Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Latest Court Appearance Still Shows Grooming Behavior and Detachment

The last time Casey was in court   all noticed a definite change in Casey Anthony’s body language.  Casey Anthony appeared more stoic and less smiley. Although she did manage to eek out a giggle and an inappropriate smile or two  at the beginning,  for the most part she had a serious facial expression.

In her latest  court appearance,  we clearly see how the body doesn’t lie. Casey could not stop herself from her ritualistic grooming behavior as she sat alone and waited for the court  proceedings to begin. She looks down and begins  to dust herself off at the thighs as if to get rid of  this horrible situation in her life. Her grooming is an attempt to literally clean herself off from what lays ahead of her.

We now see Casey tugging on her blouse and making sure it fits right so she looks good. This speaks to the narcissistic self oriented behavior we have seen in almost all of her appearances. We definitely saw her narcissism up close and personal during her jailhouse tapes.

Casey still continues to groom herself as she tugs at her collar . She makes sure it looks good. Because  she spends most of her time in collarless prison scrubs,  perhaps she isn’t used to wearing upright collars. So the constant tugging and grooming , may also be a signal of insecurity in her new duds.

There also appears to be a  definite a discomfort level with her clothing which also causes her to tug at them constantly. When people  don’t feel comfortable in what they are wearing you often see them tugging at their clothes. which indicates that they feel they don’t look good in what they are wearing. The tugging is a subconscious attempt to rearrange the clothing or to change it.

From what we have seen in Casey’s  wardrobe based on all the previous pre- courtroom photos, Casey  seemed very comfortable in  low cut clinging tops and skin tight form fitting dresses. So needless to say her courtroom attire,  complete with ruffled top is not her style.

Before Andrea Lyons came into the picture and it was just Jose Baez, her tried to change her image and it failed .


Initially he made her wear the black glasses so she would look smart and educated and not like the loser high school drop out that she was.  He used gave her a corporate look with conservative white long sleeved button down blouses and  fake glasses.


Then the first time he brought Casey onto the courtroom her made her wear an over sized jacket  with her hair pulled back in a bun like a school marm librarian who could never get a date.  It was l so laughable that Jose didn’t let her come to court looking  like that anymore.

Based on my observations of her attorney Andrea Lyon’s wardrobe, it is highly possible that she may not only be  serving as Casey’s attorney but as he wardrobe consultant as well. In fact, during one courtroom appearance they both wore an identical odd shade of green as  you can see above.

Andrea may think that the jury will look more favorably at a buttoned up ruffled innocent plain looking woman who is nothing like the hottie  party girl  image the will be seeing in her evidence  photos.

Personally I think Andrea should  let  Casey’s dress in her clingy low cut  outfits that she appears to be more comfortable wearing.

After seeing the photos of her draped in an American flag,skimpy outfits and a

sleeveless tank top as she is seen with her  head   in the toilet  vomiting, no jury is going to buy the sweet ruffle plain girl image. In fact it will piss them off  because they will feel that they were being manipulated.

Now we see Casey having a facial  expression we have never seen previously. She is tight jawed and purses  her lips. This is a far cry from the previous photo pictured  above where she is all smiles  wearing a green tank top.

Her facial language shows a great deal of tension and stress,. Perhaps the reality and the gravity of the situation has finally hit her and has begun to sink in.

As she sates ahead expressionless we see the tension in her temples and in her shoulders which are now hunched over. It is though there is literally a weight on her shoulders. She dis not have this posture previously, She would sit upright which indicated that she was fu of confidence.  It was a smug and arrogant type of posture. but now Casey appears to have  been humbled,  posture-wise.

Perhaps it was the recent punishment which she may possibly be receiving for her jailhouse  letters. Perhaps the two years she has already spent in jail are finally getting to her. Whatever the case, her body language indicates that there has been a significant change.

When Casey was in the courtroom she barely moved. She just looked straight ahead with an expressionless face.  Was it due to the fact that there was a new judge and she didn’t want to do anything to have him perceive her in a negative light?  Is she being coached by one or all of her attorneys as to how to behave? Have they coached her to not move a muscle in the courtroom and to completely wipe any emotion off of her face?  Or is Casey finally on some type of anti- anxiety medication that causes her to space out, sit still and not display any emotion especially happy emotions?


7 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Latest Court Appearance Still Shows Grooming Behavior and Detachment

  1. “Or is Casey finally on some type of anti- anxiety medication that causes her to space out, sit still and not display any emotion especially happy emotions?” Not to be all Cindy Anthony or anything…but Casey is pretty much damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t (“smile”). People are furious (in the forums) if she smiles!
    I have to agree that she was distressed in that shirt. It certainly was matronly–and her chest seemed to be around her waist line. I think they would be better off putting her in a white plain shirt like they had in the very beginning.
    And, I do not believe she wears fake glasses. She does have a correction for eyeglasses. They’d be smart to have her wear glasses too.


  2. Yes, she is “damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t! She murdered her baby, and she deserves every negative word about her.


  3. Dr. Glass, thank you for your observations,it always interests me to read what you have to say about this case.
    Can you please observe George Anthony in the last couple of court appearances? It seems to me that his demeanor has changed significantly. When Cindy mouthed “I love you” to her daughter George just stood there with no expression. It also seems like the parents are not as close as they want us to believe they are. They sit apart(Cindy had her back on George talking away to other people),they don’t hold hands anymore, and there’s no eye connection between them.
    Thank you again for your hard work!


  4. Today in court, Casey had that “Scott Peterson zoned out, empty look”. IMO……yes, the Anthony’s appear to be together just for the camara only. I hope they get punished for all the covering up they’ve done. Time will tell.


  5. Dr Lillian , thank you , I am so glad you spoke about the facial expression we have not seen before , tight jaw and pursed lips , I noticed she is pulling this more and more , it seems disdainful to me an odd expression for sure , casey became angry and her face changed when Linda Drane B. talked about the fusion club / blue dress , she quickly talked to baez , but when Linda Drane B. said the remains ( for Caylee ) she never batted an eye . jose baez looks like a twelve year old boy with the huffing and puffing and eye rolling grimacing etc , and cheeny mason seems dazed and slightly out of step , past his sell date . I agree with lulu would like to hear the take on george and cindy , do you think george is angry at casey for saying she was sexually molested by him , as most people would be so why the charade of it’s no big deal to cindy and george , we still love you sweetie even though you have accused Lee and george of sexual assult . it is a big deal !


  6. Casey starting to look like this.

    O.K lets’s get this B.S. over with they found the body.

    I don’t have time for this my hair is turning grey.

    Did you see Casey spying on Joses emailing he was doing in court the other day.

    She would lean over and snoop several times spying on his handheld reader.

    I wonder if she knows he is buying a home in Spain with his lovely wife.


  7. look at her upper lip, has no movement, no expression, it is like she had Botox to avoid any big smiles like the ones on the party pictures. Big smiles vs. not even showing any teeth at all. How can this happen?


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