George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows Trouble in Their Relationship


 George and Cindy Anthony can hold hands all they  want and even smile as they  pretend everything is fine between them, but THE BODY DOESN’T LIE AND NEITHER DOES THE FACE OR THE VOICE. They can get all the image consulting they want but eventually the truth will leak out in the way they move and speak.

I know this for a fact as I have spent over two decades helping people how to improve their image, the way they speak  and their body language. While it may work for a movie role and even for a job interview, in order for it to stick on a long term basis and become a part of you there has to be a significant change in your psyche. It takes considerable  time and effort.

So, when I see this  photo of George and Cindy holding hands and Cindy smiling like she doesn’t have a care in the world, she and George are NOT fooling anyone, I see right through them.

In this photo we see too much physical distance between them. When a couple is connected even if they are an old married couple who have been married for decades, the physical distance between them is not as great as we see with Cindy and George.

George is stiff in his body language as you can see by the rigidity in  his muscles. When people are that tense looking around one another it usually means that they don’t really like one another that much.

Also George is looking down ands she is giving a phony smile for the cameras. When a couple isn’t looking in the same direction, it means that they are not like minded. George’;s facial expression shows a phony smile as well. His lips are tight and pursed  which actually shows anger. The furrowed brow and tension in his eyes also show upset. So this is NOT a happy man around Cindy.

When people really like one another the gravitate towards each other like magnets. In this case George and Cindy’s upper and lower  bodies appear  to   repel one another.


On a side note, in my view Cindy should really invest in a bra. To me it doesn’t look as though she is wearing one and  if that is the case it speaks volumes. She is not  a teenager or a woman in her 20’s who may not need one. She is in her late 50’s and definitely needs one.

If  by chance she is wearing a bra, she needs to stop putting money into Casey’s monthly jail account so Casey can buy herself snacks and spend that money on buying herself a proper fitting bra so she doesn’t look so sloppy.


We have all heard the expression “giving them the cold shoulder.” It is not just an expression. It is a reality. This is exactly how it looks. When people’s shoulders are raised around another person, it means that they are distancing themselves from that person. In essence, the are forming a barrier between themselves and the other person.

In this photo we see George  literally giving  Cindy  the cold shoulder as they walk together. Once again they are looking in different directions which  shows that they are not in synch with one another.  George looks down and he looks pained.

The cold shoulder scenario continues in the  courtroom. Only this time it is Cindy who is cold shouldering George as you can see. George seems to be in his own world and isn’t even aware of  Cindy as you see.

Cindy  looks upset and disconnected from George. Her upset can be seen in the tension around her jaw area.  


In the courtroom, Cindy turns around to speak to the person in back of her. In doing so he turns her back to George. This is extremely rude and is a hostile act.

We have all heard the expressed “he turned his back on him or her.”There is a lot of truth to that. When you literally turn your back to someone it means that you reject them and are blocking them out.  That is what Cindy is doing to George.

 Then Cindy had to leave the room and didn’t tell George that she was leaving. She just got up and walked it front of him as though he wasn’t even there. This is yet another indication that she is turned off with George in my v iew.


Cindy is pissed off at George and it shows facially as well. She is angry. Now that we know about his alleged affair with River Cruz, it makes a lot more sense as to why he didn’t return her ‘I love you too.” When Cindy mouthed the words “ I love you” to George when she was sitting next to him in the courtroom the time Casey was giving her lame and phony apology to Amy Huizenga. George sat there like a bump on a log and ignored her.

All of this sudden hand holding is clearly for show. George has been outed for his alleged affair with the Zanaida prototype River Cruz and he and Cindy are trying to BS everyone and make like they are so in love and together. But it is clear BS  and it is not working !  


If it is indeed true that George had an affair with River Cruz, the Zanaida prototyp,e during the time everyone went frantically searching for Caylee, I feel like to vomit on him. HOW DARE HE!!!  He needed to be looking for Casey not cheating!

And if what River and her sister Skye say is true that George knew that Caylee was dead and that it was an accident gone awry, then he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and  be put into a cell forever.

He needs to come clean and say what that accident was. Did Casey drown Caylee in the pool and then put tape over her dead bopdy and throw her into the woods to mke it look like someone killed her? Is that how it went awry?

Wgy didnty she call 911 or did she purposely drown the little girl?

If this is true, can you imagine how much time and effort George WASTED instead of coming clean ?

People are genuinely good and beautiful.They want to help. They give of their time, their pocketbooks, and or their hearts.

Millions of people all over the world gave of their hearts. They  wanted Caylee to be alive. They prayed for her . They held vigils. The prayed she was alive but  were even  prepared if  Caylee was no longer  alive.

They  prayed that her little body would be found so that she could have a proper burial with respect and dignity.

So if  George was that TOXIC to toy with the public’s heart and good humanity, I say punish him to full extent of the law. There is NO excuse for this! This weak spineless hypocrite who worked in law enforcement and said that he knew the smell of a dead body, knew EXACTLY was was going on.

Cindy and her pizza box theory is no better! She too must have known something. She  was pretty descriptive when she put that poor real Zanaida Gonzalez down in her deposiiton  and told her she wasn’t a 10. Her behavior has been attrocious  throughout this ordeal.

One one level I can understand why George may have wanted to get away from Cindy and her constant harping and control. We certainly saw how she controlled him like a puppet during the Larry King interviews.

But George needed to man up and walk away from Cindy. He didn’t need to lie and cheat and have a mistress and act like a spineless wimp if what River says is  And I don’t buy George and Cindy’s attorney,  Brad Conway’s arugment that Skye and River had different names and had a rap sheet.

 So what? That has nothing to do with the informatiuon they provided. law enforcement looked for them. They did not seek out the attention which makes them sound more credible to me.


 If you look at this photo at George and Cindy leaning in the same direction trying to get Cayse to aknowledge them as she walks away, there is no question that Casey has moved on as far as her parents are concerned.  And who can blame her. How could George and Cindy claim they love Casey and NOT visit her. Who cares what the public thinks!  They shouldn’t  care if Casey is scrutinized by me or anyone else! Seeing their daughter means much more. You woulkd think!

They needed to go into the jail and tell her they loved her and leave . They didnt have to speak about the case. The could have spoken about what they were doing and even read her some bible passages or words of inspiration. George could have shown Casey his earrings and his tattoo of Caylee.

Casey doesn’t even acknowledge them when they are in the courtroom. It was actually sad to see George and Cindy standing up and trying to get Casey’s attention as she left the courtroom. Casey could care less. She completely ignored them. She has no use for them and is no doubt upset that they never came to visit her.

Maybe George and Cindy’s not  visiting  Casey in jail  because they are afraid they will be scrutinized,   is just an excuse.

 Maybe they really don’t want to see her up close and personal because they know in their heart of hearts what she did to their beloved grand baby.


In any event, I think that George and Cindy  need to get real and stop playing games and trying to pull one over on the public that all is well between them and they are so lovey dovey when they are not! Their  body language says it ALL  to me !

They are better off showing up in court separately because no doubt  when this is all over , when Casey will be sitting in her new prison cell on Death Row, both George and Cindy will no doubt, go their separate ways. 

They will most likely write their separate books and do their separate TV appearances.

 Since he wouldn’t be with Cindy anymore, George  wouldn’t have to sneak and lie and hide and have a mistress. Instead, he could have a bona fide girlfriend. Perhaps he might even start a new family and learn some valuable lessons from what he did to his present family.

The one lesson he should have learned from all of this is that when you raise a child you need to set boundaries and not let them get away with their crap. Otherwise you create another Casey Anthony.


38 thoughts on “George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language Shows Trouble in Their Relationship

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass for this post. Well said and I also believe that Caylee deserves more than this farce from her grandparents. It is so sad that they have NEVER stood up for little Caylee’s justice, instead have turned all of this into a business enterprise to gain blood money. I’m with you about George Anthony, he has played with the public’s sympathy and so has Cindy but I do believe all will catch up to them. That family was morbidly dysfunctional before all of this and with this murder all it did was bring it out for all to see and they are now trying to make their dysfunction look “appropriate” and it isn’t working.
    Thank you again for this post and I really am learning alot about human behavior through this body language analysis. It really helps to “weed” out the truth when it may very well concern one’s well being from ill-meaning people.



  2. It doesn’t surprise me that it was very obvious George and Cindy having Problems in their Marriage.
    I am not a Fan of theirs at the same time it is understandable that their Marriage is in Trouble.
    The last two Years have taken a Toll on them and the News spread all over the Media about George’s alleged Mistress didn’t help much.
    George and Cindy’s Marriage most likely already was somewhat in Trouble before Casey put their Life’s upside down by being responsible for what happened to Caylee.
    I can understand their Tension between George and Cindy
    and I guess they just want to let the Public think everything is alright even if it is so clear that it is not. How in the World could it be!
    I am just glad I am not in their Shoes, it would have to be a terrible Feeling.


  3. It stands to reason that their marriage is a mess. Even upright, intelligent, normal people will suffer marital strife when there is a death of a loved one. The percentage of divorce in such cases is extremely high. But those two ding bats are a divorce looking for a place to happen and always were. Cindy seems to enjoy taunting the media. I’ve o bserved her neener neener attitude in the past and last week, she was in her glory. The only thing she hasn’t done so far is stick out her tongue at the camera person.

    George is just sticking with his meal ticket. He’s a childish man looking for a mommy figure. And yes, she needs a better bra!


  4. Dr. Glass:

    I have a lot of respect for your observations and conclusions when it comes to body language. You obviously have solid training and a good eye. When you talk about fifty-some-odd year old women wearing bras, you lose me. It didn’t belong in an analytical article, it ultimately detracted from your credibility by making you look small and petty. I am no fan of the Anthonys, and I depise Mrs. Anthony, but I enjoy reading objective, scientific analysis without editorializing. You might want to rethink this kind of commentary when you write about your training.


    1. Dear Marcie
      Thank you for your comments, I give my objective analysis in my blog and I also give my personal take on things. That’s why it is a blog so I can editorialize.

      If it was an objective peice it would be a newspaper or magazine article. This is MY chance to ewxpress myself as I see fit.

      I think Cindy needs to wear a bra. I don’t think it is petty. It is just my honest opinion. It was not meant to be mean or petty. It was just an observation.


      1. It was beneath you, Doctor. I know what blogs are for. They are a wonderful way for professionals to attract a following. Serious professionals in all fields stay away from these kind of catty asides. Just something to think about.


      2. Thank you Dr Glass, I believe it was a valid observation which I had not noticed untill you pointed it out. I believe if she is indeed not wearing one, as looks to be the case, there is something to be said about the mental workings of a 50+ yr old woman who does not put on a bra in the morning when you KNOW you will be nationally photographed and scrutinized…hmm


  5. It’s understandable that they would be having problems because their daughter sits in jail accused of murder, but just think HOW BIG these problems ACTUALLY are since they have covered up for the murder of their granddaughter.


  6. Dr. Glass. After looking at the first picture of George and Cindy again, I noticed he’s pulling her. Why is he doing that? It seems to me, that he’s treating her like a child who he believes is about to misbehave. I sense that he is looking down as if he is ashamed.

    Also I don’t get that you can lose your credibility for writing the word bra. And as long as the subject of petty is on board, I’d like to mention she has a pretty awful sense of style. The white socks and the black shoulder bag should be mentioned. (Unless o f course she is dressing the part of a poor penniless mother of a daughter who thinks being in court for murder is funny.)



    1. i noticed the way cindy has been dressing lately is very shabby as to the way she was dressing from the start when all this happened and her hair is just a complete mess. but what you said about dressing the part as a poor penniless mother makes sense because their house is in foreclosure and they just declared casey indigent so therefore it’s as if she’s trying to dress like she has no money. and yea casey has been all smiles lately. what has she got to smile about? her daughter is dead and she’s on trial for murder with the death penalty plus she’s already been in jail for nearly 2 years. but we all know that casey has no feelings about anything or anybody.


  7. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Thank you very much for your professional opinion.
    I really don’t why Cindy is all smiles, not that they are not allowed to but under these circumstances I wouldn’t feel like it anyway if it were my daughter and my granddaughter had been murdered and all of the other stuff going on. What’s there to laugh about??? Cindy for sure was putting on a show. The Anthony’s live in la la land. Creepy.


  8. Thank you Dr Glass…. You have just verified what I saw behind the fake facades of George and Cindy in the court room the other day…. Excellent article and I agree 100 % about the need for a good bra for Cindy …


  9. I agree they’re “creepy.” I can’t find the word to describe Cindy’s behavior, except to say that she is acting like a brat out of control. In the many video’s when she was dealing with other people, including law enforcement, she was held back by George.

    When she was in court for Zenaida Gonzalez case, he actually had to tell her to shut up, to which she replied, “You shut up.” Disturbing behavior is on going with that woman. (She loves to act out like a little girl.)

    I’m guessing there are some serious mental problems with her and Casey. They suffer from “Brat Attack” disorder; Perhaps?


  10. One of the big issues with this family is the narcissism. LE is dealing with these narcissistic personalities of Cindy and Casey. Cindy is very obviously under pressure and is angry because the rest of the world isn’t on her page. What she allowed Casey to do isn’t socially accepted.

    She’s pissed to high heaven that no one wants to forgive the things she finds forgivable. The rules according to Cindy Anthony are no brainers, as we know. I’m sure she never expected her daughter to find Caylee dispensable, but she cannot defend that, and expect society to join her. Can she? Opps! Forgive me, she is doing exactly that!!

    She’s in a squirrel cage while every-one’s life is going on but theirs. She’s on some real good meds I guess, because she’s smiling.

    I’m still on the fence regarding Casey’s sanity. Who laughs in court when they attend their own murder hearings?


  11. My god here we go again. George and Cindy obviously had issues LONG BEFORE their daughter murdered Caylee. And as such if they could have afforded a divorce they would have done so years ago. Cindy’s overbearing and George has been emasculated by her for so long he’s a sorry excuse for a man, let alone a provider…which was probably the genesis of Cindy’s disdain for him. So saying their body language “shows problems” is just stating the obvious…it’s certainly NOTHING NEW.


  12. P.S. Cindy’s new hair do has really aged her 20 years. Her old short doo’, while very 70’s, at least did not drag down her face which is what happens to gals of a “certain age”.


  13. i really enjoyed your article on the anthonys. it is so obvious of the tension that is between them. george has an ashamed look on his face and he should be. for more than just his affair. if the affair is true. they know exactly what happened to caylee and it’s written all over their faces. actions speak louder than words and i hear them loud and clear.. i have never in my life seen a family like the anthonys. caylee will forever be in my heart and i only met her through the news when she was reported missing. as a grandmother myself of a beautiful,sweet,innocent 3 year old granddaughter and a handsome,sweet,innocent nearly 6 month old grandson i would absolutely die if anything happened to them. i cannot imagine my life without them. first of all i would never in a million years allow my daughter to act or carry on like casey anthony. i just don’t understand the actions of this family after what happened to little caylee. God Bless Our Sweet Little Caylee.


  14. Dr. Glass, I believe CA is, in fact, wearing a bra. If you look closely you can see the lines forming a V as if it were the outline of a plunge bra. Sometimes a camera will show up things like that on white or off-white clothing, I’ve noticed. JMO


  15. Yeah the hair do is another attempt to hide her face. Sure it’s obvious that their marriage is in the toilet, but the point is, they are holding hands. They can lie without opening their mouths. Their poor attempt to hold on to an image of being members of a good family is laughable. The truth about them is breaking though the smoke and mirrors and Dr. Glass is clearly able to show how it does that.

    I’m enjoying this site. Interesting stuff here.


  16. It is hard for me to believe the parents even continue to show up in court. For sure it as at the request of Lyon and Baez, but I also remember on one vid in court where Baez was looking directly at an in court camera when he whispered something to Casey who immediately turned and gave a short, but tooth showing smile back to her parents. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that 1-2 command and smile take place more in the future.
    Cindy makes me think of an Over the Top Meredith Baxter Birney who played the Betty Broderick woman in the made for tv movie. I can still remember some of it……she even scared her children with her personality ‘blips’. MBB did an Excellent portrayal in that story.
    Thank you once again Ms. Glass for confirming what we we see. And for speaking up about how truly Bizarre these parents have behaved from day one.


  17. Dear Dr Glass thank you again I was waiting for this one , and you really must put so much time in to this , so Merci , george and cindy are in your face type of people . one of the first times I saw them they were shoving and screaming at reporters , then I saw them with their weapons of choice the garden hose and the hammer , yelling at protesters and media / reporters , they should have just stayed in doors , they did when people were searching for Caylee, they did not get off the couch once for her , but media / protesters they are right there in your face screaming top of their lungs , so even to this day nothing has humbled them not the death of the darling little Caylee not the imprisonment of their daughter , or all the dirt about her life style , the expose of their campaigns to incriminate innocent people , the alleged affair , nothing , they decide to show us one more time how happy they are , the simple truth is they do not know how to act , because they never have a real emotion , they go with what Cindy says and wants and we all know where that has got them , george is beyond disgusting to me , they should both be charged with obstruction of justice ! oh and by the way excellent call on the Bra . that is one of the first things I noticed I was like what is that all about , I think she is going to need the miracle bra to fix it . Dr G you are great !


  18. Dr. Glass, I think you are full of hoot! If these same people, Cindy and George Anthony, were not in the news
    you would never come to do such ridiculeous discecting.


    1. Your comment is ridiculous, That is the intention of this blog – to analyze body language of NEWSMAKERS! Of course I wouldn’t analyze them if they were in the news. They ARE in the news and they speak volumes with their body language. And as far as being full of hoot, I have never heard that expression before. I have only heard the expression that a person is a hoot, meaning they are funny and have a great sense of humor. There is nothing funny about the Anthony’s- that I can assure you!


  19. I’m a 50 something woman with large breasts & I agree she needs to lift those puppies up with a good bra. She purposely looks poor & downtrodden lately for show, you know the foreclosure, indigent child killer spawn.

    But in the past I notices her saggy boobs & wondered if she thought it looked cute o0r sexy, it doesn’t. I’ve always invested in goo0d underwire bras with side support for my dou8ble D’s & even after childbirth never sagged.

    She’s delusional if she thinks it looks cool or young, mean old bit**. Her hair isn’t ‘a new hairdo’ it’s just grown out cause she’s trying to look poor until after trial then she’ll cgo back to media book deals, movie deals & go on more cruises, get more tattoos until hopefully she takoes an overdose of something & kills herself when reality sets in of what a hideous boil on the ass of humnity she & her weird, sick family are.


  20. Yes, I agree about the bra. I think both Casey & Cindy buy those cheap “sportsbras” with very little support. However, atleast Cindy quit chewing her gum & squigging on a water bottle in court, that was the worst! I think she quit doing that after reading all the blogs, like she had to be told, “that is not acceptable”. Hello????


    1. I agree with Mary in Michigan. Cindy was belligerent and openly, deliberately cheeky in public when this case began. She was sassing us and pushing back at the public because they didn’t care how pretty her maniac daughter was; they wanted her to be responsible for her crimes. That’s not allowed on Cindy’s planet. She wanted a Stepford life and got blitzed by her own socio offspring. Apple tree apple.

      Anyway, she’s still sassing the camera. She’s got a Kiss My A$$ attitude. It’s discusting. And, you’re right Dr Glass, there is nothing funny about them. They’re text book material for sure. I think in the future this stuff will be required reading for psych students. It might even be labeled, The Cindy Anthony Disorder.


  21. just wanted to comment on the news of tax payers to foot the legal bills that will be millions of dollars for casey. this is wrong she is getting special treatment. we all have someone either a family member or know someone in prison they did not get us to pat their defense bill in the millions. come on am i the only one upset by this. give her a court appointed attorney then she will have as good as most americans in prison get. george abd cindy who cares they are not important to caylee they have shown who their loyality is with. they dont deserve to be called caylees grandparents.


    1. I believe the reason they are allowing her free defense is, they want to insure her a fair trail in every way, so she can’t appeal and get off the hook.
      If she got off on a technicality, it would be blamed on her lack of good counsel. (Not that I think she has that now! LORDY!)

      They’re trying to cover everything a court appointed lawyer might not be able to afford to research. Because this case has so many arms and legs, and there are so many circumstantial properties, they want to be sure she gets convicted. So I’m thinking the judge didn’t do her any favors by declaring her indigent.

      A mistrial is less likely and a reprieve is also less likely now. Does it stink that the tax payers have to pay? Yes. It’s a catch 22. The tax payers don’t want her freed either.


  22. Thank you for this article Dr. Glass as it confirmed what I felt when I watched the last hearing. And yes, be it not proper or not, Cindy needs a good bra!


    1. I have a slight feeling that Cindy may not be deliberately dressing down. Remember her ego driven sense of reality? She might think she looks super great in that outfit and hair do. (?)

      What do you think Dr. Glass?

      (I notice George looks well dressed.) I also think George’s sole purpose for being attracted to that nutcase was her chest. But time and gravity changes things doesn’t i t?

      Some women with such physical traits think they don’t need to grow up because they’re attractive. When they get old and sagged out, they end up quite alone. As we see George is looking for the youthful perky type already. I agree that he will end up divorced and with a younger partner, and agree that he may start a new family.


  23. Good morning Dr. and friends,

    Its nice to “see” a bunch of folks that I “know” from Caylee’s online community of supporters. As a guy I could not help but notice Cindy going “free range”, neither could my girlfriend. Ladies, if ‘they’ slosh and roll with no apparent pattern, it is time to rein ’em in. Bouncing up and down in unison means you are still young enough to go au natural. I just wanted to share that from man’s POV.

    Now C&G’s ‘teenagers in love’ act is such a joke and a poor one at that. When they were conscious of the cameras it was so lovey-dovey I was expecting them to start ‘making out’. With all due respect to the doctor, it ‘don’t take no Ph.d’ to figure out the game those two are playing.

    Have a great day one and all!


  24. Cindy thinks she is young and attractive , she competed with casey on this score , she even had the same favorite song , they argued that is my fav no it’s mine , pathetic ( this was when Caylee was missing ) , she plays up to male attention this is where the vile casey learned , and that is whty she is so hostile toward women , I wonder if she thinks this look is attractive , maybe if she had competed less with Casey then maybe Caylee would be wiyh us now ! Many people are outraged that the tax payer now gets to foot the bill , and george and cindy will blow that off too, also the bailiff told them NO chewing gum in the court room , I wish that I had never heard of these bunch of losers


  25. Again, thank you for your insight, Dr. Glass.

    There’s no way this marriage will survive after Inmate Anthony is found guilty of the murder of precious Caylee. There is no way this Inmate is innocent. Each day I find evidence that proves she and only she is responsible for Caylee’s demise.

    What I find very unusal, are these grandparents who are willing to give up their own freedom to cover up for their felonious child. I believe this is Cindy’s doing for she must be made to appear like June Cleave and her all american family! This family is so dysfunctional it hurts. We also knew how uncooperative she was to Tim Miller and his orgainzation, trashed the man who came to look for their granddaughter. Such an ungrateful family, as far as I am concerned.
    I also find it very interesting that Baez would not allow his client to help find Caylee and he may come under fire for doing so. The other good thing about your analysis, if people really take heed to it, if a book comes out that Cindy or George has written, it would be a good idea to not bother to buy it or read it for it would be full of lies err, uhm, mistruths! Wonder where Inmate Anthony picked up on her skills? I say she gets them from mom and dad, seems that apple didn’t fall far from that tree, now did it? Narcisism seems to run deep in this family! One lie after another, one mistruth after the other, Baez wanting to get volunteers who helped search fabricate falsehoods? No wonder he fits in so well, he’s just as deceitful as his client and her family. No good deed goes unpunished. I do believe, after this trial, there may be some arrests on the horizon. What a dishonor to the baby that gave them back their sunshine…after this is all said and done, I then would pose a question to the parents. Was it worth it?

    I also saw she was dressing down! Could be on purpose, home in forclosure, showing they are OUT OF FUNDS, seems to be a lucrative buisness with allegedly missing children. Also seems that well dried up! But they have money to put in their ungrateful, felonious childs prison account. I always see how Inmate Anthony ignores her parents as they go OUT OF THEIR WAY to get her attention, she could care less. I wonder when Inmate Anthony will start to throw her parents under the bus as the ones’ responsible for Caylee’s demise..I await for that to come!

    Karma will come aknocking. One may escape the law of the land but the law of the universe, always wins out!

    Justice for Caylee is imperative since her death was so horrendous..

    Justice for Caylee


  26. I’d be a little more inclined to spend compassion for these people if I saw some tears, and if I heard them ask who would want to kill that beautiful child. Just once? Normal people could not talk about anything else if this kind of tragedy hit their family. Also an innocent family would be focused on that question.


  27. The abnormal behavior of this family is to say the least ;staggering.According to Casey’s letters George was lieing to Cindy for weeks about being fired from his last job long after Casey’s imprisonment. Casey wrote to Robyn McAdams; he leaves the house all day and sometimes night. No one knows who he is with or where he goes.In same paragraph Casey writes ;all the while Mom’s disability leave is being reviewed and she didn’t get a check last month. Casey then says,funny how all of a sudden I hear on my radio that they are traveling from coast to coast. Ol’Sindy has also trademarked Caylee’s name and has tried to do the same to Casey’s. A normal grandmother couldn’t fathom such disrespect. This being mid April, the Anthony’s are obviously still in their house. I wonder if G & C converse with Jon Gosselin on a daily basis? If they are invited to Michael Lohan’s wedding to a girl younger than his daughter? Surely all ‘wanna be celebrities with major psychological issues’ gravitate towards each other. Great observations Dr. Lillian.Keep up the great work! Also excellent comments.


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