Jesse James Uses Nazi Iron Cross As His Company’s Logo And Lies That “Jewish Godfather” Gave Him Nazi Hat As a Joke


Jesse James’s spokes- attorney Joe Yanny has tried to spin it that Jess is not a Neo- Nazi.

Besides the Heil Hitler Salute and his Nazi hat, and Nazi mistress,  isn’t it coincidental  that Jesse  used the Nazi Iron Cross which Adolph Hitler used as a Nazi war decoration as his logo for his company West Coast Choppers?




Here is the first clue that Jesse James  via his attorney Joe Yanny lied about the Nazi hat given to Jesse James by his GODFATHER. JEWS don’t have GODFATHERS!!!!! This is a Catholic concept, not a Jewish one. So nice, but as the saying goes- no cigar!


Then Jesse James,  via spokes- attorney Yanny says it, was a gag gift from his Jewish godfather.” I say lie number 2 ! No Jew in their right mind would EVER EVER EVER give ANYONE a Nazi hat , especially as a gag gift!  Perhaps they would give it to someone to burn in effigy, but NOT to enjoy and wear!

That would be like someone giving  an African American a Noose as a gag gift! It would NEVER HAPPEN!

To anyone of  African American heritage, a Noose is a horrific and  painful symbol of a very tragic time in American history where innocent people were lynched because of the color of their skin. Theis NOTHING funny about that and every one knows it !

No one- no fellow African American or no  non-African American  in their right mind would EVER present ANY African American with a noose as a gag gift. It would be the biggest insult!

Similarly to a person of Jewish heritage ANY Nazi memorabilia whether it is a swastika or an SS Officer Hat, is a horrific and painful symbol of a tragic  time in world history where innocent people were murdered because of their religious beliefs and ethnic heritage.

The scars of this time period are still raw as it only occurred a little over 60 years ago. No Jew in their right mind would EVER present ANY fellow Jew, let alone a non- Jew with Nazi memorabilia. The loss of over 6 million Jews is no joke and every living Jew around the world knows this. Just look at the film footage  of the innocent starving Jews in the Concentration Camps, most of whom were tortured and gassed.


If this was also a true statement then why was this alleged “ Jewish  Godfather’s” name not mentioned? Why has he not publicly presented himself?  Why is he not on the PR circuit telling us about how funny this gag gift is that he gave Jesse?

I’ll tell you why he is no where  the media. It is because he does NOT exist!!!So what Jesse  is saying about his Jewish godfather presenting him with this gag gift,  through his mouthpiece Joe Yanny is complete bullshit!


Excuse and lie number 3 that Jesse James ” lived on a kibbutz farm in Israel for a month “  as a reason it was Ok for him to make a Nazi Salute wearing an  SS Officer hat is also bullshit!

If he lived on a kibbutz as he said he did,  he would be extremely sensitive to the concept of Nazism. Most people who founded the kibbutz descended from Holocaust Survivors.

I dare Jess to make a Sig Heil Hitler salute wearing a Nazi SS officer hat on a kibbutz and see how long he lives. He would get beaten up if not killed for doing that.

Nazi memorabilia can trigger the most violent response in someone who has suffered from the oppression of the Nazis and a similar response from their second or third generation family members who know that the only reason they are alive is because of the grace of God and their Holocaust surviving ancestor.


When someone invokes the First Amendment, as Yanny did as an excuse for their client’s egregious behavior, then   you know they are talking bullshit as they have no where else to go and nothing else to say.

After all,  what can you say about your client making a sig heil Hitler salute wearing a Nazi hat and looking excited doing it based on his body language?

Sure Jesse  has the freedom of speech to say what he wants either  verbally or through his body language or both.

And close to 100 percent of those surveyed also  have the freedom of speech  to express that they  despise him for it!


Yanny also said  that wearing the German Nazi hat was in poor taste, but possessing Nazi memorabilia does not make someone a neo-Nazi.

But having a  self proclaimed white supremicist  neo Nazi girlfriend,  having sex with  someone with a swastika tattooed body along with his making  a  Heil Hitler salute done with such confidence and excitement,  does lead one to believe that a person doing all of this does indeed have neo Nazi tendencies.

For most people,  seeing a swastika on a naked body  would get them  sexually turned off,  not sexually tuned on as it no doubt did with Jesse while having  sex with Mistress McGee.



The following  Jesse excuse released  by Yanny  that He had a step mom whose father lost family in the camps, and they’d talk about it growing up. Jesse’s not a white supremacist.” is total bullshit.!!!!!!

If that was the case and they’d talk about it why would that make Jess not a white supremacist? There is no logic here.

Perhaps they talked about it and this  is what led this sadistic idiot to become a whitesupremecist . Maybe he hated his step mother and her father. Maybe he secretly  identified with and got off on hearing all the horror stories about what happened to his step grandfather’s family  in the camps.

Jesse IS a sadist! Never forget that this is the same jerk who had sharks in his fish tank and told millions of television viewers that he was sad that he wasn’t there to see his sharks kill the other fish. That my fiends is sadistic behavior!

Also when someone has an alleged mistress(number 3) who is into SM and has been seen in sex photos as the masochist, chances  chances are pretty high that  Jesse,as  his  masochist’s sex partner,  most likely played the  sadist part of their sexual equation.


While I am disgusted by his cheating on Sandra and the shame it has caused her during a time where it  should be the best time in her life, I am more sickened by Jesse’s Nazi- like  mind.

Yanny statement where he said “99 percent” of what has published about James in recent weeks is untrue,”   is also bullshit.

So lets’s say the 1 percent is true .  That 1  percent consists of a Nazi saluting SS Officer  hat wearing Hitler impersonating photo which speaks 100 percent of the truth.


The last thing Yanny says about his client  is  that Jesse James checking into  a sex rehab center”100 percent his own idea.”

Well let me tell you Jesse  and mouthpiece  Yanny, It was  a  BAD idea because close to 100 percent of the people surveyed think  it was done as a PR ploy and it is total bullshit!


Instead of all of these bullshit excuses,  if Jess was a real man, which he is obviously not,  and not a white supremacist loving neo Nazi Hitler saluting guy,  he would have come out IMMEDIATELY and apologized to  anyone he offended by this thoughtless and horrific  photo.

But  he didn’t. He said nothing, Instead, he was so  full of defenses and excuses, that he hired legal  mouthpiece  Yanny  to continue his bullshit excuses .

That speaks VOLUMES!!! It certainly leads one to believe he is indeed  NEO NAZI minded, no matter how hard  Jesse or his spokes-attorney try to deny it!



20 thoughts on “Jesse James Uses Nazi Iron Cross As His Company’s Logo And Lies That “Jewish Godfather” Gave Him Nazi Hat As a Joke

  1. Excellent post, Dr. Lillian. I had no idea that his company logo is the Iron Cross. Seems quite telling, message wise. Thank-you for exposing this Neo Nazi minded liar.


  2. What a piece of SH*T…this creep is!!

    A very long visit to Auschwitz is in order for Jesse.
    After viewing the thousands of eyeglasses, suitcases with names stenciled on them, human hair used for clothing, thousands of shoes, the list goes on and on,
    he should walk into the gas chambers and see the claw marks on the walls made by the victims who were told they were going to have a shower, walk into Death Block 11 and just think of the many millions of men, women and children who were murdered because of their religious affiliations and other trumpted charges.
    This should be followed up with another long visit to
    Israel…..and a real Kabutz and forced to wear his
    paraphenillia and see how long he lasts.

    My question is this:
    Who took his pictures wearing his SS cap while giving the Nazi Heil Hitler salute?


  3. Dr. Glass,

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts regarding his “double life” I watched him on Celebrity Apprentice and I consider myself a very good judge of character. I certainly never picked up a creepy vibe from him at all! He seemed mellow, laid back and professional. Despite his excessive tattooes (which I don’t personally like on anyone) I actually found him likeable.
    So, is it possible for someone to be married to someone like this and never know the “dark side” or is Sandra not all she seems to be?

    I’m just curious if you have any thoughts or comments about this


  4. Originally the (IRON CROSS) created in 1813 by King Fredrick III during Prussia’s period of ‘blood and iron’ – their struggle for survival against Napoleon, you freekin dumb turds, take a history lesson, the cross was a long time before Hitler.



  5. People need to relax on jumping on what white people do and start pointing the finger at the real problem.
    We are different. Every race has it problem people or low class. If you get mad at people whom dress as nazi’s as what they really have belief in. The the trivial will have power. White girls was a movie degrading white people.
    If this had been called black girls it would have been an outrage! Lighten up in the melting pot or get out!


    1. There are certian things that you can never ” lighten up” on. They are not funny and they are not jokes . Instead, they are horrific symbols of a horrific time in history which bring painful and agonizing memories. To any Jewish person, the wearing of a Nazi uiform or a Nazi hat is the biggest insult and smacks of antisemitism. Jews – millions of them were gassed and shot and tortured for nothing except their belief system. To a Black American, a noose beings back pain and horrific memories of lynching, where Blacks were hung from trees and killed, often for no reason other than the color of their skin. It too was a very painful time in history. These horrific acts only occurred decades ago, must never be forgotten. Anyone who is so insensitive and who engages in such activiites and the wearing of such items needs to be ostrasized.


      1. We all point fingers at the nazi party as the ultimate bad guy but then turn a cheek to the Native Americans that were here first!
        What about them? Us “WHITE PEOPLE”
        should be held accountable for that! We raped, beat and treated them like animals and then took there land and almost killed them off. I’m not saying that I don’t realize
        the Jewish pain that they feel I just think if you make a big deal every single time then your just as bad as they are for giving it so much press and making so many people remember it and maybe even make the youth that didn’t really know about the Nazi Party, now know and I hope they don’t become lil skins and white power supporters.


  6. so ihr neidischen armseeligen hunde JESSE JAMES IST KEIN NAZI das foto mit ihm und den nazi hut das ist nur ein spassfoto das sieht man doch und jesse james hat einige schwarze afroamerikanische freunde also ist es bewiesen das jesse james kein nazi ist ps wer was gegen jesse james hat dr ist warscheinlich nur neidisch und hat nix besseres zu tun JESSE JAMES 4 ever


    1. Andre Reinhard first , here is the translation in English so that ny English speaking readers can know what you said in your comment:

      “ye envious armseelig pet JESSE JAMES IS NOT A NAZI the photo with him and the Nazi hat that’s just a fun photo that you see it and jesse james has some black African-American friends so it’s proved the jesse james no Nazi ps who did what to jesse james dr is probably just jealous and have nothing better to do JESSE JAMES 4 ever”

      My answer to you in English is that there is nothing FUN about wearing a German Nazi hat. I don’t know how it is perceived in the rest of the world or in Germany where your email is from, but I can assure you that in the USA it is considered an act of hate. If a person has black African- American friendship, it has nothing to do whether or not they have Nazi beliefs. And finally, your other comment that “the dr. is probably just jealous and have nothing better to do” reflects your ignorance about me and what I spend my time doing- which is commentary about newsmakers.


    2. This is the translation of your post” so you envious armseeligen dogs JESSE JAMES IS NOT A NAZI the photo with him and the Nazi hat that’s just a fun photo one can see that and jesse james has some black African American friends so it’s proved that jesse james no is nazi ps who did what to jesse james dr is probably just jealous and has nothing better to do JESSE jAMES 4 ever

      No one is jealous of Jesse James and there is nothing funny or fun about wearing a Nazi hat. If you have Black friends that has nothing to do with whether or not you are a Nazi so your logic is ridiculous.


  7. For a doctor you are extremely ignorant. The Iron Cross, while yes, used as a Nazi medal has been around since the founding of Germany. It is still in use by Germany’s armed forces.

    Let me guess now that I have pointed out that the cross is still in use today, that makes all of Germany’s armed forces Nazi?

    Just because Mr. James uses the Iron Cross as his shops logo, does not mean he is a Neo Nazi. And also just because he sleeps with a Neo Nazi does not make him one as well. Although, him wearing the hat and doing the Hitler salute is highly inappropriate, it’s his god given right as an American citizen to do whatever the hell he wants in his own home.

    This is the problem with all Jewish people, they are quick to jump to conclusions and quick to play the holocaust card when they see something they perceive as Nazi related. The sooner they let the holocaust die, then the better off we’ll all be.

    I’m personally sick and tired of hearing about it. Yes, the holocaust was atrocious but do we need to be reminded by the Jewish community almost daily that it happened? No we don’t. It’s about the same with slavery it’s in the past, drop it. It’s time for us to move on and it’s time for the modern day Jewish to move on as well, you are not and never will be your grandparents or parents. You didn’t have to live through it, if you did, then you’d have something to complain about.

    I’m quite sure you’ll retort with, well you must be racist and a Neo Nazi as well, if you can’t understand what the slaves and what the Jews went through. So I’ll just answer that for you, there are no mixed Neo Nazi out there and I highly doubt they would want my half black ass in their ranks. Considering they believe in the one drop rule.


    1. Ignorant is not an adjective that pertains to me as I make it my business to not be ignorant about many issues. And yes while the Iron Cross dates back to Kaiser Wilhelm,it has been associated witht he Nazi movement. Jesse James’ wearing of the SS officer hat and mocking a Hilteresque body languge was offensive to many as was his collection of Nazi memorbilia. The bottom line is he is a public figure with a large fan base. His fans have every right to know how he feels and acts about certain issues like racism. Fans have a right to know so they can make a decision as to whether or not to continue to be a fan and support him or his products which include his televison show. There is no doubt that Jesse lost a lot of fans becuase of his behavior and becuase of how horribly he treated Sandra Bullock.
      You mentioned that you were half Black in your post so I would hope that you are sensitive to the plight that Black people had to endure. I am sure that you and most people would be offended by racist comments, words, and racist symbols such as a noose which was used to lynch innocent Black men just as Jewish people are offended ny racist comments and racist memorbilia and symbols like the swastika. For those who survived the Holocaust and for their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren the Holocaust will never die nor should it. The world will always remember it as well as there is an annual day of Rememberance of this atrocity. It is remembered so that it will never happen again. Slavery was an atrocity as well and so was the way Blacks were treated in this country at one time. That is why there is Martin Luther King day and Black History month so no one forgets the plight and the roots of Black people and what they had to overcome and endure. WE need to respect our fellow man at all costs and honor one another’s backgrounds and heritages.


  8. In Jesse James’ defense-though I don’t know him personally-the Iron Cross has a history that long outdates the World War II German army. It was used by them. In my opinion if you look at the pictures of him he is clearly making fun of NAZI’s. As far as his relationship with BOmbshell Mkgee…maybe he didn’t judge her…or maybe thats why the relationship didn’t work?


    1. In Jesse James’ defense-though I don’t know him personally-the Iron Cross has a history that long outdates the World War II German army. It was used by them. In my opinion if you look at the pictures of him he is clearly making fun of NAZI’s. As far as his relationship with BOmbshell Mkgee…maybe he didn’t judge her…


      1. oops didn’t mean to duplicate that…anyway he’s with kat von d now.
        i’d like to read his autobiography…hot rods and bikes rule!


  9. what bulls**t and a waste of 5 minute of my life reading this crap. I myself have dressed up in full nazi uniform, gone out on a night out and go nothing bad said. even had my picture taken with a lot of people. I have a big eagle clasping a iron cross on my chest. I’m not rasict, and only the ignorant would take it as being racist. There is no harm in wearing a miltary uniform, alot of people seem to forget about the the men that had to wear them in ther war. Most of them were forced to wear them and fight or they would to be looking down the wrong end of a gun. What would you do fight or die? I could rant on all day and quote all day but your talking bullshit as you have nothing else to do and nothing else to say.


  10. The Iron Cross is NOT a Nazi symbol you retards. It pre-dates the Nazis, and is still used as the symbol of the German armed forces! Seriously, people are so thick it hurts. Nazis are wrong and evil, that is correct, but people who spout off rubbish about things, when they don’t even know what they are looking at, just make my blood boil.


    1. It absolutely IS a NAzi symbol which Hitler stole from a Prussian military decoration and employed as his own. The symbol was associated with Nazisim in WWII and with negativity and hatred and racism .There is no rubbish spouted here so take your hatred elsewhere not on this blog.


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