George Anthony’s Mistress River Cruz’s Body Language Shows She Is Telling The Truth

When a conservative  middle aged man makes significant changes to his physical  appearance like getting a tattoo or getting his ears pierced, it is often a red flag that something may be up in terms of  his cheating on his spouse.

When I heard George Anthony’s interview months back saying that he got his ears pierced for “Casey,” something didn’t sit right with me, especially since he hadn’ t seen Casey for quite some time.

Then when George was in court during Casey’s latest appearance where she gave her fake teared apology to Amy Huizenga, I noticed another red flag. Wife Cindy leaned over to George and mouthed the words “I love you.” George essentially ignored her. He didn’t respond at all.

He didn’t  say ” I love you back.” He didn’t even smile. Body language wise this is a very bad sign for his relationship with Cindy. It  says to me that their relationship is in big trouble at least from George’s standpoint.


So when it has come out that George has had a mistress River Cruz, and has been lying to and  cheating on his wife Cindy ,  it did not surprise me at all. It certainly did give me some more insight into Casey’s lying and promiscuous behavior and the “apple not falling too far from the tree” as the saying goes.

The only truth George has told, was early on when he spoke to law enforcement and confirmed that he smelled a dead body in the  car. Since then he has been living a lie in protecting Casey. If what mistress River Cruz says is true, he  wasted everyone’s time and energy who searched for Caylee, while no doubt knowing that she was not alive all along .

I always wondered why George and Cindy would need an attorney. They didn’t have anything to do with Caylee’s death. But now it makes sense to me . If what this mistress says is true and he knew that Caylee had died because of an accident and yet telling everyone that Caylee was with kidnappers, he may be in serious legal trouble.


There were certain things George Anthony’s mistress, River Cruz did that indicate to me that she is telling the truth about George. The first thing I noticed when she was speaking to reporters was her open hands and showing her palms when gesturing. When people do this they usually have nothing to hide and are telling the truth.

When  she said that she not have any money motive, I believe her. When people put their hand on their heart and spread open their fingers as to cover their entire heart, it shows that what they are saying is heartfelt and that they are being sincere.

She said that she has only come forward when people knocked on her door and that if she wanted to cash in, she would have done it two years ago.  That makes sense to me.


If you closely examine this  photo of Cruz after she was asked if George said that what happened to Caylee was an accident, her facial expression leaks out a signal of despair. You cannot fake that emotion.  She is showing despair at what happened to Caylee .”


She also looks directly at reporters with wide open eyes  indicating that she has nothing to hide and does not waver as she says that she  stands by her statement.


Here we see River’s anger when discussing George with her  furrowed forehead and pursed lips as she says how she is not trying to cash in on anything. She states that in fact George took money from her.


When asked  if  she felt she was the prototype n for “ Zanaida Gonzalez,” she bowed her head in shame and embarrassment. There was a look of hurt that leaked across her face as she no doubt felt that she and her physical  was used  in the whole Zanaida Gonzalez debacle.

She couldn’t even speak at this point. All she did was nod her head ”
yes.”She clearly had the hurt expression one has when they find out they have been “used.”

When Casey  said Zanaida was beautiful and she had a sister and Zanaida’s hair was dark and curly and she had brown eyes, it certainly seems to be a carbon copy of River Cruz. Did George feed Casey the description of  “Zany”? Did Casey know George was having an affair? Is George and accomplice?


Then George’s attorney Brad Conway was interviewed. What he didn’t say was more important that what he did say. He did’t say George was innocent and was not having an affair.He didn’t say that the woman was lying.

What he said was that the woman went to the National Enquirer and that the motive of anyone who went top that publication would have to be suspect.

That is not necessarily true. Ever since the Enquirer busted John Edwards, their credibility has gone up in the eyes of the public. While they may sensationalize a headline,  the content is often accurate as they don’t want to get sued.

And if they paid her for an exclusive interview, so what? In fact  many celebs are paid for exclusive interviews or wedding or baby spreads in most all  magazines .So what’s the difference now that law enforcement came to her door to interview her and the cat is now out of the bag.

Since George has showed  signals of deception on the past , perhaps she and her sister wanted to go public with one of the most visible publications to get her truth  out there. Perhaps they were afraid of the spin and what George and his attorney would do, so they decided to tell it all speak openly.

River’s last statement was very telling. She said that if it was about money, she would have cashed in years earlier. I believe that. She also said that she doesn’t want her face in front of the camera and did not  ask for this. Law enforcement came to her door so she was now involved. She was now setting the  record straight from her perspective and who can blame her?

After this latest revelation, I am completely sickened by George. His ‘Mr. Nice Guy Poor   Me Victim  Act  which I described in my blog during his Fox 35 interview is what I said all along—an ACT!

Now we have seen George up close and. We have seen manipulating, , lying, and  cheating – the same traits we have seen his daughter Casey.


63 thoughts on “George Anthony’s Mistress River Cruz’s Body Language Shows She Is Telling The Truth

  1. I have said from the beginning, not day 1 through 14, but thereafter, that the Anthonys are the biggest liars, grifters, users and POS walking the earth. The entitlement that exudes from this entire family is enough to make a normal person with a brain, sick to their stomaches. The people who defend them are no better, and should do a reality check on themselves. They all claim to want nothing more than justice for Caylee. BS, they have long ago forgotten all about this little girl, and it is a sad commentary on humanity, when people are more impressed by being part of the limeliight surrounding theses theives and cover up artists than they are about wht they ALL did to little Caylee Marie.


  2. I agree 100%. I have talked to both Skye and River and am convinced they are being truthful. People say “why would she keep photos on her phone of themselves”? I keep photos on my phone since I bought it, it holds 6GB of anything, why delete anything now days. If I were in a similar situation and mad at being stood up, I would look for ways to embarrass some one too. These two girls should be left alone and not put under the microscope.


  3. Oh, I think he cheated on Cindy a lot. I also think that’s one of the few truths told by his daughter.

    I find it interesting however, that River looks very similar to the Zenaida Gonzales involved in the lawsuit…I don’t happen to think either one to be more or less than the other in the looks department.

    And George said that the ‘real’ Zenaida was a ’10’, and that the one in the lawsuit was indeed not.

    It’s obvious by the earrings/tattoo et al that the guy is in the middle of a midlife crisis. Most guys who suddenly try to look 25 are cheating.

    I don’t agree that finances are not the reason these sisters are coming forward with their story. They sold it to the Enquirer, which tells me they figured they had a right to the Caylee gravy train as much as anyone else.


  4. Dr. Lillian Glass,
    Thank you very much for you analysis, I also think River is not in this mess for the money, the only ones in this case for the money are Caylee’s grandparents and Caylee’s mother and Casey’s lawyers. They sold Caylee’s videos and photos. What about a book deal in the works?
    Why would we believe CONway anyway? He has lied before and besides, why would we believe any of the Anthony’s.
    What a dysfunctional family!!!! Sick sick Anthony’s.


  5. Thank you once again, Dr. Glass.

    I do believe River was there emotionally for George in a time of need. His relationship is toxic, he is not independent nor is he the “bread winner” in that family and hasn’t been for years. He’s been emasculated a long time ago.
    He manipulated this young woman and has now pulled her into this entire mess. If he needed to get this off his chest, or if by saying it was an accident that snowballed out of control, he is putting his own mind at ease. He has stated in the police interviews he can’t believe he’d raised a child who could murder another human, paraphrased. He took $5000 from River and wonder how many more women are out there?
    It strikes me odd that Cindy hasn’t become angry or vindictive which is way contrary for her. Could this be a conspiracy? Did they model Zanny the Nanny after River? Would they try to implicate her as the one who led to Caylee’s demise?? Something is totally wrong with the reaction to this alleged affair, there was none. Brad Conway also said there was no duct tape when Caylee’s remains were found. He seems to fit it nicely with the Anthony family, no one has any credibility in this nightmare. WFTV said the other shoe will drop and we will hear about this alleged physical altercation. Up till now, Cindy has adamantly denied such an altercation took place. If we find out different, that will be the icing that tops that cake. I truly believe, this altercation happened, Inmate Anthony left that same night in a rage and took it out on Caylee. That is how Inmate Anthony got back at her mother, she deliberatly took her sunshine away. There is no way this was an accident that snowballed out of control for the duct tape over Caylee’s mouth/nose/skull negate those allegations…also, if they knew Caylee was deceased, they carried on with this live Caylee nonsense and continued to receive donations. That to me, is fraud. I think if these statements can be shown as true, I’d expect arrests along the way. Obstruction of justice, accessory after the fact, knowledge after the fact, impeding an investigation, accepting donations under fraudlent measures..the list goes on..I do hope LE is well aware of things and it will be proven at trial, that Inmate Anthony and only Inmate Casey Anthony was responsible for Caylee’s demise…
    Justice for Caylee is the uptmost priority..

    Justice for Caylee!


    1. Linda, I agree, but I just want to add one thing: one of the biggest outrages is this: if George knew that Caylee was dead before her remains were found, how about the thousands of people, and law enforcement, that spent hours and days and weeks looking for her? All while he sat there silent, knowing his granddaughter was dead all along. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can spin that or explain that way. It’s one thing to lack a spine, which he does—it’s quite another to lack a soul. But that’s the Anthony family. Beneath contempt, all of them.


  6. I believe these women. I don’t think they have any ulterior motives. George told her that Caylees death was accidental, but in his heart he KNOWS that it wasn’t…He doesn’t want to face the fact or admit that Casey killed this precious little girl. I hope this can all be proven and his slimey rear gets thrown in jail of numerous charges. It’s odd that all along we’ve compared Casey to Cindy when in fact she is more like George. Cindy has never wanted to admit her life is a mess…she’s always had to look perfect and so she’s denying everything. They are all sick individuals. Never in my life have I seen a family so disfunctional.


  7. Dr Glass I do admire you alot.I just might be on the fence about this.I totally agree with your valuable experence and agree with your opinion.I just didnt trust anyone involved with kidfinders Casey has 24hours a day to make up stories as with deadbeat George and cindy.I usually give the benifit of doubt but I STILL SMELL A SMELLY RAT……………….


  8. Thank you Dr. Glass.

    Well the apple certainly didn’t roll far from the tree. I made a comment on another blog, stating that Casey was more like George, after hearing all this news about his affair.

    I can only imagine what else is going to come out.


  9. Johninflorida…..
    Some time ago you did a post somewhere describing what it was like when you were Searching for Caylee.
    I can not find it…..but it was Fabulous and Very Thought Provoking…Would it be possible you Still have a copy of that post and if so, could you Please Re-post it? I am on Hal’s OS Articles site normally. If you could re-post it or do another post there on what the Flora was like etc. it would be Most Appreciated. I did copy it and post it but Many Missed it….now I seem to have Lost it. TIA!
    Lillian Glass… always you do a Magnificent Job and are very Generous to share your talents and hard work with the rest of us. I too believe River and stated so in Val’s Hinky Meter the day Skye visited to answer questions. I bear no ill will or Judgement of River as the Grifters Anthony are the most Proficient Con Artists to come down the pike in a long time. And that they Surround themselves with Snidely Whiplash Characters does Nothing to relieve my Suspicions they are Capable of Anything. Thank You!


  10. Thank you Dr. Glass spot on as usual , I wish you had your own show , you are head and shoulders above the rest of them . I thought this woman was telling the truth ,and was shocked at how she was vilified and called a liar straight away , I do not think she wanted to be dragged into this mess , I think she fell for smooth talking victim george and like a lot of “soft touch ” women felt sorry for him , I think people should save their real scorn for the Child Killer and those that cover up for her .as for her getting money as you said so what , are george , cindy and baez the only ones allowed to profit from this mess , and then brad conway has the nerve to be disgusted at her , give it up brad you swim with sharks , thank you Dr. Glass for putting it into perspective for us , as we learn more and more about the anthony family we see that casey learned from the best ! I do not condone adultery but she was a free agent to do as she wished , george was the married one , also I happen to think it is by far the lesser evil than Murder .


  11. Dr. Glass,
    Great article. I wonder how Cindy is reacting to this new info.? And Lee? I hope her brother Rick Pleasea is with her now. She doesn’t need to be alone at this time. imo



  12. Johninflorida…..That link is indeed broken. It was Not done on Your Own site. You made the comments on Another site as you did on this site with Lillian.
    Thank you for Checking……it Really was a Great Comment.
    Great enough for me to have Saved it (and then somehow let it go;(
    People on that site were saying If people Searched on Suburban Correctly Caylee would have been found and You Responded with your comments of the Reality of Florida Flora and the Searching you Experienced personally looking for Caylee.
    Thank you for Searching for Caylee as well as for the Comments:)


  13. WHY DID CINDY ANTHONY NOT WANT TIM MILLER TO SEARCH FOR CAYLEE AGAIN? Remember, when she was in a frenzy and told him to leave? Bizzare!!!!!!!!


  14. could she have appeared truthful because SHE could stand by everything she said, because she hadn’t really SAID anything her sister did all the talking.


  15. I imagine Cindy didn’t want anyone to search for a dead Caylee. She wanted help from the community to search for a LIVE Caylee. ie EquuSearch was not an option for her.

    She was in severe denial. I’m sure George fed into that denial.

    Interesting body language in court yesterday. Dr. Glass?


  16. Dr Glass

    Thanks for the great article.

    I hope that someday the whole truth will come out about what happened to that poor baby. She really never had a chance in that crazy family.

    Poor Poor Caylee may she rest in peace.


  17. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Did you watch yesterday’s hearing? I really would like to see if you could, please analyze Jose Baez’s body language while he was answering questions… and Cindy and George Anthony, C&G looked really uncomfortable and didn’t look at each other so much.
    Thank you very much.



    SO, as I stated yesterday YOU’VE LOST ALL CREDIBILITY where it pertains to your observation/post re George having an affair. Since I’m not one of your ass kissing minions my post was deleted yesterday as I’m sure this will too…guess the “sharing” of ideas is not something you embrace.


  19. Dr Lillian will you please analyze yesterday’s court proceedings , can you tell us about Caesy’s smirking , laughing and rubbing her hands , George and Cindy and the attorney’s , sorry for bring so demanding but you are THE EXPERT , by the way you should be the one to write a book on this fiasco , it would be the only one I would read and be a #1 , thanks Dr Lillian .


  20. Hey Sidney! How about you read the body language and show us how well you do at something besides being a first class POC yourself. Or maybe you can write a few books for us, aye? Perhaps you play the sax? Okay, I give up; what are your talents? Hmmm?

    To think that George Anthony would be unable to have an affair because he isn’t a good provider is preposterous. He’s been going cheap for years. His track record is littered with women and no one owns is balls. They don’t’ exist.

    Minions? LOL!



  21. River did not accept pay for that article. you can check that out-. you can tell by the way she put her hand over her heart and opened her fingers
    Mike Wallace (Enquire) knows he can be sued if he lies- he broke the tiger woods story, the John Edwards story- AND GUESS WHAT?? turned out to be true.- and so is this.
    This poor woman felt something for Geo, tried to help him, gave him money- and he left.- then the police tracked her down through Geo’s phone records- and her life became open to public scrunity and a living hell.
    My heart goes out to River- she is a kind person who never wanted any of this madness.


  22. Facts are facts and they speak. River lived in a gated community when George was involved with her. He had to show his ID at the entrance when he visited her. That is on record. Phone records also speak. So do pictures.

    The Sunshine law in Florida requires that this information be made public. In 14 days this will be made public. It doesn’t matter what they had going as a couple, what the Enquirer printed or who got paid. Irrelevant!

    All that matters is, that George knew Caylee was dead while allowing the state and law enforcement to search for her, at a cost of millions of dollars. He will be arrested for that. Cindy will have her chance to throw him under the bus.

    We can all think of better things to do with that much money; like feed hungry children, build new schools, make a dog park or two.

    THe only thing that matters


  23. The only thing that matters is Caylee gets justice. Who George sleeps with is his problem. He created t his mess. River is also responsible for her own misery right now. They’re adults. The only one who gets my sympathy is Caylee, who suffered terror in her last moments. I wish that on no one. That’s horrible!



  24. To think that George Anthony would be unable to have an affair because he isn’t a good provider is preposterous. He’s been going cheap for years. His track record is littered with
    women and no one owns is balls. They don’t’ exist.

    **********George is the MOST DOWNTRODDEN man I’ve ever seen. Being a lousy provider knaws on a man’s sense of self worth, and his erections…or lack there of. It’s called depression Look it up!


    1. George is the MOST DOWNTRODDEN man I’ve ever seen. Being a lousy provider knaws on a man’s sense of self worth, and his erections…or lack there of. It’s called depression Look it up!

      Why did I not expect better than that from you Sydney? Again, I ask, how many books have you written? In what expertise do you have a PhD?

      And, I don’t now where the purple KOOLAIDE is, but looks like you found it, yes? George has no problem with self worth or sex. If you believe that, you’re drinking it.

      Depression is a subject most of us here are not qualified to discuss, unless we’re projecting.



  25. Today on NANCY GRACE they had a segment backtracking about River’s supposed affair with balless George. I instantly thought of the misdiagnosis on this site and if Lillian would want to retract her dx…….prolly not.


  26. No Sydney I will not retract my diagnosis. I report what I see and I see someone who is not showing any signals of deception when she was interviewed. If she was in it for the money or fame she would have done it a long time ago. Law enforcement contacted her based omn George;s phone records.


  27. I believe this woman had an affair with George to. and I also believe he was going to throw her under the bus as being Zanny the nanny, and I had this belief long before I read this blog site. I also think Cindy was well aware of this woman as well, because they were trying to find somebody else to pin this murder on.


  28. Linda Rose, I agree with your above comment 120% about George’s involvement with River Cruz. they were both going to throw this woman under the bus. these people need to be in jail “NOW” INSTEAD OF LATER. now you know if we the public can figure this stuff out, why can’t LE and the SAO? I just don’t understand why the justice system in Fla. is not all over these people and their lying attorney. you can’t tell me that Brad Conway doesn’t know all about the deception of these people to the public.


  29. Dr.Glass, I know you made the right diagnosis here. so don’t worry about stupid lay persons. IMO, George used this woman just for the purpose of setting her up as being Zanny the nanny.


  30. ArgentinaRose, I agree totally with your take on the talents of Dr Glass. She is ale to walk right through the lies. This expertise is extraordinary and rare. There are some with a table and chairs mentality and cannot see anything that doesn’t appear on the plate. That’s fine, but they should open their minds a little more aye?

    It is very difficult for me to know when someone is lying. Liars (especially pathological liars) are extremely good at fooling people. Acting abilities are a real ability to evoke emotions. As we have all cried while watching sad movies. I love that Dr. Glass can point out the hints that reveal the truth. My favorite is the one where the speaker is saying yes, and shaking their head No.

    Thanks Dr. Glass!


  31. So basically this woman is saying that she and George knew that Caylee was dead and all along manning the tent taking donations from the public to search for a live Caylee. All the while the baby’s corpse was decomposing 12 houses away from the home? Apparently she knew this early on in the affair since she had told George that she couldn’t be with a man whose daughter had killed a child. I mean how times were they intimate before she said this. I’d think the knowledge of this being a crime plus possible lawsuits from people who donated would really have an affect on body language. I mean, she’s claiming a year long relationship. Hope she understood exactly what she is saying.


    1. We don’t know if George perhaps may have threatened her or perhaps may have possibly intimidated her to keep quiet about this. We do know that George had some type of alleged hold on her at least emotionally as he allegedly manipulated $5,000 out of her. We also don’t know when in their affair George told her this information.


  32. Good points Dr. Glass. If he told her about the “Accident” near the time her phones were confiscated by law enforcement, she may had told them about it before the story went public. I wondered what her position is on the subject.

    I do believe he said that to River. But also know it will be considered hearsay in a court trial. I’m sure the defense team will try to negate everything she said. If law enforcement decides to charge her with withholding information, it will slaughter the Anthony’s. (Not that they need any help getting slaughtered) I think there is much we don’t yet know.


  33. Tim Miller’s wife was diagnosed with bone cancer in February. FYI. The last thing he needs is that horrible family nipping at him in court. He’s done so much for so many people, he doesn’t deserve them and their poison passion for destroying others. He’s already been hospitalized for health issues that came about after his interactions with them. (So has Baez)

    I wish people who have to deal with them would just push back. They’re nothing at all. I noticed the police don’t end up in the hospital. They take no crap from the Anthony’s.


  34. River donated all that Enquirer Money to the animals, She used to work as a Vet asst. and has a great luv for animals. She also was an EMT , this case hit her hard by reason of a prior case involving a 3yr lil girl.
    River is not a bad person like many wanna think. George Anthony only wanted her money and got a a few thousand, 5 of em..


    1. After speaking directly to River Cruz after she contacted me, it appeared to me that she seemed to be teling the truth based on the detailed information she gave.She did not come forth on her own.Police contacted her becuase of the cell phone data on George Anthony’s phone.


    CASEY’S approximate QUOTEs: 1. I can feel her, she’s close. FOUND WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE FROM HER HOME. 2. you are the greatest grandparents she’s ever HAD…..and still has. BEFORE CAYLEES BODY WAS FOUND. 3. Zenaida took Caylee to teach me a lesson…..NO, YOU TOOK CAYLEE TO TEACH CINDY A LESSON 4. Maybe i’m a spiteful bit…ch…..REALLY? 5. I’m not in control, my whole life has been taken away from me. SO FORGET ABOUT CAYLEE. 6. 31 days missing. CINDY SAW CAYLEE ALIVE JUNE 15TH- 911 CALL JULY 15TH = 30 DAYS. GEORGE SAID HE SAW CAYLEE ON THE 16TH =29 DAYS. SHE ADDED A DAY INSTEAD OF SUBTRACTING IT TO SHOW THIS KIDNAPPING/ACCIDENT DID NOT HAPPEN THE DAY OR NIGHT OF THE ARGUMENT WITH CINDY. = 30 DAYS. She knew exactly how many days Caylee had been dead…or she would have said a month…..I could be wrong.


  36. Please tell me again, Dr, what is the explanation bodywise when lee and Casey both touch their neck when testifying. You mentioned it once, but I forgot. Respectfully, D


  37. You wrote: The only truth George has told, was early on when he spoke to law enforcement and confirmed that he smelled a dead body in the car.

    George wasn’t exactly telling the truth then either. You may be surprised how big of a liar he really is. Just pray for truth and TRUE JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE.


  38. River Cruz is a pluperfect liar. Body language, my foot! Her body language smacks of a woman out to get her 15 minutes and a big pay day from this. It’s all a load of _____! (You decide.) She’s a petty criminal and has several “aliases”! Give me a break! Why anyone, in their right mind, would believe anything she says is a mystery to me! While George may not have come across as well today as he has in past testimony, I think this broad is flat-out lying! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ too it!


  39. River Cruz AKA Holloway is a sociopath. That’s why her body language doesn’t change when she is lying.

    Body language interpretation only works for empaths, the vast majority of people who feel guilt and have a functioning conscience.

    Because Cruz is a sociopath and has no feelings for others, as well as no functioning conscience, her body language will not change when she lies.

    The reason is that lying will case her no subconscious stress or conflict, as it would for normal people.


  40. even IF george had an affair.(which, per statistics over 50% of people do)…casey is the one on trial here…not george or anyone else…its sooo funny how some of yall can sit here and act like u actually know these people….i lived with a sociopath for years..and he would look me straight in the eye and lie to me..and dr sorry but how can u come on your own blog and call some one ridiculous just because their opinion differs from yours? poeple obviously like your work,and come here to read your stuff…..your response leaves a little to be desired there…. is body language experts even allowed to testify in court against defendants? my guess is prob not, and just like lie detector tests its all used as investigative tools.and not a perfect science… more thing, i have heard that if you look in a certain direction when talking, cant forget if its to the left or down…it means u r lying, well, i find myself at times, like when im at the doctors office and trying to explain something i look down n sometimes to the left..and im not lying..its because i am very nervous n hate going to the not saying ms river/krystal cruz/holloway is a sociopath..i do not know her…but my gut feeling tells me shes lying about a lot of things..and who ever says she didnt get money from the all truthful enquirer..she admitted she got 4 wh knows for sure what the truth is on the affair deal…..everyones all consumed by this media propaganda..have we all forgotten about little sweet baby caylee? she is the only victim here..and i hope and pray she gets her justice so she can finally be at peace..oh, and one more thing…a tape opf george going into ms cruz/holloways gated community is NOT showing him in bed with her…what about that brain tumor….was that some sort of miracle recovery too?


  41. I can’t believe that you didn’t get what was brought out on cross…that George THOUGHT there had been an accident. That changes the whole picture. If he did have an affair with the woman, it shows nothing except that he has bad taste. He was at an emotional low in his life when he met with this woman. She probably tried to comfort him. If he hugged her, she blew it up to be an affair. She lied to the police and then told “the truth” to the Enquirer…for money. This is what a woman scorned does….he didn’t have an affair with her.


  42. Bullshit. That bitch off. Give me a fucking break you guys mad Casey got away murder. Guess what me to. But more lies ain’t gone help anyone. Besides I think he could do better than that sad lonely attention whore. The photo’s look staged, anybody can send messages claiming to be someone else. This is BS to the Highest order. And she was trying to hard to look shameful.


  43. Did we all watch the same things? George had nothing to do with Caylee’s death. Why do people believe Baez and his teams b.s. Their job is to create doubt, they don’t have to prove anything. What George said was he could not believe Casey would deliberately kill Caylee – it had to be an accident. He said he believed – he did not say that IS what happened.

    As far as him having an affair, so what. Like he would be the first. Of course he lied about it – like that would be a new scenario for a man?

    Maybe River Cruz is telling the truth – I’m not sure. However, it does not mean George had anything to do with Caylee’s death. Cindy and George are grief-stricken and dragged thru the mud by Casey and her less than stellar
    defense team.

    I understand Baez is about 800,000 in debt and behind in child support. He talks about his kids – which ones – family no 1 or family no 2.


    1. Yes we did. Who knows what really happened to Caylee. Obviously a jury couldn’t figure it out. Yes George had an affair and it speaks to his lack of moral fiber. He also lied about it on the stand. How could be have an affair when he was suuposed to be looking for Caylee? Did he already know Caylee was dead?
      Geoirge and Cindy created the situation with Casey by not giving her boundaries and a young age and their push pull behaviors.Cindy has been horrible in her behaviors and lied on the stand repeatedly. And yes Jose is 800 K in debt beuase he did the case for free. I believe he was talking about his daughter from his first marriage,


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