Gosselin Children’s Body Language Show Sadness, Humiliation, Upset, and Distance Around Kate


Whenever you see anyone with bowed head and rounded shoulders,  it means they feel shame or embarrassment or humiliation. It is interesting that the three  kids  in closest proximity to Kate,  Colin, Hannah, and Alexis are the ones who show this distinctive body language.

They also show sadness on their faces.Perhaps she yelled at them or scolded them or shamed them.  In any event, it is clearly  reflected in their body language.


Kate, on the other hand, is fiddling with her hair, no doubt making sure her extensions are in place and that  she looks good for the papps she says she hates. Kate’s open mouth and lack of smiling eyes and non-  raised cheekbones may indicate that she is upset or complaining about something.


It is also interesting that Kate is being consistent in favoring  one of the girl sextuplets, Hannah. Hannah   appears to be the only child  who’s hand Kate is holding.

Even her favorite child’s head is bowed and shoulders are rounded, as Hannah looks down at the ground. This indicates that  Hannah also may be feeling  shame, upset,and embarrassment as well.


Alexis  walks  a step ahead of Kate to Kate’s left. Alexis’  head is the most bowed and her shoulders appear to be the most rounded  of the three.

Her head  seems to be bowed the lowest of the three  children, which may indicate that she is still being shamed or perhaps even yelled at  by Kate in this photo ,as she  appears to be  in Kate’s direct line of vision.


Little Colin, no doubt  also feels the same negative emotion  as his  two sisters, based on his similar dejected body language.  He is  five steps away to the right of Kate and seems to be cut off  from the entire group.

He too, does not look very happy as he looks down.  So, in a protective move, Colin appears to have distanced himself from his mother as well as the entire brood.


The other children  trail three steps behind Kate. But they do not look shamed or embarrassed. Perhaps they are too far back to hear Kate’s vitriol.


Aiden’s body language shows that he is alerted that something may not be right ahead.

He looks up-and turns his head to be in the line of vision of his mom, Kate.


Mady, the younger of the twins who used to be the one to act up and demand attention and cry all the time on the show and the one who never seemed to help with the other  kids, now  seems to show a maternal side in this photo.

She reaches out and places her hand on Aiden’s back in what appears to be a comforting  gesture. Mady also seems to have a caring and concerned expression on her face.


Maybe Kate wanted to look her best for the papps she hates, so she didn’t want to ruin her photo op by shlepping two huge stuffed animals around.  That is why she may have delegated the task over to the twins Cara and Maddy.

Mady seems to just be carrying her own toy under her arm, while poor Cara, the one who was seen as the responsible and mommy- helping twin on the show, seems to be struggling with a large bag which appears to be dragging.

The bag contains her toy, an identical one to Mady’s  and a lot of other items as well.  She is off to the side and appears to be focusing on being able to carry all of the items.


Kate always used to describe  little Joel as being” under the radar. ” Well he certainly is in this photo.  His head isn’t bowed so he did not hear any of Kate’s possible harsh or shaming  words. He stands close to the nanny , who  also  stands in back next to him holding his little  hand.

The nanny also appears to be holding the littlest of the Gosselin sextuplets, Alexis’ hand as well.

Leah  has upright posture, which shows she isn’t  shamed or feeling humiliated. She stands close to the nanny holding her blanket over her arm and  focusing  on what’s ahead of her.


Jon no doubt worked out a deal where he allowed the kids back on TV in exchange for forgiving his debt to TLC. Do I think that it is a good idea for school age kids to be on TV and have cameras following them around all the time? Not really.

When they were younger it was sweet to see them grow up right before our  eyes. But now that they will be going to school and interacting with their peers, it may create some additional problems for them.

If their peers tell them that they saw them on TV, the correct answers IS NOT as Kate instructed Leah  to once say to her classmates on one of the last shows”  I don’t want to talk about it.”  I hope Kate is not continuing to  misguide her children to say this. If she continues to encourage this , she will be responsible for having them alienate their fellow students.

Personally , I think that the kids have enough money with trust funds set up for them for their future, so they really don’t need to be on TV to earn more money. But that is a choice Kate made, Jon caved into, and TLC has definitely made, in order to secure continued revenue from a  winning media franchise.

I think that a show featuring the kids will do very  for TLC  as a lot of people will love the kids and will watch it. Perhaps TLC gave Kate her own show as an insurance policy in case Jon ever  changes his mind decides that he doesn’t  want  the kids on TV anymore.

Personally I think they should offer a show to Nadya Suleman  rather than giving Kate her own show. Nadya  really needs the money and their guardian angelship.Maybe they can just film Nadya’s  babies growing up and leave the school age kids alone so that they can have some privacy.


Personally I cannot imagine a successful  a show featuring  ITLESS Kate alone without her kids. Let’s face it, the only reason  she is in the media at all is because  of her kids.

The woman in my view has absolutely nothing  whatsoever to bring to the table. She is not a professional. She is not knowledgeable. She has not been the “mother of the year” with being abusive to  ex husband in front of her kids as well as being verbally abusive to them.

She is not interesting or watchable in my view. She is not talented and she is definitely NOT likable. No matter how hard TLC tries to revamp her image by dressing her up and placing hair extensions in her head,  or getting her to cry on cue or coaching her what to say in interview, she is still Kate. The real Kate will always emerge and it will take years of therapy to see a real change,  if change if we can ever see a change at all.

Personally I think her personality issues that we have all seen run very deep. Her inner anger, self absorption, not getting along with family members and alienating so many who were her friends and who worked with, her speak volumes. Since she would need a licensed therapist to diagnose her underlying pathology. Therefore,  I will leave that to them.


I truly  wanted to give Kate the benefit of the doubt  before she began on DWTS. I figured that it was strain of her bad marriage, being the  only breadwinner, and caring for all the kids that made her behave so poorly on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

But after I saw her egregious behavior on DWTS, I soon realized that this is who Kate is and nothing can change her.

I can never forget how she treated the sweetest man alive ,Tony Dovalani on DWTS, causing him to almost quit. He was gracious to the end. Even though he said the right words, his body language couldn’t lie. He was thrilled that this nightmare was over!  He was thrilled that he didn’t have to work with this rude, self absorbed  and disrespectful woman any longer.


In his final interview, Tony spoke about Kate  in glowing terms. He said how hard she worked and how she had many things to deal with during the show.

But  his usually animated voice was devoid of inflection which indicted insincerity with regard to what he was saying about Kate.

He smiled with his lips spread across his face,  but clearly was not smiling with his eyes.  You could see no raised cheeks.

In addition, he  looked down and away from Kate as he sang her praises. It was a though he could no longer look at her. He clearly had enough and it showed in his final interview.


Kate’s rudeness and speaking while the other contestants were getting their scores spoke  volumes about her not caring about anyone else but herself.

And those PHONY non- tears! When she said to Tom Bergeron ,” Give me a minute.” as he tried to interview her right after she was  voted off the show, she no doubt needed a minute to conjure up those fake non tears.

It was very disturbing to watch. Kate’s  empty monotone devoid  of any inflection and emotion, clearly reflected her  false words in saying that she “loved” everyone on the show.No doubt the only one she loved on the show was herself.


As I said the public is not stupid and can see through all of this. They got who the real Kate is and  it was not pleasant.  In fact, it was disturbing!  No matter  how they try to spin  her new  show  by putting her in different job situations  or they do a show that will show her outer and inner changes, the public will never buy it.

The real Kate will always leak out. It is the same Kate we saw on Jon and Kate Plus 8, DWTS, the View and all the other shows she was featured on.

The FAKE- non tears are getting old. I hope the powers that be at TLC  don’t think that Kate’s crying which she did on every show she has been on, will garner ratings.

Instead it will be a sure fire way to turn even more people off with her.

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49 thoughts on “Gosselin Children’s Body Language Show Sadness, Humiliation, Upset, and Distance Around Kate

  1. And this shows exactly why Octomom should not put her kids on TV – these poor kids are so messed up thanks to J&K+8! I bet if these kids could chose, they would rather live in a large but (seemingly to me) loving family away from tv like Octomom’s kids, rather than have every luxury in the world and be on tv, with a mother who is never around anyway!

    I really don’t get your previous post stating that Octomom should do a TV show, when the proof is right here in these photos, and on episodes of the show that TV is not good for little kids to grow up on. Look at how many child actors have had trouble later in life, and they’ve had the protection of the labour laws! Paraphrasing from your previous blog – Abuse is letting little kids tantrums/toileting/hitting other siblings/you name it be seen by the world, and then expecting people not to comment on it, whether via internet or in person (classmates, etc) – you try putting up video of yourself as a child doing naughty or embarrasing things and see how you like the comments you get!

    You said it yourself -“But now that they will be going to school and interacting with their peers, it may create some additional problems for them” – don’t you think this would apply to Octomom’s kids as well (especially the older ones already in school)? Also, the Gosselin Sextuplets peers may have grown up watching them on tv as well (or at least had older family members do so), do you think they would not know who they were and formed opinions (whether their own, or from what they have heard other people say) about them even before they went to school? I don’t blame Octomom one bit for not wanting to do a TV show.

    I get that the kids look sad/etc thanks to their mother, but again, this is thanks to their TV show – sure, she may have always been a diva, but the show has fed that, too and perhaps made her more of a diva than she would have been without the fame and fortune that came with having a TV show.


    1. Ocotmom has no money and when the money she earned from her bikini photo shoot ends, she has absolutely no idea where her next dollar is coming from.She has no clue how these kids will be fed and how her mortgage will be paid. She has no other means of making a living and said she would rather die than part with any any her kids and give them up to foster care or adoptipon. I take her words very seriously.
      If she puts her 8 children on TV when they are very young like they are now and does not continue as Kate has then the experience may very well not damage them. I agree that she should regrain from putting the older kids on.

      She already exposed the babies on Oprah and in various magazines so it seems she may be headed that way, especially if there is absolutelly no income for her to take care of her children;s basic needs.

      She may want to do it for a limited period of time until she has enough to feed and clothe them adequately. Perhapos she may want to do specials wih them so that they are nor exposed on a regular basis.
      The key here is survival and Octomom appears to have no other means of survivial at this point unless some genrous benefacor comes along and gives her money so she can get more help.


      1. Perhaps a show for a little while may help (and not hurt the kids), but I wonder, if the time came for the show to stop, would she be able to? Look at the Gosselins now – they (Kate mainly) want their show back, because of the money it brings, they (Kate?) seem to care more about that than the feelings of their children and how it will affect them. If the children are ok with it, then fine, go ahead with Kate + 8, but if they aren’t (and who knows? I’ve only read a bit of this blog, did any of the kids body language while it was on indicate they didn’t want to be on camera? I know about the sign Mady had saying no cameras were allowed in her room, but did any of the younger children, especially after the divorce and near the end of the show, show any indications that they did not want cameras around any more?).

        Or, for Octomom, perhaps a series of specials every so often (like once every few months?) rather than an actual weekly show would be better? Less intrusion by the cameras, yet the money made would be enough to tide them over until the next? (I don’t know how these things work, so I’m just working on the assumtion that they’d be paid after each special rather than one lump sum? It wouldn’t matter either way though, if Nadya was careful with her money).

        I seem to remember talk of a reality show not long after the Octuplets were born – wonder whatever happened to that? From what I remember, there was a fair bit of backlash to that idea – so many people believed that was the reason why she had the octuplets – to gain fame and fortune through her kids (like Kate – a lot of people speculated she was Nadya’s inspiration) but most of the public weren’t having that – they thought she was very irresponsible. So I wonder if people would be receptive to the idea nowdays? Perhaps a show may flop and therefore not make her much money at all?


  2. Tony needs to be commended with his professional demeanor throughout DWTS. He always had a smile on his face and tried hard to focus Kate at the task at hand. I too, was watching his body language to see what I could pick up.

    At one point, while listening to Kate talk about the “hell she goes through everyday” he was listening but one arm was folded across his chest. the other arm was up at his face – he kept tugging and pulling on his lower lip repeatedly with his hand.
    Dr. Glass what does that mean?

    Finally, I saw pictures of them on a media blitz after the elimination. He was standing confidently, smiling and he had both hands in his pockets with this thumbs out. He looked like he go his groove back!

    I enjoy reading your blog and while I still don’t agree with the Nadya tv show, I value what you have to say and appreciate your candor.


    1. Well we can agree to disagree about Nadya, At this point she is adamant about not having a show and not putting her kids on TV so it is all a moot point . With regard to Tony, when a person crosses their entire torso whith their arm it means they are completely closed off and turned off to mthe tperson to whom they are speaking to, In this case0 Kate. Biting his lowe lip means that he is closing off verbally and well and literally keeping his mouth shout and not saying to her what he would really like to say.


  3. Hi Dr. Glass, I am a therapist living in Wernersville, where the Gosselins live, and write a blog about them. Like many others I am concerned about the effects of being on television on the children. Thanks for this interesting analysis. I find your observations about Tony’s body language on DWTS to be especially true. He came to our community to practice upcoming DWTS dances with Kate and people who met him in our small community had only good things to say about him. At all times he was polite and professional, but he obviously had his hands full. The body language says it all. Keep up the great work.


  4. I don’t know how you can read all that into a photo walking through the airport. I know you’re an expert.

    What I see are jet lagged children who just flew across the country. According to reports they arrived in Maryland around 8am which means they left California several hours earlier and there is a significant time difference, three hours I think.

    No, I don’t think Kate is the best mother in the world but to read all that in a photo of them walking through the airport is irresponsible.


    1. Unfortunately your question reflects your lack of awareness and lack of eduction with regard to the science of body language amnalysis, which by the way is used by law enforcement and the FBI on a regular basis- often based on a photo alone. That is what I am trained to so as a body language expert who also happens to have a background and experience. in communiucation and in psychology and over 2 decades of experience. I am able to tell a great deal from photos and videos, I often use my expertise in analyzing surveillance photos and videos when that is all that is available. So of course I can tell a great deal from these photos and the interactive dynamics. Of course they may be jet lagged, but when you see three heads and shouolders hunched down in the proximity if Kate, chances are they were feeling upset and humiliated by her.


      1. You can not even write a coherent blog and you want to tell someone else they lack education?
        ” I think that a show featuring the kids will do very for TLC as a lot of people will love the kids and will watch it.” Do very what?
        “Personally I cannot imagine a successful a show featuring ITLESS Kate alone without her kids” What is this even suppose to mean? When you are not butchering sentences you are full of double standards. It’s not ok for the Gosselin kids to be on tv but it would be ok for Nadya’s kids? WTH. Does make for a good head shaking laugh though.


      2. Kate is still itlessbut she has fans and viewers and that is why she is on the air. I have nothing against Kate as she is doing her best to support her kids in an efficient way. My only gripe with her was how she abused Jon on earlier the show and how she showed so many signals of deception throughout her interviews and as we verified later-lied. Kate was also very abusive acting to the kids when they were younger and still doesn’t treat Maddy well in my view as they don’t seem to like one another.
        And you Dianna Mullarky, why are you commenting on a post that was written years and years ago. What’s wrong with you to have to respond to an outdated blog now?
        And yes Nadya needed an efficient way of supporting her kids who were living in horrific conditions. As show would have been good for her at the time but she blew a lot of chances and went down a negative road in my view. And dyslexia only allows me to do the best I can. if you don’t like the blogs don’t read them Dianna.And Dianna FYI education has nothing to do with being dyslexic.


    2. JulieAnn,
      Real glad to read your response! My thoughts exactly! While reading all that this “Dr” writes, I can’t help but react. Sure Kate Gosselin is not just an angel, but I do find it irresponsible to judge so harshly based on so little information. As a counsellor for decades, I have my fair share of experience with body language, but reading so much into it based on that and watching a reality show alone, I find to be irresponsible, to be taking it too far.


  5. why not a show for Nadya?She did not get all of the freebies that the gosselins got. She certainly would be more grateful. I bet that she would undergo therapy. I have not liked Kate since I noticed the sticky notes addressed To Caregiver pasted around the house; while she slept in leaving Jon to diaper the kids, feed them breakfast and then the thermos of coffee for Kate. Plus, Kate did not seem at all grateful for all that was done for the family. Anyone have a problem with that? Look at episodes from first to over 100. If that doesn’t enlighten you, you may not realize the damage she has inflicted on the boy tups. the amount of time that the tups had to spend napping is ridiculous. If they didn’t stay in crib their penalty was an additional 45-minutes. Check it out it is all documented on the episode tapes.


  6. Sadly the children do not have money set aside. The parents are spending everything on themselves and have not chosen to prepare for the future. The newest rulings is that when a child appears on TV, they are to be paid 15% to be put in a trust for them. However, unlike the coogan law (which PA does not have), the Gosselin children have to SHARE 15% and the mom gets the rest. Is it fair that they have to share this money just because they were born on the same day?
    The Gosselins need to be investigated for neglect. Period.


  7. I still think you are wrong. You have no idea what happened seconds before that picture was taken or afterward.

    Maybe their mother told them to ignore the photogs. Maybe they are just tired. Little children can be mopey for no reason at all.

    I have three grown children and I know how small children can act. No I don’t have that type of education but I do know small children.

    It doesn’t take much at all for a small child to become sullen. I still think you are irresponsible for making such remarks.

    I don’t see Kate patting her extensions. I see her touching the shoulder strap of the black bag she is carrying.

    You are just jumping on the lets hate Kate bandwagon.


  8. I don’t think the kids are jet lagged in that picture. I think most kids that age would be thrilled to be off that plan after 5 hours + and would be jumping around. That’s probably what was happening, then Kate told them to stop the crap and march to my orders. She is so cold and unloving. She knew should would be leaving them again as soon as they got home, you’d think she’d want to end what was hopefully a nice few days on a nice note, but not dear old Kate. She is just a miserable excuse for a mother. Her new show should be called “8 Support Kate”. I cannot believe that just having proper permits in place makes it okay to film these poor children who are obviously suffering emotionally and probably physically some of the time in her presence. Those poor children rarely look happy when they are with her. It’s like she only parades them around like a circus act. If she would just go off an do her own thing, leave Jon and the kids, all the limelight would disappear. Remember how little they were in the “news” before the beginning of the year and around Christmas time. Then all hell broke out, w/ the DWTS stint. She wants to be famous, no matter what it costs her kids. She wants all this attention, let her having, but leave the kids alone. I’d rather the paps following and harass her ass than Sandra Bullock, Kate loves it all. And those phony nonexistent tears, every time she is on TV or in an interview, the kleenex comes out with no tears in sight. She must pole herself directly on the eye ball to get the tears started. She is just 100% fake, inside and out.


  9. You mention Nadya’s abuse of a child w/ an ear infection not going immediately to the Drs, how about Kate, who had a child for days complaining of a soar throat, but left the brood anyway for her celebrity stint on DWTS on Saturday. She had the rest of Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning before she HAD to be in LA, but she choose herself, again over one of her children’s health. Jon had to take Alexis to the Dr. or walk in clinic on Easter Sunday only to find strepthroat.


  10. JulieAnn, dee,

    Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

    JET LAG??? ARE YOU KIDDING ANYONE WITH A BRAIN? Those kids were threatened.

    There are hundreds of pictures of the Gosselin children showing blatant abuse from the crazy uncaring nutbag Mother.

    She cares not one whit for them or their well being.

    Are you trying to tell the thinking public that the Gosselin children should once again be paraded on TV for your selfish enjoyment?
    Do you view them as performing Circus Animals? What right do you think you earned to spy into their lives once again?
    They have no choice, no voice and no rights. They cannot stop this Monster Mother.

    Dr. Glass, Rep. Murt, concerned public, Z on TV, and many many more caring HUMAN beings will continue to use our voice to put a stop
    to the slavery and abuse of the hard working Gosselin children.

    Keep on telling it like it is Dr. Glass. The kids need your help.


    1. Thank you for your comments. I agree with you in that I don’t think these Gosselin kids need to be on TV anymore. I think it will have some bad repercussions as they get older. Since they are entering school and interacting with peers, they may have some additonal problems by being on TV . I think they lhave enough money saved up for their futures, so why do they need to be on TV? It is not as though any of them has a special talent. They were adorable babies andf that is it. But now that they are grown I would like to see them live without cameras in their faces. I can only imagine the effect this will have on them when they are teenagers.


  11. I agree 100% with your assessment of the Gosselin children, Dr. Glass.
    Those kids look sad and humiliated and its disturbing to watch. They remind me of puppies that have been neglected and abused by their owner. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour is rewarded with a TV show!

    On a side note, did anyone catch Pamela Anderson’s comment to Damian on DWTS tonight? I’ll paraphrase but in essence she said that they will just dance and not try and manipulate the audience to garner votes. Hmmmm, wonder who she was referring to? 🙂


  12. To me it looks as though the three children who you say are being shamed and humiliated, are simply looking down at the geometric shapes of the carpet. You can see that Colin, who you say is distancing himself, is simply following the narrow, long white shapes in the carpet. It’s mesmerizing to walk on large repeated patterns on any flooring to children, my two would do it often as children. Two tone tiled floors, large squares of multicolored carpet would always be appealing for them. As far as the twin holding the duffel type bag, who’s to say that it isn’t full of all the things she wanted to bring for herself, along with her identical stuffed toy? My daughter in law allows my grandchildren, ages 6 & 7 to bring along what they’d like, but are reminded that they’re responsible for carrying and keeping up with what they choose to bring. Sometimes one chooses just a Matchbox car, carried in his pocket and the other one carries a duffel type bag filled with books, markers and cd’s. Sometimes they choose not to bring anything at all. The deadpan expressions while looking at their feet hit the shapes, shows their concentration, plus tiredness, as anyone else would feel after a long flight. Also, I agree with the person who said Kate is or just has adjusted the strap on her shoulder. Doesn’t look like she is even close to touching her hair. Not taking up for Kate, as she is presented through all the scripting and editing as someone with a very dominant personality, void of any warmth. Didn’t care for Jon’s personality as it was presented either, allowing Kate to tell him what to wear for example, showed him as being submissive. He seemed like a clumsy,14 year old helping his mom with his younger siblings. They never “matched” as a couple to me, neither physically, nor intellectually. Never saw any indication that they were attracted to each other in a romantic way. Oh, and the correct word is scapegoat, not “escape” goat, you might want to correct that,lol.


    1. Giove me a break! When shoulders are rounded nd faces are sad the child has most likely been humiliated not looking at shapes on the floor. If that was the case, how come the other children arent looking down? I completely disadree with your assessment.


      1. How unprofessional of you to reply in this way. You should respect others opinions, even if they differ from your own. Just because the other children aren’t looking down at the repeated patterns on the floor, doesn’t mean these 3 wouldn’t be. What would be odd is if all of them were looking down, lol.This is OT, but I have to agree with another commenter, who very nicely pointed out that there are typo’s in practically all of your responses. As a professional, I’m sure that you would like your blog to reflect that. If you are paying for the services of someone, you need to notify them of their shoddy work. This was noticed before you disagreed with me, so don’t think I’m pointing it out for spite, it was out of consideration, as I’d want someone to point it out to me. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy reading your blog. I’ll just know not to disagree with you in writing again, lol. Saw that you did change the error that I pointed out of you saying “escaped goat” for the word “scapegoat”. Good to know that you do read our comments. Now, if you could just find a reliable proofreader.


  13. Dear Outraged

    I don’t remember mentioning whether the children should be on television or not.

    I was discussing how irresponsible it is to make the statements the doctor made from a snapshot of a moment in time. She obviously doesn’t have much experience or education where small children are concerned.

    Her post is nothing but pure speculation and it is irresponsible to make such outrageous statements. The doctor always makes statements such as unfortunately you don’t have the education or experience…blah..blah..blah. You are right doctor I only have a MBA but I do know self righteous BS when I see it. Someone should report you to the proper licensing board in CA if that is where you’re licensed at for making such unsubstantiated statements.


  14. It’s sad because there are numerous pictures of the children with Kate and they always look sad. When Kate greets them at the bus there is no joy, but when their father greets them they are overflowing with happiness and running into his arms. Jon has always had the better relationship with them. I think Kate and TLC effectively ruined Jon’s ability to earn an income and while Jon’s behaviour was not exactly stellar, it’s like he had a breakdown. He was controlled for many years and at the first taste of freedom he went overboard. I do have faith that he will come around.
    For TLC to claim that they are a family channel and then continue filming while a family is disintigrating is beyond disgusting. There should have been a forced hiatus and counselling as soon as they knew the marriage was in trouble, before the show could continue. Unfortunately, the little money makers (the children) weren’t given that chance.
    Kate has claimed that the children are in pain and struggling with the divorce and the loss of the show, but does she get them in counselling? No, she joins DWTS and spends the money on maintaining her image. It’s just sad!!


  15. I love this site for calling Kate out on her behaviour. I honestly can’t understand why she has fans. I knew someone just like her when I was younger and I would cringe around her, like I do when Kate is on any show. It’s amazing how they can turn on the smile, and then turn on the tears. I see her children cringing when they are around Kate and feel sad for them!!
    Thankyou Dr. Glass…..right now you are my hero


  16. Dr. Glass I agree completely with your assessment spot on. What you will find here are the Kart lovers who are trolling all the sites associated with the unloving mother we affectionately know as Shopping Kart Kate. Jon is by far the better parent, even though he has made questionable choices in life. When the children are with him they light up; with Kart they look miserable. My children and I flew from LA to NW and the little ones slept on the flight. When they got off we had to round them up as they were so happy to be home they couldn’t wait to get out of the airport. Their reaction was much different from the children in the pictures above. Ignore the trollers; their day will come when Kart is no longer a “celebrity” or on TV


  17. Dr. Glass, I think your analysis is spot on.
    But I’ve often wondered one thing.
    Could the children be looking down and such because of the intrusive paps are snapping their pictures as they try to make their way through the airport.
    Although its add that only three are looking down.
    Just wondering about the simple fact that the simple fact how annoying I’m sure the papps existence is in the lives of these little ‘celebs.’
    Looking forward to your response!


    1. The papps aren’t that intrustive. I see them everyday oputside my building in Beverly Hills and have seen how they operate up close and personal. They often use telephoto lenses, especially when kids are involved. If you look at their facial expressions and thei hunched shoulders it is a clear giveaway with regard to their feeling shame and humiliation,. If the papps were involved, the other kids would notice it as well with all the flashing and they would be looking in the papps direction, which the 5 kids in back are not doing. Also if Kate is that much against the papps, she should bow out of her two shows and not allow the kids on TV and keep them hidden and sheltered from the public like many celeb parents do. Also I have no doubt that KATE or her minions called the papps to come to the airport to take photos of her as papps do NOT hang out at LAX unless they are alerted ahead of time. The certainly do NOT hang out at the Philadelphia airport unless they were alerted in terms of when her flight was coming in. That is how it works. The only place where papps are on a steady basis is at popular LA an NY clubs or eateries like Spago or Mr. Chows in LA and outside my office building at 435 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. That is where papps can find celebs going to docotrs in my building, the hairdresser, the manicurists, or having their eybrows waxed.


      1. You have obviously never watched video of the paps at the kid’s bus stop. They yell at whichever parent or nanny is dropping or picking up the children asking all kinds of inappropriate questions.

        You should really educate yourself on the situation.


      2. Julie, the photos were taken at an airport. If they were shouting they would be thrown out of any airport by security. It is my view that the photographers were told to be there at a apecific time and at a specific place as papps do not usually hang out at airports unless they are altered to do so. I feel that your comment reflects your unawareness if how things really operte. FYI I am extremely educated on the topic of papps and celebrities.


  18. The kids have been walking around with the paps taking their pictures for a long time. This is the 1st time the kids have their head down and looking really sad…..

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the paps. I believe Kate ripped them a new one OR they are tired from the plane ride. “Jet lag”….

    Kate forcing them to Leave PA to go to LA… Then Fly back to PA…

    It’s very tiring for the kids. Shame on Kate.


  19. JulieAnn go away. Your agenda is obvious; you’re a Kart lover. You are one of the blind, devoted sheep who follow Kart’s every move and believe she is the be all to end all of mothers. Well I do agree with you to a degree; Kart is a mother(mother-f****r). I believe the only people who want to see those poor, unfortunate, unloved by their mother children on TV are pedophiles. JulieAnn, or whatever your name is, are you one?


    1. Dear Lynda

      I never said I wanted the children on tv.

      When this is your blog you can tell me to go away.

      If the blog owner allows your vile comment to stay then I say that only proves my point.

      I have not resorted to name calliing. You are out of line with your comment.

      True to form people of your opinion result to name calling and making wild accusations.

      I truly feel sorry for you and your family that has to deal with someone as mentally unstable as you appear to be.


  20. JulieAnn no I am not mentally unstable as you would like to believe. However, I do commend you on your “best defence is a good offense” reply. Check out this site and then perhaps you’ll be able to understand what Dr. Glass means about the children’s interactions with Kate. As the adage goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words.


  21. I’d just like to point out that anyone can find/take a picture of ppl looking sad or upset and there are plenty of pictures out there of the kids with Kate smiling and happy looking. Just as there are pictures of them with Jon looking sad……its all a matter of timing and/or preferences and i think ppl will see what they want to see either way..i think JulieAnn has made some good points and done it in a respectful manner JMO


    1. Scatt
      Of course you can find photos of the children happy and sad but this photo in particular speaks volumes becuase of the context and becuase of the secific body tells. As a body language expert who has been doing this not only for showbusinesss types but in the legal and law enforecement fields I can assure you that this is not a matter of seeing what I want to see. It is a matter of clearly seeing what is.


  22. Hi Dr. Glass,
    You may not have seen the new episode of Kate plus 8 this past sun. 6/8/10 and I did not watch, but I read 2 different recaps, 2 different blogs that made me very concerned for Mady Gosselin. Apparently, she said she doesn’t think anyone cares about her and wants to die. Could you comment on that please?


    1. HAH! Mady is just upset that the sextuplet get TONS of birthday parties JUST because there’s 6 of them. I agree with Mady 100%, It is 100% UN-FAIR that the sextuplets get tons and Mady and Cara only get 1, it’s not fair. Imagine yourself, as a 9 year old, with an older twin, and 6 little brothers and sisters, that got 3 birthday parties and a GIANT elaborate cake and you only got one regular birthday party? exactly the way dear Mady does. And you OBVIOUSLY did not watch it, and I’ve seen it about 5 times, sweet little Mady had no desire to die.


  23. “lilian glass” i dont care about u enough to TRY to spell your name right or capitalize your name. If you wanna have a debate about why i totally disagree with ALL your thoughts on the Gosselins,[all of them EXCEPT Mady being maternal.. the only good one.] do it by email.


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