Casey Anthony, All Smiles As She Enters and Leaves Courtroom But Wipes Away Fake Non- Tears, One Eye At A Time At Death Sentence Hearing

The most telling thing about today’s hearing when Judge Perry denied  Casey Anthony’s defense team all four motions against the death penalty,  was Casey’s non- rection when Judge Perry gave his ruling.

It was in sharp contrast to her mother Cindy’s reaction who’s true emotion of grief surfaced as she heard Judge Perry’s words.

At first Cindy looked down with her hand over her face as   she braced herself for what she hoped would not  happen.

Then as Judge Perry spoke the words Cindy  did not want to hear, she immediately put hr hands up to her face and   showed  sudden facial signs of being distraught about the fact that if her daughter is found guilty she could be sentenced to death.

As you see in the above photo, Casey on the other hand,  did  not react at all. In fact she had a deadpan expression showing no emotion whatsoever.  It was as though she as listening to someone speaking in a  foreign language that she did not understand. In fact Casey .

Jose Baez on the other hand was quite disturbed as you can see from his furrowed brow. He was clearly upset and it showed.

What was even more   disturbing was when it was over and when she and her defense team  all stood up, Casey managed to groom herself  in  front of the object of her flirtation- Jose Baez.

As you can see in the above photo,  she brushes her hand against her hair when it is already tied back away from her face. Evidently Casey is more concerned  about looking good then dying.

Then when Casey directly  looked at Jose Baez she was actually  SMILING !!! Yes, there is actually a smile as  her cheeks  are raised and there is  a smirk on her face  after learning  that if she is found guilty she can be sentenced to death!


After  scrutinizing Casey’s behavior I  see  a full blown sociopath based on her body language tells from her smiling as soon As she stepped foot into  into the courtroom.

to her fake tears,. There were no sobs. There was no chest heaving. There was no whimpering.  There was no liquid coming out of her eyes. There was no facial expression that would indicate sadness or angst or upset.

There was no indication of grief  as determined by the  non action of  her facial muscle. There was no downturn of the lower lip, a classic facial tell which shows that someone is distraught and overcome with grief a facial expression which Cindy  showed when Judge Perry denied the defenses motion against the death penalty.

As soon as Casey saw Jose  Baez when she walked into the courtroom  she gave him a very big and genuine smile complete with raised cheeks.

Casey continued to smile even when she heard the words ” All  rise”  before the Judge walked into the courtroom.

She still had a smirk on her face as the Judge entered the courtroom and she stood next to her two attorneys.

Only a sociopath would smile when they were facing such a serious hearing to learn whether or nor  they would be sentenced to death.

Finally the smirk left her lips and Casey remained expressionless as she sat int he courtroom watching  Andrea Lyons, her death penalty attorney and fashion consultant spoke  in front of  Judge Perry.

Casey Anthony sat there looking  ahead.  At first she showed no emotion.

Then at one point she  showed  a flash of anger as determined by the muscle twitch of her tightly clenched jaw.

Suddenly Baez turned  to Casey and said something to her. It seemed like he told her to turn on the waterworks for all to see, because moments later she began her FAKE TEAR CRYING RITUAL.

Here is how Casey’s non emotional fake crying ritual goes.

STEP l- She wipes her finger under her right eye.

Step2 She wipes her finger under her left eye.

Step 3. She looks at her fake non tears  her on her fingers.

Step 4.  She engages in hair grooming between fake tears.

When Casey wipes away her “tears” there is no liquid to wipe away because there are no tears coming out of her lacrimal ducts.

Also, people do not cry tears, one eye at a time. Tears run from both eyes simultaneity.  So her  wiping one eye and then immediately wiping  the other screams to how fake her tears are.


It appeared to me that Baez , looking down at he desk and slightly turning in her direction, gave Casey some kind of subtle cue to use a Kleenex , He  probably pointed to a Kleenex on the desk for her to pick up and use. Until then she was fake crying sans Kleenex.

Casey then took the neatly folded Kleenex and patted an eye.  Actually she missed the eye and ended up patting the side  and the bridge of her nose as you see in the photo above.

Casey then looks at her fake tear on her neatly folded Kleenex.

She then repeats the ritual going from eye to eye after looking at her fake non tear that  she wiped away on the Kleenex.

And then of course there is the hair groom after she looks at the non tear.  dry Kleenex.


Casey not only uses her fingers to wipe away the fake tears, she will use her thumb  exclusively to wipe away the non tear as we see in the photo above. She follows the same ritual after doing the “THUMB WIPE”  with the examining her dry, non tear stained thumb, and  then grooming her hair.


Casey appears to get bored with the under the eye pats. So she changes it up a bit.

She now goes for the eyelid pat as you see above. First she  pats one eyelid with her index finger.

Then she pats her other eyelid with her pointer finger. Sometimes she changes up the fingers as well. Sometimes it is an index finger and other  times it is a pointer finger.

Then of course , she must look at the results that the eyelid pat yielded,  in terms of her examining these non tears.

What Casey doesn’ t realize is that tears run  down from your eyes. They do not run  not up  from your eyes.

I guess she must have  played hooky from school that day  when  there was a lesson about gravity.

It is ridiculous for her to pat her eyelid and expect a tear coming from her eyelid. This is further evidence  why her tears are phony.


When someone is genuinely  crying, even if they take  break from that crying to look at their Kleenex, they usually still have an expression of  upset on their face. They do not look  blank and  expressionless as Casey does in this photo.

When someone is genuinely crying, even when they wipe away a tear, you will still see a micro expression  of  sadness or despair as evidenced by a turned down lowe lip or a furrowed forehead or brow. You will see some type of indication that the person is upset.

In Casey’s case, there is non of that indication in her facial language that she is upset or feeling bad.


After looking closely at Casey’s  non crying, non teary eyed behavior, I can say without a doubt that all news reports and headlines which have appeared in the media stating that Casey got emotional during t he hearing, or that Casey cried  in court are false.

Based on these body language findings which I have shared with you, Casey has once again managed to try to manipulate.  It is something that she has  no doubt done her entire life. But now, her manipulation will not work.

Her lack of  honest and genuine tears show that he has no remorse for what she has allegedly done to Caylee. It shows a frightening  cold hearted person.

I have no doubt that a jury will pick this up. It doesn’t  matter  if that jury is in Orlando or Miami.

No matter how hard Casey tries to muster up those tears, she can’t. She can’t because, like most sociopaths,  she has no feelings. You need feelings to produce genuine heartfelt tears.


20 thoughts on “Casey Anthony, All Smiles As She Enters and Leaves Courtroom But Wipes Away Fake Non- Tears, One Eye At A Time At Death Sentence Hearing

  1. I have just one question for you? How did the media report that KC got emotional and/or cried when it is quite evident that is untrue? Even before reading your article, and having watched the hearing, we all noticed she never cried. If her defense team is correct, that the media is out to get her, then why would they lie about her crying?


    1. It was obviously written by a reporter who must have observed her looking like she was upset but the reporter didn’t have the knowledge of what she was actually doing body language wise.

      To the avrage person, it looks like Casey is crying and wiping away her ters. But if you carfefully observe what she is doing you will clearly see that she is not crying t all, that there are no tears, and no facial expression of upset or anguish.


  2. It must be HELL to live in her world. Baez needs to instruct her to THINK about something that will actually bring on some real waterworks.
    Tony dumping her….no more hot body contests…….no cell phone……etc.


  3. Whatever tears she sheds now, whether real or fake, are for herself. There have never been any for Caylee. As usual with Casey Anthony, it’s all about her.


  4. Dr. Glass~~ You are the Professional and it is always interesting to read Your Blog in this Case.
    I watched Casey very closely at the last Hearing and I actually did see some Tears but as usually I believe they were for herself and not for Caylee. She feels like she is the Victim in all of that. Her Eyes were very watery and yes she didn’t cry like we would expect from her in that Situation, it was very controlled and just like her Mother Cindy she will examine her Fingers and Tissue after wiping up a few Tears. I have watched Cindy doing that before.
    Also I have noticed Casey must have a very compulsive Nature or Habit, always trying to straighten up something around her, should it be her Hair, Blouse or Note Book and Pencil which she has in front of her at the Hearing. She seems to want everything just so so. It could also just be a nervous Habit of hers. This is just my Observation, nothing more or less.
    I know the DP is still on the Table, I doubt it that Casey actually will get the DP.
    Anyway You look at it Casey is in a very serious predicament.
    She put herself into that Situation and this time she will have to take the Consequences for her Actions,
    no way out of this one! JMO


  5. Thanks Dr. Glass you are spot on with your pictures and analysis. You’re right that her little act will not fool the jury, people can read body language for what it genuinely is, and you do a great job of capturing the little glimpses that we see in these pictures. You can see that she is a sociopath through all of these non-reactions she has. She definitely does not react as an innocent person would. Just a person who has put a story out there and is sticking to it, until her judgment day comes I don’t think we will see much emotion from her because she doesn’t have any other way to react other than a guilty person would. Everyone knows that if Casey were truly innocent, that her and Cindy would be out raising hell and not leaving a stone unturned until they found little Caylee’s real killer. Cindy’s behavior speaks volumes as well about what she knows.


  6. Dr. Glass, I think that first major smile (entering the courtroom) might have been for Andrea Lyon (instead of Jose, although I know that Casey seems to “adore” him).
    Casey likely really “appreciates” Andrea Lyon (and Casey hadn’t seen her in awhile?)

    I believe that Casey really cried at the hearing..but it definitely was controlled, as always.
    It is funny, I know some things about narcissists and I think I would qualify myself as one at times…especially when I was Casey’s age. I can remember feeling absolutely zero about certain things that “normal” people would have had big reactions to. Now, not to marginalize or minimize.. but what Casey and I have in common is Mothers who withheld love from us when we were very young and “pretended” to love us when it suited them. I, like everyone else, want Casey to face what she did, or what happened as a result of her neglect and narcissism…but also, I hope people will understand that Casey didn’t just wake up like this at age 23. She was a long time in the making and there are reasons she is the way she is. I don’t really expect anyone to care about her–she is so much fun to hate, but that first smile might have been for Andrea Lyon, because Andrea Lyon is so mother-like and Cindy is such a fake mother. Everyone, even narcissists/sociopaths at their core wish for unconditional acceptance. Casey knows that Cindy is there “for her” in only fake ways. Casey is fake because her whole family is fake….She’ll be poking at her semi-moist eyes all the way to the gallows because all this feels like a movie to her thanks to her bizarr-o upbringing.

    I wish we could get to the big family “secret”. I guess even if we did the public will continue to hate Casey passionately and blame her exclusively. I’ll be the hold out who will blame her *family* too. I’ve got the picture, Cindy worked like a dog, but ran the house like a hateful Tzar. Casey was like a rebellious teenager without tools to navigate life. Where was Cindy when Casey was failing high school? No doubt at her uber-important “management” job that has always been wwaaayy more important than what Casey needed.

    What do you make of George NOT being at the hearing? Wasn’t that the first hearing he has ever missed?


  7. Thank you again, Dr. Glass…

    Inmate Anthony can turn those tears on and off like you do water from a faucet. She cries only for herself, never for Caylee, IMO.

    When A Lyon (no S) said everyone said Caylee was a happy and healthy child, is when she started to tear, which quickly stopped. Could be she got a minds view of how Caylee looked the last time she saw her! Definately didn’t look happy or healthy with duct tape over her nose/mouth/skull, thrown in a womblike tomb in a watery grave…Inmate Anthony is not unique, she is not the only mother to have murdered a child and won’t be the last one. It seems to have become very apparent, some parents feel their children are disposable. How many have we heard about in this past year alone who have been thrown away like nothing more than trash. Just because a woman gives birth, it doesn’t make them a mother. She so doesn’t deserve the title “MOTHER” for she made sure she no longer has a child. I do hope whatever jurors sit on this case, will take all the evidence into consideration, see how a mother doesn’t call 911 to inform them of an alleged abduction, who tells lies after lies about who had her child, where they had her child and could never locate this alleged ‘nanny’..which if Caylee had one, Inmate Anthony didn’t work so who paid her??? She’s so transparent and an evil narcisist, who will get her day in court. Will get the proper sentence. I myself, would rather see her do LWOP vs lethal injection for that is too easy, no pain, no suffering involved, you just go peacefully to sleep. Caylee didn’t have a choice and most likely suffered her last moments alive…Yes, death is different, too bad Caylee can’t be asked nor can she answer how different death is..and Caylee’s death demands justice…

    God rest your sole, Caylee..Justice is coming sweetie..Soar high with the angels…you will get justice…

    Justice for Caylee


  8. Thank you for another excellent analysis, Dr. Glass. I agree with you that her imaginary tears will not impress a jury. Just as her self-serving letters only served to reinforce how self-involved she is. And how little attachment she had to her child.


  9. Dr Glass,
    What I’ve read about sociopaths is they become very good actors, since they don’t have compassion, guilt or feelings they imitate what others do. KC knew when AL said that Caylee was happy & healthy she had to cry because that’s what a loving mother would do, again she imitates. She usually can force out 1 or 2 tears that she immediately wipes away, but what I’ve noticed every time she does this “cry ritual” that she wipes under her eyes very, very hard, pulling her skin, she literally pulls her bottom eye lid down while she’s doing this, which looks painful to me since our eye tissues are so tender. Do you think she pulls so hard to make her eyes look red? I’ve never seen anyone wipe their tears away with such force. I’m curious to your opinion on this.
    I love your blog & thank you for it.


  10. The reason that KC began to cry in the death penalty motions hearing on May 11, 2010, when Lyon was talking to the Judge, and also why she cried in the hearing on December 11, 2009, when Lyon was talking to the Judge (in which Ashton described how Caylee probably died), is widely debated.

    I interpret KC’s crying as directly related to statements made by her lawyer, Lyon, when talking about witness statements that KC was a “GOOD MOTHER”, during both of these hearings.

    KC writes in one of her jail letters to co-inmate Robyn, that the BIGGEST THING that “cuts her” is when she hears them talk about her as a mother. She says she was a “GREAT MOM”.

    I noted the exact moments on the Hearing videos in which KC begins to cry, when Lyon begins to say that ALL witnesses say that KC was a “GOOD MOTHER”.

    I believe the reason that KC cried at these hearings was for HERSELF – pity for herself that people are saying she was not a good mother. This seems to be something that KC is determined to convince HERSELF of (with the help of her professor/attorney publicly stating the same). This seems to be an Achilles heel issue for KC.

    When Ashton was describing how Caylee probably died, I believe that KC became enraged and cried because he was describing the acts of a BAD MOTHER, and she is determined to convince others, and mainly herself, that she was a “GOOD MOTHER”.
    KC’s jail letter to Robyn
    page 4
    “….. I don’t know one single mom who doesn’t try to get their freedom regardless of how old they are. that’s one of the biggest things that truly cuts me when I hear them talk about ME AS A MOTHER – I was a GREAT MOM!”
    Part 3 of 4

    Hearing December 11, 2009 – (anniversary of finding Caylee’s remains)
    Ashton describes how Caylee probably died

    (24:37) lot of discovery released, lot of statements of witnesses, here is what they say
    “Every witness that the police talked to, where they asked the question ‘was Ms Anthony a GOOD MOTHER’, question of that sort, every witness says they never saw any bruises, they never saw any indication that there was anything the matter. That the child was in good health, that she was clean, that she was [24:55 KC starts to cry] a GOOD MOTHER and that she was clearly loved, and that Casey loved her daughter. [25:00 KC cries more]
    Every witness [25:01 KC cries and shakes head no] every single person, all of them have said that and the Florida Supreme Court has held that ……

    Part 2 of 4
    Hearing on DP Motions – May 11, 2010

    Lyon talking about socially deviant behavior – DP based on
    …. this prosecution rests on actions that she did not take … on party pictures showing her (20:59) “…… scantily clad are somehow relevant as to whether or not she was a GOOD MOTHER, whether this child was well taken care of, and everybody knows,
    (21:09) and all of the evidence that the State has educed, that no matter what people have said about her, they all say (21:16 – KC starts to tear up) that Caylee was happy and healthy. (21:21 – KC puts hand to eyes – cries)
    Women are often tried and punished not only for the crime they have committed but also [21:22 KC begins to cry more] with their degree of nonconformity with traditional gender types, your Honor.


  11. Just curious, Dr. Glass….WHY does Casey always look at the tears that aren’t there, whether on her fingers or tissue? Why does she always look?

    I do want to say that I don’t hate Casey Anthony. I don’t hate any of the Anthonys. I do have dislike for them, but not hate. I’m saddened and sorry for what has happened, and what they have all done and continue to do. It is sad and sickening that a child is dead, alledgedly (sp?) at the hands of her mother (which I do believe), and that it seems, from the outside looking in, that the family, the LOVED ONES of this child, have lost her not only in life, but in memory and honor, because they choose to sweep Caylee under the rug and stand up for the murderer and do whatever possible to save her from a lifetime in prison, or worse; death.


  12. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Your professional opinion is always appreciated, thank you!!!
    I would like to ask you a question that you may or may not answer… do you believe KC’s defense will be using “ugly coping” at trial to explain her bizarre behavior and lack of concern for Caylee?
    Thanks a lot.


  13. I truly enjoy your articles and respect your opinion. I have shared your opinion about Casey’s fake crying since the first day she exhibited it to the public (wasn’t that the day she stood behind Jose in her little lawyer costume with the fake glasses?).

    However, at this hearing I was shocked to see a real & true tear running down her face. Did you not notice that? I truly wish you would have mentioned it because I would like to hear your theories on how she produced it. Could she push at her eyes hard enough to produce a tear, or was she actually expressing an emotion that produced an honest tear?



    1. Lydia, I too saw a tear or two, but I’m sure they were tears for herself, not for Caylee. She was thinking about not being able to EVER party again, and that would produce tears.

      She still has never cried for Caylee, and I’m sure she has been instructed by her coaches to show some emotions, even if she has to think about all she is missing, but she is not missing Caylee.


  14. Dr. Glass how do you think jurors will react to her fake crying and will they be able to tell? Also if she does ever really cry, how do jurors react? I have asked this on several blogs with no response. Thank you in advance for your answer.


  15. well it has been clear from get go… she is mental and a liar. what parent would not have called 911 begging for their child to be saved if they had drowned?! a parent would have. how many parents would have gone out drinking and having sex… even if the child died by accident or killed accidentaly.not one parent would be able to to go on that way… but what parent would put duck tape on a dead child… no parent…a true parent would be all apart … bottom line no justice for caylee…. what did her life mean… no one gave her justice.


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