River Cruz Reaches Out to Dr. Lillian Glass To Thank Her For Exposing Her Credibility Through Voice and Body Language Analysis


I debated whether or not to release the information I am about to share with you in this blog.  I decided to do so because  I believe that it is essential that the public should know everything related to the Casey Anthony Case and anyone that has any association with it.

George Anthony’s alleged mistress,  River Cruise called me up two days ago to thank me for writing the blog I did where I discussed how her body language and her voice and speech content appeared to  credible to me.

Because  I am not River Cruz’  licensed therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any one else’s for that matter, and have never met or treated River,   I am not bound by any confidentiality. So there is no issue here.

But as a voice and body language expert and a media personality, I am bound by the truth. I have no special interest  or agenda  as to  why I support her statement,  other than to state that based on my years of experience as a body language , voice and speech analyst,  it seems to me that she was and is telling the truth. The circumstances of  how she revealed the information also adds to her credibility in my view. She didn’t seek it out. Instead, she was sought out by law enforcement, so she felt compelled to come forward with all that she allegedly knew.

 I also wanted to let the public know about the devastating effects of  what can happen when people are suddenly thrust into the limelight unprepared and having to fend for themselves. Listening to and reading all of the hostile feedback can be devastating as River discovered and wrote on her twitter page.

                                     A PHONE CALL TO ME  FROM RIVER CRUZ

Last Wednesday, I received a phone call in my Beverly Hills office from River Cruise. We spoke at length and she thanked me sincerely for being the only one in the media for coming to her defense in believing that she was telling the truth about George Anthony, who allegedly said to her that Caylee’s death was an” accident”.

 A few days earlier,  I had written a comprehensive blog based on River’s interview which   she had done in the press. I stated that in my view, as a body language and communication expert,  River  was definitely telling the truth and was not lying when she discussed what  George Anthony has told her.

 In analyzing her interview, I  saw no signals of deception.  Furthermore,  I saw a woman who was reluctant to come forward until she was forced to so  by law enforcement. I saw a woman who did not welcome the media attention and who was not out to make a quick buck off of the Caylee Anthony tragedy. These factors also added to her credibility.

My phone conversation with River validated that she was indeed credible and had nothing to hide. I found her to be a very warm and sensitive person who was in a lot of pain over the public’s skepticism.


During our conversation,  River  revealed how difficult all of this media attention has been for her in terms of no one believing her and  the  public’s  being very harsh on her over the internet.

She even mentioned that people in her community were particularly  mean to her and pointing the finger at her  and how her child was even affected by all of this in school.

She felt embarrassed and ashamed that she every got involved with George and felt very bad about it.


She then mentioned to me that she didn’t want to live and began to cry. I told her that she had a lot to live for and that the truth would prevail. I also told her that she did a wonderful thing by coming forward  because she presented information that may be very important in terms of  seeking justice for Caylee.

I also told her that she had a lot to live for because of the people that loved her like her sister and her children and the rest of her family.

 I asked her if I needed to call her sister and let her know she had these thoughts of not wanting to live she said no. I asked her if she had someone there so she wouldn’t be alone. I encouraged her to contact her sister.

I asked her if she was serious about not wanting to live and she assured me that she was not going to do anything to harm herself or to take her life.  Based on the tone of her voice which she exhibited at that particular time, I believed that she did not appear to be in imminent danger at that moment.

She then shared how terribly difficult this has been with people making horrible comments about her over the internet and being so mean to her. She was upset that people accused her of lying when she was being honest.

 I encouraged her to not  take these comments to heart because these people  didn’t know what they were talking about and that she knew the truth and that is all that counted.


I then told her that she did not have to suffer through this alone and I strongly suggested  that she see a professional – a therapist to help her during these very difficult emotional times.

She told me that she didn’t want to do so because the attorneys might use it against her to destroy her credibility.

 I told her that she was more important than what any lawyer thought and that she must definitely get some help. I told her that she didn’t have to suffer in silence and that there were people who could give her some help and provide emotional relief.

I also asked her if there was a church nearby and she mentioned that there was one. I  suggested that she contact the minister immediately as he could offer her some immediate  emotional support. She said she would look into it.

To reassure her that she was not alone, I  told her that  appeared to me like a warm and wonderful person and had a lot to live for and encouraged her  to not read these nasty internet comments from “haters” or take them to heart because they don’t know what they are talking about. After all, they didn’t know what she allegedly  knew.


River opened up to me about what she shared with the press and reiterated what George had told her about Caylee’s death being an”accident”. Apparently  according to her , he knew Caylee was dead all the while. As she said this no me over the phone her voice sounded forthright and there were no signals of deception which I picked up.

I was livid when she told me this. I said to her  “ If he knew Caylee was not alive all along, how dare him prey on the hearts of beautiful people out there who took their time and effort to go out and search for Caylee! He should be investigated and be held accountable for his actions if he did in fact know Caylee  was alive all along!”


Maybe Casey told George it was an “accident”  and George told River. Obviously George  chose to believe his lying daughter. Perhaps  the thought of  George thinking it was an “accident” rather than Casey actually smothering her child  to death and placing duct tape over her mouth and nose  was easier visual for him to handle. So that is why he may have shared ridiculous “accident” story with River, in my view.

Maybe Casey held Caylee under the water in the pool for too long until she drowned. Or maybe she pushed Caylee in the pool and let her down or maybe she gave Caylee too much chloroform which put her to seep for good. In any of these scenarios, I personally  fail to see any “accident.”

 Perhaps convincing himself that it was an accident is George’s way of  being able to live with himself and not seeing himself as some sort of freak who spawned a monster who killed his granddaughter on purpose. Since he was now in the arms of another woman, River,  he wanted to look his best in her eyes.

So,  he may have told her the “accident” story so that he could be viewed the “victim” who’s  granddaughter who died in an “accident” as opposed to being murdered by his own daughter. Perhaps he thought that this scenario would make him seem more palatable  to River  Cruz.    

   Personally I don’t see that Caylee’s death accident. The fact that George could even think that what Casey did is an accident is completely distorted thinking in my view.   No one puts duct tape over a baby’s nose and mouth and a little heart shaped sticker over it in an “accident”.  But I do believe that this is what he told River –that Caylee’s death was an accident.


To me, based on River’s comments about George , all of this now started  seeming to make sense as to  perhaps why George wasn’t out there “beating the bushes” and  searching for Caylee like everyone else was.  Most parents and grandparents would be the first ones out there searching and leaving no stone unturned.

It also started to make sense to me as to why perhaps Cindy was so awful to Tim Miller of Equisearch, who along with his army of volunteers  tried his best to find Caylee and how Cindy essentially threw  him out.

 All of the contradictions and body language “ tells” that I observed  over these years regarding George suddenly began to appear to  make more sense to me in light of River’s allegation.

All of George’s overreacting and lunging towards someone in anger and wanting to hit them for merely asking George why he wasn’t searching for Caylee. Now it made sense to me why he possibly got so upset and shouted in anger  that” Caylee was alive”  when a protestor said Caylee was dead.  Was George’s reaction like what Shakespeare referred to when he wrote in one of his plays “ me thinks thou dost protest too much”? Anyone who worked in law enforcement as George did early on would know that the longer a child is missing, the greater the possibility of their not being alive. Why would he get so upset by this reasonable comment?


Then  River shared with me the fact that Cindy had a Freudian slip on camera on a news show  where she spoke about Caylee being in the WOODS. River then emailed me the link to a video which documented this. This was at the  time when the WOODS  weren’t even a consideration because everyone was out searching for Caylee everywhere possible.

As I watched  the video, in light of what River said about George and Cindy knowing what happened to Caylee , it appeared now make even  more sense to me.  There as Cindy talking about WOODS when people were just searching for Caylee and wondering where she was. Then Cindy backtracks with “uhms” and  “like you know out there”.

 Then  I listened to the audio  of Cindy  leaving a  massage to Sergeant Allen and saying how she was sure Casey got help ..Cindy’s voice sounded sure and definite. How could anyone in the early days of Caylee going missing sound so sure of anything, let alone getting help! Why was she so sure? Was she so sure because she may have possibly been the one helping Casey? Was she shop sure because  it may have possibly been  George or Lee that helped  Casey? Why was her voice so definite sounding?

I raised these questions in my blog yesterday (Thursday) as I shared this new insight based on the link to the press interview that River sent me, which by the way she also said was on her twitter account as well.


As we continued to speak River shared how she gave George money because she felt sorry for him. This made me even sicker hearing about George. Based on how he came off vocally, speech wise and body language wise  as  Mr Victim, Nice Guy I Want to Be Liked on his Fox 35 interview, where he  seemed to wan everyone to feel sorry for him and blamed the world,  I could only imagine the sob stories he told River to get her to cough up the money. Now hearing it from River’s mouth,  my thoughts of George being a TOXIC MAN are confirmed.


We also discussed the fact that she looked so much like the fictious Zanny the Nanny character description  that Cindy and George and Casey referred to . River agreed and even said that she had an Asian tattoo like the one they described.

We even talked about her hair and I told her that one time when I was on Nancy Grace’s show, Nancy was saying how Casey kept saying  that Zanny had curly hair and then she had straight hair and how it was all confusing. Then River told me how she had curly hair but usually wore it straight.

I then  mentioned how descriptive Cindy had been in her deposition and was so sure Zanny was a 10 as she cut down the woman named Zanaida Gonzalez and told her she was not a 10 like the real Zanny. I   River asked if she had ever met Cindy and she did and that she knew Cindy .

Then I started feeling even more nauseated as all these thoughts raced through my mind.    Everything now really seemed to make a lot more sense to me.

Since George and Cindy BOTH  knew River, in my view,  they both obviously used her as a visual  for the prototype of the fictions Zanny the Nanny. That may have been  why Cindy sounded so confident and didn’t skip a beat when she described Zanny to a tee and verbally beat up the innocent Zanaida Gonzalez telling her in such a condescending tone that she was definitely not a 10 like the real Zanny. 
I told River that she  did the right thing in telling all that she knew  because it seemed to me  in my opinion that she may have very well saved her own life, which she agreed.


I assured  River that she was not alone and there were people out there like me who did believe her and not to worry about the naysayers. I told her to stop reading the nasty comments over the internet . I also made her promise me that she would seek out some professional  help and at the least call the minister. I told her that she was free to call me anytime.


The next day, I posted my blog about looking  at  George and Cindy’s past behavior in light of what was revealed by River. The feedback I received from those who read my blog  was extremely supportive of River.


Because I knew how upset River was by people’s negative comments, the day before, I called her up to reassure her and to give her some positive feedback. I wanted to  let her know that there were people out there who were indeed supportive towards her. I wanted her to read some of the  positive comments on my latest blog post so that she could feel reassured that she wasn’t alone.


But when I called, it wasn’t River who picked up the phone. It was Skye, her twin sister. I told Skye that I was Dr. Lillian Glass and that River had reached out to me the day before.  I  said that I was calling to let her know that I posted a blog where the comments about River were positive so she wouldn’t feel that the whole world was against her.

Skye informed me that it was too late because River  was in the hospital and attempted suicide. I was absolutely shocked! I relayed my prayers to Skye to give to River and told her to tell River that there were a lot of people in her corner and to hang in there, which she appreciated. She said that she woulkd relay the message to River.

As soon as  I got off the phone I received numerous emails from people  who sent me River’s twitter message which said the following:

about 8 hours ago via web that whole family knew what happened with caylee~IM TIRED OF ALL THIS I NEVER WANTED AN OF THIS~~~SO NOW ITS TIME

Another person sent me the following messge

“ Dr.Glass you need to contact this woman personally ..she has said somethings regarding suicide..she seems to be exrtremely depressed about all the negative comments being said about her, and the shame she feels for getting involved with geo . I think river could benefit grealty from hearing from you”.

I was so upset the entire night that I could barely sleep. I wished River would have called me. I wished we would have spoken before she made a suicide attempt. Thank God the suicide attempt didn’t work.


I called River’s phone number  the next day morning and her sister Skye  answered. She told me that  had has visited her sister in the hospital and said she may be  released. I then relayed my prayers and good wishes to both Skye and to her sister River.

 In addition I emailed River and  wrote  her what I  initially wanted to share with her in the phone a day earlier.  about how people were supportive of her and  in her corner. In my email I encouraged her to  hang in there and not pay attention to the negativity and to the haters out there.


River had nothing to gain by coming forth.   In fact she chose to take this information to her grave.  It was only when law enforcement contacted her that she reveal the information she was told by George.

She has not been gallivanting around in the press since she gave that initial interview,  which is further indication that she isn’t out to make  a quick buck off of Caylee’s death. After my conversation with her I found her to be a very lovely  and sensitive woman and  I am even more convinced that she was telling the truth.

I continue to pray for River. Maybe this suicide attempt is a blessing in disguise. Maybe it afforded  her the help she desperately  needed  including  possible medication to help her cope with this trying situation.   www.drlillianglass.com



37 thoughts on “River Cruz Reaches Out to Dr. Lillian Glass To Thank Her For Exposing Her Credibility Through Voice and Body Language Analysis

  1. I just found River to be completely believable from her initial statement. I knew that she was headed for deep and choppy waters from hearing just the negativity that the media cast on her voracity. This includes Nancy Grace, who I had previously greatly admired. Until I witnessed the hatchet job she did on Jon Gosselin last summer and it was apparent that she most certainly did not have all the facts with that situation.

    I was pissed off to see Grace lead off a show last week by trashing River’s crediability because of an alledged past record and that she had changed her name. So what??? She went on to say that in light of this new information, she did not consider River to be trustworthy. I immediately turned the channel. I had been a regular followerer of her show since it’s inception. I have watched her show only rarely since her attack on Jon that showed little insight into that entire saga, and was unbalanced at best, and placed no accountability or responsibilty on Kate. After her trashing of River, she has lost this viewer, period.

    River, you can hold your head up high. You are NOT the villian. You are, like Ray Cronk, the closest this horrific tragedy will ever have, as the hero. You told the truth. Do NOT focus on the stupid media and the sheep that follow them.


    1. I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT NANCY GRACE. THIS WOMAN ALWAYS INSERTS HER OPINION OF A SITUATION BEFORE SHE HAS ALL OF THE FACTS. and I to did not like the way she treated Jon Gosselin when he was on what ever show that was that she was on. Kate was just as responsible for what happened in that marriage as he was. as for Ms. Cruz, I believe her too.


  2. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    God bless you!!! You are so lovely for reaching out to River, a great human being. I respected you before and now I respect you even more.
    My heart goes out to River and her family.
    River, be strong and seek some professional help as Dr. Lillian advised you.


  3. I am happy when I am reminded that there are good people in this world. Sometimes life gets us down so low, we begin to doubt that. Dr. Glass I am surprised and yet I’m not, that you reached out to River in this time of need. Angels come in many forms; you are one. Though she is in the eye of a very troubling storm, and may not have heard what you said that day, I know she will bring it up and lean on those words one day. Good for you for being a true humanitarian!

    I wish I could talk to River in person because someone I loved once believed that the sorrow, pain and shame in his life was, endless. He decided to end a life that was worthy and beautiful, just as he was. The effect his death had on his friends and family was beyond description. That kind of grief is worst than grieving someone who died of a dread disease, or an accident.

    A suicide leaves loved ones believing they could have done something to keep him alive. It leaves loved ones feeling responsible. That may not make sense to someone in a severe depression. I don’t believe they imagine anyone loving them when they want to die, but people do love them … so very much.

    The Anthony’s are hardly able to intimidate anyone. They are not good people, nor were they ever. Obviously they are making a lot of noise, but that noise cannot drown out the truth no matter how they yell, scream, lie or convolute the issues at hand, which is, they are the parents of a socio and she most likely killed her own daughter.

    Push back River! Push hard! Your life will only be better for it. The sun will shine again. It has a habit of doing that.

    As for the online kooks, They troll for reactions because they have nothing better to do. Don’t hand them your life. They’re strangers! They can’t affect your life in any way while they hide behind their keyboards. They’re cowards and ignorant ones at that.

    When they’re done with you, they will go bother someone else. Eventually, I hope you learn to stop reading their nonsense. Just do the right thing regarding Caylee.

    I know it is a two edged sword. Knowing the truth and defending Caylee means putting a couple of people behind bars. That’s not your fault. If George gets arrested, he’ll most likely turn states on Cindy. They are both part of the quandary.

    As for having any moral judgements, no one on this earth is in a position to do that.

    Get well soon and stay strong. This will one day be behind you and most of us will call you a hero.


  4. I sincerely hope River is okay and that she can find a way to ignore ignorant people who want to put her down. I do have a question tho, if there is any truth to Nancy Grace, skye said there would not be any national enquirer story coming and the very next day, it was in the national enquirer. Now I dont care if she sold her story and got some money for it, but skye should have told the truth. Skye also indicated there is sexual pictures of river & george, and I have heard that is not true, so maybe some of the blame layes on skye for telling lies. The truth will come out eventually but River really needs to stop reading the negative junk and most of all dont respond to it as that just fuels the fire. A family member committing suicide is one of the hardest things , and River needs to understand that there isnt anything worth committing suicide over. After my son knowing 2 people who committed suicide in their teens, I really worried that my son would see that was a way out when he had problems so I talked to him about it a few times, and asked him to please come to me first and we could put our heads together and see if we could come up with a different alternative. Thankfully he never tried suicide. If River reads this, I am always a willing friend, I certainly hold nothing against you but most of all ignore all the idiots who spew out garbage on their computers just because they can. They would never say the same things to your face, they just feel power to be able to hide behind a computer.


  5. Dear Dr Lillian , you are a beautiful angel inside and out , you restore my faith in humanity , Dear River , hang in there for you and your sister and your child, do not become another victim of those evil anthony’s , I send you all my love and good wishes , I will pray for you tonight and every night until you feel better , you are not alone River there is an army of us who will stand behind you , I believe you and Dr lillian is an expert and she believes you ,you are not the first girl to fall for a married guy and you won’t be the last River , that is life it happens , you did the right thing and you can hold your head up for speaking the truth for Caylee , if you were not a decent caring person this would not have affected you , you would be like the evil anthony family laughing , eating , drinking and making big bucks , so River do what you gotta do to help yourself right now , people do believe you , and we do care , I wish I could see you face to face and give you a hug , please do not become the latest anthony victim , counting on you to be strong and safe , love Bunny Swayzee


  6. Thank you for reaching out to River, Dr. Glass. It seems that she is a modern-day version of the woman with the scarlet letter “A”. Life will be difficult for her for a while but she does need to speak to the minister about this. She needs to know forgiveness.

    Hang in there, River. I believe you, too. You have my prayers.


  7. Dear Dr. Lillian,
    Thank you so much for reaching out to River. She is to me very credible! I’ve followed this case from the very beginning, and I have ALWAYS been suspicious of George & Cindy, and what they truly know. I believe they will “protect” Casey at any cost. Themselves as well. JM’s post above is right on the money. I too lost a loved one to suicide. It’s something that stays with you forever. It happened when I was 18. It has affected my entire adult life. I know River is loved by many. I would ask her to please think of those people, and how her death would affect them. I know she would not want them to suffer as I have. Hang in there, River! This too shall pass! You are precious in our Lord’s eyes! God Bless you, Dr. Lillian. God Bless you, River! Please seek help to get you through this tough time. I greatly admire your honesty & courage!


  8. I too want to thank you Dr Lillian … Lord knows this woman needs support and help through this horrendous situation … It’s great that you have been speaking about River in a positive manner and trying to encourage her to get the help she needs … I hope she stops listening to the ignorant and cruel people who have jumped on the bandwagon to attack her … they are a minority of people … River needs to have a private online profile now on whatever social networks she’s a member of and only communicate with family and friends …. people who truly care about her and from whom she can draw strength and encouragement
    Prayers to you, River! Don’t let these vile people ruin your life, you don’t deserve it …


  9. I do not have confidence that George and Cindy will be prosecuted, even though there is and will be more than adequate substantial evidence to prove their deceit. Not to mention, it’s a felony to have material evidence pertaining to a murder and to purposefully withhold this evidence and mislead authorities is unconscionable–especially since the victim was their beloved granddaughter. I sure hope I am wrong about this.

    Our society is screwed up–that grifter couple who crashed Obama’s state dinner is case in point. Instead of being prosecuted, as they should have been, they now have been rewarded with a contract from Bravo to be on the reality program, Housewives of DC. Makes me sick–no more Bravo tv for me.


    1. I firmly believe OCSD are actively investigating the Anthonys and in the course of this investigation they were led to River Cruz.

      Many people ask why havent they been charged. Well, I ask…… with what?, specifically.

      The SAO do not pursue people without hard evidence or witnesses that would pass muster to the standards required in a court of law. Much easier said than done.

      Cindy’s altered statements or ridiculous theories are not against the law. Note, ever mindful of being sued, she never went public with her dirt digging activities of innocent people. That came out as part of subpoened documents. Cindy has and will continue to use excuses such as, the grieving grandma, lack of sleep, lack of food, being on medication or “I cant recall” to explain the many anomalies of her actions and statements. As will George.

      But the last lot of interviews released via discovery are imo indicative of very close scrutiny on the Anthonys and at the very least, I suspect the prosecution will request they be made “hostile witnesses” during their daughter’s trial…….that’s if there is a trial.

      If there is a case to answer and more importantly a real chance of conviction……charges can wait.
      The SAO have bigger fish to fry. Their full attention should be on getting justice for Caylee, the VICTIM in this senseless and tragic case.

      River is obviously a troubled woman and I bear her no malice.I do however question her judgement, not only about he affair but in hanging around Hopespring Drive with crazy Kalani the morning Caylee’s remains were found and her lover was still in the air,travelling back from the Larry King show. Not a good look ….. and captured for posterity by a camera crew who had gathered outside he Anthony house.

      Meantime she should take a leaf out of ole George’ book. If she wants to get her story out there, get a lawyer to do her talking, not her sister , not Twitter and certainly not the National Enquirer.

      RIP Sweet Caylee xx


      1. Burnhill, good post. I do hope however, that we can agree to disagree on a few points.

        Especially this one: “Note, ever mindful of being sued, she never went public with her dirt digging activities of innocent people. That came out as part of subpoened documents”

        I believe Cindy Anthony is criminally responsible for orchestrating appearances on national TV and recklessly disregarded the truth on camera, while pointing fingers at Zenaida Gonzalez, Jessi Grund, his father, Amy, Roy Kronk and a few others. She’s guilty of planned confusion, if nothing else.


  10. River, if you read this, know that this too will pass, and the truth will win out. Go on with your life and stop reading the blogs and stop reading about this Anthony case. Cut those people out of your life. They have poisoned each other up as a family. Don’t let them poison you up, also.

    This case will be a long drawn out mess, because these high profiled lawyers and forensic experts will draw it out as long as possible. Go on with your life.

    People don’t really want you to end your life and suffer. They are really mad at the Anthony’s, not you. You will see their attitudes change as the truth comes out. God bless you. Stay well and remember your family loves and needs you. You have a purpose in this life. Get the help that you need please! Believe me, we all make mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Just learn from this experience and keep growing. That is what life is all about, learning, living, and growing.


  11. River, I just would like to say that I am praying for you and and prayed last night when I read about the suicide attempt and hoping it was not true but continued to pray anyway. I have been through so much as well but I have found strength in the Lord because when I am weak He is strong. I have found that when the deepest blows of life comes it is then when He will carry you. Even though people fail you, God NEVER will. He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Because God is Truth He will cause His Truth to set you free. Truth always conquers and it is stronger than any lie. The lies that the Anthony’s tell will not stand because Truth always wins. They can hide behind their lies for only so long but eventually Truth will arrive and nothing can stop it. Thank you for bringing what you did because Caylee deserves all the truth to come out. You are one more voice for Caylee and this is what we are here for, and that little girl is our number one priority and her Justice WILL come. Please seek whatever help is available to you and hold on to God because He is just a prayer away. Hang in there, and God Bless you.



  12. River is obviously in a lot of pain. I can’t believe that you published this especially in the wake of her suicide attempt.

    Why in the world would a poster even bring Jon and Kate into this discussion.

    This is all getting to be too much.

    I am extremely disappointed in you Dr. Glass. It seems that anything and everything for website hits these days.


    1. I’m going to venture a guess that Dr. Glass doesn’t need website hits. She’s already famous for her accomplishments. I believe this site is a courtesy for those interested in getting information about the Anthony’s body language.

      So many strangers with an ax to grind transfer their negative opinions on innocent victims of the Anthony’s, causing much harm. Yes, they’re strangers, but their comments hurt. While that is true, it is also true that good comments and well wishes do some good here.

      Dr. Glass has done a lot of good this week for River who needed one person to talk with in her time of confusion and pain. (Glass obviously had the go ahead on posting the conversation) I say, the internet can do some good, for a change. And I thank you Dr. Glass.


  13. Wow! I see all the good people here! I hope River sees these posts and good wishes. Suffice it to say, this situation has to be very difficult for River.

    I’m not a great advocate for therapy, but sometimes we just need someone to bounce our fears off. We need to talk to Someone who is unable to share our stories with anyone, keeping our personal shame private, which makes it easy to speak about what’s happening inside of us.

    In this case I believe this would do River some good. A need to purge is often the reason anyone gets therapy. The shrink doesn’t fix you, you do. Sigmund Freud began the process by virtue of teaching us that talk therapy releases the weight of emotional agony. It’s like letting go of black balloons, or at least popping them, laying it all out on a table and sorting through them, finding the problems and truths, leaving us feeling safe from harm.

    I don’t mean to make light of this situation. A dead child is in the mix here, and that is mind blowing stuff. At the risk of sounding like a weirdo, I believe she is watching this entire situation and wants justice for her life on earth and the gifts she gave. If that sounds crazy, so does the fact that strangers all over the world have become so mesmerized by her beautiful little face and big brown eyes. Love has no rules. It touches every heart (with a few exceptions) in the most abstract ways. That’s all we know of it.

    I don’t believe reaching out for professional help will hurt River’s credibility at all. It will show that she is sane and responsible. There is no shame in getting therapy. The shame is in NOT trying to get help. We have all experienced hell in one way or another. Making wise decisions is a good bet that life will resume on a brighter note. Death gives exactly what it promises. Betrayal however, is the worst lie of all.

    My heart goes with you River. Stay strong!


  14. God Bless you, Dr. Glass, you truly are an angel.

    After the initial 911 calls, Inmate Anthony was arrested for child neglect, this is when Cindy Anthony started to change her words, her alarm for her granddaughter. I too thought they knew from July 15th, 2008, after they found Inmate Anthony with no Caylee, the smell from the vehicle, they knew all too well, something terrible happened to Caylee. These parents, IMO, have broken many laws in regards to the murder investigation. I have never seen a family act as they have when a child goes missing. I also felt, since George is an ex homicide detective from Ohio, knew Inmate Anthony’s capablities in regards to her anger and rage. They seemed to have walked on eggshells around Inmate Anthony for a very long time. I be damned to put my own freedoms at risk to coverup a murder of a child who brought such happiness and sunhine in my home. It goes to show, if you don’t hold your children accountable for their actions at a young age, you will regret that later in life. Inmate Anthony, according to her brother was never held accountable for any wrongdoing. Well, I suspect that behavior is what this family is used to, since they are still enabling her dispicable behavior. It will come back to bite them, for I feel, LE are watching intently, this still an active investigation and they too will be held accountable for their actions.
    I thank you for reaching out to River. This woman thrown into this due to her being naive, too trusting and honest and just tried to be a good person to George backfired big time but she should not feel embarassed or humiliated for she was a single woman, he was the married man. I do hope River will see she does have folk who believe in her. We have seen the many faces of the Anthony family, lying and being deceitful at the forefront. God Bless River and I do hope she finds a good therapist to help her over this struggle in good vs evil. She’s a good woman who will prevail as Caylee’s justice will prevail.

    God Bless you!


  15. River…. I have always believed in you from the beginning . I was shocked to see how Nancy Grace put you down without even knowing all the facts or even having half of them correct… Please ignore all these stupid mean people who put you down . These are people you would never even like or want to associate with in real life. Stay strong and know that one day this will be all behind you and life will be good once again.


  16. Dr. Glass,

    Thank you so much for sharing your conversation with River, and I do hope that River stays in touch with you and you encourage her to seek professional help to deal with what is happening in her life right now.

    On another note, I don’t ever recall a tattoo ever being mentioned by Casey in her initial interview with LE on 7/15 or 7/16, 2008 or ever heard Cindy or George mention a tattoo. Remember, it was Casey that gave the description of Zenaida LONG before River was even involved with George.


  17. My message to Rivers is this:

    When you know in your heart you are right, don’t let anyone tell you different. Hold your head high and keep moving forward. Please do not beat yourself up over this – the Anthony’s aren’t worth it, the negative people aren’t worth it – and we all know how the media looks below the surface for dirt so in my opinion, they aren’t worth it either. Only YOU are in control of your life Rivers so by jove, TAKE YOUR CONTROL BACK!! You have many supporters so please try to take their positive energy with you each day during this trying period. You can overcome this – I know you can! The thing to do at this time is to surround yourself with just good folks and think all positive thoughts. You have lots of people that wants to help you get thru this. Good luck to you and God bless. *hugs*

    P.S. Thanks for getting involved Dr. Glass!


  18. I agree with SiestaKey, and all the others here. Sharing River’s conversation and feelings when she was in a suicidal state of mind is a good thing, not a bad thing. Suicide should not be whispered about. That is part of the reason over 30,000 people die that way, per year, in this country alone. In fact, lately it has reached epidemic proportions. It is still a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Suicidal desire is a symptom of depression and a terminal decision. When people hide their feelings about wanting to die, and other’s treat the problem with shame and avoidance, we lose beautiful people that did not have to die.

    I used to believe it took a lot of courage to end your life. Now I know, and am positive that it takes courage to deal with the pain, and later with the scars. “Courage is not lack of fear. It is having fear and doing it anyway!”

    If I were a friend of River and could sit with her, and if she asked me what to do, I’d say, Let there be no dialog between you and anyone regarding this subject. When the time comes and law enforcement asks you questions, just answer them honestly and you will be free of this. Let the chips fall for the Anthony liars where they most certainly must fall.

    Again, I wish you love and peace.


  19. Dr Glass,
    Thank you for your support to River Cruz.

    Suicidal thought usually accompany hopelessness. I know because I’ve been there. You seem to be a decent woman that got caught up in a hopeless situation ( THE TOXIC ANTHONY FAMILY). Hang in there! Neither George or all of the Anthony family members are worth taking you away from those you love!!! If you continue to just do the next right thing even though it might not be pleasant I truly believe you will be OKAY. My prayers are with you and your family.


  20. My heart goes out to River. She is another victim of this family and their web of lies and deceit. She did the right thing by telling the truth. She didn’t seek out the media attention, didn’t ask for it. I pray she get the help she needs to get her through this time and come out better on the other side.


  21. I had to laugh when Cindy Anthony was getting the nastigrams on her email. She responded by calling all the people who were blogging about the case, a bunch of fat lazy bloggers who have no life. She didn’t care! The comments on the hundreds of thousand negative posts didn’t affect her at all. She has no soul. The words of those who can see her daughter as a killer, roll off her like water on a duck’s back.

    (This is the difference between Cindy and a normal person who is devastated by nasty comments.)


  22. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    I would like to add that besides the Anthony’s never went out there to search for their own granddaughter, I can’t remember one time, and I have seen most of the A’s interviews, that the Anthony’s have claimed that “justice” should be brought to little Caylee and this to me it’s so telling because deep inside they know who killed Caylee. Sad, sad, sad!!!!


  23. I agree FRG. And notice that the more time passes, the less likely it will be that anyone else could have murdered Caylee. Zanny the Nanny is nowhere to be found. She isn’t a 10 or a 5 or a 3. She never existed.

    She didn’t live at Sawgrass Apratments, and if she did, the odds that she would have access to Cindy’s hamper bag, Caylee’s blanket, George’s duct tape or Casey’s red heart stickers, are very low.

    I noticed there were no serial killer sightings in their neighborhood either.


  24. Dr Glass,

    Perhaps we can set up a fund for River to help her get some therapy…get back on track.. My brother committed suicide when he was 27, I was 28..it is the most painfull experience of my life..I can live and breath the moment I was told…as if it was yesterday..it has been 30 years now..it is like homicide, it really never has closure…if River ever needed a friend, it is now…there are lots of outside groups that are free for grief counceling and most offer to suicide survivors, as well… Just a donation is asked, and only if money is available. I am happy to donate to help someone get the support they need.

    River, I believe you and think you are a wonderful woman, caught up in evil of evil people…Hugs to you.


  25. Debi, you have been through the worst. Albert Einstein said: “Suicide is murder in the 180th degree.”

    Only the survivors understand how it affects loved ones. And I agree, the cure is a good strong support group. Whether it is family, outside therapy groups or one on one counseling, no one has to die that way.

    If there is truly a blessing in tragedy, this one saved life and shedding the lights on a most shamed and hidden subject may be it. River does not have to die because of the Anthonys. They’ve destroyed enough lives.

    Debi, Thank you for posting your story. And thank you Dr. Glass for getting in touch with River.


  26. This video is priceless, it has some of the lies Cindy told, including the phone records she said she had – NOT!!! To those of us who has followed the case from the get-go.


  27. That little acorn Casey didn’t fall far from the Cindy/George tree, did she? We know where Casey learned to spin her tales. Thanks for the video. It’s eye-opening. So Cindy only had about an hour to look Casey in the eye and ask her where is Caylee. So, how long does it usually take for them to look each other in the eye and tell the truth? My guess, it must take years. Thanks for the video! What a show Cindy puts on. I’ve never seen families of missing children act that way before. Unbelievable.

    I’ll tell you what, if I had to choose who was telling the truth, the Anthonys, or River and her sister, I have to go with River and her sister. The As have been lying to everyone since Day 31, so why should we believe them now?

    I’m with River on this one, even though she was terribly foolish to hook up with the likes of George!!!!! But many of us considered George would do the right thing for Caylee’s sake in the beginning and we were wrong, weren’t we? So, I side with River.


  28. Hello AK,

    IMO, there are a lot of us out here in, land of the loser man…we pretty much have picked one bad dog in our life…many of us, stayed for the sake of children…we believe what we want to hear…sometimes we make very bad choices…but us women stick together, like the feathers of a bird..support River, she needs all the gals behind her…evil tounched her and poisoned her heart.
    Happy Easter..Passover..River.


  29. River will be okay. Her silence during this past two years is understandable. I feel for her because she was used and in spite of the crisis situation in George Anthony’s life at the time, he still found a way to let his weakness for being unfaithful, take hold. He’s the one with the problem. I suspect River will heal and this will pass.

    Good wishes to River for the holiday.


  30. I believe what River said, It makes sense now how I saw George and Cindy act also, I didnt know what was wrong with these people. Now I can see there are skeletons in their closets. Thank You for this information. I wish I could hear more interviews on these matters. I dont know exactly where to find these.


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