Joe Overstreet’s Body Language Analysis Shows Signals of Deception. Grandmother Flora Hollars Show No Signals of Deception


As soon as Misty’s cousin Joe Overstreet opened his mouth at the presser, he says ” I can’t imagine what they’re going through.” On the next breath he  says “ I didn’t do it,” as he purses  his lips and blinks excessively. Body language wise, these are two major signals of deception. “


Speech wise when he says “I can’t imagine what they are going through.” He is making a statement of sympathy. But there is no body language or facial language to demonstrate that sympathetic feeling or emotion. That is a huge “tell” as well.

Then a reporter immediately repeats his words in the form of a question “You didn’t do it? Joe, says no and purses his lips and looks down  which body-language wise means that he is holding something back and that he is ashamed or embarrassed about something.


You also see the side of his jaw pulsating, which means he has tension there because he is clenching. When people do this, it means they are usually not telling the truth. We saw    this a lot with OJ during his first trial where he was accused of killing his wife Nicole.


Vocal fry means there is a creakiness in the voice. When it  happens at the end of statements, it   is the body’s way of taking over and not wanting to lie. It is  the vocal muscle tightening  up during he lie and thus closing off the airstream. As he says “  if I knew who did it I would go straight to the cops and say who did it.”His voice is completely raspy and closed off as he says this.  His voice  completely dies off at the end.


Watching Joe’s attorney  was also very telling. Even though he said all of the right words in an attempt to defend and protect his client, his body language said it all. It belied his words.

Attorney Sigro had his hand on his clients leg as you can see in the photo in an attempt to signal to his client not to talk. The attorney, when speaking about his client,  also shook his head no when she should have been shaking it yes in the affirmative. When someone does this incongruent head shaking, chances are pretty high they are not telling the truth.

The attorney does this when he says that his client’s alibi can be corroborated. When the attorney says the words “that as his scheduled time to leave, the attorney  not only shakes his head no when he should be shaking it yes, he purses his lips which means he is holding back information and like his client Joe Overstreet, the attorney exhibits consistent glottal frying, He speaks in a monotone without passion or conviction for his client. This is also very telling. Perhaps his lack of vocal conviction translates into his knowing that his client may possibly get a conviction.


Then a reporter asks Overstreet, “Do you know who did it?”  Overstreet immediately parrots back the question “Do I know who did it?” That is a HUGE signal that he may not be telling us the truth. When a person answers a question with a question, it usually means that they are buying time to make up some response. They are usually   trying to formulate a made up  answer in their mind.


One thing is for sure, there sure is  strong family resemblance between  Misty’s grandmother, her mother and herself. Her grandmother seemed very sweet and down to earth and extremely politer and cooperative. She also did not appear to show any signals of deception when she spoke with Nancy Grace during her televised interview.

During the interview where Nancy looked absolutely devastated to have to listen to what   Misty’s grandmother was saying,  she  gave three horrific  scenarios as to what she heard happened to little Haleigh. She begins saying that one scenario was that   Joe and a friend  threw a yellow rope around Haleigh’s  neck and “throwed her into the river .”

The next scenario us the one  that I believe the most and that is that “Misty knocked her in the  head and killed her  got Joey and  Tommy to get rid of her.

Then she told Nancy “ I was told first thing Joe killed her I don’t know if she was dead when she hit the water. May have came from Misty.”

To date Flora Hollars has appeared on numerous shows such as Jane Velez Mitchell’s show and Levi Page’s show. She sounds credible each time. She answers the questions without hesitation. She has been consistent in her story in each interview. It is heartbreaking to watch her. There is no doubt that she loves her three grandchildren.  However, she loves justice and the truth more. She  said she came forth because of Haleigh.


5 thoughts on “Joe Overstreet’s Body Language Analysis Shows Signals of Deception. Grandmother Flora Hollars Show No Signals of Deception

  1. Dr. Lillian Glass; You have mastered a very cronological summary of events regarding the ‘usual suspects’. I wanted to comment on one:

    “Apparently there was evidence that he was indeed at work, but he sure brings it up a lot.” I have always mused about the timeline of Ron. The afternoon before work, if he worked until atleast 1 am or 2am; then he would have reported at 5pm or 6pm that evening for an 8 hour shift. He stated that he got off work sometime after 2:00 am and he didn’t get into the driveway until 3:25 am??? huh what’s up with when he punched out from work and punched in to work? Do we know those two answers? There is plenty of time for Ron to be possibly involved, and for the life of me I can’t understand Nancy Grace treating Ron like the long lost victim. Notice she isn’t going down that road anymore about Ron…. I also sense he was out of it, like drug wise, that morning of the 911 call. I totally agree with you, he is not a whimp and for Misty to make that call and then for him to react the way he did, something was wrong and he knew more. It doesn’t take a wizard to wonder why he married Misty, only to find out that his protection on the stand didn’t apply after marriage. He was protecting himself and had he thought that Misty had anything to do with Haleigh’s disappearance, he definately would not have married her!, that’s for sure. In fact he seems more suspicious to me than any of the other mangie characters. JMO. Many thanks for your observations, they are very worthy and I can see you put a lot of work into this post.


  2. Dr. Glass,
    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with your analysis of Joe Overstreet and his attorney. But I do wonder…if you have not personally known either of these people before now, and have never observed either of them before now, how can you be so sure that the way they talk/behave is any indication of deception? Wouldn’t you have to have some prior knowledge of the behaviors, speech, habits, expressions, etc. of a particular individual before you could determine truth or deception?
    My question doesn’t pertain to only Overstreet and attorney, but to all subjects you have analyzed. I just don’t believe that all people have the same motions, etc that would lead you to declare deception.


    1. You look for consistencies and inconsistencies in their behavioral patterns. There are certain tells which have been documented over time and which reflect what is going on in the limbic system that manifest in ones demeanor. So if you know what to look for in not only examining the body language but the speech context and the vocal patterns, you can tell if a person is telling the truth or not. There are baseline behaviors that I look for as well, But of there is a deviation in the baseline based on the context of what ios being said it is easy to pick up tells of deception.


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