Casey Anthony’s Flirtatious Body Language With Attorney Jose Baez May indicate Her “ Zoned Out Stoic Look In the Courtroom May Be Contrived


Since the sudden change in Casey Anthony’s courtroom demeanor where she looks stoic,  many have asked me if I thought Casey  looked  zoned out. Her not moving a muscle and having a vacant stare have lead many to believe that she is on some sort of anti anxiety  medication.

But based on her recent courtroom behavior where she was seen smiling, laughing, and blatantly flirting with Jose Baez, she didn’t look  very stoic or  zoned out . Her smiling and happy demeanor around her other attorney Cheney Mason also showed no indication of a zoned out look.

But as soon as Judge Belvin Perry entered the courtroom, that all changed. Cased turned stoic and looked zoned out.  Usually when one is zoned out on medication their zoned out demeanor is consistent.  They are not happy and bouncy  and flirty around some and then  zoned out around others- unless they are most likely acting that way on purpose. I think that this may be  the case with Casey Anthony.


When Casey walked into the courtroom I noticed that the conservative ruffled blouse  that she was no doubt,  forced to wear by her fashion consultant and death penalty attorney Andrea Lyons, was  unbuttoned to show the cleavage of her low cut  tank top underneath.

I knew that it was a matter of time that Casey would reject her new wardrobe which was so out of character for  her. She no doubt felt as though it was torture for her to be  forced into outfits to help disguise  who she really is. In her mind it made her feel unsexy and unpretty. So now that Andrea wasn’t in the courtroom to monitor her fashion and it was just the two men- Jose and Cheney, Casey decided to rebel and strut her stuff.


Casey’s eyes are wide open and she attempts to make eye contact with Baez, her head is tilted  and face is receptive as she has a sultry look on her face.

Casey finally makes direct eye contact with Jose Baez. There  is a slight smile on her face which shows she is happy to look at her object of affection Jose Baez. .

The eye gaze is more penetrating and the smile gets more intense in her flirting. Notice how her eyes gaze up towards Baez. When someone is attracted to someone they often have an upward gaze.

Now Casey is leaning into Jose. She doesn’t break eye contact. If someone is not flirting, they will break eye contact . Her smile is more intense and her cheeks begin to raise indicating a  genuine smile. She is no doubt happy that Jose is reciprocating as we can see by his genuine smile with his crinkled eyes. Jose do not maintain eye contact, which indicates that he is trying to maintain some dignity here as her attorney.  But he;s not doing a good job at it since he is laughing and engaging in this flirtatious behavior as well.

Now Casey leans her shoulder  and raises it up and cocks her  head towards Jose as she continues hr flirtatious body language.

Now Casey breaks out in genuine laughter with crinkled eyes, raised cheeks and an open mouthed smile showing teeth. Jose;s head is leaned in towards her and it looks as though they have a private secret between them.


The flirting and laughing between Jose and his client Casey completely  nauseated me. There is absolutely nothing that could be funny in a situation where someone is accused of killing their child. What could be funny about the possibility of  having a lethal injection coursing through your veins and paralyzing and killing you if you are found guilty.

Are these two so smug that they actually think this is all a big joke and that Casey will get off scot free? I know that Cheney Mason has said that he believes that he will walk out of the courtroom with Casey arm and arm when she is set free as a result of his brilliant lawyering skills.

To those of you who ask if Casey is on some kind of medication that makes her zone out, after seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the alertness in her demeanor and her focus and attention  in her  flirting behavior, I would say that the answer is No. If she was on some type of medication that made her zone out, chances  are that she would also act zoned out around Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.


After Casey’s  flirting session, Jose finally leaves the table. Casey is left with attorney Cheney Mason. He doesn;t say anything to her for a while and then appears to ask her how she is doing.

Casey smiles a genuine smile but she doesn’t feel as comfortable around Cheney Mason as she does around Jose Baez. Her rounded shoulders tell you she’s not feeling as secure. In fact she is feeling rather insecure as you see what she doers next. I should also add that s soon as they had their few seconds of communication, Cheney mason ignored her and went right back to what he was doing at the table.

My view is that Casey cannot seem to relate to any man without flirtation as we have seen in her past history.  No doubt Casey was great at the art of the flirt as she was able to garner the attention of  most men  she set her sights on. How else could she have secured thee myriad of  boyfriends in her life? She knew what to say and how to look at a man and how to smile and move. This no doubt gave her a sense of power,  self confidence , and security.

So when her flirty smile is not responded to, she gets really insecure as we see here . After all it was her looks that attracted men.  Mr.  Mason does;t seem to be responding to her looks or her smile  and for Casey i seemed that it was all about hr looks  So, she  immediately   starts her self grooming ritual. As you can see above, she grooms her hair.S he pats it down ont he sides to make sure it is in place.

Then she reaches for her buttons to make sure that they are still  unbuttoned , After all she went to a lot of effort to look sexy, showing her cleavage through her unbuttoned ruffled shirt and Mr, Mason  doesn’t even notice it.

Like a cat, she continues continues to groom herself by repeatedly  brushing off  her lap area, Then she brushes off her sleeves, In essence she got the brush off from Mason and is now literally brushing off the” brush off.”


By this time Jose Baez comes back to the table. But he is busy. he doesn’t acknowledge Casey. So she engaged in soME self stimulating behaviors

She fiddles with her eyelashes and pulls them repeatedly.  She dabs at the corners of her eyes like she did when she was faking all of those courtroom tears.

Then Casey self stimulates by rubbing her hands together as we see here, She does this repeatedly.

Then she does  what I call “lip glossing”. She rubs her lips as though she were applying lip gloss and subsequently purses her lips together as one would do to spread   lip gloss over their lips The only thing is that there is no actual lip gloss present. Doing this is yet another self stimulating behavior which makes her feel good, Psychologically the lip glossing behavior may be a reaction to Jose Baez now ignoring her and her narcissistic attempt to appear attractive to him. When a woman wears lip gloss it usually makes her look attractive, So it’s  Casey’s subconscious desire to feel and look good.

But sometimes self stimulation is done just to make one feel. Whether it feels good or bad doesn’t matter, just as long as some feeling is present.  Sometimes  self mutilation or self inflicted pain is done in order to feel something. That is what happened here, Casey is inflicting pain on to her self by actually pinching herself repeatedly.


When the prosecution got up to speak and they discussed the topic of Casey’s being a good mother and being seen partying and wearing a blue dress, you could visibly see a change in Casey’s breathing pattern as it became more deliberate and visible, This often happens when people feel angry.

There was als0 a great deal of muscle tension in the jaw as you see here. You can see the indentation in her jaw area which indicates the muscle  tension.  She was no doubt clenching her jaws  together tightly out of anger.


Perhaps one or all of her attorneys coached her to stop laughing and smiling in the courtroom and looking like she was having a good time.  Perhaps her attorneys read my blogs, which discussed   her smirks and smiles. Maybe the presence of a stern, no nonsense judge who is on the fast track changed her demeanor. Whatever the case, someone told her to do something that dramatically altered how she came across in the courtroom.

But based on all that we have seen it appears that her new image is done for effect. She does not appear to be on medication that would zone her out, otherwise  it would be a consistent , She would look zoned out when she would be flirting with Baez, talking to Mason, grooming herself, and doing her self stimulating  behaviors.


26 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Flirtatious Body Language With Attorney Jose Baez May indicate Her “ Zoned Out Stoic Look In the Courtroom May Be Contrived

  1. Good article. It covers it all and I agree. I noticed George and Cindy for a millisecond and they’re as ugly as usual. It appears to me that they’re running out of steam. I’d like to see them sitting on the state’s side of the courtroom where they know they belong.

    And, as far as the defense arguing for a change of venue due to the opinions of the Orlando community. That’s a nice consideration but what considerations did Caylee get? She was wiped off the face of the earth without a thought! Yeah, Orlando has opinions. Duh.. now THAT’S a NO BRAINER. There are two things we don’t see; One is, zanny and the other is, the other driver of that smelly car.

    There are two things we do see. One is George telling LE that the car smelled like death and he smelled that smell in the past, so he knows. The other is, Cindy telling a 911 operator that the car smelled like something died in the “damn car.”

    I believe if the jury consisted of 12 Martians, the closing argument will end with the words “31 days” and she will be convicted.

    In the mean time it might be important for the state to mention that Cindy and George waited 31 days to report Caylee missing as well, while knowing that poor little Caylee was with their irresposnsible daughter and had no bed, no home, no food and no choices during those 31 days.


    1. Why did Cindy not look for that child SOONER. Was she taking a break from her care??? And right after her having a fight with KC? I have 3 year old and 20 month granddaughters and their Mom (my daughter-in-law) takes very good care of them (she panics at the slightest injury or illness). And still, if I didn’t know where either of those girls was for a few hours, I would flip and be calling everybody including the FBI to help find them. If she had threatened to take her away from the so-called mother, that would have been the perfect opportunity.

      IMO the whole family is evil and should be punished.


  2. Agree JM……
    And I wish to add I have thought long and hard about Cindy ‘threatening’ to take ‘custody’ of Caylee. It was Not a One Time threat without a doubt. I base that on CMA’s remarks to her friends as well as Cindy telling CMA’s friends not to associate with CMA, CMA is a Sociopath and numerous other statements from the friends that are now part of Discovery.
    It is my belief if Cindy was Sincere in her desire to have custody of Caylee she would have done so without all the Threats and Drama.
    Does that mean Cindy truly thought CMA was a good mother? Not necessarily……it may mean Cindy didn’t really care what was going on with Caylee either…. and didn’t want the Full Time responsibility of a 2 year old either. So she played the same ‘pass the Caylee doll’ game as CMA was playing.
    Knowing Cindy as I have come to know her by ‘seeing her in action’, she has the same cold hearted attitude as CMA……indeed, like mother….like daughter.
    It puts me in awe to see Caylee showing Concern for Others….I wonder where she learned it in her short life of being a pawn between her mother and grandmother…..jmho….


    1. I so totally agree with this post. I see two angry woman fighting for control no matter what the outcome. what bothers me is the holding of Caylee right after she was born. I understand Casey did not want to be pregnant and have a baby but once she did and had Mom take over from the very start..that is when this whole mess started. IMO


      1. If Casey and Cindy hadn’t had a horrible relationship prior to Caylee’s birth, I don’t think the holding incident would be a big deal. But since their relationship had been volatile for a long period of time, it’s obvious to me that Cindy should have thought about it and allowed Casey to hold Caylee first.

        This incident didn’t cause the hatred, it simply exacerbated it.


  3. blueonblue, great points. You said it better than I could. Cindy was not loving her grandchild, she was in a war with her daughter and wanted to win… she didn’t.


  4. If Cindy had gotten custody of Caylee, who’s to say Caylee would have turned out any better than Casey did? Cindy probably would have brought her up the same way she did Casey.


  5. Do you guys remember the Caylee tape at the Nursing Home with her Great Grandfather where she says … you Ok Papa? I do… Caylee seemed to show more concern than her parents. It was in the video of her sitting on his lap … same one as Nan’s Sunshine Away.

    I think we are more devasted as a community over this child than Cindy and George and Leetard.

    I hate them all. Taking the car out of the lot after smelling death and cleaning the car is impedment to me and I hope they face charges… ALL of them!

    Justice for innocent children!


  6. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you very much for your professional analysis.
    I am sure you have seen today’s hearing and KC, of course was wiping off her “non tears”, crocodile tears. KC is so pathetic!!!
    KC didn’t cry in the hearing about her own daughter’s remains found with duct tape over her mouth and nose, that to me is very telling!!!! She is just a phony.


  7. Have you ever heard the old saying, “EYES DON’T LIE”? That’s what I see in Casey’s eyes when she looks at Baez.


    1. What I see in Casey’s eyes (most of the time) is just cold, dark and dead. She has no feelings outside of getting what *she* wants at any given time.

      Her eyes remind me of shark eyes.


  8. Dr Lillian , thank you , I agree one more time we get to see casey anthony play act , she came sweeping in to the court all smiles and happy as a lark , and then the zombie zone masquerade , as for her and baez yes it was nauseating to see her look at him like a lover . what is so funnt to these two idiots , JM and blueonblue well said cindy only wanted to play grandma some of the time , just like muffin only wanted to mommy some of the time , unless she could squeeze in a photo op of her and Caylee , then she might be interested . Casey has not been found guilty because she has not been tried yet ! thank you Dr Lillian


  9. FYI, michellefrommadison is a troll and his real name is Jason Bizak, lives at 325 W NORTON AVE Norton Shores, MI

    Jason is a Nancy Grace hater and post endless messages such as “kill Nancy Grace”. He is well known to the police in Norton Shores and I would suggest you block his name and IP address. We have chased him off of wordpress for a while but he is getting bolder now.

    Jason, your sister is calling you.


  10. JM, 2:08 p.m.
    Perfect Summary of the situation, and you said it in way fewer words than it took me;) Will you be my Editor?
    And forgot to Thank Ms Glass for her comments and insight on Everyone’s demeanor since this began……You are so gracious and generous with your time. Thank you.


  11. There is nobody else that could have killed Caylee. Not the “nanny”, not the person who found Caylee’s body, not George and Cindy, not Casey’s brother. ONLY Casey could have done this.


  12. Excellent insights you’ve shared with us regarding Casey’s demeanor in this article Lillian. I really appreciate the photos that you provide to go along with your findings. I agree she’s not zoned out from meds. You can’t just turn the sedative effects of drugs off and on at will. Maybe Judge Perry’s no nonsense approach intimidates her?


  13. michellefrommadison-
    I think your trying to hard…good for you if you think you have found sites that have “facts” about this case. It doesn’t take much with Florida’s Sunshine Law. Being intelligent and sounding intelligent is two different things. I take it your missing something in your life that you need to put down other bloggers or try to make your point by bulling your way.
    In one of your posts your wrote that the prior judge, police,prosecutor and the sheriffs department didn’t do their job…that makes me to believe you have no clue what you are talking about. If they didn’t do their job, we wouldn’t have four thousand plus documents. Just remember why Casey is currently awaiting a trial…it was her own father that testified in front of a grand jury. Doesn’t that make you think a little?
    If you do have other evidence please share(and not just a site that we need to put down our badge# and department#) otherwise stop your bulling it just makes you sound ridiculous!


  14. Dr. Glass, would you be able to do a read on the blogger Marinade Dave. I think it would be fascinating to see what a professional thinks of his manner of inserting himself into this case.


  15. Cindy and George circled the wagons around Casey, enabling her lies and not forcing her to drop the bullshit and cooperate with law enforcement. Now she’s turned on them to attempt to save her sorry, evil self. I’ve Gina from loathing George and Cindy to feeling really sorry for all they’ve been through only to have if rewarded by having the lowest of l


  16. Lowest Of low accusations hurled at them. Thanks, Casey. You’ve killed your child, their granddaughter, put your family through he’ll for three years, wasting hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars and now you attempt tO save your sorry ass by destroying your family further.

    Jose Baez better watch it. She turns on everyone. When she gets convicted, bet you her next target, next attempt at defense of her diabolical actions will be to throw Jose Baez under the bus. All of those conferences at his when she was out on bail? Oh Jose, you’ll be slandered in her appeal for sexual impropriety. Perhaps she seduced you? Perhaps your ego enjoys the attn of a monkey faced murderer? Know this, she will turn on you like the spoiled lying brat she is. Because you sexually molested her. Just watch. Ingrate. Loser. Murderer.

    And you’ll deserve it, too, Jose. Your own ambition made you sink to this low.


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