Casey Anthony’s” All Smiles” Body Language Shows She’s Feeling Confident With New Lawyer Cheney Mason on Team While Jose Baez ‘s Body Language Shows Some Distancing

Casey Anthony’s body language was all smiles as she walked into the courtroom and she  continued to smile. You could tell she was pretty excited to be in the courtroom as she was taking a lot of deep  upper chest breaths  are  indicative of  excitement.

So why is this woman, who is going to be on trial for murdering her daughter smiling and breathing so heavily with excitement ? It is because she is feeling very confident now that a new attorney has been added to her defense team.


Cheney Mason, a long-time Orlando defense attorney, has joined Casey’s  defense team and  told the court that he would defend Casey at no charge. He then  made the following statement to  WESH 2 News ,”This case is going to be fun to try, and we’ll walk out of here with Casey in arm.”

With that kind of rhetoric, he no doubt has boosted up his client Casey’s confidence and ego regarding the case, by assuring her that she will be able to walk out a free woman.

My view is that the only way Casey will walk out a free woman is in her dreams. Mr. Mason must think he is the fictions Perry Mason of the popular television series back in the day , who never lost a case.

Cheney Mason is no Perry Mason and he will definitely lose the case in my opinion. When Casey “walks out in arm”  it will be on the arm of  marshalls who will be escorting her to prison for life or do be executed for her crime.


Caseycontinued to smile her smug Cheshire cat grin as though she knows something no one else knows,  as she  rubbed the palms of her hands together rapidly. This is what one does  when they are excited or they are  anticipating something good to happen.Obviously she has bought into Mason’s false  prophecy that she may soon  soon be a free woman.

She is also no doubt  happy and confident  about the fact that they will  find her to be  indigent so she can get a free ride as she has done her entire life.


Jose  Baez must have noticed that his client  was smiling so much and acting way too happy so he whispered something to her  like “ stop smiling”.

Casey tried to oblige, but she just couldn’t shake that Cheshire cat grin off her face.

Besides her buying into  Mason’s  false  optimism , she is probably smiling because he is happy that she has been freed from her jail cell for a few hours. She is probably thrilled to experience a  change of scenery.


One of the things we often  see with Casey’s body language is her grooming behavior. She is always brushing herself off.

When someone is showing deception they often do this. It is also a signal to psychologically clean one’s self off.  Perhaps it’s her way of cleaning herself off for doing the dirty deed of killing Caylee.

This gesture in combination with her smiles indicates that she also subconsciously feels that her new attorney will “clean her  off” so that she can leave this Caylee mess behind her.

But Casey and her new attorney are living in an illusion, No one will be able to clean her off. No matter how many times she brushes herself off she is still dirty with the knowledge of what she did to little Caylee.

The constant  grooming  with her hair indicates Casey’s narcissism of always wanting to look her best. It also speaks to  her low self esteem and deep  insecurity of being consumed with her looks and appearance , regardless of  the situation she is in.


I can’t believe that ABC was the ONLY media outlet who paid for a licensing fee for Caylees photos . They Something seems strange to me in this regard. Maybe the other outlets paid it to George and Cindy and not to Casey.

Maybe Casey gave George and Cindy Power of Attorney so they can collect the money and not her. Anyway the whole thing is upsetting that this trial will be paid for with taxpayer’s money now that Judge Strickland has officially  declared Casey to be indigent, after asking Casy’s defense team to provide an itemized list, of how their attorney’s fees have been spent.



Casey’s lead attorney Jose Barez used to be all over  Casey. He was affectionate and often could be seen giving her  tender and loving touches. But nor anymore. You can see the distancing taking place, He rarely smiles at her, whereas before he always seem3ed to be smiling at her and with her.

But now, his body language is showing that he;s keeping his distance from her and dealing with her very professionally, something he didn’t do in the past. In fact he was allegedly called out for being too affectionate and hugging his client during their jailhouse visits early on.

I am sure Jose isn’t doing any hugging any more now that the case is beginning to unravel and he no doubt is the only one who is privy to the real truth.

In fact look at this photo above. His upper body is rigid and he is talking to he from the side where there is a lot more physical distance between them then we had seen early on.

Also look at the way his hand is cupped on her shoulder.

It is a more  forceful grip than we have usually seen him do with Casey. His fingers are curved as though he is pressing down  on her shoulder . You can also even see the tension in his fingers.

That usually means anger. When you see a hand cupped along with tension in the fingers it says body language wise that the person is not too pleased with the person they are grabbing.


The only attorney on her team who seems to be consistent affection- wise is Andrea Lyons. She has a casue  which is anti death penalty, and Casey is representative of that cause.

So she is espewcially compassionate to Casey who may very well be put to death- somethin Andrea is vehemently against.

To me it looks like the case is really wearing on Andrea as she looks more drawn and seems to have lost a good bit of weight.


Linda Kenny Baden was very professional body language wise as she kept a professional distance when she bent her head down to speak to Casey, who looks diminutive next to all her attorneys.

No doubt  Casey is loving  all the attention from her lawyers and  and loving the time she is spending away from her boring jail cell.

So when it came time to be escorted back to her cell, there were no more smiles, What was also telling  as she turned around to head towards the door was that she did not look at her parents.

They certainly looked at her but she did not respond in kind. To me that says she is not longer bonded with them, The  time and distance between them has left its mark.

We know from their history and seeing them interact on the  jailhouse tapes that there was no love lost between Casey and Cindy. So it is understandable twhy she didn’t look at Cindy.

But she always seemed close to George. So to not acknowledge him at this pount speaks volumes. maybe she got wind of his affair or maybe she is pissed that George told his  Zanaida Gonzalez prototype  something Casey may  have told him in confidence So she is ticked off at  George.

Maybe Casey  lied to George that it was an accident that went awry and George shared that information with River Cruz and now the whole world knows. Maybe this revelation will screw uo her defense so she is pissed at dad for spilling the beans.

Personally I think she was selling George a  bag of BS. Putting tape over a baby’s mouth is not an accident. It is not a game. It is evil and malicious and sadistic.  can’t imagine what game was played or what accident occurred that invoved duct tape over anyone’s mouth and nose. It  seems to me that this “accident” was  done on purpose.

If George really  believes that what happened to Caylee was an accident,  then he is in extreme denial or is one of the dumbest people on the planet.


24 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s” All Smiles” Body Language Shows She’s Feeling Confident With New Lawyer Cheney Mason on Team While Jose Baez ‘s Body Language Shows Some Distancing

  1. Thanks for this post Dr. Glass. I was waiting for this one to come out. What is your take on Cindy and George Anthony’s picture of them walking out hand in hand and all smiles out of the courtroom after the hearing?,0,7769386.photogallery

    More BS from the Anthony’s on their happy marriage, I’m sure. That image consultant of theirs in coming in quite handy.




  2. As always, thank you for your insight into Inmate Anthony!

    I found an article on Cheney Mason who was a commentator for court tv on the Casey Anthony trial, look at his comments.
    “How do you prove this child is dead just because her mother won’t say where she has been or is, if she knows? You can’t prove she’s dead,” defense attorney Cheney Mason said. “If you can’t prove she’s dead, you can’t prove cause of death. If you can’t prove cause of death, you have a hard time proving who’s behind it, how it happened.”

    “Knowing what I know at this time, there’s not a snowball’s chance you know where I put her on the witness stand,” Mason said.

    o get the death penalty, the state has to show death was heinous, atrocious or cruel.

    “How can you prove the death was heinous, atrocious and cruel if you can’t prove the cause of death because you don’t have a body?” Mason said.
    the above quotes taken from the article was before Mason took on the Anthony case and before Caylee’s remains were found. I wonder, since Caylee’s remains were found, if he still feels the same way. I find it dispicable a nobody has this kind of element representing her. I can’t wait for that bubble to burst! BTW, many cases he’s tried, there were guilty verdicts. He may bring knowledge and experience but he’s not magical. The evidence is stacked against Inmate Anthony!

    Inmate Anthony never acknowledges her parents, yet they look like fools going out ot their way to get her attention. She’s a spoiled brat and they should just let her do this on her own. What she’s missing is a heart!

    I await the day, Inmate Anthony is convicted again. I await the day she gets a LWOP sentence for that would ensure, she has no more children, she’s not the mothering kind!

    Caylee’s death demands justice.

    Justice for Caylee!


  3. Hi Nancy..

    That photo of George and Cindy Anthony holding hands is all for the cameras. The smiles seem faked. You can see the division between them the distance between their bodies shows they are divided and heads held down, they have nothing to be proud of..That’s my interpetation but await Dr. Glass’!


  4. Thank you Dr. Glass! Casey makes me sick to my stomach sitting there smiling and laughing. I bet that won’t fly in the real trial. Casey does act pretty strange in court everytime she is there.


  5. I wish I could smack the smerk off of her face. Mason is giving her a false alussions on winning. I can wait to see her face for the big let down. She may not get the dp but life in prison with out a chance of parol is just as good.


  6. We’ve seen the hand rubbing even when she is not smiling. Many people in the discussion forums think of her hand rubbing as a sign of guilt. (“Out, damned spot” from Lady Macbeth. Casey certainly did look gleeful during her hearing. I wonder why they keep putting her in wrinkled clothes? Her best look was during the check fraud appearance. That shirt was ironed!

    Sometimes I wonder why we are all so keen on seeing Casey go down. William Shakespeare said it best:
    “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

    I enjoyed your article Dr. Glass. …(it would be even better with spellcheck).


  7. That girl is completely over the top. She smirks and smiles because she thinks she’s got one ‘over’ on the public!
    And just so you realize, justice is already served 50%. Why? She is confined to her cell 23 hours a day (twenty-three) with no stimuli and hardly anyone to talk to. You would not even house an animal like that because as a pet woner you would worry about your animal feeling abandoned or lonely. And as it stands now, her previlidge of writing letters might have been TAKEN FROM HER due to the illigal smuggleing of letters to other inmates. She is on her way to hell already, but does not want anyone to know it. She is a phsyco, and only a phsyco sits in the courtroom and giggles while facing a a murder trial with the DP attached to it.


  8. I don’t feel it is safe to tell your client she may walk out a free person. I believe she will be locked up of good. What a let down it will be to her. And she will go screaming all the way.


  9. Hi Linda Rose, Thanks for your input. I noticed that separation between them too. The guy sitting next to them in court in some kind of image consultant and probably tells them what to do to come across “appropriate” but I doubt anybody is that good to improve anything the Anthony’s have smeared themselves with throughout this case.


  10. Is it remotely possible that Brad the wonder lawyer found Perry Mason and he has taken over the case from Bozo the clown. When asked if he was the lead attorney he hemmed and hawed while doing a little two step.

    If Perry took it for free and Casey gave it the ok then Bozo would distance himself. Me may now just be an assistant, ass for short.


  11. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for your interpretation of Casey and her “Dream Team.” I totally agree with you. I wish you would do an analysis of Cheney Mason for us. Not many were very impressed with him at the hearing.


  12. The Cindy/George handholding was staged for the cameras. Incourt George was completely ignored by his spouse…with a wall between them that even Superman couldn’t leap over.
    Both C & G were straining to have Casey acknowledge them but alas she snubbed both parents.
    While A.Lyon was ‘mothering’ Casey, I’m sure Cindy wasn’t too pleased that she was replaced by Lyon at all and her control over Casey is a thing of the past.
    But Casey is out from her clutches and settled in her cell for over a year now and has become very accustomed to it….nothing at all like when she first was jailed.

    Casey is beaming as she ‘bats her doe-eyes in Mason’s directions…..her ‘hero and now # 1 protector and defender’, arriving to save the damsil in distress.

    Jose will now be jumping to Mason’s cracking of his whip. Mason will be running the show, and even Judge Stan mentioned, ‘What took you so long’?, telling me that this ‘Circus Show’ will get rollin now and perhaps headway will be made.

    So Lyon is out and Mason is in, making an entrance like a Bull in a China Shop showing his way of intimidating both the Judge & the State.

    I found him extremely rude to everyone, to the point of cutting them off while they were talking, and making his remark that taking this case will be ‘FUN’.
    If he wanted ‘fun’ he should visit DisneyWorld for that.

    Let’s remember Mr Mason/Matlock, this is about the murder of an innocent child who has been bagged and trashed like GARBAGE by her own mother.


  13. My, my … Casey certainly does “play with herself” a lot. And I must admit, Dr. Glass that she looks like the Wicked Witch of the West contemplating getting the Ruby Slippers when she rubs her claws like that. She really has an unexplainable weird look in her eye much of the time.

    How hard is it to learn how to interprit all this stuff? I already know how hard it is to notice because I never notice hardly any of this stuff till you point it out. What’s easier? learning to interprit or learning to notice?


  14. Dr Glass … giving myself 10 more minutes to think … I think the smiles look like “The Joker” from Batman. Nah … Wicked Witch of the West is closer. Creepy either way.


  15. Dr Glass , I feel so much better now I have read your analysis on that fiasco last week, I almost became unhinged when I watched casey laughing and smirking, and the newest bully mason pull his billy goat gruff routine , he won no points from anyone except casey , rude and obnoxious , well they say there’s no fool like an old fool , and when he had to spin his yarn about walking casey out arm in arm one sunny day it was toooo much ! The jury will hate casey laughing and smirking and they will hate that rude pompous old fool mason , I hope he tells them this is “fun” that should get her the DP . there is nothing funny about being murdered by your own mother and thrown out like trash ! Dr G thank you again , look forward to a body language check on george and cindy and mason .


  16. hi. all!
    I was so sick, scared, and hating meself that I dreaded each trip out to the courthouse. Now the good doctor is correct regarding some inmates love getting out of the cell for the day. That’s where the similarities end. NO ONE with any sort of intelligence, let alone sense of propriety, would behave like that in front of the DA and judge. grrrrr Its all good. I canna wait to see her reaction to the foreman of the jury saying tat magic word. No smiles the, I bet.
    DISCLAIMER: I do not wear me time on the wrong side of the gavel like a badge. Its just I canna wish it away and its one of the few unique ‘skill sites’ I bring to the sites that support Caylee.


  17. So what’s with all the hand rubbing and hand wringing? And why does she always have to look at the tissue when she dabs her eyes and whats worse, her nose ??????


  18. And why does she keep playing with her hair????? Do the defense attorneys know nothing about instructing a defendant how to behave?


  19. Dr. Glass: Have you ever noticed that Casey sort of leads with her fist, with her forearm bent upward, whenever she is walking into the courtroom? It is such an awkward-looking habit and I’ve always been very curious as to why she does it.


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