Gary Coleman’s Wife’s Vocal Tone on 911 Shows Self A Centered Woman Who Was Harsh With Gary While her Body Language on TMZ Interview Shows No Love Lost for Gary


The tone of Gary Coleman’s wife Shannon, his live in ex wife whom he married in 2007 an divorced in 2008 was cold and harsh. It seems that she is  more concerned about herself than Gary and has all kinds of excuses as to why she can’t help him. ” She seems to repeat the phase” I don’t know what happened” as she gets the operator know this several times throughout the call. This is disconcerting as it makes one wonder if indeed she does know what happened.


She doesn’t even go over to check on Gary as she screams out “Gary, are you OK?” She sound completely self absorbed. Her husband is lying on the floor with the back of his head bloody and all she can say is that she can’t help him because there was blood around,,She says she can’t drive him because she was an epileptic.

But she could manage to yell at him as in a harsh angry and nasty tone as she screamed”Gary, don’t move. Gary Stay there, OK? You have to keep pressure on your head, You got to put pressure on your head.” What happened?


Then she bluntly tells the operator “I can’t really help him” She goes on to say how there is blood in the back of his head. For the umpteenth time she says “ I don’t know what happened.” He hit his head , I don’t know, It’s all bloody you know.

There were way too many “I don’t know what happened’s” to make you wonder if Shannon did indeed know what happened. It was as the saying goes, “though dost protest too much.”When someone volunteers that much information that wasn’t requested it often can be a very revealing signal of deception and they may possibly know a lot more than they are saying.


Also when someone keeps interjecting the phrase “you know” it means that they are looking for your approval and looking for you to believe them. Shannon spoke those words where she asked for reassurance from the operator several times.


The 911 tape continues to be very disturbing as it continued to be ALL about Shannon. She continues with reasons why she can’t help him by saying “I’ve been sick. I can’t do anything right now,” I don’t know what happened He hit his had I don’t know. Its all bloody and you know”.

She continues with” I don’t know if he had a seizure or hit his head and fell.”

The operator tells Shannon to at least give him a towel so he can put pressure on his head. She then says with atone of annoyance ,”if I can find one for him.

One would treat an animal better than she treated Gary. You would rush to find a towel or anything to help stop the bleeding.

Then she goes back to herself and say “I;m panicked. I don’t know what to do. I’m freaking out,” The operative words here are “ I” and “ I’m.”This should have been about Gary not her!


Then you hear her yelling at Gary in a very mean tone. As she screams at him “‘Don’t move! Stay there put pressure. Hold this thing. Don’t move! I don’t know what Sit down! Sit down!, Gary sit down! “ She speaks to him worse than anyone would speak to an animal.

She is harsh with him and very unloving. It seems that all of her humanity has gone out the window when it comes to Gary and his needs.

Then she goes back to talking about herself and how this has affected her as she says “Im gagging. I got blood on myself.”

What I want to know if how did she get blood herself when she couldn’t bear to touch him let alone be near him during his moment of crises. The whole thing sounded very odd.


Shannon looks down as she said that there has been a lot of speculation that she pushed Gary.

Then she gets very defensive and says “Why would I hurt my husband?” As she says this she gets super defensive in her vocal tone and in her facial expression as he furrows her brow and  contorts her mouth in anger.


Then she looks down and as she says the following that the doctors said that even if they would have done surgery on him he would have died and bled to death, that even if they took a chunk of his brain he wouldn’t have been the same, and that he would be basically like Muhammed Ali.”

None of this rings true to me, Her body language also says it doesn’t ring true as she looks way up and then looks way down and does not look at the interviewer,This is  indicating signals of deception .

If Gary had an intra cranial hemorrhage, he wouldn’t necessarily have bled to death. Look at Brett Michaels. They also would not take a chunk out of his brain for a hemorrhage and finally no doctor would bring up another patient as an example. Muhammed Ali has Parkinson’s disease, not what Gary had.

So what she is saying is ridiculous. It is obviously her self justification for pulling the plug  on Gary so soon.


She then blames Gary’s heart as the reason for his not making it anyway. As she says this she shows no compassion and seems heartless herself.

She says she doesn’t want people to think she is a bitch “and I didn’t care about him.

Then it continues to be al’ about her as she says be in my situation “Look at Terry Shaivo”


Then she gets really defensive and tries to justify her action of pulling Gary’s plug by saying
I always think of her when it come to this.“That was a very odd comment to say the least. She  continues to justify her pulling the plug on Gary as she says Gary was gone . His eyes were dilated. She shrugs her shoulders in saying He was just gone as a way to further justify her actions.

The shoulder shrug is that she isn’t sure that he was gone but she as trying to convince herself that he was gone. Also her raised eyebrows mean that she is trying to convince  the interviewer as to what she is saying, It also means that she is trying to convince  herself that she did the right thing in pulling the plug so soon.


There is absolutely NO compassion when she talks about Gary as she says how he bought her a car. She  adds “which he chose to do“, indicating that she wants everyone to know that she didn’t demand that he get her one. She makes it a point to a add “which I never asked him for for.”

When someone volunteers that much unsolicited information  chances are that it isn’t true. She most likely asked him for a car and he bought it for her.


She talks about how Gary took her to Vegas because she loves shopping there and loves getting pampered there and how obviously she would but the high end stuff. No wonder she and Gary had money issues!

Then she says how they alwaYs had to stay at Caesars palace but also stayed at Bellagio because they  were obsessed with the fountain view room, Shannon coyly looks away form the camera, indicating that she clearly knows whats he was doing. She is letting everyone know that she has  a certain lifestyle and now she will no longer have it now that Gary is not there to support her.


Shannon now raises her shoulders in victim  like fashion and says how she doesn’t know how she will pay for funeral costs .  She leans forward for emphasis as she says this and says she doesn’t know how she will survive.

Then she says what a rough time it has been because Gary hadn’t had much work because of his health’ Then this cold,  heartless sounding woman with no ounce of compassion in her voice has the audacity  to says how Gary worked a lot so her finances were great when they first got married  and how now she has nothing.

This clearly  indicates how she obviously married him for his money. Then she says how he was  never able to have life insurance which could have helped with funeral costs.

She says how now she is hoping people will” pour  out to us and show their compassion with money, as they have been sending letters and emails.


Is this woman for real?  Now that Gary is no longer here to take care of her financially, she has the nerve to tell the public to send money along with their letters and emails.

What about her getting a job and stop looking for  handouts like  she obviously  did by marrying Gary.

This woman in my  view has shown in her 911 call and in her TMZ interview that she is obnoxious, cold, and heartless, greedy, selfish,materialistic,  and downright unlikable.

Knowing this, I feel terribly sad for Gary. Now I see why he continued to walk around so miserable with a chip on his shoulder. I can see how  the dynamics of this TOXIC relationship  escalated into domestic violence. There is no doubt that both of them pushed one another’s buttons.

What makes me the saddest and brings me to tears is the fact that poor Gary had to die with no one loving him and holding him. Shannon who lived in the same household didn’t have the human decency to even bring him a towel when he was bleeding to death.

All I can say is Rest in Peace Gary.  You  are finally free of it all. First it was your parents who used you and betrayed you by taking your hard earned money as a child and now it was Shannon who in  a different way,  essentially did the same thing.

They both took your loving  heart and made you an angry person. After meeting Shannon via her 911 call and TMZ  interview, all I can say is who can blame you?

Once again my dear Gary, you no longer have to be angry or fight with anyone. May God Bless you and may you always rest in peace!


8 thoughts on “Gary Coleman’s Wife’s Vocal Tone on 911 Shows Self A Centered Woman Who Was Harsh With Gary While her Body Language on TMZ Interview Shows No Love Lost for Gary

  1. Another disturbing thing about that interview is it happened the day after he died……..BEFORE anyone was hinting that she may have pushed him. As if things weren’t bad enough. Talk about jumping the gun! I very strongly suspect either she hit him over the head with something (creating blood splatter on herself) or she pushed him like SHE said.


  2. THANK YOU Dr. Glass for providing your analysis of the videos!
    It was a very interesting article to read and I agree. Poor man lived a very sad life with people that didn’t have any of his interests at heart.


  3. Isn’t this the same woman that pulled the plug on Gary Colemen Life Support?

    Gary Coleman’s wife on why she yanked his life support: ‘He wouldn’t have made it anyway’

    Read more:


    How does she know? Is she a doctor? Did the doctor tell her he wasn’t going to make it? How long was Gary on life support before she pulled the plug?

    She should be investigated and put under a lie detector.


  4. Last I heard they said it wasn’t suspicous (????), and they weren’t investigating. Kinda sad as if it were the other way around…….if he had pushed her, you can bet your ass they would investigate.


  5. I heard tonight that this low life sold pictures of dearest Gary when he was close to death on the ventilator. The Globe bought them for several thousands of dollars. Shame on the both of them. I just hope that no one buys the issue or clicks on their website so that this does not catch on. The ultimate betrayal…Gary sure did not deserve this.


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