River Cruz Upset That Bloggers Speculate Mystery Hair May Be Hers. Says It’s Impossible As She Never Met Caylee. If Hair Is Hers, Did George Set “Zanny the Nanny Prototype” Up And Put It There?


I received a call from River Cruz this evening around 5 pm PST,  who was very distraught.  Apparently someone sent her an email where a blogger said that the mystery hair that was apparently found was River Cruz’s.

According to River, it would be impossible!  First of all  she  has never seen or met Caylee in her life. Secondly she has never been to  the woods where Cayley’’s body was discovered.

If she took a lie detector test, no doubt she would pass it with flying colors attesting to the fact that she never laid eyes on Caylee.

If she took a voice stress analysis test, she would pass that as well as they would no doubt hear no signals of deception.

And with my expertise as  a body language and voice expert, I personally asked River is she ever saw or  met Caylee or if she  was in the woods  and I heard no signals of deception whatsoever. River sounded forthright and I could hear that  was telling the truth.


But River  said that she  WAS with George Anthony for a year. George Anthony was in her home for a year and according to River, in her bed throughout the year. Having said that, George no doubt  had access to many of River’s stray hairs. He was all over her home and used her bathroom. He may have very well had access to her hairbrush.

So if the hair turns out to be River’s, like some blogger speculated, the question is, Did George put it there?  Was he the one who moved Caylee’s body which Cindy mentioned to Sergeant Allen in her phone call to him ?

George  is the same man who mind you, who NEVER searched for his own granddaughter.  Did he already know she was dead? This is the husband of Cindy Anthony ,  who mentioned WOODS when  the WOODS wasn’t even a consideration. This is also the husband of Cindy Anthony , who adamantly told Sergeant Allen that Casey had help in moving he body.

So ANYTHING is possible!


One thing we know for sure is that George had his sights set on River. He pursued her. It was not the other way around according to River.  Initially, she didn’t want to get involved with him because he was married. But he let her know that he was not happily married and planning on leaving Cindy.

He sold River a complete bill of goods, tugging on her sensitive nature and heartstrings.  He even talked her into giving him a large sum of money as he told her he didn’t have enough money to eat and buy food. She felt sorry for him, so she gave him the money that she herself needed.  

What she is devastated about the most is that she now sees how he completely used her. She mentioned through her tears and sobs that  that she now sees how she was used and how she strongly believes he was trying to set her up.


I can  definitely see her point, especially when George  knew so much about the physical appearance of the “Zanny the Nanny” character, right  down to her  Asian tattoo. George in his depositions reported that he never met Zanny the Nanny, yet her knew so much about her, even describing her as a 10 with perfect teeth.

To me, it seems like a little too much description of someone you allegedly never met. Also women don’t usually describe other women as a 10, Men do that, which leads me to believe that all of this detailed Zanny the Nanny description no doubt came from George.  


For those of you that say River lied to the police when she was asked if she had an affair with George, she openly admits that she lied because she was terribly embarrassed and extremely frightened.

 Apparently, George strongly warned  her to NEVER say anything to anyone about their affair no matter what! River said that she was prepared to take it to her grave and tell no one.  So when law enforcement  unexpectedly came to her door and later  interrogated her about her affair, she didn’t know what to do or say so she tried to cover as she no doubt remembered George;s words to NEVER say anything to anyone about their affair no matter what!

 Eventually she admitted that she did indeed have an affair with George, s for which she  is deeply ashamed.  She also didn’t have a lawyer advising her at the time, which she does now.


 Also to set the record straight, River is not her twin sister Skye. Skye is reported to allegedly have somewhat of a checkered past, unlike River. Skye has the one  was talking to the press, not River. River has not spoken to the press or done any interviews with anyone except for the one she did initially and the interviews she has done with me personally.


River is a single mom who loves her young  child deeply. She is distressed that her child  has been teased at school and that there has been name calling about River. She was most devastated by the fact that her child has been beaten up while trying  to defend River’s honor.

Her child doesn’t deserve this and it is what upsets River the most. No parent would want their child tormented and bullied by other kids because of their involvement with a married father of a daughter who is facing death row for killing her child..


Thus far there has been a lot of misinformation about the hair that was found. Earlier, reporter Cathy  Belich of Channel 9  had reported that the mystery hair was on the duct tape found with the toddler’s remains. WESH-Channel 2 also reported that the strand was “on the duct tape across Caylee’s skull.”

But the documents released today say NOTHING  about a mystery hair on duct tape. So Cathy  Belich updated her initial report by later saying: ”A 5-inch-long, fine, dark brown strand of hair from a Caucasian was found with a piece of plastic from the scene where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.”  

WKMG-Channel 6’s Mike DeForest  reported that   the mysterious hair was found in the woods near the toddler’s remains.  Mike DeForest also reported that “The origin of that hair remains unknown,”

Casey ’s defense team could  use that hair to suggest a stranger was out in the woods near the toddler’s body, but prosecutors  no doubt will  argue that detectives collected lots of  items in those woods, including garbage , that is  not related to the murder of Caylee.  


The hair that was found was five inches and was straight. River’s hair is longer than five inches and it is not naturally straight. She said that when she washes her hair it comes out curly and she has to straighten it. So my question is that with all the Florida humidity and rain, wouldn’t that straight hair that was found, eventually turn to it’s natural state- curly?

 If it remained straight, it very well may not be River’s hair.


Casey’s defense team will look at everything to try and create reasonable doubt for their client so that she doesn’t end up with a lethal injection coursing through her veins .

 But there is way too much that points in the direction that she may have killed Caylee.  Jose Baez and his band of lawyers  can try all they want to create a reasonable doubt with a Zanny the Nanny or a hair, but the bottom line is that it will be very difficult to convince a jury that Casey Anthony didn’t have anything to do with her young daughter’s death.  

River Cruz is NOT Zanny the Nanny and whether the hair is or isn’t hers, she has NOTHING to do with Caylee’s death.

She only wishes she had NOTHING to ever do with George and never bought into his poor me victim routine where he used her for sex, for relief, as a refuge  to get away from Cindy, as the prototype for Zanny the Nanny ,and now possibly for her hair. http://www.drlillianglass.com/


38 thoughts on “River Cruz Upset That Bloggers Speculate Mystery Hair May Be Hers. Says It’s Impossible As She Never Met Caylee. If Hair Is Hers, Did George Set “Zanny the Nanny Prototype” Up And Put It There?

  1. Do you really feel sorry for a woman who inserted herself into this case by having an affair/close friendship with a married man? I don’t understand how so many can give her a pass because she was fooled by a fool. I say whatever she has had to endure she brought on herself and if her poor child is being picked on she has no one to blame but herself. Maybe you should advise her to stop reading the blogs and ask that her “friends” not forward any negative comments. It’s as simple as that. Ask Tony or Amy how they manage to stay out of the spotlight. I think you damage your credibility as a professional when you support such nonsense. Is Joy Wray one of your friends too? There are too many concentrating on their 15 instead of justice for an innocent baby girl. RIP Caylee


    1. Joy Wray is not on of my friends as you suggest. I have never spoken to her nor do I intend to, I have spoken to River Cruz ads she reached out to me,. I found her to be very credible.
      And as far as damaging credibility is concerned I am not concerned about that int he least. I am very credible in what I do based on my education, background and years of experience.
      River Cruz reached out to me as I said . She made a huge mistake as she admitted herself and now has to deal with the fallout that came from that mistake.
      I told her repeatedly as you suggeted to not read the blogs but unfortunately she did read these particular blogs which devastated her. She received em unexpectedly in an email and read it. The email was not from her friends but from someone she didn’t know.
      I am keeping my readers up to date and reporting to them my communication with River Cruz. I don’t think it is nonsense as you say.

      It is very serious when somone has used you and set you up as a possible scapegoat for their daughter who is accused of murdering their granddaughter. If River would have been brought into this mix, there would be no justice for Caylee as you say.


      1. With all due respect toward your education and experience it means nothing to ME. I never suggested that you were friends with Joy Wray. I asked if you were. It makes no difference to me who you are friends with as Nancy Grace comes to mind. All the players involved have banked on the controversary. I don’t know if that is the case here nor do I care. All I care about is seeing justice for a tiny little soul who was tossed like garbage. Giving someone like River/Krystal a platform DOES damage your credibility in my view.
        Let us go back to the beginning of the River/George saga. It was reported by WFTV that she was Geo’s mistress and her twin (?) sister did an interview stating as much and also stating that she was a spokesperson for her sis because she is a victim and has been hurt by this bad guy George Anthony. She also stated that her sis didn’t want any publicity from this so she is giving her statement to get it out in the open and to prevent rumors. BS!!!!! No one knew the cops had interviewed her. NO ONE! Why the need to go public? ATTENTION! Why do you not see this? And why do you give her a platform? I don’t get it. She is nothing more than an oppurtunistic home wrecker. I hope your family is never torn apart by some woman who calls herself a victim. Just because George is George does not make it ok. And as far as the suicide attempt. Please give me a break! I had a family member commit suicide. He really wanted to die because it was successful. It’s too bad people like her use this horrible situation to gain sympathy. I am just so sick of all the lies…..

        BTW…NO ONE thinks River is a 10…or even close…that’s another BS lie. And if you say you think she is, then you are lying too. I’m not trying to be mean. I just believe in truth and justice. Neither of which is evident in this post about poor River or whatever her name is. If she is as upstanding as you say why the need to use an alias. If it’s to hide from her ex as she says, it’s a little late for that.


  2. This past Christmas, I finally understood the magnitude of our Lord’s sacrifice.
    “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).
    Just as Christ was crucified for his Virtue, the State is condemning Casey to her death.
    And what evidence was brought forward to Pilate?
    No Witnesses
    No Video Tape
    No Confession
    No Motive
    No Weapon
    No Fingerprints
    No DNA
    No Soil match
    No Drug evidence
    No Prior Criminal Record (was clean as a whistle)
    No history of child abuse
    An Air Test?
    An “alleged” misplaced heart shape photo?
    The testimony of two “alleged” Police dogs?
    A dead snake?
    Irrelevant photos taken BEFORE Caylee was missing?
    A body mysteriously found by an “ALLEGED” Violent Pedophile in an area that had already been thoroughly searched?
    An unaccounted for Father?
    An insanely jealous boyfriend?
    Judgment of a Frightened and Traumatized Young Mother’s actions?
    The ignored testimony of a witness implicating someone other than Casey.
    The opinions of a media-crazed, redneck bounty hunter?
    Untrained, jealous, women galloping through the woods trampling on evidence?
    No evidence that a murder even took place, let alone connecting any crime to Casey.
    Reams of Junk Science & false speculation (i.e. air test?)
    An endless supply of baseless theories and accusations from jealous bloggers.
    Reasonable doubt?
    The Death Penalty? Are you/they serious?
    Why is this miscarriage of justice happening?
    Gifted with unimaginable beauty, she received the attention of every man (and the jealousy of women).
    A voracious reader with superior intellect, she quickly bored with a mediocre school system.
    A selfless, altruistic, loving Single Mother, who sacrificed all to nurture Caylee sunshine.
    Now a jealous mob who wants their pound of flesh.
    God Bless


    1. Dear “Jake Jones: or whomever you say you are:
      To even think of equating Christs crucifixion with Casey Anthony is absurd and ridiculous!
      There is a HUGE MOTIVE here- Casey’s relationship with her mother Cindy who said she was going to throw Casey out and keep Caylee.
      As for the WEAPON- duct tape is a weapaon as is chloroform .
      AIR TESTS are reliable and done scientificvally with proper scientific protocal.
      The HEART SHAPE was similiar to what was found in Casey’s heart shapes which detectives retrieved from her home.
      POLICE DOGS ARE NOT alleged as you say. Police Dogs are officers of the law. If you harm a police dog you will face the same penalities as if you harmed a police officer. The fact that two police dogs found the same thing is pretty strong evidence something was wrong.
      The photos taken before Caylee went missing were used to identify the little girl when there was a search going on so they weren’t “irrelevant” as you say. What is VERY RELEVANT was the photos of CASEY AFTER Caylee went missing- her partying! No one parties when their baby has gone missing unless they are sociopath.

      I don’t agree that Kronk is a “violent pedophile”. First of all any acts of violence were described by his ex wife who definately had an axe to grind as I saw it after analyzing her body language, There were multiple signals of deception. Calling him these names is very irresponsible on your part.

      As far as the area being thoroughly searched, you do not know if it was or it wasn’t becuase at that time due to the rains the body may have been under water.

      YOu cannot ckain that the baby was killed by an unaccounted father. Casey and her parents George and Cindy and Lee said the father died in a car accident, If that is true I seriously dount that he would come back from the dead and kill Caylee.

      And how DARE YOU insinuate Jesse Grund, Caylee’s ex boyfriend hand anythingto do with Caylee’s death. Any talk of Jesse was Cindy trying to throw him under the bus, in a desperate attempt to create reasonable doubt. This young man comes from a religious family. He is a good young man. The Grund family all bent over backwards for Casey. To insinuate that he had anything to do with this is as ridiculous as your statement equating Christ’s crucufuxion with Casey Anthony.

      Regarding your theory of Judgment of a Frightened and Traumatized Young Mother’s actions- no frigtened young mother parties when her child is missing. There was absolutely no fright whatsoever in her body language.

      The ignored testimony of a witness implicating someone other than Casey was ignored becuase it was ridiculous and lacked merit.

      As far as Leonard Padilla gows, whom you refer to as a “media-crazed, redneck bounty hunter,} Leonard was in the Anthony home. He saw Casey and her dysfunctional family up close and personal so I would definately value what he said. Leonard is not a redneck as you say. The man is highly educated with a law degree.

      When you say “Untrained, jealous, women galloping through the woods trampling on evidence” you are even more off base than ever. Equisearch trains their people how to look for missing people.
      And for you to say jealous women- what in the world would they be jealous of- an unemployed, lying, uneducated troubled young woman with serious mother issues who was highly promiscupus who reportedly didn’t want her child int he first place and felt burdned by her child as she went partying and who reports that she was sexually molested by her own father and brother ? There is NOTHING for anyone to be jealous of with regard toCasey

      When a child dies and duct tape is found around their mouth and nose , it IS murder. It is not a death of natural causes!

      I don’t know what “Junk Science” is to which you refer. Forensic pathologists and scientists do not use junk of any kind.

      And all the bloggers out there cannot be jealous as you say. What in the world would they be jealous of- a woman with no money, no ambiton, no success, from a highly dysfucntional family, with no values who reported that she was sexually molested by her father and brother, who detests her mother. There is NOTHING to be jealous of with regard to Casey Anthony.

      And YES The Death Penalty is a reality for Casey Anthony. It is very serious, so serious in fact that her team hired a dealth penalty qualified attorney Andrea Lyons on the team,

      There is no miscarriage of justice,, In fact, justice will prevail in the end for little Caylee.. That is where the miscarriage of justice happend- when this innoocent child was smotherd to death.

      If you think Casey is “Gifted with unimaginable beauty”you need to take a good look at your definaition of beauty, Beauty is as beauty does and Casey is not beautiful. She did not ” receive the attention of every man” as you say. She received the attention of men who saw she was sexually promiscious and a willing and easy sex partner.

      And your saying” the jealousy of women:- that women were jealous of Casey, speaks to your complete ignorance with reagrd to what women are thinking when it comes to Casey. No one would be jealous of Casey.

      Casey is NOT a superior intellect, who she quickly bored with a mediocre school system., She was a LIAR who dropped out of school. If she had superiuor intelllect she wouldnt have dropped out of school and lied to her parents. She would have gone to college and not lied to law enforcement that she went to college when she never did. If she had superior intellect she would not have communicated as she did in her jailhouse letters. Casey is far from having superior intellect. And how would you know about her intellect unless you gave her a battery of tests?

      Likewise how yould you know she was a ” selfless, altruistic, loving Single Mother, who sacrificed all to nurture Caylee sunshine” It sounds like Cindy or George tallking here trying to defend their daughter at all costs and living in an illusion. Are you sure tat you are not Cindy or George or Lee writing this and calling yourself Jason Jones in this post ?

      There is NO ” jealous mob who wants their pound of flesh.” as you say. Instead there are decent and honorable people who want to see justice serviced for the murder to an innocent baby.

      Mr. Jones, Cindy, George, Lee or whoever you are, your thinking with regard to Cindy is clealry misguided.


      1. because jake jones does not believe casey anthony to be guilty does not make him an anthony. neither am i. is she guilty. i don’t know. however from the discovery released so far, does not prove to me that fact. far from it. as jake stated, the evidence pointing to casey as being the perpertrator is very shaky. i see you commented on everything else jake said, except for the lack of evidence in this case. wonder why. also, the cause of death was not listed, simply stated as murder by undetermined means. you can guess all you like, does not make it fact. you also state chloroform, don’t you remember reading the toxicology report lillian that there was none found in caylee’s system? your idea of motive has been theorized by others, weak at best. lillian i guess that you did not read the discovery where it said that the heart sticker did NOT match any that came from the anthony home. also, you called casey a sociopath. i did not realize you were that type of doctor and could make that determination. how many hours have you spent interviewing her to determine that? what did you say – 0, thought so.

        Kronk-exwife with axe to grind? your opinion only. she has nothing to gain by lying. and don’t forget about the son and the parent of the child. their all lying are they? sure, they are all out to get him. whatever you say. if you say the circumstances regarding kronk are not odd, then you would be lying. LE should have investigated him better, if for no other reason than to rule him out as a suspect. wonder if they tested kronk against that 5 inch hair?

        the searchers could not see caylee’s remains in september yet kronks 911 call in august (two weeks earlier) said he seen something on top of water. the police officer also said he did not see anything. the remains disappear when anyone else was around only kronk? odd. police officer looked – nothing there, searchers looked – nothing there. kronk looked, something there. odd that bit of info. so my point on this is that if the body was underwater in sept, then kronk would not have seen anything in aug as per his 1st 911 call.

        as for padilla, media hound out for his 15 minutes trying to turn it into an hour. and your stating the anthony’s as a dysfunctional family. again i ask, how much personal experience and time have you spent around this family to make that determination? or are you just reading the blogs.?

        i did not realize you knew casey personally to know she has no ambitions or morals.

        there will be no justice for caylee unless the person who commited this crime is punished. the state has not proven that to be casey anthony, far from it. neither do i think they will be able to. there is too little evidence and too much reasonable doubt. all the evidence is not out in the case. it has not even gone to trial yet, it would be very foolish and irresponsible to cast guilt on someone without hearing all the facts in this case. a jury of her peers will determine whether casey is guilty after hearing/seeing all the evidence.

        and you cannot defend the thousands of bloggers who are attacking everyone in this case even remotely related to casey anthony. it is redicilous. her parents are slandered, attorney’s, family members etc. it is like a witch hunt. most people have not even read the over 13000 pages of discovery, yet they all “know” that casey is guilty. idiotic.

        because someone drops out of school and lies does not make them stupid. she may well be very smart. didn’t bill gates drop out of school, guess he is stupid too hey.

        so are you saying that jesse grund only saw casey as someone who was sexually promiscious and a willing and easy sex partner. he told you that did he? and her ex boyfriends and others she dated they all told you that? is the green in you coming out dr. lillian. pretty immature remark there.

        something for you to ponder on. oh before i finish, you need to read the discovery in regards to rivers and skye’s interview with police, before you give this woman sainthood. and this post is very self serving for you as you posted earlier that river’s allegations of an affair with george were accurate as you could tell by her body language, yet to discover in the deposition that it was all a lie. guess you were off the mark there werent you dr. glass. oops, but now, magically, river changes her story again. wow, her story changes as often as her name. surprising? have you read river’s tweets. before she took her page down. that was nothing less that criminal harassment, IMO, toward G & C anthony. shame on her and shame on you for giving her another 15 minutes. god bless caylee and the anthony family.

        non anthony family member


      2. Dear” Gwen” who is really “Jake”
        You seem to forget that I am a body language expert and communication analyst who can read past all of this bullshit you have written.

        You are obviously the same person who has written earlier calling yourself “Jake” and trying to “stir pot” so to speak. Your writing patterns are identical. Your pathological “tells” are identical.

        So please take your game playing and your nonsense elsewhere as this type of aberrant behavior is not tolerated on this site. You are no longer welcome to post on this site.


    2. Laughing so hard at this! Think I’ve seen it all now! So you’re saying that all the women who searched for the body of Caylee, who was murdered by her obviously mentally sick mother, searched because they’re jealous of Casey?! This is so ridiculous, that it’s plain to see that you posted this just so you could sit back and laugh at outraged people commenting on your piece of troll fluff! LOL! Instead YOU are being laughed at. Get a constructive hobby or volunteer at the local humane society.


    3. Jake Jones the miscarriage of justice if coming from the Anthony family but you do know and understand that.

      They have pointed fingers at innocent people for no other reason than to get their allegedly murdered daughter off a DP charge. But you know that! When you point that one finger at someone else, you’ve got three that point back to YOU!

      Selfless alturistic loving single mother who sacrified all to nurture Caylee sunshine??? Where is that? What morals? Selfless concern for others?? Yeah so much concern that she stole from a best friend! Her morals are skewed, making out with men and woman, peeing in an alleyway, sleeping with guys while her child is right next to her..Morals..gee…
      Voracious reader with superior intellect? How would you know George???? She is so intellectual that she couldn’t see not calling authorities goes against the altruistic ,morally sound girl you speak of???

      I think you should sing to a different choir, it’s not making any music here…as a matter of fact no harmony but way off tune…you must be tone deaf….

      Caylee’s death demands justice for it was cruel and filled with depravity. Horrendous actions from this allegedly beautiful, high intelectual, morally wrong single mother who had better things to do with her time. She wanted to party hearty, had a tattoo emblazed to remember she know views her life as beautiful without her child in tow. This is the happiest shes’ been in years. This was the only way to get vengenace on a mother she dispised. Her letters tell the true tale of the discord in this family. Dysfunction junction and still dysfuctionally ugly!

      God Help you Jake Jones…God don’t like ugly, Karma kicks and I await the fate of Inmate Casey Anthony property of Orange County Jail!

      Justice for Caylee

      Bye-Bye George!


    4. Dear Dr. Glass, I love your blog. I am writing because I
      believe that you have followers who are listening to your advice!

      I have watched the most recent videos of Casey Anthony in court (I watched them all from day 1). Casey sat motionless and those absurd grooming and fake crying behaviors were gone. In one video her hands were in her lap, in another video she laced her hands together and had them in front of her on the table. And to control herself she sat as still as a rock, although if you read her “expressionless” face you can see she is seething with anger–it comes out of her pours even when she may not be aware she’s feeling it. When she stood up she reverted back to some grooming behaviors but they were far less than before. Casey should have stood and faced the judge to give him the respect that is required of the standing as a judge anters and leaves procedure, but Casey looked down and was focused on “fixing” her clothing. Casey’s parents were in the second row behind Casey and their sitting behavior has also altered somewhat. George was trying to sit facing towards Cindy somewhat but his body language gave him up. Cindy was playing her version of “world’s best mother” although she was smiling and seemed happy at one point, and it didn’t fit the scenario.

      Isn’t it interesting how Casey has lost that charm and spark that eminated whenever she was getting what she wanted? Now she’s so angry and indignant for being in jail (soon to be prison) and she’s lost all her prettiness. All that is left is her Narcissistic veneer and this is one ugly site. She still has her pretty physical attributes, but the pretty has gone.

      Why is Lee Anthony never in court?

      And Jake Jones, we know who you are.

      We can’t give Caylee what she deserves most, and that is her life back (with a different family), but we can give her Justice, and this is the death penalty.

      Sincerely, AM


  3. WOW…..thank you so much for this information. My heart breaks for River and her family. The Anthony’s are the true meaning of Evil (jmo)
    Most of all my heart breaks for “Sweet Angel Caylee” and what she must have gone through living in that house with all of these cruel people.


  4. jake,what is wrong with you!
    dr.glas can you help this weirdo he want help!!!

    jake you forget,
    coffinflies,gravewax in the trunk,it shows caylee was in the trunk!

    and to this “ALLEGED” Violent Pedophile ” you accuse kronk of this,you better watch out,what you say!


  5. Not to mention Jake,what mother doesnt report her child missing?What caring mother goes out to party night after night when her child is missing?What kind of mother misleads the police when her child is missing?What kind of mother shows No signs of grief when her child can’t be found?What kind of mother will lay up with her BF when her child is missing?????Not a Mother that loves her child that is for certain!!!As far as I am concerned Casey is as guilty as sin!To many fingers pointing at the wrong people!Point to the so call mother that waited 31 days to mention her baby was missing..(which she was never missing in the first place,because Casey knew well what happened to Caylee…


  6. Dr.Lilian, thanks for yet another good Post!
    I for one like so many of us appreciate Your Insight in this Case.
    The Hair which has been mentioned so often lately, in my Opinion won’t be as important than what it is made out to be.
    There is enough Evidence which links direct to Casey Anthony as the One who is responsible for what happened to Caylee.
    Naturally the Defense is making a Mountain out of a Mole Hill
    concerning this unexplained Hair.
    In the long run it won’t make a bit of Difference and won’t proof anything despite what the Defense is trying to proof.
    The Area where Caylee’s Remains were found I would imagine there was a lot of Trash which was not connected to this Case and had therefore no Value as Evidence.
    How any one can say there was no Murder committed and there is no Evidence in this Case against Casey Anthony is
    unbelievable naive in my Eyes and wishful thinking and I strongly disagree. We all have our own Opinion in this Case.
    Myself I just wait till the Trial finally starts and All the Evidence will be presented.
    I know there are People which consider Casey A. as the Victim, I am not one of those People. The only Person I feel needs to get Justice is Caylee Marie, she is the Victim in this Case, her Life was taken away from her in the tender Age of a little over 2 Yrs old. Her Chance of growing up and experiencing Life was taken away from her. She was killed
    and triple bagged in a Garbage Bag and thrown out in the Woods like Trash! We won’t forget about Caylee Marie till
    the Person responsible for her Murder will have to answer for it and take the Consequences.
    Caylee’s Voice will be heard loud and clear through the Prosecution and their Evidence. I am looking forward to that Day! This is just my Opinion like always.


  7. Dr.Glass thank you for the article…. I agree with you regarding river Cruz… My heart goes out to her….
    I disagree with Sunny .
    and Jake Jones really needs help …Possibly one of the anthonys or their friend using a fake name.


  8. dr glass just read your responce to mr jones,

    i think he is one of the ant’s , no one else would try to defend her in such stronge words, loved you reply …keep up the great work


    1. I think your are correct, Glen. Definately one of the diabolical Anthonys…HAHAAHAHAHA–Caught as ususal, just like WhiteKnight on the WDBO site..”junk science’ gave that away plus the assertion of Inmate Anthony being pretty…absurd!

      River seems to be a very compassionate, honest person. She shouldn’t listen to such rubbish but do understand her concern. This is a family who has accused anyone who came in contact with their lying child as the one responsible for Caylee’s demise. They want to believe SODDI but the actions of Inmate Anthony are all her, IMO..my belief, it’s all about image with Cindy Anthony and she can’t have people believe she raised a child like this…remember it was Cindy who told people Inmate Anthony was a sociopath and a pathological liar, am I to believe that has changed in 18 months??? NOT AT ALL!

      Since Inmate Anthony was arrested for child neglect and lying to Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) this family seems to feel, well Cindy seems to feel lying is not a crime. I wonder how lying would help locate an allegedly abducted child when LE are already 31 days behind. Since when does a mother NOT call LEO for help when a child is allegedly abducted but decide to do your own investigation…waste, huge waste…IMO

      Now, if this turns out to be true, that someone in trying to set up River to take the fall here, that can only mean someone else knew where Caylee’s remains were, which in itself is incriminating. That someone else must be George since he was in this alleged affair. It was Cindy who left a voice message for one of the detectives saying, whatever scenario you come up with Casey had to have had help!

      This family, if they knew their granddaughter laid in that swamp for 6 months and allowed her to decompose, they too need to be arrested. Hell they should have been arrested long ago for interference, for obstructing justice, for lying, for giving FBI incorrect evidence, just to name a few with the biggest being fraud. To continue this falacy of Caylee being alive to collect money…Caylee more than likely was deceased the night Inmate Anthony stormed out of that home due to the argument which turned physical which Cindy adamantly denies. I still believe this was the catalyst for Caylee’s demise by a narcisistic, young woman. I don’t see what pretty or ugly have to do with someone who allegedly murders a child for wanting to be free from parental incubrances, the rage and hatred for an allegedly controlling, domineering mother with a vicous tongue.

      I feel River truly has nothing to worry about. As the creatures of that swamp ate and brought out parts of Caylee’s remains, I’m sure as they crept/slithered in that bag (how horrible is that) , they brought debris in with them. This is a swamp, a dump site, many things that were found where Caylee was ultimately found will have nothing to do with the evidence pertaining to Caylee’s remains that are in close proximity to her remains. What was found in that bag with Caylee will be the important evidence.

      To show the ignorance of some folk, to bully a child for something the parent did, is way off the mark. River should march herself down to that school and demand her child be protected and safe. Those who feel it’s Rivers fault for the affair, I must remind you, River wasn’t the married one??? I also feel once River stopped giving George money, he too slithered away. How dare he use and manipulate a woman who only showed him care and concern for a granddaughter no doubtedly murdered. Why the need to tell River it was an accident that snowballed. Was he there???
      I can’t wait for this trial to begin. If these grandparents are put on the stand we will see perjury right in front of our eyes and I can see Cindy being deemed a hostile witness for she is a loose cannon waiting to implode…they have refused to be Caylee’s voice and should be ashamed of themselves on that alone. Caylee deserves justice, her death demands justice and now with this new judge on the case, Caylee will be the focus and justice will come to her..

      You all see how this family lives to break the rules set forth. Inmate Anthony thinks she’s pulled one over on people, she is sadly mistaken. When she became upset at Jeff Ashton’s little scenario on what Caylee endured while looking at the eyes of her alleged killer, she ain’t seen nothing yet. I do believe it would be in Inmate Anthony’s best interest to admit to what she’s done and save herself from certain death. I’d much rather see her doing LWOP, once found guilty for the DP is too easy, too swift and Caylee didn’t have that choice!!! Caylee suffered for the last moments of her life and I feel Inmate Anthony should suffer every day of her sorry life as her life wastes away in prison. She will adapt, she will continue to break the laws in prison but she will be guilty as charged…Just my humble opinion….

      Justice for Caylee


  9. Hi. Dr. Glass. I so enjoyed your response to “Jake” or whoever he is. I must tell you that his comment showed up on several websites…exactly as it is here. He has been banned from several sites as a “TROLL” and has also been known as Orlando East and several more. Always the same list, sometimes shorter. Please don’t be taken by this jerk. He loves reaction ! Just thought you should know. I saw the exact post on the Orlando Sentinel and the Caylee Daily today also and the warnings from the moderators too. I do love reading your post and you are to nice to be taken by this jerk.


  10. Dr. Glass: Great post and reply to that silly person who thinks Casey is innocent! Oh by the way I think you meant to say Casey not Cindy at the end of your reply.

    Did anyone think that maybe Jake Jones, is silently idolizing Casey, or thinks he is in love with her? That’s the way the post sounds, and if I may say, pretty juvenile.

    I feel sorry for River, because she got caught, and right now I have forgotten how she got involved in the first place, can you remind me please. Also, how is it that someone can claim George moved the body because Casey couldn’t have done this on her own? Of course she could and did. That’s ridiculous to point fingers at George. Just because he had an affair to relieve himself of all the mental stress he was going through, does not make a murderer or accomplice to murder. This was a one person showdown between Caylee and Casey. Let’s hope the jury doesn’t buy the shinanigans that the Defence are about to display. In fact let’s pray the judge holds court in a dignified and just way.


  11. Excellent words of wisdom Dr. Glass!!!! I HATE when people try to take on the REAL PROFESSIONAL when it comes to analyzing a subject! I respect you greatly Dr. Glass!!!


  12. Excuse me as I pick my mouth up off the floor. Whoever in their right mind would lump our Lord Jesus Christ in with Casey Anthony? Let’s see God sacrificed his only child-she MURDERED her only child. God sacrificed his son to save our souls-she MURDERED her daughter so she could go party. Sorry to burst your buuble with the pictures too Jake but some of them were proven to be taken while her daughter lay dead in the woods. And who waits 31 days to report their daughter, their 2 year old daughter, missing? I’ll save you the trouble and tell you Jake-someone who most likely killed them that is who. So before you claim your Casey is akin to our Christ, consider how blasphemous, distasteful and totally appalling that statement is.


  13. I believe there may be a simple solution to this stray hair ordeal:Ask everyone that has been near the family, or George in particular, and identify the person whose hair he yanked from their head. They’d surely remember something like that!


  14. Hi Lillian, good article but if River doesn’t keep quiet she is going to end up as Baez team’s next victim to try to tie in to this case to get doubt off their client. Is she not familiar with how they tried to implicate Roy Kronk? What i would say to River is Silence Is Golden.


  15. Not to mention that “River”, I mean Krystal, did swear under oath that she did not have any romantic involvement with George Anthony. Page 10:
    This is contrary to what she and her sister have put out there. I wish her the best, but she’s not credible and neither is Skye. I’m doubting the hair will go anywhere, just like that allegation that Zanny’s description was based on her. The real Zanny was said to have NO TATTOOS, so the Asian tattoo is not in the description. I got that from Casey’s original statement. With all due respect, I think the girls have had their 15 minutes and it’s time for them to move on.


    1. River does not want 15 minutes of fame. In fact, she wants none of this. She wants no attention.It has turned her life upside down and her children have suffered becuse of this. That is not whatthis devoted mother wants in any way, shape or form.
      She may have sworn that she dfid not have a romantic relationship with George beucase she was scared and threatened by George who warned her repeatedly to speak to no one about it. That included law enforcement. She realized she erred in this regard.
      Casey may not have said there were tats on the Nanny but apparently George did in his description of this perfect ten with straight teeth. Casey didn’t say that either. Both George and Cindy did in their depositions.
      With all due respect, you did not speak directly to River for any length of time. I did and I found her very credible.
      As far as her sister Skye goes, River is not Skye. They are indentical twins and Skye does not speak or represent River. River now has excellent reprersentation who is designated to speak on her behalf.


  16. Oh, C’mon!!!!!!! Jeesh! For pity’s sake! Why on earth would anyone believe that story that he threatened her when it has already been reported she dumped him because he stood her up-twice! I guess he threatened her if she didn’t court Cindy with flowers and such, too, eh? And, of all things, to tow her duplicate over there and bring her into the home-two much!!!!!!!!!

    Sianara, check ya 2-morrow………….


  17. This is how George described Zanny at the depo:

    ”The Zanny my daughter described to me is 24 to 25 years old, about 5 foot 7, 125 to 130 pounds,” Anthony testified. “She has straight white teeth and long brown hair. OK, on a scale of 1 to 10, she’s a 10, supposedly.”

    That does not fit River (and still no tattoo).

    Look, I’m basing my views on the facts, not what someone tells me. If she didn’t want this attention, I don’t understand why she sold her story to the National Enquirer. I read it, she did. They pay big bucks for stories. While I believe she knew them and worked at the KF’s tent, I don’t believe the rest of it. Except, maybe he may have gotten her for some money. The only thing she denied in her interview was the romantic involvement. Oh yeah, and contrary to prior stories, her texts and pics would not prove involvement. Why perjure yourself? I don’t think she did.

    I’m no fan of the Anthonys, but why accuse someone of something they didn’t do?

    I’m sorry, but this did not have to happen. They could have told the media to take a hike. “River” has nothing to offer in this case. This is just another tabloid story.

    Sadly this is supposed to be about Caylee.


  18. I don’t know why anyone would worry what bloggers think about them but that is my logical side and not my emotional side and so I suppose I would care, too. People have opinions and they express them all the time and it doesn’t amount to anything more than that but it still can hurt. There will always be people who have opinions other than our own but, with lots of work, we can decide not to let us affect us so strongly.
    I do have some sincere advice to a young girl who feels the need to defend her mother and that is that the mother does not need defending and it is best to ignore ignorant comments. Hard to do but… Children need to be taught that it is not their job or responsibility to take care of parents and that parents take care of children. Parents also can make mistakes and this does not make them bad people. Rather, there is knowledge to take away from mistakes and use to make better decisions in the future. I know River would hopefully never fall for the “panhandling routine” of a married man again…or a single man, for that matter. I’m sure she knows that setting up a college fund for her daughter would have been a better way to “give the money away.” She could still set one up and add a tiny bit at a time and say that this is something good she did that came out of this bad experience. Anything that she might decide to do that is good and causes something good to go on would be a great way to combat bad feelings.
    The Anthony family and Casey’s defense team seems to have been scrambling to find someone to take the heat off of the focal person and create doubt from early on. But, I think it is highly unlikely that the hair found belongs to anyone even remotely related to the case. The hair described could not have come from River as she is not of caucasian decent and the hair is from a caucasian person. No need to read further into the description of the hair after you learn that it comes from a caucasian person which is why it is so important to stay calm and don’t over think things.
    She might do well to tell the person who sent her the email that she does not want any more negative news. For her own sake and her daughter’s she needs to find some happiness and peace and she can, although it is difficult during times like these. Sending her that email sounds a bit passive aggressive to me…the person must have known it would upset her.
    One other thing: The Anthony’s have been caught in many deceptive and contradictory statements and it is doubtful that they will be seen as reliable witnesses, at any rate; once the jury is educated about the case as it progresses. Most people, who are familiar with this case already, know they are not.
    And I can understand why River would deny having had an affair with…sorry, but ugh…and I don’t think that denial makes her an unreliable witness. She has told the truth now, when it was not necessary to do so. The affair was a mistake but she owned up to it. Many of us have someone in our past that we dated that we cringe about later. Many of us wonder what we were thinking but we forgive ourselves because we know we were vulnerable at the time and made decisions we would never make now. Anyone who says they never made a mistake about anything is lying.
    As much as she can, she should let go of this whole horrible experience and try to live one day at a time and try to do at least one thing positive for herself and for a deserving person and stay away from negative people as much as is possible. Remember, she may not even be called as a witness and either way, life will go on after this is a distant memory so she might grab back her control and begin to make tomorrow a better day today.


  19. I think people are over looking the number one reason why a woman might lie and deny an affair. River had? (has?) a significant other in her life and may have wanted very much to be able to truthfully deny that she had an affair but she couldn’t do that because she did have an affair. She may not have reached the point where she had spoken to him about it and did not want him to learn about it through the news. Perhaps, through understanding on his part, she now feels she can tell the truth publicly and live with the consequences. Or, perhaps just telling the truth so the lie would “leave her alone” felt better. Telling the truth is always the best way regardless of the consequences and maybe she knew that revealing the truth would make her feel better and less frightened. Maybe she weighed everything and thought it would look terrible if the truth came out and then she would have been found to be lying. Why judge her so harshly? She’s just a person who makes mistakes like everyone else.
    And, to forgive is divine.


  20. If you take away the signature of ‘jake jones’ from ‘his’ letter, what you are reading sounds an awful lot like a mama bear who’d kill to protect her own cub and a jealous wife who’s been cheated on.

    Those are not the words of a person not intimately associated with this case, nor are they of a male.


  21. I’m sorry Dr. Glass, with all my anger I’ve forgotten to thank you for another article, assessment well done.

    I just wanted to give my support to River and she must learn not to read anything that pertains to her. Not to reply to anyone who sends her these ignorant emails. To continue to walk with her head held high for she is not the blame for anything that went on, other than making a huge error in judgement in getting involved with George Anthony. Even as I believe her, he and Cindy will make her out to be just looking for fame and fortune. They will try to slight her as they slight others. River must learn to not take it seriously. She will be the one who laughs last for they will incriminate themselves for their lies continue to flow off their tongues. They have lost credibility a long time ago. She needs to take this with a grain of salt and not worry, she’s clear of any wrongdoing connected to Caylee’s demise…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  22. River & Dr. Lillian,
    I am very grateful that Dr. Lillian speaks the truth when so many in the media choose not to. I still do not understand why that is that so few go off script to speak the truth. Oh well.

    I am very disturbed to hear that your child was beaten up. Very upset for your child and how that must hurt you that your child is suffering. I sure hope that you have done as an earlier poster advised and had a face-to-face with the principal and teacher and hopefully they have spoken with the children’s parents who were the bullies.

    I am glad that you have given your permission for Dr. Lillian to keep posting about your continued trials and tribulations. The truth of your non involvement in any part of the criminal actions that Casey is responsible for, and possibly others in her immediate family, needs to be said loud and clear and Dr. Lillian is quite good at that!


  23. If you determined that I am Jake, then you need to go back to school and refresh that expert training you claim to have. What was your training, mail order? Your comments are rude, insulting and said without merit. I’m sure you will not post this, however it is too bad, that you only want people to comment on your site, who are like minded as you. Keep the drones in and keep the ones who question out. have a good day.


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