Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Body Language Reveals Their Anger At Not Getting Paid. Are Their Public Revelations Their Way of Finally Getting Paid Big Time?

As Michael Jackson’s body guards continue to spill the beans about Michael’s personal business, it is now very evident to me why they did such an egregious thing. Their body language said it all. They were angry that they did not get paid so now they are retaliating and telling things they should never have been telling anyone.  Look at the clenched fist of Bill Whittfield in the middle. Look at Mike Garcia  on the left looking down and his chin which juts forward. Look at Javon Beard on the right with his furrowed brow and angry look in hios eyes. They each demonstrate signals of anger as they discuss their former employer Michael Jackson.


Their telling about how Michael’s family came to his home and how  Michael refused to see the, They spoke of how Randy crashed the gates and how Michael refused to see him.

Now that we know a lot more about Michael and his alleged drug issues, to me this revelation  actually spoke to how Randy was  concerned for his brother’s welfare .

To me it showed that he  loved Michel enough to demand to crash his gate in order to  see him.  It seems to validate what we have heard, that the family may have  realized Michael had an problem and were reaching out.

The fact that bodyguard Bill  Whitfield pulled a gun on Randy and didn’t know he was Michael’s brother after two years of working with Michael, speaks volumes to me. Perhaps he needed to ask who he was before he pulled a gun on him. Randy threated to call the press if Bill didn’t put the gun away.

As Bill relayed the story bodyguard Javon Bears is head saying “ It was unbelievable.” No doubt he as referring to Randy’s threatening to call the press. What I think is “unbelieveable” is the bodyguards response and action in this alleged situation.  Based on what we now know, it may very well be that  Michael refused to see his brother because he knew that  Randy was probably  there to give him a reality check.


Bodyguard Javon proudly revealed “  there isn’t one piece of paperwork that didn’t go through this man,” pointing to Bill Whitfield.  My question is WHY? This obviously spoke to Michael’s not making the best judgments during that time. He needed to hire a professional assistant, not a bodyguard to sort through papers and meetings and deem what is important and what is not.

A professional assistant would never think of revealing the information that is currently being revealed publically. They know better. They know that if they did what Bill Whitfield is doing,  this would be their kiss of death and that they could never work in the capacity of assistant again.

Bill ‘s behavior is what happens when one is not dealing with a professional . In his interview, he has the audacity to publically  admit  that he had very very  personal information which he is now cavalierly sharing with the public.  This very very personal information  was NOT meant for anyone’s knowledge, but Michael’s. If Bill was the gatekeeper he needed to keep that gate locked in Michael’s death, just as he did during Michael’s life. As the saying goes, Michael is “ rolling over in his coffin at this point.”


Bill revealed that he saw all the money going out “with lots of zeros” He said that the money was going out faster than it was coming in. Once again I ask, why in the world was an untrained bodyguard privy to Michael’s finances? Why wasn’t anything financial handled by A CPA or business manager? Bodyguard Bill even had the never to tell everyone what the money was being spent on attorneys.

Now here is where their body language spoke volumes. Bill spoke of how they waited to be paid. There was an in genuine  tense smile on his face as he said this,  which belied how he was really feeling. In actuality, this body language tell indicated that he was feeling anger- anger that he was not being paid while everyone else was paid.   You can see a flash of anger on his face as she says”  10 million 20 million and I’m seeing all these zeros. Then Javon say” I can’t get my little 5,0000 dollars.”

So there it is! The truth is revealed along with their motive of being post mortem blabbermouths.


With blabbermouth and unqualified Whitfield was the gatekeeper, it certainly seemed in my view to add to Michaels situation. No professional would admit their client was “always getting sued”. But as an unqualified  personal assistant. Bill had no qualms about revealing this very personal information.

Bill reveals. “he was always getting sued and we  were at lawyers from 10 AM till midnight. “ He then goes on to tell how Michael  got so frustrated that he threw Bill’s phone out the window. He then smirked  as he shared Michael’s words “ Bill you’re gonna need a new phone.

I am a  million percent sure Michael would not ever want this incident revealed to his fans and to the world . It shows that he had a temper and that was not in control. This is a man who preached love and kindness. The last thing he would want anyone to know is how he throw someone else’s cell phone out the window when he was enraged.


The bodyguards claim that they are setting the record straight and that they are doing this in defense of Michael, is total BS. If you were doing something in defense of Michael you wouldn’t be revealing that he had a temper tantrum or that his credit cards were declined to the point that he was asked to leave various hotels.

Apparently this took place four times according to Bill. He even said how Jesse Jackson put up his credit card for Michael and his entourage to fly to his birthday party because Michael couldn’t afford it. By his body language, Bill seemed thrilled by the perk at being able to attend Jesse Jackson’s soire as well.


Ashley Banfield asked  Bill,  Did it seem like Michael had a a drug problem?   Bill responded with “No not a problem… “

But during the first interview Bill clearly says  that he “noticed Michael looked like he was on something.” In this second interview he contradicts himself.  If you look like you are on something and especially given the fact that you have young kids around the house, to me that spells a drug issue.

Mike Garcia’s foot shaking and  foot tapping were huge giveaways body language wise. He also closed his eyes as the discussion of Michael’s alleged drug problem was going on.  This indicated his extreme discomfort with the topic and perhaps his knowing deep down that he may have known quite well that Michael may very well have had a drug problem.

Then they told how Michael would ask about marijuana. Javan’s body language as he looked down, said it all. To me it seemed rather  obvious  based on Javan’s body language reaction, that Michael may have asked if he could get some marijuana or someone could get some for him.


The bodyguards speak of Dr. Conrad Murray who has been accused of killing Michael .  Bill said about Dr. Murray “ When he came on the scene he was taking care of the kids.” Then Bill drops a BOMBSHELL!!!

He says “   I never thought it was the  fault or hands of one person.”  WHAT???? Then he  looks down at his hands. When a person looks down after saying something they know they shouldn’t be saying it is because they are embarrassed at what they said. Bill may have realized that this was way too much information and that now he was  now treading on legal territory.

I am sure that someone’s attorney will be deposing Bill and his fellow bodyguards to further clarify this statement which seems to implicate others. Maybe Dr, Murray’s  attorney  will use this information as a means of  trying to point the finger at other doctors who treated Michael  and not Dr. Murray.

By looking down body language-wise it also speaks to Bill’s  demonstrating a signal of deception. Hee obviously knows he is not telling the truth here, Of course Michael died at the hands of one person- Conrad Murray. If Dr. Murray would not have given Michael propofol and would not have left Michael alone while he gabbed away on the phone to a girlfriend  and properly monitored him Michael would be alive today.


Bill says “ I looked around and saw all these celebrities.”  Ten he angrily says. “ Where were they? They  turned their back on him.”

Well maybe they turned their back on him because no one could get through to Michael because of Bill the gatekeeper. Maybe Michael  was indeed “on something” as  Bill initially said and he didn’t want others to see him that way . Maybe he had no desire to see anyone. Maybe he as content with just being alone with his kids.


The bodyguards were quite talkative and yacky and bean spilling until Ashley asked them the following question, “  What do you want to say to the kids ?”

These three secret telling  opportunists sat there like three  bumps on  along and said absolutely  NOTHING !!!! That spoke volumes to me. They sure were chatty when it came to sharing the kid’s dirty laundry like their  manipulating them for cookies or their dad getting mad at Prince.  They could speak ABOUT the kids, but when it was time to directly SPEAK TO THE KIDS they were suddenly silent? They obviously had not rehearsed this part of the interview.
Why were they SILENT? It was because they had an agenda in my view .That agenda  is loud and clear to me . It is  to get back not only the money they feel they are owed for doing jobs that weren’t in their job description and spending so much time with Michael for nothing.

They didn’the camera and sincerely say to the kids “You’r daddy loved you so much.” OR t look into Why nor say You daddy loved you. “  or I know it is so hard for you but your daddy is proud of you.: They could have said ANYTHING. But instead, they said NOTHING!!!!!!!!! It said to me that this interview is ONLY about THEM and a POTENTIAL BOOK DEAL and MONEY!!!

Mike Garcia was the only one who eventually showed some humanity as his cheeks were stained with tears. Then Javon sheepishly looked into the camera and said “were proud of yall were proud of you guys…”  But to me it was too little too late!


Ashley point blank asked them why they were sticking around if they hadn’t been paid. Thy hemmed and hawed until they eeked something out like they were doing it for the kids.” I don’t believe that for  moment! If that were the case, they would never have waited an eternity in television time. They would have immediately looked into the camera and told the kids how much they loved them and how they were there for them and are still there for them if they are ever needed.

No doubt they stuck around to see if Michael would pay them and perhaps for the perks. After all they went to Jesse’s bash for free. Maybe it was the free food, room and board, going to exciting places with Michael and living in luxury for doing  little work. Maybe they had no place else to go. They clearly were not the magnanimous good  guys they portrayed themselves to be. No good guy would tell all of his employer’s most intimate secrets to the world after he died. To me it is like a buzzard – a scavenger devouring the meat of a carcass after it died. It makes me sick! What these three did makes me just as sick!

And if you don’t believe me, what “good guy”  would discuss his employers paranoia like  Michael’s avoiding mirrors or telling the world that Michael had a  briefcase filled with cash or telling everyone he ordered from ebay at all hours.

No doubt they wished Michael would have opened his suitcase full of cash and paid them a hefty sum. No doubt they wished Michael would have stopped his ebay obsession and paid them instead of spending his money on ebay.

Instead of speaking up and telling Michael they needed to be paid, they acted passive aggressively when he was alive. They said and did NOTHING! They just seethed on the inside. But now it has all come to the surface. They are determined to do in Michael’s death what they couldn’t so when he was alive-  and cash in time ! http://www.drlillianglass.com


3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Body Language Reveals Their Anger At Not Getting Paid. Are Their Public Revelations Their Way of Finally Getting Paid Big Time?

  1. Good report, with the upcoming trial I would like to see more blogs on anything pertaining to Michael Jackson.

    Thank you for your insight.


  2. Yo really the man is dead nd ur talkin shxt. U had to wait til he died to do daht if he had money problems or temper tantrums that’s his business wtf let the man R.I.P. MJ we miss u


  3. This guy’s acts like he knew Michael Jackson better then the body guards that were with him years before his death, taking everything that’s been said out of context and manipulating the words to make it seem as if they are the bad guys, if you read the book then you would know no one was with him for weeks at a time so how could you account for anything that has happened, you are speakingfrom a outsiders point of view without any evidence. You obviously don’t know anything and you words litterally don’t mean shit to anyone , your just like one of those fake people who swore they knew what was best for michael and claim to know anything about him


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