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Jesse James Body Language Shows He Was Lying About His Racism. His Voice and Speech Indicates He’s Detached From Little Louis
May 30, 2010


When a person really adores someone, whether it is a love interest or a baby, their eyes literally  light up. It actually looks there is a spark in the person’s eye because physiologically their pupils are dilating, so their eyes suddenly change. This subtle and immediate change makes their eyes look bigger and brighter This bright eyed look was completely lacking with Jesse when she spoke of baby Louie.

In fact when Jesse spoke of Baby Louie, he looked away as a form of detachment when discussing Baby Louie.

When the interviewer asked  if there was any reason he and Sandra decided to adopt a black baby, in a dull ,matter of fact, unemotional  expressionless tone,  with a shoulder shrug, he replied “ I don’t care what color the baby is”. The shrug gave it all away. So did his looking away. He looked up and away as though he were attempting to come up with the right politically correct sounding statement.

Of course he cared what color the baby was!.

If he really didn’t care what color the baby was, his demeanor would have been a lot different. He would have  faced the interviewer directly (who happened to be black) and looked right into her eyes as he told her this. His looking away indicated a non- truth tell. His body language showed that he was clearly uncomfortable with the thought baby Louie being a black baby.


Jesse says he is doing the interview because he is mainly concerned about the racism perception. But when he looks away he isn’t very convincing. There does not appear to be sincerity in his facial expression or in his tone of voice.

When a person allegedly grows up spouting off the N world as his step mom reported to RadarOnline and has done that since childhood, no doubt their racial views are deep rooted.

Because of that , it would no doubt be difficult for these racially charged feelings to not surface.  This would no doubt be a huge emotional adjustment for Jesse to wrap his mind around the thought of having a black son.

On his next breath he says in a dull rehearsed monotone that his only prerequisite was that “ I want a  baby that needs us the most.” As she says this we see a smug smile as though he is pleased with himself for  giving he right politically correct answer.

Well here is a news flash Jesse- EVERY orphan needs a parent. EVERY baby needs someone to love them! And every parent NEEDS a baby to love. This statement concerned me because what if Louie grows up not “NEEDING,”  What if Louie turns out to be is an independent type of little guy and Jesse views it as his being ungrateful. There could be huge conflict and major issue  as the baby matures in my view.


Then the interviewer asks Jesse, “How do you feel that the baby will have her name and not yours>”

Jesse once again looks away in trying to come up with the right answer.He then  says with no hint of sadness in his face or in his vocal tone but rather in a flat monotone and mono face. “ It made me sad.” He certainly didn’t look too sad. Instead, he looked rather relieved.

His facial expression was in marked contrast from the facial expression seen above when he found his lost pit pull. He had more excitement and facial animation towards his dog than he did when speaking about his “”son.”


When a person calls a  new baby an “it” or a “them” or a “him” or a “her
and doesn’t refer to the baby by name, especially in the specific context where a name could be used, it means that the person is detaching  and objectifying the baby.

It can also mean that bonding has not occurred. I have no doubt that this is the  case with Jesse. It may seem like a picky thing but it speaks volumes.

Jesse  no doubt hasn’t bonded with Louie or he would have called him by name.  In contrast, Sandra called Louie by name when she spoke of him in her most recent interview.

In trying to describe how Sandra so readily  took to mothering, he relayed “as soon as she picked “HIM  up…” He didn’t call the baby by name and say as soon as she picked Louie up.”


After watching Jesse on the Apprentice play the game so passive aggressively, discovering his egregious Nazi like actions, and now hearing him speak, up  I can’t help but wondering.  what  WAS Sandra thinking when she got involved with him?

He seems so limited and so different from the person she not only portrays on screen but from who she is. I k ow several people who know Sandra and they rave about her. So what happened?

I will tell you what happened and I will tell you even more about what happened when my new book comes out in Novemebver called TOXIC MEN- Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable (Adams Media).

Sandra  is not alone;  Like so many women, she got   involved with a TOXIC MAN for a myriad of reasons.

  1. Perhaps she saw who he was  but felt that with a lot of love she could be the one to tame him and change him. This is a huge mistake that so many nurturing types of women make, to their detriment.
  2. Perhaps she felt needy as her mother had passed and she wanted someone with whom she could bond a share a life.
  3. Since Jesse  had a ready made family, perhaps  she thought she could easily involve herself and contribute a lot to his  children.
  4. Perhaps she got sexually turned on by his bad boy” image and persona.
  5. Maybe was great in bed,
  6. Perhaps she was sick of  dating or being alone,
  7. It is possible she wanted a man to complete the package of her image
  8. It could be that she wanted someone to love and would do anything and put up with anything in order to make that happen.

And the list goes on and on.  One of the things I share in my new book is ways people can learn the signals of dealing with a Toxic Person like Jesse James you jump in and get involved.


The first thing Jesse says to the interviewer with regard to the photo of himn in the Nazi hat and salute is that he doesn’t remember taking that photo. As he says this his eyebrows are raised and he cocks his head to the side. This is a pleading facial language.

In essence he is pleading for the interviewer to ‘lease believe him. When someone is showing their  head cocked to0 the side and their eyebrows are raaised they are really saying that they know that they won’t be believed, They know that the person won;t buy what they are saying so they are in essence pleasing that they will buy it via their facial expression.

Unless he was drunk or high out of his mind or has Alzheimer’s, of course he remembers taking the photo. Wearing a Nazi had and doing a Nazi salute is a memorable event. If he doesn’t remember taking the photo, perhaps it is a commonplace event in his life, perhaps he made that salute all the time and wore the hat around the house all the time so he may not have remembered that a photo was taken of him doing what he always did.

Then with open eyes and looking directly ate the interviewer, he has the audacity to say that he could tell by looking at the photo that it was a joke.

The more Jesse spoke the more disgusted I became with him. I don’t care what anyone says, the fact that a person would don a Nazi uniform and give a salute and actually think it was a joke shows what a disturbed person he is  .

There is absolutely NOTHING funny about wearing a Nazi hat and emulating a Nazi leader who caused havoc on our world six decades ago. The repercussions of  Hitler’s actions still exist to say and it is NOT a laughing matter by any means.

It would be the same thing as someone putting on black face makeup and putting a noose around their neck. That would be the biggest insult to any African American who suffered this horrible  during one of the ugliest times of our history when blacks were slaves andf were lynched for no reason at all.

Lamely, Jesse says “it was funny for a minute, but now looking at the context  in my life now its not funny.”

All of this was said in a boring nasly monotone which make you wonder  how Sandra could have listened to his irritating  voice for all these years.

When someone uses the word funny in the same sentence as Nazi  there is something seriously wrong with them in my view.


As he talks about Sandra and Louie he continues to depersonalize  Louie by saying : “As soon as  she put THAT BABY  on her hands it was automatic and amazing” The fact that he didn’t call little Louie by name speaks volumes to me.

Louie is NOT “THAT BABY ”, He is a person with his own identity and his own name. If Jesse looked at him as a an actually person he would have called Louie by his name.

Then with regard to Sandra Bullock  he  further added “ I found a new trust for her, like I knew she wasn’t going to leave, and our relationship blossomed.”

WHATT??? What does that mean” Does that mean that she was planning to leave him at one time?


The one thing that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way was the fact that Jesse showed no remorse. Even though he said he was sad, he showed no signs of sadness in his expression as he spoke these words:

“There’s not a racist bone in my body.” I think out of everything, this is why I’m doing this interview the most, because you know, dealing with losing my marriage and my son and embarrassing everyone and decimating my life, but to be called a racist on top of that is, it makes me really sad.”

When people’s emotions  are incongruous with their words it disturbs people. It is what a lot of sociopaths do. They speak the right words yet they show no signs of emotion to go along with those words. His vocal t9nes do sound like those whoa re sociopaths. It makes me wonder if Jesse is indeed a sociopath.

His  stepmother said in an interview that he liked to kill small baby animals. If that is the case  he scares me to death. All I can say is thank GOD little Louie does not have  Jesse’s last name and  Jesse  will not be raising him.

I hope and pray that Sandra never allows Jess  back into her life.  But I am sure  that she will allow Jesse back in some capacity the sake of Jesse’s  little  daughter Sunny and his older son.

That would be a huge mistake  to let  Jesse  back into her life as her significant other  or her love interest, not only for her sake  but for Louie’s sake .

Jesse’s body language screamed  racism and if that is the case what is to say that he  may very well take out  his inner hatred towards minorities like Jews and Black’s on innocent  black baby Louie.

It may not come out directly and it may not come out for a while . In fact, because of all of the exposure, Jesse  may  very well be on his  very  best behavior around Louie. But eventually your true feelings about Blacks will most probably surface . It may may manifest in his  tone of voice , in what he says and how he acts towards   Louie. as Louie gets older.

I preay that Sandra allows this child to have nothng whatsoever to do with Jesse . If what  Jesse’s  step mother said  is true and he said the N world frequently without batting an  eye as a child and if  he  harmed and killed baby animals  like his step mother alleges m then he is  a seriously disturbed and sadistic  person who in my view  should not only  be shunned by Sandra  but by  everyone else.


In the photo above Jesse shows a very genuine smile complete with raised cheeks, lips apart and   teeth showing. This expression was seen right after he corrected the interviewer that he was not the most hated man in America, but rather the most hatred man in the world.

Based on his facial expression he seemed rather pleased with that title as he continued to smirk.

But Jesse may be the only one who is please with his new title.  Most people are not pleased as no one can ever embrace a  person who is  racist, a liar, a person who shows no remorse, and a baby animal killer if what his stepmother says is true.

Jesse James Body Language in Nightline Interview Shows He Doesn’t Love Sandra Bullock and Hasn’t for Years And Has Humiliated and Abused Her
May 27, 2010


First of all when someone volunteers information that was not requested, adds additional information and  goes on and on, it usually means that those thoughts are  in the forefront of their mind.

So when Jesse James volunteered out of the blue, that that was  not a monster and  said” it’s  not like I think I want to get back at them” (referring to Sandra) the photo above is the facial expression that  Jesse leaked out.

The truth is that this is exactly what Jesse was doing to Sandra by cheating on her.  He was indeed   “getting back at her”.

It was the ultimate act of passive aggression and jealously towards her. What was he getting back at Sandra?  The answer is simple. He can’t  stand her.  She IS what he ISN’T. He resents her. Instead of talking it out or going through counseling, he acted passive aggressively with his cheating behavior and with how he spoke about her   during the interview.

As he relayed those words,  his previously mono faced expression  and monotone voice which he had throughout the interview,   transformed into a  monster like expression the angry evil face you see above.  This expression shows how he really feels about Sandra deep down.

As researcher, Dr. Paul Ekman of Stanford University has shown, people’s true feelings are revealed in their microexpressions which leak out. This is a perfect example of what he is talking about.


One of the most telling  and disturbing points of the interview was when the interviewer asked him how it felt to be “the most hated man in America,” He then smiled and laughed that he was”:the most hated man in the world.”

His smile was not a nervous smile which may have been the case had it been a fleeting expression.  The fact that it lingered for quite a while leads me to believe that Jesse was indeed enjoying  and relishing in his new  title. It added to his “bad boy” image and he obviously liked that.


Jesse’s egregious behavior did not surprise me. I saw it years ago. Just look at the photo above.  When a man walks in front of the woman he loves and has a dour expression, chances are he is not into her and.or is angry with her for some reason

Walking in front of a woman shows a lack of respect, Men  in Western culture   do not walk in front of a woman.


When I was interviewed about the relationship of various couples throughout the years by various magazines, I was inevitably shown photos of Jesse and Sandra.

I always spoke the truth and said how there appeared to be  trouble in their marriage and that Jesse was not into her.

The person writing the article often wouldn’t like what I said because they had an agenda to write about  such as Hollywood’s coolest or sexiest couples.

So they would get some other body language expert who was less qualified, less educated, and less experienced, to go along with what they wanted them to say for the sake for the spin on the  article they were writing .

But not me. I stuck to my guns and never compromised my integrity just to have my name in print. I never have and I never will. I reported what I saw and would not waiver from the truth of my observations.

So when news broke that Jesse had all of these mistresses I wasn’t at all surprised.  Sandra And Jesse;s body language during their public outings always gave it way to me, especially on the Red Carpet.

It showed that Sandra was usually into him as you see in the above photo, but he did not reciprocate the attention or affection. He would usually be seen looking away or pulling away from he as he is in this photo.


This photo is the most recent one of the to of them together and you can see how Jesse appears to be in his own separate world.
The most telling thing for me was when I observed Jesse’s behavior on the Red Carpet the night before Sandra received her Academy Award.

Mark Steinmetz of ET was interviewing Sandra. Jesse was in the background, Sandra called him to come over to join her during the interview and he walked away. He ignored Sandra’s pleas. She made light of it during the interview, but her body language showed that she was embarrassed about it.

In this photo at yet another awards ceremony when it was raining, he holds the umbrella over his head, not Sandra’s. It shows selfishness on his part, especially when it was her night and it was important for her not to get wet.


During the interview Jesse was confronted with the words   Sandra spoke at the Academy Awards” that I finally know what it’s like for someone to have mu back.”

Hesse pursed  his lips which indicated that the didn’t want to discuss it, He also looked away.

His tears at the Academy Awards ceremony were clearly  the result of tears of guilt and embarrassment.

He knew very well that he did not deserve the accolades that Sandra was bestowing upon him and his body reacted to that in shame. That is why you saw him teary eyed. They weren’t happy tears. They were embarrassed tears.

The other thing that was telling about his relationship with Sandra was when he was doing Celebrity Apprentice as you see in the photo above.

He could have called Sandra, his  wealthy wife who had tons of celebrity connections  to help raise money for his charity but he didn’t. That was passive aggressive behavior.

In fact Donald Trump Jesse on it.  Donald said “You are married to one of the richest women in Hollywood, so why didn’t you call upon her to help you raise the money? Jesse had no  real answer to this question. That spoke volumes to me.


Jesse had all kind of excuse as to why he cheated on  Sandra  from his sabotaging things to his childhood abuse. Puhleez!

The sabotage excuse  when he said that he always sabotages things in his life is complete  bullshit or he never would have been that successful with his bike business or TV show.    He would have sabotaged that as well.

So I am not buying the “ I sabotage things” as the reason he cheated.  He cheated on Sandra because deep down he couldn’t stand her. ‘

He couldn’t stand her popularity, her fame, her upbeat and positive personality, and who she was as a person. It was the polar opposite of who he was as a person, no doubt.

That is why he sought out sex partners who were the complete opposite of her and more like him. He sought out sex partners with whom he could feel superior- more than and not less than he felt around Sandra.That is why he chose like minded Nazi loving Michelle McGee.

Jesse no dount was like minded  as you can see as he wears  his Nazi hat and makes the”sig heil” Nazi salute complete with fingers over his upper lip to signify Hitler’s trademark  mustache.


He paused and looked down and then he  away when he was talking about child abuse. This indicates he was lying.

He did the same when he began crying by pausing and looking down. He also took a while to cry which shows that he was trying to bring up emotion to try to bring up tears.

He also had to excuse himself because he could apparently  only eek out one tear so he had to leave the stage to “regain his composure.”

And even if his father Larry did abuse him, which I seriously doubt based on the body language analysis I did on his father, what does that have to do with cheating on your wife?

Millions of people have been abused as children and remain faithful. In fact in many cases it may make you more faithful as you cling to someone who doesn’t abuse you.


Based on Jesse Jame’s father’s Larry’s body language, I completely believe him, Larry said that Jesse made himself a criminal and nothing is true and all that he has been saying all these years is a lie.

Jesse’s father showed no signals of deception. He looked right at the interviewers as he spoke and his voice never wavered, He spoke lovingly about his son’s childhood and said how they did everything together and were best friends.

It was clear through his tone of voice and facial expression that he was devastated by Jesse’s no doubt false allegations.


The above photo is Jesse leaking about a smile as he discusses rehab right  before he eeks out a tear. That is telling. It shows that his teary  emotion was not genuine.

Also, here is the scoop. You DO NOT go into rehab because you have been abused as a child. You go into rehab because you have a problem dealing with addiction to drugs, alcohol, or sex.

So when Jesse was asked point blank as to why he went into rehab as soon as he said that he went because he was abused as a child it conformed everything I said since day one that it was all done for PR spin and that there was no way he was a sex addict. He was just doing it for effect.

Then when the interviewer asked what Sandra said he quickly replied that she was proud of him. WHAT??????  I seriously doubt that this woman who was apparently clueless as to what he was doing to her behind his back used the words “ I” and “ proud”  in the same sentence.


Jesse in his interview stops himself as he almost says that the one who is abused often abuses. He then went in a different direction as he realized where he was going with that line of talking.  Body language wise you see him stop mid thought as he purses his lips to suppress what he was about to say and implicate himself as an abuser.

But the truth is that Jess has abused Sandra. He had abused her emotionally. Cheating on someone who trusts you and cherishes you and humiliating her like that is abuse. Subjecting her to potential disease by having affairs with multiple women is abuse.

Jesse has humiliated her publicly.  I have no doubt that he did the same thing to her privately.

Most likely Sandra  ignored it  for a variety of reasons. Either she was too bust to deal with it or she thought it would change, or perhaps  she wanted to keep the peace and stay married.

But I am certain that there were signals of emotional abuse throughout the marriage. There certainly were signs in their body language as depreciated in so many photographs of the two of them together.

As you will read in my upcoming book called Toxic Men- Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable from Adams Media in November, many women are unaware they are being abused emotionally until it is too late. They often ignore the  body language and verbal signs as Sandra unfortunately  did.

Lindsay Lohan’s Lying Body Language to In Interview Shows Defensiveness and Anger
May 25, 2010

As a body language expert being able to read between the lines can be very upsetting when you see someone who was once so gorgeous and talented headed for destruction. Lindsay Lohan’s one on one interview with was very sad and disturbing to me.

As Lindsay answered the very blunt and direct questions posed to her, there was nothing about it that rang true except for one part.

That was the part when she spoke about how negatively she feels about her father and how she can’t stand him.  She called him a convicted felon and said with regard to her father  that “enough is enough.”

You can see this in the above photo. That was the only time that her body language showed that she was direct. She faced forward and leaned out and looked directly at the interviewer.

Her facial expression was congruent with what she said. She looked pained and angry based on the tension in her lips and jaw area and on her forehead.

It makes one wonder whether  father Michael Lohan’s negative  actions stimulate Lindsay’s very disturbing and destructive behavior.

If she does have an alleged alcohol and or drug problem, is his going to the press and sharing her private conversations adding to her aberrant behaviors?

What rings very true is when she says she has nothing to do with him.


The rest of her interview was filled with signals of deception, which indicated that she was lying about almost every one of the issues about which she was questioned.

Here were the lying “tells” which were observed throughout the interview :

1. Shoulder shrugging

2. Pulling back

3. Looking down and away from the interviewer

4. Looking up to indicate that she was manufacturing answers to the questions

5. Excessive eye blinking

6. Repetition of words and phrases

7. Repeating the question at the beginning of the sentence

8. Using “uh” um’s a lot

9. Telling way too much information

10. Going off on tangents

11. Making countless excuses for actions and behaviors

12. Pulling the head and body back

13. Squirming in her seat


And for those of you who are:

a. contentious,

b. die hard Lindsay Lohan fans who can see nothing wrong with her behavior, or

c. who just plain like to argue, please take your fight somewhere else . ‘

Don’t waste your time or mine or show your lack of knowledge by telling me that body language analysis is a pseudoscience or junk science.

I can assure you that it is not. It is based on science and behavioral analysis.

Look at the work of one of the greatest body language researchers of our time, Dr. Paul Ekman, of Stanford University. who’s work on facial tells and micromovement  analysis is showcased in the Fox hit television show “ Lie to Me.”

While body language analysis is based on scientific evidence , there is also an art to it. It takes a long time to learn it and an even longer time to be really good at it.

I liken it to what a surgeon does. Based on his education, knowledge and experience, the surgeon, knows exactly what to do during an operation. But the success of the operation depends on his skill as a surgeon and how well he uses and manipulates his hands. In that respect, it is an art.

The same holds true in body language analysis. Anyone that tells you differently that it is a junk science or that it is a pseudoscience is completely ignorant and/ or has a personal axe to grind like a certain self proclaimed Tourette syndrome psychologist named Leslie E. Packer PhD who writes the blog called pogowasright and  “ Chronicles of Dissent” with the operative word being on her moniker “dissent.”


I first encountered this psychologist, Leslie E. Packer Ph.D , author of the blog “Chronicles of Dissent” and  pogowasright , after I read a very nasty and defamatory blog where she wrote an internet headline that I backpeddled  in relation to my series of blogs about Britney Spears . Britney if you remember, had  had some issues at the time.

I wondered who would anonymously write such untrue and defamatory comments about me, be such a hater towards other media psychologists, in show cowardly behavior by not signing their name, and even go as far as admitting she wrote to the Board of Psychology (who by the way ended up ignoring her hostile efforts).

This blogger continued her personal vendetta by attacking my work as a body language expert, thumbing her nose at it and calling it junk and pseudoscience.

But what she didn’t count on was how I ironically used my scientific skills as a body language expert to uncover this formerly anonymous blogger’s identity. In doing so it completely refuted  her ignorant claims that  body language analysis is  junk or pseudoscience.


After analyzing various “tells” in her blog writings, I discovered that all of  this  Toxic verbal venom towards me and my profession came from a 70 something New York based psychologist ( a non- media psychologist) who in my view had a definite axe to grind.

In fact, to me it seemed like nothing else but a clear case of professional jealousy. Based on my analysis of her specific “tells” I discovered her name was Leslie E Packer a PhD who reportedly dealt with patients with Tourette’s Syndrome . She was also the author of  a  blog called Chronicles of Dissent” and pogowasright. When I punched up her name on the internet it appeared that she was no stranger to her activity as there were numerous allegedly derogatory headlines over the internet  which several others made about her.

So, the bottom line is that anyone who calls body language analysis a pseudoscience or junk science is to be ignored.

They may  allegedly have “issues” or a personal axe to grind.



When Lindsay was asked point blank whether  she should be in rehab , the most telling  signal was that she looked away, In a defensive facial move, she  slightly wrinkled her forehead as she lifted her shoulder (as in giving the cold shoulder)

In an angry clipped staccato tone stated “ I don’t see why I have to go.” Her answer clearly indicated that she was in denial. She was angry at the question and even more angry at the notion that someone would think of sending her to rehab .

As she looks away her face reflects her defiance as she continues on making lame excuses


When someone repeats the question you asked and manipulates one of your key words, chances are they a re not telling you the truth.

The interviewer bluntly asks Did your passport really go missing or was it an excuse.?

Immediately you notice a shoulder shrugs she repeats the same sentence. These are two definite signals of deception.

Then she continues , as she touches her neck. “ and says other thing a piece of jewelery and items that were in my possession, so I thought.”

The volunteering of that much information which was not requested, along with her shoulder shrug were two more signals of deception, making it a total of four signals in just a sentence .

When Lindsay denied that her passport didn’t go missing but rather was stolen, this change in semantics shows that she has definite problems with getting things straight. She had no proof the passport was stolen.

In the photo above you can clearly  see that notice that Lindsey  holding onto her neck and chin. The neck is one of the the most vulnerable parts of our body

So when someone holds onto it it usually reflects that  they are indeed feeling vulnerable. Lindsay may very well have felt vulnerable after being asked this question which she most probably knew was not true.

Finally her shifting her eyes to the side as soon as she was asked the question is further indication of  deception.


When someone gives you too much information and makes excuses and gets into excess detail, they are usually not telling you the truth.

Lindsay is full of justifying her behavior and that is a huge signal of deception.


When Lindsay was asked if she was still taking drugs the telling signal of deception was a shoulder shrug and her looking away as though she didn’t want to face the truth. The muscle tension in her forehead  indicating that she as angry she was asked this question.  d

Her cocking her head to the side and looking own to the side indicates that she is attempting to manufacture an answer.


Perhaps the most telling thing throughout the interview was Lindsay’s defensiveness,. This was really evident when she was asked about missing her programs.

Instead of a simple yes or no answer as to whether she attended all of her programs she looks worried and terrified and is full of excuses about how she stayed in NY and did another class and something about a funeral.


When people lie their excuses often get more and more creative. They make no sense whatsoever min terms of their decision making process.

When Lindsay said she   tried  everything to get back to LA for her court date she said she even went to the Indian embassy.

This makes no sense  at all. An  American has no business going to an Indian embassy. They can only help their Indian citizens not American ones.


In this photo above we really see a very angry Lindsay Lohan who looks very defiant as she juts her chin forward and glares at the interviewer who asked her about her partying in Cannes. She completely denied it stating that she was working.

She was extremely defensive body language wise with  a raised shoulder indicting that she was ready for a fight. It;s much like an aggressive animal does with raised hackles when they are ready to attack.

The odd thing was that the movie that she was allegedly promoting a movie  on which she says she was working hasn’t even  been made. So in essence she was there to promote an idea for a movie that has  no production date


The whole thing is so sad. It was so sad to see Lindsay looking so devastated in the courtroom as she was sentenced to wear a SCRAM bracelet to determine if she would be free of alcohol in her system.

She was then told that she would be subject to random drug testing. I certainly hope that Lindsay can accomplish these two things. I hope that she will not drink or take drugs. I hope that  if she is addicted to either of these substances that she take advantage of this situation to get herself sorted out in a 12 step program or get herself to an addiction specialist who can help her. Rehab may also be a good choice for her. Even though she failed at it in the past, she just may succeed this time around. Oftentimes it may  take many stints in rehab to get clean of drugs and alcohol.


I pray for Lindsay. I would love to see her succeed and become an inspiration to others. I know that this talented and beautiful young woman has suffered a lot of emotional distress due to her relationship with her TOXIC father. Instead of taking it out on herself and self  destructing,  she needs to get some professional help so that she can turn her pain outward and not inward.

Personally, I believe that the damage between Lindsay and her father is irreparable. When he shared her personal audiotapes with the world and allegedly received payment for doing so I believe that was the ultimate betrayal. There are some things which are unforgivable and in my view  that is one of them.

I believe that she needs to continue to unplug from her father and continue to keep him at arms length from her. He does not need to be in her life. I believe that there are some people who are so TOXIC to others that they can wreak havoc on their psyche and restimulate self destructive behaviors.

While Dina her mother is clearly an enabler based on her actions and denial of Lindsay’s issues, there is no doubt that Lindsay loves her mother. You can see her love for her mother when she talked about her mother in the interview.

You could even see the affection the two have for one another in the latest ET interview where Lindsay surprised her mother with having her mother’s house cleaned by a professional organizer. I think that their relationship could be a lot healthier if they both had some  joint counseling together and Dina learned about boundaries and not enabling her daughter.

There is also a lot of affection between Lindsay and her siblings. In fact she became teary eyed when she talked about not being able to attend her younger brother’s graduation because she was going to be in court .

I believe that Lindsay can turn this negative experience into a positive one and use the time to get herself sorted out.

I hope that she gets counseling to help her deal with the pain that appears to be gnawing inside of her.  Nothing  would be more inspiring than to see  a positive  comeback for this beautiful and gifted actress.

Lindsay Lohan’ s No Show In Beverly Hills Court Confirms Mother Dina is An Enabler Who’s Recent Body Language Reveals She’s In Denial
May 20, 2010

I just drove by the Beverly Hills Courthouse  on Burton Way  my way to my office this morning  only to see a string of TV mobile units  from every network lined up outside the courthouse.

I recognized some of my cameramen buddies from the various news outlets who were gathered around in a circle for what looked like was a presser. One of the cameramen walking near my car  told me that all of the press commotion  was for none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Apparently Lindsay did not show up to her court hearing  so there was a bench warrant issued for her arrest. Lindsay was full of excuses for not getting back in time, like losing her passport in Cannes, even though French police had no report of a stolen passport.

My first thought is why didn’t someone help her out?  Why didn’t her own mother /manager make sure Lindsay would be back from Cannes in time for her daughter’s court date? But that was just a fleeting thought. Lindsay isn’t the only one who is full of excuses. It is her number one enabler  her own mother/manager Diana who doesn’t seem to realize that she is not helping her daughter when she is not allowing Lindsay to take responsibility for her actions and face the truth.

Dina and Lindsay were recently featured on ET and I was appalled at Dina’s  excuses making for her daughter’s disturbing behavior. Dina’s laughter and  casual interjections and dismissal of her daughter’s serious issues was appalling.


Samantha Harris asked Lindsay point blank whether  she had any problems with drugs, alcohol or prescription medication, Lindsay defensively stated , “No, I don’t. I work.”

” What??  What does work have to do with whether she takes drugs?

Then she adds way too much information with a very defensive sounding toine attached to it. She says “ And if I go out with my friends, I’m 23 and I’m allowed to do that. I don’t go out when I’m working.”

When someone sounds that defensive and when they give out additional information that has nothing g to do with the question being asked it usually means they re not telling the truth.

Another “tell” that indicated Lindsay may not be telling the truth was her constantly looking away and diverting her eyes as she was unable to literally face and look at the truth.


When asked about recent tabloid photos of Lindsay  falling in the street, She replies  “I’m the most clumsy person in the world. I do trip a lot. I fall. I walk into walls sometimes.”

She says in in an anry and hostile tone. There was also shoulder shrugging as she said this- a classic signal of deception that occurred as she consistently diverted her eyes and looked away.

Then she adds “When did I stop being okay?” “I am fine. I am happy and I am working. And I’m good. And I’m surrounded by great friends now. You know, I have weeded out a lot of people in my life.” As she says this she doesn’t look very happy. Instead, she looks angry and hostile.

Once again when someone gives you that much unsolicited information, chances are they are not “good” and that something is very wrong with them. When someone is “very happy” as Lindsay says she is, their facial expression usually matches their words, which was not the case as Lindsay spoke these words.


If anything tragic happens to Lindsay like OD’ing on drugs  or alcohol or getting onto an accident and hurting herself or worse killing someone,  I will hold her mother Dina equally responsible.I will hold her responsible for making statements like this when discussing her daughter:

“But everyone does that,”. “That is like normal growth; she’s 23.”

A 23 year old girl repeatedly falling down is NOT normal growth! Unless she has a neurological problem  or running in six inch heels, 23 year old girls do not typically fall down unless they are drunk or high.

If she does have a neurological issue, then her mother needs to make sure she is  medically checked and treated appropriately . If she doesn’t have a neuromotor  issue, then she needs to get sorted out in terms of her alcohol or drug use.

We are just very misunderstood,” adds Dina. “And, when I read it, it breaks my heart because it is not true. I am going to cry. I’m really going to cry. … She has the biggest heart of anyone on the planet.” Dina says as she praises  Lindsay.

Dinal will really be crying when something tragic happens to her daughter because of her enabling Lindsay and not facing the truth about her daughter.


In her ET interview Lindsay says that she and her mom   “We fight like friends do. “ She says Not every mother has to read false stories about their daughter. It’s nice to know she has sat by me through all of that. She knows what is really happening in my life.”

First of all , Dina  is her mother not her friend , She is her  mother needs to act like a mother  of a daughter who is in desperate need of help.  She needs to take charge and give Lindsay a reality check.

If she really knows what is really happening in  Lindsay’s  life as Lindsay says, then her mother needs to be supporting  an intervention and getting her daughter into rehab as fast as her feet will carry her.

Dina does not need to be laughing into the camera and making a joke that herr daughter falls a lot. It was sickening to hear her say something like that. No doubt, her words will definitely come back to haunt her.Her daaughter’s falling is NO JOKE!


Then Lindsay continued to put her head in the sand and to not look at the  reality of her problems. She makes excuses for people not hiring her.

She says that she doesn’t  pay attention to the bad press,but adds “. … The only problem is that it distracts from me getting jobs, and that is when it hurts me.”

Well here is a reality check Lindsay. It is not the bad press that  prevents you from getting jobs. It is the fact that no one will hire you until you clean up your act because now you are  not insurable.

No one wants to hire a drug addict or an alcoholic who will create problems on a film set  and who  may not be  complete their filming under  the terms of their contract.


While the  judge mentioned that she believed that Lindsay had a substance abuse problem, it di not stop her from issuing a bench warrant to Lindsay for not showing up this morning.

This  means  that as soon as Lindsay Lohan arrives on US soil, she will be detained by US Customs authorities .  Because she now has a bench warrant  for her no show, LAPD or the LA Airport Police will haul her off to jail.


I don’t think that Linday will be getting out of her 180 day sentence so quickly.  I think that she may very well have to server her full sentence.

Perhaps the 4 12 moths behind bars will give her the time to straighten herself out and get off of the drugs she is allegedly  on. Perhaps the situation will also give her enabling mother Dina a reality check as well. Perhaps  now she won’t be laughing  and making a joke of the  fact that “Lindsay falls down a lot.”

Tommy Croslin’s Voice and Speech Patterns in Jailhouse Confession Ring True. What Does Ron Know?
May 19, 2010


Tommy Croslin, brother of Misty Croslin,  the ex step mother of  missing five year old  Haleigh Cummings, told his grandmother, Flora Hollars that he knows how Haleigh died. Based on his vocal tells during his phone conversation with his grandmother he appears to me to  be telling the truth.

He is fluent in speech, without hesitation, repetition, and does’t use ” like um and ums” – tells which can often be heard when there is deception. He has a fluidity to the rate of speech. His tone of voice is  appropriately inflected, especially when he speaks about being scared.  He says that he is scared of anyone hurting his kids and I believe him. In fact, n you  can actually hear the fearful emotional state reflected in his vocal tone.

I especially believe Tommy when he tells his grandmother that he was  threatened to keep quiet about what happened. Perhaps that would seem to explain the headless rat that arrived in his mailbox, which Ron allegedly sent as a reminder to not “rat him out”.


Grandmother Flora Hollars questioned her grandson Tommy  about that horribly fateful night that Haleigh was last seen. She said:

“I was told that Ron come home, and Haleigh and found one of his pills and took it and was dead … Ron called you to get you to come up there and help Misty clean the house while he disposed of Haleigh,”

But then Tommy denied this scenario which his grandmother presented  and said it simply wasn’t true.

He said he was threatened to stay quiet about what happened, or risk being killed. He told his grandmother he feels more safe in jail.

Tommy then  asked his grandmother about his sister Misty and if she has told investigators all she knows about Haleigh.

This line of  Tommy’s questioning definitely  leads me to believe what I have said all along that Misty knows a lot about what happened to the little girl.

I read it in her vocal pattern during the 911 call and saw it in her body language on every subsequent television interview she did where she discussed how she didn’t know what happened to little  Haleigh.


Even though Tommy denied Flora’s scenario that  she heard Haleigh and found one of his pills and took it and was dead …and even denied the rest of her scenario that “ Ron called you to get you to come up there and help Misty clean the house while he disposed of Haleigh,” the real question is, what  part of the scenario is Tommy denying?  Is there any part of the scenario which is true? Is he denying the part that:

  1. Haleigh found one of his pills and took it and was dead, or that
  2. Ron called him to come up there and help Misty clean the house, or that
  3. Ron disposed of Haleigh?

Was Tommy saying “no” to all of this story or only to a part of it?

This is not the first time we heard something about Haleigh in relation to drugs. It was one of the three stories that Flora said that  Misty shared with her grandmother as to what happened to Haleigh.

It was also a scenario that we read about in one of Misty Croslin’s friend’s jailhouse letters. Apparently her friend Kristina Prevatt aka Nay Nay made reference to Haleigh getting into some “oxycottin.”

If it was true that Haleigh got a hold of the drug and ingested it, did she first become unconscious before she died? As soon as she was unconscious why wasn’t she immediately taken to the emergency room where her stomach could have been pumped and her  life could have possibly been saved ?

The reason may have been  simple. If  it was discovered that she ingested oxycontin, authorities  question would be where she got the drug. There would be no doubt be an investigation and Ron’s drug dealing  business would be over. So nothing was done to save her, if indeed she did ingest the drug. If this is the case, she was obviously neglected and left to die.

Could this be the reason that Ron acted so odd throughout this entire situation? Did he know what happened to Haleigh as he had Misty call 911 and as he subsequently went on television to do all of the interviews?


I have always been troubled by Ronald Cummings’ body language and behavior ever since I first heard the 911 tape where he had his then 17 year old girlfriend Misty reported his daughter Haleigh missing.

To me, his behavior  seemed very confusing and not congruent. Did he know a lot more than he was saying during his interviews? In my view, his behavior was very odd. Here are the elements which have  troubled me about Ron’s behavior.

  1. The 911 call  was made by a 17 year old girl and not by Ron, the parent of the child. As we all saw  in the Greta  van Sustern interviews, Ron is a  “ take charge kind of guy”  as he appeared to direct  Misty as to what to say and not to say.  So why didn’t he take charge that night and call 911?
  1. In the brief moment he speaks to the 911 operator, Ron said ” I just got home from work. If I find who took my daughter I will kill them.  He then repeats this threat several times, which is very odd. Most people who were missing a child would go into the woods, even in the dark and start to call out to the child. They would wonder why she would have walked off.They would plead with 911 to help them locate their child. They would not make threats.

3.      During the 911 call he told Misty to hang up because he had” better people to talk to.” Who were these “better”  people to whom he was referring that were more important to speak to other than law enforcement?

4.      His sudden rush to marry a legally  underage  17 year old shortly after the child disappeared was also cause for concern. Was his rush to marry Misty done so that his wife could not testify against him? Did he marry her so quickly because he did not want to get arrested for being with an underage girl?

5.      His controlling behavior  over Misty during  the  Greta van Sustern interview and Today show interview  and inconsistent statements make one wonder whether he  already knew what happened to  his daughter. Why was he so controlling over Misty in her speaking? Did he not want her to reveal something relevant  to the press?

6.      Ron’s hurling himself on the ground for what seemed to be for the effect of the camera and his non tears were also odd.

7.      Ron was too sure that Haleigh was taken and still alive. After a year, most people  would at least question whether Haleigh had been killed.

8.Ron’s  constant verbal theme that he was “at work,” said  throughout  all of his interviews was odd. It was as though he mentioned it to everyone who would listen so they would be sure to know he had nothing to do with Haleigh’s disappearance because  he was somewhere else- “at work”.

While it was documented that Ron was indeed at work, what happened before he went to work?  During one interview, he had a  smug Chesire cat grin, when he spoke about how he was”at work.”

He even made the same statement  to the undercover officer  to whom he sold the drugs in the car as he also told him that  he was “at work”.

9.Ron’s volunteering too much unsolicited information that “Haleigh was not a victim of a dope boy”- a  young male that  moves hard drugs (ex. cocaine, crack), as well as the standard marijuana and prescription pills  to a specific geographic area or neighborhood,  was also odd.

10.  His deceptive verbal tells of hesitation, fragmentation, and the repetition to Geraldo Rivera’s interview  were also concerns.

11.  Ron made a disconcerting  statement to Geraldo when Geraldo tells him he was told that Ron hit his child. Ron’s answer was fragmented as he repeated Gerlado’s exact words in the beginning of the  question .Ron then goes on to say “ Me and my child have an agreement. Daddy, daughter. She has been spanked on her behind the way DCF says that you can take care of disciplining your children.”

First of all what is this daddy daughter agreement? This fragmented statement with way too much information leads me to question as to whether Ron may have  possibly  hit Haleigh or possibly backhanded her to the face as Geraldo asked.

12.  Ron lied to Geraldo about having nothing to do with drugs when in fact we know that he did, based on his recent drug bust.

13.  Finally, Ron’s bravado when he was first arrested, telling  reporter Dan Treen that he will kill the person who killed Haleigh  makes me once again question if this was  his way to  possibly mislead authorities who  so they would take the focus of of him.


One of the other possible scenarios that Flora Hollars  said that Misty relayed to her   in relation to what happened to Haleigh was that she hit Haleigh over the head with some wood.

The inconsistencies with regard to Misty during her interviews since Haleigh went missing  are a follows:

  1. Misty told Greta Van Sustern she did not sleep with Haleigh.
  2. Misty told Nancy Grace  that Hailey was not in bed with her, indicating they had not slept together.
  3. Misty then  said at one time Hailey  was  asleep in the same bed with  her brother.
  4. Misty said she was washing the sheets and put a blanket over Haleigh when she was sleeping
  5. Misty told Meredith Viera  that Haleigh  was in her bed
  6. Misty told Nancy Grace that she and Haleigh were in bed together.
  7. Misty also said she went to bed at 10 PM and woke up at 3.  Ron said he called Misty at 3:25 as he was pulling into the driveway.I want to know what happened in those  25  minutes when Misty reported that  she woke up to the time Ron called her as he pulled into the driveway. And why would anyone call anyone as they were pulling into the driveway when they would see the person in a matter of seconds? It didn’t make any sense at all.


During one interview where I was on a panel with Leonard Padilla, the famous bounty hunter, he said that”:Tommy would be the first to crack.” He said that Tommy would be the first one to tell what happened and Leonard was absolutely correct.

Tommy is frightened to losing his wife Lindsey and his family and keeps mentioning this. In fact in his last conversation with Tommy, grandmother Flora Hollars reassured  Tommy that Lindsey loved him and wasn’t leaving him.

So it seems to me as though Tommy is highly motivated to get back to the wife and family he loves. No doubt that is why he has decided that it is in his best interest to tell the truth and to tell all that he knows and ,  finally cooperate.

Casey Anthony, All Smiles As She Enters and Leaves Courtroom But Wipes Away Fake Non- Tears, One Eye At A Time At Death Sentence Hearing
May 13, 2010

The most telling thing about today’s hearing when Judge Perry denied  Casey Anthony’s defense team all four motions against the death penalty,  was Casey’s non- rection when Judge Perry gave his ruling.

It was in sharp contrast to her mother Cindy’s reaction who’s true emotion of grief surfaced as she heard Judge Perry’s words.

At first Cindy looked down with her hand over her face as   she braced herself for what she hoped would not  happen.

Then as Judge Perry spoke the words Cindy  did not want to hear, she immediately put hr hands up to her face and   showed  sudden facial signs of being distraught about the fact that if her daughter is found guilty she could be sentenced to death.

As you see in the above photo, Casey on the other hand,  did  not react at all. In fact she had a deadpan expression showing no emotion whatsoever.  It was as though she as listening to someone speaking in a  foreign language that she did not understand. In fact Casey .

Jose Baez on the other hand was quite disturbed as you can see from his furrowed brow. He was clearly upset and it showed.

What was even more   disturbing was when it was over and when she and her defense team  all stood up, Casey managed to groom herself  in  front of the object of her flirtation- Jose Baez.

As you can see in the above photo,  she brushes her hand against her hair when it is already tied back away from her face. Evidently Casey is more concerned  about looking good then dying.

Then when Casey directly  looked at Jose Baez she was actually  SMILING !!! Yes, there is actually a smile as  her cheeks  are raised and there is  a smirk on her face  after learning  that if she is found guilty she can be sentenced to death!


After  scrutinizing Casey’s behavior I  see  a full blown sociopath based on her body language tells from her smiling as soon As she stepped foot into  into the courtroom.

to her fake tears,. There were no sobs. There was no chest heaving. There was no whimpering.  There was no liquid coming out of her eyes. There was no facial expression that would indicate sadness or angst or upset.

There was no indication of grief  as determined by the  non action of  her facial muscle. There was no downturn of the lower lip, a classic facial tell which shows that someone is distraught and overcome with grief a facial expression which Cindy  showed when Judge Perry denied the defenses motion against the death penalty.

As soon as Casey saw Jose  Baez when she walked into the courtroom  she gave him a very big and genuine smile complete with raised cheeks.

Casey continued to smile even when she heard the words ” All  rise”  before the Judge walked into the courtroom.

She still had a smirk on her face as the Judge entered the courtroom and she stood next to her two attorneys.

Only a sociopath would smile when they were facing such a serious hearing to learn whether or nor  they would be sentenced to death.

Finally the smirk left her lips and Casey remained expressionless as she sat int he courtroom watching  Andrea Lyons, her death penalty attorney and fashion consultant spoke  in front of  Judge Perry.

Casey Anthony sat there looking  ahead.  At first she showed no emotion.

Then at one point she  showed  a flash of anger as determined by the muscle twitch of her tightly clenched jaw.

Suddenly Baez turned  to Casey and said something to her. It seemed like he told her to turn on the waterworks for all to see, because moments later she began her FAKE TEAR CRYING RITUAL.

Here is how Casey’s non emotional fake crying ritual goes.

STEP l- She wipes her finger under her right eye.

Step2 She wipes her finger under her left eye.

Step 3. She looks at her fake non tears  her on her fingers.

Step 4.  She engages in hair grooming between fake tears.

When Casey wipes away her “tears” there is no liquid to wipe away because there are no tears coming out of her lacrimal ducts.

Also, people do not cry tears, one eye at a time. Tears run from both eyes simultaneity.  So her  wiping one eye and then immediately wiping  the other screams to how fake her tears are.


It appeared to me that Baez , looking down at he desk and slightly turning in her direction, gave Casey some kind of subtle cue to use a Kleenex , He  probably pointed to a Kleenex on the desk for her to pick up and use. Until then she was fake crying sans Kleenex.

Casey then took the neatly folded Kleenex and patted an eye.  Actually she missed the eye and ended up patting the side  and the bridge of her nose as you see in the photo above.

Casey then looks at her fake tear on her neatly folded Kleenex.

She then repeats the ritual going from eye to eye after looking at her fake non tear that  she wiped away on the Kleenex.

And then of course there is the hair groom after she looks at the non tear.  dry Kleenex.


Casey not only uses her fingers to wipe away the fake tears, she will use her thumb  exclusively to wipe away the non tear as we see in the photo above. She follows the same ritual after doing the “THUMB WIPE”  with the examining her dry, non tear stained thumb, and  then grooming her hair.


Casey appears to get bored with the under the eye pats. So she changes it up a bit.

She now goes for the eyelid pat as you see above. First she  pats one eyelid with her index finger.

Then she pats her other eyelid with her pointer finger. Sometimes she changes up the fingers as well. Sometimes it is an index finger and other  times it is a pointer finger.

Then of course , she must look at the results that the eyelid pat yielded,  in terms of her examining these non tears.

What Casey doesn’ t realize is that tears run  down from your eyes. They do not run  not up  from your eyes.

I guess she must have  played hooky from school that day  when  there was a lesson about gravity.

It is ridiculous for her to pat her eyelid and expect a tear coming from her eyelid. This is further evidence  why her tears are phony.


When someone is genuinely  crying, even if they take  break from that crying to look at their Kleenex, they usually still have an expression of  upset on their face. They do not look  blank and  expressionless as Casey does in this photo.

When someone is genuinely crying, even when they wipe away a tear, you will still see a micro expression  of  sadness or despair as evidenced by a turned down lowe lip or a furrowed forehead or brow. You will see some type of indication that the person is upset.

In Casey’s case, there is non of that indication in her facial language that she is upset or feeling bad.


After looking closely at Casey’s  non crying, non teary eyed behavior, I can say without a doubt that all news reports and headlines which have appeared in the media stating that Casey got emotional during t he hearing, or that Casey cried  in court are false.

Based on these body language findings which I have shared with you, Casey has once again managed to try to manipulate.  It is something that she has  no doubt done her entire life. But now, her manipulation will not work.

Her lack of  honest and genuine tears show that he has no remorse for what she has allegedly done to Caylee. It shows a frightening  cold hearted person.

I have no doubt that a jury will pick this up. It doesn’t  matter  if that jury is in Orlando or Miami.

No matter how hard Casey tries to muster up those tears, she can’t. She can’t because, like most sociopaths,  she has no feelings. You need feelings to produce genuine heartfelt tears.

Casey Anthony’s Flirtatious Body Language With Attorney Jose Baez May indicate Her “ Zoned Out Stoic Look In the Courtroom May Be Contrived
May 11, 2010


Since the sudden change in Casey Anthony’s courtroom demeanor where she looks stoic,  many have asked me if I thought Casey  looked  zoned out. Her not moving a muscle and having a vacant stare have lead many to believe that she is on some sort of anti anxiety  medication.

But based on her recent courtroom behavior where she was seen smiling, laughing, and blatantly flirting with Jose Baez, she didn’t look  very stoic or  zoned out . Her smiling and happy demeanor around her other attorney Cheney Mason also showed no indication of a zoned out look.

But as soon as Judge Belvin Perry entered the courtroom, that all changed. Cased turned stoic and looked zoned out.  Usually when one is zoned out on medication their zoned out demeanor is consistent.  They are not happy and bouncy  and flirty around some and then  zoned out around others- unless they are most likely acting that way on purpose. I think that this may be  the case with Casey Anthony.


When Casey walked into the courtroom I noticed that the conservative ruffled blouse  that she was no doubt,  forced to wear by her fashion consultant and death penalty attorney Andrea Lyons, was  unbuttoned to show the cleavage of her low cut  tank top underneath.

I knew that it was a matter of time that Casey would reject her new wardrobe which was so out of character for  her. She no doubt felt as though it was torture for her to be  forced into outfits to help disguise  who she really is. In her mind it made her feel unsexy and unpretty. So now that Andrea wasn’t in the courtroom to monitor her fashion and it was just the two men- Jose and Cheney, Casey decided to rebel and strut her stuff.


Casey’s eyes are wide open and she attempts to make eye contact with Baez, her head is tilted  and face is receptive as she has a sultry look on her face.

Casey finally makes direct eye contact with Jose Baez. There  is a slight smile on her face which shows she is happy to look at her object of affection Jose Baez. .

The eye gaze is more penetrating and the smile gets more intense in her flirting. Notice how her eyes gaze up towards Baez. When someone is attracted to someone they often have an upward gaze.

Now Casey is leaning into Jose. She doesn’t break eye contact. If someone is not flirting, they will break eye contact . Her smile is more intense and her cheeks begin to raise indicating a  genuine smile. She is no doubt happy that Jose is reciprocating as we can see by his genuine smile with his crinkled eyes. Jose do not maintain eye contact, which indicates that he is trying to maintain some dignity here as her attorney.  But he;s not doing a good job at it since he is laughing and engaging in this flirtatious behavior as well.

Now Casey leans her shoulder  and raises it up and cocks her  head towards Jose as she continues hr flirtatious body language.

Now Casey breaks out in genuine laughter with crinkled eyes, raised cheeks and an open mouthed smile showing teeth. Jose;s head is leaned in towards her and it looks as though they have a private secret between them.


The flirting and laughing between Jose and his client Casey completely  nauseated me. There is absolutely nothing that could be funny in a situation where someone is accused of killing their child. What could be funny about the possibility of  having a lethal injection coursing through your veins and paralyzing and killing you if you are found guilty.

Are these two so smug that they actually think this is all a big joke and that Casey will get off scot free? I know that Cheney Mason has said that he believes that he will walk out of the courtroom with Casey arm and arm when she is set free as a result of his brilliant lawyering skills.

To those of you who ask if Casey is on some kind of medication that makes her zone out, after seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the alertness in her demeanor and her focus and attention  in her  flirting behavior, I would say that the answer is No. If she was on some type of medication that made her zone out, chances  are that she would also act zoned out around Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.


After Casey’s  flirting session, Jose finally leaves the table. Casey is left with attorney Cheney Mason. He doesn;t say anything to her for a while and then appears to ask her how she is doing.

Casey smiles a genuine smile but she doesn’t feel as comfortable around Cheney Mason as she does around Jose Baez. Her rounded shoulders tell you she’s not feeling as secure. In fact she is feeling rather insecure as you see what she doers next. I should also add that s soon as they had their few seconds of communication, Cheney mason ignored her and went right back to what he was doing at the table.

My view is that Casey cannot seem to relate to any man without flirtation as we have seen in her past history.  No doubt Casey was great at the art of the flirt as she was able to garner the attention of  most men  she set her sights on. How else could she have secured thee myriad of  boyfriends in her life? She knew what to say and how to look at a man and how to smile and move. This no doubt gave her a sense of power,  self confidence , and security.

So when her flirty smile is not responded to, she gets really insecure as we see here . After all it was her looks that attracted men.  Mr.  Mason does;t seem to be responding to her looks or her smile  and for Casey i seemed that it was all about hr looks  So, she  immediately   starts her self grooming ritual. As you can see above, she grooms her hair.S he pats it down ont he sides to make sure it is in place.

Then she reaches for her buttons to make sure that they are still  unbuttoned , After all she went to a lot of effort to look sexy, showing her cleavage through her unbuttoned ruffled shirt and Mr, Mason  doesn’t even notice it.

Like a cat, she continues continues to groom herself by repeatedly  brushing off  her lap area, Then she brushes off her sleeves, In essence she got the brush off from Mason and is now literally brushing off the” brush off.”


By this time Jose Baez comes back to the table. But he is busy. he doesn’t acknowledge Casey. So she engaged in soME self stimulating behaviors

She fiddles with her eyelashes and pulls them repeatedly.  She dabs at the corners of her eyes like she did when she was faking all of those courtroom tears.

Then Casey self stimulates by rubbing her hands together as we see here, She does this repeatedly.

Then she does  what I call “lip glossing”. She rubs her lips as though she were applying lip gloss and subsequently purses her lips together as one would do to spread   lip gloss over their lips The only thing is that there is no actual lip gloss present. Doing this is yet another self stimulating behavior which makes her feel good, Psychologically the lip glossing behavior may be a reaction to Jose Baez now ignoring her and her narcissistic attempt to appear attractive to him. When a woman wears lip gloss it usually makes her look attractive, So it’s  Casey’s subconscious desire to feel and look good.

But sometimes self stimulation is done just to make one feel. Whether it feels good or bad doesn’t matter, just as long as some feeling is present.  Sometimes  self mutilation or self inflicted pain is done in order to feel something. That is what happened here, Casey is inflicting pain on to her self by actually pinching herself repeatedly.


When the prosecution got up to speak and they discussed the topic of Casey’s being a good mother and being seen partying and wearing a blue dress, you could visibly see a change in Casey’s breathing pattern as it became more deliberate and visible, This often happens when people feel angry.

There was als0 a great deal of muscle tension in the jaw as you see here. You can see the indentation in her jaw area which indicates the muscle  tension.  She was no doubt clenching her jaws  together tightly out of anger.


Perhaps one or all of her attorneys coached her to stop laughing and smiling in the courtroom and looking like she was having a good time.  Perhaps her attorneys read my blogs, which discussed   her smirks and smiles. Maybe the presence of a stern, no nonsense judge who is on the fast track changed her demeanor. Whatever the case, someone told her to do something that dramatically altered how she came across in the courtroom.

But based on all that we have seen it appears that her new image is done for effect. She does not appear to be on medication that would zone her out, otherwise  it would be a consistent , She would look zoned out when she would be flirting with Baez, talking to Mason, grooming herself, and doing her self stimulating  behaviors.

Casey Anthony’s Body Language in Latest Court Appearance Still Shows Grooming Behavior and Detachment
May 10, 2010

The last time Casey was in court   all noticed a definite change in Casey Anthony’s body language.  Casey Anthony appeared more stoic and less smiley. Although she did manage to eek out a giggle and an inappropriate smile or two  at the beginning,  for the most part she had a serious facial expression.

In her latest  court appearance,  we clearly see how the body doesn’t lie. Casey could not stop herself from her ritualistic grooming behavior as she sat alone and waited for the court  proceedings to begin. She looks down and begins  to dust herself off at the thighs as if to get rid of  this horrible situation in her life. Her grooming is an attempt to literally clean herself off from what lays ahead of her.

We now see Casey tugging on her blouse and making sure it fits right so she looks good. This speaks to the narcissistic self oriented behavior we have seen in almost all of her appearances. We definitely saw her narcissism up close and personal during her jailhouse tapes.

Casey still continues to groom herself as she tugs at her collar . She makes sure it looks good. Because  she spends most of her time in collarless prison scrubs,  perhaps she isn’t used to wearing upright collars. So the constant tugging and grooming , may also be a signal of insecurity in her new duds.

There also appears to be a  definite a discomfort level with her clothing which also causes her to tug at them constantly. When people  don’t feel comfortable in what they are wearing you often see them tugging at their clothes. which indicates that they feel they don’t look good in what they are wearing. The tugging is a subconscious attempt to rearrange the clothing or to change it.

From what we have seen in Casey’s  wardrobe based on all the previous pre- courtroom photos, Casey  seemed very comfortable in  low cut clinging tops and skin tight form fitting dresses. So needless to say her courtroom attire,  complete with ruffled top is not her style.

Before Andrea Lyons came into the picture and it was just Jose Baez, her tried to change her image and it failed .


Initially he made her wear the black glasses so she would look smart and educated and not like the loser high school drop out that she was.  He used gave her a corporate look with conservative white long sleeved button down blouses and  fake glasses.


Then the first time he brought Casey onto the courtroom her made her wear an over sized jacket  with her hair pulled back in a bun like a school marm librarian who could never get a date.  It was l so laughable that Jose didn’t let her come to court looking  like that anymore.

Based on my observations of her attorney Andrea Lyon’s wardrobe, it is highly possible that she may not only be  serving as Casey’s attorney but as he wardrobe consultant as well. In fact, during one courtroom appearance they both wore an identical odd shade of green as  you can see above.

Andrea may think that the jury will look more favorably at a buttoned up ruffled innocent plain looking woman who is nothing like the hottie  party girl  image the will be seeing in her evidence  photos.

Personally I think Andrea should  let  Casey’s dress in her clingy low cut  outfits that she appears to be more comfortable wearing.

After seeing the photos of her draped in an American flag,skimpy outfits and a

sleeveless tank top as she is seen with her  head   in the toilet  vomiting, no jury is going to buy the sweet ruffle plain girl image. In fact it will piss them off  because they will feel that they were being manipulated.

Now we see Casey having a facial  expression we have never seen previously. She is tight jawed and purses  her lips. This is a far cry from the previous photo pictured  above where she is all smiles  wearing a green tank top.

Her facial language shows a great deal of tension and stress,. Perhaps the reality and the gravity of the situation has finally hit her and has begun to sink in.

As she sates ahead expressionless we see the tension in her temples and in her shoulders which are now hunched over. It is though there is literally a weight on her shoulders. She dis not have this posture previously, She would sit upright which indicated that she was fu of confidence.  It was a smug and arrogant type of posture. but now Casey appears to have  been humbled,  posture-wise.

Perhaps it was the recent punishment which she may possibly be receiving for her jailhouse  letters. Perhaps the two years she has already spent in jail are finally getting to her. Whatever the case, her body language indicates that there has been a significant change.

When Casey was in the courtroom she barely moved. She just looked straight ahead with an expressionless face.  Was it due to the fact that there was a new judge and she didn’t want to do anything to have him perceive her in a negative light?  Is she being coached by one or all of her attorneys as to how to behave? Have they coached her to not move a muscle in the courtroom and to completely wipe any emotion off of her face?  Or is Casey finally on some type of anti- anxiety medication that causes her to space out, sit still and not display any emotion especially happy emotions?

Joe Overstreet’s Body Language Analysis Shows Signals of Deception. Grandmother Flora Hollars Show No Signals of Deception
May 9, 2010


As soon as Misty’s cousin Joe Overstreet opened his mouth at the presser, he says ” I can’t imagine what they’re going through.” On the next breath he  says “ I didn’t do it,” as he purses  his lips and blinks excessively. Body language wise, these are two major signals of deception. “


Speech wise when he says “I can’t imagine what they are going through.” He is making a statement of sympathy. But there is no body language or facial language to demonstrate that sympathetic feeling or emotion. That is a huge “tell” as well.

Then a reporter immediately repeats his words in the form of a question “You didn’t do it? Joe, says no and purses his lips and looks down  which body-language wise means that he is holding something back and that he is ashamed or embarrassed about something.


You also see the side of his jaw pulsating, which means he has tension there because he is clenching. When people do this, it means they are usually not telling the truth. We saw    this a lot with OJ during his first trial where he was accused of killing his wife Nicole.


Vocal fry means there is a creakiness in the voice. When it  happens at the end of statements, it   is the body’s way of taking over and not wanting to lie. It is  the vocal muscle tightening  up during he lie and thus closing off the airstream. As he says “  if I knew who did it I would go straight to the cops and say who did it.”His voice is completely raspy and closed off as he says this.  His voice  completely dies off at the end.


Watching Joe’s attorney  was also very telling. Even though he said all of the right words in an attempt to defend and protect his client, his body language said it all. It belied his words.

Attorney Sigro had his hand on his clients leg as you can see in the photo in an attempt to signal to his client not to talk. The attorney, when speaking about his client,  also shook his head no when she should have been shaking it yes in the affirmative. When someone does this incongruent head shaking, chances are pretty high they are not telling the truth.

The attorney does this when he says that his client’s alibi can be corroborated. When the attorney says the words “that as his scheduled time to leave, the attorney  not only shakes his head no when he should be shaking it yes, he purses his lips which means he is holding back information and like his client Joe Overstreet, the attorney exhibits consistent glottal frying, He speaks in a monotone without passion or conviction for his client. This is also very telling. Perhaps his lack of vocal conviction translates into his knowing that his client may possibly get a conviction.


Then a reporter asks Overstreet, “Do you know who did it?”  Overstreet immediately parrots back the question “Do I know who did it?” That is a HUGE signal that he may not be telling us the truth. When a person answers a question with a question, it usually means that they are buying time to make up some response. They are usually   trying to formulate a made up  answer in their mind.


One thing is for sure, there sure is  strong family resemblance between  Misty’s grandmother, her mother and herself. Her grandmother seemed very sweet and down to earth and extremely politer and cooperative. She also did not appear to show any signals of deception when she spoke with Nancy Grace during her televised interview.

During the interview where Nancy looked absolutely devastated to have to listen to what   Misty’s grandmother was saying,  she  gave three horrific  scenarios as to what she heard happened to little Haleigh. She begins saying that one scenario was that   Joe and a friend  threw a yellow rope around Haleigh’s  neck and “throwed her into the river .”

The next scenario us the one  that I believe the most and that is that “Misty knocked her in the  head and killed her  got Joey and  Tommy to get rid of her.

Then she told Nancy “ I was told first thing Joe killed her I don’t know if she was dead when she hit the water. May have came from Misty.”

To date Flora Hollars has appeared on numerous shows such as Jane Velez Mitchell’s show and Levi Page’s show. She sounds credible each time. She answers the questions without hesitation. She has been consistent in her story in each interview. It is heartbreaking to watch her. There is no doubt that she loves her three grandchildren.  However, she loves justice and the truth more. She  said she came forth because of Haleigh.

Body Language of Rachel Uchitel, Cheater of Married Tiger and David Borenanaz, Shows She’s Loving Paparazzi’s Attention, Whom She May Have Alerted As She Come to L.A.and Made Empty Press Statement
May 7, 2010


Rachel Uchitell , who came to the public’s attention as  the first Tiger Woods sex partner, who doesn’t want o be referred to as a whore, skank  or  hooker ,who threatened to sue comedian Joy Behar for saying “you ka tell she’s a hooker” and is suing  another comedian for calling her a whore,  arrived at the Los Angeles airport a few days ago.

This woman who insists she is not a whore or a hooker, doesn’t deny having sexual relations with two rich and famous married men. But in her presser with  her attorney Gloria Allred,  she does deny that she was not the one who tried to extort money out of Bones actor David Boreanaz.


But what she didn’t say  in her press statement was more revealing than the empty words she did say.

Here is her full statement :

David Boreanaz is not part of my life, nor will he be.  I am not in communication with him and do not wish to be.

I have made no claims against him and do not plan to assert any. Any statements to the contrary are false and I hope that this statement will finally end any speculation about this issue.

I am looking forward to a life that is not filled with scandal, rumor, innuendo or false statements about me. I will not have any further comment regarding David Boreanaz.

She talks about the  recent and the  future,  but obviously  not the past. Rachel doesn’t mention that he had been in her life. She doesn’t mention that she had a sexual relationship with a married man and that there are photos  circulated of the two of them where  is seen  puckering up her overly inflated lips while hugging him.

And why would she assert any claims against him?  If anything, his wife should be the one asserting claims against her for alienation of affection. And besides, after receiving 10 million dollars from Tiger to keep quiet and not write a tell all book, why would she sue David?

As far as  looking forward to a life without scandal , she needs to not alert the papps or have her minions alert them if she wants to fly under the radar.


Being a part of the Hollywood show business  community for over two decades I know a thing or two about how things operate, especially with regard to the paparazzi.

There are only a few places where the papps hang out and where celebrities go if they want to be seen and photographed.

Back in the day it was at night at the old Spago on Sunset. Today it is at lunch at the Ivy on Melrose or in front of the office building  where my office is housed at 435 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, California  90210.

The reason the papps from TMZ and all the other outlets  hang out there, is because they can get good daylight shots of celebs walking down Bedford after coming out of one of the many doctors offices in the building, or they can get storefront shots of them get their nails done or going across the street  to get their eyebrows waxed.

When there was Michael Jackson news, they all hung out on the next block at 435 N. Roxbury to get shots of  anything g Jackson related, including Dr. Arnold Klein, who’s office is housed there.

Other than that, the papps DO NOT hang out unless they are  alerted where to go.  They DO NOT  hang out at the shops on Robertson Blvd.  or at LAX unless someone tells them a certain celeb is going to be there.

So knowing the drill, I can assure you that most probably Rachel Uchitel either phoned up some papp contacts herself,  or her PR agent, or Gloria Allred’s office, or someone in her camp may have most  likely alerted the papps.


If someone does not want the press attention their body language shows it. They are usually hunched down. They have a hand over their face. They often have their arm extended covering their face and protecting their eyes frm the blinding  camera flashes.  They look down as they  look upset or sad . Most of all, they do not smile, as Rachel was doing consistently.

Her smile showed she was loving it!  Her straight upright confident posture and primping as she constantly flung her long hair back over her shoulder  and away from her sticky lip glossed over inflated lips  revealed  she was showing it ALL  off.

As further intention of showing it all off,  Rachel  went braless, as indicated by the side of her most likely implanted  breast peeking through her skimpy and clingy  halter sundress.

Rachel also no doubt went  pantiless as indicated by  her  green clinging  stretch material  dress riding up her butt crack.

Knowing that she has only sex to sell, what better way to get a money shot and assure that a  provocative  photo will make the tabloids than wearing a sexy revealing outfit as you hop off the plane in full makeup with glossy lips and wearing no underwear.

Most people get off a plane looking disheveled or jet lagged, but not  Rachel. Why? Because she most likely  KNEW ahead of time the papps would be there to greet her. She KNEW that because they were no doubt contacted  by her or her minions as to what time her flight got in and what terminal she would be at. Otherwise why were there so many papps at the same terminal at the same time?

The papps job is to take as many photos of as many celebs per days o they can sell their photos to the highest bidder. They do not make money waiting around airports all day unless they know for sure a celeb will be there.  Many celebs take private jets, so they would be wasting their timer looking for celebs at airports unless they knew for sure that one would be there at a specific time.


Because the popularity  and hotness  of  night clubs in L.A.  change so quickly , papps also  don’t waste their  time hanging out at clubs unless they know for sure that a certain a  celeb will be there.

They do not follow celebs around as they bar hop unless they are told the celeb will be there. So when TMZ  and RadarOnline reported   Uchitel “hopped between Las Palmas, Chateau Marmont and Sunset Tower with a gal pal and mystery dude” rest assured they were told where Rachel and  company would be by her, or her PR agent, or one of her minions.


Now that Rachel got her 10 million dollars for keeping quiet about her sex with Tiger, she needs to go away  for good and stay out of he public eye. She is a sore reminder of a bad example for young women.

The fact that she craves the limelight so much as we can see via her body language sickens me. The fact that she  is on Extra  galls me. I hate it. I hate that this nasal, monotoned irritating voiced itless woman who is clearly  not camera ready for an entertainment  news magazine show,  with nothing to offer other than being a sex mate to Tiger Woods and David Borenanaz has such a coveted TV gig.

There are so many other women who are bona fide journalists who worked hard and went to school and paid their dues in the field. They sacrificed a lot by starting out in small towns to get their journalism and on camera chopps.  So why should a woman who spread her legs for a married man have this golden opportunity?

What sickens me the most about it is the message that this sends to precious young women in our next generation. It says that if you spread your legs for a rich and famous man, sue him or get something out of him in  any way shape or form, Then you  too can be rich and famous. You can even score  a  gig on TV to make you even more famous.

I am of the school that you work hard and do the right thing to get ahead in life.  I don’t believe in easy rides and I don’t believe in rewards for  whore, skanks, prostitutes, or hookers for their bad behavior.


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