George Anthony’s Letters Discuss Casey’s Physical Appearance As George Tell’s Casey She’s Getting Fat And Begs to See Her


After going through parent’s George and Cindy Anthony’s letters to their daughter Casey as she sits in jail,  instead of being focused on whether their daughter will live in prison for the rest of her life or die by lethal injection, their consistent superficial  concern appeared  to be on  their daughter’s beauty. From these letters, it is apparent to me that they are indeed taken with daughter Casey’s looks looks, especially George. 




George is apparently interested how his daughter Casey’s body ooks, as he tells her below that  she has put on weight and warns her to be careful about not not getting fatter. He even offers up some exercise advice for her as you can see below.



From George’s letters you can see that he lets Casey know she is the Boss and in control . It appears to be a role which she has been in her whole life. It is quite sad and somewhat pathetic to see how George grovels, in hopes that Casey will allow her permission to see him- even if it is for a minute as you can see in an excerpt from George’s letter below.




Like  most sociopaths  with sadistic tendencies, Casey is probably enjoying seeing her father squirm, beg, and suffer emotionally as he is in the  2009 letter below. He pleads strongly for his daughter to see him. As you can see below,  he underlines the sentence begging Casey to let him see her. 

For assurance, he tries to appease her and flatter her by letter her know that she is the BOSS. I can only imagine that this statement made Casey’s day. 



Obviously neither  groveling  nor flattery  worked  in terms of George  getting Casey to agree to see him, so he attempts to try  the old poor me victim routine. He says he is forced to live what is left of his life- “empty”. In writing this, George is attempting to elicit a reaction of pity from Casey. But he has wasted his time because Casey, like most sociopaths,  has no empathy or feelings of compassion towards her father or anyone else.




In several of his letters George lets Casey know that he loves her “no matter what”. Obviously he is writing this statement  to her as yet another attempt to allow Casey to let him visit her. 

Can George really love Casey “no matter what”if she smothered his beloved grand daughter to death and left her in a trunk while she went out partying?  Can he really love her no matter what if he finds out that she tortured and murdered innocent Caylee?  

Can he really love her no matter what if she accused him of having sex with her if he never did such a thing?  

As you can see below George makes this no matter what statement in several of his letters 








Casey has obviously not relented and has not  allowed her father to see her in jail as he requested. Therefore,  he goes for a smaller request from Casey- a mere simple glance his way when she is in the court room. .  


These letters give us a glimpse of the dysfunctional relationship between father and daughter.  His concern over her weight and telling her to be careful she doesn’t gain more weight and for her to  exercise more speaks to his concern with her physical appearance, which he finds “beautiful.”.

The letters also show the complete disrespect and lack of regard Casey has towards her father. 

It shows how George will do anything from begging, to flattering, to using the victim poor me card to unconditional love  (no matter what ) in oder to  get Casey to allow him to see her.It speak to how desperate George is when it comes to Casey. 

It  also speaks to Casey’s stubbornness. But for themost [art, these letters speak to George’s obvious severe emotional pain.


George Anthony Continues to Play Martyr In His Letter to Casey But Remains “Mum” on Whether He Sexually Molested Her


 George’ Anthony’s letter written to Casey two months ago, after  Casey confided  to   fellow inmate  Robin Adams that her father and brother  Lee sexually molested her,   communicates a great deal about George and his relationship with his daughter. 


In his jailhouse visit early on,  we  heard George refer to Casey as “Gorgeous”  which I have always found inappropriate. But in this letter of two months ago , her refers to her by her full  name  “Casey Marie” indicating that he is less than pleased with her .  I cannot recall that he has ever  publicly called her by her entire name.  Using her entire name indicates that he is clearly angry with her, for perhaps revealing their family secret. 

He starts the letter with “Where do I begin?” This statement  indicates that he is at a loss for  words and does not know how to approach Casey with what he is about to tell her. His tentative approach  also reflects how he continues to walk on eggshells around Casey as he has for years. 

Instead of getting right to it and writing something like “Casey, how dare you lie about your brother and I sexually molesting you !”, he gives a meek and  hesitant initial statement. George’s timid behavior continues with his uses of the next word “Well” instead of jumping right into what he really wants to say. 

In leaving out the word “I” and just writing “met with Jose and Cheney Mason”, he doesn’t want to attribute what he is about to write to himself  because it is understandably embarrassing and shameful for him. So  subconsciously, he  eliminates himself by eliminating “I” at the beginning of the sentence . 


He then says that he met with “Jose and Cheny Mason on Wednesday, March 24th . ” By giving the exact date, he is being more formal and putting a  distance between himself and Casey. In essence he is documenting  exact the date as one that is memorable. He also mentions the date twice in his letter. 

Perhaps this date may turn out to be very memorable for him if indeed it was the date that Casey  betrayed family confidences. Remember how George always talked about family loyalty and how Lee and Casey spoke about keeping their secrets during the jailhouse tapes?  If this is the case, it  is no wonder as to  why George is so upset. 




George doesn’t respect attorney Jose Baez as much as he does Cheney Mason as he refers to him as “Jose” while he refers to “Cheny Mason” by his entire  first and last name.  This indicates that he has more respect for him. He does this twice as he says “Jose” in “Chaney’s” office delivered me heartbreaking news & ask me 2 heartbreaking questions?  

I should also add that if you look at George’s handwriting  in his letter in the photo above , you will see that it slants downward. When this occurs it usually means that the person is depressed and upset. 


George’s use of the word “heartbreak” twice seemed like an odd choice of a word to use. Does it imply that his heart was broken about her revelation that Lee and George molested her?  Using words like “upsetting” “devastating” “disgusting”  or “shocking” news make more sense in this case. Likewise “shocking,” unbelievable” surprising” “outrageous”  “unconscionable”  questions would make make sense than using the term  heartbreaking questions.  

In my view one is  heartbroken when they feel betrayed. One is shocked and surprised and flabbergasted if someone made an accusation about then that they heard for the first time and it was not true.  



 Then  George  passively aggressively admonishes Casey by saying “You know what 2 questions he asked and I said mum…..” 

George’s response is hugely telling. He doesn’t tell her what the heartbreaking news is in his letetr, but we can imagine  that the two possible  questions were “Did brother Lee and or George sexually molest Casey, like she said they did  in her jailhouse letters. 


It is confusing as to whether George meant to say that he was numb and left off the final b  offf , “num” or he meant to say mum. 

The fact that George wrote he  was “mum”  or num is no doubt because  he was between a rock and a hard place. Even if he was numb, he was mum. 

If he answered  “yes”, then he could go to jail for sexually molesting his underage daughter at the time. If he answered  “yes” the defense (Jose Baez and Cheney Mason) could use that information as an argument and excuse  as to why “poor” Casey may have allegedly murdered her daughter. 

If he says “no” then the defense can’t  use it as an excuse and it validates Casey’s sociopathic personality as a liar- that she would lie about her own father and brother sexually molesting her. 

So, he remained “mum.” This  word was underlined for emphasis which indicates that he most likely plans to remain mum on the subject if he is indeed referring to Casey’s accusing him and Lee of  sexual molestation. 

But I can assure you that during his deposition and during cross examination by the State, there is no way he will be able to continue to remain “mum” on these particular accusations  which Casey made. 

10 WHYS????????? 



Then  he continues in his passive aggressive way,  to admonish Casey as  he asks a series of questions where he repeats the word “why” twice for emphasis  and to no doubt elicit a reaction of guilt in Casey. 

He does this  as he asks her why she would bring down every member of her family. There are 8 “whys” and two additional ones throughout his letter. 

The only problem is that sociopaths have no feelings of guilt. So his efforts are wasted on asking her  why? Casey, like all sociopaths have no idea why they do what they do. They are impulsive and never consider the implications of their actions. 


George is understandably  upset and embarrassed that Casey accused him and Lee of  sexually molesting her. That is why  he possibly can’t even bring himself to write those words. 

Instead he writes: 

Why, Why also destroy Lee…
Why, Why also destroy Mom…

Why, Why also destroy me, your family…

Why, Why also destroy Caylee Marie…

If he  and Lee didn’t molest Casey, why wasn’t he more direct? Most people would  have adamantly  and angrily defended themselves and have  written something “ How dare you accuse your brother and father of molesting you when you know that never happened!” They  would have been more direct and not sidestep the issue as George has  apparently done in this letter if indeed he is indeed referring to her accusations. 

If this is the case, then in  using all those WHY’S  George  really saying, “WHY did you spill the beans and tell all the family secrets?”  The fact that he did not angrily defend himself and deny what Casey accused him and Lee of doing to her  leads to a lot of questions about whether Casey is finally telling the truth about something. 

After all she spilled the beans in a jailhouse letter to her then girlfriend Robin Adams. I doubt she knew that this information would be made public. In my view, she is not that bright to plan this. It just happened.  If Robin would not have revealed those letters or destroyed them, no one would know about these allegations which Casey made against Lee and George. 

I have no doubt that after Casey read  all those “why’s” , she may have derived some sadistic pleasure in knowing that her actions upset  not only George  and Lee, but also her mother, Cindy, her nemesis. 

It is interesting that George  adds Caylee Marie into the mix as he knows quite well that Casey Marie most likely has already destroyed Caylee Marie


We have all seen George act out the martyr in his exclusive Fox 35 interview months back.  He’s still at acting the martyr in this letter as he also tries to guilt trip Casey by writing: 

“After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued
to have you, My Daughter, Why???

Continually coming to court, continually

wanting to see you, Why???


What he’s essentially telling her is that he has sacrificed so much for her by showing up in the courtroom for her.  He mentions the word  “continually” twice for emphasis to let her know that he never let up and was loyal in coming to court because he wanted to see her. 

With his two question marks following the  “why” he is essentially asking her  “why” he even bothered to do that if she  that if she was going to “out” him and make accusations not only about him but Lee as well. 

It can also mean “ Casey why would you not be loyal to me when I have been loyal to you and showed up in court for you continually?” 


Just as there is confusion whne George wote num or mum, there is also confusion as to whehter wrote have  or loveWhen George writes “continued to have you, My Daughter,” If he meant to say have, I  found that to be a rather strange choice of words.” Is  he leaking out some information that he continued to have his daughter sexually?  If he used the word love, it may or may not mean the same thing,  Exactly what is George saying here? 


Again, George tries to passive aggressively admonish Casey by asking “Why” and adding three question marks next to it for emphasis ???. 

Little does George know that his doing this, no doubt thrills Casey. If she heard George speak those words it would be  music to her ears. But since she is reading it, the words are music to her eyes. It demonstrates that she got to George. Sociopaths love it when they get an emotional  rise out someone. It mskes them smile. 


Remember in the jailhouse tapes when Casey was smiling sadistically and laughing at Cindy when Cindy was crying and she remarked to her father about Cindy, “What is this one crying about?” 

Did George continually show up in court out of his own guilt? Was George’s suicide attempt due to the overwhelming guilt he may have felt  about what Casey allegedly said he did to her? 

As we lean more and more from the letters, we can see that  the pieces  of the puzzle are coming together and giving us a clearer picture of this horribly and sadly dysfunctional family. 


Anita Van der Sloot’s Conflicting Body Language Indicates Anger at Joran, Victim Like Helplessness, And Denial, As She Continues To Make Excuses For Joran While Cutting Him Out of Her Life


While Joran may have left his mother Anita  a note that he was leaving for Peru, perhaps what he allegedly said  in that note may  be wishful thinking on the part of Anita van der Sloot.

She gives a seemingly embellished story when she says “Joran left me a note.” As she says.  this she brushes off her leg it looks like she is brushing something off. This is usually a signal of deception.

She then  looks down and licks her lips indicating  two other  signals  deception as she recites  that the note says “ Mommy I love you but I, I (repetition of the word I which is another signal of deception )  don’t wanna go to the Netherlands. She then looks way which is yet anothersignal of deception.

She then says, using  a strong voice which does ring true “ I am invited to gamble  in Peru and  I can make money there. But then her voice wanes as she goes on with something that doesn’t make much sense as she adds that Joran’s note says  and  I wanna stay there far  away as no body knows me there. I wanna think I what I wanna do with my life?”

Right after she says this she cocks her head as though she is questioning what he has just said- another signal of deception. I seriously doubt Joran wrote those exact words “I wanna stay there far away nobody knows me there. That doesn’t sound like something someone would write in a note as does I wanna think what to do with my life.

Those are very serious decisions- to stay in Peru and to go away and decide what to do with his life. Why would he write that in a little note instead of  discussing these important life changing decisions verbally with is mother. Also her stating that Joran was there to stay in Peru as opposed to other Latin American countries does not ring true either. He went there for a Poker tournament, not to stay there and build a life. He also  went to Columbia and Chile and was on his way to Argentina.So I don’t buy  it that he was going to  to build a life in Peru where no one knew him. It doesn’t make sense, especially since he is not all that fluent in Spanish.

The fact that he wrote it instead of communicating it   to her verbally shows what a strained relationship they must have had. Also since her interview  was done for Dutch TV and since she said she trusts them so much, why didn’t she produce that note that Joran wrote in order to show everyone exactly what he wrote?

She then  looks down and purses her lips and shrugs her shoulders- all three  all signals of deception as  her body language and facial expression do not match her feelings she is attempting to express. Then she makes a loud” tsking” or smacking sound with her tongue, followed by silence.

She says I was angry. She knits her brow together and juts her jaw forward indicating that she was indeed angry with Joran.

She says ” I was ready for Joran to eh   follow a path where they could help him dealing with his eh  (looks away) em his gambling addiction and if there was a personality disorder which could be very good possible.” She she looks down and blinks a lot as she says this.

Her body language tells make me wonder if she really did send him tot he Netherlands and if  he was planning to go there ,  or if this is all Anita’s  spin to not make Joran look like  a monster.

If you are going to a clinic for a gambling addiction, you mention only  that and don’t add in his  personality disorder, unless  you know one exists. There is no doubt that Anita did know that Joran had some type of psychological problem as he was apparently seeing a therapist in his teen years. Apparently he was sent to a therapist by his parents. According to an interview  which Joran gave to the Aruban police when he was a teen, given after Natalie’s was found missing, Joran admitted he had been sent to a psychiatrist for stealing 50 euros  from his father and for his violence towards his brother.

While Jorn has told many lies in his past, I believe that his telling about seeing a psychiatrist was one of the few times that he was telling the truth.


After Anita recounts that  she found out Stefany was murdered and says that it could not have been Joran,  her facial expression is not what one would expect. She smiles as you see above.

At first she recites what she heard  in a very low and labored tone. As she speaks she  turns her whole body and face away as literally to not face this disaster she is revealing.

She says “ I heard  was a girl found n the Tac hotel in the room of Joran. Her  Inflection goes up as she says em murdered grually em with a  knife , blood everywhere etc. (why would someone say etc.?) They would say etc as a  means of detachment. Anita was clearly trying to detach herself from the horror  of the incident as she  further visualized what he son did to  poor Stefany. Knowing this was too much for her to bear emotionally. The fact that Anita spoke in a  monotone also conformed her emotional detachment.

As Anita says the words there was blood everywhere,she looks away and turns her head to face way from the interviewer. It is as though she is unable to face this horrific visual scene as she has a serious and devastated look on her face as you can see above.

But  then what she does seems rather odd. She begins to smile as she says “And I thought no no this cannot be. No way.Her smile is a not a happy smile but rather a nervous smile. It is a that lasts five seconds.  It may also be a  smile of relief that Joran was finally  caught for  all of his past and present his misdeeds. She then shrugs her shoulders.

We know that a shoulder shrug is often associated wih a person not telling the truth. When Anita  said the words” No way” referring to the fact that there was no way Joran could have committed this brutal act, she was not telling the truth. In her mind,she may have  very well known that Joran was capable of doing such a horrific thing based on his past violence and personality disorder which she referred to earlier in the interview.

She then says she says I was I was was completely shut ” while  clasping  her hands together as if  and then  brushing  her palms   as though she was symbolically brushing Joran off and eliminating  from her life.

Then she crosses her chest with her   with her arms  over lapping one another as if to protect herself. She then  describes how she was  completely shut down emotionally .

Then she pushes her hands out as if she is literally pushing Joran  away from her.

As she describes her phone call with Joran when he was calling her from the taxi during his escape into Chile, her body language appears to be  in synch with her emotional state. Here we see Anita making very frantic  gestures with her hands as she relates how she implored her son to   turn himself in and go to police after she described how he was crying to her.

Then Anita changes her tune and says that she thought it was all a set up because it was exactly five years to the day “that Natalie death happened and now this with Stefany  Flores  happened.” The fact that she mentioned the two girl by  name indicates that she has  respect for them as she  realized the gravity of the situation and her son’s involvement  .  As Anita mentions  Stefany’s name, she turns away as to symbolically turn away from Joran and what he did.  Her speaking in a very matter of fact  unemotional tone shows that she hasn’t fully come to terms with everything from an emotional standpoint.


Anita showed compassion when she said she immediately thought of the parents. Then she added that she  too identified as she lost a son. She then said she hoped  Joran can speak to the parents of  Stefany Flores and in a normal way tell them what happened.

But as she says this, there is a  tinge of anger in her tone as she  knows there will be no normal way for Joran speak to her parents .  So she says “And I apologize  for them that he is my son. ” She looks down in embarrassment as she makes this statement, indicting body language-wise that she is   truly embarrassed that Joran was her son.

But then  she attempts to modify what she said  by revealing ”  He’s, not a monster.” She says this with a   questioning  look as her inflection goes up as if asking a question, perhaps wondering if Joran really is a monster.

In trying to erase this thought from her mind, she  further tries to mollify her shame and embarrassment of Joran by explaining that “ he can be  very gentle,” Then she she rolls  her head from side to side and shrugs  her shoulders as she continues to offer up further excuses fro Joran’s egregious acts by saying ”  it could be that he  has a bipolar em personality.”
She is slightly teary  eyed  as she says this yet she is angry as indicated by her pursed lips and jaw jutted forward.

She then leans away and places  her hands in front of herself ,   interlocking her  fingers like a closed gate. In doing so she is    indicating that there is no way she will ever change the words  she has said ”  I will not visit Joran  in Peru. I don’t have any feeling that it  can add up to anything. I want to keep distance .I think it will bring emotions up that I am not ready for. ”

I think that Anita is wise to stay away from Joran as who knows what would happen to her if they were alone together in his cell in Peru. Based on his psychological reports Joran does not value the female role and has disrespect for women, Thus, there is no doubt that he disrespects his mother. Based on how violent his killing was of Stefany and what he probably did to Natalie, he harbors  a lot of rage towards women including   his mother. Therefore, her own life may be in jeopardy if she is face to face with her son.

She tries to justly her actions  of refusing to see her son by saying she is not a police officer, she is a  a mom.  What she is saying is that she wants the police  officers to handle him because as a mom she is helpless. She  goes  on to say of he is involved, then he needs to be punished by the police.


Anita definitely has mercurial feelings whne it comes to Joran. On the one hand she sees what Joran has done and wants hiom punished fro his actions.. But on the other breath she continues to make excuses  for Joraan by  saying that “he was chased five years;”

She ratonalizes that this is what caused this  as she blame “people stared at him everywhere he went. ”

Maybe if Joran would have come clean and not toyed with the Holloway family, people would not have  have stared at him. Maybe if he would have completed his studies or gone on to  a respectable profession instead of being engaged in the trafficking of prostitutes in Thailand people wouldn’t have stared at him. Maybe if he would have dedicated his time and energies to a more worthwhile and charitable cause instead of playing poker, people wouldn’ t have stared at him.  Perhaps if he got the psychological help he needed, he would have been better able to cope if anyone did happen to stare at him. In reality, how could people avoid staring at someone like Joran who was a striking looking at 6 foot 3 inches tall.

Anita continued on in defending Joran by saying ,”They bothered him and there as no place he was safe.”


We see Anita’s thought yo yoing  as she says ” I belive in karma. If you do things you shouldn’t do a lot of shit happens to you.” It was interesting how Anita used such a crude word when she knew she was being televised. Perhaps that was the only words she could use to describe her son’s predicament.

Ti use Anita’s word,  a lot of shit happened to Anita as well as Joran. It happened to her because she didn’t handle her out of control son with enough tough love. She made  too many excuses for him like  she is doing now.

But then she goes backtracks as she blames  Joran for not listening to his parents. But his parents needed to have set down some firm laws so their teenage son at the time was not in casinos gambling.

Anita then says ” He didn’t listen to me . and then hesitates and finally continues with ”  this last time .” I have no doubt that Joran didn’t listen to Anita anytime.  In making such a  statement Anita is trying to defend herself, She does so by adding ”  I tried to do my best I don’t think I could have done more.. ”  Of course she could have done more  early on in Joran’s teen years. But she is right that she could not have done more now . It is too late.

One of the most disturbing aspects of  Anita’s interview was that she was making excuses for not  talking to Beth Twitty and blaming the fact that she was being shielded  by the media.  That is an excuse  because if Anita wanted to get to Beth she could have reached out to her somehow during these five years.As Anita says this she  looks down and shrugs her shoulder. This body language gesture indicates that  what Anita is saying about not being able to get to Beth is not true.

What is absolutely true based on her  angry and distanced  body language is that there is no longer any relationship between Anita and her son Joran.

Dr. Lillian Glass First to Predict Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s and Vienna’s Relationship Wouldn’t Last Based On Their Body Language.


Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi  have just broken up and I am not at all surprised. As soon as  Bachelor Jake Pavelka  Vienna to be his bride  I knew for sure that they wouldn’t last based on their body language signals. In fact, early into their relationship,  US Weekly Magazine asked me to so an analysis of the two of them.  You can clearly see what I had to say.  All of the photos of them looked contrived. Vienna looked more interested in publicity than she did in Jake. There was absolutely NO chemistry between them as you can see.


Vienna announced   the world via the press  that in the six months they have been living together, couple had not had sex for the past four months it was no surprise. She said he was full of excuses from a. fasting b. he didn’t feel like it and c. he wanted  to wait until marriage. As a result Vienna said that she wrote him a Dear John letter as she spent most of their six month relationship crying.

But if you look at their initial photos  above, there was indeed a sexual attraction on Jake’s part. Perhaps he got burnt out with her or turned off two months into the relationship.


In this recent photo of Jake you see him pulling away from her.  Their bodies are also turned in the opposite directions and Vienna is clealry the agressor here with her arms tightly clasped around Jake’s waist.

Finally, Jake is angry. When anyone puts their hand in a fist, especially, hen they should be hugging you, they are mad. That gesture, along with his head pulled to the side and the tight phony smile indicates there is no love coming from Jake.

When anyone pulls their body away from you it means they are clearly not into you.  In essence, his body language is saying that he wants to get away from her.

Vienna’s revelation  that “their love appeared made-for-cameras only.” is definitely true as we can  see in this photo.


Like the lyrics from an oldie goldie song  says “If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss, that’s where it is.”

If a man doesn’t kiss you with passion, especially early on in your relationship you can kiss that relationship goodby. If he gives you tight-lipped grandma pecks, its over!!!!

Vienna reported to the press  “He kisses me only if we’re on a red carpet if cameras are there,” “Besides that, I have to ask for a kiss – and if I do he’ll pucker his lips and just peck me. I’m like, that’s how I kiss my grandmother!”

I completely believe what Vienna is telling us. Back in March when they were at an event for Perez Hilton, Jake was seen wiping off Vienna’s kiss. That is a huge indication that something was wrong.He lso pulls away from her as you can  see.


The bottom line is that body language can tell you a lot of about relationships – other people’s relationships as well as your own.

So pay close attention to how someone moves, acts and  speaks whenever they are around you. Always remember that if their kiss doesn’t feel right, then something is definitely wrong.

Joran Van Der Sloot’s Psych Tests Reveal His Sociopathy, Violence, and Disdain for Women, As He Claims He Was Forced to Confess And Continues to Play “Victim”

First and foremost the results of Joran van der Sloot’s psychological tests have been made public. Some of the results reveal that he has a hair trigger temper, doesn’t value women, has many anti social behaviors, can only make superficial relationships, has no empathy and feelings towards others, and is narcissistic .

All of his behaviors scream that he is a Sociopath.


Now  Joran van der Sloot  claims he was tricked into confessing to Stephany Flores’ murder. He says  that  the Peruvian authorities told him that if he signed the papers they gave him, he would be transferred to the Netherlands.

If  what he is saying is true( and I doubt it), then the  Peruvians may have given lying Joran a taste of his own medicine.

All he has done over the past 5 years is lie about Natalie Holloway. If they did happen to tell him that he would be deported back to the Netherlands if he signed the confession that he made all by himself, then I say,  good for them.

In truth, I doubt they told him this for a number of reasons. First of all everything was captured on video and secondly they did not have the authority to extradite him to the Netherlands as Peru and the Netherlands do not have that type of an agreement.

Joran tells the Dutch newspaper   Da Telegraaf, “In my blind panic I signed everything, but never knew what was written on them.”

That is another ridiculous lie out of Joran’s mouth. Of course he knew what was written on them. We saw him taking his time during the confession and reading everything slowly and carefully  before he signed anything.  If he didn’t understand something in the confession, the Peruvians  also had someone from the Dutch embassy available to translate it for him


“I was tricked,” the paper quoted Van der  Sloot as saying of Flores’ killing. “I’ll explain later how it all happened.” Of course he will explain “later” because he needs time in his criminally sick mind to make up a plasuble sounding story.

When people tell you they will “ tell you later”, it usually means they  need the time to think about what lies they are going to make up.


Joran  may have toyed with Aruban authorities by  his giving and  and retracting admissions concerning his involvement in Holloway’s disappearance. But the Peruvians will not stand for it as we are witnessing.

Attorney Maximo Altez  who said van der Sloot’s statement in court will focus on how his rights were violated during the investigation. In my view, he  is barking up the wrong tree . Peruvian police have defended the interrogation and said van der Sloot’s confession was acquired legally.

And far as rights go, where were Stefany’s rights? Those rights- especially  her right to life- was clearly violated.


So for now, Joran has refused to speak to the judge about the case until it is determined if he confessed with his rights intact.

I believe what he said in his confession was accurate in terms of how he killed Stefany. I believe that her injuries via the  autopsy reports will no doubt validate everything  he said.

I do not believe  for a moment that Stefany used his computer  and looked at his email without permission as to the reason why he killed her.

Wouldn’t she need a password to get into his email account?  I   believe the killed her because  she refused to have sex with him. Otherwise why would she have been found with her jeans off?

I believe that Joran’s not speaking to the judge wil result in a harsher sentence for him. He needed to admit what he did and take responsibility for his actions.


We can see Joran’s classic  sociopathology  clearly at work  here as he makes himself out to be the poor victim  who was forced to sign the confession of  words which he manufactured which only  came out of his own  mouth.

The Peruvian authorities didn’t put those words in Joran’s mouth. Joran put them there himself.

Joran also wants you to feel sorry for him because he now has to live with rats that come out through his toilet hole at night.

So now there are small rats in his cell and a huge one- Joran. He should feel right at home with his new pets. But he lets this information out to Da Telegraaf newspaper in an attempt to get people to feel sorry for him in his substandard living conditions.


Anita van der Sloot  says her poor Joran was traumatized by the Natalie Holloway  ordeal and should have gotten psychiatric help but refused.“Joran is sick in his head, but he wanted no help,” his mother said.

This statement  shows how  Anita is an enabler.  Who cares whether Joran wanted that help or  not. She was the mother and needed to see to it that he got that help no matter whether Joran liked it or not. Joran was  16 or 17 at the time- an under age  boy. She refers to Joran as a  ’Sweet boy’ in the newspaper interview she did with Da Telgraaf. The operative word  here was “boy”.

Joran was  a boy and she was the adult when she needed to insist he go into therapy during the Natalie Holloway situation. She needed to have laid down some boundaries- such as “no gambling at the casinos until he had therapy.”

His father Paulus certainly  had enough pull on the island to call every casino in town and tell them to not let his son into them. He could have reinforced  the “no casino and gambling  until you get into therapy” boundary for Joran.

Then Anita  wants to evoke even more  pity on her poor Joran by starting that he blamed himself for his father’s unexpected death  earlier this year.”Two days Joran cried. He even hung over the coffin, sobbing.

“It’s my fault, Dad,” he said. “I have caused your heart attack.”

This behavior Joran exhibited at his father’s death  is yet another reason Anita should have insisted he get therapy to help him with his grieving. Technically, Joran didn’t cause his father’s heart attack. It was obviously caused by a malfunctioning heart. Maybe his father didn’t go to a doctor for regular checkups od maybe he had an undiagnosed heart disease.

That certainly wasn’t Joran’ fault even though the  added stress Joran caused in his father’s life may have added to stressing out his father’s heart.

As soon as Anita  noticed how severely Joran was grieving, that is when Anita needed to have put down an ultimatum to her son who immediately  moved in with her  after his father died. She needed to say “you can only move in with me if you go into therapy.”

His father was dead four months when Anita  says “But then one day he left, flying to Peru for a poker tournament” She says this in order to make herself look like a victim.”  His mother  had four months to make sure and insist he went into therapy and did not do so.

During those four months, Anita needed to bring a therapist to their home if Joran wouldn’t go. If he was having such strong guilt feelings, and was so deponent, she needed to do whatever she had to do an WOMAN UP and tke care of her son’s emotional health. I am sure if Joan’s leg was bleeding uncontrollably , she would  have taken  him for  immediate help. Likewise,  mental health was figuratively bleeding uncontrollably  and she needed to so the same thing and get him help asap.

Her final statement “If only he had listened to his mother. Then, this would have never happened,” is not only a statement which reflects her being a victim of her son’s not listening to her but said to invoke sympathy and at the same time give herself a pat on the back that she was a good mother. If  Joran’s mother  would have been more proactive and set boundaries that insisted he go into therapy and under psychiatric care, then all of this may never have happened.


After reviewing Joran’s psych report it is now even  more  understandable as to why Joran’s mother had such little control over him. The report says that Joran does not value the  female role and disrespects women.

It also stated that he gets violent when contradicted. So if his mother whom he disrespects did insist on his going in to therapy and he didn’t want to go and she persisted and argued with him about it, perhaps Anita would have ended up in the same position and Stefany Flores.Perhaps she knew better than to antagonize Joran.

That may be why she merely suggested that he go for therapy  and did not pursue it further She may have been very intimidated and afraid of what Joran would do to her. So she no doubt  kept a low profile around him.

The fact that Anita has not yet shown up in Peru speaks volumes. It says that she has clearly abandoned her son this time around. There is no doubt that Anita knows who her son is. She knows he is mentally sick as she said and knows about his temper and violence.

Now  it is clear that she wants no part of him . She has washed her hands of him and now  he is completely on his own as far as she is concerned . Daddy had died and is no longer there to help him. In Joran’s mother’s eyes , see also sees  Joran as dead and as she too is no longer there to help him   .


Joran Van der Sloot Lies and Manipulates Ex- Girlfriend Who Faces the Reality of Joran While His Mother Anita Still Remains in Denial


What was most evident about Joran Van der Sloot’s  ex girlfriend Melody Grandillo ’s body language on ABC’s 20/20 was her nervous laughter. She wasn’t smiling and laughing because she was happy. Instead, she was laughing because she was uncomfortable with her conflicted feelings.

The reason I say it was nervous laughter is because the laugh didn’t last that long. Within seconds, she soon transitioned into a serious facial expression, as she  continued to discuss Joran.

She showed body language signals that she was conflicted. On one level she had tender feelings towards her first love who wrote and told her beautiful words like her eyes being more beautiful than the stars in the sky

Her genuine smiles and tender tones indicated that she clearly had very found memories and feelings about a teenaged Joran who spoke about wanting to marry her.

On the other level, was the grim realization that Joran may have killed a young  woman who was born on the same day and in the same year as she was born-  Natalie Holloway. There was realization that he actually murdered   a young woman- Stefany Flores, who in Medody’s own words,  resembled her.


In her diary which she shared with 20/20. Melody  reveals early signals of Joran’s sociopathy- his manipulation of her by saying exactly what she wanted to hear.

No doubt the early teenaged Joran learned that poetic and loving words could be used to manipulate his girlfriend sexually. Perhaps he thought that if he spoke of marriage and a future  commitment together, Melody  would be more amenable towards having sex with him.

And then there was his lying to her about his  cheating, which he did  with many other young women. Then there was her revelation of his  “not letting her go” until she believed him. He also let it be known to her how he was the victim when things went wrong.

After listening to Melody, it is evident that Joran’s aberrant behavior patterns and disrespect towards women began early on and were readily seen in his teen years.


Based on  looking at how Melody presented  herself during the interview, she  seems like a very sweet person with a lot of caring and compassion.

No doubt, Joran picked up on this as well. In a compassionate moment Melody’s may have reached out to Joran when the Natalie Holloway incident occurred and provided him with emotional support. After all, she only experienced a loving side. She definateky repressed the side of him when he was lying and cheating on her.

But now. Joran was there to take advantage of her compassion and her seemingly compliant nature.  That is why he tried to manipulate her by telling her how he couldn’t get back to Aruba unless she helped him out with his $520 ticket. He  even texted her to send him $200.

He texts her:

“ I have some cash with me so I am fine Just lost the bank card and the ticket.  l would have liked to have been back today but the ticket is $520 but can’t do much about it such bad luck  sometimes.”

Melody was knew she was being manipulated  by  him as she said to Chris Cuomo in her 20/20 interviwe  that she didn’t send him the money because she knew it would be spent on gambling.

When Joran  realized he wasn’t getting any money from Melody,  he went after Stefany Flores, who ironically  resembled Melody.

Perhaps he was also collapsing his deep anger towards Melody on to Stefany. Perhaps for the first time in their knowing one another,  Melody did not do what he wanted by sending him money. So his intense  anger towards Melody was unleashed on to Stefany . He saw Stefany winning at the tables and looked at her as an easy financial mark and as a sexual mark as well.

We know from Melody’s diaries that she said he” wouldn’t let her go” unless Melody did what he wanted- believe him that he was innocent and not cheating on her.

It stands to reason that he would have done the same with Stefany. He even remarked in his confession that Stefany tried to leave and he wouldn’t let her do so. She wouldn’t do what he wanted her to do- most likely  have sex with him. So he killed her, took her money and ran.

I have no doubt that is what he did with Natlaie Holloway as well. This young virgin may not have wanted to go all the way with him sexually and didn’t do what he wanted her to do. So  he may have possibly choked the life out of  her  in anger like he did with Stefany. The intensity of Stefany’s injuries show extreme rage and hatred. It was bad enough that he broker her nose and choked her, but to also smother her with his shirt speaks to that intense range that perhaps he was also harboring towards Melody.


Joran is no stranger to violence as we hear from his own accounts in  an Aruban  police interview when questioned about Natalie Holloway. In that interview,  he stated that he was under the care of a psychiatrist .He stated that his parents sent him to a psychiatrist for stealing 50 eros from his father.

He also that he mentioned he had a history of violence in beating up his brother.

So obviously his mother Anita and father Paulus  knew that Joran was full of problems or they  would not have sent him to a psychiatrist when he was a teen.


As we read Anita van der Sloot’s recent text message to Joran’s ex girlfriend Melody, we see where Joran gets his victim attitude, his blaming, and denial skills. He gets them from mother Anita.

Anita texts Melody:

“I am not giving interviews to any American media station because I don’t trust them. Stay safe and pray for Joran. He is not the monster they like the world to see. He is traumatized, depressed an has an addiction. He is not a murderer. It stinks and feels like a big trap set up for him

Notice that she does the same thing as Joran does in blaming others – especially the press for his woes. Note her excuses for her son’s egregious behavior- that he is merely depressed and has an addiction.

Lot’s of people in the world are depressed and have addictions and do not murder others. She blames others for setting up a trap for him. She doesn’t  put any of the blame on him.


In her interview with a Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf, she continues to make excuses for her son by stating the he is “ ‘sick in his head’ and was due to be admitted to a psychiatric unit before he went to Peru. She said that “Joran fled to Peru to avoid being admitted to a closed unit in a psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands”.

Specifically, she is quoted in the newspaper as saying ‘He had agreed to be admitted. Two days before he was due to leave for the Netherlands, he left the house. All he left was a note on the kitchen table.” The paper said that the note told her not to worry and he had gone to Peru for a poker tournament, she said.

She also said that she spoke to Joran shortly before he fled to Chile and he sounded very paranoid. He felt he was being ‘followed and looked at.’

She goes on to say that  Joran had been very affected by his father’s death earlier this year and felt he was responsible.

Joran has run rough shod over his enabling mother doing what he wants to do not what he is supposed to do- go to a Poker tournament in Peru instead of going to a mental hospital.

Instead of being upset that her son didn’t do what he was supposed to d-,check into the hospital, she defends his actions by saying how the poor dear boy was affected by his father’s death and how he has a mental issue.

She vehemently defended him during the Natalie Holloway days and continues to do the same thing now.


Joran’s anger issues with women-  may have a lot to do with his relationship with his mother. Based on her  recent comments where Joran doesn’t even speak to her directly but instead, leaves a note on the kitchen table that he is going to a  Poker tournament in Peru as opposed to checking into a mental facility, speaks volumes.

It shows that there is a lack of respect  for his mother, not to mention a lack of communication between the two.

Maybe Anita learned early on to let Joran do as he pleased, because he was too much to handle. Maybe she experienced his violence first hand . Maybe she felt it was easier to let him do what he wanted and to to acquiesce to his whims,  and not fight with him and experience his wrath.

So, she  may have always turned a blind eye to his escapades. She and his father put up gambling funds for him to visit the casinos when he was a mere teenager. Maybe they felt it was easier to do that as opposed to experiencing his violent temper outbursts when he didn’t get his way.

In any event, neither her enabling actions or those of his father helped Joran as he entered adulthood. They never gave him any boundaries or tough love.

It was not just his parents who suffered his wrath if they didn’t do what he wanted them to do. Now,  if  anyone didn’t do what he wanted – he most likely let them have it.In fact many of his fellow classmates reported that he was a bully at school.

Maybe that is why one of the  Aruban brother’s,  Deepak  Kalpoe was at his disposal whenever Joran wanted a ride somewhere, no matter what time of night it was.  Maybe Deepak  felt bullied by Joran to do or say  what he wanted him to do or else. Deepak was so tied to Joran that he even lied for him saying that he dropped Natalie off at the Holiday Inn.

So when anyone especially the two women last seen by him didn’t do what he wanted, he no doubt,  bullied them. When they continued to refuse him or fought back, his violence clicked in and he ended up killing them.

It is understandable that Anita doesn’t want to admit that her son is  a murderer. That is too painful and understandably so. With that pain would come the awareness that her own enabling behavior and lack of boundaries  may have contributed to her son’s demise. So that may be why she continues to blame others and claim his innocence.


Ever since Joran was arrested,  there were reports that Anita was on a plane  headed towards Peru? But, two weeks later there is still no Anita. There was one report that she would be arriving with a Dutch television station, but that has yet to happen.

Anita can defend him all she wants in the press and blame the American’s and blame others for setting a trap for him, the fact that she has yet to show up in Peru to see him yet,  speaks volumes.

Monday Joran will have a trial or sorts  in Lima. He will be interviewed in great detail by the judge. One would think that his mother would be there for moral support, but she will most likely not be  there. Despite her defense of her son, maybe reality is slowly sinking in that she spawned an out of control  monster with a huge violent streak who hates women.

Obama’s Body Language, Gestures, and Voice Pattern Were So Disconnected During Oil Spill Speech That It Alienated Viewers And Affected Approval Ratings


I am not a political person and I have no agenda other than keeping it real and telling  it like it is. So when I was asked today by Inside Edition to analyze President Obama’s speech which he made from the Oval Office  about the  BP oil spill,  I obliged and did a television interview.

Apparently, many Americans were upset about the speech. In fact, after he gave the speech, the President’s approval ratings plummeted to an all time low. After carefully listening to and looking at  him giving his speech,  I could see why American’s felt as they did.


 First and foremost I believe that whomever wrote the speech for the President needed to be fired. It was basically a campaign commercial for how well he was doing and what he was going to do. People were clearly not interested in hearing about committees and task forces and names of people who were on those task forces  that were being set up.

People were not interested in what Obama was going to do, especially  when they  saw what he didn’t do. They  wanted that issue addressed.

Granted this is an is an overwhelming problem and it is not Obama’s doing. It was BP’s doing. We needed to hear his real take on the situation, not his spin on the situation, which was prevalent throughout the speech.

We did not want to hear about the specific devastated families he met. In doing so he  sounded like a  candidate on the campaign trail . We already know how devastating this is to families and those who make their living from fishing and shrimping and tourism.

 We needed to hear  and feel how devastated the President felt  is about the situation. We needed to hear and see  his anger. We needed to hear why he did not speak to us earlier.

 If he felt helpless which I am sure is the case, we needed to hear that too. We needed to hear about emergency measures that a leader would take, not about committees that were being set up that would take time. Time is of the essence and we needed to know that he was doing everything possible in that race against time where millions of gallons of oil are escaping each day.


 The President  spoke AT us , NOT  TO us and that is what turned people off. What needed to have been said at the beginning  of his speech was lost in the middle and at the end of his speech.

Add to that the President’s monotone and mono expression. He read the speech on the  teleprompter without emotion and without inflection.

 It was as though a fourth grader was reading a book report   in front of a class. While it may have worked for a grade school child, it did NOT work for a President of the United States.   


Body language wise it didn’t start out well either. Obama had his hands folded as though he was holding on to himself and containing himself. It also reflected his discomfort and nervousness.

 This speech needed to be given when  the oil spill first happened, not now. It was too little too late in many people’s minds. There was no doubt that he knew this as well.  No doubt, that added to his discomfort  level which we all observed.


The President used his hands way too much. It appeared to many that he was, in essence,  wringing his hands during the first part of the speech . This further gave the impression of his  nervousness.

 Along with that,  his gestures were completely disconnected as to what he was saying. They were not in synch with what he was talking about.

For instance  when spoke of the oil spill and said  “Becuase there’s never been a leak this size and depth…”  he used a gesture that indicated smallness as he pinched his thumb and pinter finger together. It is NOT a small spill it is a huge one and his gesture needed to indicate that point. His hand needed to be open not closed as it was.


He  then used aggressive gestures  such as the one you see above with his thumb and pointer finger together which is commonly reserved to stress and emphasize key points. Insted, he  used this gesture inappropriately and ineffectively throughout his speech, where he emphasized benign points.


President Obama is NOT an  unemotional person who keeps it all in. He is NOT always cool, calm and collected.  

When one of the oldest civil rights pioneers  died recently  and the President  attended her funeral,  he was very emotional

and wiped away several tears just like he did when Senator Ted  Kennedy died.

He was openly emotional when his beloved grandmother died while he was campaigning and he wasn’t ashamed to show it.

When Reverend Jeremiah  White spoke his trash during the campaign, President Obama got  very angry and let Reverend  White  and everyone else know it . You could see the anger in Obama’s face and hear it in his voice.

Obama showed  upset  in his tone and facial expression  when the Salahi’s crashed into his first state dinner for the Indian leader.

You can always  also see the love in Obama’s face when he looks at his wife Michelle and hear the love in his voice when he  speaks of her and  his daughters.

We have seen Obama get excited and  and enthusiastic . People LOVED Obama and gravitated towards him because  of his warmth and  genuine emotion during the campaign.

He was not monotone or monoface like he was during this most crucial speech about one of the most serious problems which will affect us for years to come.

 There is nothing wrong with being cool calm and collected when you are in a crises  situation and you actually do something to take care of the problem  and handle the crisis.

But if you are cool calm and collected and do nothing and say nothing,or you say it too late,   it often  gives a message to others you don’t care or that you are ignoring the situation.


  Obama’s strongest supporter Spike Lee even encouraged Obama to “go off”. What he was saying is for Obama to show  more emotion- more upset as it relates to this tragic situation. As the leader of a country one must not only  speak  for the people , one must  feel for the people  as well.

Along with firing the speech writer who did not do Obama any favors with this speech, fire the arrogant  person who had the audacity to become defensive and say that if Obama thought that emotion could help the situation he would shout it from highest rooftops. HOW DARE HE!!

Stop being arrogant and think you know it all, those who are the spokespeople for Obama. 

 Listen to the public’s voice. If they tell you they want you to get more emotional and more real- like they saw you during the campaign, then get real and listen. Otherwise, your approval ratings will continue to fall like they did today.   

Obama’s oil spill  speech was upsetting to many because it did not represent how so many  people felt. If the President didn’t know what  to do  in this crisis, he needed to  say it. He needed to show a genuine side of himself . He needed to show that he was a real and human with real human feelings.

 It is not his  fault that this happened  but it is his fault that he waited so long to address it and act on it. Americans needed to know why he  waited so long and what was in his  mind.  He did not need to spin it. Americans would have respected him more for it.  Americans are way too smart to buy spin and it showed in the approval ratings.


When I saw the President walking along the beach  on the gulf coast fiddling with the oil that washed ashore, I couldn’t believe that someone didn’t protect him and stop him  from doing that. That crude oil has chemicals which cause cancer like benzene and methane. What was Obama doing putting his hands in that mess?

Then he gave a message to the public to go to the beach and swim and eat  shrimp and fish . Is he for real? The gasses alone and the polluted air can have detrimental affects on a person’s health. The fish will be full of cancer causing elements. The public is not stupid and that is why they are staying away from the area in droves.

 Obama even ingested some shrimp while he was on the gulf coast to let the public know that he was fine with eating the fish and shrimp and they should be fine with it too.

 Personally, I think that is a  very irresponsible message to give to the public. I would never eat any fish or shrimp from the gulf region and neither would anyone else who was aware of the health hazards.    


In my view, Obama needs to lose the teleprompter. He relies on it way too much  to the point that he sounds like he is reading  from it in a very mechanical way.

If he has to read it, he needs hear and feel his message. If he continues to read his speeches  in his monotone that can never happen.

He also needs to work on his gesturing so it goes along with exactly what he is saying. His inappropriate gesturing is alienating. It gives the impression that he is not sincere in what he says. Gestures need to be used sparingly and for emphasis.

The best advice is  for Obama to speak from his heart and let out ALL of his emotions like he has done in the past. He needs to speak TO us  and not speak AT us.  If he  still needs help, he or his advisors are free to contact me at  where I will help him connect with the public in a more real way- speech, voice, and body language wise.