say this is because serial killers and would be serial killers have no emotion. They do not feel the same things as we who are not serial killers feel. They shallow affect, lack of empathy, incapacity for love, and a definite  lack of guilt or remorse. In essence Joran is not at all capable of normal emotions in relation to situational appropriate events.


When you look at the photo of Joran Van Der Sloot at the front desk to pick up his room key after a long night out with Ms. Flores in tow, there is the exact same sadistic smirk that he had when he told an undercover reporter that he killed another young woman, Natalie Holloway  him several years back.

The fact that Joran is walking in front of Ms. Flores  and doesn’t acknowledge her in the surveillance tapes  is not a good sign. It shows a detachment from her.

He doesn’t even look at her when he enters his room with her  which is also a bad sign as it shows he doesn’t care about her. There is not politeness of gentlemanly consideration of letting her enter the room ahead of him.

Once again it speaks to his extreme egocentric and narcissistic behavior ,which most psychopaths demonstrate.


If you look at this surveillance photo of Joran leaving the hotel room 4 hours  after he allegedly killed this young  woman as he is dressed in a fresh set of clothes,  his demeanor shows a calmness. There is no muscle tension in his face whatsoever.

There is even that sick smirk on his face that we saw when he admitted  killing Natalie and when he got the key from the front desk four hours earlier when he knew exactly what he was going to do to unsuspecting Sephanie Flores.

There is no tension, or upset or nervous reaction in his gait as he leaves the hotel. His strike is calm and relaxed and not hurried, In fact  His  He looks like he was going for a stroll without a care in the world, carrying a bag and a backpack.


But he taxi drivers to whom Joran paid $640 to transport him from Lima to Vinya de Mar Chile where he was apprehended, reported that they noticed that their passenger showed signals of nervousness.

No doubt Joran  moved around and squirmed a lot in the back of the cab as he was reported to continuously chain smoke.

Even though they interpreted his behavior as nervous the truth was that Joran was no doubt more excited than nervous and all the extraneous  movement the cab drivers observed  was the result of his autonomic system taking over.

Joran was excited that he was on his way to getting away with yet another murder to satisfy his sick appetite.


Joran’s narcissism and eccentricity allowed him to assume that he would get away with murder. He was so sure that he would not get caught that  didn’t even do anything to hide the brutally beaten body complete with the neck he snapped and broke. He didn’t even take the time to check out of the hotel. He just went on his merry way.

Why should he think of the consequences? Five years earlier, to the day, he got away with the murder of another young beautiful girl, Even though he was arrested repeatedly, he beat the system.


His father  Paulus also had his back at the time enabling him in his sickness. But now that daddy , who suddenly  died of a heart attack  four months earlier is gone, Joran has no one to cover for him or to tell him that he is loved unconditionally.

Perhaps Joran’s going out of his way to kill again had something to do with the recent death of his father. Since he cannot mourn  his father’s death because has no feelings, he  wants to feel something.

So he kills again to feel something, he kills to feel the excitement and the adrenalin rush he no doubt felt when he killed Natalie Hollyway.


Three times, Joran  wearing a green  bullet proof vest,  was paraded around to hundreds of people, including reporters.

No doubt authorities wanted everyone to get a glimpse of this real live monster who killed a lovely innocent woman who did not deserve such a horrific fate.


So now that daddy isn’t there to protect him, 22 year old Joran is reaching out to mommy as  told authorities to call his mother in Aruba. My heart does go out to his mother whom I am sure had no idea that she spawned a monster.


Of course  Joran  denied any involvement in Stephanie’s death. Little does he know about the surveillance cameras. The fact that he didn’t check out yet left with his bags and belongings, and took a cab to Chile instead of to the airport and flying directly  to Argentina and his cropped short dyed red hair at attempts to disguise himself,  does not bode well for him.

Even one of the best defense lawyers Joe Tacaopina won’t be able to help him. Tacopina was heard on television shows saying how it is easy to blame Joran because he has a bullseye on his back from the Holloway incident. But no one will be able to defend Joran this time- especially in Peru.


A Peruvian prison is not anyplace anyone would want to be, especially when they are only given on e blanket in the freezing cold of the Andes Mountains. Since Peru does not have the death sentence, the rest of Joran’s  life will be a living  hell.

Just ask former American college student  Lori Berenson in Peru. She spent  15 of the   best years of her life in this hell and she didn’t even  kill anyone like Joran did.I am not getting into what she did or didn’t do as that is clearly not the focus of this article. I only mention her  to point out that life for her in the Peruvian penal system was extremely  harsh.

So one can only imagine what will happen to Joran when he is locked up. The fact that he killed the daughter of a beloved national hero- a Peruvian race car driver and Presidential candidate  won’t sit well with prison guards and other prisoners. Neither will the fact that he is an outsider and a foreigner.

And let’s say he does get 30 years and is released when he is in his 50’s, no doubt he will be extradited  to the US where he will face extortion charges in Alabama and spend the remainder of his life in a US prison. He tried to extort $250,000 from  an associate of the Holloway family in exchange for revealing the whereabouts of Natalie.

One of Joran’s buddies  who was interviewed said he had a gambling and drug addiction. That is no doubt because those are the only times his adrenalin kicks in and he can feel anything. He also apparently has a killing young innocent women addiction which thankfully has come to an end. Now both Natalie and Stephanie can rest in peace!


24 thoughts on “Joran Van der Sloot’s Body Language- Moist Eyes Do Not Remorse or Sadness But Stunned Look Shows How He Did Not Expect To Get Caught

  1. What about Stephany, the murder victim? What was her motive in going to the room of a stranger that she had met only hours before? Her ex-girlfriend came forward to say that Stephany is a lesbian; so why would she go to a man’s room? They left the hotel in Stephany’s vechicle, so she was not forced to go with him; there is no evidence that he held a gun to her head. If she was forced to go with Joran to a hotel room at 5 o’clock in the morning, why didn’t she say something to the hotel clerk while Joran had his back to her, as he walked ahead of her.

    It was Natalee who hit on Joran, not the other way around. Natalee asked the Kalpoe brothers and Joran to drive her to her hotel. It appears that it was Stephany who hit on Joran and drove him to his hotel. According to her cousin, Stephany knew who he was. Why would she accompany him to a hotel room if she knew that he was a murderer? What’s a nice Catholic girl, the daughter of a prominent man, doing in a casino, drinking and gambling until 5 in the morning? She was entered in the poker tournament, so this wasn’t her first time in a casino. She had just won the equivalent of $1745 in the tournament; she should have at least considered that she might be robbed if she went off with a man at 5 in the morning. She lived with her family and they began looking for her as soon as they realized that she had not come home from the casino.


  2. It is so horrible to see the video stills of Ms Stephanie Flores following him down to his room and knowing what is going to happen to her…yet she is unaware. People say she was stupid to go with him since she and her brother had discussed the Holloway case and she was frightened of the man she heard about…but we don’t know that she knew THIS was the person who she had been discussing with her brother. Such statements make me angry…people STILL blame the victim. She was innocent and she’s going to get her justice. I wouldn’t wish his fate on anyone but he has certainly earned it.


  3. How can you be so sure he’s guilty?
    There is a trial for that and that’s not your call

    It still isn’t proven that he killed natlie holloway as well, he may gotten rid of her body but that doesnt prove murder.
    At least that’s what he said in famous video you talk about.

    Het told this patrick guy in the car that she had some sort of spasm and didnt move after that.

    I think your comments are shortsighted and media driven.

    kind regards

    Alex B


    1. It IS my call as a body language expert to analyze tells and that is exactly what I did in this blog. So re read it before you make such unfounded statements. The fact that he admitted his guilt says it all. I realize you are from the Netherlands a country that has been particularly harsh on how the American press has treated Joran. Perhaps if this case was not treated so lax in Aruba Ms. Flores would be alive today.


    2. Van der Sloot has revealed time and again that he is a liar, so taking anything he says at face value would be a mistake. There is obviously a large amount of circumstantial evidence in the Flores case, and since there is a body in this case as opposed to the Holloway case, you can be certain that physical evidence and DNA will play a large part in convicting this very disturbed evil young man for the death of the young Peruvian girl. If you desire to believe Van der Sloot’s latest story of intruders killing Flores, that is your right and your option, but I firmly believe that it will be shown to be yet another lie from him.


  4. Alex are you kidding. I understand you are trying to defend him because you are from his homeland but really?? As of today he admitted his crime with the Peruvian girl.
    As for Natalee….he may not have killed her but he hid it & knows what happened to her. That is bad enough. He should have got help & he wouldn’t be in this situation. Funny how he targets girls who come from families with money.
    Both girls were wrong with going with him & not knowing who they were with. The chaperones for Natalee’s class were NO chaperones at all. Her friends were no friends to let her go off with a stranger like that. But in the end….he did wrong all around. Something is not right in his head!!
    Aruba is still one of the safest places to vacation but you can’t trust everyone in the world. There are sick people out there!! Wake up Alex & all the others that think he may not have committed any crime.


  5. Dr. Glass, would you please analyze Ms. Flores’ body language in regard to the way she is walking in the video. I can see she is behind him, but from my viewpoint her manner of walking indicates that she is hesitant to be going with him. Something is off about her body language and I can’t quite put a finger on what it is. Her own father said that is not the way she walks. Thank you for any input you can share with us regarding this.


    1. Stampinoma: as someone who has lived in South America for some time, including Peru, I can tell you that the victim’s behavior is very tipical. This is a Catholic country, after all, and she’s just a bit embarrased to be walking into a hotel room. The obvious implication of walking into a hotel room at night (or before the sun is up) is that extra-marital sex is involved. She is worried that some hotel clerk might recognize her, however unlikely that is.

      I’ve walked into hotel rooms like that, tiptoeing, single file, and kind of looking down.


  6. Dr. Glass,
    Could you please give your opinion on Mady Gosselin saying that nobody cares about her and she wants to dies, in this video from the new Kate Plus Eight show. It starts at around the 32 second mark and she is sitting on the picnic table seat.


  7. Her body language says to me that she is a meek person. She has her head down, as if she is ashamed of something. Yet she is not being forced to follow him; if she were, she would be walking in front of him where he could keep an eye on her and prevent her escape. No, she is following him meekly for some reason and it is not for sex. If he were expecting sex, he would show that he is attracted to her, which he does not. My guess is that someone put her up to this; she was asked by someone to befriend Joran and get him to talk about Natalee Holloway. As soon as he left the room to get coffee, she got on his laptop and was probably reading his e-mail to try to get some evidence that he killed Natalee. The FBI had set up a sting operation in Aruba in an effort to arrest Joran so that he could be brought to America for trial on an extortion charge. It could be that the FBI was trying to set up another sting operation to get Joran to confess to the murder of Natalee. According to the news today, Stephany confronted Joran when he caught her on his laptop and he was enraged because she asked him about Natalee.


    1. Furtherglory: see my reply above to Stampinoma regarding apparent “meek” behavior. Regarding Joran being enraged over her invasion of his privacy, that’s only what he said. In this and other countries, penalties for murder are much less severe if the accussed gives an “honest” and complete confession early on in the process, and that’s probably all he’s doing. So he’s using his rage as a motive for the crime. But we still don’t know why he really killed her. Maybe he’s just a psychopath who gets a rush from killing young girls.

      While the FBI theory your advance can not be readily discarded, I find it hard to believe that a 21 year old college student from a well-to-do family would be secretly working for a foreign govt agency. Why would they go to his hotel room? I can think of many possibilities:

      1. Sex (although there’s an unsubstantiated rumour that she was gay)
      2. To do drugs
      3. Robbery: She had won over US$1700 in the casino, and he may have lured her to his hotel room to rob her


  8. I have to disagree with your assessment that his mother had no idea she raised a monster. She and his father not only knew, but they were afraid of him and enabled his demonic behavior by protecting him from the authorities so he could get away with his murderous crimes. I blame his parents for his psychological mentality and his complete disrespect for women. Who knows what went on in their household while he was growing up, but European women are subservient to their husbands and they think nothing of getting a beating. I suspect he’s the baby of the family and they raised him as a spoiled brat. He calmly walked away from that murder scene thinking he would get away with it like he had before with the help of his parents, and who knows how many more he has killed and walked away from. He is the suspect in the disappearance of 2 more women in Bogota, Colombia. He will not walk out alive from that prison and I’d be surprised if he lasted a year there. I do not believe for one moment his confession story because it’s likely his computer was set to his Dutch language and I’m certain the girl did not speak or read Dutch, so was not able to investigate him on his laptop. I don’t feel a bit sorry for his mother or his father. Hopefully he is rotting in hell and the mother will follow soon after for enabling their murderous son’s rampages. Kids just don’t grow up like that, it stems from their upbringing and childhood. He learned from his father to disrespect women.


    1. I believe that the whole ordeal is heartbreaking for his mother as it would be for any parent as she traavels from Aruba to Peru to see her son guily of murderting a woman and his life essentiually over.
      Joran actually thinks he had an exuse to kill her becuase he allegedly invaded his property and looked up his past on the internet. She obviously looked him up when he was out of he room becuase she was no doubt feeling uneasy about him.


  9. Lori Berenson was not imprisoned for “political activism” but for terrorism. There’s freedom of expression in Peru, and people are free to be as politically active or activist as they wish. Ms. Bereson was arrested, tried, and convicted of terrorism. As part of the terrorist MRTA organization she was plotting a violent takeover of the Peruvian congress building at the time of her arrest. She had gained access to the building using fake press credentials, and had hand-drawn floorplans to be used in their attack. She also rented a large house that was used by the MRTA to store explosives and arms. The MRTA was in the business of kidnapping unarmed civilians for ransom, and placing car bombs in public places in order to terrorize, maim, and kill civilians.


  10. Joran was not the baby of the family. He is the oldest of three sons of Anita and the late Paulus Van der Sloot. The middle son is three years younger than Joran and I am not sure of the age of the youngest.

    According to my research, Joran has a long history of being abusive to his siblings and was even reported to have beaten to death the family’s dog.

    According to sources, his parents believed he would outgrow this behavior.

    One source also suggests that one of his brothers, the one who is three years younger appears to be following in Joran’s footsteps. However, I cannot find confirmation of that report except that I have found a photo of his brother in a suggestive pose of that of gang members. The source suggests that this son wants to be part of a gang.

    As for the surveillence video of Joran and Stephany (also called Tatiana), the surveillence video from the casino shows the two leaving the casino and they are walking side by side and appear friendly. Stephany does not appear so meek in that surveillence.

    I totally agree with all of your analizations Dr. Glass. As a teacher at a school with extreme disciplinary issues, I have seen it time and again. The moist eyes, as you descibed are not those of remorse. Rather, in my opinion it is a form of anger in knowing that he was caught and can’t do anything about it.


    1. Thank you for discussing the family of the killer. I have an older sister who used to beat me (no, she was not abused by my parents, she just hated me). When I read about Joran van der Sloot and Amy Bishop (another homicidal older sibling) I recognize how similar their world views are to those of my sister. Namely: “I should have what I want and if you won’t give it to me I have the right to destroy you”. I never thought my sister would hurt anyone but me, but I guess some older siblings can take this philosophy to frightening extremes.

      There are so many weird dynamics in a family like this. Sometimes you think you will be safe if you act like the older sibling (see? I’m as tough as you. Please don’t push me/kick me/knock my teeth out). And the mother always wants to look the other way, partly because this type of personality often jumps to gain control of the story and mom is the first person they want to convince. It’s also partly because older sibling has a crushing desire to be seen as “good”, “right” and entitled; that desire so overwhelming for them that it would break mom’s heart to interfere in their quest for that feeling.
      I think most older siblings are healthy people, but they are probably at risk for some emotional and behavioral issues that can cause them to hurt others. Somebody please study this and get some preventative programs started to help these people early. If the parents wanted to or could do it they would. Sometimes you get so bogged down in your own family it takes an outsider to intervene.


  11. And this was just posted on the Peruvian website “El Comercio,” that Joran told an incredible story to the Chilean authorities that there were two armed men with a knife and a gun who were waiting in his room in the Hotel Tac.

    About how he knew the girl, he told authorites that she sat on a table and began to talk to me, she wanted to show me a game, she told me that here father had money, that she was studying and that she was not interested in boys.”

    He further told authorities that they were “already in her car when they were detained by a white car with two men inside, they had police uniforms and badges (…) they put us in their car and they began to ask for money.”

    According to Joran, when they arrived at his hotel, they found a man on the bed, he had a pistol in his belt. And that another person came out of the bathroom with a knife. One of the men hit the young girl in the face.

    When Joran was asked, who were those persons? Joran said they were the same police suspects who asked them for money on the street.

    According to the news source, his story didn’t have anything in common with what actually took place in his room in the hotel.

    Also, according to sources, he has been very well treated by authorities and will most likely serve his term at Castro Castro, not the Luirgancho. Castro Castro is described as a “spa compared to Lurigancho.” He will also more than likely be out in about ten to fifteen years if he behaves well. Some sources indicate he could be out in five years because he has said that he was under the influence of marijuana and it was a “simple murder.”


  12. This is just in from El Commeercio – a video of Joran and Stephany in the casino at the table.

    Here in the states, it takes a while to buffer, so play it and wait for it to play out, then when it stops, play it again and it will play without interruption.

    The text says that this was released by Channel N through Reuters. It shows them at the poker table at 3:00 am on May 30 and says that they were very “comfortable” at the game until they retired and left for the hotel Tac in the same district. They stayed together in the casino for 2 and a half hours. Also says that in a moment you can see Stephany taking money out of her wallet to pay for a bet.

    It also states that the images will be incrimidating proof for the Dutchman.

    The thing I don’t understand is that apparently from the sources at El Comercio, she had made comments about her dad waiting for her at home and that she shouldn’t stay out late. According to sources, she lived with her father.


  13. I have studied a bit about pathological liars, like Joran, and it seems they have almost always been beaten by their parents. I wonder if his father beat him. Strict, upper class, judge daddy wanted his oldest son to become like him sort of thing, respected member of upper class society. I am English, and live in Brazil, certainly some women here would follow a man, but not all.. I liked your analysis, it is clear he did not give a sh… about her and even looks happy knowing what he is going to do. Also, about the laptop, as well as the language problem (it could have had Windows in English, quite common down here, would Stephanie have been able to connect to the Wifi (if any) or 3G (if any). Passwords? click on which icon for 3G for example… I am sure that was (yet another) lie, he intended to rob her. Possibly took her there saying he was going to get money to repay her (if he had borrowed from her)


  14. I worked with a nurse a few years ago who told me that she had gone for a drink after work with her friend to a bar and had drank one drink. It was 8 pm, then the next thing she knew she was being arrested for being drunk and disorderly at 5 am the following day. She was thrown into a cell for the night and the next day she went straight to the Dr. for blood tests. She had been spiked with the date rape drug. It was still in her blood. When she went back to the police they were very embarrassed to have thrown her in a cell the previous night and explained that she had been wandering out in front of cars and they had assumed she was drunk. She has no recollection of absolutely anything that happened in the timeframe between drinking her drink and the next day. She was walking upright when found by the police. She has no idea where she was taken to in the missing hours. The barman in the bar where she’d had her drink said he’d seen some guys talking to her and her friend and then they’d all left together. I think it’s highly probable that poor Ms. Flores had been drugged by this guy and just wanted to lie down somewhere.


  15. I get angry listening to this , Yeah its correct he murdered stephanie flores but still maybe he was under the influence of drugs , Maybe in the inside he’s a young frightened little boy who needs love , not financially but emotionally , who knows he couldve been a victim of abuse , how else would you think he came up with abusing animals and murdering these two young women , And most of all dont forget what he was telling patrick about natalie , that she had like a type of sieger . I just hate how people treat as if he were a monster he’s a human being just like us with a drug addiction , who are you to judge him and his siblings .


  16. “European women are subservient to their husbands and they think nothing of getting a beating. ” Seriously!!!! You should do some research before typing such sweeping generalisations, if you really think that this deranged sociopath’s actions are the result of him being European then I feel for you because you are displaying a dangerous blend of narrow-mindedness and naivety. The US has produced a myriad of serial killers should I assume this is because they are American or because they display sociopathic and predatory tendancies, I think I will choose the latter…


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