Casey Anthony’s Body Language Undergoes A Dramatic Change In the Courtroom For The First Time In Two Years

Several of my loyal readers have written to  inform me that they have noticed a  significant change in the body language of Casey Anthony, the  accused murderer of her three year old daughter Caylee.  They observed that  Casey Anthony’s body language during her latest  court appearance was completely different, where  she appeared in front of the new judge  presiding over her case, Judge Belvin Perry,  .

Many shared with me that they believed that Casey Anthony’s team may have been studying  my  past Body Language Blogs  blogs where I discuss Casey’s inappropriate  and disturbing body language.  After looking at how Casey comported herself  in court today, for the first time in two years, I may very well agree with them, I  could see no laughter, no smirking, no smiling  and no OCD- like ritualistic behavior of palm rubbing, hand fiddling, self  grooming, self, clothes brushing with her hand, or hair flicking with Casey.


But  before the court proceedings began, Casey did leak out some chuckles when attorney  Jose Baez, who was equally as stoic,  spoke to her. No doubt he must have cautioned  her to watch her body language and not laugh or smile.  But she chuckled anyway. Perhaps it was a nervous  chuckle in response to his telling her that she better show no emotion, especially in front of this new “no-nonsense” judge- Judge Belvin Perry .


In watching the proceedings Casey did not move. She sat there like a statue. She was emotionless.  She barely moved. She reminded  me of those people  that  you see in shopping malls who are human mannequins and are frozen into position, not moving for hours at a time.

But it didn’t work. If a jury sees her stoic and mannequin like  the way she appeared today and she appears that way throughout the trial, the jury  will definitely see her as the cold blooded  calculating murderess  the prosecution will paint her to be.


I am sure many of  probably saying to yourselves,” stop right there!” Don’t give away your professional secrets. Don’t let  Casey Anthony’s defense team in on any information which could help her or mislead the jury.

Instead,  let her keep looking  serious and stoic and not move throughout the trial. This way there will be no doubt  a jury  will see that Casey is a cold- hearted mother who  killed her daughter.  This way they will not have to deliberate for long as they  find her guilty in a matter of minutes. “


I am not worried about giving away my information to the defense team via these blogs which could potentially be helpful to Casey. The reason is  because “ the body does NOT lie!” The face does NOT lie and neither does the voice or speech patterns.

What goes on in your brain, as research has shown repeatedly, manifests in the way you move and in the way in which you  communicate.

That is why all the coaching and jury preparation in the world  can NEVER work with someone who is guilty or who has something to hide.Eventually,  the truth will leak out in some behavioral, vocal, or speech “tell.”


Many who have observed Casey throughout these past few years believe that Casey shows signs of sociopathic behavior. A “sociopath is an obsolete term for what the DSM- IV defines as an Antisocial Personality Disorder. Below are Diagnostic Criteria of such a person, according to the DSM-IV

1. Since the age of fifteen there has been a disregard for and violation of the right’s of others, those right’s considered normal by the local culture, as indicated by at least three of the following:
A. Repeated acts that could lead to arrest.
B. Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying, or the use of aliases.
C. Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.
D. Repeated assaults on others.
E. Reckless when it comes to their or others safety.
F. Poor work behavior or failure to honor financial obligations.
G. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others.
2. At least eighteen years in age.
3. Evidence of a Conduct Disorder, with its onset before the age of fifteen.

Based on all that we now know about Casey Anthony and her history, it seems that she fits these criteria.  But even if she is a “sociopath” or antisocial personality disorder, there are specific “tells” in her behavior that will definitely leak out to a jury.

They will see it over time as she sits in the court room. They will see it in her body language if she testifies on her own behalf. They will certainly hear it in her speech pattern and in her voice.

These signals in her behavior that will LEAK out to a jury  and they will  readily pick them up. They may not know specifically what they are picking up in terms of the nuances related to her body and facial language or voice and speech patterns. But they WILL be picking up that something is off, They will perceive that something about Casey is not quite right.

No coaching in the world  or spending countless hours of witness preparation can stop it from happening. That is why savvy defense attorneys do not like to put their “sociopathic” clients on the stand to testify.

That is no doubt, why we never saw accused wife and baby killer who now sits on San Quentin’s  Death Row, Scott Peterson on the stand. That is also why most likely never saw OJ Simpson on the stand during his first murder trial where he was accused of brutally killing his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.


After spending over  two decades of coaching  to  people to get ready for a trial in terms of their speaking and voice skills and body language behaviors, I have learned that no matter how hard  you train someone, who they are and how they  really think  ALWAYS leak out.  This has to do with the limbic system, located deep within the brain. It is responsible for controlling various emotions. Our emotions are then reflected in our facial and body language and voice and speech patterns.

This is especially true is the person is not forthright or they aren’t telling the truth. There  are body language “tells” which occur that usually show up.


No doubt, if and when Casey gets on the stand to testify , there will be “tells” will which emerge, over which she will have no control, no matter how hard  she tries to control them.

As an example, Jose Baez no doubt coached her to keep a stoic demeanor, but Casey  still managed to leak out a chuckle anyway.

Even though she managed to stay stoic for the remainder of her time in the courtroom, that one little chuckle is memorable and highly significant to a jury.


23 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Body Language Undergoes A Dramatic Change In the Courtroom For The First Time In Two Years

  1. thanks so much,casey is a true sociopath!the body language dont lie! when i look her in the face,i see her as cold blooded,and its scary!


  2. Thanks Dr. Glass for this latest report. I, too, noticed the chuckle, or smirk on her face before the judge came into the court room. And I agree, she looked like a statue during the entire session. She didn’t even blink when the judge mentioned a guilty verdict of first degree murder.

    If that had been me, I know I would have flinched, lowered my eyes, or even cried. Even if I didn’t think there would have been a verdict of first degree murder, just hearing the words would have brought some kind of negative emotion to my face.


  3. Dr. Glass, at the end of the hearing today the camera was on Baez and he seemed to be counseling Casey about something..then the camera went to Cindy (only) and Cindy smiled and mouthed “love you” to Casey. I was wondering if you knew whether or not Baez was insisting that Casey look over at her parents. She has not looked their direction in a long long time. Don’t you think Baez HAS to address this thing of her not looking at her parents?? A jury will certainly wonder why she is snubbing her own parents! Thanks for the article today. The nerves in the courtroom were palpable –except for the prosecution. The Judge “jitters” in his seat which I found odd..but I certainly liked him nonetheless.


  4. I must say Casey looked sober in court today…A little giggle at first, before Judge Perry entered the room..I am sure Baez has instructed Casey on how to behave in court and looks like it may be working..I dont see her smiling as she has in the past(like she was there on a traffic violation)…I don’t think there is a thing wrong with her and I dont think she is mental ,I think she is a self centered girl that had never been held accountable for anything she has ever done in her life time…I am sure mother Cindy yelled and and carried on when ever Casey was out of control, but never acted on anything with her….When Cindy was ready to finally do something about it,it was far to late and Caylee paid for it….


  5. When I saw the title my first thought was the change in body language was due to the other inmate who told what Casey had told her. Do you think that affected her body language?


    1. I seriously think that it may have been due to my blogs which have pointed out aberrant body language and behaviors .T think that Jose Baez may have been made aware of them and used the material to instruct his client.

      I don’t think that her fellow inmates would be giving her any advice to help her in her trial, considering she is an alleged baby killer. Anyone who harms a child is considered the lowest of the lowest in the jail and prison hierarchy.


  6. Thank you once again, Dr. Glass. Yes, please do not give too much information up for the defense reads all blogs, internet postings that are related to Casey Marie Anthony!

    I think Inmate Anthony got slapped with a dose of reality in court Friday. That I am thankful for, for it didn’t seem like she was taking her charges so seriously. At any rate, I saw Baez showing Inmate Anthony his cell phone, right before that you see Cindy Anthony texting something to someone, I feel she sent Inmate Anthony a “good luck, I love you” message, which IMO, is against the rules. I wonder if anyone else picked up on what it was she was saying to Baez then? Looked like whatever he showed her, she was really irked by it! JMHO

    This hearing reminded me of the principal taking over an unorderly class, everyone was on their best behavior. It was refreshing to see no sarcastic comments being said between the state prosecutors and the defense, for once not acting like high school rivals..

    Again, I wonder if Inmate Anthony acknowledges her parents, she doesn’t as far as I can see. Cindy waits desperately for a glimpse of her daughter, while George on the other hand seemed very upset with her. I didn’t see a smile go his way either. Seems she is really detached from them as well.

    It bothers me the Anthony’s attorney, Brad Conway states, they are unable to visit with their daughter. This is their choice or maybe hers to not see each other. It’s their choice since they don’t want their conversations recorded and put out to the public via the Sunshine Laws. They can visit her, they could just stare at her and say nothing or just tell her they love her. They can visit, they choose not to, so he needs to get off that stance for it shows how ignorant they all sound and act. He also states how the Anthony’s just want to know the truth about Caylee’s demise, I wonder if they can handle the truth, not their truth but the real truth of Caylee’s demise and will they accept it, if Inmate Anthony is found guilty of murder in the first degree?

    I’m very glad that Caylee’s justice is getting closer for this babys death demands justice…seems to me, no one on the Anthonys side of the family is being a voice for Caylee. That will be left to the state prosecutors and the fine law enforcement of OSCO, the FBI, the CSI’s, FDLE and the fine citizens who sit on this jury…God Bless Caylee’s soul.

    Justice for Caylee


    1. Great observation with regard to the cell phone. Cell phones should NOT be permitted in the courtroom. I think that Judge Perry should add that to his other rules of conduct in his courtroom.
      I also agree with you that Casey is very detached from her parents. George know exactly what is going on and he has played his poor me innocent victim role for way too long until River Cruz brought it all out in the open.

      This is a man who may have known all along precious little Caylee was dead all along.

      You are also so right about them not visiting Caey for so long. It is because they may not want to do so and pinned it on an easy excuse that Brad Conway told them not to do so. So what if they were being scrutinized, they could say their I love you’s video screen to video screen and talk about what they are doing in their lives on a daily basis not about the case.

      I too believe that George and Cindy’s showing up in court is for their gain, not for Casey. I also agree with you that it is about Justice for Caylee, not about anything else.


  7. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Thank you very much for your professional opinion.
    You are right, for sure JB had told KC to sit still and show no emotion and I would like to go back to January 2009 in the hearing about the “photos of Caylee’s remains”:

    “Strickland, however, had her remain for the rest of the hearing. She sat expressionless, appearing to listen closely as prosecutors and defense attorneys hashed out routine discovery and evidentiary issues.”

    It was a somber day for people that have been watching about this case from the beginning, very sad… but for Casey she had the same look she had yesterday “STOIC”… I didn’t see a tear coming out of her eyes and it had been less than a month that LE had found Caylee’s remains and had identified her. Very telling, you can’t see anything through her eyes, she has cold eyes.
    As far as her defense putting her on the hot seat, I highly doubt it, it would be her death sentence since Casey can’t keep her lies straight, she is also a convicted felon now. It would be nice if she wanted to testify though.
    As you said Dr. Lillian, no matter what jurors will read her body language and her lack of emotions.


  8. Your assessment of CA’s ‘Sociopathy’ shows her to be all of the above: A thru G.
    Baez schooled Casey thoroughly when he whispered to her…do this….do that…don’t do this etc, even to the point of her acknowledging her parents (though we didn’t catch that on camera) just Cindy mouthing her 3 little words. I love you.
    IMO I think Casey thinks her parents have abandoned her and she in her little twisted mind has moved on. She has now settled into her cell and made ‘friends’ but has found they USED HER for their own means, all while she was USING THEM TOO.
    So to me the score is ‘even steven’ so to speak.

    What went through Casey’s mind when Judge Perry mentioned the Guilty Penalty Phase…..was it terror?
    If so…..Casey didn’t flinch an eye-lash. Nothing, nada, nil, zero.
    Is this normal behavior for someone on a DP case?
    Did the Judge’s words sink in? We don’t really know.
    Maybe she went back to her cell and was terrorized by his Guilty Penalty Phase statement.

    Whatever the case may be, we will now see a much different non-fidgeting, self-absorbed Casey wondering if her blouse is adjusted just so, or how her hair tail looks, and no hand rubbing or picking.

    Will she take the stand? IMO NEVER. But there is always the possibility that her INCREDIBLE EGO thinking that she can SNOW THE JURY with her lies
    will be her Ace in the Hole and Get Out of Jail Card.



  9. You’d think her attorneys would coach her on how to behave not only in front of the judge, but every single person she comes into contact with…and specifically, the MEDIA.

    The judge will see her pre-judicial appearance smirk. Potential jurors will see it.

    She should be watching her every move from the moment she leaves her jail cell until the second she’s back inside of it.


  10. I would really love to see Ms Anthony take the stand at trial, but IMO it will never happen. On the other hand, like Sanny above wrote…”But there is always the possibility that her INCREDIBLE EGO thinking that she can SNOW THE JURY with her lies
    will be her Ace in the Hole and Get Out of Jail Card.”

    I could see that happening. I can see her trying to tell her attorneys…”Just let me get up there and explain it all to them. I’ll convince them; they’ll believe me. You’ll see…” But I’m pretty sure the lawyers won’t let her on the stand. Unless she demands it. I don’t think her team can tell her no if she really does want to do it and they can’t talk her out of it.

    IMO, I think for the hearing yesterday, she was advised to wear her hair in a ponytail in order to prevent her from doing that annoying and repetitive motion of pushing her hair back with one finger and smoothing her hair down. Altho before the judge came in yesterday, she was “fixing” the ends of her ponytail to lay over a shoulder.

    In any case, it’s good to see that the previous shenanigans in court have come to a screeching halt. It’s way past time to “get real” for all those involved. Oh, and Casey…a word of advice…REALITY BITES.


  11. Dr. Lillian,
    Did you observe how George looked, I would say uncomfortable? He used to be nice to the reporters and after the hearing he sped up to his car and he seems to me to be avoiding eye contact with anybody. I have a feeling George is afraid to be confronted with the question if he sexually abused his daughter, that’s what his own daughter thinks he did. Well I might be wrong though.
    Thank you Dr. Lillian!!!


  12. Greetings to the doc and her fans!
    I can say, without any reservations or qualifying statements, my day in front of the judge was the most terrifying hours of my life. Combat, fatherhood, divorce, my original arrest, and all the other challenges life throws at us have nothing on that experience. I agree that no matter what sort of coaching Casey gets, the truth will display itself. I do want to point out (and sort of plug my page on a very popular one) that the doc’s observation on baby killers is true. Prison ‘as seen on TV or movies’ has very little resemblance on the real thing. However, one myth that is true is that baby killers, molesters, and rapists are at the bottom of a very dangerous ladder. She will be in PC her entire time, even upstate. That is aslo the only way she can get those Santa bags of commissary. If she were to step into general pop, that stuff would be strong-armed so fast, she would be back in PC by shit change. Well, if she survived to shift change. OK, I feel better now. Thanks, Dr. Glass for letting me get that out.


  13. Thank you Dr. Glass for your blog. I read it religiously. On Casey’s big change in demeanor, do you think it is possible that she is on some sort of medication now? I feel as you do that her lawyers have realized how much she is scrutinized in court, and what it will mean for her verdict. Can someone like her go from being SO outwardly self absorbed to showing absolutely nothing, without help from some sort of meds?


  14. I also observed George..He looked uneasy to me as well…I didn’t see him look at Casey as Cindy did toward the end..I did see her lip I love you to Casey…I wonder if they have been advise not to talk to the reporters anymore at all or say very little …Seems when they were talking they were putting there foot in there own mouths…Think its best if they continue to keep quite….Maybe they are finally listening….As far as George sexually abusing Casey,well can Casey tell the truth???I don’t see where she has told the truth about anything,other then she said she felt like Caylee was close…She has lied so much from the beginning, how can any one possible believe anything she says…I have read on other blogs that maybe Caylee’s death was an accident…I don’t buy that myself..Casey showed no signs of a grieving mother..To me she would of fallen apart, if she loved her child the way most mothers love there children, if it had been an accident…She couldn’t say it was an accident as far as I am concerned, because it could of been proven it had been other then an accident…She came up with this crazy story about a Nanny,which I always said the Nanny was Casey herself……


  15. Kit, if you watched the most recent hearing you would see that Casey is back to her fidget-y self. hair patting, clothes adjusting, hand examination, poking her eyes. It looks like they told her to “be herself” again rather than have her sit as a stone.


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