Lindsay Lohan’ s No Show In Beverly Hills Court Confirms Mother Dina is An Enabler Who’s Recent Body Language Reveals She’s In Denial

I just drove by the Beverly Hills Courthouse  on Burton Way  my way to my office this morning  only to see a string of TV mobile units  from every network lined up outside the courthouse.

I recognized some of my cameramen buddies from the various news outlets who were gathered around in a circle for what looked like was a presser. One of the cameramen walking near my car  told me that all of the press commotion  was for none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Apparently Lindsay did not show up to her court hearing  so there was a bench warrant issued for her arrest. Lindsay was full of excuses for not getting back in time, like losing her passport in Cannes, even though French police had no report of a stolen passport.

My first thought is why didn’t someone help her out?  Why didn’t her own mother /manager make sure Lindsay would be back from Cannes in time for her daughter’s court date? But that was just a fleeting thought. Lindsay isn’t the only one who is full of excuses. It is her number one enabler  her own mother/manager Diana who doesn’t seem to realize that she is not helping her daughter when she is not allowing Lindsay to take responsibility for her actions and face the truth.

Dina and Lindsay were recently featured on ET and I was appalled at Dina’s  excuses making for her daughter’s disturbing behavior. Dina’s laughter and  casual interjections and dismissal of her daughter’s serious issues was appalling.


Samantha Harris asked Lindsay point blank whether  she had any problems with drugs, alcohol or prescription medication, Lindsay defensively stated , “No, I don’t. I work.”

” What??  What does work have to do with whether she takes drugs?

Then she adds way too much information with a very defensive sounding toine attached to it. She says “ And if I go out with my friends, I’m 23 and I’m allowed to do that. I don’t go out when I’m working.”

When someone sounds that defensive and when they give out additional information that has nothing g to do with the question being asked it usually means they re not telling the truth.

Another “tell” that indicated Lindsay may not be telling the truth was her constantly looking away and diverting her eyes as she was unable to literally face and look at the truth.


When asked about recent tabloid photos of Lindsay  falling in the street, She replies  “I’m the most clumsy person in the world. I do trip a lot. I fall. I walk into walls sometimes.”

She says in in an anry and hostile tone. There was also shoulder shrugging as she said this- a classic signal of deception that occurred as she consistently diverted her eyes and looked away.

Then she adds “When did I stop being okay?” “I am fine. I am happy and I am working. And I’m good. And I’m surrounded by great friends now. You know, I have weeded out a lot of people in my life.” As she says this she doesn’t look very happy. Instead, she looks angry and hostile.

Once again when someone gives you that much unsolicited information, chances are they are not “good” and that something is very wrong with them. When someone is “very happy” as Lindsay says she is, their facial expression usually matches their words, which was not the case as Lindsay spoke these words.


If anything tragic happens to Lindsay like OD’ing on drugs  or alcohol or getting onto an accident and hurting herself or worse killing someone,  I will hold her mother Dina equally responsible.I will hold her responsible for making statements like this when discussing her daughter:

“But everyone does that,”. “That is like normal growth; she’s 23.”

A 23 year old girl repeatedly falling down is NOT normal growth! Unless she has a neurological problem  or running in six inch heels, 23 year old girls do not typically fall down unless they are drunk or high.

If she does have a neurological issue, then her mother needs to make sure she is  medically checked and treated appropriately . If she doesn’t have a neuromotor  issue, then she needs to get sorted out in terms of her alcohol or drug use.

We are just very misunderstood,” adds Dina. “And, when I read it, it breaks my heart because it is not true. I am going to cry. I’m really going to cry. … She has the biggest heart of anyone on the planet.” Dina says as she praises  Lindsay.

Dinal will really be crying when something tragic happens to her daughter because of her enabling Lindsay and not facing the truth about her daughter.


In her ET interview Lindsay says that she and her mom   “We fight like friends do. “ She says Not every mother has to read false stories about their daughter. It’s nice to know she has sat by me through all of that. She knows what is really happening in my life.”

First of all , Dina  is her mother not her friend , She is her  mother needs to act like a mother  of a daughter who is in desperate need of help.  She needs to take charge and give Lindsay a reality check.

If she really knows what is really happening in  Lindsay’s  life as Lindsay says, then her mother needs to be supporting  an intervention and getting her daughter into rehab as fast as her feet will carry her.

Dina does not need to be laughing into the camera and making a joke that herr daughter falls a lot. It was sickening to hear her say something like that. No doubt, her words will definitely come back to haunt her.Her daaughter’s falling is NO JOKE!


Then Lindsay continued to put her head in the sand and to not look at the  reality of her problems. She makes excuses for people not hiring her.

She says that she doesn’t  pay attention to the bad press,but adds “. … The only problem is that it distracts from me getting jobs, and that is when it hurts me.”

Well here is a reality check Lindsay. It is not the bad press that  prevents you from getting jobs. It is the fact that no one will hire you until you clean up your act because now you are  not insurable.

No one wants to hire a drug addict or an alcoholic who will create problems on a film set  and who  may not be  complete their filming under  the terms of their contract.


While the  judge mentioned that she believed that Lindsay had a substance abuse problem, it di not stop her from issuing a bench warrant to Lindsay for not showing up this morning.

This  means  that as soon as Lindsay Lohan arrives on US soil, she will be detained by US Customs authorities .  Because she now has a bench warrant  for her no show, LAPD or the LA Airport Police will haul her off to jail.


I don’t think that Linday will be getting out of her 180 day sentence so quickly.  I think that she may very well have to server her full sentence.

Perhaps the 4 12 moths behind bars will give her the time to straighten herself out and get off of the drugs she is allegedly  on. Perhaps the situation will also give her enabling mother Dina a reality check as well. Perhaps  now she won’t be laughing  and making a joke of the  fact that “Lindsay falls down a lot.”


3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’ s No Show In Beverly Hills Court Confirms Mother Dina is An Enabler Who’s Recent Body Language Reveals She’s In Denial

  1. I’ve been following this on TMZ. As gossipy as they are, I think they’re also determined to get her help at all cost. It’s so sad because she really is a very talented young lady. It’s obvious the denial she’s in.
    I’m curious to know what you think about her father’s body language. As much as he claims to be wanting to help her, I don’t buy it for one second. I watched an interview with him on TMZ & Harvey was the one who kept pressing for a conservatorship. Every time he did, Michael shrugged it off. It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th mention that he reluctantly said he’d be willing. Now magically he’s filing papers…… that it’s getting him attention. I agree that she needs help, but I’m afraid that the instant the cameras are no longer on him, he’d find some way to weasel out of it. I just don’t trust him. Stability and love over biology.
    Her denial is obvious, to everyone who sees her. It’s wonderful how much she loves her sister, and I think she’s sincere about that……but it scares me how much time they spend together partying. She’s teaching her sister to do the same thing she is.
    I’m really afraid that because of overcrowding she’ll only spend a fraction of whatever sentence she gets. Not that I want her in jail, but SOMETHING needs to happen. I’m worried that she’ll get out in 5 mins & never learn. I’m afraid she’ll either grow out of it on her own, or end up dead. I’m scared to know which.


  2. I agree that this is shaping up to be a very sad story about what happens when dysfunction trickles down from parents….to children and the chaos that ensues.

    It’s a shame – because LL is more easily identified now as a train wreck as a human being…..rather than a genuinely talented and creative artist, which is certainly sad! Enjoy your blog posts….many thanks!


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