Casey Anthony’s Hatred and Disgust Towards Her Mother Cindy Reflected in Jailhouse Letters Along With Brother Lee’s Sexual Molestation

Casey Anthony’s hatred towards her mother Cindy is clearly shown in her  jailhouse letter writing. I believe that there is a great chance that whatever Casey wrote in these letters is true. While she has  lied so much in the past, she lied verbally.

She consistently verbally lied to  authority  figures to the police and to her parents. She lied to her friend Amy Huizenga, only where there was something at stake- like money. Since there is nothing at stake with her new jailhouse friend and since she has nothing but time on her hands, why not say all that is on her mind? That is exactly what Casey did in these letters.


When one verbalizes and when one writes to get their points across, there are two distinct different areas of the brain that are in operation. There  is usually a lot more editing when one communicates  verbally  and a lot less  editing with the written word is communicated.

Psychologically, when Casey wrote those letters, there is no way she EVER thought that they  would become public. After all, it was the prison guard who was actually helping Casey  get those letters to her new friend. In a million years, simple minded Casey would never believe that her information would now be public and would now be used against her.

I can’t help but wonder if the prison guard and the prison staff allowed the liaison between Casey and her jailhouse friend to flourish so that perhaps Casey could release some pertinent information. There are jailhouse snitches who help gather information which can be used against a specific criminal so who’s to say that this didn’t take place here?


So when Casey opened up and shared her deepest feelings about her mom Cindy, she was telling the truth, In fact now that we know what Cindy was doing it all makes more sense. We see exactly what Casey was talking about.

Casey writes to her new Jailhouse friend that she is upset that her mom didn’t come to visit her on a particular Friday  because she was off gallivanting on Meredith Viera’s Today show.

Casey was equally sickened that her own mother Cindy trademarked Caylee’s name so she could use it to make money off of the tragedy, Casey was also livid that Cindy was also  trying to now capitalize off of Casey’s name and trademark her name as well.

While we can’t sympathize about much when it come to Casey Anthony we can definitely sympathize about what Cindy has done in this instance .


There is no doubt in my mind that it Casey murdered Caylee in order to get back at her overbearing hateful and hated mother Cindy. It was Cindy who was in denial that her daughter was pregnant. When  she did have the baby it was Cindy who took over with her being the first to hold the baby. It was Cindy who bonded with Caylee bought her clothing and doted over the bay.


Casey saw the love that was supposed to be for her, now bestowed on to Caylee and she HATED it !!  As evidence of what I am saying, I watched this mother- daughter jealousy concerning Caylee when I watched the jailhouse tapes. Cindy was saying how Caylee  used love bagels and eggs. Casey interjected,
“What about me? I liked bagels and eggs. Then at one point she said “  I am Caylee.” This comment is so telling. It shows her overwhelming jealousy towards the little girl and how she saw Caylee as an appendage of her. The appendage turned out to be too much of a burden, so she destroyed it. She killed Caylee.


Cindy has always been a very egregious character in the  whole Casey Anthony saga.  Besides her  rude and obnoxious gum chomping in the courtroom and during her deposition, her constant yelling at others, hostile tones, , finger pointing, controlling  gestures as she signals George what to say and not say on television interviews, and her clear  signals of deception makes  Cindy, a real life villain.


Her  rude, ugliness and callous abuse towards the real Zenaida Gonzales showed  Cindy’s true  character. She aggressively told the innocent woman  that she was not pretty and certainly not a 10- an unnecessary comment that  absolutely devastated Zenaida.


Cindy’s signals of deception in her numerous television interviews and in her deposition were constant. They ONLY thing that I believe Cindy said was true was when she said it smelled like there was a “damn dead body “ in the car.


Her over the top hostile defiance reflects what people do when they are not telling the truth and have something to hide. When someone is usually that verbally abusive as Cindy has been on such a consistent basis, there is no doubt in my mind that she may be compensating for something.


Perhaps that something was knowing all along that little Caylee was dead rotting in the WOODS while others were naively and goodheartedly searching for the baby. I am still haunted by her WOODS camera during an early interview when WOODS weren’t even a  consideration at the time.

I am also haunted by Cindy’s vocal confidence in telling Sargent Allen that Casey got help in moving the body. Who helped her? Did she, George, or Lee help her? And how does she know that Caylee’s body has been moved numerous times as she says?


I belive that one of the reasons for Cindy’s  backtracking, defending Casey, and overt obnoxious defiance is due to her own  guilt concerning her role in what eventually happened to Caylee  via her own daughter’s hands. She also harbored guilt at knowing where little Caylee was- In the Woods!

We know that there was never a good relationship between Casey and Cindy. In fact there was always a tumulus one. Cindy and Casey had a fight before Casey took Caylee. Cindy apparently told Casey that she would throw her out and keep Caylee.

“ Oh Yeah”, thought Casey—She showed her mother! So. she took Caylee  from the home just to spite her hated and hateful mother Cindy.

Cindy knew her daughter Casey better than anyone in the world. She knew that Casey would be overwhelmed by what it took to care for Caylee. She knew that Casey was incapable to caring for Caylee. That is why she figured that Caylee would be back home at Suburban Drive in a matter of days where she would deposit Caylee back into Cindy’s arms.

But that never happened. Casey was super mad at Cindy and was determined to prove to her that she was a “good mother” and fully capable of taking care of Caylee by herself. In fact Casey refers to herself as being good mother  in her jailhouse letters.

But soon Casey no doubt realized that being with a baby was cramped her style. She didn’t want the baby  around when she partied, chloroformed her and put her in the trunk of the car to be quiet and go to sleep


Then I believe  that Casey would usually add a strip of duct tape across Caylee’s mouth for good measure. It was to assure herself that in case Caylee woke  up in a dark car trunk, she wouldn’t be heard screaming for help by a passerby which would ultimately get Casey in trouble. So that is why I strongly believe `

Casey placed the duct tape over little Caylee’s mouth on a regular basis whenever she chloroformed her and placed her into the trunk of the car. She may have even found a little heart and placed it over the duct tape as a symbolic exclamation point and her warped view of love- that Caylee was safe and sound- all snug as a bug in a car trunk, all quiet with duct tape over her mouth and sleeping like a baby because of the chloroform.


Only one particular time Casey missed her mark on Caylee’s face when she did her ritualistic chloroform and duct tape dance.

As a side bar we have consistently seen Casey’s ritualistic OCD like behaviors of smirking, hand rubbing, grooming, and of course when tears are called for, wiping away non- tears, blowing her nose into a Kleenex and looking at it and repeating the ritual over and over again.

Casey is clearly obsessively neat in my view after looking at her precise writing in her recent jailhouse letters.

But on one party night, Casey was not very precise when she placed the ritualistic duct tape of her daughters mouth to assure her quietness. Perhaps it was too dark outside. Perhaps she as in a hurry to get partying.

Perhaps she was on drugs or drunk. Or perhaps this was done subconsciously as a sadistic a t to finally kill the object of  her hated mother Cindy’s affection and to kill the “little monster” and ”little snothead”- (terms Casey called Caylee), who stood in her way of a good time.


Maybe psychologically the  heart sticker Casey placed on Caylee’s duct taped  mouth speaks to this sadism as she punctuates her wrong doing with a heart- designed to express feelings of love. Maybe Casey was sadistically  loving what she was doing in torturing Caylee. Hence, the heart sticker.

Whatever the reason, Casey he didn’t carefully place the duct tape over Caylee’s mouth as she did in the past. Instead she missed her mark and  placed a piece over Caylee’s mouth and nose. In doing so, she cut off Caylee’s air supply.  No doubt Caylee suffocated to death with her nose and mouth duct taped so she couldn’t breathe.


When Casey awoke from her sex and drug and party filled crazed night and opens the trunk she finds a dead Caylee. She doesn’t know what to do. So, she does NOTHING! She lets the child’s body rot in there for days- hence the smell of a dead body George and Cindy smelled.


Early on in the case, I remember seeing an interview with a male passerby who said he saw a young lady wearing a hat and carrying a black bag into the woods. Maybe he saw Casey doing this. Maybe Casey subsequently told Lee her closet confidant about what happened.


Based on their smiles and  fiveing we all saw, it may make sense that Lee helped her relocate the body of Caylee to another location, Maybe it was then thrown into a body of water due to the rains. Maybe the smiles and high fiveing between Casey and Lee was an indication that they both succeeded in hiding the body and that no one would no what really happened to Caylee. They could stick to their story and Lee could look like Mr. Bigshot out there.


‘When I look back to all of Lee’s inappropriate laughter on his depo tapes, it screams to me  that he was nervous and anxious because he must have known a lot more than he was revealing. But his body language and facial language and behavior revealed a great deal to me.


If what I am saying is accurate,which I believe it is, Cindy’s super bitchiness and defensiveness and meanness and kicking out Tim Miller of Equi Seach from her home shows me that she may very well have known what happened.

When someone is missing a child they welcome the help of others. They get involved They search everywhere. They are grateful, They are not defensive or bitchy unless they have something to hide.

The WOODS leak also speaks volumes to me with regard to Cindy’s possible involvement in knowing a lot more about what happened to Caylee.


George spoke of family loyalty in his interviews. Now it makes a lot of sense in terms of his putting loyalty above all in defending his daughter when it was he who made mention of the dead body smell in the car.

But Casey broke that bond of loyalty by telling her new jailhouse friend via her letters how her father George and brother Lee sexually molested her. Lee also spoke of family loyalty in his jailhouse interview early on. But once again, through Casey’s written revelations she broke that bond of loyalty between them.


Now that Casey,  via her jailhouse letters admitted that Lee sexually molested her- a claim also brought forth by Casey’s ex boyfriend Jesse Grund, Lee’s passionate CMA speech at Caylee’s Memorial Service may very well have a different meaning. He too speaks of family loyalty and ‘solidarity”.

When I first heard him say CMA, I though he as referring to Caylee who had the same initials. But as lee delved deeper into the speech and more passion came forth and more accolades came forth I could clearly see that his CMA was directed towards Casey. He purposely used initials to try and confuse everyone and to hide what he was really doing- a shout out to his beloved sister. Otherwise he would have been direct and forthright and said Caylee Marie Anthony instead of CMA. After all it was Caylee Marie Anthony’s memorial service.


Also Cindy’s petting her son  so vigorously and repeatedly while he was speaking also speaks to the lack of boundaries in this family. It was completely inappropriate and very disturbing to watch in my view. It once again spoke to her trying to control the situation and her lack of respect for her son wanting to express his own opinions.

If you didn’t know this was mother and son it could be construed by many as being sexual in nature as we see Cindy’s constant petting of Lee’s back.


As Lee speaks, he says he is incomplete. He then passionately  kisses  his wrist while he shouts out CMA. In  analyzing the contexts of what he says, it retrospect, it sounds like a
lover” that Lee was talking about a lover, not a sister or a little baby.

I am sure that Caylee didn’t teach him each day to be strong. She was a baby who herself needed to be taught to be strong.  Then Lee says “Its been so long that I have  been able to hug you or to hold you and tell you how much you mean to me,” it really smacks of lover talk.

When Lee then said  CMA “ I miss you ,as he closed his eyes, his facial and body language indicated to me that  it sounded like was was referring to a lover and not to a baby.

“CMA I love you. CMA I am so proud of you.” He says.  How can you be proud of a baby who was killed? So it is clear that he is proud of Casey for no doubt, not spilling the beans to police and sending them on a wild goose chase.  And then the clincher is –“  I hope that you are proud of me too!”  Why would he care if a dead baby was proud of him? He was speaking in the present tense to a live sister and not to a dead baby, so lover seems to make more sense.

Brother Lee then goes on to say” I want you to know that I will never forget the promise that I made to you.”  He is clearly referring to Casey. What promise could he have made to Caylee except to promise her a new toy or to take her to Disney World?


The whole thing is chilling now in light of what we know about Casey’s jailhouse letters where she accuses Lee of molesting her by coming into her room in the middle of the night and then  getting in trouble for telling  Cindy about it as  that Cindy tells Casey that  it was her fault.

Based on all that we know thus far and all that we can surmise by putting two and two together, this is no doubt one of the most sick dysfunctional families we have seen.  In my view, they all deserve to be behind bars, especially of they tried to cover up and protect Casey if  they knew Caylee was dead all along.


34 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Hatred and Disgust Towards Her Mother Cindy Reflected in Jailhouse Letters Along With Brother Lee’s Sexual Molestation

  1. Dr Glass: Your remarks are so similar to what I have been saying for over a year. I, too, believe KC had been drugging Caylee and putting her in the trunk when she was partying. I think one time KC came out and heard Caylee crying because she had awakened in the dark trunk. From that point on, I think she started taping the babies mouth so she could not cry and be heard by someone else. But, because she was so mad at her Mom, she was not careful when she applied the tape that Sunday nite, and covered both Caylee’s mouth and nose.

    I don’t think she even checked on the baby till sometime the next day, when it was too late.


  2. The summer that Caylee died I remember reading somewhere that when Casey was pregnant that she had wanted to have an abortion but that Cindy would not “allow” it. Do you remember anything about that?


  3. I have wondered why, since they found the body (or even before when they could have gotten the dna from Caylee’s brush… have they never seem to have done any investigating to find out who her biological father was.

    I mean, in the beginning, he could have been a suspect… but now… I just have to wonder if Caylee’s biological father could be Lee or even George.

    Obviously, she could be making up the whole story… but whether she is or not… why has no one ever seemed to bother to try to find out who the other half of the family of this poor baby is? Don’t they deserve the right to know that they should be mourning someone?


    1. kat_momof3, they would have to have someone’s DNA to compare to Caylee’s DNA. I’m sure they checked GA & LA and everyone else that they interviewed, but KC was such a whore, not even KC knew who fathered Caylee.


      1. they did rule lee out, but george wasn’t able to be ruled out of initial test. I don’t know if they did more test on him or may be known, but not let out.


  4. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Thank you so much for your analysis. I never knew what to make of the “Caylee’s Memorial”. It was very odd when Lee was talking about “CMA”… he is another lunatic to me. Creepy family!!!!
    Now, Dr. Lillian, guess where C&G were today? They just love to be on the headlines. I wouldn’t trust these people to be around my kids. BTW, the Anthony’s never searched for Caylee. This is the link to the article:
    Teams Continue Search For Missing 11-Year-Old
    Nadia Bloom Last Seen Riding Bike In Winter Springs Friday Afternoon
    POSTED: 1:17 pm EDT April 10, 2010
    UPDATED: 8:33 pm EDT April 10, 2010
    “”It awoke me out of the middle of sleep when I heard an autistic child was missing,” she said. “I logged onto a Web site and got her picture.”
    The family went door-to-door to help.
    George Anthony, the grandfather of slain Central Florida girl Caylee Anthony, also came by to see how he could help.”
    So George were there to be on the headlines. Despicable!!!


    1. FRG, I went to the link given, and didn’t see where the article states that Cindy was present.

      The quote given …”It awoke me out of the middle of sleep…” was actually from a lady named Michelle Tomlinson, the mother of another autistic child.

      Aside from that, I don’t see why George Anthony thinks he needs to hot-foot it to a missing child search. He didn’t go out and search for his own grand-daughter; why the he@@ would he go to the trouble of showing up at somebody’s else’s child’s search. And I’ll bet that when he asked if there was anything he could do to help, if he had been asked to actually get out there and search, he wouldn’t do it. He’s just there to try to make himself look good and important and caring. He’d probably be pleased as a pig in mud if they’d had a billboard he could drive around town.

      There’s something I’ve wondered about before….if Casey was drugging Caylee and putting her in the trunk so she could party (I have no doubts whatsoever about that) and putting duct tape over her mouth in case she woke up, then it stands to reason that she would have duct-taped her wrists together as well. If Caylee woke up in the trunk with tape over her mouth, I think the first thing she would do is try to get this tape off of her mouth. Even if her wrists were taped together, she’d still be able to raise her hands up to her face in order to pull the tape off, so that would make me think that her arms would have been constrained behind her back. I dunno…maybe over-thinking it.

      One more comment…about the whole “CMA” lament by Lee at CAYLEE’s memorial…that was just gut-wrenching sickening. Pathetic. These people, the Anthony’s, don’t have a damn clue about honesty, integrity, love, compassion, loyalty (except among themselves, and I think that has fallen apart), truth, and all good and fair things. I think, no…I KNOW this is the most dysfunctional family by far that I have ever heard of. How they’ve managed to stay together this long in life is a mystery to me.


  5. The Caylee Memorial was a horrible spectacle.It disturbed me when some media said it was “lovely & appropriate closure” for Caylee.

    The Anthonys used the “Memorial platform” to proclaim Casey’s innocence & act stranger & more inappropriate than I thought possible.

    Surreal,twilight zone material…what planet are these derelicts from?


  6. “Cindy has always been a very egregious character in the whole Casey Anthony saga.” Best word to describe Cindy yet– egregious–overtly bad!

    This is your best article on Casey’s case & the inner working of the most hideous, dysfunctional family I’ve ever laid eyes on. I honestly wish I’d never heard of them & can’t wait until Casey is convicted & these hostile lunatics go away forever!


  7. Another time that Casey’s immature jealousy of her daughter reared it’s ugly head was when Tracy ( Leonard Padilla’s asst ) was staying at the house with Casey & sitting in casey’s bedroom looking at a album with photos in it… Tracy saw a photo of Caylee & Casey and remarked how cute Caylee was…………Casey Immediately got upset and said ” what about me…don’t you think I am cute also?” …..


  8. Has anybody ever seen the show “Hoarders, Buried Alive?” While I was reading Casey’s jail letters, that show came to mind and made me think that it resembles Casey’s mind. Filled to the rafters with useless junk. So much garbage that there’s barely any room to move around, just tiny little pathways to manuever thru all the trash. The only difference being that these hoarders can’t throw ANYTHING away, but Casey had no problem with throwing away her little girl. As far as Caylee’s body having been moved around, this is just my opinion, but that’s nonsense. Her remains stayed where her mother dumped her. If I remember correctly, forensic botany has proven that the remains were there for the length of time that Caylee was “missing.”


  9. Patricia….wow! I haven’t heard about that statement Casey made to Tracy about the photos. Is that in a transcript somewhere? I’d love to read it. Thanks!


  10. Kitt – April 11, 2010 at 3:29 am
    Take a look at this link then.
    Police Search For Missing Girl
    Winter Springs Police Look For 11-Year-Old In Wooded Area
    POSTED: Friday, April 9, 2010
    UPDATED: 12:06 pm EDT April 10, 2010
    “After news of the search aired, George and Cindy Anthony arrived at the scene. The parents of Casey Anthony told Local 6 they wanted to go talk to Bloom’s parents, and then planned to leave.”


    1. Thanks FRG! Jeez, that couple are just….oh, what’s the word? Apalling comes to mind for beginners. I wonder if they did talk to the parents. And what in the world could they have to say?! If I had them show up on my doorstep, I’m sure it would be a big fat sign of doom and gloom to come. They need to just stay within their own little fantasy world and butt out of ppl’s lives.


  11. I agree with everything you have written. This is a twisted family, no doubt there. One thing, since Caylee looked so very much like Cindy rather than her own mother, don’t you think that was one reason Casey despised her and perhaps why Cindy loved her, oh, so much?

    When Lee spoke at the ceremony and Cindy kept petting him, I thought the same thing as you did. This family has had some inappropriate things going on among them and maybe Casey has spilled the big secret in her letters.

    Do you think Lee and/or George will make any statement regarding the abuse? Do you think that now Casey has let this out, that they will no longer feel the need to pretend?


  12. Once again, Dr. Glass I do agree with all you’ve stated.

    Inmate Anthony is in a reality all her own. She sees herself as a good mom but goes on to admit she drugged Caylee so she can party and look for Mr. Right! This is one self absorbed, demented young woman. I can’t wait for the day she is found guilty of the crime she sits accused of. There is no Zany, she exonerated her in her jailhouse letters. She forgives Zany…is she Zany the nanny and needed to forgive herself? It’s not her battle??? She goes on to say the “real” Zany didn’t do this…So there is this fake nanny? I have a deep gutted feeling, Inmate Anthony viewed herself as the nanny to Caylee. Seems they were raised more like siblings than mother/daughter with Cindy Anthony at the helm, directing the way things should go. Inmate Anthony dissociated herself from Caylee if she bonded at all. I don’t think it’s in Inmate Anthony to love anyone but herself. Cindy must have missed something along the way. Possible consequences, responsibliites??? This should have lied on Inmate Anthony. She should have been made to get a job and help with supporting Caylee. This family is so far left it’s distrubing. They all are in a world of their own unrealistic fantasies. I don’t know if she truly was molested or not, even if she was, it doesn’t give her a reason to use for getting out of a murder one charge. She deserves to spend the rest of her sorry life behind bars, unraveling at the seams.
    There is no boundries, no respect. Cindy Anthony chomps away on gum like a cow chews on cud. She is as disrespectful as they come, so you wonder HOW Inmate Anthony got to be who she is…take a look at mom, Inmate Anthony is a mini cindy…only Inmate Anthony is more evil, more sinister with the blackest heart I’ve seen since Susan Smith…

    Rest assured, Caylee will have her justice. Inmate Anthony may just get a date with the exectutioner for her statement about choloroform and who brought it home…and using drugs to put Caylee to sleep so she can party. I do believe she just put those nails in her own coffin….

    Justice for Caylee is one trial away….

    Justice for Caylee


  13. I completely agree. Sometimes there is a little truth in all those lies…I still think George is thefather of caylee, and he has never been ruled out. I know lee has. also. both lee and George said they believe everything casey says and on this one thing, so do I.


  14. I’m unsure of the duct tape being used more than once since reading a nurse’s comment that there’s no way you could remove duct tape from a child’s face without it very painfully peeling off the top layer of skin. Also, I don’t believe the death was an accident. I believe it was researched to some degree and then finally she murdered Caylee in response to that fight with Cindy.

    I once commented months and months ago that Casey could have been putting Caylee to sleep in the trunk of the car for awhile but so many people who live in Florida responded to my comment and told me that at that time of year the child would not be able to withstand the heat even at nighttime. I live in Canada so I don’t really know but I don’t see why they would make it up.


  15. OMG! THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT. And yes, duct tape cannot be removed without damaging the skin. It is so ‘gluie’ on one side that it takes effort to peel it off once it’s put on. Really, the theory of ‘ops, she drugged her and forgot her in the trunk, only to find her dead hours later….does ont fly. Even if she applied the duct tape in a scenario like that, she should have known that it wouldn’t come back off. No one is that friggin high while having a kid in tow that they space out that much. This was murder, cold and calculated.


    1. First of all. duct tapes does indeed come off the skin and with persperation and the oils on the skin. This may make it be difficult to stay on. That may be why Casey placed the tape around the side of her daughters head which also grabbed Caylee’s hair.

      She most probably put the tape on her to keep Caylee from screaming in the trunk in case she woke up from the chlorform she gave her daughter.

      And your statement” no one is that friggin high while having a kid n tow” refelects your own good and right sensibilities. But unfortunately, there are people who take drugs and alcohol to the degree that it can distort their physical coordination. That is why it is possible that she may have perhaps placed the ductape over both of Caylee’s breathing orifices.

      But I do believe as you do that she wanted Caylee dead, at least on a subconscious level. She may have seen Caylee as her competition for the attention she craved, She very well may have wanted to get rid fo the little grl becuase she knew how much her mother Cindy wanted Caylee and wanted to get back at her hated mother.

      In any event, either way you look at it. I believe that she did murder this little girl and needs to be held fully accountable.


  16. Casey Anthony: George and Cindy Anthony offer support to family of missing girl
    Caylee and Casey Anthony, George and Cindy Anthony, WESH, WFTV — posted by halboedeker on April, 11 2010 9:54 AM

    The search for missing Nadia Bloom, an 11-year-old Winter Springs girl, has been a top local story.

    “She has seemingly disappeared without a trace,” WFTV anchor Eric Rasmussen said last night after Saturday’s daylong search.

    WESH-Channel 2 talked to family friends at a vigil last night. The friends’ goal: Bring more attention to Nadia.

    Television gave more time to the story for another reason: George and Cindy Anthony, the parents of Casey Anthony, went to the Bloom family home Friday night.

    WFTV’s Rasmussen noted “two familiar faces” — the Anthonys — showed up in the Blooms’ Winter Springs neighborhood Friday night.

    “We saw that she was missing. I said ‘Oh, my gosh, this is right around the corner.’ I said, ‘We need to go,’ ” Cindy told reporters.

    “We’re just here to offer her family some support — a hug,” George said. “To let them know we understand, we understand what these first few hours, first few minutes can be like,” George said.

    Were the Anthonys right or wrong to go? They did gain more TV time for the story.

    Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.
    Now, what are these people doing there?
    Would you like to hug George or listen to Cindy’s advices? I certainly wouldn’t.


  17. I agree with the comments on Casey’s writings and the likelihood that she was abused. It seems to fit her pathology. Anyone could easily have taken advantage of the family ‘liar’ and it would never be discussed or even believed.
    Although I believe that Casey was jealous of Cindy’s attention towards Caylee, I feel it was mostly instigated by Cindy to reinforce Casey’s feelings of failure, to demean her, and to dismiss any maternal instincts that Casey may have once believed she had. It seems to me that Cindy was deliberately tried to undermine Casey at every turn. More importantly, I sense that Casey was more jealous of Cindy’s role in Caylee’s life and that Casey felt helpless to make decisions regarding her own daughter. (the very last decision about Caylee while she remained on this earth was also by Cindy who decided to cremate the baby against Casey’s wishes) Cindy encouraged Caylee to call her mommy and this was an evil, pointed stab at Casey’s connection with her daughter. It occurred time and time again. Only a mother with absolutely no matertal instincts could do such devastating things to their own daughter. Any mother knows that there could be nothing worse than the rejection of your own child. The fact that Cindy could do this demonstrates her own sociopathic tendencies and her absolute disregard for motherhood and people’s feelings.
    How could Casey ever learn to bond with her child with Cindy as a role model? With that bond broken, I think Casey gave up on trying to adapt to caring for Caylee and set about to avenge Cindy for all her wrong doing.
    Dr. Glass, you made a very accurate statement in this:”Cindy knew her daughter Casey better than anyone in the world. She knew that Casey would be overwhelmed by what it took to care for Caylee. She knew that Casey was incapable to caring for Caylee.” It is for this exact reason, Cindy should have IMMEDIATELY called LE on the very date Casey left. Why would Cindy allow Casey to leave with Caylee when she’s described her as a ‘sociopath’ ?
    I don’t believe any evidence has been put forth that Caylee was actually chloroformed or repeatedly put in the trunk. I would assume that it would be against Casey’s lazy nature to make up a batch of chloroform, when she could just as easily access Cindy’s meds or get them on the street.
    In addition to Lee’s ridiculous speech at the memorial, he also appeared to be in the ‘throes of passion’. Very disturbing. You’ve mentioned the lack of family boundaries with the Anthonys in regard to Cindy’s ‘petting’. There is a photo of Cindy with her hand half way between Lee’s knee and thigh. He was an adult at this time, and I’ve always felt it was very inappropriate.
    Something that disturbed me at the memorial was George’s memories of Caylee. He said he ‘missed the smell of her sweet sweat’ and closed his eyes as if to relive it. It’s odd to say the least.
    I can’t be certain, but I think Cindy’s voice message to Sargent Allan was referencing someone had to help Casey move the body. I think this may be when she decide to implicate Jesse and/or Amy. More evil.
    The woman in the hat with another gentleman was at the airport, I believe. I think it was investigated and found not to be connected.
    Hopefully with continuing analogies of the family dynamics, more answers regarding this case will that ALL guilty parties will ultimately face the consequences they deserve.


  18. Your insight is very astute, Dr. Glass. However, I have to respectfully disagree with your entire scenario of Caylee’s demise. I do believe that Casey used sedatives to keep Caylee out of her hair while she partied, but I don’t believe she used chloroform for that purpose (despite what Robyn, Casey’s BFF, now says). I also don’t believe she put duct tape on Caylee on a regular basis as tape would leave too much evidence on the skin that would be difficult to remove. But it’s possible Casey may have used chloroform on Caylee before killing her. IMO, Casey deliberately and with malice aforethought cruelly and heinously snuffed out the life of her precious little vulnerable daughter by placing duct tape over her mouth and nose, preventing her from breathing. I have never for even one second entertained the idea that Caylee’s demise was an accident. I base my opinion on Casey’s own actions after Caylee’s disappearance. If Caylee had died by accident, we would have seen some panic or emotion in Casey. We did not. She is some cold cookie!


  19. Dr.Glass-wow-the rubbing, touching inappropriate behavior the example of the memorial service-makes one feel like they are in someones bedroom-lee is very spooky and has been jubliant at times-do you remember early on when george said [ all of our family secrets will eventually come out- whats with brad conway -who has no control over his clients-at least nejame had the right move -is damage o his reputatiion worth it he cant be getting paid as they are supposedly broke–why the h would he continue to represent them and speak on their behalf-when they now show up for another missing child-who do they really think they are-shame on brad


  20. I’m going to make one flat disagreement about Casey. She knew those letters were getting out. It was her way out of the DP. She talked through those vents and told her dear friend that it would help her too, only if she did get them to an outside party. Don’t ever be fooled by Casey’s expert way of telling lie after lie, scheming, planning, plodding, executing very fine details. That car was left in the lot to prove that someone had taken Caylee. She even went to her ex boyfriend’s place to take a shower and plant evidence. Her only way out was to do the blame game and hope that some of it sticks to the walls on penalty faze. She in her heart believes she is walking but if all else fails she sure isn’t getting that needle, she made damn sure that she was on the right track for covering her actions – ABUSE EXCUSE. I wonder how Lee feels now ???? “CMA, CMA, I love you, I’m proud of you and I hope you are of me”. Ugh.


  21. Wow…A long while back I read info about Casey’s phone & text usage, and there was one morning in particular that she didn’t get on the phone till 10-11am. That was late for her usually around 7am she would start on the phone. I thought she gave her chloroform the night before, went out partying & slept in the next morning, leaving little Caylee in the car (under the hot sun) and when she went out found her. But after seeing all that has played out that is giving her way too much credit. Casey is way too manipulative, and selfish for it to be an accident. I only wish I lived in Florida and could be on this jury. Hopefully the good people of Florida will see through her & her slimy legal team & do the right thing. Justice for that beautiful little girl, Caylee.


  22. Dr Glass,thanks for your insights. I remember a very early interview with the family where Mrs Anthony had placed her had in the middle of Lee’s thigh. It was disturbing to say the least. Resonant of your own ‘sexual’ touching theory above.
    I would not be at all surprised if some sexual impropriety had taken place between the siblings.
    This family is inappropriately enmeshed, and have screamed red flags from the outset.


  23. Dr. Glass, this is your best article…and validating for me–because right after I saw Casey’s coldness and ability to lie without guilt or shame…I said to myself “incest”. I tried to discuss it on a few forums, but incest is very tricky to people get so riled up and continually come back with responses like “well, no matter what, that is no excuse to kill Caylee!” well. uh. yeah. agreed. That is not what I am trying to get at…I am just trying to proffer ideas as to Casey’s EXTREME pathology. It’s INCEST!

    Incest is why Caylee is dead. Incest is why Casey no longer knows what is truth and what is fiction. No one wants to acknowledge that Casey is a victim….but, she most certainly is. A very unlikeable victim, but a victim nonetheless. I love that you attribute so much of the causation to Cindy. Right on, Dr. Glass!

    Casey still has just a titch of pride left in her because she would only confess to Lee having “fondled” her over a period of time and some vague gray “repressed memory” of George doing “something”. I submit that Casey is so shamed by the full blown major sexual abuse that she suffered she is not willing to divulge the truth about it clearly…it is EMBARRASSING. Casey will admit to “fondling” as that is something that she feels won’t be as shaming as the entire truth which is so very likely sexual intercourse with Lee and or George over a long period. Have you seen the movie “Precious”? The filmmakers did a wonderful job of indicating how she would go other places in her mind to “escape” the reality of incest. Casey does this too. Everyone wants to know how she can be so out of touch and plan trips to Puerto Rico, etc..well, get screwed by your own brother and/or father for a couple of years and get back to me!

    When I have tried to share what I know in other forums about coming from a home where there was incest (not me…my Mother and her father) I am told that it can NOT be discussed. Oh how funny, now incest is more of a crime than murder? Really? We discuss murder ad nauseum..but incest (which is a “lesser” crime according to common sense AND the law) can not be discussed?? Pahleeze–this family is the poster family of incest. Incest-Incest-Incest.

    Thanks for a superb article. BTW it wouldn’t surprise me if Cindy wasn’t also abused by her father. She is classic too.


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