Jesse James Body Language in Nightline Interview Shows He Doesn’t Love Sandra Bullock and Hasn’t for Years And Has Humiliated and Abused Her


First of all when someone volunteers information that was not requested, adds additional information and  goes on and on, it usually means that those thoughts are  in the forefront of their mind.

So when Jesse James volunteered out of the blue, that that was  not a monster and  said” it’s  not like I think I want to get back at them” (referring to Sandra) the photo above is the facial expression that  Jesse leaked out.

The truth is that this is exactly what Jesse was doing to Sandra by cheating on her.  He was indeed   “getting back at her”.

It was the ultimate act of passive aggression and jealously towards her. What was he getting back at Sandra?  The answer is simple. He can’t  stand her.  She IS what he ISN’T. He resents her. Instead of talking it out or going through counseling, he acted passive aggressively with his cheating behavior and with how he spoke about her   during the interview.

As he relayed those words,  his previously mono faced expression  and monotone voice which he had throughout the interview,   transformed into a  monster like expression the angry evil face you see above.  This expression shows how he really feels about Sandra deep down.

As researcher, Dr. Paul Ekman of Stanford University has shown, people’s true feelings are revealed in their microexpressions which leak out. This is a perfect example of what he is talking about.


One of the most telling  and disturbing points of the interview was when the interviewer asked him how it felt to be “the most hated man in America,” He then smiled and laughed that he was”:the most hated man in the world.”

His smile was not a nervous smile which may have been the case had it been a fleeting expression.  The fact that it lingered for quite a while leads me to believe that Jesse was indeed enjoying  and relishing in his new  title. It added to his “bad boy” image and he obviously liked that.


Jesse’s egregious behavior did not surprise me. I saw it years ago. Just look at the photo above.  When a man walks in front of the woman he loves and has a dour expression, chances are he is not into her and.or is angry with her for some reason

Walking in front of a woman shows a lack of respect, Men  in Western culture   do not walk in front of a woman.


When I was interviewed about the relationship of various couples throughout the years by various magazines, I was inevitably shown photos of Jesse and Sandra.

I always spoke the truth and said how there appeared to be  trouble in their marriage and that Jesse was not into her.

The person writing the article often wouldn’t like what I said because they had an agenda to write about  such as Hollywood’s coolest or sexiest couples.

So they would get some other body language expert who was less qualified, less educated, and less experienced, to go along with what they wanted them to say for the sake for the spin on the  article they were writing .

But not me. I stuck to my guns and never compromised my integrity just to have my name in print. I never have and I never will. I reported what I saw and would not waiver from the truth of my observations.

So when news broke that Jesse had all of these mistresses I wasn’t at all surprised.  Sandra And Jesse;s body language during their public outings always gave it way to me, especially on the Red Carpet.

It showed that Sandra was usually into him as you see in the above photo, but he did not reciprocate the attention or affection. He would usually be seen looking away or pulling away from he as he is in this photo.


This photo is the most recent one of the to of them together and you can see how Jesse appears to be in his own separate world.
The most telling thing for me was when I observed Jesse’s behavior on the Red Carpet the night before Sandra received her Academy Award.

Mark Steinmetz of ET was interviewing Sandra. Jesse was in the background, Sandra called him to come over to join her during the interview and he walked away. He ignored Sandra’s pleas. She made light of it during the interview, but her body language showed that she was embarrassed about it.

In this photo at yet another awards ceremony when it was raining, he holds the umbrella over his head, not Sandra’s. It shows selfishness on his part, especially when it was her night and it was important for her not to get wet.


During the interview Jesse was confronted with the words   Sandra spoke at the Academy Awards” that I finally know what it’s like for someone to have mu back.”

Hesse pursed  his lips which indicated that the didn’t want to discuss it, He also looked away.

His tears at the Academy Awards ceremony were clearly  the result of tears of guilt and embarrassment.

He knew very well that he did not deserve the accolades that Sandra was bestowing upon him and his body reacted to that in shame. That is why you saw him teary eyed. They weren’t happy tears. They were embarrassed tears.

The other thing that was telling about his relationship with Sandra was when he was doing Celebrity Apprentice as you see in the photo above.

He could have called Sandra, his  wealthy wife who had tons of celebrity connections  to help raise money for his charity but he didn’t. That was passive aggressive behavior.

In fact Donald Trump Jesse on it.  Donald said “You are married to one of the richest women in Hollywood, so why didn’t you call upon her to help you raise the money? Jesse had no  real answer to this question. That spoke volumes to me.


Jesse had all kind of excuse as to why he cheated on  Sandra  from his sabotaging things to his childhood abuse. Puhleez!

The sabotage excuse  when he said that he always sabotages things in his life is complete  bullshit or he never would have been that successful with his bike business or TV show.    He would have sabotaged that as well.

So I am not buying the “ I sabotage things” as the reason he cheated.  He cheated on Sandra because deep down he couldn’t stand her. ‘

He couldn’t stand her popularity, her fame, her upbeat and positive personality, and who she was as a person. It was the polar opposite of who he was as a person, no doubt.

That is why he sought out sex partners who were the complete opposite of her and more like him. He sought out sex partners with whom he could feel superior- more than and not less than he felt around Sandra.That is why he chose like minded Nazi loving Michelle McGee.

Jesse no dount was like minded  as you can see as he wears  his Nazi hat and makes the”sig heil” Nazi salute complete with fingers over his upper lip to signify Hitler’s trademark  mustache.


He paused and looked down and then he  away when he was talking about child abuse. This indicates he was lying.

He did the same when he began crying by pausing and looking down. He also took a while to cry which shows that he was trying to bring up emotion to try to bring up tears.

He also had to excuse himself because he could apparently  only eek out one tear so he had to leave the stage to “regain his composure.”

And even if his father Larry did abuse him, which I seriously doubt based on the body language analysis I did on his father, what does that have to do with cheating on your wife?

Millions of people have been abused as children and remain faithful. In fact in many cases it may make you more faithful as you cling to someone who doesn’t abuse you.


Based on Jesse Jame’s father’s Larry’s body language, I completely believe him, Larry said that Jesse made himself a criminal and nothing is true and all that he has been saying all these years is a lie.

Jesse’s father showed no signals of deception. He looked right at the interviewers as he spoke and his voice never wavered, He spoke lovingly about his son’s childhood and said how they did everything together and were best friends.

It was clear through his tone of voice and facial expression that he was devastated by Jesse’s no doubt false allegations.


The above photo is Jesse leaking about a smile as he discusses rehab right  before he eeks out a tear. That is telling. It shows that his teary  emotion was not genuine.

Also, here is the scoop. You DO NOT go into rehab because you have been abused as a child. You go into rehab because you have a problem dealing with addiction to drugs, alcohol, or sex.

So when Jesse was asked point blank as to why he went into rehab as soon as he said that he went because he was abused as a child it conformed everything I said since day one that it was all done for PR spin and that there was no way he was a sex addict. He was just doing it for effect.

Then when the interviewer asked what Sandra said he quickly replied that she was proud of him. WHAT??????  I seriously doubt that this woman who was apparently clueless as to what he was doing to her behind his back used the words “ I” and “ proud”  in the same sentence.


Jesse in his interview stops himself as he almost says that the one who is abused often abuses. He then went in a different direction as he realized where he was going with that line of talking.  Body language wise you see him stop mid thought as he purses his lips to suppress what he was about to say and implicate himself as an abuser.

But the truth is that Jess has abused Sandra. He had abused her emotionally. Cheating on someone who trusts you and cherishes you and humiliating her like that is abuse. Subjecting her to potential disease by having affairs with multiple women is abuse.

Jesse has humiliated her publicly.  I have no doubt that he did the same thing to her privately.

Most likely Sandra  ignored it  for a variety of reasons. Either she was too bust to deal with it or she thought it would change, or perhaps  she wanted to keep the peace and stay married.

But I am certain that there were signals of emotional abuse throughout the marriage. There certainly were signs in their body language as depreciated in so many photographs of the two of them together.

As you will read in my upcoming book called Toxic Men- Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable from Adams Media in November, many women are unaware they are being abused emotionally until it is too late. They often ignore the  body language and verbal signs as Sandra unfortunately  did.


4 thoughts on “Jesse James Body Language in Nightline Interview Shows He Doesn’t Love Sandra Bullock and Hasn’t for Years And Has Humiliated and Abused Her

  1. I think the man reeks of hatred and arrogance. He is dumb as a rock and that’s why he is drawn to whores like that McGee freak, in order to feel superior. Sandra was just another feather in his cap, nothing more. When she made excuses for him it left me thinking….is he too cool for school? Or is he too stupid and doesn’t know how to behave around adults. He appears to be a self-centered child who has to be the center of attention. He lied his whole life and talked his way out of everything and nothing is his fault. Hmmm….now that I think of it…..he’s the text book example of a toxic narcissistic BULLY!


  2. That was interesting to read. If you look at his eyes they are stone cold. Even when he is smiling or laughing genuinely he cannot bring light and joy to those eyes. They are cold and dead. Even on his face you can read the type of man he is.

    Good job Dr. Lillian. I love your blog.


  3. Normally, I don’t give a hoot about celebrity news. I do like to read your blog, Dr. Glass, and since this post is about Bullock and James, I just want to say something short.

    James is a pig. Bullock is a classy lady. I have always admired her work, talent, and abilities.

    He was lucky to have her. He blew it. Good news for her, tho; kick the ugly to the curb and get a respectable, respectful, classy man.


  4. Boy you sure did do an excellent 360 degrees on this Nazi loving liar! I missed his interview but this analysis covers all the bases. I find these pictures of him to be quite scary. I really sense evil in him, JMO.


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