Body Language of Rachel Uchitel, Cheater of Married Tiger and David Borenanaz, Shows She’s Loving Paparazzi’s Attention, Whom She May Have Alerted As She Come to L.A.and Made Empty Press Statement


Rachel Uchitell , who came to the public’s attention as  the first Tiger Woods sex partner, who doesn’t want o be referred to as a whore, skank  or  hooker ,who threatened to sue comedian Joy Behar for saying “you ka tell she’s a hooker” and is suing  another comedian for calling her a whore,  arrived at the Los Angeles airport a few days ago.

This woman who insists she is not a whore or a hooker, doesn’t deny having sexual relations with two rich and famous married men. But in her presser with  her attorney Gloria Allred,  she does deny that she was not the one who tried to extort money out of Bones actor David Boreanaz.


But what she didn’t say  in her press statement was more revealing than the empty words she did say.

Here is her full statement :

David Boreanaz is not part of my life, nor will he be.  I am not in communication with him and do not wish to be.

I have made no claims against him and do not plan to assert any. Any statements to the contrary are false and I hope that this statement will finally end any speculation about this issue.

I am looking forward to a life that is not filled with scandal, rumor, innuendo or false statements about me. I will not have any further comment regarding David Boreanaz.

She talks about the  recent and the  future,  but obviously  not the past. Rachel doesn’t mention that he had been in her life. She doesn’t mention that she had a sexual relationship with a married man and that there are photos  circulated of the two of them where  is seen  puckering up her overly inflated lips while hugging him.

And why would she assert any claims against him?  If anything, his wife should be the one asserting claims against her for alienation of affection. And besides, after receiving 10 million dollars from Tiger to keep quiet and not write a tell all book, why would she sue David?

As far as  looking forward to a life without scandal , she needs to not alert the papps or have her minions alert them if she wants to fly under the radar.


Being a part of the Hollywood show business  community for over two decades I know a thing or two about how things operate, especially with regard to the paparazzi.

There are only a few places where the papps hang out and where celebrities go if they want to be seen and photographed.

Back in the day it was at night at the old Spago on Sunset. Today it is at lunch at the Ivy on Melrose or in front of the office building  where my office is housed at 435 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, California  90210.

The reason the papps from TMZ and all the other outlets  hang out there, is because they can get good daylight shots of celebs walking down Bedford after coming out of one of the many doctors offices in the building, or they can get storefront shots of them get their nails done or going across the street  to get their eyebrows waxed.

When there was Michael Jackson news, they all hung out on the next block at 435 N. Roxbury to get shots of  anything g Jackson related, including Dr. Arnold Klein, who’s office is housed there.

Other than that, the papps DO NOT hang out unless they are  alerted where to go.  They DO NOT  hang out at the shops on Robertson Blvd.  or at LAX unless someone tells them a certain celeb is going to be there.

So knowing the drill, I can assure you that most probably Rachel Uchitel either phoned up some papp contacts herself,  or her PR agent, or Gloria Allred’s office, or someone in her camp may have most  likely alerted the papps.


If someone does not want the press attention their body language shows it. They are usually hunched down. They have a hand over their face. They often have their arm extended covering their face and protecting their eyes frm the blinding  camera flashes.  They look down as they  look upset or sad . Most of all, they do not smile, as Rachel was doing consistently.

Her smile showed she was loving it!  Her straight upright confident posture and primping as she constantly flung her long hair back over her shoulder  and away from her sticky lip glossed over inflated lips  revealed  she was showing it ALL  off.

As further intention of showing it all off,  Rachel  went braless, as indicated by the side of her most likely implanted  breast peeking through her skimpy and clingy  halter sundress.

Rachel also no doubt went  pantiless as indicated by  her  green clinging  stretch material  dress riding up her butt crack.

Knowing that she has only sex to sell, what better way to get a money shot and assure that a  provocative  photo will make the tabloids than wearing a sexy revealing outfit as you hop off the plane in full makeup with glossy lips and wearing no underwear.

Most people get off a plane looking disheveled or jet lagged, but not  Rachel. Why? Because she most likely  KNEW ahead of time the papps would be there to greet her. She KNEW that because they were no doubt contacted  by her or her minions as to what time her flight got in and what terminal she would be at. Otherwise why were there so many papps at the same terminal at the same time?

The papps job is to take as many photos of as many celebs per days o they can sell their photos to the highest bidder. They do not make money waiting around airports all day unless they know for sure a celeb will be there.  Many celebs take private jets, so they would be wasting their timer looking for celebs at airports unless they knew for sure that one would be there at a specific time.


Because the popularity  and hotness  of  night clubs in L.A.  change so quickly , papps also  don’t waste their  time hanging out at clubs unless they know for sure that a certain a  celeb will be there.

They do not follow celebs around as they bar hop unless they are told the celeb will be there. So when TMZ  and RadarOnline reported   Uchitel “hopped between Las Palmas, Chateau Marmont and Sunset Tower with a gal pal and mystery dude” rest assured they were told where Rachel and  company would be by her, or her PR agent, or one of her minions.


Now that Rachel got her 10 million dollars for keeping quiet about her sex with Tiger, she needs to go away  for good and stay out of he public eye. She is a sore reminder of a bad example for young women.

The fact that she craves the limelight so much as we can see via her body language sickens me. The fact that she  is on Extra  galls me. I hate it. I hate that this nasal, monotoned irritating voiced itless woman who is clearly  not camera ready for an entertainment  news magazine show,  with nothing to offer other than being a sex mate to Tiger Woods and David Borenanaz has such a coveted TV gig.

There are so many other women who are bona fide journalists who worked hard and went to school and paid their dues in the field. They sacrificed a lot by starting out in small towns to get their journalism and on camera chopps.  So why should a woman who spread her legs for a married man have this golden opportunity?

What sickens me the most about it is the message that this sends to precious young women in our next generation. It says that if you spread your legs for a rich and famous man, sue him or get something out of him in  any way shape or form, Then you  too can be rich and famous. You can even score  a  gig on TV to make you even more famous.

I am of the school that you work hard and do the right thing to get ahead in life.  I don’t believe in easy rides and I don’t believe in rewards for  whore, skanks, prostitutes, or hookers for their bad behavior.


7 thoughts on “Body Language of Rachel Uchitel, Cheater of Married Tiger and David Borenanaz, Shows She’s Loving Paparazzi’s Attention, Whom She May Have Alerted As She Come to L.A.and Made Empty Press Statement

  1. Wow. You really let Rachel have it, and I second every word. As an educated, professional mother of two girls I cannot stand to see women getting rewarded for behavior that sets the rest of us back. When I hear girls say they want to grow up to be a celebrity (and some are dreaming of just that), I think of women like Rachel. She has no profession, no skills, no talent. What is she? A celebrity whore, and apparently the paycheck is great.


  2. I remember a sentence from somewhere that stuck with me:
    Who winds up with the biggest money in America? Neurosurgeons and young women whose only “talent” is having the beautiful gene..they wind up married to the Neurosurgeon.


  3. I haven’t seen the show since she’s been on it but now that I know they hired her I will go out of my way to never watch it.Not only should she be fired so should the person who hired her—advertisers beware!!


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