Did Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Baby Gabriel Relay Clue In Note to Grandmother in Her “Advance Directive and Will” When She Says Be Happy for “Us”?

Could it be possible that Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of beautiful missing  eleven month old baby Gabriel Johnson  may have inadvertently revealed a clue about baby Gabriel in a statement wrote  as  a message to her grandmother regarding her burial instructions?  In  that note, she wrote, “I love you, Mazzy. I’m sorry, be happy for us.”


The word”us” greatly  disturbs me.

  1. Does Elizabeth mean that the grandmother should be happy for  “us” ( grandmother and Elizabeth) because her ordeal will  finally be over? Is she saying that both she and  the grandmother  should be happy knowing Elizabeth will  finally be at  peace  and will no  longer be alive to suffer  the emotional pain?
  2. . Does Elizabeth’s “us” mean that the grandmother should be happy as she recalls the happy times they both may have spent together?
  3. Does Elizabeth’s “us” refer to herself and baby Gabriel? Is she saying that she wants her grandmother to be happy  knowing  Gabriel has a better life with another couple?
  4. 4. Does  the “us” mean that she wants her grandmother to be happy with Elizabeth’s belief  and possible decision that she that  did the right thing for baby Gabriel in giving him away?
  5. 5. Or Does Elizabeth’s  “us” include her and baby Gabriel’s having the same end- death?  Does she mean that she wants her  grandmother to be happy that  both  she and baby Gabriel will be  now resting in peace?


Elizabeth wrote the above words as part of her burial instructions when she wrote her” Will and Advance Directive”  because she sincerely  believed she would not live long after going on a hunger strike.

As punishment for assaulting two other inmates, Elizabeth received bland nutria-loaf meals, which  she found inedible and said continued rotten vegetables and worms.

She then wrote:

I am writing my advanced directive & will because I am incarcerated in Estrella Jail and they are starving me and serving rotten food with worms in it. haven’t eaten in over 7 days and hardly can write this. The water is toxic and makes us sick. I feel they will let me starve to death rather than feeding me safe and edible food.”
, “I don’t want an autopsy. I do not wish to donate my organs/ body parts. That is against my religion. I wish my grandmother be contacted xxx-xxx-xxxx only. I wish to be cremated right away, be put in a box not an urn, and brought to Mass. to be buried above my mother’s grave.”


Her note prompted authorities to place her under psychiatric evaluation since she appeared to be at risk for committing suicide after not eating for the days after being served nutria-loaf.

According to  Sheriff Arpaio, she was also not  eating seven days prior to receiving the punishment meal.  Sheriff Arpaio when asked to take a bite of the nutri-loaf, found it to be inedible as well.


The sheriff also stated that Elizabeth may face additional charges for assaulting the two inmates which she did by allegedly spraying a can of cleaner in their eyes. But what prompted Elizabeth to do this? Sheriff Arpaio initially stated  that Elizabeth was a model prisoner. So how come she was not so “model” any longer?

What caused Elizabeth to do this?  Was she being harassed and taunted by these two inmates? Was she being threatened by them? We all know that when someone has allegedly done something to harm a child, their life in prison can be a living hell.  Other inmates often react by shunning the alleged perpetrator or react by beating them up and even killing them in prison.

In any event Elizabeth may not only be facing two felonies for the crimes she is already accused of, but may now be facing two additional charges as well. If she remains in prison, she may continue to face further harassment by her fellow inmates which may cause her to fight back and receive even more time behind bars.


Elizabeth’s situation in jail  makes me think of Casey Anthony. If Casey  does not die in prison as the result of a lethal injection and being given  the death sentence, she may very well be receiving the death sentence from one of her fellow prisoners.

They may not just torment her like Elizabeth’s fellow inmate’s may have done to her.

They may also  may end up  torturing Casey  to death for allegedly torturing and killing her child.



5 thoughts on “Did Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Baby Gabriel Relay Clue In Note to Grandmother in Her “Advance Directive and Will” When She Says Be Happy for “Us”?

  1. I agree totally with your last statement about KC. I wish they would put her in with the other inmates now, and we may not have to go another entire year for justice for Caylee.

    I hope she does not get the DP, as that takes too long to carry out and she will be protected and treated like royalty till that time.

    Give her LWOP and let the inmates have at her.


    1. Being taunted, threatened to be beaten up and bein g constanrtly harassed is torment. As far as Elizabeth having “a long documented history of rage and violence, attacking people physically, for little and no reason” there are two sides to these stories. You don’t know what the reason fo her attacks – only Elizabeth knows. You don’t know what weas said to her or what was donr to her to provoke those attacks.
      Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is usually a cause that elicts an effect.
      The fact that she was reported to be a model priosner priopr to this incident speaks volumes as well.
      Perhaps she was provoked and threatened and fought back in order to show that she would not be a victim in the prison system.
      In any event, this woman has a long and very unpleasant road ahead of her. I hope she comes clen and tells us the truth about baby Gabriel for her sake and for the sake of the child.


  2. It appears from what I’ve read/heard/seen in the media, that Johnson was an unfit mother long before she did whatever horrible thing she did to baby Gabriel. Since she told the baby’s father that she killed baby Gabriel, why hasn’t she been charged with murder? It’s called a “confession.” You don’t always find a body but since she confessed, she should be charged with murder. Also, isn’t there a worse crime for her supposedly doing a baby selling or baby trafficking crime? Child abuse? You’ve got to be kidding me. What’s wrong with AZ? Surely they’ve got bigger crimes to charge her with! What are they doing to find out the truth about what she did to the baby? This whole case seems to have been handled incompetently from the get-go. Find the baby!


  3. They can’t make her eat in jail so it would be suicide if she refused the food. Not the jail’s fault. I have been researching for updated information on Baby Gabriel and have found nothing. This baby did not just disappear off the face of the earth. The family should STAY in the media spotlight.


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