Tiger Woods Body Language During Master’s Presser Shows Spin, Manipulation, and Anger During Questioning About Elin, Who’s No Show Speaks Volumes

Tonight at 7:30 PM  on CBS on  The Insider You will see my exclusive body language coverage regarding Tiger Woods body language during his press conference Where he was asked some major questions regarding his relationship and his past behavior.

It is clear that Ari Fleisher is new SPIN advisor did his job and told Tiger how to spin it. However, there is no way the public will ever buy Tiger’s spin. It is completely manipulative- especially when he plays the “poor me victim look how injured I was card in an attempt to feel sorry for him, all the while avoiding he real question about his past egregious behavior.


If his surgeries and knee problems weren’t isn’t enough to try and garner public sympathy as an excuse for Tiger’s bad past, he does a mea culpa on how all of this caused him to miss his son’s first birthday.

He says that missing his son’t first birthday hurts and hurts a lot, as he looks down and says so in a monotone voice. PUHLEEEZ!! Why didn’t he think of his son’s first birthday when he was in bed with all of his sex partners?

There is no question that his spinmeister threw in his son’s birthday as a ploy to try to tug at emotional heartstrings as he mentions it three times. This is another clue that it is spin. When someone repeats something  that often, it usually does not ring true.  The SPIN did NOT work! The publc is NOT stupid and there is no way that they are buying it!


Tiger was ever evasive when asked about his rehab with constant uh ums and shoulder shrugs  and  looking down. There is clearly no continued rehab schedule on the books.

Here’s a clue that all of this is BS and Spin. No one gets rehabbed for sex addition or pain pill prescription addiction in 45 days. It takes a lot longer. That is why I believe all of this was spin from the beginning, The fact that Tiger went into rehab was ONLY because he got caught with his pants down- literally ! If he didn’t get caught the word REHAB would never have crossed his lips.

Tiger has all the rhetoric down- all the buzz words-  like the word  “entitlement” and all the 12 step lingo. But to me they sound like words. The do not ring true.


Case in point. When a reporter asked him if he felt entitled, Tiger immediately  asked the reporter what he meant. If Tiger was really sincere about his entitlement issues, he would have answered it with the same rapidity and confidence he answered questions concerning his golf game.


The only time Tiger sounded confident, where his speech was  at a rapid clip and he showed a verbal bounce devoid of uhms and hesitations, but rather life and enthusiasm in his voice,  was when he was talking about getting back out there and playing golf.

In doing so, he was radiant! He glowed as he smiled  a  huge bright genuine smile when he talked about his favorite subject.


The most arrogant part of his presser was when asked about his accident. He was evasive, as he essentially said to read the police report. That spoke volumes. It as a though he was trying to distance himself  from what happened and make it OK. No doubt  his new spinmeister Ari Fleisher told him to do this.

It was obvious what he was doing in this regard. The only problem is that no one can forget that he was lying on the ground snoring with a fat lip according to the police  report to which he is referring.


And speaking of fat lips and mouths., it was interesting to note that as Tiger smiled he was wearing invisible  braces over his front teeth. Tiger had the most perfect teeth in the past.  So why is he now wearing clear plastic  invisible braces  on his teeth? You really see it when he smiled brightly when talking about getting back into his golf game. .

Did Elin really hot him with a golf club as the  rumor goes and really  give him a fat lip and knock his teeth out of alignment to boot?

If so, is he  perhaps  wearing dental braces for that purpose- to realign and straighten out  the teeth she may have allegedly damaged teeth?


Tigers steely glare and his tight jaw were the signals of anger that he let out when he  asked if wife ELin was coming to the Masters. He said she was not. To me that said it al!!! This is ois comeback and the most important Golf Tournament of his life at this time.

When we do not see Elin’s support, it is very difficult for us to support Tiger as well. While he may be a great golfer, the respect for him is completely gone as far as Elin is concerned in my view. Otherwise, she would be standing my her man’s side.

But obviously she has enough self respect and self dignity to not show up to be on display to help her husbands tarnished image.


Tiger has still not taken full responsibility for his actions even though he says he has,. His head shaking  No when he said “I take full responsibility for what happened,”  should have been shaking  Yes.

To me that spoke volumes. It speaks to the fact that while he has al the right words and the right rhetoric, he is clearly  something completely opposite. He still hasn’t fully embraced what he has done, as he is till in denial body language-wise.


Tiger kept mentioning how the fans were accepting of him. He appeared to be very concerned about this. He knows how vilified he has been recently. So now,  to see smiling fans,  no doubt made him feel better about himself.

Maybe this experience himbled him. Maybe he will be more respectful to his fans,.He certainbly took them for granted in the past. Now knowing that there are some people out ther who don’t vilify him and accept him may allow him to gain a newfound appreciation for those who are in his corner.  His body language shoed genuine excitement and enthusiasm when disccussing his fans.

But when asked about how his peers were towards him, His body language  spoke volumes. Even though he said how excited he was that he receivd hugs from his peers and seemed surmised at how well he was accepted and received  by his peers as he mentioned it several times. When someone mentions things several times like Tiger demonstrated it is often  a way of convinncing themselves that what they are saying is true.

The bottom line is that his body language revealed the truth. His shoulder shrugs and tight smile indicated that a lot of his peers weren’t so accepting to him and he very well knew it.


When Tiger goes on to say how ell her represented his sponsors in the past, It became clear to me what this presser was all about –Sponsors and trying to get them back on the bandwagon.

To me that was the bottom line. He already gave one lame public apology that didn’t ring true, with his mother hugging him at the end showing that all is forgiven. Then he did  another one for ESPN and  yet another one for the Gold Channel with controlled questioning by tame  Tiger friendly interviewers.

Now he does a forth lame interview  and opens up the questioning to all journalists. Why? In my view it is all about sponsors. It all boils down to dollars and sense and that his why Ari Fleisher suggested that he bite the bullut endure some intense and uncomfortable moments  of questioning in hopes that he would persuade public opinion and get more endorsers on the gravey train.

Maybe some sponsors will see fit to take Tiger back if she wins the Masters. I personally will have no respect for them if they do that. I strongly feel that no one should be rewarded for bad behavior . I will see those companies as hypocrites and it will not make me want to use their products.  Their taking Tiger  back will have the opposite effect on me that they intended it to have.


For some people, all that matters os whether Tiger can play golf. If she succeeds many will turn a blind eye.But for man,y the fact they they were duped with his cookies and milk pure squeaky clean image can never be forgotten.

My view is that no matter how well he plays his image will be tarnished forever. No matter how many pressers he gives witrh mea culpsas that don’t ring true, what he did will never be forgotten.


The fact that his wife Elin is not showing up says it all in my book. She is the one who really matters in all this. Unlike the wives of past cheaters . who have  stood by their men for whatever reason like Hillary Clinton and disgraced ex- governor Elliot Spitzers wife, Elin has refused to do so.

I must say that U admire her for it.  He fooled her and destroyed their family.Whether or not she  allegedly got physical with him and engaged in domestic violence  is another matter, Many can’t blame her if she did. Others are appalled. We will never know the true circumstances of what really happened- at least not yet!

But her  not showing up at his most important gold game and making his debut may hiry Tiger more than any alleged golf club to his mouth. Her no show says

: I will not be made a fool of. I will not subject myself to being used any longer so you Tiger can gave a clean image again. It says while you go out there and try to regain  your crown of glory on the golf course, I too am maintaining my  crown of clory as as woman with self esteem wgho can hold her head high because I am not a hypocrite and doing something I don’t want to do – show phony support for you.”

No Ari Fleisher or any spin meister can spin what is real and what is in someone’s heart. And via  Elin’s no show, we clearly see what is not in her heart as far as Tiger is concerned-  her forgiveness for his degrading her. She is saying that she wants no part of his spin and for that I have tremendous respect!  www.drlillianglass.com


6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Body Language During Master’s Presser Shows Spin, Manipulation, and Anger During Questioning About Elin, Who’s No Show Speaks Volumes

  1. While I agree that yesterday was nothing but a well rehearsed, very carefully scripted “press conference”, unfortunately I see a lot of people around me that actually bought it. People who were huge Tiger fans, who then vowed to never look at him again because of what he did completely did a 180 yesterday. The first conference he held was a flop, but yesterday people actually believe that he was being real, honest, & understood his mistakes. They believe he is a changed person just because of some well worded phrases. I had to laugh, because it’s honestly ridiculous.

    Anyone with his money & access can hire the best people around to get him back his “image.” But the fact that Elin isn’t attending the Masters says to me that he hasn’t made the changes he says he’s made. If he hasn’t proven himself to his own wife yet, shouldn’t people take notice of that? He loves golf, and unfortunately loves it more than his family. Instead of putting all of his energy to try & change himself & repair the relationships he’s destroyed, he’s back on the golf course. Some people might think that if that brings him some happiness than he should do it, but considering the misery he’s put others through I think it’s a very selfish act at this time.

    I firmly believe that most people will be back on the “Tiger” bandwagon quickly, especially if he does well Sunday. His ego is already getting boosted by the reception he has received at the golf course, and in my estimation this will only lead him to believe even more that he can get away with anything – that sense of “entitlement” will come back into play, because I don’t feel it’s left him. I have no doubt that there will come a time where once again we’ll be hearing about Tiger’s bad behaviors – a whole set of new ones – and then, just maybe, people will realize that they shouldn’t worship false idols. If people want to admire him for his golf skills, great. But to admire him as a person & prop him up as a role model, then our values are completely out of whack.


  2. Well one thing for sure. Yesterday was what I would call, he only had one way to go and that was up, considering the dismal display he awarded us with his OWN press conference a while back. It was read and no questions. I thought he looked stupid. As for yesterday, well he gave us the show we all expected, Tiger is back, ready to whip em all on the course. After all that’s what people who are fans want. If you aren’t a golfing fan, then you might take the side of anger and disgust as your mantra towards Tiger. I opened our local Toronto Sun newspaper today, to see on page 3, a full page in colour of the latest girl stripper, who will be doing her show later today or night. And that just happened to face the other page with Tiger all over it. Funny thing, the media aren’t awarding a MAN OF THE YEAR award anytime soon.

    Just remember this: It has always been a boys’ club with men. They feel a need to cover and protect their fellow guy, man, pig, no matter what he has done. There I’ve said it. Should he apologize to the ‘other women’, only if they have the guts to go directly to Elin and apologize to her! As for Elin not attending the big show. Would you? I think I could find better things to do with my time than watch Tiger falter or win big. Try an all paid super deluxe Spa with 6 of your nearest and dearest friends, taking the kiddies with you for their own pampering and playtime. Do you really think that watching Tiger hit the grass, the sandtraps, the swearing at his mistakes makes for entertainment! NOT, but I will be watching all the same. Have a nice Thursday.


  3. dr. glass, i quite agree about the woods debacle. i find it hard to believe he “went” thru rehab, and is going right back to the very sport that got him where he is today…i mean, if you are rehabbing, you do not go back to where it all begin. most have to cut ties with the people, and things that brung them to their knees to begin with. i believe he is only going back to golf, because elin, has some bills that are going to need to be paid, and without golf, he will be as average joe, as the next guy. he would NEVER be able to afford the lifestyle he has become so comfortable in, nor wood, (smiles) he be able to pay the high child support, and the alimony elin will be getting. i think it is not optional that he cannot play golf, due to that is all he knows, besides how to have sex, obviously. you can’t really make a living at the latter without the power, and money the former gains you. all a ruse, to get back on the green. if you are still pursuing the life that got you in trouble, you are not serious about keeping the marriage. enough said.


  4. Nope–he’s a phony baloney alright! He stopped his golf game to send a text messge! It is totally against the rules to use a cell phone period. Sense of entitlement–Intact.


  5. He’s doing the same things! Acting selfishly – putting himself & desires first. Nothing has changed. You’re right on again, Lillian.
    The manipulation and PR spin is disgusting and so destructive. Nothing learned, more hurt & pain got his family. It’s always about $$$, no integrity & sad. Elin knoews this -thank God her childen have her.


  6. The sad thing is everyone I see seems to really believe his BS. You say people aren’t going to be fooled……….but they’re certainly acting like they are. I hope you’re right & people wake up & hold him accountable. Thanks for not holding back. This behavior is disgusting, but the attitude is even worse.


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