Jesse James Body Language Shows He Was Lying About His Racism. His Voice and Speech Indicates He’s Detached From Little Louis


When a person really adores someone, whether it is a love interest or a baby, their eyes literally  light up. It actually looks there is a spark in the person’s eye because physiologically their pupils are dilating, so their eyes suddenly change. This subtle and immediate change makes their eyes look bigger and brighter This bright eyed look was completely lacking with Jesse when she spoke of baby Louie.

In fact when Jesse spoke of Baby Louie, he looked away as a form of detachment when discussing Baby Louie.

When the interviewer asked  if there was any reason he and Sandra decided to adopt a black baby, in a dull ,matter of fact, unemotional  expressionless tone,  with a shoulder shrug, he replied “ I don’t care what color the baby is”. The shrug gave it all away. So did his looking away. He looked up and away as though he were attempting to come up with the right politically correct sounding statement.

Of course he cared what color the baby was!.

If he really didn’t care what color the baby was, his demeanor would have been a lot different. He would have  faced the interviewer directly (who happened to be black) and looked right into her eyes as he told her this. His looking away indicated a non- truth tell. His body language showed that he was clearly uncomfortable with the thought baby Louie being a black baby.


Jesse says he is doing the interview because he is mainly concerned about the racism perception. But when he looks away he isn’t very convincing. There does not appear to be sincerity in his facial expression or in his tone of voice.

When a person allegedly grows up spouting off the N world as his step mom reported to RadarOnline and has done that since childhood, no doubt their racial views are deep rooted.

Because of that , it would no doubt be difficult for these racially charged feelings to not surface.  This would no doubt be a huge emotional adjustment for Jesse to wrap his mind around the thought of having a black son.

On his next breath he says in a dull rehearsed monotone that his only prerequisite was that “ I want a  baby that needs us the most.” As she says this we see a smug smile as though he is pleased with himself for  giving he right politically correct answer.

Well here is a news flash Jesse- EVERY orphan needs a parent. EVERY baby needs someone to love them! And every parent NEEDS a baby to love. This statement concerned me because what if Louie grows up not “NEEDING,”  What if Louie turns out to be is an independent type of little guy and Jesse views it as his being ungrateful. There could be huge conflict and major issue  as the baby matures in my view.


Then the interviewer asks Jesse, “How do you feel that the baby will have her name and not yours>”

Jesse once again looks away in trying to come up with the right answer.He then  says with no hint of sadness in his face or in his vocal tone but rather in a flat monotone and mono face. “ It made me sad.” He certainly didn’t look too sad. Instead, he looked rather relieved.

His facial expression was in marked contrast from the facial expression seen above when he found his lost pit pull. He had more excitement and facial animation towards his dog than he did when speaking about his “”son.”


When a person calls a  new baby an “it” or a “them” or a “him” or a “her
and doesn’t refer to the baby by name, especially in the specific context where a name could be used, it means that the person is detaching  and objectifying the baby.

It can also mean that bonding has not occurred. I have no doubt that this is the  case with Jesse. It may seem like a picky thing but it speaks volumes.

Jesse  no doubt hasn’t bonded with Louie or he would have called him by name.  In contrast, Sandra called Louie by name when she spoke of him in her most recent interview.

In trying to describe how Sandra so readily  took to mothering, he relayed “as soon as she picked “HIM  up…” He didn’t call the baby by name and say as soon as she picked Louie up.”


After watching Jesse on the Apprentice play the game so passive aggressively, discovering his egregious Nazi like actions, and now hearing him speak, up  I can’t help but wondering.  what  WAS Sandra thinking when she got involved with him?

He seems so limited and so different from the person she not only portrays on screen but from who she is. I k ow several people who know Sandra and they rave about her. So what happened?

I will tell you what happened and I will tell you even more about what happened when my new book comes out in Novemebver called TOXIC MEN- Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable (Adams Media).

Sandra  is not alone;  Like so many women, she got   involved with a TOXIC MAN for a myriad of reasons.

  1. Perhaps she saw who he was  but felt that with a lot of love she could be the one to tame him and change him. This is a huge mistake that so many nurturing types of women make, to their detriment.
  2. Perhaps she felt needy as her mother had passed and she wanted someone with whom she could bond a share a life.
  3. Since Jesse  had a ready made family, perhaps  she thought she could easily involve herself and contribute a lot to his  children.
  4. Perhaps she got sexually turned on by his bad boy” image and persona.
  5. Maybe was great in bed,
  6. Perhaps she was sick of  dating or being alone,
  7. It is possible she wanted a man to complete the package of her image
  8. It could be that she wanted someone to love and would do anything and put up with anything in order to make that happen.

And the list goes on and on.  One of the things I share in my new book is ways people can learn the signals of dealing with a Toxic Person like Jesse James you jump in and get involved.


The first thing Jesse says to the interviewer with regard to the photo of himn in the Nazi hat and salute is that he doesn’t remember taking that photo. As he says this his eyebrows are raised and he cocks his head to the side. This is a pleading facial language.

In essence he is pleading for the interviewer to ‘lease believe him. When someone is showing their  head cocked to0 the side and their eyebrows are raaised they are really saying that they know that they won’t be believed, They know that the person won;t buy what they are saying so they are in essence pleasing that they will buy it via their facial expression.

Unless he was drunk or high out of his mind or has Alzheimer’s, of course he remembers taking the photo. Wearing a Nazi had and doing a Nazi salute is a memorable event. If he doesn’t remember taking the photo, perhaps it is a commonplace event in his life, perhaps he made that salute all the time and wore the hat around the house all the time so he may not have remembered that a photo was taken of him doing what he always did.

Then with open eyes and looking directly ate the interviewer, he has the audacity to say that he could tell by looking at the photo that it was a joke.

The more Jesse spoke the more disgusted I became with him. I don’t care what anyone says, the fact that a person would don a Nazi uniform and give a salute and actually think it was a joke shows what a disturbed person he is  .

There is absolutely NOTHING funny about wearing a Nazi hat and emulating a Nazi leader who caused havoc on our world six decades ago. The repercussions of  Hitler’s actions still exist to say and it is NOT a laughing matter by any means.

It would be the same thing as someone putting on black face makeup and putting a noose around their neck. That would be the biggest insult to any African American who suffered this horrible  during one of the ugliest times of our history when blacks were slaves andf were lynched for no reason at all.

Lamely, Jesse says “it was funny for a minute, but now looking at the context  in my life now its not funny.”

All of this was said in a boring nasly monotone which make you wonder  how Sandra could have listened to his irritating  voice for all these years.

When someone uses the word funny in the same sentence as Nazi  there is something seriously wrong with them in my view.


As he talks about Sandra and Louie he continues to depersonalize  Louie by saying : “As soon as  she put THAT BABY  on her hands it was automatic and amazing” The fact that he didn’t call little Louie by name speaks volumes to me.

Louie is NOT “THAT BABY ”, He is a person with his own identity and his own name. If Jesse looked at him as a an actually person he would have called Louie by his name.

Then with regard to Sandra Bullock  he  further added “ I found a new trust for her, like I knew she wasn’t going to leave, and our relationship blossomed.”

WHATT??? What does that mean” Does that mean that she was planning to leave him at one time?


The one thing that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way was the fact that Jesse showed no remorse. Even though he said he was sad, he showed no signs of sadness in his expression as he spoke these words:

“There’s not a racist bone in my body.” I think out of everything, this is why I’m doing this interview the most, because you know, dealing with losing my marriage and my son and embarrassing everyone and decimating my life, but to be called a racist on top of that is, it makes me really sad.”

When people’s emotions  are incongruous with their words it disturbs people. It is what a lot of sociopaths do. They speak the right words yet they show no signs of emotion to go along with those words. His vocal t9nes do sound like those whoa re sociopaths. It makes me wonder if Jesse is indeed a sociopath.

His  stepmother said in an interview that he liked to kill small baby animals. If that is the case  he scares me to death. All I can say is thank GOD little Louie does not have  Jesse’s last name and  Jesse  will not be raising him.

I hope and pray that Sandra never allows Jess  back into her life.  But I am sure  that she will allow Jesse back in some capacity the sake of Jesse’s  little  daughter Sunny and his older son.

That would be a huge mistake  to let  Jesse  back into her life as her significant other  or her love interest, not only for her sake  but for Louie’s sake .

Jesse’s body language screamed  racism and if that is the case what is to say that he  may very well take out  his inner hatred towards minorities like Jews and Black’s on innocent  black baby Louie.

It may not come out directly and it may not come out for a while . In fact, because of all of the exposure, Jesse  may  very well be on his  very  best behavior around Louie. But eventually your true feelings about Blacks will most probably surface . It may may manifest in his  tone of voice , in what he says and how he acts towards   Louie. as Louie gets older.

I preay that Sandra allows this child to have nothng whatsoever to do with Jesse . If what  Jesse’s  step mother said  is true and he said the N world frequently without batting an  eye as a child and if  he  harmed and killed baby animals  like his step mother alleges m then he is  a seriously disturbed and sadistic  person who in my view  should not only  be shunned by Sandra  but by  everyone else.


In the photo above Jesse shows a very genuine smile complete with raised cheeks, lips apart and   teeth showing. This expression was seen right after he corrected the interviewer that he was not the most hated man in America, but rather the most hatred man in the world.

Based on his facial expression he seemed rather pleased with that title as he continued to smirk.

But Jesse may be the only one who is please with his new title.  Most people are not pleased as no one can ever embrace a  person who is  racist, a liar, a person who shows no remorse, and a baby animal killer if what his stepmother says is true.


7 thoughts on “Jesse James Body Language Shows He Was Lying About His Racism. His Voice and Speech Indicates He’s Detached From Little Louis

  1. That “genuine smile” of his….makes the hair on my arms stand up. I think he is very proud of his new title: The Most Hated Man in the World.


    1. For the longest time I used to be annoyed by spelling errors – until I finally realized that I am pretty good at spelling, but pretty bad at detecting lies. So with that in mind, I am easily able to overlook typos. 🙂


  2. If Sandra ever gives him any access to baby Louie I will lose all respect for her, regardless of her immense talent, chaismatic and down to earth personality etc. Looking forward to your new book. I did catch part of his stepmother’s interview and I found her very believable.


  3. Dr Glass,

    Could you please review the Oprah/Sarah Ferguson interview & comment on their body language? I have been dying to hear/read your take on that.

    BTW I really enjoy your blog. I just wish you had the time to do more articles. 🙂

    Thank you


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