Kate Gosselin’s TOXIC Personality Comes Out On Dancing With the Stars as She Not Only Disrespects Her Teacher Tony Dovolani But the Other Contestants


After Kate and Jon divorced and Kate got her new “image makeover”  and proclaimed in the press that she was now “Clean Slate Kate,” I was very open-minded.

In fact, I wanted her to succeed as I realized that she was essentially a  single mother of 8 with a husband who was not going to contribute to the family finances. I knew that she was the breadwinner and that it was important for her to succeed. So I was  aware of that.  I hoped that there would be an inner makeover to go with the outer makeover.


In the past I has been very disturbed by how abusively Kate treated Jon ,who mind you is no saint. But still, he did not deserve the physical and verbal assaults she  constantly gave him.

While I realize 8 kids are a handful, the way she spoke to them and her verbal abuse towards many of them  (especially on the last episode) was appalling to me.

Her snarkiness, rudeness, (throwing papers on the floor after she was done answering questions) self entitlement, selfishness and self centeredness in her TV specials and interviews were also very offensive to me.


Then Kate and her handlers at TLC no doubt decided that  she should have a complete makeover.

I thought they did a fantastic job on Kate’s outside.  Her hair extensions, toned figure, eyelash extensions, and whatever else they did to her looked great.

But as  I mentioned in my previous blogs, outer beauty only goes so far. It is what is inside that  really counts!

So then we heard all the right rhetoric that Kate was making significant changes in her life.

Even her hairdresser got into the media fray and did an interview stating how Kate was working on her inner self.

Her handlers at TLC no doubt  put her all over the media to show off her new look and her new self.

She was guest hosting the View on several occasions  as she had the support of Barbara Walters in her corner. In fact to the dismay of many, Barbara  made Kate  one of her  2009’s  “Most Intriguing People.”

Kate was everywhere in the media. She even threw out a teaser on Jay Leno saying how she wanted to be on Dancing With the Stars.


I thought that was a bad idea  for Kate  to be on DWTS because of  her not seeing the kids and knowing up close and personal,  how physically and emotionally demanding it can be for contestants  on the show.

But then,  they built a studio in her home basement, so she could be with the kids. They even gave her the kindest sweetest most supportive teacher- Tony Dovolani.

After hearing  that, I actually thought we could now be able to  see her inner makeover as well as her outer makeover  on the show.

I   thought that she might shine on the show and reveal a different Kate- a non hateful Kate.


I really wanted to give Kate  the benefit of the doubt. However,  many of my readers were annoyed with that decision  and made comments like “ leopards  can’t change their spots” and you can put lipstick on a pig, but  its still a pig,” and “once a bitch always a bitch.”

Still, I had a wait and see attitude. Being the optimist that I am, I hoped for the best for Kate’s sake and for the sake of her kids.


I have not written about Kate Gosselin since she has been on Dancing With the Stars, not because I am the Body Language Expert for Dancing With the Stars and I don’t want to say anything that may offend them.  That is not how I operate.

I am sought out by various media venues because I tell the truth and because  my body language analyses are credible.

I am in no one’s pocket and cannot be paid to say what isn’t true. So that is why I have  gained the respect of not only ABC’s DWTS, but Nancy Grace, msnbc, VH-1, NBC,  CBS, FOX,  CNN, HLN, and The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, as well as in my own column in Cosmpolitan Magazine, US Weekly and every other media outlet in which I appear.


What I saw on last night’s Dancing With the Stars made me see that Kate,  no doubt, in my view  may have  some serious  issues in terms of her personality that a makeover can NEVER help.

It would take years and years of therapy In my opinion for her to deal with her issues as I see them.

Her self -absorption, self centeredness, lack of compassion towards others, lack of communication skills, immaturity, combined with her  inner anger runs so deep.

We not only saw this on last nght’s show. We saw it all along.

But the way she spoke to Tony, a champion dancer and the consummate professional, not to mention one of the sweetest men around, was  unforgivable!


First Kate  talks to Tony  in the tone you would use to a naughty five year old and admonishes him for not teaching her how she needs to be taught. She insults him as a professional and as a man.

She walks away from him like an immature,  non communicative baby,  saying that she “had enough ,” which  finally prompted Tony  to say “I quit.”

Then as Kate  whined and said” you can’t quit,” she felt no remorse whatsoever , as she wiped away her fake non-tears. The tone of her voice also did not sound apologetic.


Then when She said “I don’t get it!” and threw her arms up in the air, that was the only thing that rang true. SHE DOESN’T GET IT!!! She doesn’t GET  that she can’t disrespect people and constantly abuse people and  have them stick around. She doesn’t GET  that even a season professional can only take enough abuse and disrespect, until he decides that it isn’t worth it.


Kate also doesn’t “GET  that it is not just about HER on Dancing With the Stars. This was her chance to not only shine as a dancing mother who never danced before,  but to shine as far as her personality goes.  She did neither!

There was nothing redeeming about her behavior, which was more important  than her hair and eyelash extensions, Restylyn injections, and sequined gowns.

Besides the altercation with Tony where she tried to emasculate him as she did with Jon, through her condescending tones and hostility, she DIDN’T GET  that you need to be respectful to the OTHER  contestants. She didn’t GET that it is rude to chatter and speak when they are on camera getting their scores.


When Nichole Sherzinger and Derrick Hough got the perfect 10’s of the evening, everyone of the other contestants clapped and smiled. Kate was obviously so self absorbed and in her own little world that she had NO reaction- no clapping- no smiling- nothing!

Then a when she realized that the focus was not on her, she gave little lame clap minus a smile. That body language speaks to who she is as a human being- self absorbed and self centered who has lack of compassion for anyone other than herself,  in my observation.


Yesterday, US Weekly Magazine asked me to analyze Kate’s body language with Tony.

I could see her leaning away from him in disrespect in week one. She was literally giving him the cold shoulder. I observed a lot of tension between them and it wasn’t the good kind of tension- sexual tension. Instead, it was the bad kind- the kind that causes havoc in everyone’s life as we saw.

Tony has spent a lot of hours with Kate and obviously the tension buildup showed last night, to the point that he had to walk away. If it was up to Tony, he would have left her immediately. But no doubt, some executive must have had a little talk with him and encouraged him to go back and grit his teeth and  try again.

I was thrilled  that Tony showed that he had boundaries and would NOT be abused and disrespected by anyone.

If  anyone needed to apologize it was Kate, which she did NOT do. It was Tony who showed that he was the bigger person.

It took two weeks for this to happen. If she had Maxsim as a teacher, which I had hoped for, it would have taken two seconds for Max to walk away and NEVER look back. No way would  Maxim put up with any of her shenanigans. He would NEVER stand for it!!


If looks could kill, Kate’s facial expression threw out daggers to the judges,  both in week one and now in week two.

The cold eyed stare and hatred emanating from her eyes and facial expression was chilling. She clearly didn’t like hearing what she did wrong. She didn’t like anyone telling her she needed improvement. Her inner ice coldness and hatred was  clearly reelected on her face.

This was her time to show her good nature- to dispel all previous talk that she was a mean and hateful bitch.

This was her time to show that her past behavior was due to the stress of being in a bad marriage and having all those kids.

But  now it is clear who Kate is and she is NOT a likeable or sympathetic character in any way in my view.


When Kate said that she was glad that Tony came back and apologized, it made me sick. She was the one who needed to apologize to him for treating him so badly that he had no choice BUT to walk out!

Any healthy person with a healthy self esteem as obviously Tony seems to have, would do the same thing.

Then she said she was glad that he came back because so many people in her life has walked out on her

WHAT????? It’s like a child killing his parents and then playing the victim card that he is upset that he is now an orphan!! Well if he hadn’t killed his parents in the first place he wouldn’t be an orphan.

Similarly if Kate hadn’t killed her relationship with Tony and alienated everyone who crossed her path, then no one would walk away from her.


TLC is no doubt hell bent on making “a silk  purse out of a sows ear”. But as the expression goes, you CANT make a silk purse out of a sows ear.”
Similarly you can’t make a successful TV talk show personality out of an ITLESS, clearly emotionally dysfunctional and disturbed woman with a miserable and hateful personality as  Kate appears to have in my view. It will ONLY backfire.

Maybe Kate will be the Omarossa type – the villain you love to hate. But that only goes so far!

Producers  tried to do a show with Omarossa and it was impossible, from what I heard. She was impossible and the show subsequently tanked.

Villains only go so far.  Kate is cast as the VILLAN. She was the villain on Kate Plus 8 and now is the villain on DWTS. You can’t spin or bullshit the public. In most of their eyes she is CLEARLY  perceived as a villain.

TLC can try all they want  to make the Mother Theresa version of the single mother role model of 8 children, but the public is not stupid. They will not but it! They may tune it at first like you would tune in to see  a bad car accident ,  but then they will get sick of her no doubt.

They get who she is and no matter if  they  do a repeat show like the old Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie “Simple Life,” where Kate  is put into new situations, or they do a show where she is the next Oprah and does helpful mom tips, or does a complete inner makeover on herself, no one will buy it.

They will see that it is contrived and that they are no doubt being manipulated.  They public is not stupid. TV programmers must NEVER forget that or their will fail!

I say cut your losses TLC and find another person to give a show to who is deserving and who is not an emotional train wreck in my view. And if you insist on showcasing train wrecks,  there are more  interesting train wrecks  out there to showcase than Kate Gosselin.


Nothing  Kate  can do now  that she had every opportunity to repair her villain image  while appearing on  DWTS,  will succeed.

After last  night’s debacle  where Kate  abused Tony, she is cast as a villan forever! Nothing DWTS can do will change it, IF they do, and make her sweet and vulnerable, the public will perceive it as being phony.

TLC  and DWTS and ABC and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the View and Jay Leno and everyone else who was reached by  TLC’s  long PR tentacles,  gave her every opportunity to shine and come across as a hero and as a lovely human being.  But she completely blew it!. She blew every golden opportunity to salvage her TOXIC image. It was TOXIC in the past and continues to be in the present and most likely will be in the future.

Even if she finds a cure for cancer or raises millions of dollars for the homeless in Haiti or Chile, she will always be seen as the VILLAIN who cured cancer or the VILLAIN  who raised millions of dollars for the homeless in Haiti or Chile.

Not that she would ever do those things as she apparently  too self absorbed to help anyone but herself. She can NEVER repair the damage she created concerning her IMAGE!

We now know who Kate is for sure and a TV show with her will only  be more of the same, no matter how they spin it or edit it!

The true Khate will come out and it’s definitely not a pretty sight to see on a steady basis, no matter how many hair or eyelash  extensions or Resytlyn injections they  put into her. Her inner hatred and inner demons will always come out , “as the body doesn’t lie.’


And for those of you that will no doubt email me to tell me I am jealous of Kate- you are dead  wrong. I am jealous of no one! Instead I am grateful for who I am and ALL of the blessings I have been given.

For those of you that accuse me of being a “hater,” I  can assure you that  I am Not!  I am not filled with hate. Instead  Kate, whom you apparently admire is the one filled with hate and anger.

It t reflects all over her body language, her tone of voice and her facial expression. If you don’t believe me, go back and look at all the Jon and Kate  Plus 8 episodes and look at  her last night’s DWTS  behavior. Don’t just watch how she moved on the dance floor. Watch how she moved off the dance floor.

For those of you that say Kate is a wonderful mother, I say you cannot say that!  Only her children will be able to make that assessment when they are adults, just like you made YOUR assessment about whether or not you had good parents after you grew up and became an adult.

And for those of you that will no doubt write me  nasty comments  and put out your hateful emails to me and comments  simply because I mentioned your  beloved heroine Kate, to you I say, get you head out of  the sand and take off your blinders and look at what IS and  not what you fantasize Kate to be!


If you can look up to a woman who knew better as an OB_GYN  nurse who  took fertility drugs to have multiple children, whom she couldn’t afford without the  financial assistance of others,

was consistently  abusive and disrespectful to  her husband and her  kids,

has no relationship with  anyone in  her immediate family including her estranged parents and bothers and sisters (they can’t ALL be bad) ,

has fall outs with practically everyone she encounters,

is rude and hostile, insensitive, has no filter, is selfish, self centered,  and self entitled as we have repeatedly seen,

and most of all not being grateful for all that that she has been given and instead feels more and more entitled to be given more and more,

then you need to re-examine your priorities and who you look up to . It speaks volumes about you!

And finally can you really admire a woman who acted like a spoiled immature baby by first walking out on Tony until her had enough of her and wanted to quit?

Do you realize that her 8 kids had to witness their mother acting like a complete TOXIC bitch on the show? Do you think that is good for them to see? Do you think it helps them in any way? Maybe it helps them financially, but certainly not emotionally.

Tony Dovolani is the one to be looked up to in my book, to put up with ‘ whining, abuse, disrespect  and nastiness. I certainly hope that DWTS gives him a bonus in pay for having to put up with her and working well above and beyond his call of duty with Kate.

I don’t care how hard you say she has it with 8 kids!  No one forced those fertility tablets down her throat!

If you want to look at a heroine, look at the single mother,  who whether she has one or ten kids,  doesn’t bitch and moan about it,  but works several njobs to support them without the help of nanny’s and maids, and house cleaners, drivers, makeup artists, and camera crews.

Look up to those women who can’t afford a new dress,  let alone hair extensions because they need that money to put food on the table to feed their children. These are the women to admire not Kate Gosselin, who has had it so  easy from day one thanks to TLC.


I don’t feel that Kate Gosselin is  ready to have a show for so many reasons, let alone the main one being psychological–  a very good reason. It will ,in my view, have a negative effect on her and on her children in the long  run. I think it is  a bad  and irresponsible thing to give someone a show who has repeatedly demonstrated red flag signals.

To me it is a disaster waiting to happen. This woman should not be rewarded a show because her infamy makes for great TV and good viewership who will tune in to see what kind of bitch she will be the next week.

That is sickening in my view and does no one any good. There is more to life than ratings!

If I were advising Kate I would tell her to take years off off being on TV.  She has enough money to support those kids now for the rest of their lives. She has earned millions from the show and books and appearances already. How much more does she need?

She is also ITLESS and in my view doesn’t contribute anything new on TV. The novelty of a woman with multiple kids is over.

The only thing  that had any merit was seeing the kids grow, not seeing her obnoxious behavior. If  TLC now goes back and does a show with the kids now that they are already grown  because Jon wants out of their legal suit and reluctantly agreed to it, I will have lost all respect for TLC.

Putting them back on the air will do them harm and no good in my view. They need the chance to live a non- camera centered life.

In my view, Kate needs to stay home with them and raise them and get professional help to deal with her very troublesome  issues in my view.



63 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s TOXIC Personality Comes Out On Dancing With the Stars as She Not Only Disrespects Her Teacher Tony Dovolani But the Other Contestants

  1. I agree totally with all you’ve written, Dr. Glass, and I would add that Kate’s hatred of all people NOT HER is always written all over her face and in her actions. She has an evil personality. Why in the world would this really hard-hearted and sour woman be any sort of a role model? If she is, those people need to question their own outlooks and behavior toward others.


  2. Dr. Glass, Thank you for taking the time to analyze Kate’s performance.

    I think many people (including myself) that have watched Jon and Kate plus 8 from the beginning knew that Kate was only interested in herself and furthering her agenda. It’s unfortunate but seemingly true.

    I have a request. There is an interview on Access Hollywood website of Kate and Tony after their performance. Tony actually walks away from the interview. The interviewer seems to be pinning Kate’s failure on Tony in a way. I was wondering what your take on this was. Thanks!


    1. Tony instinctively handled that interview well considering the situation he’s in.

      Reporters typically don’t like to check facts and do research and therefore, they should try not to interject their feelings into their work. Otherwise the story is biased and an opinion piece. Professionals *report*; they don’t cram their agendas down people’s throats. However, for certain reasons, the press has been sympathetic to Kate for some time. They leave out facts, and interject their feelings into their coverage of her. Surely Tony got a sense of that. He and Kate did promos and interviews from the beginning. He said nice things about her even though he didn’t know her. Those of us who DID thought, he is just saying that stuff because he has to work with her.

      It was all for her, and look where it got him. Granted, we’re talking about entertainment and celebrity news. These reporters don’t seem to think that high professional standards apply to them. But readers do have a right to not buy their magazines. And celebs have a right to refuse to cooperate with reporters who are unprofessional, hostile, or whatever.

      That’s basically what Tony did. He questioned her and, in so many words informed her to do some actual work, do research, check facts. Then he removed himself from the situation, another wise move. The reporter joked “is he upset?” It was disrespect or even ridicule of his feelings. Who knows what other asinine things she might have said to him. Kate, of course, didn’t have the loyalty to go with Tony. She had the ear of another sympathetic reporter, and she wasn’t going anywhere.


  3. Love it, Dr. Glass.
    As another commenter mentioned above, could you analyze the interview of Kate on Access Hollywood? The one where Tony walked away from the interview




    Lillian: (re above)
    Being so very busy I’m sure you dictate your blog and someone else transcribes it. As such, you’re probably unaware of all of the typos, etc. Today’s not the first time I’ve noticed this so do not think I’m not being picky (see above samples). I’ve read your entire blog and unfortunately they’re on each of your essays. Since I assume you’re paying for this service thought you’d want to know they’re doing you a disservice.


  5. What hold does Kate have over TLC that they are willing to spend so much time, money and effort to keep her in the public? When will they realize that they should cut their losses and run from her?

    Those poor children … Last night America saw a glimpse of what they surely deal with every day from their obviously disturbed mother.


  6. Love your comments as always Dr. Glass. I love the fact that you tell the truth and show her for what she truly is. Thank you. Thank you. I would never mind the supporters there can’t be too many of them anymore and I would question their intelligence.


  7. I, too, would really appreciate an analysis of the Access Hollywood interview where Tony walks away. I think there are many of us viewers who have mixed feelings as to whether Tony & Kate’s argument during rehearsals was “scripted reality.” I’d like to hear your views.


  8. Amen Dr. Glass. Watching all of this made me cringe. It was painful to watch. Thank you for standing up for Tony. The Kate lovers are saying it is Tony’s fault for her utter failure to dance. He does not deserve this. How can Kate sleep at night knowing what she has done to everyone that that has crossed her path?

    I too, have been hoping all day that you would blog about this.

    And please, please analyize the Access Hollyood interview. I think Tony walked away from the interview for more than the interviewers comment. Kate dealt the final blow. I have been watching body language much more closely since reading your blog.

    She truly is a toxic person and I feel her children are being hurt to core by their own Mother. I can only imagine what life with her must be like behind closed doors. Thank God for the love Jon gives them. They are always happy to see him and give hugs and kisses freely to him. He even bends down towards them. I have never seen those kinds of greeting towards Kate. Quite the opposite.

    Best Regards, Susan


  9. Dr. Glass, did you see Kate roll her eyes when the judge told her she was not a professional performer and that she needed acting lessons? A similar comment was made last Monday also. Her expression during her dancing was very amaturish. All I know about live performance is that your facial expression is a part of the act. She should have been smiling and expressing fun.

    I can’t believe that she is allowed to be on the same cast as the first man who walked on the moon. Standing next to him alone would humble me.


  10. First of all, thank you for this column and I agree with everything you said – one thing especially resonated with me. You have been accused of ‘hating’ Kate many times in the past by her fans – I love that you turned it around and stated it is not YOU who is filled with hatred, but Kate herself.

    But I digress… Dr. Glass, you are clearly well-connected into the entertainment business and have been for some time by the sound of things. You have spoken about the “it” factor (or lack of it!), you are well respected and your skills showcased on several networks, many forums, etc. Please, can you offer some insight into a fundamental question I’ve had for a very long time?

    What is going on with this woman? How is it possible that she continues to be put forward as some sort of a star? She is not an actress, nor a singer, dancer, lawyer, doctor, entertainer, performer (to quote the DWTS panel), she is no author (having used a ghost-writer), she cannot carry a talk show – need I go on? And yet she manages to grace the covers and headlines of all the media – trashy and legitimate – regardless of how she behaves. WHY??? How and why do you believe she became bulletproof? Who is protecting her? And why? Who is promoting her? Again…why? She is not a nice woman – no appeal whatsoever. Does she have pictures of someone with a goat? Is the whole of Pennsylvania and Hollywood papered with confidentiality agreements? As if she were someone that important in our society? I plain don’t get it…raising arms above head and brushing away fake tears…I don’t get it, Dr. Glass.

    I would seriously like to know your opinion, based on many years of experience. Who is this woman, why does she continue to appear in the public eye, and who is protecting her and promoting her. And above all else…..WHY??



    1. Thank you for your comments and question. I agree that it is peculiar that all she did was take fertility pills, have sextuplets and now is a huge star. I think that Kate Plus 8 was the biggest show TLC ever had. So when Jon pulled out and didn;t allow the kids to appear in it, they lost revenue. Now they are trying to recoup some of their lost money, no doubt so that is the only reasopn why they are giving this ITless woman her a show. They are doing their best to promote her before the show airs so that people will know about her, be interested in her and watch the show. I thinklit is all about dollars and cents. But if her show fails to pull in viewers which I imagine it will, in the long term, TLC will drop her like a hot potato and her 30 minutes of fame will be over.


  11. PS – I will be especially curious to hear your thoughts on my first questions if she manages to escape elimination on DWTS tonight. She is fake through-and-through, miserable, hateful to her partner, whiny, a diva with an immense ego and sense of entitlement. If she squeaks through without being eliminated, I will truly be gobsmacked…and even more interested in what you make of this ridiculous situation.


  12. Dr. Lillian,

    I am very disturbed by a post show interview done by Access Hollywood. The reporter, IMO, must have been either paid off by TLC or else very stupid. Instead of the reporter’s focusing on asking questions of Kate, it sure seemed to me that she put Tony on the spot.

    AH Interviewer: “Tony, I hear you’re a really tough, tough teacher.” Tony, surprised, “where did you hear that?”
    AH: from Nancy O’dell.
    Tony: “I was only with her for two weeks!”
    AH: But she says you were tough.”
    Tony: “Ask the other nine dancers.”

    And then Tony backs away from the interview and leaves.
    It sure seemed very unfair to me. Why didn’t the reporter focus on the inappropriate, abusive and toxic way that Kate has treated her teacher?

    Kate makes light of Tony walking off, loving having the full spot light to herself, oblivious to Tony’s feelings and her own ergregious behavior and just continues to spin more lies: Kate said, “I never aspired to do a perfect routine.”
    Really Kate? What happened to, “I’m going to kill this!”

    She seems to not care in the slightest that she has assisted big time in throwing Tony under the bus. It is disturbing to watch her hurtful behavior.


  13. OK, Dr. Glass – now I KNOW she has pictures of someone with a goat. Why is no one except you talking about who this creature really is? At least Shannen tried. DWTS is an utter sham and I honestly can’t believe Kate Gosselin slithered on through yet again, unscathed and without a mark on her. On the other hand, I must say that in spite of my dislike for her – they’re making a joke of her…and she doesn’t seem to realize. I’m embarrassed for her, really.


  14. I’ve just read all the above comments and agree with lmost all of them. Curious, Dr. Glass @1:02 you took the words out of my mouth. I would be very grateful as well, Dr. Lillian if you can give us some feedback on this issue. Many thanks for telling the truth, as you see it, all of the time. You are a gem!

    Sydney @11:19- If you have read all of Dr. Lillian’s blog entries, as you stated in your post, then I am surprised you are asking this question. Dr. Lillian has addressed this issue on 3 previous posts that I can remember.


  15. Thanks for the response Dr. Glass. Yes, I imagine it likely does come down to $$. But what is the connection between ABC, TLC, Discovery, The View, Barbara Walters, DWTS, Ellen, Meredith Viera, etc., etc. Would it be common for a gag order to be in place with such an ordinary, garden-variety, non-“star” celebrity? Why do we never hear the truth about her except from you? Even from those who have actually been abused and dismissed as “nothings” by her? All the while, her ex-husband being vilified and crucified in the news and tabloids for immature behaviours, I grant you, but nothing near as vile as her behaviours and self-important attitudes in public.


  16. I have long felt that Kate was being played by anyone who could make a buck capitalizing on her bad attitude. She looks like CRAP everytime she is on the cover of People. TLC highlighted her nasty behavior. DWTS has her in ugly dresses that don’t flatter her.

    They speak to her selfishness and they play her like a puppet. She is making a little cash but the networks are cashing in big time.


  17. I hate to say this, but left unchecked–Kate is one of the type of personalities that Ann Rule writes those true crime books about–maybe it is good she found a gimmick to make money. But, what if it all goes away? Someone ought to be watching that woman closely, there’s evil in that shark’s eyes. Spot on, Dr. Glass, we are not fooled TLC. (same for the newly planned reality show for Discovery)


  18. When I sat and read this blog – I said finally someone gets it. With the replys and comments apparently a lot of US get it. There is trouble in RiverCity and this is just the beginning I would bet my mortgage on it. The one thing I wish more than anything – she took her kids, got out of the limelight and enjoyed every waking moment with them. You can’t get that time back………NEVER!!!!


  19. I’ve always found Kate to be “disturbed.” Or rather, like the poster above, there is something “chilling” about her. I know she has been labeled narcissistic but could she also be a sociopath?


  20. Funny thing. Your readers get it, but the voting public don’t!!!! What makes it intriguing to keep her in the game? Do you think people can’t get enough of her selfish, tantrum style? If anyone needed the boot it was her. I thought Pamela was way better at dancing and she was putting on the Marilyn act all the way. That really surprised me. I wonder if the voting public are the ones to blame for even wanting to see one minute more of this lame duck? It’s time for her to head to the hills and try a little soul searching. JMO


  21. Kate is no more a diva than Nicole, who is a professional dancer. Kate feels pressure to support her 8 children since John – her deadbeat ex is unemployed AGAIN. Kate has done well considering all she has been through and the media ripping her every chance they can get. Very unfair to her and her children.


    1. Don’t blame the media. The media reports what they see and they see a self centered, rude, selfish,entitled,snarky,person who is abusive. That is NOT a Diva. That is someone who is very unlikeable.
      And please don’t dare compare Kate with Nicole. One is a professional entertainer with charisma and the IT factor and the other- Kate is ITLESS and the opposite. One is abusive and rude Kate, and the other isn’t.
      Based on your comment you appear to not see what IS but what you FANTASIZE Kate to be- a hard working poor mother who now has to support her 8 children. Kate has made millions and all her children have trust funds and are set for life based on what she has earned already.
      Your comments speak volumes about you and your denial.


  22. I agree with everything you’ve said here. I don’t get how people do not see now toxic and hateful she really is. Her kids are probably better off with her gone for days. They don’t have to live daily with her temper, not know when she will fly off the handle.

    Looking at last night’s clip after Shannen was told she was going, it looks like the first person to give her a hug was Tony. Watch Kate being interviewed – she’s always looking off in the distance, searching for answers, gives hardly any eye contact to the interviewer. Just another sign of her disrespect to anyone that comes across her path.


  23. Oh you are right it was Shannon who got kicked out. I was falling asleep and I guess missed the final part of the show. Pamela was in the bottom 2 but was saved, good!


  24. I wish these programs would feature real people who could benefit for them..I say put on your average person.Im sick of seeing these so called stars on every show .let some joe blow take the prize im sure he/she would be most greatful..we give these stars to much credit..most of them are a disgrace one way or another.


  25. Dr. Glass,

    Following is the Access Hollywood video people have been referring to. It’s very telling. Would be interested in your critique’.


  26. I believe Kate is a sociopath in that she has an obvious lack of empathy. Unless something hurts her, it doesn’t truly hurt. Remember her nonresponse to poor little Collin running down the aisle in the plane, getting hurt, and “Mother’s” only response was that “God’ll get you”? (something like that)

    Someone without a shred of empathy working as a nurse? I am certainly glad I was never one of her patients (victims).

    And THIS is what TLC deems star quality? Who is running THAT asylum and what kind of personality problems are in that person?


  27. Amazing anyone even cares about anyting KG does. She is a vile creature caring about herself only. I got sucked into the J&K+8 phenom but now I see this woman for what she is – a media wh*re who is stuck on herself. She needs to go home and be a real mom to those kids. She needs therapy to clean up her act. I pity her poor children.


  28. I was hoping you would blog about Kate. I have to agree the poster who said she is a sociopath. I know someone who is a sociopath and I see a lot of similarities.

    I don’t think Kate will ever do well, not because she can’t master the dance steps, but because she cannot emote the feelings that draw the audience into the dance. She can only paste on a fake smile and go through the motions. It is very robotic looking. Dance conveys emotions and she is very limited in that area.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I check your blog daily and look forward to more of your observations. I find them very enlightening.


  29. I watched her show one time and that was it for me. I don’t care for her at all. I saw her on DWTS and she is a very unhappy person.

    Great Job once again.


  30. I too was hoping you would write about Kate on DWTS. I have been watching because I enjoy seeing her make a fool of herself. It is like a trainwreck that you can’t take your eyes away from. I’m also hoping that people will realize that she’s not the saint everyone makes her out to be. Poor Tony, he needs a big bonus for this. After awhile the trainwreck will be over and everyone will move along. I have a MIL who is like her. I feel bad for her kids and have an idea of what they are in for for years to come.


  31. Re: Kate Gosselin
    Dr. Glass, you are spot on, with Kate & DWTS. In fact, you’re spot on, with everything you said about her! She is a miserable peson & for the life of me, I can’t understand what her fans see in her or why do they think she’s this award-winning mother? I lead a very boring, uneventful life & have probably seen every episode of her show, I thought the children were beautiful. However, I will NEVER forget the episode where little Aiden was sick with vomiting & fever. So he wouldn’t make a mess in the house, she put a towel on the floor of the utility room & covered him with a blanket. All the while the noisy washer & dryer was going. When Jon got home, he immediately put him in their bedroom, on the carpeted floor, he felt so bad for him. Another one of the little boys were being potty trained & was the last to be able to ‘go’. She left him for 30 min. in his bedroom, shut the light off & closed the door. The others were in bed napping. She is truly a witch! I also think it’s short of criminal, the way she keeps them (the kids) from their grand-parents. She is evil & can hardly wait till she gets booted from DWTS, esp for the way she treated Tony. She makes me crazy!


  32. Dr. Glass.
    If this woman is such a bad, nasty, venomous person who treats her kids so badly (as we have all seen( then why have they not been taken away from her already?
    (ps) Love your blogging)


  33. I have been married over 30 years, I’ve seen THE show. My young adult daughter has seen her show too, and does not support her. I thank her for that. I’m older and see threw her, I’m just thankful my daughter see’s it also. TLC and Kate has made money, she’s fine, her contract is up in April or May ( I think) and everyone has made their money. Stay home now, love those kids up and be thankful you had what you had, or even be thankful for what you got. I don’t feel sorry for her and I don’t owe her anything. I really wish they would stop pushing this “MOM” thing. She sucks, but if she has anything else…push that. I, for money would not want to be the most hated mother and unloved woman to a man…


  34. pink parasol…it’s a REAL MOM thing. The future of knowing that you did the “right” thing for your kids (they will let you know). That when you die they “know”, you were good, honest, and there for them no matter what. You gave them their family and friends because THEY needed them, not you. You changed YOUR schedule because they needed you to. Can you come to my school play, my conference, my picnic? NO. It just saddens me that they want us to reward her for her selfish stardom behavior and most important to me is they want my daughter to follow. We love and protect til the end, WE ARE THE REAL, TRUE, FAITHFUL, LOVING MOMS, SHE IS NOT.


  35. Dr. Lillian,
    I guess Kate unfortunately never took your advice and read Dale Carnegie’s book. (from your excellent post of Sept. 8, 2009) All of the most recent media stories about diva behavior and not treating support staff with any respect, seems like an instant replay. I don’t believe she has any insight into herself or else I think that she would feel so ashamed of herself.


  36. I tried watching her show ( before her husband left her ) and after a couple of episodes couldnt handle her attitude and bitchiness ….

    Please people vote this person off DWTS …. I dont blame her husband for leaving her at all….. according to astrology she is a fire sign ….. she might even be a double fire sign .


  37. On the Access Hollywood tape, Kate actually agrees that Tony is “tough” since it is so concentrated into a few days she says. The look on Tony’s face tells it all. He was insulted, yet, she threw the man under the bus. She didn’t even pick up on how he was offended by that comment, and let the man walk away. No loyalty to him at all. She should have spoken up and defended him. Kate is a sad person. When asked about anyone else, she ALWAYS turns the conversation back to her. Always. I have always been just astounded that she thinks she has a talent of some kind, and TLC and all their cohorts agree. I am still waiting for one of them to explain exactly what talent or talents she has. I have sincerely tried to find something, but I see nothing. She claims she has the “gift of gab”. Umm ? Yes, she can run her mouth, but is certainly not entertaining nor witty nor quick thinking at all. I wonder too, what does she have on the TLC people? It is amazing to me. The main thing that gets me right now, is her passive-agressive digs at Jon. Leno made a bad comment about Jon, TLC dissed Jon badly towards the end, Geddes at the View dissed him badly, and she LETS them do this. Her children stilll love him, he is their father, yet she does this on national TV. She needs to show some respect to her children and shut people up and shut up herself about Jon. I feel the same towards Jon when he did it to her. Those kids will not forget that. Things like that will backfire big time. I lost ANY respect for these people and both Gosselins for doing this. Thanks for all your opinions I really enjoy reading you!


    1. Excellent, excellent points! Tony looks like, “this is hopeless”, as Kate starts gabbing about them having only four days to learn a routine. Her behavior that week must be doubly insulting when he hears with his own ears that she realizes how much pressure they are under. Unless by some miracle Tony figured out a way to deal with her, they probably got along really bad this week. Their upcoming dance is supposedly going to tell a story about Jon and Kate. It was probably her idea and she’ll probably try to control the choreography.


  38. something is wrong in this household. if you go to rol and see the easter egg hunt photos, you will see the little girl has a bite mark on her neck and severe bruising on her shoulder, omg. who’s watching these kids while she chases her fame? they need some help.


  39. through all post i have read, i have never came across one that mentions that tlc carefully set up the demize of jon and kate. in the trailer comercial leading to the fifth season, they said, ‘and it all lead up to this’ then they showed a few scenes of kate yelling at jon and then showed the devorce interview. tlc played them to the max and i have yet to see anyone comment that they saw that too. shame on tlc and poor jon and kate, not that kate didnt deserve every bit of it. Dr. do you have any comment of what tlc did?


    1. Hi Julie, I noticed it. And I have always held the belief that TLC was quite instrumental in helping this divorce along. It sickened me to see TLC and both the Gosselins keep playing up the divorce announcement for ratings. So much for the “memories” that Kate claims she wanted in filming the show.

      Kate should be ashamed for letting TLC make Jon the villian at the end of their show. The kids will see this. Kate allowed Leno to diss Jon when she was on his program, also Geddes from the View said that Kate acted that way towards Jon because he was such a bad husband, he was standing right next to Kate. But from her new book “Berating her husband, Jon: Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted. I could have watched what I said better, I could have guarded my tongue better. I wanted to communicate better, but I often failed.”

      So which is it? She was a shrew because he was bad or it was unwarranted? The lies are just neverending. Speaking of the new book a few other excerpts :

      Not doing enough for the family: “I also didn’t focus on the fact that much of the responsibility for our children, the finances, the schedules and the decisions about the future was on me.”

      To daughter, Alexis: “I’m willing to help you.”

      To son, Collin: “I will never leave you. I know that all the recent events in our family structure have greatly upset you, maybe you most of all. When I leave for work, I will always come back.”

      Spending time on herself to look good: “Is there a law that says once you have kids you have to look frumpy?”

      Her release of these personal letters sickens me, too. How dare she expose these babies like she has. These kids are going through a terrible time in thier life, with the divorce, plus they do NOT have a normal life. How dare she make money off their private suffering. How dare she continue to make a living off these children.

      TLC is just as guilty, IMO.


  40. Your insight is so appreciated and would make me hope that the die hard Kate supporters could possible see this sociopath and narcissist for who she clearly is. When they call her a wonderful mother, I cringe and question as to whether they grew up in abusive homes and therefore see her behavior as normal. If maybe they had mothers who abused their fathers and had undeveloped, immature, self-absorbed personalities who were obsessed with self promotion. Really, what else can they find appealing? Their declarations that anyone who does not worship their blank staring, ice blooded she-devil is jealous are equally ridiculous. I may be many, many things that I would like to improve on but jealous of Kate Gosselin is not one of them. Thank you for this article. I will pass it on.


    1. This is my first reply about Kate ever. I’ve had intentions and urges to leave my thoughts online for a long time since I saw season 1. Now I want to have my say. I love Kate. I don’t know her. But I know the basics. She’s a mother. She has 8 kids. That’s a lot. And she does whatebver she CAN to bring in the income to take care of them. Kids can be good and bad. So far what I see on TV, she is greater than I can say my mom was.

      My mother had 10 kids. I’m the 3rd oldest. She was and is still on welfare. My parents were so strict. They never supported me in joining school sports or socializing. My job was to be a good daughter in my culture which was to cook, clean and listen. Never disobey parents, adults or elders. Do exactly as they say or I am a disobedient daughter. I never had my first date, never been to my first dance, never went to 6th grade camp, etc. My mother even forbid me to go to college cause I was accepted to one so far away from home. I went to college anyway. I always felt sad and still do when I think about why my parents had so many of my brothers and sisters when they couldn’t afford it. Both of them never worked in their lives except my mother did a couple under the table jobs. I’m of asian descent as I’m sure many of you are wondering. SIGH! Kate Gosselin, you are so lucky and your kids are so lucky. You all have eachother. And in such a great place. I always wish I had a mother like you. I think my life would be a little different. And I may not have these thoughts about my parents. I forgive them. But my childhood is gone. I hope to make my future childrens lives healthy, well and joyful as possible as I’ve seen you done with yours. I look up to you.

      Also, regarding my dad… in high school I remembered coming home from school and noticing some changes between my parents but since my father never spoke to me or to my siblings my mother acted as a messenger to us only if he heard bad news; such as me receiving an F in class or ditching class and the admin office leaving a message on our phone. Anyways, to the point, my father left my mother for a younger girl. A girl younger than I. He is still married to her today. It’s been almost a decade now. I never had any communication with him anyways. I only remember terrible memories of my father. He abused me and the rest of my family, including my mother. Only a few years ago when I graduated college that I heard the truth what my dad did to mother. An incident where he brought my mother to his parents house. They had an argument about his affair. He ended up hitting/beating/punching/pulling my mothers hair in front of his family and in their house. My mother ran out of her inlaws house only after the beating and walked around the neighbor late at night until deciding to drop in my fathers relatives house she knew nearby. I heard this only from my younger sister. I knew nothing of this and who knows what else I don’t know. I was in college. I had no support my entire life. And I’m tired of hearing about celebritiy mothers like Julia Roberts or etc. Kate Gosselin is more of someone I know I can relate to in comparison. Keep it up Kate. You are a great mother.

      I would be a great supporter of you.
      Yes…. thank you. Ashley


      1. Ashley, Dr. Glass speculated that people who admire Kate grew up in an abusive home and therefore have no real idea what a loving, caring parent is like.
        Sadly, you have just proven her theory.


  41. Well I guess there arer a lot of buffoons out there who like to text yes for Kate on DWTS. She actually got saved last night and she was terrible, just terrible. I saw her dance on Monday and she was like a stiff mummified sullen, robot. I am so damned mad I could scream. She just beats all. I have no time for her, no sympathy, no anything but sheer anger that she has chosen fame, money over her children’s well being. She could have done anything but this!!!! Shame on DWTS too.


  42. I am not a Doctor but I am very familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder, having had a close family member who was affected by this disease. In my opinion – Kate is a borderline. DWTS is the first time I’ve every really observed Kate, although I was aware she was considered “difficult” and little nuts. After the second performance, my hair stood on end as I watched her stand before the judges. I know a borderline when I see one. In addition, she is a narcissist with a terrible simmering anger. I can’t imagine what will happen if she ever lets the anger go. They need to get her off the show – her presence is very troubling. When Carrie Ann said her performance was “just strange” she was trying to address the underlying psych problem. Borderline Personality Disorder is very hard to put into words, but people with have evil destructive personalities.


    1. Cindy – I’m inclined to agree with you on both counts. I believe my mother had BPD, and that one of my sisters has it as well. And of course, people can have more than one personality disorder at a time. God help the people around them when that happens. I’m planning to become a licensed professional counselor, partly because I want to help people with family members with mental disorders, like BPD. This is NO fun for any family member to have to go through. Kate Gosselin is truly one of the most despised people in America, serously. And I think it’s due to her mental problems.


  43. “her presence is very troubling”. Very simply put and my sentiments exactly. Never before have I despised a television personality so vehemently. And, let’s face it, since the advent of reality TV we’ve been introduced to a huge cast of despicable characters. Personally, I think her kids are better off when she’s not around so I’m not going to suggest that she go home and take care of her kids. I don’t give a damn where she goes or what she does I just want her to go away and not come back ever. I worry about the psychological well-being of her fans (?) and those who defend her behavior. It’s absolutely appalling that Sherrie Shepard from the View and Brooke Burns from DWTS are so vocal in their support of her. And TLC’s relentless promotion of this disgusting piece of detritus is beyond comprehension. IMO it makes them particularly culpable in the demise of civility in our culture today. I am grateful, however, for Dr. Glass’s honesty and that the majority see right through Beelzebub’s crap. Maybe there is hope for us, after all.


  44. Can you believe that there is going to be a show about her giving advice to mothers and meeting those who she inspires? Where are they going to find these people? This is going to be a disaster. I recently read an article that she makes Tony enter the back door like a servant. Really? If true, I hope Tony refuses to do so.


  45. I went to the library and read Kart’s book today. She states: “My children are my most precious belongings.” For any Mother to equate her children as possessions is sociopathic IMO. I am very disappointed that Tony misrepresented Jon on national tv. Kate tells us daily that her children stay up late and watch the show. What kind of Mother allows her children’s father to be unfairly dissed on a tv show that she is positive they will be watching? I lost a lot of respect for Tony. That ABC allowed this to air is disturbing but not a surprise. I have come to believe that the producers keep the celebrities who draw ratings and that the fan votes are not the 50% that they claim. IMO, ABC better watch it, because if they keep this up and someone like Pam, Erin, Nicole and Evan get “voted off” instead of Kate I think ABC will have a big mess on their hands.

    Wed. she will be on the Today show, interviewed by Neicy on the Insider, on Joy Behar, On E!News and on the 15th on Jay Leno. I doubt that she would be so stupid to again tell the lies intimating that Jon is a deadbeat Dad, who she can not depend on to provide monthly support for his kids. List’s court documents prove that he pays $21,641/month. These documents also prove that TLC pays Kate $100,000 per month. Kate’s continual lies that she has to work 3000 miles from her children has now been proven to be just that–lies. This does not count her 1 million dollar advance from Zondervan for her shameful book of private letters to her children that she is SELLING. That also does not count all of payments for appearing on countless tv shows, or the personal appearances that she has made at Woman’s Expo’s.

    I read the transcripts from the Nancy Grace show, since I will no longer watch her show, and List told Grace that the children have NEVER seen a professional in all of this time! More of Kate’s lies about the children starting “in-home” therapy months ago. I was disappointed that Grace paid no attention to this comment of List’s. I had always had a huge amount of respect for Grace’s advocacy for children. I have wondered for many months why the Gosselin 8 do not deserve her attention. She along with every media personality have shown themselves to be very delusional, IMO. They have been continuously positive about all things Kate. They sanction the false platitudes of Kate’s superior countenance extraordinaire as a single working Mom. Baloney. Rant over 🙂


  46. Jons pays 21k a month in Child Support. That is MORE than enough to cover the family Finances.

    That’s actually over the top imo. Especially since Jon is only receiving 5k a month from TLC.


  47. Did anybody catch the judges remarks when she was eliminated? Carrie Ann said she was a good example as a housewife. Whoa! I don’t think the judges liked her all along.


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