Whitney Houston’s Touching Body Language With Daughter on Her Birthday

l am always touched whenever I see body language that reflects love and affection between mothers and daughters. Perhaps it is because I love my own mother so much I love to see others share the same love. So when I saw the love between Whitney and her daughter  Bobbi Kristina I was deeply moved.

Whitney was in Adelaide Austrailia on her tour  when she stopped her concert to sing a beautiful song to her daughter called “Who Would Imagine A King.” Whitney’s voice was angelic  as she sang it  this song  to her daughter who was a bit embarrassed by all the attention as you can see by her protective body language where she crossed her body with her arms.

Then Whitney invited beautiful  Bobbi Kristina who just turned 17  to come up on stage as a birthday cake was wheeled out for her, thereby surprising her.

Then she went on stage and hugged several of the singers and musicians until she was embraced in her mother’s arms. They had  a lengthy loving birthday hug. It was beautiful! Whitney couldn’t let go of her and even shed a few tears.

Happy Birthday Bobbi Kristina and Welcome Back Whitney! www.drlillianglass.com


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