Obama’s Lack of Emotional Body Language During This BP Oil Crises May Cost Him Future Voters


The days of keeping a “stiff upper lip” and not showing any emotion are over. In fact, when a person isn’t being real and showing real emotion in a real situation, especially a negative situation, it makes you wonder if they are disconnected as a human being or if they have some other  agenda or whether they are hiding something.

If a politician who is supposed to represent the people, including their emotions, doesn’t show any emotion with regard to a crises, it is disconcerting.

Could Obama’s hiding his emotion in this crises, reflect  that he is hiding his strong connection with BP and associated  financial gains? Many believe this may be the case.

When Obama campaigned for voters in this last election, there was a lot of emotion in his campaign speeches . He was not deadpan and emotionless as he is now  with regard to this BP oil spill. In fact his emotion filled speeches inspired people.

So now  during this major crises , when voters are seeing his lack of emotion,  his lack of outrage and his lack of willingness to hear  from them – his unwillingness to listen to their  emotional  feelings, Obama  has turned a lot of people off.


In fact he turned one of his biggest supporters off. He turned film off  producer, director Spike Lee who in an interview told Obama to “Go Off.” He even remarked on CNN that Obama is usually a low key guy but this is the time he need to “Go Off”  because this is a disaster.

He also said that there is a similarity in Bushes  response to Katrina and Obama’s response to this oil disaster– the slow response.” Most would agree. What took him so long to react?

People are as  upset  about the oil spill as they are to Obama’s slow response to a disaster that can not only affect the environment but people’e lives.

Crude oil contains chemical as such as benzene  that can cause  cancer and leukemia. It is dangerous  if it is ingested in your body in any way.If you breathe it studies show that it has caused severe lung problems and lung cancers. When they smeared crude oil n the body of mice they developed cancerous tumors.  L

In the above photo op we see Obama with some crude oil he picked up from the ground on his finger.  Let’s hope for his sake that that Obama washed his finger thoroughly before he ate  or picked up  one of his cigarettes for a smoke. How ironic is that!

Let’s also hope that he didn’t have any fish for lunch or dinner that was caught in the gulf  since this spill occurred, Note that now when eat fish you may be taking a huge risk.  Like th fish, when when you swim in that area you can  injest oil particles which can have serious consequences to your life.


Emotion is a great thing! It shows that you car. If  Obama visibly showed upset  or outrage it would be a catharsis for the American people. It  would show someone who cared as much as they did and who  was equally  upset as they were about the situation.

The While House  PR people and spokespeople just made a huge mistake when they defensively said that if emotion could stop the oil spill from happening Obama would be on the rooftops yelling nd shouting.”

How dare them give this snarky disrespectful answer to the American People. We expect t our leaders and especially our President to react with human emotions to serious events that could seriously effect the  environment and  have serious consequences to the lives of citizens .

If people are clamoring for emotion they are obviously reacting to the fact that  they are perceiving Obama as uncaring . His slow response combined with his lack of overt emotion seem to many voters like he doesn’t give a damn. It is  like he doesn’t care. Add to that, the fact that he hot only stood by for well over a month, but he went on a fun filled vacations.

Many Americans see that behavior as appalling. They feel that he needed to be on top of this major crises 24/7 and go nowhere until it was dealt with and fixed.

It’s like your landlord going on vacation and leaving you stranded in a flooded apartment  because of an  overflowing toilet and not doing anything about it.


Even if you have been an  Obama  supporter  in the past or you are currently a supporter and think he can do no wrong, you have to admit that it is a very bad thing when your leader doesn’t share the same outrage over the situation as you. It;s time he get real and that means expressing his real emotions.

While being low key and level headed may be a good thing in most cases, when the environment is getting screwed up and your life may be in danger long term you need to show some rage.

I am not  a political person and have  no political agenda whatsoever. I merely report what I see objectively and what I see is something very bad as as far  Obama is concerned .

How he reacted to this crises or didn’t react, did not show strong leadership. Perhaps he was thinking too politically-  about how  his BP  financial supporters would feel. But  what he really needed to be thinking about was how his constituents would fee. They feel terrible and they are angry!


If Obama wants to redeem himself he needs to get out there and speak to the  American Citizens without a teleprompter. He needs to speak to them from his heart and  honestly explain why he waited so long to not stop this problem, Why didn’t he react  sooner.?

And when  he speaks to the American public without his  teleprompter, he needs to communicate  with real emotion.  If not, he will   have lost the next election as far as many voters are concerned.



3 thoughts on “Obama’s Lack of Emotional Body Language During This BP Oil Crises May Cost Him Future Voters

  1. I never expected much from many other elected officials so when they did nothing I was not surprised, disappointed or unhappy about it. On the other hand, I expected so much more from this president because I believed him and thought he was a sincere man when he was running for president. Now, in my opinion, I believe he was nothing more than a person who knew how to speak to people in the way that people want to be spoken to…a true manipulator who got what he wanted under false pretenses and now has turned his back on the American public. In my opinion, he ran down to Louisiana and played in the sand for about 15 minutes “for show” and then jumped a plane bound for Chicago to relax and do what HE wanted to do. I don’t know what his agenda is but I’ll bet he’s got one and I’m not sure we’re prepared for what it is. I don’t think he gives a damn about the American people or America, itself, for that matter. He leaves me cold and I find that I no longer trust him at all. I would no longer believe any words that come out of his mouth. He’s not at all who he lead people to believe he was so all trust is gone.


  2. As soon as I heard him refer to his own Grandmother as “a typical white person” I thought “HUH?” But when he tried to say that he sat in Rev. Wrights church for 20 years and didn’t hear what he was preaching…..the man who married him and his wife and baptised his two daughters….and he had NO IDEA what he was preaching? I decided he was either stupid or a liar, and either way, he wasn’t qualified to be the President.
    Not to mention, his father was British (at that time) and his mother wasn’t old enough to pass her citizenship to him….I’m just sayin’


  3. If I hear him twist the truth one more time he will have lost my vote, that is for sure. How dare he continue to state that he’s been on this from day one, a full month before the “talking heads” (his words) were. First, that simply is not true and secondly, if not for the media coverage I am not sure when he would have figured out that we were all on to the deep layers of dysfunction and incompetence in MMS. I do not live in the Gulf but my heart breaks for those on the front lines there, for all the dying wildlife and for the 11 dead men. Why is it that Obama basically ignored these deaths? When the miners died in West Va. Obama & the Vice President both attended the funerals. Why did they basically ignore the 11 oil rig men that gave their lives? I do not see a difference in these two and I wonder why our President does? I find all of it troubling.


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