Casey Anthony Jail Confidant Maya Dirkovik’s Body Language Says She Is Truthful As She Reveals Information About Casey

nmate Maya  Dirkovik’s  neck  tattoo and skinny eyebrows may give her past away, that she was once a drug addicted gang member who  at 17 choked a 15 year old to death. But  after listening to this attractive young woman’s  jailhouse interview with reporter  Cathy Belich, one  could never believe that this sweet sounding young lady  once committed such a  such a heinous crime.

In fact. midway through her interview Cathy Belich actually mentioned that she found it difficult to believe, after speaking to Maya that she actually murdered  another person.


While it is easy to want to dismiss inmate Maya Dirkovik’s c credibility because she is  a convicted felon- a i a convicted murderer is not necessarily a liar.

In fact, Maya’s body language, speech and voice patterns show that she is very credible as she discusses her communication with Casey Anthony.  She shows absolutely no signals of deception. She is open eyed, has steady and appropriate eye contact.

Her  facial expressions are consistent with what she is saying. When she says things in the negative she appropriately shake her head “no” and when she says things in the affirmative she appropriately shakes her head “yes. ”

Her voice pattern is also very consistent with what she is saying and with her facial animation. She comes across as a person with nothing to  lose, nothing to gain and  nothing hide.


What also adds to Maya’s credibility is how she apparently has turned her life around from a drug addicted 17 year old gang member who made the wrong choices. Her  sincere feelings of remorse for strangling the 15 year old could be seen in her body language and in her facial expression. She talked about how she was haunted by what she did even found herself constantly doodling the girl’s name and   obsessing about her until she came clean and admitted her guilt.

She showed a great deal of empathy as she spoke of how bad she felt for the girl’s mother  and how she wondered what the girl would be like if she had lived and if she would have even forgiven her.

Now Maya has spoken to over 100 school aged children in the Scared Straight program.
In addition she spoke of her remorse at being a 13 year old runaway and had a great deal of empathy for her own mother and what she had to go through with her.


Reporter Belich asked  Maya if she thought that she had something to gain such as a reduced sentence  by coming forward and talking about Casey Anthony. Maya confidently said she did not, and I believed what she said. She said she was happy to serve her 30 years and felt blessed that she did not get the death sentence.

She also said she came forth because she thought that it was the right thing to do, just like she thought it was the right thing to do when she turned herself in for the murder of the 15 year old girl.

She seemed haunted by Casey’s blank emotion.  She also feels strongly about those who would harm a  child and even used the word “despise” to illustrate how she feels about these type of people that hurt children and how these people are outcasts in prison. So she is willing to testify in court about her communication with Casey. She wanted to lead law enforcement “to the right way so that the baby can rest in peace.”

Maya said that when she came to prison, she  called the prosecutor’s office and the  Orlando homicide department. She then called   911 around Thanksgiving  time in November  where  homicide in Orlando took information  and came to see her. She mentioned that she had  not asked for anything in return   she had not called her called lawyer . All she asked for was to not get media attention as she felt that this would make her life difficult in prison. But since it did get to the media, she decided to speak to the media about what she knew.

Because Maya felt relief in coming clean about what she herself did and admitting her guilt, she thought that Casey might feel the same relief if she came clean and did the same thing by admitting her guilt, but this did not happen. In fact, several times throughout the interview Maya commented on how cold and mask like Casey’s facial appearance was and how she was not  at all remorseful.


When Maya  tells about how Casey didn’t cry when the Chaplin came into Casey’s  cell to talk to her the night Caylee’s body was discovered, I believed  what  Maya was saying.

Maya also said how there was a coldness to Casey that put her off. She said she never saw remorse from Casey.

She also remarked how some of the other jail mates were  mocking and yelling at Casey “ Where’s Caylee? ” as Casey was being shackled. She shared Casey’s odd behavior of smiling at them as they said this.  Most people Maya said would have shown upset about this, but not Casey.

We have all seen Casey’s non- tears in the courtroom. We have also  seen her inappropriate  constant smile  in the courtroom that is highly disconcerting.

So Maya’s report is consistent with what we have seen first-hand.


Another thing about Casey which we have all seen is her constant grooming in the courtroom where she fiddles with her hair and brushes off her clothing. We also saw this in her surveillance videos with the detectives and other law enforcement.

Maya mentioned how Casey would look in the mirror  in her cell all the time and play with her hair.


Maya mentioned how Casey asked  her if someone would want to interview  her and write a book about her when Maya mentioned that she was thinking about writing a book about her case. We cans see that their conversation centered back on Casey, something we have all seen first- hand in her jailhouse interviews with her parents.


We have all seen Casey’s jealousy towards Caylee in the jailhouse tapes during her parent’s visit with her. When Cindy remarked how Caylee loved eggs and bagels, Casey said , I love eggs and bagels too, what about me. She also stated at one point “ I am Caylee.”

So when Maya told Kathy Bellich how she once told Casey that she thought Caylee was pretty, it was no surprise to me to hear  that Casey said “ What about me?” This comment not only spoke volumes about  Casey’s narcissism but  also to her jealousy towards Caylee and her motive for killing the little girl.


Maya also gave her impression with regard to Casey’s relationship with Cindy. She said that Casey hated  her mother and constamtly called her mother names . She spoke of  how Casey said that  Cindy said Casey was an unfit mother because she liked to drink and party and had different guys around the baby.  Maya  also told of how Casey did not like leaving Caylee with her mother.

We saw up close and personal via the jailhouse tapes of how Casey had issues with Cindy, There was tension between the two and we also saw how when Cindy was crying, Casey was laughing  at her sadistically. She seemed to  enjoy seeing  her mother in emotional pain.
She also said that Casey never said that her father or brother molested her and only spoke well of them.


When it was believed that Caylee was kidnapped, Maya mentioned that Casey told her three separate lies. First She said that the babysitter took Caylee.  Then she said that the babysitter came to her house to babysit Caylee and took her. Next she told Maya that the babysitter left a note saying she took Caylee.

So Maya’s hearing Casey’s constant lies is something we all heard from Casey. All Casey has been doing is lying to everyone. So her continuing to lie to her fellow inmates is not surprising.


Maya’s message to Casey was that she come forward. She said that it’s not the mistake you make, it’s what you do afterwards and not cooperating  is no good. She also said that coming to prison with a charge like that is not the best thing.


The bottom line is that Maya does look and  sound credible body language wise . She will be very well received by the jury in my view no matter how hard the defense tries to impeach her.  She is solid and unwavering and is remorseful for what she had done at the age of 17 when  as a drug addicted gang member she  strangled a 15 year old girl. It will come through as she speaks.

The fact that she had nothing to gain by coming clean with the exception of a clean conscience and her being on the right road to do the right thing will also sit well with jurors. They will be more open minded to hearing about  what Casey told her and they will believe what she says.


13 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Jail Confidant Maya Dirkovik’s Body Language Says She Is Truthful As She Reveals Information About Casey

  1. Thank you, Dr. Glass.

    I too thought Maya Derkovic was very truthful. Her coming forward shows me she is a woman with a conscience, compassion and remorse. She sees herself as “Blessed” for her 30 year sentence could have been a death sentence. She turned herself in, I admire her for doing so.
    I think Inmate Anthony should take Maya’s advice. The truth will set you free. At least her soul can be set free but I believe Inmate Anthony is in for the ride of her life. If Maya takes the stand against Inmate Anthony, I feel the juors will see a credible person. She points out the narcisistic tendenices Inmate Anthony has. I feel the jurors will see the compassion Maya has for an innocent child who was allegedly murdered by the one person who should have loved and protected her. I also believe in order to protect your child, your love for that child must be greater than the love you feel for yourself. Inmate Anthony loves no one but herself, she is number one and therefore had no real connection to Caylee, IMO, she had dissociated herself a long time prior to Caylee’s death. Inmate Anthony’s only concern if for herself as Maya so poignantly pointed out. I do believe her and I do believe as she does, murdering a child is heinous, atrocious, depraved and is someone else who is being a voice for Caylee. Her so called mother let her down and her grandparents have let Caylee down by not being a voice for the child who brought love and sunshine back into that greatly dysfunctional home..God Rest Caylee’s soul.

    Justice for Caylee is of the utmost importance and her death demands justice…

    Justice for Caylee Marie, Angel of God!


    1. casey anthony is a coward she killed her sweetchild becaused she cared for men more than that sweet sweet baby casey i hope you roth in hell cause you are not going to heaven you are sick sick sick i wish you all the sorrow in this world


  2. Hello Dr. Glass,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and observations. Your observations validate my own. I must admit I’m kind of proud I guess is the word, how my observations on some of the people involved in the Anthony case mirror yours.
    The first thing I commented about to some online folks was just because she is in jail doesn’t mean she is a liar. I found her to be very credible. Her facial expressions as she compared what Casey did to Caylee which made her think of her little brother and not being able to imagine knocking him out or even just the thought of it was upsetting and it showed.
    Thanks again. I enjoy your writing and your TV appearances.

    Yake care, *wink*


  3. Lethal injection is too good for that narcissistic waste of skin. If Big Bertha doesn’t give her a daily broom-handling for the rest of her days in prison, I’d happily spectate in a good ‘ol witch burning or public stoning! Her death should be a medieval event!


  4. I beg to disagree. The fact that she claims not to be able to pronounce “chloroform” is a glaring hole. If Casey told Maya she used chloroform, then Maya wouldn’t be sitting there fumbling with the word. She read that. Also, her saying how bad it is to murder a child, what exactly does she think that 15-year-old girl was who she killed?


    1. Maya was a child herself when she committed her crime, she was 17. And the circumstances are EXTREMELY different to that of poor little Caylees case. Do your research.


    2. I don’t know bout THAT either.. Fumbling with the word “chloroform” seems too normal to even question… People stumble over words sometimes… In fairness, i did not see this part of the video your referring to, but Im just saying bc i can just imagine it now with the “CL” … Like “Cla-cla -clORAform.?” Words can just sound weird sometimes, and perfectly intelligent people can mispronounce everyday words like ‘specific’ or ‘seatbelt’ or ‘breakfast’… Lol


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